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Title: Idle/Inactive Battle Rules
Post by: Cameron on December 25, 2014, 11:12:57 AM
The rules that were once in this post have been replaced.

See the new rules in the latest post below.
Title: Re: Idle/Inactive Battle Guidelines
Post by: Cameron on December 23, 2018, 11:11:16 PM
As of today, *Hanako has been retired and these rules have been suspended indefinitely until they can be properly re-written. This will likely take place once the current Epic Battle comes to a close.
Title: Re: Idle/Inactive Battle Rules
Post by: Soul Reaver on November 30, 2021, 04:58:23 PM
Rules for the Battle Host:
The Battle Host is the person that keeps the current battle moving forward.  If they do not do so, then everyone else has to wait.

- The Battle Host must post at minimum once a month
- If the Battle Host has not made a post in a one-month period, then someone will need to god-mod them to move the story forward:
--> In the first instance, the god-mod post should be made within 1 week of the one month period by either the Administrator or someone from the Inquisitor team (eg, Veldanya)
--> If a week has passed with no god-mod post incoming, anyone else is free to post the god-mod in our stead to keep the plot moving forward
--> If the above happens repeatedly, the Battle Host may be relieved either temporarily or permanently the Administrator or by an Inquisitor.
- A Battle Host may, with mutual agreement, hand this responsibility off to someone else.
- A Battle Host may miss their deadline if they post up a good reason for not posting, but this should come with a clear deadline of when the post will be forthcoming.
--> If the Battle Host needs to take a long break, they should hand the Battle Host duties over to someone else

Rules for All Other Players:
All current active players need to respond to the Battle Host's posts - if they don't, the Battle Host can't post, and so they become a roadblock to story progress.

- Players normally have at maximum 1 month from the Battle Host posting to respond to the Battle Host's latest post.
--> If they player has more than one character participating in the current story for some reason, they must post for all of them.
- If a player hasn't responded to a Battle Host's post before this time is up, that player's character(s) can be God-modded:
--> The god-mod may be made by the Battle Host, the Administrator or an Inquisitor.
- If a player had to god-modded due to the above rule, they are 'On Probation': the amount of time they have to respond to the Battle Host's next post goes down by 1 week.
--> This is cumulative and if it ever hits zero, the character will be (non-permanently) removed from the battle via god-mod and may only be re-added with the Battle Host's and Inquisitor/Administrator's permission.
--> If someone posts on-time twice in a row while 'On Probation', the amount of time they have to respond will go back up by 1 week.  This continues until it is back to the normal 1 month.
- A player may, with mutual agreement, allow someone else to temporarily take over (ie, god-mod) their character, in which case they count as having posted if the nominated person posts for them.
- If a player needs to take a long break, they need to arrange with the Battle Host how this will be handled.
--> It is usually recommended to either let someone else temporarily take over their character or remove them from the story temporarily

And just so it's clear:
What is a 'God-Mod' Post?:
- A god-mod post is when you post the actions of a character/important NPC that is not 'yours'
--> It's typically fine to post the actions of less-important NPCs, like 'mook' bad guys in a fight or incidental NPCs
--> Most non-player characters typically 'belong to' the Battle Host
- In most circumstances, a god-mod is frowned upon and against the rules
- However, when a god-mod is needed/warranted (see above) anyone writing the god-mod post should endeavor to keep it as in-character as they can and avoid actions that would have significant or permanent affect of a character's personal plot arc as much as possible