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Author Topic: The Eye Closes (The Eye of Terror Epilogue)  (Read 9404 times)

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Re: The Eye Closes (The Eye of Terror Epilogue)
« Reply #80 on: September 17, 2022, 04:25:43 PM »
Gulgrim catches the obsidian sphere tossed to him almost without paying attention, the object appearing minuscule in his gargantuan green mitt. He turned it over between two fingers as he looked over everyone arrayed before him. "Hmph." The warboss snorted, both amused and bemused by the arrangement of random non-orks he'd just spent the past who knows how long fighting alongside. "If none uv ya got a place ya need me ta take ya, I'll start directin' the ship myself. Gotta be good lootin' and scrappin' somewhere 'round 'ere. Any o' you wot wantz it ken tag along if ya like, an' maybe I'z ken 'elp take ya where ya need ta go, an' 'elp krump any gits wot fink dey can scrap wif Gulgrim's....uh...What's da word?" Gulgrim seemed genuinely perplexed for a moment, as if this bit of the common galactic language was one he hadn't used in ages. "Oh right, dat's it. Allies."

With a gruff nod, the Ork turned and stomped over to the command throne of the Kill Krooza Infinite WAAAAGH!!!!!.  Laying his massive Orky chin into his Cybork right hand, the Warboss looked across the bridge as the last repairs were being completed to get the bridge fully operational again. Extending his green left hand, still holding the obsidian sphere, he bellowed the order to his krew. "Bring me to da next fight lads. Let's get movin'!"

With a bellowing rumble, the massive engines of the Kill Krooza began to burst to life once more, and WAAAGH!!! Gulgrim and its passengers began to power through space once more.

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Re: The Eye Closes (The Eye of Terror Epilogue)
« Reply #81 on: September 22, 2022, 08:43:05 PM »
Soul Reaver listens grimly to Jihon as he explains his predicament, giving an almost imperceptible nod when Jihon mentions how he wanted to help Cameron finish what he started.

"I understand, Jihon.  Do what honour demands of you.  And know that when I next see him, I will let Cameron know of your deeds."

With Jharm's assistance, the worst of Jihon's wounds are swiftly healed.  Soul Reaver stops his own healing and clasps Jihon by the forearm, managing a faint smile.

"Go, and bring your fury with you.  When you need us, we will be there."

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Re: The Eye Closes (The Eye of Terror Epilogue)
« Reply #82 on: September 22, 2022, 08:56:26 PM »
Jihon looks the others over as the warnings become more insistent.

"Kith, honestly, it wouldn't be the same if I came back and we weren't fighting some crazed bad guy.  Or each other.  Or both at the same time."

He gives a smile at Jharm and Soul Reaver.

"Thank you both.  I know I can always count on you two."

He then gives Phaerys a wave.

"And thank you too, new guy.  This thing was getting pretty beat up.  Those repairs will definitely help.  And good luck with your own quest!"

He looks at the readout ruefully.

"I think that's it, everyone.  My Triton's repaired and I'm all healed up.  Time to head back to the Warp Tumor and face Balok again."

He cracks his neck and grins.

"He won't stand a snowball's chance in hell!"

Then there is a sudden deep 'pop' as reality seems to implode inward for a moment, distorting the surroundings like an intense gravity lens and sending a sickening feeling into the stomachs of all nearby, before everything returns to normal... and Jihon is gone without a trace.

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Re: The Eye Closes (The Eye of Terror Epilogue)
« Reply #83 on: September 22, 2022, 09:47:22 PM »
For a few seconds, Soul Reaver's gaze lingers on the empty space where Jihon stood, before he turns to Phaerys and responds to him.

"Then let us travel together for a time.  It would be an honour to have you accompanying me while I go about my duty, and I would be glad to explain what I know about the places and peoples we will meet."

As the Krooza lurches back into motion, Soul Reaver looks decidedly uncomfortable.

"I dislike these contraptions," he murmurs to himself.

He looks over to Kitharsis and Jharm.

"Jharm, good luck.  Kitharsis, I would be happy for you to join me if you feel there might be strength in numbers if your... brothers return unexpectedly.  But I understand you may need time to center yourself now."

He hands each of them a small, blade-like sliver of obsidian.

"I know both of you have ways of finding me if you need me, but if it is urgent and you need me immediately, snap these in half."

Soul Reaver draws Blooddrinker - the edges of the blade sharpen themsleves at Soul Reaver's mental command until it is sharp enough to cleave reality itself, the edges glimmering red with traces of Warp energy.  With a swing, he cuts a ragged hole into the fabric of the Plane, which yawns open into the swirling Warp.  Silhouetted in eerie crimson, he stands upon its threshold, waiting for Phaerys and to see if Kitharsis will join him too.
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Re: The Eye Closes (The Eye of Terror Epilogue)
« Reply #84 on: September 23, 2022, 11:47:42 AM »
Kitharsis chuckles at Jihon's remark about the volatility of the group.  Jihon's levity relieves some of the guilt weighing on Kitharsis's conscience.  The brief exchange reminds him of days past, and he is thankful for it.

Jihon and his Triton's departure cause his stomach to flip, rousing him from his leaning position.  Kitharsis is regaining his strength, thankfully.

After Soul Reaver offers they travel together, he hands him a small sliver of obsidian while explaining its purpose.  Kitharsis holds it in his hand, considering it.  There are no runes evident on its surface.  But then again, Soul Reaver's ways were a bit of a mystery to him at times.

"Similar to some of my infused runic devices, I assume."

Kitharsis reaches down for a pouch at his non-existent belt.  With a frown, he searches the tattered cloak for a surviving pocket.  Finding nothing suitable, he simply closes his hand around the piece of obsidian and shakes his head.

As Soul Reaver slices open a Warp gate Kitharsis steps backward with uncertainty.  Typically he would have drawn upon the cleansed energy to shield him from the unstable forces of the Warp.  He could have even activated one of the many relics in his belt pouches.  Having none of them at his disposal, and barely a moment to assess his current powers, he finds himself at a loss.

"I would join you, but I presently find myself ill equipped to navigate the Warp.  Might you spare a shield for me during the journey?" 

He tugs at the tattered cloak, accidentally tearing out a few more seams than before.

"And perhaps, if we could find some new equipment for me, I would be much obliged." 

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Re: The Eye Closes (The Eye of Terror Epilogue)
« Reply #85 on: September 23, 2022, 06:29:37 PM »
Soul Reaver notes Kitharsis predicatment before responding.

"I am glad to hear you're coming along"

As Kitharsis approaches the Warp Gate, Soul Reaver opens his Infinity Pouch and pulls out a large, grey hooded travelling cloak, which he hands over to Kitharsis.  Despite being rather voluminous, it still looks a little small on Kitharsis.

"Apologies, but it's the largest one I have.  There are pockets sown into the inside."

He briefly glances back at the Warp Gate.

"I can supply you with a Warp Shield for the journey.  Perhaps our first stop should be one of the shopping bazaars on Dinlete - the selection is unsurpassed..." he looks over to Phaerys "...and the sights, smells and crowds are something to behold."

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Re: The Eye Closes (The Eye of Terror Epilogue)
« Reply #86 on: September 28, 2022, 10:30:22 PM »
A simple nod of acknowledgement was Phaerys' sole reply to Jihon's thanks. There was little else that needed to be said on the matter. He continued to watch Jihon until the man and his machine were yanked back to whatever dimension this 'Balok' resided in. The data recorded from witnessing Jihon's disappearance would be processed in due course.

Among those who remained, there were others who had their own affairs to attend to. While they too would part ways, it was not before Soul Reaver had given them some means to rapidly reconvene should it be necessary.

Would that the Coven had possessed such conveniences...

Phaerys watched as Soul Reaver sliced open a rift with the greatsword he carried. Perhaps a crude version of the process Phaerys was familiar with, but it seemed effective nonetheless. He stepped up to join the swordsman, as did Kitharsis who had elected to accompany them. And who barely had much more than the tattered clothes on his back, from the look of him. Something a little shopping spree would do well to alleviate.

"If this bazaar is as unsurpassed as you say, it would be remiss of me not to join you," Phaerys said to Soul Reaver. Perhaps it may even turn up a lead on one of the Coven's whereabouts, he thought to himself. A small chance that was worth taking if anyone in Dinlete was familiar with dimensional travellers.

The Ataran's gaze then fell upon Kitharsis. An ill-fitting cloak was only a small step up from one that was falling apart at the seams. "As for yourself, should you find our destination unable to suit your needs, then you shall have my assistance. I may not be a warrior like yourselves, but my capabilities lie elsewhere: Sorcerer. Artificer. Blacksmith. I am all of these, and far more."

Phaerys stepped towards the Warp gate, ready and waiting for Soul Reaver and Kitharsis' lead. In all the times he had made this journey between dimensions, only once had it been a group undertaking. Until now. In the wake of that previous, ill-fated event, there was some trepidation to be felt, however slight. But this time alongside it, there was hope in equal measure.

"...I shall look forward to working with the both of you. May Xel-Atar light our path."

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Re: The Eye Closes (The Eye of Terror Epilogue)
« Reply #87 on: September 30, 2022, 10:32:12 AM »
The Seraphim watches as his three companions prepare to depart, Soul Reaver rending a portal in the air.  Turning away he extends a hand and a shimmering white portal manifests.  Looking back at the others he nods

“Til next we meet.”

With that he steps through and the portal snaps shut.
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