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Author Topic: The Eye Closes (The Eye of Terror Epilogue)  (Read 5973 times)

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Re: The Eye Closes (The Eye of Terror Epilogue)
« Reply #60 on: June 23, 2022, 01:57:19 PM »
Gulgrim huffs in annoyance as his opponent quits the battlefield, the roaring blast of WAAAGH!!! energy barreling past and crashing through several probably important bits of machinery and computers. Grots quickly swarmed the area and began to slap the pieces back together while the Warboss stood, the flaming fist in place of his cybork arm snuffing out, leaving the Ork looking oddly lopsided.

"Feh. Stupid gits always runnin' away when da fight gets gud." Gulgrim's disappointment was palpable as his voice calmed to its usual booming presence, but he turned to look at the rest of the companions even as he stomped over to a nearby computer console and began inputting commands. "You lot still in one piece? Feh. Dem uvver grots must not'a been dat tough. Dunno why tall lad's spikey 'alf would wanna join up wif 'em."

As he input commands into the console while talking, there was the sound of gears turning and chains rattling as a door to one side began to open, revealing one of several Mek workshops Gulgrim has throughout his krooza. As the others reconvened, the Warboss entered the shop and began to get to work tinkering, likely to replace his arm once again.