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Title: What's this board for?
Post by: Cameron on May 26, 2010, 02:27:19 PM

*The title is pretty much self explanatory. This board is for character-related fiction, which is any fiction written about current or past characters from any current or previous Board Battles. Extra back story? Tales of the character's adventures before joining up with the rest of the group? Pointless fluff? It's all welcome here, as are comments and constructive criticism if the poster requests it.


*Fiction that is not related to a current or past Board Battle character. We have a separate forum for that. Please use it. NOTE: If your character has not yet been approved in the Character Creation forum, it does not count as a current or past Board Battle character.

*Non-constructive criticism. We don't care if you're right. You're still a dick.

*Posting fiction that involves anyone else's characters or backstories, or any aspects of current or past Board Battles that does not belong to you, without permission. Your fiction should be about YOUR character. Please do not involve anyone else's work without getting permission from that person first.

*FLAMING OTHER PLAYER'S CHARACTERS. Constructive criticism only.

As always, the forum rules are in effect here. Have fun. Don't be a dick.