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Title: Fei Serumen (Epic Battle)
Post by: Fei on April 23, 2010, 01:45:25 PM
Dia dhuit, a chairde.  As per the title of this thread, Fei Serumen will be making his return to the Epic Board Battle after a long thought out debate with myself.  I'll be retconning a few things here and there to make his background more complete and tie up a lot of loose ends and inconsistencies that were developed when I was much younger (and more immature. The character is over 11 years old now). Anyways, without further interruption, here's my submission to the Epic Board Battles.  Oh yeah, I'll be posting a more complete backstory later when I have it all finished up.  This is who he is and what he does.

Go raibh mile maith agaibh.

Name: Fei Serumen, formerly Fei na gaoithe aisling. 
Titles: The Forgotten, The Prince of Nooses, The Shadow Crowned Champion.
Board Battle: Epic Board Battle
Race and Origin: Sidhe/Aos si of the otherworld of Tír na nÓg.
Fei stands at about 7 feet in height and is very lean and slender, as if designed for speed and agility.  His natural weight cannot be determined due to his inherently magical nature, sometimes appearing light as a feather and flowing in the wind; or then suddenly slamming into the ground with sudden force. His skin is the color of alabaster or marble with what appears to be an inner light radiating just under the surface slightly tinting it with warm white opal; a memory imprinted on him from his former life.  His features are all very soft and subtle and possess an inhuman quality to them and he moves in a grace that can't be mimicked by mortals.

Both eyes are a very vibrant emerald green that seem to glow and swirl in their sockets.  These will quickly fade away and become orbs of utter nothingness reflecting the madness of the abyss or blood red depending on his current state of mind, if under control of himself at all.  Against his right eye is an inky black scar or brand spanning down from his brow onto his cheek passing over the center of his eye. This is a brand of cold iron that was burned into his flesh in his former life as one of the Sidhe.

Black and white cords of silk fall from the top of his head down to the small of his back. His hair often flows gracefully around him, but when enraged, sometimes takes on a life of its own as it wails and howls around him.

Fei often dresses in dark, comfortable attire that doesn't hinder his movements or get in his way; None of which could be considered armor.  The style of his attire could be considered dark, edgy or muted.  When not in combat, he wears a black buttoned and buckled, sleeveless duster that rests over his torso and arms.  He often doesn't bother wearing a shirt under this, but his body is usually buckled with several belts and straps across his waist, chest, arms and neck.  He wears a loose fitting black pair of comfortable pants that tuck into a pair of heavy, buckled combat boots that seem to be impervious to wear and tear.
Brief Background and Personality Traits
Fei was once a very gentle, albeit a bit naive, being who was fascinated by mortals and their lives and aligned himself with their flow of time. He would sometimes shapeshift into a more human appearance and dwell among mortals and learn their ways, divulging himself in their pleasures and dreams while discovering his own .  It were these innocent times that fueled and created his passions yet left him longing for something he couldn't reach.  For thousands of years he dwelled among mortals and yet they were still alien to him.  He could emulate and pass himself off as a human, but missed the fire that drove them. The same fire that he was warned many times by the court to be weary of as it would unmake him. 

It was when Fei lost something very dear to him that ignited that fire within him and he knew what it felt like to be mortal, albeit briefly.  It was this fire within that alerted the great shadows of the abyss.  When Fei died, his essence and soul wasn't cycled back into the planes of dreams;  His very being was intercepted and sent spiraling towards the mortal underworld.  It is here that he was approached by an avatar of the abyss, an ancient vampire which promised him revenge and power. 

Fei didn't understand his new set of feelings well but he understood revenge and blood tasted bitter sweet.  He accepted the dark pact and the very essence of the abyss was infused into his own very timeless essence.  This was a pact both Fei and the shards of the abyss would come to understand as regret very soon.  Fei became difficult to control and the abyss found itself being manipulated in manners that weren't expected, but before that there was much bloodshed upon the mortal world as Fei took many lives of both the wicked and innocent in his child-like understanding of revenge.  And when Fei grew to understand grief from a mortal level, he grieved for many years before trying to make things right. 

He was outcast from his home and his people saw him as an abomination.  His very presence threatened the fabrics of their world as they began to burn away at the edges.  Bidding his farewells, his story then began across this time.

Fei's personality can be described as sarcastic and confident, bordering cocky with questionable faith and trust in others.  He's not fond of relying on others, but should holds his friends dear to him once they've earned his trust.
Powers and Abilities
Timeless: Fei is a timeless being and does not age. He doesn't have an expiration date.

Fey being:  Fei is one of the fey kind. Particularly the sidhe and despite humanoid appearances, is completely alien in terms of mind to mortals. His soul and essence is inherently potent in magical raw potential, and is timeless.  Before dwelling among mortals, Fei's soul and being both flowed through time like a vast sea.  By living amongst humans, Fei loosely anchored himself among their time or a 1-way time stream, which also loosely anchored him to their underworld. 

The inherent magic that flows within allows Fei to communicate to others through will and thought and perform such feats as flight and cast spells through will and concentration.  It also allows Fei to perceive the unique souls and essences of others.

Physical Condition:  Fei's body doesn't function like that of mortals.  Blood, bones, muscles and skin are all present, but their conditions aren't what make Fei's body work or tick, per se.  His cursed,  timeless essence is seated deep within his core and flows outward awakening his, otherwise, corpse body and fueling his need to feed on blood of the living.

Fei has incredible coordination and control over his body, able to perform impossible feats of dexterity with little to no effort.  His mind doesn't work the way mortal minds work, as he's able to multitask  many things simultaneously, having complete limb independence and awareness, able to focus on many simultaneous events at once.  His body being that of a corpse, he's quite resilient and regenerates quite quickly with the energies that resides within him.  He is capable of shrugging off wounds that would be fatal to mortals, and when concentrating, can literally pull himself together should he be dismembered.  He is super-humanly strong, but not to ridiculous levels.  When performing a feat of strength such as lifting, he could pick up a large car or small truck and toss it.

Unending Agility and Fey Time Flowing:  Fei's true physical abilities lies in his speed, reflexes and coordination.  Fei can move at seemingly impossible levels of speed. This is because he does not perceive time or distance the same way mortals do, and the line becomes blurry between the 2 to him when in a natural state of awareness.  Being only loosely anchored to a forward flowing time stream, Fei can naturally side-step or move sideways in time per se.  He doesn't measure distance in feet or miles, nor does he measure time in minutes, seconds or hours unless he has to.  In his mind, the 2 blend together in harmony which only his kind can comprehend. 

This alien and enigmatic perception on time allows Fei to bend himself through time and distance both simultaneously and seperately. (Not Bend time itself, this isn't time magic by any means.  Just a different state of being.  It's just a mechanical explaination as to why he's so incredibly fast.). 

It is because of this perception and natural state of body and being that Fei is immeasurably quick and agile.  When choosing to act in such manners, Fei leaves wisp-like, light-bending, shadowed after-images of himself which represent imprints in time.  On more than several occasions, Fei's majestic speed has left opponents feeling like they've been attacked by multiple unseen assailants simultaneously and relentlessly from all directions, leaving nothing but faint wisps of shadows in their wake.  It is because of such perception and being that Fei's speed is virtually impossible to measure as it naturally transcends more than distance alone.  It is also with this ability that Fei is able to move at such incredible speeds without causing ridiculous amounts of collateral damage.

As it is physically and spiritually impossible for him to become absolutely and completely anchored  to a single time flow, determining his speed may never be possible.  His dual natures keep him trapped in his current state, and his curse seals this infinitely.   An example of his speed in his natural state, as viewed by those on a single time stream, have been quickly catching up to ships entering FTL speed without warp assistance.

Warp Travel:  By releasing himself from a flow of time time and reality, Fei is able to travel through the warp by will.  By returning to a time flow, Fei must resynchronize himself to the new flow. When not anchored, Fei can create gateways in the warp by temporarily anchoring himself to 2 flows of time and destination, though such a thing is very straining on him, which is why he prefers to use the abyssal pathways.

The Dark Curse and Abyssal Avatar: Fei has a direct connection with the otherworldly darkness known as the abyss. It is the dark curse that fuels Fei's blood powers and allows him to twist the abyss at his will.  Fei must feed on the blood of the living to sustain himself.  It is this act that he keeps his end of the deal.

Fei's blood powers allow him complete control over his own blood, from turning his blood into acid or poison, to ruby blades, or even maggots that burrow into the skin of others.  As well, he has limited control over the blood of others should he make contact with them or taste their blood.   It is with this control over his own blood that he is able to pull his body back together should he get dismembered or shredded.  For such heroes, being physically mutilated comes in a days work.  He sometimes will feign a mortal wound using his blood control to throw his enemies off-guard, should he need to.  Finally, along with Fei's abyssal powers, Fei's blood powers allow him to augment his physical capabilities.

Fei's Abyssal powers allow him to manipulate and use darkness itself.  He can turn himself into a shadow and hide in someone Else's shadow as well as use shadows as deadly weapons and move through shadows and the abyss as an alternate form of transportation.  From his body he can channel the powers of the abyss directly, able to summon deadly bolts of shadow lightning or summon forth an amass of the existence-destroying abyss itself if absolutely necessary. He's also able to wreathe himself in shadows to snuff out magical attacks directed at him, or sprout many shadowy weapons from his body.

After retiring the Yugitti and Kurusunami, Fei's latest act of manipulating the abyss is forging a new pair of blades made purely from the abyss itself; The Shadows Kiss.

Combat Prowess: Fei has had thousands of years to experience combat and has become exceptionally proficient in hand to hand combat as well sword play.  His natural speed, coordination and abilities make him ideal for close quarters combat and he uses all of them to his advantage. The speed and velocity of his attacks generate enough force that they can be projected and effective at a distance, able to strike through several targets. His kicks and sword swings have, on several occasions, produced tornado equivalent force against those along its path, stripping foes from the ground, and destroying walls and buildings.  Several feats he has performed includes dodging, parrying and catching automatic fire at point blank range from multiple sources as well as misdirecting several enemy attacks within melee combat simultaneously that they strike down each other.
The Shadow's Kiss:  After retiring the Kurusunami and Yugitti and traveled to the planes of shadow.  He summoned forth the abyssal gateway and  threw the door opens where he was confronted by the shimmering black mass of the abyss.  Holding the abyss at bay, preventing it from entering the plane of shadows, Fei reached in and twisted, pulling out 2 unshaped masses from the heart of the abyss. Slamming the gate shut and resealing it, Fei began to work tirelessly on shaping the new blades, forging them in the flames of the shadow planes.  When he emerged, Fei wielded the Shadow's Kiss.

The Shadow's Kiss are a pair of swords about 6 feet long each with a slender curve that defines their shape.  Their blades are forged from pure abyss and have the appearance of black crystal with gold sigils etched into their sides, binding them into servitude.  The handles appear to be forged from shadows themselves, emitting a black, ghostly smoke.   

Fei can summon and banish these weapons at will.
Title: Re: Fei Serumen
Post by: Cameron on April 23, 2010, 02:53:23 PM
This character has been APPROVED for use in the Epic Battle.
Title: Re: Fei Serumen
Post by: Cameron on October 20, 2010, 02:54:48 PM
By this player's request, this character has been RETIRED from the Epic Battle storyline. He may be reactivated at the player's request with Battle Master approval.
Title: Re: Fei Serumen
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This character has been REACTIVATED and is once again approved for use in the Epic Battle.
Title: Re: Fei Serumen
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This character has been permanently RETIRED from the Epic Battle storyline due to it's player being banned from the Administorum. The character profile will remain here for archival purposes.