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Author Topic: Enoka Midiga (Westward)  (Read 2161 times)

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Enoka Midiga (Westward)
« on: January 06, 2014, 05:58:06 PM »
HP - 48      Vitality - 4                 
Init - 5                       
Dexterity   xxxxx     
      Melee  x   Sneak   xx   Dodge  x
Strength    xxxx                     
Persona    xx                     
Intellect    xx     
      Medicine   x           
Aptitude   xx     
      First Aid   x   Security  x     

Appearance -
About 5'11", Enoka is a tall, thin woman with jet black hair. Her hazel eyes often catch things others miss, and she can be rather jumpy. She does have some decent layer of muscle and is fairly strong. She often  seen in dresses and skirts(which seems odd for a bounty hunter, but no one says anything to her.) She has a pair of metal bracers, and at her belt is two military grade combat knives. Inside of her bracers are another pair of smaller knives, she keeps one tucked into each of her heavy boots, another strapped to the inside of her thigh for emergencies and two more sheathed in the small of her back. Very rarely has she had to use all of them, but she wished to be prepared. She eschews armor in exchange for better mobility

Gear on person -
Two Military grade, single edged combat knives
7 Smaller dagger like knives spirited about her person
Heavy cotton skirt with tight, lowcut blouse, bandanna holding her hair back with a small pair of dust goggles

Pack -
Various changes of clothing
Stone for sharpening knives
Several vials of various poisons.
Climbing Rope
Harness for climbing with various clips on it
Satchel of herbs, mortar and pestle, vials
Deck of Cards

Gadges -
Sound dampening boots (special boots made with material that is quieter than normal upon striking the ground)
Climbing Gloves (Gloves with small adhesion spikes that allow her to climb surfaces not normally climable. Makes normal climbs easier)

Background -
Not much is really known about Enoka. She seems like a wanderer type of person, moving from town to town taking on work in order to earn money. She is often found bringing in bounties and the like, dead more often than alive. She is known to have brought in some rather large bounties by herself and has a good bit of money saved from such activities.

Since her early teens she has grown up in rough and tumble situations, getting into fights, stealing to make ends meet but she finally seemed to obtains some notoriety as a bounty hunter as she neared her 20's. Being in her late 20's now, she seems to have cooled some of her temper but gained a more calculating personality. Despite this, she will have the occasional temper flares that generally ends up with something dead to the knives she carries at her belt.

What is not known to the public is she is a member of the tranquils and many of the bounties she picks up are in contract work for various important people. She has no contract at the moment, and is currently waiting for another, so she fills her time with whatever fits the fancy.

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Re: Enoka Midiga
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2014, 10:22:18 PM »
This character is APPROVED for use in Westward.
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