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Title: The Eye of Terror: End of Terror
Post by: Cameron on November 30, 2016, 04:39:14 PM
Battle rages all across the Eye of Terror. In space, warships and battlecruisers clash, sending volleys of ordnance at each other while fighters and gunships clash all around them. On the ground, Chaos forces clash with Imperial forces, both in the Chaos City and out in the wastelands beyond.

In the courtyard, the Grey Knights Chapter prepares to defend against an assault. Gun emplacements are set up at each entrance to the courtyard, and the Marines use debris and anything else they can find to build makeshift cover. Bolters are checked and re-checked. Chainswords are tuned. Ammunition is passed around. A few soldiers with lascannons and other heavy weapons take positions on the jagged hills separating the courtyard from the base of the Spire, getting the high ground to rain death on any caught approaching. A dreadnought, piloted by a gravely wounded marine on life support within it’s armored core, stomps into the clearing, taking up a position where it can easily reach any of the entrances quickly. A massive power-charged sword is strapped to it’s left hand, and a massive bolt hurling autocannon is strapped to it’s right, with a flamethrower attached underneath it.

The newly appointed Master Captain Aldaris stands just in front of the dreadnought, looking on with concern as his forces prepare.

“This can’t be everyone. We’re missing 3rd and 6th Company, as well as the Assault Marines. And where in the bleeding Imperium is our armor?”

A marine in Terminator armor to the Master Captain’s left glances at a thin sheet of plexiglass in his hand. Text and images flash quickly across it’s surface.

“3rd Company is in route. Their Thunderhawk was taking too much fire so they had to find another route. We haven’t heard from 6th Company since they entered the city. The Assault Marines are still pinned down by daemons near that big cathedral to the south. And our armor is still spread out throughout the city. They’re trying to get here, but they’re overwhelmed.”

Aldaris frowns, but nods.

“We’ll have to make it work with what we have, then.”

There is a metallic twang from behind the two Marines. Karyl is leaning against the dreadnought’s leg, tuning his guitar.

“Don’t worry, buddy. You don’t need tanks when you’ve got…”

Karyl strikes a pose, holding his guitar in one hand while he extends his other hand towards the Marines. He tosses his long blond hair back behind him with a flick of his head.”

“Blue… Lightning.”

Aldaris simply stares at the Elemental. Garr and Kari both laugh as they approach.

“Knock it off, Blue Lightning.. We have work to do.”

Karyl glares at Kari.

“Hey! Don’t make fun of my stage name. I spent years on that! Girls love it!”

The three Elementals continue to banter as they walk towards the nearest entrance of the courtyard. Aldaris stares after them.

“I sure hope Lord Aileron’s faith in them isn’t misplaced.”

Cameron and his company of Grey Knight Terminators charge through the gate that the companions had used to get into the courtyard earlier. Ahead of them lie another set of obsidian steps leading up to the base of the Spire. Cameron can see Gulgrim and his retinue sprinting up the steps ahead of him. The other companions are further behind. Beyond the orks, at the top of the steps, there is a massive obsidian door covered in runes and images depicting scenes of chaos and violence.

As Cameron gathers his thoughts, he catches a mental message from Danyael. He replies.

I know you're hard to kill. That's exactly the reason why we need you with us. The others know what they're doing. They'll be fine.

Cameron smirks beneath his helmet.

And besides, someone has to be here to keep Mary company.

Cameron cuts himself off from all further mental contact. He then barks an order through his headset to the rest of the Terminator company.

“I’m going to have the orks breach the door. Move in behind them and fan out. We will assess the threat before engaging.”

Cameron throws a psychic message forward to the Warboss.

Hey big guy. Think you can get that door open?

Cameron allows his blades to appear in his hands, keeping the Elemental blades sheathed at his sides. There will surely be plenty of time for them later. For now, he’ll stick with the classics.

AS Cameron and the Grey Knights continue to move forward, Mary keeps pace with them from above. She notes the orks making a beeline for the massive gate, and studies the length of the Spire again, looking for any visible means of alternate entry. If there is one, she cannot see it.She comes to a stop in mid air, her broadsword still over her right shoulder, ready to dive towards the gate the moment it opens.
Title: Re: The Eye of Terror: End of Terror (Part I)
Post by: Shadow Chorus on December 01, 2016, 01:08:35 AM
Gulgrim doesn't even break stride as Cameron reaches out to him. He merely grins his massive Orky fangs.

"'Course I'z ken get it open."

As Gulgrim began to make his way to the top of the steps, he began to pull back his Cybork arm, preparing for a heavy punch. The fist began to spin on its mechanical wrist, picking up speed until began to resemble a drill more than a hand, and as he pulled back his shoulder as far as he could, he crested the final step. With a lunging leap, he thrust his cybork arm into the door, a resounding CLANG of metal on metal echoing through the air. At first it seemed as if the Warboss's hand had embedded itself into the door, but otherwise not much had happened, but then the discharge of green energy burst forth from the point of contact. There was a noise like a cannon being fired, and with a burst of raw force the Dent in the door became a man-sized hole.

"Feh. Not big enough. Guess I'z not tryin' 'ard enough. Gotta give dese spikey gitz more credit. Dey ain't completely worthless."

Unsatisfied with the scale of the entrance he had created, the Warboss grabbed the rent metal with both of his hands and began to push them outward, forcing the hole wider. Metal crumpled under the inhuman strength of the green titan, and in moments he had forced both of his arms to full extension, ripping a hole in the door large enough for a good-sized tank to fit through.

"Right. Dat's better den. Come on ladz! In we go!" Gulgrim pulled his weapons from his sides and began to run headlong into whatever awaited him on the other side of the door.
Title: Re: The Eye of Terror: End of Terror (Part I)
Post by: Veldanya Venalla on December 01, 2016, 02:36:49 AM
As the shining column of Seraphs continue marching forward, the Seraphim watches as Gulgrim and his boyz barrel past everyone as they clearly intend to be the first through the doorway.  Shaking his head slightly at the orks exuberance he glances around him, taking in his surroundings for a moment.  His attention is brought back to the gate however when he hears what sounds like an explosion up head.  His glowing gaze settles on the Warboss ripping back the torn metal of the door until a rather large size hole is available for them all to enter through.

=========Meanwhile back in the courtyard=============
As the Grey Knights set up their defenses the Seraph Vanguard squads move to bolster the Space Marines.  Veritable walls of angelic steel form along the lines as the Seraph soldiers set themselves for the inevitable onslaught as the Colossi that remained behind position themselves behind the Seraph and Space Marine ground forces.  Along the ridge line where the Grey Knight ranged forces have position, angelic archers join them, accompanied by numerous Seraphs of the Voice caste, their figures and staves already glowing softly with light as they begin to direct fortifying blessings about the forces in front of them.

As Aldaris curses and inquires about the missing forces, a figure gently lands a few feet behind the man and walks up to him.  The voice of the Seranna is soft and gentle, an almost reassuring tone even to the battle-hardened veterans she speaks to.

"Worry not, the Light stands with you this day.  Many may fall but we shall be victorious in the end, I have no doubt of it."

Realizing she likely interrupted the Master Captain and gives a slight bow in apology.

"Forgive me, I believe you are the Commander of these...Space Marines I believe you are called?  I am Nethanya, Seranna of the Light.  The Seraph forces are ready and positioned to hold back the tides of Darkness as long as possible."

The chaos and horrors of battle wash over the wastelands of the Eye and through the streets of the malevolent cityscape.  As the Chaos forces meet the Seraphs, the corrupted Space Marines seem to revel in what they perceive to be easy pickings.  Men clad in shiny armor and wielding shields and swords against the might of Chaos?  The excitement doesn't last long as they find out that the "simple" shiny armor seems to be just as durable against their bolters and chainswords as the armor of the Adeptus Astartes, and their weaponry cuts through the durable Chaos armor with relative ease.  These are not some simple soldiers they are facing, some fodder brought in by the Imperium.  As they realize this they come under fire from arrows raining from behind the shields.  Seemingly simple arrows, appearing to be crafted of pale wood manage to punch through their armor as well, turning their targets into veritable pincushions.  Blasts and beams of light crash down from the heavens as the prayers and spells of the Voice Caste are unleashed upon the dark armies before them, the restorative powers of the Light coursing through the Seraphs and Space Marines that do suffer injuries, ensuring that when the Chaos forces do score has cost them greatly to finally do so.

Within the city it is even more chaotic though.  Gunfire and arrows whizz from almost every direction  as squads of Vanguard forces proceed through the streets, forming moving palisades and providing their Space Marine allies with cover to fire from.  In one street they encounter resistance from a Chaos Dreadnought.  The foul creation brings its large claws down on the moving wall, crushing Seraphs beneath the blows.  The macabre machine does not have long to revel in its brief victory when suddenly twin beams of pure white light blast down from above, badly damaging the Dreadnought.  The eyes of the Colossi responsible for the attack dimly as the beams reside, the massive stone creature stepping over its allies below as it draws close to its target.  Seizing the Dreadnought in its massive stone hand it crushes it as one would crush a simple soda can, the process below resuming momentum once more.
Title: Re: The Eye of Terror: End of Terror (Part I)
Post by: Daccio on December 01, 2016, 06:43:22 PM
Sepher focuses himself on the task at hand. He cannot really do anything to affect the outcome of the space or groundbattles outside of where he is going, so he blocks it all out. He charges alongside Cameron as they start the assault on the spire.

He comes to a half next to some of the grey knight terminators as they prepare to breach and enter the door. He glances around at the giant hulks in their armor and chuckles to himself at the  reality of what they are doing.

"Don't you guys ever get tired in all of that heavy armor?" he asked the terminators next to him, holding his spear in one hand and gently tapping the heavy metal plating with another.

He shook his head and prepped to charge in with the rest as Gulgrim breached the door.
Title: Re: The Eye of Terror: End of Terror (Part I)
Post by: Soul Reaver on December 05, 2016, 08:48:31 PM
Soul Reaver draws up alongside Sepher, watching as Gulgrim eagerly tears throug the door ahead of them.

"It is probably for the best that Gulgrim's orks lead this charge.  They seem oddly... expendable."

He glances sidelong at Sepher and quietly poses a question that has been bothering him.

"I wonder what Gulgrim would do if there were no fight in his near vicinity?"

He looks at Gulgrim again as the hulking titan's muscles ripple across his body and he wrenches the obsidian gate apart.

"I suspect he would feel the need to make one..."
Title: Re: The Eye of Terror: End of Terror (Part I)
Post by: Daccio on December 05, 2016, 10:31:14 PM
He nods to Soul as he steps up beside him.

"I agree. They seem to have a willingness to throw themselves into the line of fire." He said, contemplating that.

He thought a bit at soul's words, and spoke.

"You know, I think that you might right" he said quietly "It seems like that is his way. Fight his way to the next fight, and if there isn't one, well, there will be when he gets here" he frowned.

He watched as well, as the Ork tests his might against the gate.

"I hope we do not have that sort of issue when the fight is done" he sighed, letting the point of his spear dip low, in a relaxed position as he waited.
Title: Re: The Eye of Terror: End of Terror (Part I)
Post by: Danyael on December 05, 2016, 11:03:42 PM
Danyael lands nearby Sepher and Soul Reaver as the two discuss the oddity of the Gulgrim's Boyz. He is stillness personified as he watches the orks do their work seemingly all the more eager to not only act as the vanguard but be the first to fight. He helped himself to a smirk beneath his hood as he closed his eyes a moment. "Helljumper, Helljumper where've you been?" he mused a cadence from a time and universe that seemed lifetimes away. "Feet first into hell and back again." he hefted the yamato over his shoulder. "When I die, please bury me deep." he watched the Terminators, scanning them over and admiring the power both within and around them. "Place an MA5 down by my feet." he approached the boyz, though still kept his distance, also willing to be a part of the vanguard but preferring to let the Boyz have the pleasure of first blood. "Don't cry for me, don't shed no tear." he continued whispering the words to himself, musing at how long they had been fighting this campaign. "Just pack my box with PT gear." he shared a nod with some of the Grey Knights, then turned his gaze back to the Warboss and his fellows, close to breaching the gate.

He paused a moment to assess the tactics at hand. Jharm had summoned his comrades to fight against Chaos, while Cameron had been able to replenish the ranks lost by way of the reserves of his chapter. As a conduit, in his own right, to a nation that had gone vastly unknown by the companions. And as he had been connected to a certain source beyond the warp - even more so changed by it - he would be remiss if he did not offer his own services to give the Grey Knights, and ultimately the companions, a significant fighting edge. But that time wasn't now. Now he would wait and fight and act on this option only when and if absolutely necessary. And he most certainly hoped for the necessity.

"Cuz one early morning 'bout zero five." he clenched the handle of the sword with one hand and the scabbard with the other, flexing it over his shoulders with the impending adrenaline rush that was surging to the surface. "The ground will rumble there'll be lightning in the sky." the power suddenly seeping forward in subtle drops and veins of arcing black and blue lightning that looked more like the webwork of the nervous system. "Don't you worry, don't come undone." he began to walk forward as the gate was close to being breached. And then, the way was clear. "It's just my ghost on a PT run!" he launched forth in a burst of uncanny speed as he vanished into the fray in a row of howling afterimages in his wake, ready to up the violent defiance against the threats on the other side.
Title: Re: The Eye of Terror: End of Terror (Part I)
Post by: Kitharsis on December 07, 2016, 11:20:52 AM
Kitharsis pauses as Gulgrim tears into the thick door to the tower.  The Ork was making a right mess of the black iron, and soon the door would be open.  Whatever was waiting for them on the inside was surely anticipating their entrance.

Regardless, Sepher and Soul Reaver's idle banter reaches Kitharsis's ears.  He grimaces when Soul Reaver questions what Gulgrim would do without a fight nearby.  He and Sepher's reasoning is on par with Kitharsis's.  He turns to the pair to add his thoughts.

"Gulgrim does appear to have some sort of bearing for right and wrong.  Although whether his moral compass aligns with a rational being is yet to be determined."  Kitharsis brings a closed fist to cover his mouth and feigns a cough.
Title: Re: The Eye of Terror: End of Terror (Part I)
Post by: Cameron on December 21, 2016, 06:42:01 PM
As Nethanya speaks to Aldaris, he turns to face her. He clamps a mailed fist over his heart in a show of respect.

"I am Master Captain Aldaris. Second in command of the Grey Knights chapter of the Imperial Space Marines. We're honored to have your assistance."

Aldaris turns over what he just said in his mind. Second in command. He never expected to be promoted this high this quickly. He only hopes that his first action after being promoted isn't his last. He makes sure his arm-mounted Storm Bolter is locked and loaded before drawing a two-handed power sword. He flips a small switch on it's hilt and it flares to light, supercharged with power from his armor's power plant. He moves to stand with the first line of Marines, ready for anything that might appear.

The terminator who was addressed by Sepher glances at him as he taps his armor. He takes a hand off of his force halberd and flexes his arm. The sound of the powered servos assisting the movement is clearly audible.

"The power plant strapped to our backs moves the joints for us. It makes us stronger than normal. We'd actually be much more tired without it."

The marine snaps to attention as the sound of rending metal is heard from up ahead.

Gulgrim successfully tears a hole in the side of the Spire and he and his orky retinue charge through. They are greeted by a startling sight. Like most buildings the companions have encountered, the Spire is much bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. The ground floor of the Spire is about the size of a large arena. The entire floor appears to be set up for receiving honored guests. Chairs, couches, and even beds are placed here and there, and strange awful looking sculptures tower high above. Fountains of what appears to be blood are set up here and there. In the center of the room, a massive spiral staircase wraps around a transparent crystal pillar, with warp energy surging upward through the center of it. None of this is the startling part.

The startling part is that every square meter of unoccupied space is taken up by a Chaos Marine. And not just any Chaos Marine. These are the remaining legions of the Thousand Sons. Empty shells of armor bound together by an extremely powerful, ancient enchantment. They are all armed with flaming swords and arcane looking bolters that fire pure Chaos energy instead of actual rounds. Upon seeing Gulgrim and company charging in, their reaction is almost machine-like. The front line charges the orks, while the remaining Marines open fire, showering them in Chaos fire.

Mary was hovering just above the orks and hears the fighting start. She yells back to the companions behind her.

"Looks like we have a welcoming party. I'm moving in!"

Mary swoops through the hole made by the orks and back up above them. She almost immediately has to course correct as the Marines start firing on her.

"Shit. I can't stay up here. They'll cook me right out of the sky."

Mary falls from the sky like a meteor, making an unfortunate landing in one of the fountains of blood. It is destroyed by her impact and the Marines around it are shoved backwards by flying gore and shrapnel. Now soaked in blood, Mary screams a battle cry and wades into battle with her sword held aloft. A terrible sight to behold, for certain.

Cameron hears Mary's shout and quickly orders his men forward.

"Take up position just inside the breach! Do not charge the enemy until we've made a proper assessment! Let the strike team handle the brunt of this! No unnecessary casualties!"

Cameron charges forward with the rest of the Terminators, ready to join the fray.
Title: Re: The Eye of Terror: End of Terror (Part I)
Post by: Daccio on December 21, 2016, 07:48:18 PM
"Huh... well I guess that makes sense then. That's a lot of metal and power" He said, nodding to the terminator. As the marine snaps to attention, and rending metal is heard over the chaos of sounds behind them, he looks up as Gulgrim tears through the door. He shook his head at the raw brutish strength the ork displayed

As Mary swoops in behind the orks, Sepher realizes with a bit of interest that these bolters are firing pure chaos energy, something that he had learned to manipulate from his home world. Feeling safer now, he charges in with the companions, ready to face the marines, his slim, metal spear held ready.

Sepher could feel his power coursing through his body now. He allowed his body to take on the Shape of one of the more powerful daemon souls he had, a natural born warrior. A flash of light pulsed from him and as it died, a great horned daemon stood where Sepher had before. He stomped forward and took a running leap, the muscles of the daemon form bulging against his armor,  to land in the middle of a line of marines firing their bolters.

He landed with a loud thud, crouched as the floor beneath his feet cracked with the force of it, his spear held behind him at the ready. Blood splashed and sloshed from the fountain mary had destroyed. Opening his mouth, he unleashed an unnatural roar, his now pointed teeth gleaming sharply in the chaos light, flecks of blood and spittle specking out. He threw himself unmercilessly into the enemy.

His spear slashed out with deadly efficiency, the crunch of metal on metal competing with bolter fire. He snarled as he slammed his spear into the chest of one marine and through it, before growling and pulling it out. He roared again, and as chaos energy flared around him, he gathered energy from it for his own attack. His spear sung as it spun to clatter against bolters and armor as he strove to kill what he could as his energy built up.

Title: Re: The Eye of Terror: End of Terror (Part I)
Post by: Veldanya Venalla on December 22, 2016, 02:03:04 AM
The sound of gunfire erupts from within the entry hall as Gulgrims orks barrel into the awaiting Chaos forces.  The Seraphim and the Seraph forces show no hesitation as they spring into action.  A shimmering shield of light manifests over Jharms left arm as he moves forward, pointing towards the Terminators with his hammer

"Seraphs! Shield our allies! Hold fast against these dark constructs of Darkness!"

The Seraphs move to do just that, the Vanguard moving in front of the Terminators, their shields giving the Marines a waist to midchest high "wall" to fire from behind.  The archers move in behind the Marines and begin to rain gleaming sheaths of light down upon the heads of the Thousand Sons.  Above the heads of the Seraphs, Marines, and Companions, a handful of large glowing orbs of Light manifest.  From within the orbs beams of light shoot out.  When one strikes an ally they find their wounds healed and strength restored, whereas when one hits a Chaos soldier, the light burns and punches through their accursed shells.  A few of the Voice seraphs seem to withold their attacks though, their gaze watching the ongoing battle.  Their intent is revealed as a Thousand Son marine soon falls beneath the strike of Seraphs spear.  The awaiting Seraphs raise their staffs as the gems glow brightly, cords of light shooting from within the gems and rocketting towards the fallen enemy.  Before the macabre creation has a chance to reform itself, the cords seeking out the twisted soul that resides within the battered husk and destroys it before the soldier can be "rebuilt".  Its clear though that this is a directed effort though as other Chaos soldiers rise once more but perhaps over time it will prove effective at slowly wittling down the enemy.

Meanwhile Jharm charges into battle alongside the other Companions, Light glowing from within him as his shield collides with the enemy before him.  Sepher can almost feel a brief "wave" of disapproval from the Seraph leader as he transforms into a large demon and wallows into the fray.
Title: Re: The Eye of Terror: End of Terror (Part I)
Post by: Shadow Chorus on December 27, 2016, 11:12:35 PM

Gulgrim tore through into the darkness, heedless of the warpfire spewing around him, and barreled straight forward, knocking aside suits of animated armor as he tunneled his way into the heart of the enemy's forces. As blasts and cuts rained down at him, the Warboss laughed uproariously, heedless of whatever wounds he took from attacks that got past the Orky armor of da Coat o' Knives. When he had found an appropriate point to start the fight, he slid to a halt, rushing through a few more Rubric Marines before he decided to get properly to the scrap. As the Warboss took a look over his shoulder, he noticed none of the enemies he had knocked over on his run through had died. Looks like these gits were made of sterner stuff.

The warboss knew what to do about that.

"Get stuck in ladz!" Gulgrim shouted, planting his kutlass up to the hilt in a Rubric Marine's armor, denting the chest-plate and driving the entire suit into the ground. Planting his boot on the marine's helmet and crushing it under his weight, the Ork levered his blade from the marine's chest just in time to cleave into the helm of another marine approaching him.

The warboss fired his kustom shoota wildly to his left while he thrust his kutlass into another Marine on his right. To the Warboss's surprise, the Rubric marine simply grabbed Gulgrim's blade and began to claw his way to the Kaptin. On the other side, Gulgrim noticed another marine had fallen completely, dropped by the fusillade of fire that the warboss had unknowingly laid into him. An idea began to form in Gulgrim's mind, and he turned the shoota on the marine clawing its way up his sword and opened fire. The barrage of bullets rained down on the marine, and while it took several rounds without breaking stride, eventually one seemed to be effective, and the suit fell limp. Its last act was to fire a shot that grazed the Warboss's face, drawing blood and tearing a chunk of flesh from his cheek. The warboss simply grinned, the force of his facial muscles widening the wound by a small amount.

"I'z found da key boyz!" Gulgrim shouted to his retinue. "'It 'em more, not 'arder! Dey'z aint got no gutz, but ya'z gotta break 'em up!" Gulgrim looked down to see the two he had simply cleaved into were still crawling toward him, and with a barrage of bullets, he laid them both low.

"Heheheh! Dey'z can take a gud hit proppa, but dey'z can only take so many! Fill 'em full o' Dakka, boyz!"

The warboss disposed of his Kutlass momentarily to draw his second kustom shoota and began to open fire in all directions, hailing bullets into the Rubric marines as the remaining members of his retinue did the same, switching to their dakka and letting fly into the enemy.

The warboss may be brutish and violent, but on the battlefield, his true kunning shines through.
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Post by: Kitharsis on December 31, 2016, 06:28:37 PM
Kitharsis grips his pick tightly as the doors finally give to Gulgrim's relentless assault.

The sights behind the doors cause a sharp inhale from Kitharsis. He will never become used to the vulgar displays of the Chaos legions.

The others charge in, and Kitharsis follows suit. Thundering steps carry him swiftly into the front line of the Chaos marines. Bolter fire of pure Chaos energy whizzes by. Those meeting their mark are quickly deflected by the tiny mage on his shoulders. The thick, curved spike of Kitharsis's pick sinks into the chest of the first Chaos marine he encounters. With a heave the spike tears through the armor, rending a large hole in the Chaos marine.

To Kitharsis's surprise, the Chaos marine rears a flaming sword above his head, simply disregarding the typically grievous wound. Not in position to parry with his pick, the tattoos on his left arm flare to life and wrap around the flaming sword, halting its descent. Before the Chaos marine can unsling his bolter, Kitharsis slams the hammer side of his pick down on the Chaos marine. The force of the blow sends armor flying in all directions.

His bone wings unfurl from his back, illuminated in crimson. Kitharsis spins, slamming his wings into the Chaos marines that were attempting to flank him. The Chaos marines are tossed aside, but the blow was meant to create space, not destroy.

In the brief moment he has to spare, Kitharsis erects a diamond shape shield with the tattoo on his right forearm. Not a moment too soon, as a flaming sword arcs its way toward his chest. He parries with the shield while striking with his pick. The tiny mage deflecting stray bolter fire all the while.
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Post by: Soul Reaver on January 02, 2017, 04:57:50 AM
The sounds of battle erupt from within the spire, prompting Soul Reaver to action.  Quickly slipping through the opening kindly provided by Gulgrim, he sees a room virtually bursting with Rubric Marines.

It was unfortunate that it had come to this battle... destroying these marines would only weaken a force that could potentially be used against Abaddon, and would do little to endear them to Ahriman.  Even so, it didn't look like negotiation was going to be an option.

Soul Reaver has fought against the Thousand Sons before on Aldrean alongside Cameron.  As such, he knew of their strengths - and weaknesses - and thus was already formulating an energy-efficient counter to them.  Rubric Marines would rarely go down from a single shot.  Their armour had to be thoroughly smashed open, which would release the souls bound within.

Blooddrinker would have little trouble cleaving through the suits of powered armour, but the sheer amount of fire being purposefully levelled meant that a frontal assault would require prohibitively exhausting magical shielding.  Ranged tactics were better suited.

Hunkering down behind the shield wall provided by Jharm's troops, Soul Reaver sheathes Blooddrinker.  The Thousand Sons were standing croweded in almost shoulder-to-shoulder, making them prime targets for his intended tactics.  As Kitharsis, Cameron, Mary, Sepher, Jharm, Gulgrim and assorted orks and seraph soldiers engage in melee, Soul Reaver carefully notes the positions of those marines standing away from the chaotic front line.

He closes his eyes and focusses, raising one hand slowly upwards, fingers outstretched.  At the same time, the temperature in a large circular area of Thousand Sons marines begins to plummet.  Ice forms on their armour and spreads across the ground as all water vapour in the air swiftly crystallizes.  Any creature of flesh would likely have been killed as the temperature drops to almost absolute zero, but the Rubric Marines - though slowed by the ice in their joints - do not otherwise seem particuarly concerned.

Snapping out of his magical trance, Soul Reaver puts the second part of his plan into action.  Speaking different words of magic, a ball of superheated flame roars into life in Soul Reaver's hand.  With an enthusiastic swing, Soul Reaver hurls several balls of Hellfire overhead.  They arc upwards and plummet like mortars down amidst his chilled enemies, blasting outward with searing heat.  There is an audible cracking sound as the Rubric Marines armour fractures in countless places from the sudden and intense change in temperature.

Suppressing a grin, Soul Reaver rises as much as he dares above the shield wall and picks out key targets in the midst of the momentarily disoriented marines.  Moving while casting and keeping his eyes on his targets, he weaves two spells together, combining both the effects of an Explosion and Shatter spell into a new incantation: Shattering Blast.

One of the Rubric Marines seems almost surprised as the a bringht yellow light flashes inside his armour.  A thousand hairline cracks are outlined by the inner radiance... and then he explodes like a shrapnel bomb, sharp pieces of his armour punching through the weakened armour of the marines next to him, causing those nearest to him to smash apart like ceramic vases.  One after another, weakend marines detonate, causing massive damage to their allies in the process.

As he blasts his foes, Soul Reaver raises his other hand high into the air.  The souls of the fallen Rubric Marines - both those targetted by Soul Reaver and those felled by his companions - find themselves yanked forcibly from the shattered husks for their armour and drawn inexorably to Soul Reaver, who absorbs them to prevent them from reconstructing themselves.
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Post by: Cameron on January 04, 2017, 04:44:44 PM
The Grey Knight Terminators take up positions behind the Seraph's shield wall. Protected from the bulk of the tainted chaos fire, the Marines follow the ork's lead and return fire with their arm mounted storm bolters. Heavy bolter fire shells the Rubric Marines, driving them back and weakening their armor. A number of Rubric Marines try to rush the seraph's shield wall, but the Terminators reach over top of their allies and lash out with their Nemesis force swords and halberds which tear through the Chaos armor like paper.

Mary is completely surrounded by Rubric Marines, but she holds them at bay with the superior reach of her two-handed sword. Any marines that make the mistake of charging her end up smashed apart by powerful blows. She keeps half an eye out for Danyael, but so far he has opted not to enter the fray. He hangs back for the moment, planning his next move with care.

Cameron opts not to summon his normal swords, as they are too light to break apart the Chaos armor quickly. Instead, he has grabbed two of the Nemesis force swords from the Grey Knight's weapons surplus. With Kalana's memories now residing in his mind, he can clearly understand the technology behind these weapons, since she had designed them.

A regular Space Marine force sword is an adamantium blade with a crystalline matrix built into it's core. Space Marine Librarians are able to channel their psychic energy into the core of the blade, creating a powerful field around the weapon that disrupts any matter it comes in contact with. Kalana's Nemesis system uses a psychic hood built into every Grey Knight helmet that channels latent psychic energy from the wearer into a re-designed blade. Instead of being pure adamantium with a crystal core, the crystalline matrix is built into the surface of the blade using a mixture of adamantium and ceramite. This allows the blade to be just as dangerous as a normal force sword while requiring significantly less psychic energy, so that Marines without psychic abilities can still use them effectively as long as they are in Grey Knight armor. And when someone who does have psychic abilities wields them...

When Cameron's gauntlets cover the grips of these swords, the two blades burst into blue flames. He leaps over the other Terminators and the Seraph shield wall, landing next to Sepher. Cameron's attacks batter a few marines to the ground and prevents them from counter-attacking the demo warrior.

Both Jharm and Soul Reaver's efforts to absorb or destroy the souls of the fallen Rubric Marines keeps many of them from reviving. But  both warriors find that they are competing for these souls with a very powerful force near the center of the room. For every soul that Soul Reaver absorbs or Jharm destroys, another two are sucked into the crystal pillar and upwards, out of the top of the chamber.

As the horde of Rubric Marines begins to thin out, the Spire shakes under the feet of those remaining. A massive roar seems to come from everywhere at once. Without warning, the strange sculptures in the room begin to move of their own accord, lashing out at the companions. The Spire itself appears to have joined the fray. Razor spikes tear through the floor underneath Gulgrim and his orks. Cameron and Sepher sudden;y find themselves enclosed as a massive obsidian sculpture doubles in size and wraps around their position. The Seraph shield wall is disrupted as the floor ripples under their feet, throwing off their footing. Dark tendrils leap from nearby sculptures and rip at Jharm, attempting to tear him to the ground. Mary tries to take to the air but is batted down by a swinging chandelier and sent flying directly at Kitharsis. And although Soul Reaver is suddenly engulfed as the blood in the fountain closest to him flash boils and projects itself in his direction.

And as the companions deal with his new threat, the Rubric Marines regroup, recover some of their numbers, and launch a counter offensive.
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Soul Reaver is quick notice an external force working against him to drawing the souls of the Rubric marines away, and he also is quick to locate the central crystal pillar as the source of the disturbance.  He beings to send a message to Cameron.

Cameron, that pillar-

He is interrupted when the entire room - literally - erupts into chaotic pandemonium.  The floor ripples beneath him and he hears a deafening roar to his right.  He turns just in time to see an unformed, boiling red mass hurtle in his direction.

With barely any time to think, Soul Reaver outstretches both hands, palms facing forward, and speaks the warding words to create a magical Force Barrier.  It crackles into life without a second to spare, the boiling blood hitting the curved, spherical shield.  Though it cannot penetrate, it rolls over and around the barrier, completely engulfing Soul Reaver.

The barrier spits and crackles from every point as Soul Reaver struggles to maintain it against the pressure.  He could not keep the barrier up for long.  But it gave him a few more precious seconds to think of an alternative way out.

Soul Reaver once again chants the words of the Chill spell he used against the Rubric marines, this time holding the energy within himself until the last moment.  He then drops the Force Barrier at the same instant he unleashes the spell.

The intense cold instantly freezes the entire mass of blood solid, leaving Soul Reaver unharmed - if a bit claustrophobic - in the midst of a spherical chamber.  Soul Reaver frees himself with a couple of solid punches, shattering the sides of his unusual prison and sending chunks of bloody ice skittering across the floor.

Soul Reaver strides forward and draws Blooddrinker, with the intent of hurling it at the crystalline pillar.  However, as he focuses on his target, he senses that the energy coruscating over it is only a tiny fraction of what it contains within.

Realizing that destroying the pillar could potentially result in a devestating chaos-fuelled explosion - one that might destroy the spire itself - Soul Reaver curses and instead throws at the blade at the rallying Rubric marines.  The blade spins like a red disc through the air toward its targets.  It should have little trouble slicing the Rubric marines in half.
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   He once more finds himself fighting with cameron at his back. The daemon nods to the warrior as he tears into marines, still aborsbing their chaos bolter fire, storing the energy for his own counterattack that was nearly ready.

   His spear whirled around him in a blur and just as he is getting ready to stirke out once more, the floor under Sepher's feet begin to shake. A massive roar breaks out and sepher, in his daemonic form feels compelled to do the same. Spittle flecks flying from his mouth, he roars back at the spire,  as if that could somehow do something.

   The noise surrounding them suddenly dims as obsidian encloses Cameron and himself. Sepher looks around, battle instincts on high, looking for the cause of this. He snarls and tries to slash at the obsidian with his claws. Curls of obsidian stone flake off, but this was tough.

   Drawing deep on the chaos energy he had gathered, he begins to focus it. His spear seems to melt down and the metal wraps around his wrist like a gauntlet as he holds his two clawed hands at his side. Suddenly, Sepher slams his claws into the obsidian, pushing the energy out in a raw, unaltered destructive force, to blow open the obsidian. He snarls and growls as he pushes against the stone, willing it to blow outward in a spray of obsidian shards to tear the Rubric marines to shreds.
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A thick crimson shield slams into the side of an off balance Rubric Marine, sending the hollow armor toppling further.  A heavy metal boot slams into its back with such force that it breaks the magical seams holding the armor together.  Pieces of lifeless power armor collide with even more advancing Rubric Marines.  Their numbers were thinning, thankfully.  But Kitharsis's moment of relief is short lived.

A massive roar accompanies the entire Spire shaking and rumbling beneath his feet.  The sculptures come to life, rivaling the Seraph's constructs.  Kitharsis feels slightly foolish for admiring the large stony Seraph golems, as he finds himself facing a similar foe from the Chaos forces.

Kitharsis spreads his wings once again to create space.  A scorching desert wind bellows through the immediate area as the crimson webbed wings lash out around him.  He sets his feet as best he can on the quaking floor, preparing for whatever abomination comes his way.

A chandelier comes to life, along with every other twisted decoration in the room.  It swings directly into Mary, who was attempting to take to the air.  The chandelier bats her down, sending her directly at Kitharsis.  With little time to act Kitharsis springs into the air to meet her, at the same time stuffing his pick into the sling on his belt.  He stretches his arms to catch her mid-air, giving with her momentum to soften the landing.

Not wanting to linger exposed in the air, his wings fold up behind him.  His thick metal boots land on top of two Rubric Marines, who were assaulted by a blinding torrent of sand as a quick distraction.  The Rubric Marines burst to pieces from Kitharsis's full weight crashing down on them.

His wings spread around Mary and himself, the crimson webbing glowing intensely as a makeshift barrier.  The tiny mage, perched atop his shoulders outside of the barrier, is anxiously working overtime to divert any Chaos bolter fire their way.

"Mary, Are you alright?"
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Post by: Veldanya Venalla on January 05, 2017, 02:53:39 PM
The Seraphim continues to battle on, his sledge crashing down against the armor of the Rubrik marines, his shield swinging out to deflect weapon strikes and bullets.  His glowing eyes notice that the souls of the destroyed chaos marines are being drawn into a crystal pillar in the center of the room.  He has little time to dwell on it though as he is suddenly assaulted by ebony tendrils erupting from sculptures near him.  The shadowy appendages manage to wrap around the angelic warriors arms.  Pain courses through him as dark energy begins to burn through his body.  A glowing shield of light manifest around Jharm as his body begins to glow as well.  The light seems to start flowing out of him and shoots up along the tendrils as he seeks to burn the malevolent entities away with righteous fire.

Meanwhile the Seraphs struggle briefly as the floor beneath them rumbles and buckles beneath them.  Commanding shouts emanate from the winged leaders of the soldiers, walls of light appearing in front of the vanguard forces to give them protection as they reform and steady themselves and push back against the counter-attack launched by the Rubricks.
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While Danyael held back, it wasn't due to cowardice. He'd entered the Spire, foolishly, only to have halted and stood fast instead. But he wasn't going to be alone for long, as the closest rubric marine dashed for him hungrily for what it perceived as an easy kill. The Marine moved in for the first assault, one hand igniting a volley of inferno bolt-gun fire at its target while the other hand, brandishing an ornate and arcane weapon of mysterious provenance. By Danyael's 'sight' did he perceive time in an almost mesmerizing slow motion dance of color and motion. He could see the power swirling both within and throughout the armor of the rubric marines, which he could deduce as being less than occupied. He recalled reflections of these creatures during his exile, but never faced them directly. He looked over their energy silhouettes over and over as the bolts and blades drew closer, only to shake his head. The reason why he couldn't find a person to pierce behind the armor was because they basically were the armor.

He looked it over as the danger drew closer, knowing that he would either have to move out of the way or engage. Their numbers were vast, but numbers weren't his concern. Only results. only the ends that justified the means. He looked over the companions, watched as Mary was knocked into the grip of Kitharsis, then watched as Sepher underwent his transformation into something... terrifying. He watched the Ork Warboss engage the enemy with a certain glee that the nephilim lord envied. He watched the Seraphim and his Seraph forces charge the enemy with an ever renewing zeal.  And then he watched Soul Reaver make way for the pillar, then oddly alter his strategy to re-engage.

He looked back to the closest Rubric Marine to him, now slowly within less than an inch to his face. He closed his eyes, then snapped them wide open, pushing off one foot to being between both arms of the marine, hammering the chest armor in an arcing one-inch-punch.  With time perceived in nigh stillness, his fist began to vibrate - subtly at first - then into full on distortion as it took on the form of one limb to many, all pushing with equalling force against the armor, expanding into an array of echoes of the nephilim lord that not only thrashed hard into the marine, but spread into a wide explosion of echoes, expanding through the chamber, reaching from the 'entrance' to the pillar. With every one punch from one echo, came a handful more by those that spread from the original caster. Time, perceived by those outside of the nephilim lord, snapped into motion as the attack appeared almost instantaneous. If the rubric marines' armor was struck as hard as Danyael had calculated, then it would shatter, allowing the souls within to be laid bare for Soul Reaver to siphon for himself. 
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Green lightning had begun to dance along the ground around Gulgrim. Bullets rained in all directions as the Warboss performed a cacophonous series of spinning motions, guns blazing as he almost seemed to be dancing with his rifles, in so much as a creature of his size and bulk could be said to dance. But the spins and twists of the Ork's frame as he picked target after target, coupled with the unending blare of gunfire, made him into something of a dervish of death. But the warboss's motions were interrupted momentarily as razor-sharp spikes erupted from the earth beneath him, aiming for his green hide. Mid-turn, the Warboss found himself staring down an oncoming spike as another pierced through his Cybork arm, sparks flying and circuitry bursting from within.

"Heh." The Ork chuckled from several feet to the side in the aftermath of an emergency teleport. "Stoopid Spikey buildins." he chuckled at his own pun before he looked over at his punctured mechanical arm, ignoring the several lacerations and punctures that marred his normal Orky flesh, each of which was oozing a slowing trail of blood as his wounds constantly worked their way towards knitting back together. His cybork arm, however, had taken damage that would not fix itself. The wrist had gone limp, as it appeared the spikes had punctured something important in the lower ends of the forearm, and his fingers would not move, gripping the gun tightly with the trigger depressed, the gun in his hand continuing to fire wantonly at whatever his slack wrist was aimed at. At the moment it appeared to be the fallen body of another rubric marine, putting ever more holes into it as the Warboss looked himself over.

"Zoggin' 'ell. Gonna 'ave ta patch you up." with a glare, the red cybork eye began to glow brightly before a burning lance of heat welded the hole in the arm shut. Like magic, with the warboss seemingly not having done any actual repairs, the wrist suddenly snapped to attention and straightened out, and he let off the trigger with his fingers just long enough to confirm they were working again before slamming back down and continuing to spray lead at the enemy.

"Hahahah, dat's much bettah!" And the Ork returned to the fray as if nothing had ever happened. Elsewhere on the battlefield, several Orky bodies were being picked over swiftly by the surviving members of Gulgrim's retinue, frisking their fallen compatriots for anything shiny or killy quickly before returning to the fight proper.
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Soul Reaver's attack carves through the front line of the charging Rubric Marines, causing the rest of them to abort their charge lest they tumble over the downed bulk of their allies. While some immediately open fire on Soul Reaver, the remaining Marines adjust their trajectory and begin looking for other targets. The oncoming Chaos fire would normally be simple for Soul Reaver to dodge, but he suddenly finds himself surrounded by tendrils of obsidian, moving swiftly and limiting his available space to escape.

Cameron curses audibly as he suddenly finds himself imprisoned in obsidian with Sepher. Feeling energy building inside his ally, he looks in time to see the bronze spear melting into claws. Anticipating his next action, Cameron turns to the side and slams one of his force blades into the wall of the obsidian sphere. It fails to penetrate entirely, but Cameron releases a pulse of psychic and elemental energy that rips through the structure. Glowing blue cracks tear across it's surface, weakening it significantly just as Sepher's blow connects. The power behind Sepher's attack shatters the surface easily, spraying obsidian shards through a small group of Rubric Marines caught on the other side. The marines not felled by this attack regroup and charge Sepher and Cameron as the rest of the obsidian prison crumbles into small shards. Cameron steps forward, now side by side with his ally, readying his blades to counter-attack. He takes this brief moment to mentally reply to Soul Reaver's half finished message.

I see it. I thought it was just a conduit for warp energy, but it's also absorbing the souls.

Cameron changes his mental focus to Mary.

Mary, the pillar is absorbing souls. Can you sense anything else other than warp energy inside it?

Mary is attempting to divert her energy to redirect her fall when she is suddenly caught by Kitharsis. She soon finds herself on the ground, being held by Kitharsis as his wings surroung them and protect them from further attack. The tone of her reply hides any emotion behind it, as she is focused on plotting her next move.

"I'm fine. Thanks for the save, big guy."

Mary suddenly looks distracted as Cameron's message enters her mind. She rolls out of Kitharsis's arms and ducks under his wings to move back into the open. A quick two handed slash of her blade, infused with a bolt of warp energy, tears through two Rubric Marines that were charging their position. She then sprints for the center pillar, dodging and leaping over obsidian tendrils. Reaching it, she returns her sword to the sheathe at her back and presses both of her hands to it's surface. Her eyes go wide.

Something's wrong. The warp energy is being used as a conduit for something far more powerful. If those are souls, then they're not just being pulled from here. They're being pulled from the entire surrounding area.

Mary breaks contact with the Spire and looks back towards Kitharsis. Her gaze is drawn above him and she shouts in alarm.

"Kitharsis! ABOVE YOU!"

The chandelier that had knocked Mary towards Kitharsis has now detached from the ceiling. There is a small explosion as it detonates, sending a massive wave of flaming glass and obsidian directly at Kitharsis's position. Mary is too busy focusing on this to notice that a pair of obsidian tendrils has sprouted from the center column behind her. They swiftly move to impale her.

The holy fire released by Jharm effectively counters the dark energy flowing through the tendrils holding him. They stop moving and then shatter from the force of his might, freeing him. For the moment, he finds himself free from the enemy's focus.

Danyael's echoes spread through the chamber. Their attacks catch the Rubric Marines off guard and severely weaken their forces. The force counter-attacking the Grey Knight Terminators and the Seraph shield wall is almost completely annihilated. While some of the Rubric Marines manage to retain their shape and simply fall over, waiting for their armor to reform, others collapse into pieces. Their souls are swept up towards the center pillar, and will be absorbed by it if they reach them.

Gulgrim and his forces continue to rip apart any Rubric Marines unfortunate enough to find themselves in the ork's path. But a sudden violent grinding noise from behind him attracts the big ork's attention. A massive obsidian sculpture has re-arranged itself into a vaguely humanoid shape and is now lumbering towards Gulgrim. As it does, a plethora of obsidian tendrils sprout from it's upper half, impaling or slapping aside any orks between it and it's target, which is Gulgrim himself.

The Seraph golems find themselves doing battle with similar sculptures, locking them into a slight stalemate. The Grey Knight Marines attempt to regroup for a counter-charge but are forced back behind the Seraph shield wall by flying tendrils and debris. More and more obsidian monstrosities seem to raise themselves from the floors and walls, pressing in on the companions.
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He heard her shout to his friend, then looked to both, time slowing as his own sense of speed began to kick in. All things considered, he had only seconds to react. Less than that, in fact. His closest Echo was still engaged into finally taking down, beheading in fact, a rubric marine, but was close enough for a last ditch tactic. And with a force of will did the Nephilim lord project himself through his echo, both increasing his speed enough to slingshot both himself toward Mary’s position and the echo toward Kitharsis. The Nephilim Lord collided with her in a flash, yanking her from the ground in a hurtling tackle just in time to pull them away from the pierce of the tendril with instants to spare. Protectively, if not instinctively, he cradled her as they skidded and tumbled across the floor, pushing off a heel to whirl them to a girding stop.  At the moment both boots firmly planted to ground, a handful of echoes swirled from out of Danyael, creating a perimeter defense around his ward as he set Mary down into their care and turned to face the battle in a single spin.

At the same time did the echo slam into Kitharsis, only a moment prior shouting “Kith, brace!”, crashing into him with enough force to launch him free, putting itself directly in place to catch the full force of the explosion, incinerating the echo in a fraction of a second.

Unsheathing the yamato in a wheeling spin of the wrist, he held blade and sheathe, reverse gripped in respective hands, prepared for the coming engagement. But not before he took notice of the energies sweeping towards the focal point of the pillar. But his own sight did he see the kaleidoscope of vibrant hues and flashes of multi-chromatic energies. And then there was the pillar itself. By his own sight did he see it as the fulcrum point of hollow black enswathed in radiant gold, the event horizon to a far less beautiful function. Attuned to the warp in his own way, the Nephilim Lord, without looking over his shoulder, addressed Mary promptly. “The more damage we do, the worse a situation we put ourselves in. Seraphs, Rubrics, our own marines. Whoever falls, whatever falls, runs the risk of being swallowed whole by that,” he nodded in the direction of the pillar. He could feel the pull, not like a vacuum, but a different form of gravity, more akin to a chain and anchor, the pull and the pillar itself respectively. “It’s ravenous. And we’re giving it what it wants.”

The remaining echoes continued the onslaught, but instead, now noticing that something was oddly more apparent to the nephilim lord himself, opted for use of an alternative combative style. They didn't go the for kill, but rather instead, now sheathing their weapons of light and shadow, fought with hardened , crystaline boned fists. They would beat them back, fists by fists and heel by heel. And given the lingering direness of the situation did the echoes ramp up their ferocity in combat prowess.
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As the shadowy tendrils explode around him, the Seraphim focuses his thoughts as he gazes over the battlefield.  Each of the Companions faces some sort of adversary, the Seraph and Marine soldiers continue battling against the Rubric marines as the Colossi face off against the obsidian constructs.  Jharms gaze then focuses on the souls slowly floating up towards the large pillar in the center of the room.  He had no real way to know what might happen should they reach the object, but he had witnessed plenty of Chaos magic to know that it undoubtedly would result in something malevolent and dangerous.  The warriors form glows as he aims the palm of his right hand at the pillar.  A moment later a shimmering wall of light manifests around the pillar as he sends commands to his troops

The souls!  Do not let them reach the pillar!

The angellic clerics gaze up and realize what their commander means, tendrils of light shooting up from the ground to coil around and destroy the evil souls before they reach their objective. 

Hopefully that will be enough.  The enemy just keeps coming though.  We must push on!  Every second we are delayed I fear things get more dire.

The Seraphims form begins to glow once more, the intensity increasing until one would almost think a veritable sun was overhead. 


Suddenly the radiant figure simply drops from the air like a rock and crashes down on top of the Chaos Marines.  As the massive figure crashes to the ground, a veritable explosion of light radiates from him.  The shining glow floods over the combatants, both friendly and enemy alike.  Those who call the Seraphim friend feel their resolve bolster and energy renew...while his enemies are blinded and weakened by the holy onslaught.  Jharm doesnt hesitate, his massive sledge howling through the air as he brings it down upon the helms and armor of his enemy, a juggernaut of destruction.

=================Seraph forces===================
As the Seraphs of the Voice Caste direct most of their attention to destroying the wayward Chaos souls, the explosion of light from their leader washes over them and their Vanguard brethren.  A boisterous cheer arises from the Seraphs as the shield wall surges forward, pushing back against the Chaos forces.  The Colossi battle against the obsidian constructs, seemingly evenly matched until the Seraphims assistance washes over them.  The two giants let out loud bellowing roars as their attacks strike even harder, their eyegems glowing brightly as beams of light blast against the dark surfaces of their enemies.
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Soul Reaver nods grimly at Cameron's reply as a group of Rubric marines take up position and open fire on him.  Obsidian tendrils snake around him, threatening to trap him.  Blooddrinker flashes through the air, its blade unimpeded as it carves through the obsidian tendrils and intercepting the incoming bolts, disintegrating them into sparks, but Soul Reaver already knew that remaining here would be a stalemate.  More and more of the room was rising crush them, and the companions were under assault from all sides - he could not assist them all.

The pillar was doubtlessly tied to what was going on, but for now simply mitigating the damage that was happening was crucial.

Soul Reaver sends out a simple mental message to anyone who might care to listen.

Cover me.

With that, he casts a teleport spell, vanishing in a red blaze of light.

His stomach lurches as he rematerializes close to the pillar, in mid air and almost upside-down - as always, the spell is inaccurate, and the additional interference from the pillar meant he had to be extra cautious.  He twists into a somersault and manages to land on his feet, then backpedals towards the pillar, casting various wards.

In close proximity to the pillar, the many souls it is absorbing need to pass all the closer to him, making them much closer and easier targets.  He reaches out one hand and draws them to himself, hoping to deprive the pillar of as much sustenance as he can.

He knew he would not have long, but in what time he has, he casts a form of Identify spell upon the pillar, attempting to glean as much information on it as he can.  While the warp energy within it is more foreign to him than to Mary, he knew all about soul energy and had extensive knowledge of magical constructs.  Hopefully it would reveal some crucial information - for example, if the pillar was responsible for animating the structure of the room, and if there was some way to stop it.
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"I'm fine.  Thanks for the save, big guy."

Kitharsis nods in response, giving an audible grunt that Mary can feel through his chest.  The Elemental seems unaffected by the heavy blow from the chandelier.  As she rolls from his arms he parts his wings, allowing her an easier exit. 

The tiny mage knocks hard on his shoulder.  Kitharsis's wing snap back as he quickly pivots to face what is behind him.  A Rubric Marine bears down on him, power sword poised to take his head off.  His shield arm raises just in time to block the attack.  Sword and shield grind against each other above their heads.  The crimson, crystalline shield fails, a crack tearing down its surface. 

Kitharsis thrusts his left hand forward.  The tattoo on his palm explodes in a sweeping blast of energy that cuts the Rubric Marine in two.  A handful of advancing Rubric Marines are caught up in the blast radius, taking heavy damage and getting knocked backward from the blowout.

He shakes off the remnants of the shattered crimson shield, sending chunks of crystal to the floor below.

The tiny skeleton knocks even harder this time.  Kitharsis quickly glances over his shoulder, but sees no immediate threat.

"Kitharsis!  ABOVE YOU!"

His eyes widen as he witnesses the chandelier above him detonate into a flaming wave of glass and obsidian.  He catches movement behind Mary, but his view is obstructed by the immense wave of pain rocketing toward him.

"BEHIND YOU!"  He shouts into the approaching flames, hoping his voice meets her ears through the torrent.

The skeletal mage is prepared.  A golden dome springs to life around the tiny skeleton and its master. It stands atop Kitharsis's shoulders, bony hands raised to the sky as it projects the protection spell.  Its little body shudders as the power of magic courses through it.

"Kith, brace!"  One of Danyael's echo's shout as it rapidly approaches.  The skeletal mage shifts the focus of its spell and turns the dome into a sphere.  Kitharsis yells as the echo crashes into the golden shield, sending him flying head over heels like a billiards ball.

The golden sphere, carrying Kitharsis and the little mage, careens through the spire.  It bowls over Rubric Marines as they roll through the area.  It cuts off obsidian tendrils at their base as its momentum carries it further and further.  Instead of rolling to a stop, the golden sphere appears to be picking up in pace. 

"What are you doing?!"  Kitharsis shouts at the mage.  The little skeleton is working its hands in a circle, feeding into the speed and rotation of the golden shield as they bounce through the chamber.  Its jaw chatters and clicks as it tilts its head back.  If it had a voice it would surely be cackling maniacally.
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The sound of stomping and Orks being tossed aside drew Gulgrim's attention to his new opponent, and a toothy grin sprouted from on his green features. "Well den! 'Ere comes a new challengah'!"

The Ork Warboss holstered both of his rifles and drew a sword in his left hand, and in a burst of lightning his cybork right arm was suddenly gripping a rokkit launcha.

"You'z look dead 'ard, git! Bettah not disappoin' me!" with a loud cackle, the Warboss unleashed the salvo currently on the rokkit launcha, three explosive missiles corkskrewing wildly in the direction of the gargoyle. A flash of lightning, and the weapon was reloaded and then immediately fired a second salvo before the Warboss began to close behind the smoky trails of the rokkits, Kutlass held high and a bellowing "WAAAAAAAAAGH!!!" on his lips.
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Sepher roars, the sound echoing loudly as he charged forward as the obsidian burst out in a deadly lethal spray of stone. Rubric marines were cut down, slaughtered where they stood. As the marines who were not felled regrouped and charged him, Sepher's big body lumbered forward.

A grin spread across the grotesque face, likely somewhat disconcerting as the braces on his arms melted and dripped along his claws, giving them an extra keep edge. His footfalls thumped loudly on the stone floor as he moved towards the group charging him. He lowered his body as he suddenly roared and charged back, obviously relishing this combat.

He slammed into the wave of marines, enhanced claws flashing. blurs of odd colored metal streaking through the armor of the rubric marines. Sepher was not going to be stopped, he seemed to be in some sort of battle frenzy as he tore into them, disregarding what weapons they shot or attacked him with, shrugging off attacks that hit his armored scales and ignoring attacks that caught unprotected areas.

He slammed his claws into an unlucky marine and opened his jaw wide, biting down to shatter the metal. He would shove the marine's armor into its companions and seeing a greater challenge, launch himself at the nearest obsidian monstrosity.
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Mary barely has time to register movement to her right before Danyael rips her off her feet. One of the tendrils barely glances off of her armor, alerting her to just how close she had come to possibly mortal injury. The tendrils adjust their trajectory and swing after Danyael, but they are deflected and shattered by his echoes as they swarm around the Nephilim Lord and the Warp Elemental. He sets her down and she returns to her feet, testing her armor before bringing her sword back into her hands. Her face is grim as Danyael speaks.

"Whatever it's feeding is above us. Probably at the top of the Spire. We need to get up there and put a stop to it.

Her gaze shifts, focusing on the Clerics bound to service by Jharm. They are using tendrils of light to disrupt the progress of glowing sparks of energy that are being pulled from the shattered Rubric Marines. Those must be the souls. She had never really considered the soul to be a physical object, but these certainly looked real enough to her.

Mary's head snaps to her left as a huge explosion erupts from nearby. Jharm himself had just crashed into a pack of Rubric Marines with enough force to shred the ones closest to the epicenter. Mary braces for the shockwave of light that radiates towards them, but this was unnecessary. As it roars past her, she feels no heat or force, and instead finds her energy levels restored and injuries mended. She watches the Seraphim continue to fight any rubric marines in his vicinity, as the shield wall of his forces regroup and push towards him. The Grey Knight Terminators have also recovered behind them and are once again pouring storm bolter fire into both the Rubric Marines and the obsidian constructs, which are now also warring with the giant marble statues Jharm referred to as Colossi.

Cameron, meanwhile, has still been fighting along side Sepher, though he finds himself having to avoid some of Sepher's more overzealous attacks as his frenzy increases. He is considering seeing if he can try to calm the raging demon but is distracted by a single message from Soul Reaver, Cover me.

Cameron tears away from Sepher, seeking Soul Reaver's position. He quickly spots him by the pillar, drawing souls to himself with one hand while tracing a spell over the pillar's face with the other. Already, a number of vaguely humanoid obsidian shapes have sprung from the ground and are lumbering towards him. Cameron lunges forward, djusting his trajectory to dodge Kitharsis's large golden sphere as it tears past.

Just before Cameron reaches the center of the room, a massive obsidan leg smashes down in front of him. He skids to a halt, barely avoiding colliding with the construct. It raises a spike covered arm upwards in preparation to attack but is knocked off balance by a flurry of rockets fired by Gulgrim. This massive thing had been charging the ork before becoming distracted by Cameron's arrival and is now caught off guard by Gulgrim's onslaught. Large chunks of the creature break off and crumble to the ground. It refocuses itself on the ork warboss and leaps through the air, looking to strike with it's massive spiked fists. Cameron returns to his feet. As much as he would like to help Gulgrim, Soul Reaver's efforts have to take priority.

The obsidian golems are seconds from engaging Soul Reaver when Cameron finally arrives. He obliterates one with both force blades before hurling a psychic field at the others, pushing them back. He then leaps over Soul Reaver, placing him between the immortal warrior and the creatures intent on stopping him. They attempt to rush past Cameron, but each one that gets close finds itself shattered by a force blade or peppered with bolter fire. For each one that Cameron fells, another two spring up. He is driven back and almost overwhelmed before three of the creatures to his left are suddenly engulfed in warp fire. Mary shatters these with her sword as she charges into position next to Cameron. They both exchange glances before turning their attention to the task at hand. They fight side by side, keeping the obsidian monstrosities clear of Soul Reaver. But it is clear that they won't be able to keep this up indefinitely.

Through the fabric of his spell, Soul Reaver can almost feel the structure and patterns of the energy boiling beneath the column's surface. The majority of it is rushing vertically, headed for the top of the Spire. It is clear that while the Warp energy continues past the top of the Spire and is obviously responsible for the beam of energy the companions saw emanating from the outside, the souls are being siphoned off in the top chamber. For what purpose, Soul Reaver cannot ascertain. But the amount of souls he can feel above them is incredible. Beyond this, he can also feel large amounts of warp and soul energy being leeched away from the main beam and projected throughout the chamber the companions currently occupy. It is certain that this energy is what is feeding the constructs that are attacking them. Destroying the column would simply release the energy into the room, which would likely kill every living being inside, as well as cause the Spire to collapse on itself. However, the animated room could be quelled if something could be done that would seal the energy inside the column and forcing it to continue it's journey upwards.
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The golden sphere with Kitharsis inside careened out of control, bowling down any in its wake. That is until this unstoppable force met an immovable object in the form of a high speed kick from the Nephilim lord from behind, altering its course and increasing its speed ever the more dangerously – directly into another kick from one of Danyael’s echoes. And then another, and another, and more until it looked to be more of scrimmage match between clones than an all out battle in the spire. A row of echoes planted themselves hard to the ground, muttering to each other a small rhyme of ‘Red rover, red rover, why don’t you come over’ finishing just as the ball came crashing into them. But instead of knocking them down, the line of echoes expanded to capacity, like a rock in a slingshot.

“thorry Kith. Thith ithnt ath eazzy ath ith looksh.” The echo sputtered out what might have been an apology, clearly dealing with the difficulty of having his face mashed up against the barrier. And when the stretch reached its peak, physics took over and the slingshot effect hurled poor Kitharsis back into the fray, bowling over another throng of Rubric Marines… and a just as many as Danyael’s echoes along the way. The Tirthandaran warrior could, if listened intently enough, hear equal parts anguished yowls of the marines alongside the spitting curses of the echoes, barking epithets along the likes of “’the fuck’s your problem, Kith?!”, “what’d I ever do to you, man?!”, “Guide or something!” “What’s this fuckery?!” and even more awkwardly “I’ve never been touched that way by another man before” amidst a litany of additional yelps and coarse words of the alien dialects no one yet knew. 

Whichever echoes that didn’t get bowled over, continued the ‘game’ of kickoff, only to be bowled over themselves when the sohere came thundering back their way on the rebound. Some cursed to themselves before bouncing back into the fray, while others, the moment they got back up, were bowled back down again. If there was a silver lining to be gleaned from this series of oafish events was that the rubric marines were equal casualties - smashed and impacted into either the ground or into each other. Some were even mashed into the echoes. Hell, even some echoes were mashed on top of them as well. And somewhere in the distance, one of the mowed over echoes (if not the Nephilim Lord himself) thought aloud: “This idea was better in my mind.”
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The Seraphims mighty warhammer continues to swing all around him, crushing and smashing any enemy marine that draws close.  As he turns and spins about his eyes fall upon Cameron and Mary fighting to keep waves of obsidian creatures from attacking Soul Reaver, who seems to be doing something with the malevolent pillar in the center of the room.  He knew not what the immortal knight was doing, but something told him that it was pivotal to stopping this endless onslaught they faced.  Releasing another small wave of light around him, more to give himself some breathing room then do anything else, he launches his hammer through the air, the weapon slamming into the back of one of the golems attacking the elementals.  As the golem crumbles the Seraphim himself slams into another one, the warrior hoisting the ebony creation over his head and throwing it into other golems moving in.  Extending his hand out, his hammer returns to him.  Summoning a shield of light on his left arm, his large figure begins to glow brightly, the intensity painful to any who gaze upon him as an enemy.

"Foul creatures of shall not reach him!"

He then wades into the golems, working to draw their attention to him so that the two elementals can focus entirely on destroying them, and Soul Reaver can focus on the pillar.
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There was a game he used to play.  It involved an inflated bladder of a swamp snapper, two nets draped over wooden frames, and two teams of however many people could be found to play.  The game was always a favorite, with neighboring villages even making the trek to compete against each other on occasion.  One time, three or four villages came together and setup a massive, hectic match with numerous nets and bodies everywhere.  The chaos of so many players all kicking, colliding, running and shouting was spoken of for years to come.

No one ever considered the game from the ball's perspective.

Who would have thought that galaxies away, in the midst of a multiverse threatening struggle, that one of the players of that game would have the exclusive privilege of being the ball in a deadly game similar to the one played so long ago in that very swamp.

The irony is entirely lost on Kitharsis.  It is all he can do to keep his wits about him as dizziness begins to take over.  At this point it is beginning to be hard to tell what is spinning faster, his head or the golden sphere around him.

"You are dust once this is over!"  He shouts at the tiny skeleton mage.  Who, at this point, has given up trying to manipulate the golden shield, and was holding on for dear life.

The destructive effectiveness of what is happening is not lost on him, though.  And he begrudgingly recognizes that a great deal of the rubric marines are falling as he careens through the spire.  Regardless, he doesn't have to like the process.  As he rolls through the battlefield, he makes the rudest gesture he can think of.  He would shout another curse, but it has come to the point where he isn't sure if he would yell or lose his lunch upon opening his mouth.

He does know one thing.  He owes Danyael a solid kick in the can once this is all over.
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The massive obsidian Golem's fists strike down hard into the ground, but the Ork they intended to pummel is nowhere in the impact zone. Having zapped away from the point in a flash of green energy, the Warboss sat on the Golem's shoulders, looking down at the crater the creature had made with an amused expression.

"Awh, too bad ya git. Good form though, I'z seen some better craters, but most o' dem were made by me, so'z ya got nuffin' ta be ashamed of." The warboss offered what seemed to be a reassuring pat to the Golem's massive head before he pulled back his other arm and rammed his kutlass as forcefully as possible toward the creature's ear, hoping to drive the blade home. Simultaneously, green warpfire belted from the Ork's mouth as he shouted a booming"WAAAAAAAGH!!!!", the chaotic energies burning and tearing at reality as they spewed forth, hoping to burn through the creature as well.

No matter the results of his blow, the Warboss then zapped himself back to ground level and leveled the rokkit launcha he had used a moment ago at the creature's chest again, firing a pair of salvos at the golem in the hopes of finally putting the stone git down proper.

"You'z ain't good enough to 'andle ol' Gulgrim, stoopid rock git. Come back when you'z got a bit more Green to ya!"
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Beads of sweat glisten on Soul Reaver's furrowed brow as he attempts to understand the workings of the pillar.  His expression gradually changes to one of alarm as obsidian constructs rise to confront him.  Unless he gets assistance quickly, his wards would not hold these things at bay, and he would be forced to abandon this effort and continue fighting.

His apprehension grows to the point where he is forced to turn and reach for his blade... until Cameron bursts through the body of one of the constructs, his blade clearing the way for him.  He plants his feet and throws the other constructs back with an invisible burst of psychic energy.

While it might have been tempting to assist, Cameron was buying him the time he needed.  Soul Reaver managed a strained word of gratitude but he wasn't sure he would be heard over the din.  Instead, he turned his attention back to the complex threadwork of sorcery that composed the pillar.

Despite its intricacy, the basics of its structure were becoming clear.  He could see how its primary purpose was to siphon spiritual energy to the top of the spire - but that it was diverting some of this power into the room to fight off the companions.

Behind him, Mary joins Cameron, and soon they are assisted by Jharm.  Gulgrim wages his own battle against the towering construct, while Danyael and Kitharsis wreak effective devastation with their unorthodox assault.  Soul Reaver however is otherwise engaged, attempting to formulate the best possible solution to the puzzle before him.

Destroying the pillar would likely stop whatever sinister process was occurring, but doing so would almost certainly be fatal to his companions.  He concludes that he might be able to cut off the energy being diverted back into the room, but frustratingly that would simultaneously intensify the energies being drawn up into the spire.

Glancing over this shoulder, Soul Reaver sees that the tide of enemies in unending, and he won't have time to think of a better solution.  Cursing under his breath, he decides to do what he can for now.

This would be complicated.  Antimagic would not serve the desired purpose, and the forces drawing the souls upward were too strong for him to divert.  Thinking fast, he starts chanting.  He weaves multiple threads together - forming a pipe-like wall of energy based on a Force Wall spell, but binding within it something akin to a Rebound spell, but focused specifically on Spirit energy.  Most other sorcerers would have stumbled at that last hurdle - fortunately, Soul Reaver's familiarity with this form of energy gives him the knowledge he needs.

To the magically-trained eye, something like a crystal lattice wraps itself around the pillar, growing rapidly like fast-solidifying ice.  It forms a spiritually-impenetrable barrier, trapping the energy within its confines.  Mana pours from Soul Reavers hands into the invisible construct, expanding it both up and down the pillar, hoping to choke off its exit points into the chamber.  All his attention is focused on the task at hand - silently, he hopes and prays that his companions can buy him the precious moments he needs to complete the spell.
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Sepher continues lashing out in his rampage, tearing down marines to get to obsidian monstrosities. Metal and bone clash against stone as he threw himself mercilessly against the stonework creations.

Sepher begins to find himself almost watching himself as his raging form tears away. He seems to realize that his daemon form is getting out of hand. If he kept this up, his soul would be scoured away and he would become nothing more than a raging daemon. Slowly asserting his will on reality once more, he can feel himself regain more control. I need to be careful he thought too much of this... well, i could lose myself

Suddenly, there was a small flash and sepher was himself again, in the middle of a chaotic fight. I need to stop relying on the daemons so much he thought to himself. He gave himself a shake and pulled out his metal baton, leaving his off hand empty. Breathing hard, he launched himself back into the fray, armor soflty clanking as he darted among the enemies, trying to keep them off the other companions. He would fight and reach out with his hand and metal shaping, to warp and distort the joints of the marine around him, to hopefully render them immobile. He was going to have to apologize later to cameron for nearly taking his head off several times.
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The construct waging war with Gulgrim releases a awful roar made up of all of it's obsidian plates grinding together in unison as it realizes that the ork is on it's shoulder. The groans and squeals grow louder still as Gulgrim drives his blade into what is currently serving as the construct's head. The green warp fire that accompanies this attack is enough to liquefy the outer layer of obsidian that make up the majority of the monstrosity. Enraged, it swings a massive right fist at it's own left shoulder, looking to crush the warboss like he was a small bug. But Gulgrim had already teleported away, and the creature's rage caused it to put too much force behind the attack. Obsidian cracks and shatters as the beast manages to shear it's own arm off at the shoulder. The massive limb crashes to the ground, taking more than a few Rubric Marines along with it.

The construct, now completely berserk, stumbles and lurches forward just as the salvo of ork rokkits crashes into it's chest. The already weakened obsidian gives way, and the creature collapses in a massive cloud of dust and shards of rock. The obsidian shards engulf Gulgrim in a shower of razor sharp debris. A small portion of the creature still moves, and lurches once more towards Gulgrim before suddenly being crushed by Kitharthis's golden sphere as it careens wildly through the area.

The combined forces of Sepher's hit and run tactics, Kitharsis and Danyael's unorthodox attack, and the Marines and Seraphs pushing forward Are enough to kill the Rubirc Marines and constructs faster than they can reform. As souls are released from the fallen chaos forces, they continue to be drawn towards the center column. But as Soul Reaver's spell takes hold, they begin to reflect off of the crystal lattice as it blocks their entry. The souls reflected in this manner fly back into the corners of the room, seeking mostly intact Rubric Marines to re-animate. This causes a sudden surge of reinforcements to spring up. The Marines revived in this manner ignore all other targets and sprint towards Soul Reaver, hoping to stop his spell before it is completed.

Cameron and Mary continue to smash obsidian soldiers as quickly as they can. Jharm's arrival helps draw some of the creatures off of them and gives them more room to maneuver, but the constructs are reforming faster than they can kill them. For each obsidian figure that Cameron's blades and Mary's great sword smash into dust, another two rise from the floor of the chamber. As the Rubric Marine reinforcements arrive, Cameron, Mary, and Jharm are pushed back until they are standing on the dais with Soul Reaver and the central pillar is at their backs. But none of the attackers ever reach Soul Reaver. The combined might of the Fire and Warp elementals and the holy warrior are able to keep him free until the spell completes.

The crystal lattice of magical energy expands until it covers the entire pillar. The energy pouring from it is completely cut off. As the flow of power dries up, the obsidian constructs in the room stumble and crumble to dust. Within moments, there is nothing left of them but rubble. The remaining Rubric Marines realize that the tide of battle is turning against them and rally for a final push. They all charge the pillar simultaneously, hoping to undo whatever sorcery has cut them off from the Spire's power.
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The Seraphim watches as the forces arrayed against him and the other Companions begin to literally crumble as the pillar gets sealed.  Watching the Rubric marines reform and charge towards them, clearly intent on reaching the pillar, he raises his hammer high and bellows.

"Seraphs!  Victory is ours!  For the Light!"

The phalanx of soldiers cheer loudly, a resounding "For the Light" echoing in response as  they charge the enemy marines, the Seraphim moving in as well.  The combined Seraph forces collide with the marines in a veritable vice.  Jharms warhammer crashes through power armor, the Vanguard forces attack keeping the marines from adequately defending themselves.  As their armor is crushed and dismantled, those of the Voice Caste target the released souls, their figures and weapons glowing as they eliminate the malevolent warp-touched souls.
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Soul Reaver weaves his sorcery as fast as he safely can while Jharm, Cameron and Mary stand at his back.  The waves Thousand Sons break against their wrath, leaving Soul Reaver unscathed long enough to complete the magical field.  Once completed it becomes far more resilient - the field should hold for several hours on its own without requiring any further input from Soul Reaver.

Almost immediately Soul Reaver sees the flow of power cut off to the rest of the room.  He then swiftly turns around and sees the immediate effects that this has had on the obsidian constructs.  Allowing himself a exhalation of relief, he hefts Blooddrinker in his right hand while resuming the aborption of souls with his left.  He sends a brief message to his protectors.

You have my gratitude

Jharm's war-cry rallies the Seraphim.  With his companions at his side and the pillar at his back, Soul Reaver only needs concern himself with the Rubric Marines before him.  Blooddrinker's screaming blade proves more than adequate for the task, disintegrating incoming projectiles and slicing through armour in a pirouette of devastation.
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Kitharsis, in a haze of dizziness, notices a shift in the energy inside the Spire.  The Rubric Marines seem to have have increased in aggression, if it was at all possible.  As his golden, spinning sphere passes by, he notices Rubric Marines springing to their feet.  Rather than staying down, their souls are returning to their bodies.

This might require more precision than his current situation.

"Release us, the tide has changed." 

The tiny skeleton nods and releases the magic holding the golden shield together.  Kitharsis tumbles head over heels, directly into a group of Rubric Marines.  Before he takes too many direct hits, Kitharsis activates his tattoos.  Red spikes unleash in all directions, piercing through the group of Rubric Marines.  He can't tell if it is the dizziness or not, but he could swear that they still stir, even with the glowing spikes protruding through their bodies.

One of them slams a heavy gauntleted backhand across the side of his head.  A sobering moment.

Their will still carries on, even though their bodies are broken.

With double vision, kitharsis wrenches the spikes, twisting and crushing the shell's of the Rubric Marines.  He might not be able to destroy the souls of his opponents, but he can keep them busy in the meantime.

With a grunt he slams the pierced Rubric Marines onto the ground and retracts the spikes.  His horeseman's pick, glowing with energy, plows through Rubric Marines left and right as he weaves a path of destruction through their ranks.  The tiny mage resumes defending from incoming bolter fire.  The pair should be releasing plenty of souls for the Seraphim and Soul Reaver to absorb and then some.
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The battlements became ominously less crowded all of a sudden. There were crumpled rubric marines in all directions (and due to the Dan-Kith attack, all different sizes), but there was something missing. The echoes were no longer there. Not a one. And neither was the Nephilim Lord. Not a trace. That is, until a random rubric marine that had been mashed into the ground was suddenly catapulted into the air, crashing back down to the ground a ways away. Danyael climbed sluggishly out from the whole, clearly lacking what little patience was left. This day was going from good, to random, to fair, to all sorts of fucked up that he was getting ridiculously frustrated at the nigh infinite cannon fodder being thrown their way – no matter how formidable.

One rubric marine appeared to break through the defenses, by way of either luck or opportunism. But before it reached the stairs, it was hammered hard into the ground as Danyael kicked a stomping landing on top of the creature, smashing it into the ground with an eerie crunch of metal and bone. He lifted his gaze just in time to hear the battlecry of the Seraphim, affording the Nephilim Lord a cynical smirk at the irony of the remark. “Light. Here? Not today.”

Unsheathing the yamato, he sneered, looking past the marines and rushed into the fray with the other companions and grey knights – only for the rubric marines to be assaulted from the rear as the echoes engaged in a secondary assault in a pincer tactic. With the companions attacking from one end and the echoes attacking from the other, there was little curiosity from the Nephilim Lord to wonder if there were any last minute tricks up the sleeves of his enemies. The chamber was once again awash with dashing blurred hues of red, black and gold as the Nephilim Lord exerted speed and numbers to assist in turning the tides even further in the favor of the Companions.
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Gulgrim sat astride the fallen Golem, mechanical hand resting on his knee while his Orky limb held a massive Imperial cigar in his toothy maw. The battle raged around him, and he simply took a long drag, examining the slowing melee around him. To him, the fight was winding down, even though it seemed the Rubric marines were redoubling their efforts.

"Pfeh. Dese gits ain' worth me time." Gulgrim grunted, standing and ashing his cigar in the molten eye-socket of the fallen golem.  Striding forward, he grabbed a Rubric marine by the collar of his power armor and yelled a booming "WAAAAAAAGH!!!" in its face, a torrent of orky warpfire melting armor, soul, and ground beneath the warrior of Chaos. Dropping the pile of ash from his massive green paw, the Ork looked around at the others still taking their sweet, un-orky time dealing with the remaining marines.

"Dis is bloody borin'. Nevah thought I'd get bored o' krumpin' skulls, but dese gits ain' puttin' up enough of a fight. Show me da big gits!" Green lightning danced around Gulgrim in a vortex of annoyance. He stomped his foot impatiently, and the swirling Orky bioelectricity lashing out at nearby Rubric marines, striking them down, releasing souls to the air that Gulgrim would let others deal with. The Ork's impatience and annoyance was growing, and perhaps that was more dangerous than simple battle-lust.
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The Rubric Marine's final assault is vicious and unrelenting, but without their connection to the Spire, they are simply outmatched by the Companions.

Jharm and his Seraph allies tear through Marines left and right, with the efforts of the Voice Caste rewarded in their souls being eliminated before any Marines can spring back to life.

Soul Reaver's message is met with an immedeate response from Cameron.

"No thanks necessary. Without that spell, we'd still be fighting endless constructs."

As Soul Reaver and Blooddrinker tear into the Rubric Marine forces, he finds himself flanked on either side by Cameron and Mary. Mary looks weary, but fights on, dispatching enemies with blow after blow from her sword. Cameron's face remains hidden by his power armor as he continues to smash through anyone who gets near him with his force blades. Between the three of them, they keep anyone from getting anywhere close to the center column.

It does not take long before Cameron, Mary, and Soul Reaver begin to run out of targets. Kitharsis and his mage have diverted a large number, sending nothing but souls towards Soul Reaver and Jharm. The Grey Knights continue to push Rubric Marines back from the main entrance, and those who turn to flee run straight into a wave of Danyael's echoes and are swiftly dispatched. Any time a Marine manages to break away and regroup, Sepher appears and ears it down with a well placed spear strike. And just as the remainder manage to regroup for one final push, Gulgrim's green lightning courses through the area, destroying many and scattering the rest to be picked off by the other fighters.

Soon there are no more targets left to fight. A few wayward souls try to escape into the central column but are deflected by Soul Reaver's spell.

The Grey Knights regroup, reloading weapons and checking armor for damage. Mary slumps to the ground with her back against a shattered pillar, exhausted. Her eyes begin scanning the room, trying to locate the real Danyael amongst his echoes. Sepher sheathes his weapons and takes a moment to collect his thoughts, verifying that all of the daemons within him are still sealed away.

Cameron scans the room for any remaining hostiles before turning to examine the central pillar once more. Satisfied that Soul Reaver's magic seems to be holding, he turns to the Grey Knights.

"Marines! Hold this floor with the Seraphs. No one enters, no one leaves."

The Marines salute and begin setting up defensive positions. Cameron turns to Jharm.

"I think the Seraphs will serve much better down here, watching our backs. I don't want to get caught from behind while we're dealing with whatever lurks above, and if Soul Reaver's enchantment weakens, we need a large enough force to keep any more of those obsidian monstrosities at bay."

Cameron raises his voice, addressing the rest of the Companions.

"We should take a moment to recover before we head further up. There's no telling what else is waiting for us."
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The Seraphim thumps his fist on his chest as he salutes Cameron.

"That sounds like a wise idea Lord Aileron. (He turns towards the Seraph forces) Seraphs!  Reform and hold the line here alongside the Grey Knights.  Let no enemy of the Light pursue us and stand ready should the evil constructs rise once more!"

The gathered Seraph forces salute their leader and move about the room, bolstering the Grey Knights defenses with their own.  The large Colossi do not seem to give any outward response, but one moves over towards the pillar and silently stands in front of it, the other moving over to the shattered entry door.  Jharm turns back to Cameron and nods.

"Between my people and the Grey Knights I believe this place is secure, at least for the time being."

He hoists his large hammer up onto his shoulder.

"I must wonder how our forces fare out in the city though.  I have not received any signs of distress as of yet so I would like to believe they are holding their own for now."
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The Thousand Sons are no match for the combined might of the companions, Seraphim and Grey Knights bearing down on them.  Blooddrinker falls, smashing a helmeted head into splinters, but as it rises again there is nothing else for it to fell.  Soul Reaver draws the last few freed souls into himself and surveys the battlefield, littered with detritus, shell casings and ruined husks of chaos armour.

The Grey Knights and Seraphs are quick to assume defensive positions at Cameron and Jharm's command.

"We should take a moment to recover before we head further up. There's no telling what else is waiting for us."

Soul Reaver nods wearily as a Seraph Colossus thuds its way past him to stand guard.

"The spell I placed around the pillar should hold for a few hours at least.  But in this place it is sometimes hard to tell."

With that, he sits down, Blooddrinker laid next to him, and glances at Cameron and Mary.

"I was not able to ascertain what exactly the pillar was designed for, other than funneling energy upward.  The effects it had on this chamber are secondary, and my barrier has not prevented it from channeling spiritual power up the spire.  The sheer quantity that must have flowed there already could be potentially apocalyptic."

He shakes his head.

"I do not like going into this blind."
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"We should take a moment to recover before we head further up. There's no telling what else is waiting for us."
Sepher wanders over, the spear melting away into bracers one more. He listened as jharm spoke about the troops outside before sitting down on the floor near Soul.

"Unfortunately, not much we can do for them now. We have our own tasks up here. It bodes well that they have no contacted us yet."

He looked at the pillar as soul spoke about it.

"I do not like this either, my friend. We really have no idea what we are walking into here."
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Soul Reaver looks at Sepher as he speaks.


It did not feel right for someone to call him that.  Even at the best of times, Soul Reaver tried to swear off friendship to protect himself, but after what had happened recently he felt he was not deserving of the title.  Perhaps Sepher felt forgiving because he understood the difficulty of keeping daemonic powers endlessly at bay?  But Soul Reaver knows he will not be able to forgive himself as easily.

Soul Reaver responds with a thin smile.

"Whatever it is we are walking into, I will stand with all of you."
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As the last of the Rubric Marines is felled, the Nephilim Lord reserved a handful of twelve or so to himself, luring them away from the rest under the guise of fighting – purposely slowing his movements down to average speed to give them an edge, or so they might have believed. Twisting his lips into a devilish grin, the echoes fighting the marines spread wide around them, then -in a panning swipe, absorbed back into Danyael, taking the marines with them, smashing them together in a pulverizing crush. The combined screams and shattering of metals reverberated through the room before snuffing out into silence, leaving only the Nephilim Lord standing amidst what was once a section of marines.

He sheathed the yamato, then looked for Kitharsis on the battlements. Finding him, his hand went within the dimensional weaves of his everworld cloak, finding what he was looking for: a small gourd of hot sake. "Oy, Kith!" he shouted, tossing the small gourd the distance to his companion - both as his friend, as well as a subtle apology for his crazy plan of wrecking ball madness with Kitharsis as the ball. His eyes, went noticing something on the gourd, went wide with surprise. Loosely attached to the gourd was a pair of lace lingerie. How it got there, and whose it was, he had no idea. "Aw fuck." he said, mentally kicking himself.

His eyes went to the pillar, then leapt the distance before landing gently, without a sound, to stand beside Mary. Throughout the battle, his mind never wavered from her. But he knew he couldn’t always defend her – nay, shouldn’t always defend her. She’d never allow it. After all, what sort of warrior would she be if her man fought every battle for her?

He set his back against the pillar, draping his cloak around he and her in a moment of respite. “Hi.” He said, the smile in his voice betraying the lack of emotion on his face.  He’d take any moment afforded to them. Be it a blink, a minute or longer. He took out another gourd of mulled wine from the dimensional weaves of his cloak and handed it over. It felt surprisingly hefty, as if it were self-replenishing. Because it was. “Pass it around. I’m sure everyone needs a pick up.”

His eyes, however, were narrowed venomously on Soul Reaver and Sepher, or rather just Soul Reaver. This man was no friend. Not any more. And though the Nephilim lord was head of a boundless imperium, even he had his personal grudges that he couldn’t shake off – no matter how hard he tried. He reentered the fray from his exile in the warp thinking he was a changed man. But after Soul’s second betrayal, all Danyael could see whenever he saw the warrior… was vengeance. And wrath. And he wanted only to unleash both on Soul in in five times the kindness the warrior had imparted upon him.  His sights saw what appeared to be low and cold energies around the warrior – sorrow perhaps? And then Danyael’s silent glare softened to remorse, or something softer, and he looked away.
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He could almost feel Danyael glaring in their direction, focused on Soulreaver. His head lifted to look back to Danyael and he felt a protective urge come over himself, even if Soul did not need his help to defend himself. He doubted the Nephilim understood quite exactly the razors edge Soulreaver and Sepher walked.

If Danyeal glanced over at Sepher, he could see the dozens, if not hundreds of daemon souls dancing in his eyes, held back by his will alone. If those souls gained the edge, even for a minute, he would snap, just as Soul had lost control before.

He shook his head and put a hand to Soulreavers shoulder, giving it a squeeze and looked away from Danyael.

"I know you will." he said to soul. He sighed and rubbed his eyes a bit and looked tired.
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The horseman's pick falls heavily into the sling at his waist.  Pieces of shattered power armor fall to the ground as he brushes himself off.  Heavy footfalls carry him through piles of battered and broken Rubric Marines as he makes his way toward the Spire.  The others are gathering and taking rest with the hectic battle finally concluded.

"Oy, Kith!" 

A gourd garnished with some lacy thing arcs toward him.  He catches it with with a quizzical look.  After taking a swig he smacks his lips and grins.  Some sort of alcohol, pleasant and smooth.  He waves in thanks, before taking another long draw.

As he reaches the others, he notices the glare planted on Danyael's face.  Soul Reaver is certainly not in Danyael's good graces.  The turbulence in their relationship was certainly not helped by recent events.  Kitharsis only hopes some kind of peace can be found between his two friends.

Taking a seat, he allows himself a moment to find his own peace.  The spark lights into a flame as he begins his meditation, both purifying his own inner darkness, and relieving his mind of the stresses of the life he and his companions live.
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Cameron is equally as concerned by what might be happening outside the Spire. The concern is evident in his voice as he replies to Jharm.

"I was too busy fighting to focus on any vox chatter. It might be a good idea to find out."

Cameron turns from Jharm to Soul Reaver as he gives his report. His features are still hidden by his helmet, which he has not bothered to remove. Any traces of emotion in his response are masked by the helmet's distortion.

"You're right. Simply marching up the tower with no idea what we will encounter seems foolish. But with how much energy seems to have been sent to the top of this tower, it would also be foolish to try to create another entrance. Who knows what would happen if we crack open the top chamber of this place."

Cameron glances at Mary, but she is not paying attention to this conversation. Danyael has crossed the distance to sit next to her. Cameron allows his gaze to linger on this scene for a moment before he turns and walks away from the group.

"I'm going to try and get a grasp on what's happening outside before we move on."

Mary lets out a contented sigh as Danyael drapes his cloak over her. She does not notice Cameron looking at them. She drinks deeply from the mulled wine, allowing herself a moment to regain her wits.

After a moment, she focuses on Danyael again. The look on his face as he regards Soul Reaver mirrors the look on Cameron's face when he accused her of letting Kalana die. There was obviously something more to this than what has happened in the Eye. But just as Cameron's grief has clouded his judgement, Mary wonders if the same thing isn't happening to Danyael.

Without thinking, she quietly slips her hand into his and squeezes. When she speaks, her words are soft, meant only for him.

"Much pain has been suffered during this fight. Many mistakes have been made. But we cannot let rage and sorrow consume us now. Not when we're so close to our goal. We have to press on to the finish. And we have to do so together, regardless of how much that hurts."

These are the words that Mary wants to say to Cameron, to get him to see reason. Mary hopes that Danyael is more receptive than her fellow Elemental.
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-3 years later-

Cameron leans back in his chair and stares out into space, silent for the first time in at least an hour. He is seated at the round table that occupies the observation deck of the Starblade Mark IV. He had been recounting the events of the battle of the Eye of Terror, but has now paused to collect his thoughts.

Anyone who knew Cameron well would hardly recognize him in this state. His hair is unkempt and his normally clean shaven face carries a year's worth of neglected facial hair. Dark circles under his eyes indicate that it has been quite some time since he has slept. His eyes wander the stars seen from the chamber's transparent viewport for a few moments before returning to focus on a glass that sits on the table in front of him. It is half full of an amber liquid. Cameron sips from the glass, and then finishes the rest of it quickly. He then clears his throat and begins to speak again.

"So with the pillar sealed and the immediate threat dispatched, the only place left to go was up the Spire."

A voice speaks up from the only other occupied chair in the room.

"But wait a minute! What about the rest of the battle?"

Cameron's head snaps towards the voice. It's almost as if he had forgotten that he wasn't the only one in the room.

"The rest of the battle? Outside of the Spire? You've read those reports a hundred times. You already know what happens."

The owner of the voice from the opposite end of the table is much better dressed than Cameron. While he is only wearing a ratty t-shirt and synthetic jeans, she is wearing what appears to be a full dress uniform. A nameplate on her right breast pocket reads "I. HANAKO" and includes the single sword superimposed over a starburst that has served as the symbol of the ship Starblade since it's Mark I incarnation. The same symbol is on a patch on either shoulder. She stands, flipping her long black hair behind her. She adjusts a pair of glasses that rest lightly on her face and glares at Cameron with steel grey eyes that almost seem to shimmer.

"Yes, yes. I've read the reports. I have them right here."

The girl taps the side of her head impatiently.

"I don't want to hear dry boring reports. I want to hear your story! In your own words! By all accounts, this was the turning point of the entire battle, and you're just planning on skimming over it!"

Cameron looks annoyed, and stares at his empty glass ruefully. He gestures with one hand, summoning a small panel of buttons that appears just above the table's surface. A few button presses causes the empty glass to disappear.

"Fine. If you insist."

The girl flashes a triumphant grin and sits back down, staring at Cameron  expectantly. He scowls at her before pressing more buttons on the panel, causing another glass of amber liquid to appear next to him. He picks up the glass and rises from his seat. Turning his back to the girl, he stares out into space again.

“At the time, we didn’t know why the Chaos leader had waited so long to call the fleets back to the Eye. But it seemed like a perfect coup. One minute, our forces had been in complete control, mopping up the remaining enemy forces. The next minute, they’re  sandwiched in between two waves of Chaos reinforcements and fighting for their lives. Had they not held the line, the Spire would have been overrun and we would have lost. Fortunately, they did not fight alone that day. And no one could have ever predicted who our allies would end up being.”

-3 years earlier-

Cameron reaches the entrance to the Spire. Stepping through the threshold causes his vox channels to light up again. Something about the tower definitely interferes with the Imperial communications network. He sends out a blast on all channels.

“This is Chapter Master Aileron, Strike Team Actual. Someone bring me up to speed.”

All other vox chatter drops off as the priority request is received. There is a brief lull before Cameron’s voxcaster crackles to life again.

“This is Master Captain Aldaris, Grey Knight First Company Actual. We are still holding the plaza, but barely. Our forces are still cut off from each other. There’s too many of them.”

In the plaza, Aldaris pauses to unload another bolter clip into a wave of Chaos Marines. All around him, Grey Knight Marines and Terminators are dug in, firing bolters, storm bolters, and auto-cannons at a seemingly endless number of Chaos marines who keep charging in from the south. The elementals, Garr, Kari, and Karyl, fly above them. Any time a daemon or another abomination rears it’s head, they descend and deal with the threat. Kari also scans for wounded marines and tends to them as needed.

As the Space Marine forces and Elementals fight to hold their ground, the shining soldiers of Light move all around them, reinforcing positions, healing the fallen, forming shield walls to slow the Chaos advance, allowing their allies to unleash torrents of lead into the enemy ranks.  The Seranna lands next to Aldaris, a gauntleted hand briefly resting on his shoulder as she speaks to him, somehow her words piercing the cacophony of battle.

“Have faith, Captain Aldaris.  Even in grim moments such as this we must hold true to our convictions.  The malevolent forces in front of us make it quite clear they have no intent to depart from their own twisted ones.  My Lady, grant them the strength to fight on.  Show them Hope still remains.”

She smiles and raises her staff skyward, the tip beginning to emit an increasingly bright glow.  The Seraphs seem to sense the glow, a unified cheer rises from them as they seem to push back against the Chaos forces with even more force.

Below the plaza, in the city, is where the fighting is the worst. Space Marines from all of the Chapters have formed into bands, trying to keep themselves alive and recover as many of their wounded as possible. They are dogged constantly by Chaos heavy armor and air support, who track them and drop shock troops into their midst. Some of the Marine groups take up positions inside partially destroyed buildings, while others choose to keep moving to avoid getting pinned down. It would have already been arout if not for the Seraph forces also making their way through the city.

Amidst the war-torn streets of the city the Seraph squads fight for every inch of ground.  Each death costs the Chaos enemy countless of their own, the Seraphs zealous fortitude proving to be as unwavering as their own corrupted bloodlust.  Charging down one such street is the gleaming form of the Serallia, accompanied by a squad of Seraphs.  Spotting Chaos heavy armor ahead he signals for the Seraphs to seek shelter in a nearby building.  Within its walls they find a squad of Space Marines, no doubt with similar intentions.  Gazing over the armored soldiers the Seraph commander spots one that seems to bear insignia signifying leadership. 

“Tell me soldier, how fares the battle in other parts of this horrorscape?”

The Marine seems to speak to someone through his armor, informing the Serallia about the generally bleak outlook the allied Marine and Seraph forces are facing everywhere.  Drayven’s face looks grim as his hidden eyes seem to gaze out into the city.  The warrior, and all Seraph in the area suddenly look back towards the tower plaza, seemingly aware of the bright glow radiating from the area.  Drayven’s grip tightens on the hilt of his weapon.

“Yes my Lady.  We may fall, but in the end victory shall be ours.  The Seraphim and his companions shall not fail.  Come my brothers and sisters, let us bring battle once more to the enemy.”

With that, the Serallia and Seraphs charge from the building, the Seraph forces throughout the city seeming to surge forward with renewed hope and strength as they battle against the endless enemy before them.

A large amount of Marine forces are still stranded in the Eidolon wastes. Lack of air support is preventing them from moving across the vast chasms that separate the wastes from the city. And the reason for the lack of air support is that the Marine warships in orbit are doing all they can just to fight off the vast Chaos fleet that has suddenly descended upon them.

“Lord Aileron, this is Admiral Benden, Fleet Command Actual. The Revenant has taken heavy damage but is still operational. We’ve lost contact with the Apocalypse, and 6 other imperial warships have been lost. We’re outnumbered at least 4 to 1 up here. If we don’t figure something out soon, you’re all going to be stranded down there.”

Benden stumbles as the bridge lurches sickeningly. Another wave of missiles has plowed into the side of the massive warship. Benden barks orders.

“Hard to port! Redirect the shields! Return fire! Fight like the Imperium of Man still means something to you!”

One of the officers nearby turns to the Admiral, fear in his eyes.

“Sir! We have more incoming contacts! Warp gates!”

Benden looks grim.

“By Terra, now what? More Chaos forces?”

The officer studies a screen in front of him.

“No sir. The warp gates are structured differently… oh no.”

Benden marches to the screen and looks for himself. He narrows his eyes as recognition dawns.


Waves of sleek alien warships pour into the Eye from newly opened Warp gates. The remaining Imperial warships brace for more attacks, but the Eldar forces swiftly engage the Chaos fleet instead. Benden receives a hail from the lead vessel.

“Attention forces of the Imperium of Man. This is Farseer Taldeer, of the Craftworld Ulthwe. We see that you’ve finally chosen to take the fight to the true enemy.”

Benden is apprehensive. The Eldar have been enemies far more than they have been allies.

“Yes. A fight we are rapidly losing. If you’re here to finish us off in the name of Chaos, do it quickly.”

The Farseer seems to chuckle at this before replying.

“If we were here to destroy you, I would not have bothered talking to you. We are not allies of Chaos, despite what our fallen brothers and sisters would have you believe. If our intelligence is correct, you are here to destroy the Eye of Terror. Am I wrong?”

Benden sighs. Nothing stays secret from the Eldar for long.

“You are correct, Farseer.”

“Then it is good that we came. The Eye is an abomination that we had a hand in creating, and we would see it destroyed and our conscience cleared before our race fades into history. We will help you fight off the fleets and send forces to the ground to assist. Please share any maps you may have with us so that we can facilitate this.”

Benden switches comm channels.

“Lord Aileron, Fleet Command Actual. An entire Eldar fleet has arrived. They’re engaging the Chaos forces. The Farseer leading them, one Taldeer, is asking for our cooperation so that they can assist us. Please advise.”

Cameron glances back over his shoulder at his companions, confusion clearly evident in his posture. The Eldar had offered no help before now. Why would they suddenly change their minds?

“Benden, Strike Team Actual. Patch my vox signal in with the Farseer.”

Benden waves a hand at one of his officers, who makes the adjustments on a panel in front of him.

“Farseer, this is Lord Cameron Aileron. Chapter Master of the Grey Knights and leader of this expedition.”

Cameron hears the voice of the Farseer, relayed to his power armor via the Revenant.

“Lord Aileron. We have heard much about you. There are some questions among us regarding your true origins. I am not surprised to find you at the head of this assault.”

“Any questions regarding myself will have to wait, Farseer. Why are you here?”

“We are here to assist you with the destruction of the Eye of Terror.”

“If that is the case, and you knew we were attacking the Eye, why did you wait until now to offer assistance?”

The Farseer’s voice sounds amused.

“We do not commit our forces to a doomed venture. We had to make sure that you were going to succeed where the previous attempts had failed. It is clear now that you and your friends have made the difference. It would be a pity if your otherwise successful mission ends in failure simply because you were overwhelmed by Chaos in the final hour.”

Cameron sighs at the typical Eldar rhetoric coming from the Farseer. Of course they’d wait until victory was assured. That had always been their way.

“I understand. You wouldn’t want to make your Craftworlds the target of the next Black Crusade.”

The Farseer is silent for a moment. There is less humor in her voice when she finally replies.

“We intercepted the Despoiler’s message. He lives?”

“It appears so. We had killed him, but he has found a powerful new ally that has pulled him back from the brink of death.”

“He must be dealt with. Share your information with us. We will clear this airspace and allow your forces to regroup, leaving you to focus on the Despoiler and whatever else lay at the top of that tower you find yourself in.”

Cameron hesitates, but only for a moment.

“Benden. Make it happen.”

Benden gestures to his officers again.

“Done. Fight well, Farseer. We’ll need your strength if we are to see this through.”

“The might of the Craftworlds will carry us to-”

Both Benden and the Farseer are cut off by the arrival of more ships.

“Friends of yours, Farseer?”

“No. Those our not our vessels. They appear to be… Tau in origin.”

From the darkness of the warp came the Kor'vattra, the Tau fleet. At the head,  Or're El'leath class Battleship Sho'aun'or'es flew, its sleek design impressive and beautiful as it came out of warp. Behind it, Several Gal'leath class battleships as well as dozens of cruisers and other support craft ended their travel through the warp.

At the helm of Sho'aun'or'es, Shas'o T'au Vash'aun'an Gal'leath stood at ease, peering out through the large forward view port. Her Shas'El soon slid up beside her, speaking softly, saluting.

"Shas'O, preparations for Mont'ka are complete. We can dispatch as you see fit"

Vash stood, peering down to the strange half world that they suddenly find themselves above.

"CAS" she said, speaking aloud to her AI. "Perform augmentative scans to what the Fire caste has already done. Identify Chaos targets. Prioritize heavy armor and emplacements, as well as any air support they may have."

"Yes Shas'O" A male voice said, coming across the ship’s audio into the bridge around her.
Behind Vash, the war table lit up, a map of the fighting below appeared and soon red dots began appearing all over it. Blue dots as well.

"Shas'O, It appears Seraphim and Grey Knight Terminators fight the Chaos. Imperial crafts are engaged to the chaos fleet and eldar craft have entered orbit, just out of Warp"

Vash looked back to the Board, watching the dots ebb and flow. "Prepare the XV85. Equip with Dawn blade, Anti Material Burst Cannon and the Fusion cutter. I want the Armor plating too. CAS. If this is who I think it is, try to Hail the Grey Knights. I may have just found who I was searching for. I need to speak with their leader."

CAS would send a broadcast signal out, attempting to reach Cameron.

Even as this all took place, the fleet prepared for war. Shields and deflectors powered up. Rail batteries charged and prepared to unleash hellish torrents. Some pathfinders and Stealth suits were likely already on the ground down there, ready to markerlight any targets needed

The Revenant’s communications officer alerts Admiral Benden to the incoming hail. He relays this to both Cameron and Farseer Taldeer.

“It looks like the lead Tau craft is trying to hail us. What’s the play?”

The Farseer remains silent, waiting to see what Cameron would suggest, or perhaps already knowing it. Cameron finds himself again wishing that Kalana was still here to guide him on this.

“Patch them through. Keep the Farseer patched in as well. We all need to be working together if we’re to survive this.”

Benden barks orders to the communications officer, and soon all four parties are connected.

"Unidentified Tau vessel. This is Lord Cameron Aileron. Chapter Master of the Grey Knights Chapter and leader of this assault. With me is Admiral Benden, acting fleet commander of the Imperial fleet, and Farseer Taldeer of Craftworld Ulthwe, acting commander of the Eldar fleet in this region."

The Farseer replies. Amusement again creeps into her tone.

“That’s mostly accurate, Lord Aileron. Good enough.”

Cameron soldiers on.

“Please state your business and intentions here, Tau craft. As you can see, we already have our hands full.”

“This is Shas'o T'au Vash'aun'an Gal'leath of the Sho'aun'or'es, leader of this Kor’Vattra. Lord Cameron Aileron, it is good to hear from you. I apologize about the delay, It took some time for the Elder Ethereals to reach me with your message. Acting Commander Farseer Taldeer of Craftworld Ulthwe, It is unexpected but not unwelcome that the Eldar are found here this day”

For a moment, Cameron draws a blank. But then he recalls the name of this particular Tau emissary. They had spoken before. Cameron had been sought out due to his connection with the Ahrment’il. Nothing official had been worked out that day, but they had left on friendly terms. And Cameron had dispatched a message to them just before launching their assault on the Eye. He never expected anything would come of it.

“Well met, Shas’o. I was honestly unsure if my message had been received. It is good to see that it has. The Chaos are enemies to all and we could use more allies in this fight.”

The Farseer is in agreement.

“I agree, Lord Aileron. Although the Tau’s ideals are somewhat questionable, no one has ever doubted their prowess in combat.”

“One might say that your ideals are questionable as well, Farseer. But that isn’t why any of us are here. Shas’o. I am on the surface of this world right now, leading a small strike team in an assault on the source of the Eye’s growth. We are surrounded on all sides by enemies and our numbers are stretched thin. Any assistance that you and the Farseer can provide would be greatly appreciated.”

“Then Lord Aileron, you shall have it.” she said, ignoring the farseers comments. “We shall commence at once. This channel shall remain open and secure. If you need any specific assistance, hail me. You too, Farseer.”

Vash turned to her Shas’El.

“Begin.” Was all she said. “You have the Bridge” and with that, she started walking further into the ship, seeking out her personal Battlesuit bay.

Below, in the battlefield, Marines and Seraphs alike would begin to see small units of Tau pathfinder troops, moving through the battlefield with ease. They would see them pointing small devices at enemy armor, emplacements and large sections of troops.

Up, on the fleet, ships began to drop and move to the surface, battlesuits began their descent. Some of the railgun batteries began to shift and started to take aim towards the chaos fleet, and as the markerlight lit up their targets, massive missiles, piloted by AI, were automatically launched to seek out the targets marked. To those below…. It would look like doomsday had begun. A hellfire rain of missiles falling from the sky, but with such precision they may not have evern see.

Vash straps into her suit, and with a hiss, the bay opens and begins to drop.

Meanwhile, the Eldar Farseer is eager to begin.

“I too, will leave this link open. Our forces will begin deployment immediately. Strike true, Lord Aileron, and strike this abomination from our records once and for all.”

The Farseer turns to her bridge.

“Deploy. Let none who oppose us stand.”

The Eldar cruisers move into a stable orbit over Eidolon. Eldar forces are teleported into the city en masse, with grav tanks and Wraithlords arriving shortly behind them. The Space Marines, having received a priority transmission over the voxnet warning them of both the Eldar and Tau arrival, do not open fire on their new allies. They instead use the sudden distraction to begin regrouping and forming back into proper squads. The Eldar forces strike fast and hard in the areas where the Chaos forces are thickest, and then teleport back to their ships to be redeployed elsewhere. This leads to the illusion that the Eldar are everywhere at once.

With the Chaos fleet now forced back on the defensive by the arrival of the Eldar and Tau ships, the Space Marines can now get transports back to the forces waiting in the wastes. Soon these Marines arrive in the city, joining their allies in combat. The tides of war turn to the side of good once again.

Cameron seems satisfied with what he is hearing.

“Benden. Coordinate the Eldar and Tau efforts and contact me if you need anything.”

“Yes, sir. Fleet Command Actual, out.”

“Strike Team Actual, out.”

Cameron looks down into the city, seeing the combined forces of Space Marine, Tau, and Eldar striking at Chaos with the help of the Seraphs. They may still lose this war, but the strike team now has the time to do what it came to do. Cameron turns and strides back into the Spire.

“Eldar and Tau forces have arrived. They are helping us fight back the Chaos forces. Now’s our best chance to end this. If everyone is ready, then let’s go.”

Cameron turns and marches towards the stairs. The remaining Grey Knight Terminators settle into defensive positions, ready to hold the bottom of the Spire.
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The Seraphim watches as Cameron moves off to determine the status of the multiple battlefronts going on outside.  The angellic warrior notices a small, but clear change in the marines stature as he carries on his radio communications.  It seems clear that things must not be going well outside of the tower.  Closing his eyes Jharm focuses his mind outwards, seeking out his own commanders.  He manages to reach both and obtain status update on his forces, Cameron turning back to them shortly after.

“Eldar and Tau forces have arrived. They are helping us fight back the Chaos forces. Now’s our best chance to end this. If everyone is ready, then let’s go.”

Jharm rests his hammer on his shoulder and follows after Cameron as he sends out a quick mental message to his commanders.

Instruct our forces that the newcomers to the battle seem to be allies of the Space Marines.  They are known as Eldar and Tau.  I know little on either of them, but Lord Aileron seems to deem them trustworthy, therefore they shall receive all the same accords as given to the Space Marines.

As the Seraphim begins to ascend the stairs behind Cameron he suddenly seems to stop, his free hand coming to his chin as if pondering something.  After a moment he turns back around and moves over to the Ork Warboss.

"Gulgrim, a thought just crossed my mind.  Your kind clearly revels in the joys of warfare and battle, as has been displayed quite a few times during our advances thus far.  The allied forces outside are just barely holding steady against the might of the Chaos forces even as we speak, the new arrival of these Tau and Eldar creatures simply proving as a stopgap of sorts.  I am not supportive of your simplistic, and rather bloodthirsty, view of "allies" but perhaps it is time you bring your...."boyz" I believe you call them in for some "fun"?

The Seraphim gestures out towards the relative area of the battlefield with his free hand.

"There are veritable waves of Chaos minions out there assaulting our lines, from my understanding almost ENDLESS.  That means practically endless sources of trophies and such macabre things.  These are things your kind revel and actively strive for I do believe.  What better opportunity could you hope for then right now to unleash your army in a....what's it called? Oh...a "Waagh" I believe.  Send them forth to crush the foul Chaos forces and seek out their previous trophies, and then they can challenge you so that you can effortlessly crush them beneath your iron heel and further prove your might to lead your fellow Orks into battle.  It's almost a win-win scenario if you think about it."

The Seraphim continues in his attempts at guiding the Warboss' minions to battle.  Normally the angellic warrior would be against such underhanded and shady maneuvers but he knew that should the allied forces fall...the amassed Chaos forces would swarm the tower and ultimately in the end, Darkness would win.  That...was not something he could allow.  That was not something he could allow room for potential error or failure in.  In such times of need even a noble being such as himself had to briefly shelve his lofty demeanor and "dirty his hands" as some might say. 

The Seraphim stands in silence for a moment, as if giving the Warboss a chance to ponder what he said, before turning once more to the stairs and moving up to follow behind Cameron.
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He did indeed notice Sepher’s challenging glare while still paying attention to Mary. But what good would a dick-measuring contest do anyone so far behind enemy lines? Here, everyone was cut off from everything else. They could use only what they brought with them. And while each of the companions brought with them a surplus of power unique specific to each of them, the Nephilim Lord could see how such power could be used against one another. Even his own. And while he was very much aware of Sepher, he chose to look away because the Nephilim Lord had accepted that both of them had better things to do than to make enemies of each other. They hardly knew one another, anyway.

Upon hearing Mary finish, he took in every word she said, her words being the most important to his ears. Well… hers and Kith’s. His chiseled looks softened upon averting his eyes to look on her, a sudden shift reserved specifically for her. He didn’t need to answer with words, rather opting to respond with a warming smile and a thoughtfully accepting nod of understanding in a moment he let hold for as long as possible. But he couldn’t help but put potential dots together. Remembering Cameron’s lingering gaze on the two prior to his departure, Danyael wondered for a moment if her words were meant for the Aileron just as much as they were for him. Still, he nodded again to Mary in quiet acceptance, touching the edge of his forehead to hers as if to say I’ll try my best.

The respite didn’t last long, however. His head snapped skyward, senses catching hold of the arriving allies – energies everywhere flaring about in omnidirectional bedlam with the opening warpgates of ships entering into the fray.  Three different nations, all of which he recognized. He remembered the warriors of the Imperium of Man all too clearly. He remembered the Eldar from his time in the warp. They were a good deal different than Arhra; preferable company to him, in point of fact. But this new fleet. Them he recognized the most. The Tau. A cultural system similar to that of the Imperium Sanctus as well. It brought a mental smile to the Nephilim Lord that they had joined the ranks of this resistance to Chaos.   

“I admit, if I could bring the fleets of the Imperium Sanctus into the fray, I would.” though he knew this multiverse didn’t follow the same rules (or break the same laws) as those under the Imperium Sanctus. “But…” he thought on it. He recalled Jharm bringing his fellow seraphim to the battlefront, as well as Gulgrim Bonecruncha and his ‘Boyz’ – for whom there appeared to be a nigh infinite horde. It seemed prudent to introduce a concept of his own. He stood to his feet, helping Mary to hers.

“Master Seraphim was able to bring his comrades to the forefront to shift the odds in our favor. Master Orc appears to have a nigh unending supply of…boyz?... that he brings to the vanguard. If the situation permits, with your approval, I would elect to do the same.” He started his proposal, “Prior to my return, I’d been training a new order of Guardians after breaking ranks with Kawanua and Sera. They are fast, focused and merciless if the situation is dire. If you’d allow me, they could be at our side if you’ve need of them.” To bring the warriors of the newest order of guardians he had been training in this multiverse. Since he was forced to replace the already dwindling original Order, the newest order was more aggressive in their tactics, but also more surgical. With numbers bolstered exponentially more than their predecessor, a cause such as this would be the very campaign they would readily run for. “Not that it would be easy,” it wouldn’t be. If anything, the task would be the hardest he’d ever attempted, opening a transgate through the Warp of such a grand and terrifying distance. He continued, “but all I need is an opening. Just one chance.”
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“Eldar and Tau forces have arrived. They are helping us fight back the Chaos forces. Now’s our best chance to end this. If everyone is ready, then let’s go.”

Sepher sighed. Reinforcements. That was a relief. Finally, maybe things would be a little better.

He pushed himself to his feet now that their respite was done. As both Jharm and Danyael waxed poetic, he just rubbed his temples and followed Cameron, ignoring them both. They had a job to do.
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Kitharsis is well on his way to filling his reserves.  As time has gone by he has become greatly efficient in taming the darkness of his power.

He can hear the voices of his companions, but it is more like the dull tap of raindrops falling through a forest. 

The moment of peace passes, and the activity around The Eye becomes more and more unusual.  Kitharsis can't help but open his eyes and ears and pay attention.  Glowing white eyes dart to the sky as masses of troops pour in.  They appear to be fighting against the Chaos forces.  Energy signatures that are unfamiliar to him seem to pop in and out throughout The Eye.  This is followed by smaller, more intricate signatures speeding through, followed by huge surges.

The Tirthandara rises to his feet.  The brief moment of meditation has a profound recuperating effect.  Cameron was outside the spire, most likely coordinating the whole battle in a few words.

“Eldar and Tau forces have arrived. They are helping us fight back the Chaos forces. Now’s our best chance to end this. If everyone is ready, then let’s go.”

Confirming Kitharsis's observations, Cameron enters the Spire once more.  Their leader wastes no time in marching toward the stairs.  Kitharsis is prepared. 

His bone wings fold behind him as the tiny mage clambers up to sit on his shoulder.  He could call in his ship and her crew, but it would be a mere drop in the bucket compared to the all out war being waged in The Eye.  Better to focus all of his energy on what waits above them.
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"We'z finally movin'?" The Warboss asked, looking around as the others seemed to be gathering gear and preparing to set off. "'Sbout time, I wuz gettin' bored." The green giant stepped off the perch he had been sitting on for the past few minutes, giving no answer to Jharm's query before falling several feet to the ground with an echoing THUD. Shouldering his weapons and moving toward the rest of the group, a lit cigar suddenly found its way into the Warboss's massive fanged maw as he glanced at the warriors moving to and fro, handing out updates and planning for the next fight. The itch for combat was rising again, and already green lightning began to play across Gulgrim's armor, ever so faintly, as his grin slowly widened into that familiar bloodthirsty smirk he traditionally wore before a fight.

"Let's get stuck in, ladz."
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Though he does not show it, Soul Reaver notices Danyael's venemous gaze linger somewhat too long on him.  He could certainly understand the sentiment, but it would do no good to act on this now, given the circumstances.  He just hoped it would not impair Danyael's own judgement.

Sepher's hand on his shoulder and words of understanding are much appreciated.  Soul Reaver gives a nod and faint smile in silent reply.

Soul Reaver turns his attention to Cameron as he marches outside, apparently intent on coordinating with his forces.  But not long after he leaves, there appear to be new developments.  Even her in the spire, Soul Reaver senses massive warp disturbances - very different to those caused by the forces of Chaos - tearing through space above the planet.  And even more follow.

Unsure of what this means, Soul Reaver rises to his feet, gaze fixed to the exit.  When Cameron re-enters, it turns out the new developments are a ray of hope rather than a cause for despair.

"Eldar and Tau forces have arrived. They are helping us fight back the Chaos forces. Now’s our best chance to end this. If everyone is ready, then let’s go."

Already standing and armed, Soul Reaver gives a simple reply.

"I am ready."

Next to him, he notices Jharm trying to convice Gulgrim to unleash his Waagh upon the Chaos forces outside.  He sends a message to the holy warrior.

I have only ever seen Gulgrim's boyz manifest in his immediate presence.  I am not sure he could assist both us and the battle outside.  Nonetheless, it is definitely worth a try.

Jharm can almost hear the raised eyebrow that accompanies the last part of the message.

Though I must admit I am surprised to hear such a suggestion coming from you.  I hope it is not a reflection of how you estimate our chances?
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Cameron had begun climbing the spiral staircase that leads up to the next section of the Spire, but stops and turns to listen to Jharm's conversation with the Warboss. Though the Warboss doesn't immediately reply, Danyael interjects with a suggestion of his own. Both are speaking of bringing more soldiers into the fray outside. Cameron ponders this for a moment.

The Marines still fighting were already dealing with adjusting to the unfamiliar Seraphim forces in their midst. Now the battlefield is also filled with Eldar and Tau, forces that have traditionally not been allied with humanity. He trusts his forces to not do anything reckless or stupid, but adding Orks to the mix as well could tip that balance to far. The last thing they need is for these allies of convenience to suddenly turn on each other due to a friendly fire incident.

And then there was Danyael. The Imperium Scantus is a group that Cameron has regrettably little information on. The people that Danyael had with him at the start of this campaign did seem formidable, but again, adding another unfamiliar force to the battlefield at this point could do more harm than good. And that wasn't even touching on the most important matter.

"It's a difficult call to make."

Cameron is addressing both Gulgrim and Danyael.

"I have no real control over either of you, so you are both entitled to make whatever you feel is the best decision. However, I do truly believe that at this point, we should allow the battle happening out there to play out on it's own. No matter how many troops we throw at this situation, we will not win unless we take out the leadership. The battle going on out there was always meant to be a diversion. We must focus on getting to the top of this tower and facing whatever we find there. And I feel that I will need both of you at my side and at full strength if we are to see this to the end."

Cameron turns and begins climbing again. Mary, with one final squeeze of Danyael's hand, breaks off from him and falls into step just behind her fellow Elemental.

"What of Karyl, Garr, and Kari? Should we be bringing them here?"

Cameron shakes his head.

"Not necessary. They're fine where they are at the moment. Their help keeping the bottom of the tower secure frees us up to focus on the top, but they're still close enough to respond quickly if we need them."

Mary nods in agreement.

"Just us, then. Let's finish this."

Cameron ascends for far longer than one would think it should take to get to the next floor. Almost 15 minutes elapse before he finally reaches a landing. As he round the corner, he suddenly stops moving. Mary almost collides with him.

"Cameron, what-"

She steps past him and stops short upon catching sight of the focus of his attention. Stretching in front of them is a single corridor, three men wide, that goes on for as far as either of them are able to see. This, of course, exceeds the width of the tower itself, meaning that there is more Chaos magic at play. Lining either side of the corridor are more doors than Cameron can immediately count. Cameron takes off his helmet, frustration clearly evident on his face.

"Great. Just great."

Mary eyes the ceiling.

"We could just go straight up?"

Cameron reaches out a mailed hand and presses it against the nearest wall. He can feel the energy that is coursing through the center of the Spire rumbling through the structure.

"We have no clue where that beam is being directed. We run a huge risk of causing a catastrophic chain reaction if we break through to the wrong place or use the wrong kind of attack."

Cameron forces open a nearby door. Inside is what appears to be a pleasure chamber, unoccupied. Mary tries another door and finds a supply closet. None of the doors are labelled. Mary speaks.

"This could go on forever. We need to think of something."
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The Seraphim stops as Cameron speaks towards both Danyael and Gulgrim.

"I have no real control over either of you, so you are both entitled to make whatever you feel is the best decision. However, I do truly believe that at this point, we should allow the battle happening out there to play out on it's own. No matter how many troops we throw at this situation, we will not win unless we take out the leadership. The battle going on out there was always meant to be a diversion. We must focus on getting to the top of this tower and facing whatever we find there. And I feel that I will need both of you at my side and at full strength if we are to see this to the end."

Jharm seems to ponder for a moment, especially as it was he who had initially suggested to the Ork Warboss to bring his Boyz into action.  His minimal understanding of the races of the Imperial universe was rather small outside of obviously the Imperium forces and Chaos forces as he has had quite a few dealings with both.  He was aware though that practically all of the factions were either mortal enemies or at the least...generally aggressive towards each other.  Gulgrims actions thus far had simply succeeded in cementing the angelllic knights understanding that the Orks were one of the "moral enemies" of practically everyone else....including those of their own race. 

"Lord Aileron makes a very valid point.  I must admit that even I am already a little concerned over how these newcomers [the Tau and Eldar] may interact with my people.  Perhaps it would be best if we heed the Commanders suggestion."

He then turns and follows behind Cameron and Mary as they head up the stairs.  Eventually they reach the next landing, the Seraphim managing to keep himself from stumbling over Mary as their leader suddenly halts.

"Cameron, what-"

Following behind Mary the Seraph witnesses the same aggravating sight.  A seemingly endless hallway filled with unmarked doors.

"This could go on forever. We need to think of something."

Walking a short distance down the hallway, the Seraphims glowing gaze looks around.  Stopping he kneels down, his armored knee thumping against the floor as he places his empty hand palm down against the floor.  Focusing inwardly he begins to scan the area for any possible signs of any recent evil presence.  Perhaps with luck someone had traveled this route recently and if they could detect that beings trail it would give them at least some idea of possibly a door, or at least doors to focus on.
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Jharm's silence in response to Soul Reaver's jesting question is just as good an answer as words would have been.  Soul Reaver's expression is dark as he follows Cameron and Jharm up the steps.

He walks in silence, his brooding thoughts his only companion during the unnaturally long ascent.  He eventually arrives behind Jharm and Cameron, facing what seems to be an endless corridor of doors.  Cameron and Mary start trying the nearest doors, much to their exhasperation finding nothing.

"This could go on forever. We need to think of something."

Jharm gets down on one knee and Soul Reaver percieves something like a scrying spell emanating from him.

Then again, while Chaos could certainly twist the rules of time and space, there was a chance that the corridor before them is an illusion, not unlike what the companions once faced against Naraka in the Upper Umbra.  Soul Reaver has means to determine if this was the case.

Soul Reaver holds Blooddrinker before him, pointing downards, the flat of the blade facing the corridor.  Soul Reaver's eyes begin crackle with red power, and he grits his teeth as similar arcs of energy begin to play across the surface of the sword.

Forcefully - and painfully - bending the Daemon within the sword to do his will, Soul Reaver demands an answer.

You will show me the truth.  What do you see before you?
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"Sorry lad." Gulgrim said, a knowing grin playing on his features as he looked at Cameron after his request. "Me boyz want ta get stuck in. Nuffin' I ken do 'bout dat now."

Outside, from the mayhem of the warp above the heads of the clashing armies, green lightning crackled. From the nothingness appeared a pair of massive, building-sized boulders of cosmic debris, soaring to the enemy lines on jets of oily smoke. With a deafening, earth-shaking crash, the Roks slammed into the enemy mass, and almost immediately Hordes of Boyz began to swarm out from the wreckage, choppas slashing and sluggas firing wildly as they rushed into the Chaos hordes with abandon.

"Don't worry 'tho." The warboss offered. "They gotz 'me plan 'in mind. I'z got da best o' me boyz in charge."

From amidst the rubble of the collapsing Rok a massive form stepped out, a Nob decked in more metal than perhaps even the Warboss himself. Gazgob the Big Mek, Chief Engineer o' Gulgrim's Bonecrunchas surveyed the battlefield, then offered a whack to the mekboyz sitting next to him mukkin' about.

"Alright you slogs, time ta get tha' tellyporta up n' runnin'! s'gotta be gud enough ta get thru all'a this warpstuff mukkin' up the signal! Get ta work!"

The Big Mek turned back to stride inside the Rok, a makeshift fortress from which the Orks would establish their supply line, sending more boyz into the fight as soon as he and his subordinate Mekboyz managed to get the Tellyporta online.

As it stood, there were already an uncountable number of Orkz pouring out from the two Roks already, swarming like a green tide upon the Chaos forces.

"Dey'z been told da spikey boyz' is dere only target. Can't 'elp a bit o' friendly fire though." There was a throaty chuckle from the Warboss, as outside a barrage of Stikkbomz lobbed toward the front-line where the allied forces were clashing in melee with the soldiers of Chaos. While the majority of them landed on the Chaos side of the battlefield, a good handful flew stray, and the debris from explosions threatened to throw rocks at anyone too slow to dodge.

"But dat's fer dem fightin' outside. Wot we'z gunna do about dese doors?"
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"Just us, then. Let's finish this."  Cameron says.

Kitharsis echos Mary's nod, before beginning to climb the staircase.  Minutes pass, and it is easy to tell that they are caught in another reality distortion.  Uneasy, Kitharsis ponders to what extent the Chaos could alter the world around them.  His answer greets him as Cameron stops abruptly, nearly causing a pile-up at the top of the staircase.

A single corridor stretches as far as Kitharsis can percieve.  Doors line either side.  A frown plants itself firmly across Kitharsis's face.

Jharm and Soul Reaver make attempts to determine what this unnatural corridor is hiding.  Everything else presented to them by this Chaos fortress has been very real, and very dangerous.  It would be no surprise to find this endless corridor is just as real as the warehouse they were caught in before.

"Hmph," Kitharsis grunts as he crosses his arms in front of him.  He waits to see what the others are able to discern of the situation, his patience wearing thin.
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He need only look and say nothing else. He saw the problem. He couldn't see the solution. Not in ways with which he could describe at least. But he saw something else. He saw no way out. No end to this madness. No end to this toil. And for that possible realization, the nephilim lord resigned himself back into silence. He closed his eyes and lowered his head beneath the shadows of his hood where the shade embraced him. He muttered nothing, said nothing, looked at nothing. Sure, of course he heard peculiar and intriguing theories. But what good would his be when he'd already done so much to accomplish so little? He had no idea what to do next. Every time the companions gained ground, another ridiculous cosmic contraption plonked itself right in their path, barring the way to the end. So much said and done and for what. To gaze up at whatever the hell it was that he got tired of looking at. All of it looked like hopelessness to him. And he was so very tired. So, he would say nothing. From here on out, silence and action would be his creed.

It would be so easy to leave once again. At least within the warp, he found his way home. Even if it did take what felt like several lifetimes in all timelines past, present and future. At least in the warp, he knew he had choices. He knew he had avenues. But here in this bedlam...? If anything, he felt a continuous sense of something else. Anger, maybe? Or was it indignation? Possibly indignation, considering how this rotten place continued to plague and provoke the companions over and over again with more parlor tricks and twists and turns. Never a straight ahead march. Even in what looked like a straight corridor before them did the Nephilim Lord suspect it was anything but that simple.

And then he felt a ping in the energy spectrum. Soul Reaver had once again pulled out that damnable dirk, consulting with that accursed thing in whatever dog's language of the mind he communed with. Just how many times were the companions going to trust this man and his wmd's to find the best solution when they'd been presented with counter proof that they should be all the more cautious of allowing him the freedom to skirt the banks of danger? But he said nothing. Saying nothing was best for now. Beneath his cloak, the nephilim lord gripped the yamato, though he made no motion toward the immortal - keeping his distance. He was tired of getting betrayed over and over again. By the same man, as well! Chaos at their front and that damnable tinkerer and his weapons of mass destruction at their backs. Or also at their front, considering the distance Danyael kept. His form stiffened and he prepared for the next engagement.
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Sepher folowed cameron up the spiral staircase. He was frowning by the time they got to the 'next floor' that took a quarter of an hour to reach.


He spoke softly as the corridor streteched out before them.

"This could go on forever. We need to think of something."

Hmmmm, sepher thought to himself. He didn't have much to help here, but he could think of one thing that might work, or could backfire, depending on how things went.

He let himself quest out with raw chaost energy, feeling about this place, searching for anything that might give them a clue as to which room they need to go in, if any.


Down at the battlefield
The tau fought with a deadly efficiency, backing up the other forces on the ground perfectly. Any time armor was spotted, marker lights were brought forward to light up the target before it was subsequently hit by a seeker missile. Precision fire from rail and pulse rifles tore through armor with ease. There was only one group of enemies in close combat when the orks showed up. That was Vash, in her prototype battle suit and her honor guard in their suits as well.
Suddenly, CAS lit up as stickbombs fell into the melee. Most missed, but one went sailing by Vash's head. Shouldering the Dawn blade in one hand, the other struck out to grab the grenade. It explode in the closed fist of suit, the Adamantine armor absorbing the blast.

Vash frowned, and Growled one word.


They were the mortal enemy of the tau.

Cas quickly spoke to her though.

"Shas'O, they appear to be fighting on our side, even with the indescriminate grenade use"

She sighed "Alright" She flicked on her comms to her troops.

"Listen up, we have Orks in the fray. Don't kill them unless you have to. They are on the side of greater good this day. Shas'O Vash'Aun out"

She turned her mic off and took the dawn blade up, before wading back out into the mass of enemies.
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Jharm can certainly feel the evil energies of the individuals who had traveled this way previously. A few of these trails are very recent. However, some kind of foul presence interferes with the Seraphim's ability to track them. Each time the trail hits a door, it seems to also hit two or three other doors as well. While you could eventually find your way through this way, it would be hours upon hours of trial and error.

Blooddrinker, on the other hand, has no difficulty discerning the nature of this place, though the Daemon is reluctant to share anything helpful at first. But with Soul Reaver back in control, it is only a few moments before he finally receives a pained reply.

I see the same as you. There is no illusion here. But they have stretched reality to it's breaking point by harnessing the vast warp energy gathered here. And it is their connection to the Warp that allows them to navigate it...

Cameron continues to gaze down the seemingly endless corridor, keeping an eye on Soul Reaver as he does so. Judging by his posture, the Immortal seems to be trying to use the Daemon blade to see through what lies before them. Cameron silently hopes that Soul Reaver is not choosing to trust the creature that so recently turned on them too quickly.

His thoughts turn again to the combat outside of the Spire. He can no longer tell what is happening outside due to the interference, but Gulgrim's words about his boys getting stuck in concern him. He reaches out with his mind, trying to feel for any of his allies, but only picks up vague muffled voices. While doing this, he notices something ahead of them. A familiar presence.

"Mary. Do you feel that?"

Having not been able to find an immediate solution to their problem, Mary had allowed her gaze to drift back to Danyael, who has yet to offer any input on the situation. She is about to say something to him when Cameron's words derail her train of thought. Cameron is clearly looking down the corridor again and she turns her attention to it, quieting her thoughts and allowing her attunement to the elements speak through her senses.

Warp energy rages all around her it is especially strong here. She can feel it pulsing from behind every wall, and beyond every door. It almost feels like the entire place is shaped by it. Held together by the vast and twisting depths of Chaos itself. But beyond that, she can also feel a faint, familiar presence.

"Yes. I feel it. There's something in here with us that I've felt before."
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Blooddrinker answers, his Daemonic voice sounding somewhat strangled, as though its throat were held in an iron grip.

I see the same as you. There is no illusion here.  But they have stretched reality to it's breaking point by harnessing the vast warp energy gathered here. And it is their connection to the Warp that allows them to navigate it...

Soul Reaver relaxes and puts the sword away once more before turning to the others nearby.

"No glamour hides our path, but not all is as it appears.  Reality itself is being... bent by the chaotic Warp energies here."

He locks Mary in a meaningful gaze.

"Blooddrinker suggests that the path forward is only open to those with a connection to the Warp."
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He’d forgotten what the voice of Soul Reaver’s sword had sounded like. He’d even forgotten the thing wasn’t a sword at all. It made hearing the creature no less chilling, to be sure. The Nephilim lord’s senses, much like sonar, could pick up the ripples of power emanating from the source – the creature’s prison and the immortal’s weapon. And in that moment was the Nephilim Lord reminded as to why such power was to be feared… and recognized. And it made all the more sense as to why helping Soul when he’d gone berserk was so difficult. Still, though… too many wounds had been inflicted already.

When he heard Mary mention the familiarity with the forces around her, Danyael could feel some rare sense of familiarity himself – though it was no less alien to him than the other forces of this universe. He still couldn’t negate how he was drawn to the threads of energy around him. But he kept his eyes closed, allowing his awareness of the area to guide him instead. And then he heard it:

"Blooddrinker suggests that the path forward is only open to those with a connection to the Warp."

Danyael’s sigh let out next to Mary, having made his way to her in the same instant. He stepped forward not but an arm’s reach beyond the group, pulling back his hood before opening his eyes to once again behold the silent power of existence all around him through eyes and senses that had mutated them in the first place. He was more than connected to the warp. He translated the warp. Perceived it in deepest clarity. The warp had changed him in as many ways as he had forms. Turning to look back to the companions, he tossed them an exhausted, if not knowing, look. Then shrugged. “I volunteer as tribute.”
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Mary sighs as Soul Reaver confirms her suspicions regarding the composition of what lies before them.

"Of course. Makes sense, giving the amount of warp energy flowing through this place."

Mary looks to Danyael as he approaches her. She is glad that she will not have to navigate this maze on her own. She reaches out and grabs Danyael's hand as she turns back towards the corridor. Her eyes are already beginning to spill over with latent warp energy as she reaches out to her surroundings. Her physical connection to Danyael only strengthens this. She is reassured by the fact that if she loses sight of the threads, that Danyael should also be able to see them.

"I know the way. let's go."

Mary moves forward with Danyael. Cameron follows. They seem to move randomly through hallways and doorways, with Mary occasionally pausing to get her bearings. At first it seems like they are making no progress. Time seems to lose all meaning in this place. But after an indeterminate amount of time, the hallways begin to grow wider, and the doors and decorations begin to look more and more ornate. They were obviously getting closer to whatever the inner sanctum of this place is.

Mary is too focused on the threads of the Warp to notice, but Cameron starts to lag behind the group. That familiar presence he felt earlier is getting stronger and stronger. He finally comes to a complete stop next to a large door ordained with a bass relief of the Eye of Chaos.

"Mary. Keep going. I'll catch up with you."

Mary glances back at Cameron. She is about to say something in reply, but stops short. Her expression is that of someone who had forgotten something but suddenly remembered it. She turns back to the corridor ahead.

"Yes. That would be best."

Mary continues to move forward with the rest of the group. Cameron tries the door but finds it locked.

"Hmm. No time to be subtle about it."

Cameron levels an arm-mounted Storm Bolter at the door and kicks the door. The door, reinforced as it is, buckles and bends inward. A second kick forces it open.

Inside is a lavish bedchamber which has apparently not seen use in quite some time. Personal effects are scattered around the chamber. Some are pbvious Chaos artifacts and trophies, but others look alien to this place. Cameron winces as he recognizes objects and paintings that could have only been crafted on his homeworld. There could be only one explanation for this.


The Chaos Lord that Cameron slew back on Aldrean. His first full mission with the companions at his side, which seems to Cameron as if it were a lifetime ago. The traitor, Kronos, who betrayed the Ahrment’il and destroyed their home planet, committing genocide in the process.

"So this is the "seat of power" you gave your entire race up for. A bedchamber tucked away in the depths of an illusion."

The presence that drew Cameron in here is emanating from the corner of the room. As Cameron crosses the room, he sees a computer system that comes to life as he approaches. He decides to investigate, curious to see if the system contains anything that may be able to shed some light on what was ahead.

The computer is unlocked. Khronos obviously was not expecting any one unauthorized to ever make it this far into the central bastion of Chaos. The programs displaying on the screen must have been whatever he was working on before he left for Aldrean.

Cameron quickly sifts through screen after screen. Maps of the surface of Aldrean. Force deployments. Battle plans. Communications with the other Chaos lords. Abbadon was the only Chaos Lord to not participate directly in the battle, though it was clear by these documents that he had helped provide some of the force deployment strategies and even some of his Black Legion. None of this is important now, however. That battle is over. The Chaos forces had been routed due to the interference of the Companions.

Cameron is just about to give up this fruitless search when he discovers a program that was running underneath all of the battle planning applications. It appears to be a map of the Imperial Plane. Cameron scans it, noting with a hint of anger that the area his homeworld, Inferia, was located in is marked with a red X. He notices a panel underneath the map.


Curious, Cameron selects "Y." The panel is replaced with the blinking word "WAIT" in red letters. Then there is a power surge. The entire tower shakes underneath Cameron as he stumbles backwards.

"What the fuck?"

Further ahead, Mary and Danyael have just led the rest of the companions through a large door into a corridor much bigger than the others. Each side of the corridor is lined with sets of Chaos Space Marine armor. One set from each of the Traitor Legions. The walls and ceilings are painted with scenes of war and chaos, dating from the Horus Heresy to more recent conflicts. Abbadon himself is depicted more than once. A massive set of double doors marked with the Eye of Chaos sit at the end of the hallway. Mary points at it.

"That's it. That's the center-"

Mary is cut off as a tremor rocks the tower. Dust and debris falls from the ceiling and some of the suits of power armor topple and fall over. Mary struggles to keep her balance, letting go of Danyael's hand to grasp the nearest wall with both hands.

"That was a massive power surge. It came from behind us."

Back in the bedchamber, Cameron had stumbled to one knee and now returns to his feet. He stares at the map. it is now filled with dots. Some are off by themselves in remote areas, while some are clustered around more densely populated locations. But what was this actually scanning for? What was this energy signature?


Cameron notices dots on the area of the map marked as their current location. He zooms in, revealing a map of the Eye of Terror. He zooms in further, localizing the map on the center of the Eye. This tower, and it's immediate surroundings. Two dots appear inside the tower. Three more appear just outside of it.

"That's impossible."

Cameron zooms back out. He silently counts the number of dots he sees.

"That's... that's not possible. That can't be. Unless..."

Cameron stares at the map for another moment. He still feels the presence just beneath the computer system's screen. He begins frantically searching for a way to access the system hardware. Locating a panel under the screen, he rips it open.

"Khronos... you murderous bastard."

The system is connected directly to the power grid for the tower, meaning that it is probably drawing Warp energy, which explains the tremors. But wedged into the circuitry along with the data disks that serve as the system's storage, is a sky blue crystal that looks nothing like the rest of the components. Cameron recognizes it instantly.

"That explains everything."

Cameron works quickly, splicing his armor's central CPU into the Chaos system. Within moments, he has copied all of the data from the system into his armor.'s data storage. He then reaches in and rips the crystal from it's housing, ignoring the sparks and flames that gutter from the terminally damaged equipment. As he does this, both Elemental blades sheathed at his side speak in unison.

The source.

Cameron stares at the crystal in his hands.

"The source."

The other Elemental blades repeat the message from Valermos and Anathros. Mary simply nods as Morthoseth speaks into her mind.

Finally. This battle is reaching it's end.

Back in the bedchamber, Cameron tucks the crystal safely away inside his armor.

"Fuck you, Kronos. I know what your goal was. But you failed. And now I'm going to use this to undo everything you sought to accomplish."

Cameron looks back up at the screen, which is now displaying numerous error messages. He puts a mailed fist through it. It sparks once and dies. Cameron then turns and marches out of the chamber. As he does, he places his hand on Valermos's hilt, using it to relay a message to Mary.

Mary. I'm coming back. And I've found something that Khronos was hiding from us. Something that might be able to save our people.

Mary places her hands on Morthoseth's hilt and replies.

I know. We've found the final door. Hurry.

She turns back to the Companions.

"Cameron will be rejoining us shortly. The center of the gathering Warp energy is just through this door. Whoever is behind this must also be there."

Mary draws her two-handed sword.

"This is it."
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Where Mary and Danyael lead, Soul Reaver follows.  He is alert, all his senses sharply scanning the area for any ambush - but none comes.

When Cameron begins to lag behind, Soul Reaver notices.  It seems he is preoccupied by something that the others cannot see.  As he is about to inquire what Cameron has noticed, Cameron speaks.

"Mary. Keep going. I'll catch up with you."

Soul Reaver decides to hold his tongue.  He would trust Cameron's judgement - the warrior would not stay behind in a place like this without very good reason.  And so they press on through the ever-more elaborate corridor, passing through a set of large doulbe doors and into a massive, ornate antechamber.  The Eye of Chaos inscribed on the doors opposite gazes balefully down at the companions and scenes of battle adorn the painted walls.

The entire tower suddenly shudders and heaves, and Soul Reaver stumbles as he is thrown momentarily off-balance.  He catches his footing quickly enough, Blooddrinker somehow already in one hand, his other poised to trace a rune into the air.  A few more wisps of stone dust drift down the from the ceiling near him, but now everything is still again.

"That was a massive power surge. It came from behind us."

Soul Reaver keeps the blade unsheathed as they approach the huge doors.

"Cameron will be rejoining us shortly. The center of the gathering Warp energy is just through this door. Whoever is behind this must also be there."  She unsheathes her weapon as well.  "This is it."

While superfically impassive, Soul Reaver's expression betrays a drawn weariness - this adventure has taken its toll both in body and spirit.

"Our enemies are not to be underestimated.  They can and will exploit our weaknesses.  We must protect not just ourselves, but also each other."

Sometimes, from ourselves.
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Mary and Danyael seem to have discerned a path through the seemingly endless corridor.  Doorways lead to hallways lead to doorways.  Kitharsis loses his bearings almost immediately.  He could swear that they doubled back on more than one occasion, only to be greeted by a subtly different corridor than the previous.

Cameron, uncharacteristically lagging behind the group, finally stops next to a large door.  He indicates his intentions to linger behind, which are greeted with Kitharsis's brow wrinkling in concern.  Mary nearly objects, but seems to think better of it.  Not wanting to argue, Kitharsis nods in acknowledgement and follows after Mary.

The sounds of Cameron kicking in the door reach his ears, but are soon lost as they pass through yet another doorway.  The power surge, shaking the entire tower, is certainly not lost, as Kitharsis's tattoos flare to life in response. 

"Cameron will be rejoining us shortly. The center of the gathering Warp energy is just through this door. Whoever is behind this must also be there."

Mary draws her two-handed sword.

"This is it."

The tattoos scrawling across his body fade back to normal.  There is no telling what will be greeting them on the other side of the door, no need to be over excited.  The skeletal wings on his back unfurl as he rolls his shoulders, then fold back in.  The tiny mage sits stoic on his back, its typical campy demeanor giving way to the severity of the upcoming battle.

"Finally."  Is the only word he says, as he stares intently at the door ahead of them.
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The Seraphim follows behind Mary, noticing when Cameron splits off from the group but Jharm continues to follow behind the Warp elemental.  After quite a few twists and turns they finally reach a set of large doors.

"Cameron will be rejoining us shortly. The center of the gathering Warp energy is just through this door. Whoever is behind this must also be there."

Jharm grips his large hammer in both of his hands as he prepares himself for what will likely be the final battle of this long campaign to eliminate yet another source of Darkness from the multiverse.  He glances around at his companions, many he has fought beside for quite some time now.  They had faced many trials during this journey, some more then others.  The Seraphims gaze lingers on Soul Reaver for a moment as he ponders this but then continues on.  The angellic warrior then drops to a knee and seems to softly chant a prayer, light flashing around each of the Companions as he stands up once more.

"The Light is with us my friends....victory shall be ours."

The Seraphims words, coupled with the glowing light that recently bathed each of the Companions seems to resonate an aura of....certainty.  It's as if the Seraph refuses to accept anything but a successful outcome, his words and demeanor resonating out to bolster the spirits of his fellow warriors as they prepare to face the unknown.
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Sepher let's the energy he was channeling disperse, having gotten nothing from it. He looked around with a frown, but looked to mary as she spoke.

"I know the way, let's go"

Sepher followed cameron, his senses on high alert, the voices in his head quiet for once, as if they sensed the tension. Wether that was why they were quiet or the souls of the daemons he had captured were planning something was another story.

He looked to Cameron curiously as he told mary to continue on with the rest of the group. Sepher did not like the idea of him splitting off.

He sighed and followed mary, ad they entered through a large door. His head whipped about, assessing what he saw as the suits of chaos space marine armor were seen. His eyes finally settled on the double doors at the end of the hallway.

As a tremor shakes the tower, sepher dodged a falling set of armor.

Mary spoke

"Cameron will be rejoining us shortly. The center of the gathering Warp energy is just through this door. Whoever is behind this must also be there."  She unsheathes her weapon as well.  "This is it."

Sepher took a deep breath. He was tired, he thought to himself, but he could do this one more time. The other companions would feel sepher building energy as he closed his eyes. The energy was unmistakebly daemon in nature, and the others woould know he was drawing on his daemon souls once more. The energy welled within him, ready to be released. His eyes opened and inky blakness blanket his iris. Sepher opened and clowsed his hands, seemingly on the point of breaking, but walking the knife edge required to do what he had to do. He was ready.
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Everyone was gathering. The big fight was on its way. Gulgrim could taste it. At the back of the group of warriors, the WAAAGH!!! energy began to build within the warboss. Green lightning began to dance across his body as it surged, longing to be released on an unsuspecting enemy.

'This is it' one of them said.

"I'z bloody hope so." The warboss's voice rumbled with energy as he spoke. It was beginning to swirl off of him now, dancing on the ground around him as his form physically swelled with power. Every muscle was on fire with the need to kill, to fight, to maim and destroy. "Dunno 'ow much longer I'z ken wait. Anticipashun iz killin' me."

Any dust or small rocks or debris near the Warboss's form was vaporized, as his energy sought anything it was allowed to fight. Gulgrim's sheer determination kept it from lashing out at those he had declared his allies. He'd said they weren't gonna get krumped, and a Warboss is never wrong. Even when they change their mind, they were always right. But for now, he wasn't going to hurt the people he'd signed on to smash chaos boys with, and the energy within him obeyed, if reluctantly.

But if he let it build too long, even he ran the risk of being damaged by it. And an explosion of the magnitude Gulgrim would produce would likely lay waste to everything-and every one- within an unpredictable distance. He was fine for now, but this fight better happen soon.
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Mary glances at Gulgrim with some measure of concern. She has been working very hard to keep her power in check her entire time in the Eye, but it wasn't nearly as much of a problem for her as it seemed to be for the Ork Warboss.

"Hang in there, big guy. We're moving on now. I just want to wait for-"

Mary cuts herself off as Cameron strides into the room. The expression on his face is almost triumphant.

"No need to wait. I'm here."

Determination fills Cameron's eyes and his voice, mixed with restrained excitement. This is clearly the best he's looked since Kalana's fall. Mary knows better than to question why. She already knows what he found and it's implications.

"Mary, I-"

Mary speaks over Cameron, cutting him off.

"I know. We'll have time for that later. We need to get to Ahriman before Abbadon does."

Cameron nods.

"You're absolutely right. Is this it?"

Mary turns to the door.

"Beyond this doorway is the source of all that energy. Every warp trail leads to this spot. This has to be the top."

Cameron strides through the room, passing Mary as he approaches the door.

"No time to waste, then."

Cameron lowers his shoulder and charges the door, projecting Elemental and Psychic energy into the charge. The door explodes inward and Cameron's momentum carries him forward into the chamber beyond. What he sees leaves him at a loss for words.

The door Cameron crashed through is still behind him, but it hovers in midair with no wall to support it. Instead, Cameron finds himself standing in a massive cathedral-like chamber that appears to take up the entire summit of the Spire. Huge pillars of obsidian and other unknown materials support a roof a good 200 feet above their heads, the entirety of which is carved with Chaos iconography. The view between these pillars reveals the entire City and the Plains beyond in every direction, seemingly miles below them. And in the center of the room, a massive latticework of crystal, with the channeled warp energy roaring through it and upward, through the center of the roof and into the sky beyond.

A strange pedestal floats directly ahead of Cameron, just in front of the crystal latticework. A figure sits on a throne on top of this pedestal. A small podium holds a book open just in front of him. Behind this is a large floating rune that glows so bright that Cameron cannot look at it directly. The energy bound within it appears to be purely spiritual in nature. The final destination of the souls they detected being absorbed by the Spire earlier.

The figure rises from the throne as he sees Cameron enter, with the other Companions not far behind him. He gestures with his right hand, and a massive black staff appears within it.

"Well done. You finally made it. Allow me to be the first to congratulate you. Your long, difficult journey has finally reached it's conclusion."


The figure walks to the edge of the platform. As he passes the podium, the massive book resting on it hovers into the air and begins to move with him, still open.

"I have to admit that I was starting to worry. I was expecting you much sooner than this. I lost track of you briefly after you left the Labyrinth. I'm glad to see that whatever waylaid you was finally bested."

Cameron eyes the figure warily. He has not yet made any move to draw his weapons.

"Ahriman, right?"

The figure has reached the edge of the platform. He begins to step off of it, and as he does so, a hunk of obsidian breaks off from the floor below and flies up to him. It comes to a stop underneath his foot just as he puts his weight onto it. More chunks of obsidian follow suit as he begins to descend towards the Companions.

"Ah, yes. I'm sorry. I seem to have forgotten my manners. Ahzek Ahriman. Sorceror Lord. Former Grand Librarian of the Thousand Sons. Possessor of the secrets of the Book of Magnus and the Black LIbrary. And until very recently, the Grand Master of Chaos. I believe that title is now officially contested."

Ahriman continues to descend his makeshift stairway as he speaks. Behind him, the obsidian steps he had summoned crumble to dust.

"And you must be Cameron Aileron. I have heard much about you and your friends. I am extremely pleased that you have finally accepted my invitation."

Cameron raises an eyebrow.

"Your invitation? It took us so long to get here because your forces were doing everything they could to stop us."

Ahriman laughs.

"I threw nothing at you that you were incapable of dealing with. It was Abbadon, and that other creature, who interfered. Against my orders, in fact. But I had to at least make it look like I was trying to stop you. Abbadon suspected my treachery. Any less of an effort of my part would have seen him turn on me much sooner."

Cameron takes a hesitant step forward. Mary is standing just behind him, prepared to draw her weapon. Cameron continues talking to the Chaos Sorcerer.

"So you admit that you've turned your back on your Chaos allies. If that is the case, we should be working together. Abbadon and his powerful ally are on their way here to destroy you, and us as well. If we work together, we can easily defeat them."

Ahriman reaches the floor with the remainder of the stairway collapsing behind him. Ripples of magic constantly twist the appearance of his robe and armor, making it difficult to focus on anything other than the piercing blue eyes that glow from behind his mask.

"Ah, yes. Join the Companions! Champions of Order and Justice."

Ahriman stops walking. He gestures with his free hand, and the massive tome that has been following him swings around in front of him, flipping pages until he commands it to stop. He seems to read something from the page before continuing to speak.

"Most worshipers of Chaos embrace mutation. I abhor it. The lasting legacy of my Rubric should clearly be enough to tell you that I speak truth in this matter. I feel that order has it's place. But I am also a follower of Change. And I do not believe those two concepts are in odds with each other."

Ahriman gestures at his surroundings.

"Look at my Spire. The number of massive chambers and hallways that make up this place would normally be enough to occupy an unwieldy, maze-like structure that would take up the entire space offered by this dead rock. Yet I contain it in a perfect Spire. A majestic construct, piercing the heavens of this dead world. Perfect in shape and orientation. The centerpiece of this grand empire. Chaos, creating Order."

Ahriman gazes at his work for a moment longer before focusing back on the companions.

"That is why I have invited you here. That is why I have allowed this to happen. I want to bring Order to the Multiverse. And I know that it can only be done through Chaos.You and your friends have simply been going about it the wrong way."

Ahriman flips a page in his book.

"You are to be the catalyst of my masterwork. One which will make the Rubric which bears my name seem like a mere parlor trick. I have invited you here not only to bear witness to the dawning of a new age, but also because I need you, all of you, to set us on the path."

Ahriman gestures at the book in front of him and it slams shut, floating into a position just behind him. He then grabs his staff in both hands and levels it at the Companions.

"I will be more than happy to explain my intentions to you. In great detail. So that you can understand the concept that has occupied my every thought and action since discovering the Black Library. But alas, you are correct that we are short on time. I cannot deal with both you and Abbadon at once. So I will simply have to multitask. Suffice it to say that I have not brought you here because I need your help. I have brought you here because your deaths are the final piece in my grand design. I'll teach you my ways as I destroy you all."

Cameron narrows his eyes and reaches for the force swords sheathed at his sides, but before he can do anything, Ahriman shouts a word of power. In an instant, every one of the Companions is met with multiple copies of Ahriman's great staff. These are hurled at all of them, at least 20 per Companion, with the intent to pin them to the floor of the chamber.
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The Seraphim follows in after Cameron as the Elemental charges through the doorway.  His gaze moves around, taking in the rather surprising scenery and view before coming to rest on the being before them.  Jharm assumes it to be the Chaos leader they had been tracking down and soon after the man starts to speak it is confirmed; Ahzek Ahriman.  The angellic warrior scowls underneath his helmet as he listens to the dark beings twisted words.  His glowing gaze passes from Cameron to Ahzek and back again as he waits to see what shall happen next.  He gets his answer soon enough though.

"I will be more than happy to explain my intentions to you. In great detail. So that you can understand the concept that has occupied my every thought and action since discovering the Black Library. But alas, you are correct that we are short on time. I cannot deal with both you and Abbadon at once. So I will simply have to multitask. Suffice it to say that I have not brought you here because I need your help. I have brought you here because your deaths are the final piece in my grand design. I'll teach you my ways as I destroy you all."

A moment later the Chaos sorcerer shouts a dark word of power and a multitude of his dark staff appears around each of the Companions, including the Seraphim.  A large shield forms on Jharms left forearm as he drops down onto his right knee, raising the shield above him as if to protect himself from a rain of arrows.  A flash of light radiates out from him as a bubble materializes around him, similar bubbles appearing over each of the Companions as the light reaches them.

"Order out of Chaos?!?  Your words are nonsense, servant of Darkness!  Your idea of "order" is simply you in charge while all else are mindless servants with no desire other then to serve you!  Your foul creations are proof enough of that....dark automatons who's sole purpose is to serve and endlessly die for you.  The Light shall not stand for it!"

As he speaks he focuses his powers into both the shield on his arm as well as the bubble around him, knowing that he can't allow any of the malevolent weapons directed at him to reach him.
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As a barrage of spears rained down on Gulgrim, green lightning danced across his frame, building in intensity. They were nearly on him before the massive Warboss's face broke into a smirk. His form crackled and vanished, disappearing into a bolt of green lightning. This was different than the usual teleportation, however. Rather than instantaneously appearing somewhere else, the lightning moved slowly, lazily, at least by lightning's standards. It danced across the ground away from the spears, toward Ahriman before bursting outward, sparks of green lightning blasting toward the sorcerer as Gulgrim's form reappeared. With him were a pair of Orks decked in pirate hats and other accoutrement, with a pair of squigs on their shoulders and massive, kustum blastas in their hands. The pair of Flash Gitz leveled their huge weapons at the same time as Gulgrim lifted both Mork's teef and Gork's teef from his shoulders. "We'z in it now boyz! Ahahahaha!" The warboss's voice bellowed across the room as a torrent of fire unleashed toward the Thousand Sons' Exile.

It's incredible how fast the warboss's mood shifted when a fight was present. From aggravated in anticipation to suddenly joyous in the midst of the fight.
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Soul Reaver enters the chamber just a few steps behind Cameron, Blooddrinker still ready in his hands.  He stands grim-faced as Ahriman speaks.  He did not come here expecting any friendship from Ahriman, but he had hoped for perhaps a temporary alliance against a common foe.  But as Ahriman spoke, it soon became clear that even this much was not to be.

Cords of muscle tense across Soul Reaver's body as Ahriman speaks of destroying them all and Soul Reaver's iris flare a fiery red.  Arcs of scarlet lightning ripple over his body and earth themselves in the ground around him - there was no doubt that the foe he faced now would not hesitate to destroy them all.

Copies of Ahriman's staff manifest themselves all around Soul Reaver and launch themselves forward.

A sphere of white protective power pulses into being, a blessing from Jharm.  But Soul Reaver had no idea of the strength of the weapons arrayed against him, and would not test the limits of Jharm's protective shield to stand against them alone.

He looks upwards, braces his legs, and leaps in straight line directly upwards into the air.  Blooddrinker is a blur before him, knocking aside the few staves in his way.  When he reaches the apex of his leap, he is well clear of the dome of weapons that had surrounded him - they are now all below him, and as such, are forced to come at him from a single, predictable direction.

Focussing some of his own mana and weaving it into Jharm's shield, he strengthens it at the frontmost point where he will be meeting the staves, then plunges downward once more, Blooddrinker impacting the staves with jarring forces as he falls.  The blade throws a rain of sparks and threatens to shatter whatever it hits into little more than kindling.

Despite being occupied, Soul Reaver is already at work attempting to discern more details about Ahriman's machinations, in the hope that it would reveal something that Ahriman's monologue would not.  The souls that were being syphoned here were gathering into a blazing, glowing glyph.  Soul Reaver understood such energies in a way that few others could, and could see such souls distinctly and clearly.  With his minds eye he probed the glyph, hoping to discover how it functioned, what it did... and perhaps, a way to turn it against Ahriman.
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“Grand Master, he says…” one voice whispered to Danyael. “Of all Chaos, he claims.” Another sneered, oozing cynical curiosity. The next voice was all too familiar. “What would the Nephilim Lord of all Chaos look like, hmm? What could he do? What would he do?” the voice asked. But Danyael said nothing in response at first. But the pull, the lull, the tempt of the voice could neither be ignored or denied. The voice knew how to tempt him. The voice knew how to twist his desires. “What expanses we could reach with the power of this behind the imperium’s might. What we could gain.” The voice crooned the words, the temptation wrapped in the seductiveness of its tone.

“What we would gain, at the very least, are a few more googolplexian mouths to feed.” He avoided the true answer. It didn’t convince the voice. “and that many more souls to rekindle the forges. To restart the conquest.”

“We are too large. The largest even. We’ve no need of conquest. We haven’t long before I came to rule. And we won’t long after I’m gone.” He spoke back to the voice with finality. But the voice still wasn’t convinced. “And yet… it’s still here. Ripe for the culling.” There was almost a spot of amusement to its tone. But now, Danyael’d had enough; his patience worn too thin. “Your counsel is noted, and this conversation is over. Be ready to assist and nothing more, Dyriel.”

His perception of the energies around him beheld the rising clash of storms and hues from the whirling abyss that was Ahriman, to the flaring shockwaves of the companions rushing to meet him. One hue in particular, he noticed, originated from the Seraphim. The perception of time slowed all the more as Danyael’s speed began to take over and he looked to Mary. The rising lights fizzling into existence around each of the companions, only for it now to be their turn. In that moment, Danyael begrudgingly released hold of Mary’s hand, sidestepping out of the way -  at the same time flinging his everworld cloak around Mary as a secondary shield -  just as Jharm’s barrier closed around her.

The Nephilim Lord stood, Yamato unsheathed in a reverse grip as silent power whipped around him. His eyes beheld the very maelstrom of power that was Ahriman, more a sentient force of nature than a living and breathing being. He looked to the power around them, seeing them more as shafts of pale, dead light, given form by force of will. He looked once more to Mary, then spun ‘round to meet the first lance, his free hand now suddenly wrapped in a long thin red cloth. By the time he’d finished his spin, the slow motion of the spears had come within arms reach and he clanged, with great force, the spear away with what was now a second sword in his hand, wrapped in the very cloth he’d been holding. The new companion weapon, the Orchid Howl, snarled with a bestiality all to itself, as if it possessed a beast all to its own within. Because it did. Several beasts, in fact. He sidestepped as several more came close and, with a sledgehammer blow, hammered them down into the ground.

But something was wrong here. Of all the fighting they’d endured, this was his first attack? 20 spears? They’d faced worse from for less impressive figures. So the Nephilim Lord would test the waters further. As the remaining group of the 20 came closer, he spun both the Yamato and the Orchid Howl with such speed they gave the semblance of silver and platinum/crimson discs, building in power as they gained in momentum, battering them away with meteoric force, right back at Ahriman with triple the speed from which they were sent.
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As Ahriman's word of power rips through the chamber, Kitharsis reacts quickly. He leaps backwards before throwing himself into the air, dodging all but a few of the staff copies that threaten to impale him. Jharm's bubble appears around him as he leaps, and the skeletal mage on his shoulder pours additional magic into it, strengthening it just enough to ward off the few attacks that still find their target.

Sepher also uses Jharm's bubble to his advantage. As it appears, Daccio pumps his own daemonic energy into it, corrupting it. The aura turns a bright bronze and begins to spin rapidly. The corrupted energy is enough to knock all of the attacks away.

Cameron had been reaching for his force blades at the time that Ahriman spoke, and he draws them in the instant before the staves plunge in his direction. Cameron forces extra psychic energy into his weapons before launching into a spin with them extended. This creates a wave of psychic power that deflects all but a few lucky strikes, which are fortunately countered by Jharm's bubble.

Mary feels Danyael's hand leave hers and looks to him as he drapes the Everworld Cloak around her. She has just enough time to clasp it before Ahriman's attacks are upon her. The combined protection of the cloak and Jharm's bubble are enough to stop the first two staves, and then Mary vanishes in a pulse of Warp energy. She reappears on the other side of the chamber, Warp energy swirling around her. More Warp energy begins to draw towards her from the center of the Spire and she feels control slipping. For a split second, her vision doubles and she can see herself, as if she was outside of her own body. She pulls the cloak around herself and focuses on it's owner, grounding herself. The aura of Warp energy slips away as she regains control and her vision returns to normal.

"That was close. I need to be careful."

Ahriman, meanwhile, is laughing.


Gulgrim and his Flash Gitz appear in front of him, unleashing a torrent of weapon fire in his direction. Ahriman gestures lazily, and a wall of Warp-infused obsidian blasts from the ground, sheltering him. he swiftly traces a rune on his side of the wall, and it suddenly explodes outward, sending a shockwave of razor-sharp obsidian glass and Warp fire at the orks. He then disappears, re-appearing in mid-air.


Ahriman looks down. A wave of his own staff copies have been redirected at him by Danyael. The Book of Magnus flutters open, stopping on a page which Ahriman barks words from. The staves explode into fragments, which dissolve into pure energy. These are absorbed into Ahriman's original Staff.

Safe for the moment, Abbadon responds to Jharm.

"Jharm! The holy Seraphim! Champion of the Light."

The word "Light" is practically dripping with sarcasm.

"You seem to misunderstand my intentions. My Rubric was flawed. I spent years trying to undo it. Nameless automatons was never what I wanted. I was trying to halt their mutations. But that was not the will of Tzeentch, and they punished me for it."

Ahriman bows his head.

"The Thousand Sons legion were my family. They were my brothers and sisters. My sons and daughters. And Tzeentch was destroying them. Twisting them in their own misguided image. I merely tried to save them. But I failed. I did not yet possess the knowledge that I now have gained."

Mary receives a telepathic message from Cameron.

This asshole talks too much. Let's hit him while he's distracted.

Mary, who at this point is behind Ahriman, nods and draws her two-handed sword.

"As much at it pains me, it is too late to undo what I have done. I simply must wipe the slate clean and start over. But why simply settle for wiping my own slate clean? When I can do the same thing with this entire Plane of Exist-"

Ahriman is cut off as Cameron lunges at him from the ground. He pivots to face him only to feel another presence rapidly approaching him from behind. Mary has her two-handed sword, which is now engulfed in Warp fire, raised over her head for a two-handed strike. Ahriman gestures and pages turn in the Book of Magnus. He shouts another command just as Cameron and Mary arrive and swing their weapons in his direction.

While this is happening, Soul Reaver has successfully destroyed the staff copies that were thrown at him and is now attempting to study the rune that still hangs in the center of the chamber, close to the ever-present cone of Warp energy feeding the Eye. Spiritual energy travelling up the spire is being diverted from this cone into the rune itself. The vast number of souls already stored in the rune is staggering. It is very possible that this rune has absorbed the souls of every casualty that has taken place in the Eye since the Imperial attack began. And as for the rune's purpose...

As Ahriman shouts, he splits into a dozen identical copies of himself. Cameron and Mary plunge into these headlong and immediately become disoriented. They both lash out wildly before colliding with each other and plummeting to the ground. Mary lands on top of Cameron, who's power armor takes the brunt of the impact from the fall. They both return to their feet, fuming. Cameron snaps at Mary.

"Okay, yeah. Good job. Great teamwork."

Mary retorts, straightening the Everworld Cloak.

"Yeah, well maybe next time we attack together instead of from opposite sides."

Cameron and Mary look away from each other, clearly embarrassed.

"Nice cloak." Cameron mutters, half to himself.

"Yeah, thanks. I might keep it. Focus on the damn fight." Mary replies. They both look up as Ahriman resolves back into one figure. The Book of Magnus slams shut again.

"AS I WAS SAYING, there is no point in simply wiping my own slate clean when I could simply wipe out this entire Plane of existence. And that, my friends, is what I intend to do today. That is why you are here. This rune, when detonated, will tear down the barriers that separate this Plane from the Warp. I will plunge the so called "Imperial Plane" into the warp, erasing all life in an instant."

Ahriman gestures at the rune. Soul Reaver, having had extra time to study it, can now clearly see that it is an amalgamation of many different spells woven together for a singular purpose. And at it's heart lies the patterns of a spell that he would be all too familiar with. The Sphere of Annihilation.

"Unfortunately, despite absorbing nearly every soul that has perished on this battlefield, and continuing to do so, the rune is not quite powerful enough to perform it's intended task."

Ahriman levels his Black Staff at the Companions.

"But it will be shortly."

Black lightning arcs from the Staff, engulfing the entire room. The immense power behind this spell will make it lethal to anyone caught in it if it is not countered correctly.
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Post by: Veldanya Venalla on January 06, 2018, 12:12:58 AM
As the assault by the staff copies ceases and Ahriman speaks once more the Seraphim ponders what he is hearing.

Wipe the slate clean and start over....order out of chaos...his plan all along.

"AS I WAS SAYING, there is no point in simply wiping my own slate clean when I could simply wipe out this entire Plane of existence. And that, my friends, is what I intend to do today. That is why you are here. This rune, when detonated, will tear down the barriers that separate this Plane from the Warp. I will plunge the so called "Imperial Plane" into the warp, erasing all life in an instant."

Jharms eyes seem to glow brighter for a moment as if suddenly the last piece of the puzzle seems to fall into place.  His words, while spoken aloud, do not seem to be to anyone but more of a "thinking out loud" moment.

"That's how you will bring "order out of chaos".  Destroy everything and then recreate it from the Warp using your own twisted "rules"."

His thoughts are interrupted however by Ahriman suddenly unleashing black lightning throughout the room.   While a familiar bubble of light forms around the Seraphim, similiar ones do not appear around the other Companions this time, as Jharm focuses all of his power into his own defense this time. 
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“So you’re going to hate me for this.” Danyael’s voice whispered by Mary’s ear, almost as if he were right there. But the only thing remotely connected to Danyael was his everworld cloak.

He had to act fast. But for all of the time spent in the warp, all he had done and could have done (or rather, should have done), he had no idea just what this man (if he could be considered that anymore) was capable of. And then the sorcerer’s book slammed shut. The Nephilim Lord burst into action, thrusting both the Yamato and the Orchid Howl into the ground behind him as he catapulted himself forward into a vanishing flash of alacrity.

”AS I WAS SAYING” the sorcerer talked on, but his voice was little more than a droned, long dragged noise, awkwardly slowed down. The rest of his words were a haze of tones, but the Nephilim Lord was all the more surprised at just how far the sorcerer actually seemed. This wasn’t a room. It was something else entirely. It had to be. But his target was still within view enough for a fixed direction.

”But it will be shortly”

Even with his speed, there were so many things to consider with so little time to do little else. And with an additional pulse to which he felt the sting in his muscles, Danyael’s speed expanded two-fold, bringing him directly in front of Ahriman just as the Sorcerer brought the stave down to unleash the black lightning. Though it meant certain death to the touch, the Nephilim Lord had just enough time (if not just barely) to hurl a fulminating shotgun punch directly at Ahriman’s armored face.
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Soul Reaver draws in a sharp breath on recognizing the spell at the core of the rune, not to mention the complexity of the many other enchantments surrounding it.

But if Ahriman's words were to be believed - and it seemed they could - then he wasn't planning on unleashing the power of the rune until the companions, or at least some of them, were dead.  That at least would give him time.

He lands on the ground just as Ahriman finishes speaking, a patter of shattered staff pieces falling around him.  He begins to try and understand the control mechanisms behind the spell, in the hopes of finding some way of wresting them from Ahriman.   However, he knew his foe was a sorcerer of prodigious power, and his attempts would likely fail... unless, of course, the companions could keep Ahriman distracted.

Before he is able to properly put his plan into action, the Chaos sorcerer levels the staff toward the companions.  Soul Reaver realizes he has only moments to act.

In one hand, Soul Reaver swings Blooddrinker around in a reverse grip.  With the other, he performs an elaborate, graceful gesture, weaving the arcane words he now speaks to alter the channels of magic around him.

As the lightning is unleashed, Soul Reaver drives Blooddrinker's tip into the ground, crouching behind the blade like a shield, and completes his spell.

Rather than deflecting the black lightning, the sword - and the spell that pulses out from Soul Reaver - serves as a lightning rod, drawing the crackling, destructive power to the blade, with the intent of dissipating it harmlessly into the floor.
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The chamber behind the door encompasses the entire top of the spire.  The ceiling stretches 200 feet above them, supported by thick, menacing obsidian pillars.  Ahriman has view of the entire city and beyond.  Surely he was watching their every move as they travelled through the Eye.

A latticework of crystal backs a floating pedestal.  Clearly, the soul energy was being focused here.  The amount of it is monstrous, and if Ahriman is capable of drawing upon such a deep well of power there would be little hope to defeat him.

Ahriman speaks, explaining his malevolent machinations.  A vain attempt to justify all of his wrongdoing - his perverse idea of correcting the Multiverse.

Order from Chaos.  Right from wrong.  Daresay good from evil?

Kitharsis cannot help but look inward.  Was he not the same?  The darkness within him seems to writhe at the thought, pushing at the borders he put up long ago.  It calls to him, the seemingly unlimited power he keeps locked away.

He pauses, struck with the thought.  As Ahriman's word of power rips through the chamber, Kitharsis reacts quickly.  But he is detached, distracted.  It almost feels like he is watching himself go through the motions.  He leaps backwards before throwing himself into the air, dodging all but a few of the staff copies that threaten to impale him. Jharm's bubble appears around him as he leaps, and the skeletal mage on his shoulder pours additional magic into it, strengthening it just enough to ward off the few attacks that still find their target.

The skeletal mage, desperate, knocks Kitharsis upside the head.  The tiny fist strikes harder that it has any right to.  The whispers in his head cease, and the Tirthandara folds his wings and lands heavily on the obsidian floor.

"I am sorry, little one."

Kitharsis raises to his feet once more.  Others have launched attacks at Ahriman, to no avail.  It appears that the Companions were allowed here by Ahriman, only to be part of his plan of destruction.  Kitharsis seethes.  He will not become part of this foul work.  His focus regained, the tattoos littering his body flare to life.

Black lightning arcs through the room.  The power behind the spell is clear, even without his heightened senses.  With a roar, crimson energy pours through every tattoo on Kitharsis's body.  It stitches together into an encompassing, roiling sphere that surrounds him.

He charges forward, meeting the black lightning head on.  Any part of the shield that is struck by the lightning solidifies into a dark crimson crystal.  The crystal attempts to insulate against the dark magic.  If the crystals are not not destroyed by the force of the spell they will linger in the air around Kitharsis, ready for use in his next attack.

If his defense succeeds, Kitharsis attempts to leap into the air with what is left of his roiling shield.  As Danyael throws a punch at Ahriman's face, Kitharsis will try to take advantage of the moment.  His shield will separate and propel forward, crimson crystals and energy streaking toward Ahriman's flank.  Kitharsis will follow shortly behind, prepared to account for whatever evasive maneuvers Ahriman might take.  If possible he will strike out at Ahriman with crimson energy encased fists and thick metal boots.

"I have battled my own darkness for far too long, to only become part of yours!"  He shouts at Ahriman.  "Your power is a mere fraction of the darkness inside of me.  And you will fall short of the task!"
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As Gulgrim's Flash Gitz are cut down by a rain of obsidian shards, the Warboss merely extends his hand, catching a stray shard soaring for his face while others shatter and skid off of his armor. There is a torrent of Warp-fire behind the shards, however, and the Warboss is engulfed in the flames. The malignant blaze burns away at the outer layers of his flesh before a surge of green energy sends the chaotic flames scattering, the Warboss issuing a bellowing shout as the WAAAGH!!! Energy repulses the foreign magic. Already his flesh is peeling away and revealing new healthy green beneath, his wounds healing rapidly. But the Sorcerer has other plans for the entire group. Black lightning arcs across the room, intending on killing or maiming all in its path. Truly a dangerous spell, the essence of oblivion arcing across the battlefield toward Gulgrim's frame.

But he was empowered by the essence of conflict. Pure obstinate belligerence ran in his veins and coursed through his soul. Not even nothingness could hold back the sheer fight that existed in the Orkish race, and all of that fight was building within the Warboss the longer he stood on the razor's edge.

"You'z doin' a lot o' talkin', 'Umie. But I'z ain't 'earing nuffin' worf a single toof from ya."

Green lightning suffused the warboss and danced out to meet its ebon counterpart. Everywhere the twin sparks met, small explosions detonated, shattering the ground around the Warboss in a display of unbridled antagonism. A cloud of detonations swirled around Gulgrim, his energy protecting him from the lethal magics, but leaving no room for aiding anyone but himself. The others were on their own. But he wasn't about to let this be a lull in the battle for him.

"Maybe you'z should try speakin' wif a bit more FORCE!"

The Ork's shout is punctuated with a torrent of Orkfire from his mouth, green flames cutting through the explosion shield and blasting across the distance toward Ahriman.
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Ahriman sneers as Danyael lunges towards him. Despite Danyael's increased speed, Ahriman can still clearly follow his actions. And his actions are futile. The black lightning will clearly engulf him before he reaches Ahriman. But Ahriman prepares a defense anyway, just to be safe.

And it is fortunate for him that he did. Because just as Danyael reaches the black lightning that by all accounts should have wiped him out of existence, a burning shield of pure warp energy appears around him, deflecting most of the dark energy away from him. A few of the bolts still arc across him, but it is not enough to kill him. Mary, who has dropped in behind him to shield him, also takes some of the blow meant for him. Though her own shield and the Everworld Cloak prevent it from being lethal, she is still stunned out of the air and to the ground. This still would have been lethal due to the remaining black lightning, but all of the magic at ground level has been pulled into Blooddrinker and dispersed. Thus, she hits the ground unconscious but still breathing.

The end result of this is that Danyael's punch strikes Ahriman head on. A powerful enchantment seems to catch the punch at the last second and slow it down, but the sheer power of the attack causes it to carry through, though without the sheer lethal force that was originally behind it. It still catches the sorcerer square, cracking his mask and forcing him backwards into the crimson energy and shards that make up the remnants of Kitharsis's shield. The confident sorcerer feels this attack penetrate the back of his armor and tear into his flesh and becomes somewhat alarmed. And then he feels the build up of energy ahead of him, from the ork.

Orks aren't supposed to be this powerful, but then of course, no one that is weak would have made it this far. Ahriman mumbles the words of a haste spell under his breath and propels himself upwards. This allows him to dodge the remainder of Kitharsis's attack as well as get him out of the line of the oncoming ork attack. But something else is above him which he detects a second too late.

Cameron had flown to the top of the chamber and surrounded himself with a sphere of elemental and psychic energy to save himself from the black lightning. As this dissipates, he sees Ahriman rising swiftly towards him with his attention still focused on those below him. Cameron sees Gulgrim unleash a torrent of Ork fire and reacts accordingly, dropping like a stone and smashing his power armored boot into Ahriman's face.

Ahriman falls back to the earth and is unable to mount any kind of defense before being engulfed by ork fire. A death scream rips through the chamber as Ahriman's flesh is consumed. The smouldering wreck of his power armor clatters to the floor. For a moment, all is silent.

The Book of Magnus still hovers in the air near Ahriman's original position. The pages of the book seem to be idly turning.
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The attack connects.  It not only connects, the crystal shards and spears of energy pierce through Ahriman's armor and tear into his flesh.  Danyael's punch has sent the Sorceror directly into Kitharsis's attack. 

Surely it cannot be this simple, he thinks, as he strikes out at the thin air.  He looks above, watching eagerly as Gulgrim and Cameron finish the combination attack.

Kitharsis lands kneeling on the obsidion floor, eyes locked onto the pile of power armor that once held the Sorceror.  Was this it?

He stands, scanning the spire.  His eyes finally rest on the Book of Magnus, as it hovers in the air.  Pages still turn while the book's previous owner is supposedly lying burnt to a crisp below.

Kitharsis takes a defensive stance, tattoos charged and ready.  He reaches out with his heightened senses, straining to find any traces of Ahriman, or whatever was coming next.
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The glowing shield around the Seraphim flares as the black lightning slams into it.  Sparks of light spray from each spot that the lightning strikes the shield as a cacophony of sounds, similar to metal grating against metal echo through the area.  Soon enough though the barrage comes to an end as the other Companions attacks manage to seemingly fell the malevolent sorcerer.  As the assault comes to an end the bubble vanishes, Jharm getting to his feet and glancing around.  Glowing orbs of light settle on the charred remains of Ahrimans armor, and then shift over to the floating book.  He extends a hand upwards as his figure flashes, a similar flash appearing around each Companion as they find any wounds they have received to begin healing and their strength to return to them slightly.   Moving forward he stops a short distance from the book, once more gazing between it and the fallen Chaos Lord.

"That was much too easy.  Something is amiss.  There is no way a powerful being such as Ahriman would have been felled that easily."

Something seems to pop into the Seraphs mind as his gaze shifts over to the glowing rune from earlier.  The Seraphim clearly shifts into a defensive battle stance as he shifts his gaze between Ahrimans fallen form, the floating book, and the rune.

"What trick have you got up your sleeve Ahriman?"
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Mary’s impact with the ground is less than a blink in time as she is swiftly swept up by the Nephilim Lord, pivoting into a spinning vault landing them both to a far enough distance of the ‘room’ while putting the Companions between them and what was left of Ahriman. Clutching Mary safely in his grip, he stood defensively, one foot positioned behind the other in preparation to leap back into action. He lowered one arm, letting her legs slowly, limply fall to the floor while holding her securely with the other. He then lifted his free arm with a silent command and the everworld cloak, while still draped to Mary, sprung to flaring attention, expanding to ten times its original size. With another command of will and a gesture of his free hand, the everworld cloak rooted itself to the ground, solidifying into a solid, reinforced cocoon. As the shielding began to solidify around them, Danyael let Mary go, the elemental now cushioned comfortably within the cloak’s embrace as it closed around her.

Now standing in front of the cocoon, he looked to the smoldering heap that was once Ahriman. If that was the end, it was a sour ending. But in all of the enemies the Companions had faced, the Nephilim lord didn’t expect this creature to be any easier. The book didn’t escape his notice, either. If it wasn’t that mage flapping his yap, it was the pages in his gadget doing the flapping for him. And that put the Nephilim Lord ill at ease.
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Sepher stood, as the black lighting arced towards all of the companions. A lot of it was drawn and grounded by soul, but there was still some streaking towards him. With a flick of his wrist, the crimson metal around his wrists became a staff of his own.

The deamonic corrupted bubble was still glinting in front of him. Using more chaos energy, he drew the energy into the end of the staff, the red now tinted with bronze. Like draws like and the staff he wielded drew the dark lightning towards him, where it slammed into the end of the staff.

With a spin, he slammed the staff head into the ground with a small explosion, the black lightning being redirected into the obsidian in a bright bronze flash. Shards of the black glass exploded back from him and shattered against the wall with the force of the lightning.

As his vision cleared, he would find himself looking at the smoldering heap of Ahriman on the ground and frowned, as the book floated in the air, pages lazily turning. Something was not right here. Something told him that it was going to get bad. The metal of the staff liquified, splitting in half, one half becoming a kite shield, the other half a short sword and he waited, watching for what happened next. Daemons railed against his soul as he began prepping to draw upon the power, but until he knew the situation, he wouldnt do anything.
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Soul Reaver rises unscathed from behind his sword, a look of slight surprise on his face at Ahriman's sudden, almost anticlimatic death.

It seemed unlikely that he was dead.  But his sight could not see Ahriman's soul in the vicinity - as his gaze had been distracted, he could not tell if it had escaped or was merely in hiding.

Yet even if Ahriman was dead, his machinations might not be.  The Book of Magnus' pages were still turning and the malevolently glowing rune remained.

Soul Reaver strides forward with swift steps, his voice echoing through the chamber as he walks.

"A Sphere of Annihilation is bound into that rune, and it is drawing the souls of all the fallen into itself.  I dread to think what devastation it could wreak if it is not stopped."

He arrives near the massive book, its pages flipping with rustling whispers.

"I have not yet unravelled the intricacies of the spells that compose the glyph, but the answer may lie before me.

Watch my back, for we may yet be ambushed."

Soul Reaver drones three incantations - the first two to ward away attacks upon his mind.  The last is a powerful spell of Truesight, allowing him to see both the book and what is beyond it - including what force is responsible for keeping its pages turning.

He stands before it, one hands poised just beside its pages, the other still gripping the hilt of his blade.   He focuses his enchanted gaze upon its pages.....
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Soul Reaver's spell allows him to gaze deep into the enchantments surrounding the book. Each page obviously contains the blueprint and words of power of various different spells and enchantments. Written in variations of dead languages by hundreds of different hands. Soul Reaver's Truesight allows him to catch a brief glimpse of all of them... more than should be able to fit into a single tome. The vast collection of spells and rituals could fill a library, likely the aforementioned Black Library.

But the spell also allows Soul Reaver to gaze much deeper. And past the pages upon pages of spells, a much deeper magic is at work. The very book itself seems to be woven from thousands of different enchantments, tied together in intricate, impossible ways. The deeper Soul Reaver looks, the more intricate and harder to unravel the enchantments become. It has obviously taken an immense amount of time and energy to create this construct. Because that is clearly what the Book of Magnus is, Not a true tome, but a construct. Massively powerful, incredibly old, and very much alive. A living vessel containing multiple lifetimes of magical knowledge.

And underneath it all... an unblinking eye that stares back at Soul Reaver, until the book suddenly slams shut.

The book flies into the air just as Cameron lands next to Soul Reaver. He glances at the corpse, and then up at the book, before turning to Soul Reaver.

"What did you see? Is there a way to-"

Cameron is interrupted by a voice that tears through the chamber, simultaneously coming from everywhere and nowhere.

"Did you fools really think that I could possibly be bound to a physical body? That I would face you directly if I feared being destroyed in such a manner?"

The companions can clearly feel Ahriman's presence from all around them. Above them, the book glows brightly.

"Only a true fool, such as Abbadon. would fight you head on in a physical confrontation. That is why he failed, and why I will not."

The Book of Magnus cracks open again, and a beam of bright light shoots from it's pages. Ahriman re-appears, completely restored. A simple gesture causes his Black Staff to return to his hand.

"You will not be able to best me by brute force. Winning this fight will require you to outsmart me. And I guarantee you that will not happen. I have spent multiple lifetimes preparing for this very scenario."

Ahriman chuckles.

"I do have to admit, though, that I was not expecting to be bested in physical combat quite that easily. I am impressed. It seems that I should not have taken you so lightly."

Ahriman gestures at the massive rune below him. It flares to life, even brighter than before.

"There will be no more games and no more hesitation. I will finish this now. Both here, and outside."

Ahriman speaks a word and the patterns on the rune shift. Nothing seems to happen at first. But within a moment, Cameron's head jerks to the side, as if reacting to an unheard voice.


The other Elementals and the remaining Grey Knight Marines, still defending the courtyard, suddenly find themselves being attacked from behind. Rubric Marines pour from the Spire, threatening to overwhelm their position. All around the city, Rubric Marines pour from hidden passages and platforms, attacking Imperial Marines, Tau, Eldar, Orks, Seraphim, and even their fellow Chaos Marines. Their goal is to destroy anything living. Casualties begin to mount on both sides. The Rubric Marines are not revived as they fall. And every soul of every life form killed, even the Rubric Marines themselves, are pulled towards the Spire...

The rune, already bursting with power, begins to swell even faster. Ahriman raises a hand in front of his face.

"That takes care of the battle. And while I'm at it, I think the batteries have also outlived their usefulness."

Ahriman closes his hand into a fist.

Deep within the bowels of the Labyrinth of Chaos, millions of screams ring out in unison as the massive slave batteries that power the Chaos world are extinguished in an instant. Millions of slaves, released from their torment. All of their souls, released at once, making their way to the Spire...

The Chaos City falls dark. Only the Spire remains active.

The rune glows so brightly that it can no longer be looked at directly. The amount of power now pouring into it from the Spire is overwhelming. Ahriman stretches his Black Staff towards it, and lightning arcs from the rune into the tip of his staff, supercharging it.

"Now everything is in place. All I require is the catalyst. It doesn't even need to be all of you. Some of you are carrying more than one powerful soul with you."

Ahriman levels his Black Staff directly at Soul Reaver, while pointing his other hand directly at Sepher.

"You two will do the job just fine. So please... die for me."

Arcs of super-charged magic explode from Ahriman's staff and outstretched hands. Both Soul Reaver and Sepher risk being instantly obliterated if these attacks hit their targets. At the same time, the shockwave from the two attacks will be enough to knock any of the other companions off their feet if they do not defend properly.
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Soul Reaver is left momentarily stunned as the unblinking eye stares back at him from beyond the pages of the tome.  It was more than just a tome of dark magic, it was alive.  And when Ahriman reappears, he begins to suspect what exactly it is that dwells within it.

Though his thoughts whirl as he tries to formulate a plan, he has very little chance to act on his thoughts as Ahriman causes the magical rune to surge with power.  Even from here, Soul Reaver can see the souls of the slain rising from all around to feed its sinister enchantments - a show of spirit light that would be beautiful were it not so macabre.

Soul Reaver grits his teeth as Ahriman singles out himself and Sepher for his next attack.

Soul Reaver does not hesitate - his feet hit the ground hard and he launches himself away, interspersing himself between Ahriman and Sepher.  Blooddrinker is in his hands and as he breathes powerful words of enchantment, its surface is sheathed in a glittering field of anti-magic.  A subtle battle of wills would not be enough to stop Ahriman's masterfully-crafted magic, but Blooddrinker, he knew, would sunder all it struck.

He swings the sword with all his might, the blade unerringly intercepting the bolts of energy that had been meant for Sepher and himself.

He needed to buy his companions enough breathing room that they could keep Ahriman occupied, so that he could try putting the beginnings of his plan into action.
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The Seraphim watches as Ahriman reappears above the book, his gauntleted fist clenching around the shaft of his hammer.  His thoughts are then almost overcome by word of additional Chaos troops appearing on the battlefield beneath them, seemingly attack anyone and everyone.

Hold fast my brothers and sisters, the Light shall be victorious!

Just as he sends this message he watches Ahriman close his fist.  The angellic warrior groans and drops to his knees, his massive form slamming into the ground as his mind is overcome by the massive wave of anguish as millions of innocent lives are suddenly snuffed out, their souls pulled into the rune before him.  A single shining tear slips out of his helm and falls to the accursed ground beneath him.

"No....the innocence...."

Then, seemingly as quick as the despair seemed to arrive it departs as the Companions can sense a sudden massive surge in power from within the Seraphim.  They also can sense something else....something that few can truly recall sensing from Jharm.  Anger....pure, absolute rage and anger.  His gaze raises up and locks onto the being responsible for the recent "slaughter", the Seraphs eyes glowing significantly brighter then normal.  His voice booms out through the room as
 a shield manifests around him briefly to absorb the shockwave emitted by Ahriman

"Ahriman!  You monster!  You speak of bringing order and yet you slaughter millions with a simple gesture!  No more!  I shall crush your malevolent skull beneath my boot!  The Light shall reap vengeance for the innocents!!"

His figure erupts in a brillant flash of light, pure white flames radiating around him as a large shield forms on his left arm.  Without further hesitation the Seraphim flies forward, the shield set in front of him, his hammer poised to slam down against the Chaos Sorceror before him.  For too long had he endured the heinous actions of the Chaos forces...too long had he watched as countless lives were tortured and destroyed by the evil before him.  No more...he would see it end here and now or he would be defeated and become one with the Light.
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Gulgrim digs his kutlass into the ground and holds fast as the shockwave washes over him, green lighting sparking and battling against the energies that sought to send him sprawling. As it washes past, Gulgrim notices that the brunt of these attacks had not been directed anywhere near him. He had been practically ignored in favor of other targets.

That wouldn't do. Gulgrim didn't like not being in the center of a scrap. He'd have to fix that right quick.

Green energy sparked across the ground near the Ork and rocks began to rip themselves from the ground, launching themselves at Ahriman's physical form while the Ork himself unleashed a hail of gunfire from the shoota in his left arm aimed directly for the book that floated in the air.

The rocks flying through the air sparked with green energy while they flew through the air, and whenever they broke open upon anything in their flight, they would reveal a bomb squig within their cores, primed to detonate with a barking roar as soon as their stony exterior began to break.

"You'z wanna talk kunnin', 'Umie?" The Warboss chuckled, the malicious grin belying the gears turning in his Orkish mind as yet more battle-plans were unfolding in his head, the one kind of plan that Orks could specialize in. "Ain't nuffin' wif more Brutal Kunnin' than Ol' Gulgrim Bonecruncha."
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As soul jumped in front of him, taking the brunt of the bolts, he knew that he had to take this opportunity to prepare for a counterattack.

He slammed the shield into the ground, kneeling behind it, as the wash of the shockwave slammed into him, though diminished by souls presence in front of him. The swords in his right hand melted back into a bracer, but he left the shield.

Soul, in front of sepher, could suddenly feel power that he had never felt from the shapeshifting warrior before. It welled up, incredibly powerful, as he continued to draw on his own chaos energy and the strength of his own mind and the daemons within him. Something big was coming, but he just needed a bit of time to get himself mentally ready, lest he immediately fall to the daemons in his head.


CAS, Vash's AI warned her as soon as new enemies poured out from new locations and her Tau warrior responded with lethal efficiency. She barked orders over her coms, pathfinder squads going dark as they snuck around to markerlight new targets. Vash herself painted targets with her own markerlight, which in turn caused the rail batteries on her ships to open fire on priority targets. The Tau would not fall, and in fact, they would counter attack, stealth suits attacking targets the larger, marker light guided missles and shots did not, fire warriors supporting where they could and crisis suits bounding in and out of combat. Drones zipped around, protecting the warrior with their shields
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Called it. Danyael thought to himself as the chaos sorcerer sprang back into action, his vicious attack no less artful than the one before. Stepping once more into focus, the approaching shockwave appeared as a gelatinous tidal wave, ebbing to a sluggish crawl as the Nephilim lord’s natural alacrity kicked in. His thoughts went to Mary, though he knew she wouldn’t hear them. He would stand his ground while she recovered, though worried just a tad less while the everworld cloak (now in its chrysalis form) would protect her in addition to his own efforts. That was the hope, at least.

He took one step forward, clamping his heel to the ground with force as he cemented himself into a basic Iaido drawing stance, his hands reaching out in a wide arc as his will extended to the Orchid Howl and Yamato in the distance. Both blades, on command, burst from the ground in a gout of embers, whirling through the air with disc-like blurring rotation to his left and right hands respectively. Twisting both blades into reverse grips, he lowered his stance ever so slightly, counting the approaching seconds as the shockwave came closer.

He took a heavy step forward, slashing down with the Orchid Howl, then another step followed by a slash from the Yamato, sending two arcs of screaming sonic power toward the shockwave. He repeated the process again. And again. And again. And again. And another handful more. To him, it was a drawn out process, but to the unattuned, he was a dissolved blur of motion, launching a single attack in the expanse of a wink in time. He repeated the process thrice more, as the attacks cleaved through the shockwave, leaving a breach just wide enough for it to rush past he and Mary just as time began to catch back up again.
As the shockwave whizzed into the distance, Danyael, only a few steps from Mary, backed up into a defensive dual sword stance; one arm raised and the other lowered, his blades whirling into readiness in his hands.
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Ahriman's voice tears through the chamber, revealing no surprise from Kitharsis.  The Tirthandara grits his teeth as Ahriman's body re-appears from within the Book of Magnus.  Was the Book of Magnus merely holding Ahriman in safetly, or did the chaos sorceror do away with his physical form completely?

Regardless, the book seems to be the proper target, with the massive rune being the second.

Super-charged magic explodes from Ahriman's staff, hell bent on destroying Sepher and Soul Reaver both.  Soul Reaver is quick on the defensive, parrying the magic for both Sepher and himself simultaneously.

Kitharsis braces himself as the shockwave from Ahriman's attack moves through the room.  A barrier of sand rises up in front of him, absorbing the force of the blow.  It recedes back into a bag on his belt just as quickly as it appeared.

A brute force attack would not have any effect, that much is clear.  This would take finesse, something Kitharsis was not particularly well versed in.
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The battle for the Eye of Terror continues to rage across the Chaos City, but the addition of the Rubric Marines has disrupted everything. Squads of Imperial Marines and Chaos Marines had dug into various positions to fight each other but now find themselves flanked by Rubric Marines intent on killing all of them. The Chaos Marines are caught the most off guard, as most of them saw the new arrivals as reinforcements and therefore did not immediately try to regroup or mount a defense. Now the Chaos forces are in disarray, unable to get reorganized. The Imperials are faring better thanks to the various Orks, Eldar, Tau, and Seraphim still joining them in the fight, but are unable to capitalize on this opening due to the push of the Rubric Marines.

At the top of the tallest building in the city, the abomination that now possesses the mind and soul of Abbadon the Despoiler listens to the sounds of combat. His millenia of combat experience allows him to tell even from this distance how the battle fares and where the majority of the fighting is concentrated. And it is clear that his own forces are running out of time. Ahriman and the Imperials must be dealt with.

Abbadon turns his attention to the two other figures sharing this rooftop with him. The former Blood Angel turned inhuman destroyer, Peterson, stands triumphant over the crumpled, barely recognizable form of Igtenos, the Imperial assassin. He had fought valiantly, but that fight appears to be over.

“Are you finished?”

Peterson’s head jerks towards the sound of Abbadon’s voice. Hearing Abbadon’s words spoken by a different set of vocal cords is disorienting enough without factoring in the fact  that the voice Peterson is hearing is all too familiar. He glances back down at the pitiful sack of flesh and metal at his feet.

“It sure looks that way!”

Abbadon turns and looks upward. Even at this elevation, the Chaos Spire in the distance still towers over their heads.

“Good. We must make haste. We are out of time. The traitor Ahriman has finally shown his hand.”

Peterson had felt the surge of souls a few minutes prior, just as Abbadon had.

“And just what is his plan, anyway? Why is he gathering so many souls in one place, if not to invite me to dinner?”

Peterson smirks, but if Abbadon has any reaction to this, it is not apparent.

“From what I have been able to gather, he has created a rune, woven together from thousands of powerful enchantments and rituals. He is feeding the power he is collecting into it. And once he has a powerful enough soul to use as a catalyst, he will detonate it.”

Peterson joins Abbadon in gazing up at the Spire.

“And what will that do?”

“The combined force of all of these souls and the rituals and enchantments will rip through this Plane of existence, rupturing the barriers between reality and the Warp. The Warp will rush in and reclaim this space. Those with the proper abilities who are prepared for this may be able to escape to another Plane, but the majority of all life will be extinguished instantly as the very fabric of reality is torn asunder.”

Peterson’s good eye widens.

“That’s unfortunate. What a waste.”

Abbadon’s gaze shifts to Peterson.

“A waste?”

“Yes. The instant death of every living creature in this Plane of existence? All those souls, winked out at once. Do you realize how long I could sustain myself on that many souls? Why I’d never go hungry again.”

Abbadon chooses not to respond to this.

“Let’s go.”

The Despoiler begins walking towards the edge of the roof. Peterson moves to follow him but suddenly feels a hand grab his foot and stop him. He looks back to see Igtenos, struggling to raise himself off of the ground. He has grabbed part of Peterson’s metal leg and is trying to haul himself back to his feet. From behind them, Abbadon scoffs.

“I thought you finished this, Peterson. Clean up your mess.”

Peterson scowls. He grabs Igtenos’s arm and lifts him off of the ground, letting the battered assassin dangle in front of him as he himself floats into the air. Blue liquid drips from multiple deep lacerations on the assassin’s body. The remains of his armor and clothes are soaked in it, and broken bones jut out at odd angles in various places. Igtenos’s other arm is missing, leaving a jagged stump where it once was.

“A minor miscalculation, friend! One that can easily be corrected.”

Peterson stares into Igtenos’s eyes as he winds up with his free arm. For a moment, he swears he can see a red light blinking somewhere behind the assassin's right eye, but he disregards this.

“I’d say “see you in hell,” but we all know that bioweapons don’t have souls. So enjoy the scrap heap.”

Igtenos attempts to speak, but he is cut off by Peterson’s fist slamming into and through his face. Bones, cartilage and flesh tear like paper. Peterson’s hand emerges from the back of the assassin’s skull, spraying blue blood and chunks of brain matter outwards in a fan.

“Peterson wins.”

There is a sickening wet sound as Peterson pushes the corpse off of his arm and lets it fall lifelessly to the rooftop.


Abbadon does not understand why Peterson chose to say that, but something hard-coded into his new brain tells him that the correct response is to sigh heavily. He does so.

“If you are quite finished…”

Peterson shakes gore off of his talons before turning to face Abbadon again.

“Oh yes. Quite finished. Shall we?”

Abbadon borrows some additional energy from the daemon blade Drach’nyen, and the two abominations take to the skies. They move swiftly towards the Spire in the distance.

Ahriman steps forward as the Seraphim Jharm shrugs off the shockwave of his attack and presses forward. Grabbing the Black Staff in both hands, he brings it up length-ways to parry the overhead blow of Jharm’s hammer. The two indestructible weapons impact each other with a flash of dispersed energy and magic.Ahriman leans into the defense, keeping the hammer at bay.

“You imbecile. You utter buffoon.There is no order to be found here”

In a flash, Ahriman is gone, but he immediately reappears behind Jharm.

“This Plane of existence is diseased. It is incurable. The only way to save it is to cut out the dead flesh and burn out the infection, so that the healing process can take over.”

Ahriman utters an incantation and hurls what appears to be a handful of crystal shards at Jharm’s back. These turn into a large cloud of spinning glowing blades that will carve through anything they hit.

Ahriman planned on continuing to speak, but is distracted by a hail of gunfire impacting the Book of Magnus. Anti-matter barriers spring up around the floating book, preventing it from harm. Ahriman laughs.

“Foolish ork! You-”

Ahriman turns to face the Ork and takes a rock directly in the face. It breaks open, revealing a bomb squid inside. Ahriman is familiar with these creatures and reacts quickly, almost screaming the words of power that cause a barrier to spring up between him and the squig just as it detonates. The force of the explosion sends him carrening backwards, smashing other boulders thrown by Gulgrim. The squigs inside begin to detonate and Ahriman is thrown in a few different directions as he redirects his barrier to compensate. Finally, he regains his footing, banishes the barrier, and swings the Black Staff in a two-handed arc. The force created by the swing sends the remaining boulders flying. Most of them are redirected back to the Ork, but a few of them are sent in Soul Reaver and Sepher’s direction, and a number of them are also directed at Danyael and Kitharsis.

“You’ll need to be more cunning than that if you wish to get the best of me, vile creature!”

Ahriman sidesteps quickly as Cameron re-enters the fray. Missing wide with his initial attack, Cameron lashes out with his Nemesis swords, leaving behind blue streaks as the powerful psychic weapons warp the space they pass through. But they are still not strong enough to break the Black Staff of Ahriman, and he parries them all before shoving Cameron backwards. Cameron stumbles and tries to recover but a bolt of lightning from the tip of Ahriman’s staff knocks him flat on his back.

“Come now. You are all very clearly wasting my time. Let’s get on with the dying, please! I have a tight time table to keep!”

Ahriman holds his staff in the air and smashes the butt end into the ground, uttering more incantations. The shards of boulder leftover from Gulgrim’s attack burst into the air. Ahriman holds a finger up and makes a circle motion over his head and the stone shards whirl into a mini cyclone over the heads of himself and the rest of the Companions. With a gesture, the rocks burst into flames, and with another, they crash down like meteors over top of the Companions, exploding on impact.
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“You imbecile. You utter buffoon.There is no order to be found here.  This Plane of existence is diseased. It is incurable. The only way to save it is to cut out the dead flesh and burn out the infection, so that the healing process can take over.”

The Seraphim is about to respond when the sorcerer disappears and appears behind him and unleashes an cloud of crystal shards in Jharm direction.  Without hesitation the Seraph leader flies forward and up into the air, effectively circumnavigating the attack as the shards pepper the area he was in a moment ago, embedding into the flooring with ease.  He looks around, seeking out the target of his vengeance once more.  He watches as Ahriman blasts Cameron over.

“Come now. You are all very clearly wasting my time. Let’s get on with the dying, please! I have a tight time table to keep!”

As the chunks of boulder form above them and then explode into a veritable meteor shower, Jharm simply drops from the air like a rock, bringing his shield above him.  Crashing down to the ground his figure is briefly obscured by both the dust from his crash as well as the meteors raining from above.  As the dust begins to clear the area is bathed once more in the light brilliantly radiating around his large form.  Once more the Seraphims voice booms throughout the room, anger still clearly evident in his words.

"You speak the truth monster.  This Plane IS diseased!  Chaos is the disease....the infection....and I shall burn it away!  I shall burn YOU away!  YOU shall be the one to die this day! FOR THE LIGHT!!"

As the last words reverberate off the walls of the room the Seraphim brings his hammer crashing down to the ground, orbs of light appearing above Ahriman.  Setting his shield in front of him once more, the Seraphim charges forward as the glowing orbs above the Sorcerer race downwards in a veritable rain of holy light.
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The blue anti-magic field around Blooddrinker fizzes and crackles as it slices through Ahriman's two magical projectiles, one after another, leaving behind nothing more than harmless, fast-fading motes of light.  In the process, the blade slices through the magical shockwave created by the spell, creating a rent just large enough for Soul Reaver to get through safely.

Soul Reaver looks up as Gulgrim targets Ahriman's book - he isn't too surprised to see the attacks nullified by antimatter fields, the bullets detonating violently .  Naturally the book would be protected from physical damage.  Nothing that valuable would be left as fragile as mere paper and bindings.

A plan was beginning to crystallize, but even in the best-case scenario, Ahriman would have to die at least twice more for it to come to fruition - once to confirm the means, and a second time to use them.  To carry out his plan, Soul Reaver would need to keep close watch on the Book of Magnus at the moment of Ahriman's death.  If Ahriman's resurrection works like he suspects it does, it would give him the key to engineering his defeat.

Further planning however has to wait, as a bunch of highly-explosive fungus-like creatures come hurtling his way.  He rolls backward to create some distance, at the same time preparing a simple spell.

He extends his left hand, glowing a faint, deep blue.  Frost forms on his gauntlet as he hurls a rapid series of Ice Bolt spells at the incoming squigs, each blast a sliver of sub-zero cold, freezing the projectiles solid on impact.  Hopefully that would prevent - or at least delay - any explosion as they smash onto the ground around him.

But he has barely attempted to fend off this attack when a rain of flaming debris falls from above.  The meteors hurtle down toward him, and the best he can do is try to dodge them while hastily erecting a Protection spell.  The magical dome flashes white with each impact as some of the meteors bounce off, spraying flames, sparks and shrapnel as they do so.  Others narrowly miss the warrior as the deftly steps and rolls.  But even with his best efforts, he will not come out completely unscathed.
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Gulgrim wasn't surprised his attempts at shooting the book hadn't worked, but he needed to test the limits of what this spikey git was capable of. As several of his boulders were rebounded back toward him, Gulgrim let them come, soaring toward him before he unleashed a bellowing shout, the force of the WAAAGH!!! Energy behind it sending the boulders just off course as they crashed into the ground around him, releasing their squig payloads. Each of them began to bark, ready to detonate, but stopped with a quick shout from their warboss.

"Oi! You lot! 'Old off. I'z got planz for ya." He picked up two of the bomb squigs and set them both on his shoulders. To the rest, he gave a directional wave, and they began to sprint and leap towards the shards headed toward Gulgrim, detonating and sending them scattering away from him. With two explosive squigs remaining on his shoulders, Gulgrim takes off in a sprint toward the book. "Let's see 'ow ya like wot 'appens ta yer book now, spikey git!" the Ork bellowed. Headlong he rushed, dashing over scattered debris and launches himself into the air toward the tome floating in the room, and just as he was about to reach the book....

There was a flash of green, and suddenly the Warboss was falling. Falling toward the ground. Some glowing spheres of light are falling alongside him, just below him, all of them racing downward. But between the orbs and the ground was a sorcerer with a black staff. Grabbing a bomb squig in each hand, Gulgrim careened toward Ahriman, dropping like a stone toward the chaos sorcerer, just behind the magical spheres of the Serry-fim. Just before he would reach his position, he threw the squig in his organic hand at the tome, its fuse winding down as it reached near the book, and with that hand freed he would then reach out to try to grab the Sorcerer and slam the explosive squig in his Cybork hand into his face, fully intending to take the explosion, which would certainly ruin his metallic arm, and more likely take the sorcerer with it if he couldn't protect himself in time.
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The tiny skeleton atop his shoulders has been weaving signs and gathering energy as soon as Ahriman had reappeared.  It is preparing a spell meant for Ahriman and his book.  Slowing down or holding Ahriman's body might leave the book vulnerable, giving them the chance to take care of it.  The spell continues to gather strength as time goes by.

As the squig filled boulders come flying their direction, Kitharsis beats his wings and leaps into the air.  Glowing crimson tendrils of energy swat down the boulders careening toward him.  The meteors that fall from above force him to the ground again.  He is too big of a target to try and dodge them in the air.

Kitharsis lands heavily next to Danyael and Mary.  As his feet touch down bags of sand hanging from his belt spill open.  The sand mixes with his own crimson energy and creates a reactive, curving barrier above them.  It should suffice to block the explosive meteors heading their way.

"The little mage is preparing a holding spell."  Kitharsis attempts to relay to Danyael.  "I think we need to destroy that book, or at least contain it somehow."  His brow furrows.  "I would just destroy it, but given the situation that may be unwise..."

The tiny skeleton hops onto Danyael's back, continuously weaving its signs.  Worry marks Kitharsis's face as the mage peers back at him from Danyael's shoulders. 

Be careful with him.

With that Kitharsis rushes out from under the barrier, leaving it standing to protect Danyael and Mary for the time being. 

As Jharm charges and rains down holy orbs onto the Sorcerer, Kitharsis approaches from Ahriman's flank.  Tendrils of crimson energy sprawl out from his arms as heavy footfalls carry him forward.  He lashes out with them, a web of searing energy attempting to tear into the Sorcerer.  Following closely behind, Kitharsis intends to keep on Ahriman's tail if he flees, or engage in melee if he stands and fights.
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Danyael, instinctively steps in front of Kitharsis, strategically putting both his friend and Mary behind him. But his friend had already raised a barrier in their defense and the Nephilim lord took a small, rare moment of respite to catch his breath. The numbers of possibilities were already spinning by as Kitharsis provides his plan. ”Destroying it might prove more difficult, considering the circumstances.” he mused, ”But to take it away. Seal it from him.” his eyes went to the skeleton mage, but his thoughts went to the everworld cloak, now a hardened and barbed cocoon around the unconscious Mary.

”Be careful with him.”

He didn’t know whether Kitharsis was referring to either Danyael, the mage or both. He might as well have been, considering that what they were about to do was yet another batshit crazy plan. But that was just the style of such a pair.

An echo stealthily fizzled into the fray from behind the trio, discreetly pulling Mary’s unconscious form from the cloak. In the same instant she was out, Danyael dashed into action just as Kitharsis leaps back into the forefront, the everworld cloak chasing after him, tracing his movements with the eeriness of a shadow. The little mage clinging to Danyael’s collar for dear life, its little legs flapping about almost as frequently as the clattering of its teeth – even moreso after Danyael broke what might pass for the sound barrier as his alacrity pulsed further, putting him right beside Ahriman, joining Kitharsis and Jharm in the melee. Though Danyael could not understand the little creature, it wouldn’t surprise him if the mage was still invoking the incantations necessary to exact their plan.

But in that instant, Danyael split into two. One an echo and the other the Nephilim Lord himself, the latter of which darting backward with the mage, grabbing hold of the everworld cloak while the echo continued onward with the Orchid Howl and Yamato in hand. At the same moment the blades slashed omnidirectionally toward Ahriman, the Nephilim lord tackled the book with the everworld cloak, the living garment wrapping its tendrils around the relic as fast and voraciously as possible.

In the same instant, the skeleton mage’s chattering came full stop when its little jaws opened wide in a silent scream, the misty energies subtly surging around it the entire time now bursting into the spectrum, forming rune inscribed brands around the everworld cloak, locking into place in the form of a segmented, complex tesseract frame. If this gambit were to go off as close as planned, the combined efforts of the everworld cloak and the mage-inducted seal, would keep Ahriman separate from his source long enough for the companions to engage an effective counter.

The skeleton mage hopped atop the tesseract, its little jaws chattering and clicking about as its feet continued what many would perceive as a victory jig. Far from it. the little creature bounced the tesseract up and down much like a basketball, dribbling it with every hop in what was intended to be out of Ahriman’s reach while the companions engaged.  In this, the chattering almost did sound like taunting, though he knew the mage was still chanting the spell. But considering how the mage operated, even pointing a small bony figure at the enemy, it may as well have been tossing jibes at Ahriman, like: You ugly! You yo daddy's son!

The Nephilim Lord took a three-point stance and launched back into the fray, unleashing a continuing fusillade of rapid fire kicks and strikes alongside his echo – both with the intent of turning the tide in as many ways as possible. But he kept in the back of his mind that this was a gamble on inducted by himself and his dear friend, Kitharsis. But then again, when he and Kith had a plan, it always cascaded into working itself out. Because this hot-mess just upgraded to a whole new insanity.
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Sepher uses his speed to avoid most of the meteors, using his shield to deflect any that he was unable to outmaneuver. While doing this, he keeps an eye on Ahriman, waiting for another opportunity to strike.

Cameron uses both his psychic and elemental powers to direct the flaming meteors away from him. He sees Soul Reaver ahead of him, defending himself from the same attack. It is clear that he will soon be overwhelmed. Cameron hesitates for a moment, but then leaps into the air above Soul Reaver, pulling the rest of the meteors away from him and hurling them off to either side. He then lands with a shuddering thud next to the Immortal warrior.

“Come on. Keep up. We need to come up with a plan.”

Scorn and contempt radiates from Ahriman’s very being as the Seraphim shouts at him. As the holy orbs appear above him, Ahriman gestures skyward and barks more words of power. A latticework of chaos energy appears above him, causing the holy bolts to disperse harmlessly as they strike it. This frees up Ahriman to counter Jharm’s hammer charge with a crimson shield that he manifests from nowhere.

I was really hoping for some actual theological debate with you regarding the nature of this Plane. But you have unfortunately chosen to stoop to the lowest possible form of rebuttal, used only by the weak-minded and those who know that they are wrong but refuse to admit any form of defeat.

Ahriman throws his arm forward, turning the shield into a wave of energy that throws the Seraphim backwards.

"The ‘I am not X, you are X’ rebuttal! The most childish of arguments. I am honestly surprised that you didn’t follow that up by questioning my parental lineage. Boring! What a waste!

Ahriman points a finger at Jharm, clearly intending to continue his diatribe, but he spots Kitharsis moving towards his flank. In an instant, he has shifted position to meet the warrior head on.

Why do you all insist on making this difficult on yourselves? I only need ONE of your souls. The sooner I get one, the sooner the rest of you can go and get on with the remains of your pitiful existence!

Kitharsis lashes out with his tendrils. Ahriman counters each attack with a spin of the Black Staff. An aura of powerful anti-magic around the staff seem to force the tendrils away from it, causing most of them to miss their mark. A few still strike home, scarring Ahriman’s armor but only causing minor damage to Ahriman himself.

Maybe you would like to be the sacrifice, Tirthandaran? Your soul burns bright within you. Just give it up and I promise I will allow your friends to escape this Plane-

Ahriman’s words fall short as he senses another attack on the Book of Magnus. The one called Danyael has wrapped some kind of artifact cloak around it. The anti-matter shields prevent the Everworld Cloak from actually making contact with the Book, but Ahriman suddenly finds his connection to it weakened. For the first time since the fight started, Ahriman’s voice betrays concern.

You there! Just what are you intending to do with that little blanket? You cannot cut me off from my Book so easily-

Ahriman’s words die on his lips a second time as an object that war hurled from above him strikes the book and explodes. This does nothing, since the anti-matter spells and the added protection of the Everworld Cloak nullify the force of the explosion. But it does cause Ahriman to look skyward, too late, since the falling Ork that hurled the Squig had already landed behind him, with another Squig in his hand.

Ahriman has no chance to react before he is grabbed by Gulgrim. The Squig is smashed into his face and explodes, throwing himself and the Ork apart violently. Ahriman hits the ground and tumbles end over end a few times before coming to rest. His right arm is gone. The faceplate of his helmet is smashed and strange colored blood spurts from the cracks. His armor is rent and torn in various places, with the chest plate almost entirely caved in. And yet, he struggles to his feet.

“No… no matter… I’ll just…”

His connection to the Book is gone.


Ahriman’s one remaining good eye focuses on the Book of Magnus. It is still wrapped in the cloak, which is now also wrapped in a powerful tesseract. A small skeleton dances on top of it. Ahriman stares at it.


Before he can react further, he is struck by multiple Danyaels. He is powerless to do much of anything as he is buffeted by strikes and kicks. He is driven into a pillar, and as Danyael and his echo continue to flurry, driven into the pillar. But just when it seems like maybe Ahriman is down for the count, the Black Staff suddenly reappears in his remaining hand.


Ahriman hurls the staff, and as it leaves his hand, his body disappears. A wisp of smoke follows the Staff as it rockets across the chamber in the direction of the massive rune. Just as it is about to hit the rune, the smoke reforms into Ahriman, who catches the Staff. He is still battered and bloody, but is also still very much alive.

Very smart. Cutting me off from the Book prevents me from reviving myself. Very clever of you to figure that out. But you will not keep me from my tome for long.

Letting the staff float beside him, Ahriman stretches a hand towards the rune. It reacts, unleashing a torrent of souls in his direction. A ripple of force erupts from him as he absorbs them into him. The cracks and holes in his armor mend, and his missing arm is replaced by strange tangle of metal and flesh that form into an arm and a hand. He raises his staff and shouts, and the entire chamber is suddenly engulfed in a massive maelstrom of wind, rocks, and debris, making it difficult to move and even harder to see. Lightning crackles throughout the storm, randomly lashing out at the Companions. Ahriman uses the distraction as cover while he turns his attention to the Book, the tesseract, and the skeleton mage.

I already informed you once that the time for games is over. RETURN MY PROPERTY TO ME IMMEDIATELY.

Ahriman lunges forward, screaming words of power. At the same time, the Book of Magnus begins to move under it’s own power, speeding towards it’s owner, with the skeleton mage hanging on for dear life. Ahriman completes his spell, and a sphere of anti-magic appears in his hands. He stops short and hurls it at the approaching book. Should the sphere and the book meet, both the tesseract and the skeleton mage will be unmade.
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Post by: Veldanya Venalla on April 19, 2018, 06:43:22 PM
The gleaming form of the Seraphim flies backwards from the Chaos Sorcerers attack, the holy warrior skidding across the floor before he comes to a stop. Glaring up at the Sorcerer, Jharm is about to respond when he is "interrupted" by Kitharsis' attack.  He watches as a slew of attacks unfold on both Ahriman and the vile Tome until a massive explosion envelops the area as the Ork Warboss unleashes his "attack".  Shielding himself against the dust and debris from the explosion he watches as the seemingly broken and battered form of the Chaos leader continues his diatribes and attacks, culminating in unleashing a massive wind and lightning storm as he releases some form of anti-magic shell towards the floating Book of Magnus.

"Fine Ahriman....tell me of your perfected "theology" that somehow involves and validates annihilating millions of innocent lives!"

As the Seraphim speaks he erects a shield around himself and launches himself forward, soaring over the Tome, aimed directly for the incoming anti-magic shell and, should he not falter, the Chaos Sorcerer himself, the Seraphs hammer glowing a brillant white as he seems intent on ending this "debate" as soon as possible.
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Gulgrim ground to a halt a few moments after his reckless tactic sent him and the Chaos Sorcerer soaring away from each other. As he sat up, burnt flesh already beginning to peel away with fresh green emerging beneath, the Warboss looked over to his right arm to see only a torn wreckage, sparking wires and rent metal all that remained of his Cybork arm.

"Feh." The Ork spat. Good thing he made replacement arms. That was the kind of brutal kunnin' that put him ahead of other warbosses; forethought for what happens if a plan goes haywire. No time to proverbially pat himself on the back though (Dat wuz gonna be 'ard anyway wif only one hand. Can't pat and smash at the same time, and you'z a grot if you'z fink I'z gonna pat instead o' smash.), as Ahriman was far from finished. The sorcerer rudely undid most of the damage Gulgrim had done to him, and even brought back his missing arm in some spikey git attempt to copy an Ork's regeneration.

Well, if he was going to be disrespectful like that, that display had given the Ork an idea.

Gulgrim stood up and dusted himself off with his remaining arm, then fixed his Orky glare on the spot where his other arm used to be. There was a moment of intense focus, and with a sound like a house of glass shattering in a lightning storm, slowly a replacement came into being. Green energy slowly knitted the metallic arm into being, but this one was slightly different. Gulgrim seemed to be grafting the arm from his Stompy Suit onto his shoulder directly as a temporary replacement. The massive death machine of an arm that came into existance was almost comically oversized, even on the titanic warboss, but it bristled with guns and a nasty power klaw just waiting to be used. Giving the arm an experimental rotation and scissoring the claw open and shut a few times, the Ork proceeded to stomp forward to the fight again.

"Oi! Spikey Grot!" Gulgrim shouted over the gale, a green shield of crackling energy battering aside debris and lightning as he pushed his way through the wall of wind. "You'z ain't done wif me yet!"

Gulgrim fired a warning shot to get Ahriman's attention. The Ork's idea of a warning shot was a salvo of heavy Kannon fire from his replaced arm aimed in the general vicinity of Ahriman's torso, but to an Ork such a lethal display was the best kind of warning one could give.

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Soul Reaver is about to buried beneath a shower of flaming rock when the projectiles suddenly slow in mid-air, then hurl themselves harmlessly aside.  The ground shakes as Cameron lands next to him.

"Come on. Keep up. We need to come up with a plan."

Soul Reaver allows himself a moment to glance in his direction, giving a thin smile as he does so.

"We may already have one" he murmurs, indicating the tesseract-enclosed book.

"But just in case that fails, I have a backup plan.  Irrespective, we have to destroy Ahriman again!"

As Ahriman fights off the combined attacks from Kitharsis, Danyael, Gulgrim and Jharm, his shouts of anger confirm that the book is key to his continued resurrection.  However, before Soul Reaver can close in to assist in slaying him, Ahriman unleashes a whirlwind of debris and lightning, forcing the warrior down to his knees.  The sphere of his Protection spell flares as a random arc of lighting coruscates over its surface and small rocks ricochet off harmlessly.  Half-covering his eyes against the dust, Soul Reaver spots the angelic glow surrounding Jharm's hammer as the Seraphim launches himself straight at Ahriman.

Gritting his teeth, Soul Reaver extends his left arm, palm facing forward, and speaks words of magic.  His hand is suffused in a green glow as emerald Power Bolts begin firing from his hand in a rapid torrent.  He is not aiming for Ahriman - instead, the bolts are fired with pinpoint accuracy at the large chunks of rock and debris that, shield or no, threaten to swat Jharm out of the air.  If he could clear a path for the Seraphim, perhaps Jharm could crush Ahriman before the sorcerer could free the book.
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Post by: Kitharsis on May 06, 2018, 09:29:52 AM
It worked.


It worked!

Kitharsis watches the tiny skeleton mage as it jeers in triumph atop the Book of Magnus.  Ahriman's reaction is telling.  Separating him from the Book is a priority.  Yet the rune also powers Ahriman in a similar matter.  It will have to be dealt with, but first things first.

Ahriman's rebuttal is swift, as expected.  A maelstrom engulfs the entire chamber and randomly throws out bolts of lighting at the companions.  Kitharsis curls the bony wings in front of him.  Worse for the wear, they strain under the power of the storm as Kitharsis plans his next move.  He frowns as he sees the glow of the tesseract being pulled toward Ahriman.  The Sorceror's innate connection to the book is overpowering both the tesseract and the Everworld Cloak.

The skull tattoo on Kitharsis's forearm flares to life.  Its glow pierces through the maelstrom like a beacon.  In a flash of crimson energy a pile of skeleton mages appear on the Book of Magnus.  The tesseract is barely visible underneath the mass of bones clambering all over the Book.  The original little mage chatters away at the newcomers, and they waste no time in springing to action. 

The mages scuttle all over the tesseract, covering it from all sides.  They stick their bony palms out, which begin to glow with focused magic.  Jets erupt out of their palms all at once, attempting to counter Ahriman's pull on the book and to dodge the anti-matter sphere.  They have faith in Jharm's shield, but evasive maneuvers couldn't hurt.  If they are successful, they will work in unison to play keep away from Ahriman if he chooses to follow after them.

Meanwhile Kitharsis has exhausted a great amount of energy in summoning so many mages at once.  He has taken a knee, trying to regain his composure.  His bony wings have started to break apart in the maelstrom, large pieces of bone breaking off of them as the larger pieces of debri crash into them.  The faintly glowing web of energy holding the wings together is wearing thin as well.  He grits his teeth, hoping the little mages are able to give the others enough time to destroy Ahriman while he is seemingly mortal.
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“You there! Just what are you intending to do with that little blanket? You cannot cut me off from my Book so easily-”

Danyael and his echoes, even the one holding Mary, barked in unison, “I intend to tuck you in, motherfucker!”. A small smirk creased across his face when witnessing what might have been surprise from Ahriman as the sorcerer finally noticed the work of Kitharsis and the Nephilim Lord’s tactic. With all attacks hailing down on Ahriman from all fronts, it wasn’t too hard to see the desperation start to sink in. And that was where things became worrisome, for there has never been someone who didn’t become dangerous upon the onset of desperation.

The energies seen through Danyael’s eyes witnessed the full fury of energies screaming throughout the chamber as the summoned storm blazed into materialization. It was dazzling, miraculous and almost blinding, if one could pardon the pun of irony. But energy was Danyael’s sight now. And energy being used throughout the room only made things easier for him to perceive. It was then that he saw what he perceived as a void mass streaking through the air on a direct course to the tesseract. He could only deduce this was an anti-field of sorts. Perhaps something to counterbalance or counteract energy. An anti-magic assault.

The echo alongside Danyael, Yamato and Orchid Howl in hand, darted after the sorcerer, while Danyael leapt the distance to Kitharsis. Kneeling in front of his friend, a set of golden seraphic wings sprouted wide and enclosed around both men in the same moment. The light pulsing from the Nephilim lord to the tirthandaran to such degree that they both glowed the same brilliant hue of beaming platinum. “I’ve got you, brother.” The Nephilim lord said in a slightly exhausted huff, his hands clasping Kitharsis’ shoulders, pushing a portion of healing energies into his friend. He knew this would weaken him a moment, but his healing factor would kick in not long after and he’d be back in the battle. At least, that was the plan.

The sword wielding echo nearly caught up to Ahriman, his speed increasing with every dashing step, until his was practically soaring, only for him to whiz past the sorcerer with a sound barrier shattering boom, strafing into the slipstream of the anti-magick sphere. Then he strafes past the sphere with an additional surge of speed, with only seconds left to act, skidding hard before dashing directly into the path of the sphere itself, tossing the Yamato and Orchid Howl aside just before directly impacting with the sphere. As the echo and the sphere collide, the swords harmlessly clatter to opposing sides across the room. Danyael himself feels the sudden jolt of temporary impact, forcing him to falter slightly enough to notice, though the healing process continues. “Fucking hate it when that happens.” He snarled, exhaustion unhidden, hinting that this wasn’t the first time he had to use an echo as a meatshield.

The Echo holding Mary leapt even further away from the fight, landing a good enough distance to defend, but also to survey the battle in full. Silver scaled seraphic wings sprouted from his back to fully encompasse both himself and Mary, holding her close and secure, his hands softly releasing a subtle extension of healing warmth.

Meanwhile, the mages continued their own contest against one another, the air around them a cacophony of conflicting clicks and chatters as they each pulled the tesseract in every direction. Some heaved in one way while others ho’ed in another to the point where they were unwittingly building momentum, the tesseract being moved even further, faster and more erratically in randomly irritating directions. Well, irritating to Ahriman, at the least. Soon, they were a white blotch of motion and noise, scurrying in quick bursts of unpredictable flinging about. The chattering became so loud that some may as well have been insults hurled at each other, with a few raspberries spurting audible enough as well. But the more they yammered on, the more they pulled and pushed. They more they pulled and pushed, the more their movement snowballed. The more their movement snowballed, the faster they moved, as if they were unexpectedly using gravity as a high-powered slingshot… from every angle.
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A horrible laugh rings through the chamber as Jharm launches forward. He had just said the magic words.

Oh really? Are you finally ready to have an actual theological debate with me? How enticing!

It sounds so enticing, in fact, that Ahriman decides wasting the opportunity by allowing the Seraphim to be annihilated by the anti-magic sphere before reaching him is absolutely out of the question. He was hoping that Jharm would have already been knocked aside and out of the sphere’s path by the flying debris of his storm, but well-timed bolts fired by Soul Reaver keep Jharm free of danger and on track to impact the sphere head on. So Ahriman takes matters into his own hands.

With a gesture, the sphere splits into two halves mere seconds before impacting Jharm. The halves glide harmlessly past him on either side before slamming back together and resuming their previous trajectory behind him.

Before Jharm can adjust or attempt to redirect himself, he slams directly into Ahriman, who has counter-attacked to close the gap between the two. The Seraphim’s hammer again meets the Black Staff, and again the two weapons grind to a stalemate, locking Jharm and Ahriman into a spiral as neither can push the other back.

My perfected theology does not assume that the billions of lives that will be lost are innocent. There are some, yes. Small children, too young to think for themselves. Creatures that are not sentient and therefore cannot be corrupted. Those are regrettable losses. Collateral damage.

As Ahriman continues to focus on keeping Jharm at arm’s length, he still has part of his mind locked on the anti-magic spell. The Book of Magnus, seeming to act on its own accord, adjusts its trajectory to avoid debris from the maelstrom, and Ahriman makes adjustments to the trajectory of the sphere to compensate. The two are seconds away from colliding with each other.

Everyone else is tainted. EVERYONE. Even you. Even myself, before I discovered the means to purge myself. Everyone in this plane of existence suffers from the taint of uncontrolled Chaos, and it influences their daily actions whether they realize it or not. I can control Chaos. Use it to shape order. Use it to make a perfect system, a perfect society. But I cannot build my perfect world on weakened bedrock. I must demolish this crumbling foundation and clear the way for a new, unblemished construct that can bear the weight of this new era without fear of faltering. This is the only way.

Ahriman frowns. He can still feel the anti-magic sphere, which should have collided with the Book of Magnus near the end of his dialogue. He glances over Jharm’s shoulder.

And you simpletons just continue to insist on WASTING MY TIME.

Tiny bone constructs. He is being foiled by a mass of tiny, chattering, bone constructs. The anti-magic sphere continues to try and seek out the Book, but the Book is no longer in control of its own flight and the bone constructs keep using magic to push the book away from the sphere. Enraged, Ahriman lashes out with the Staff, knocking Jharm away from him. He then pushes forward, intent on intercepting the Book himself and ripping the constructs from it. A figure charges past him, fast enough to leave a sonic boom in its wake, but Ahriman ignores this. The book is his only concern. Having to dodge and teleport through a heavy barrage of Ork weapon fire only serves to infuriate him further.


Ahriman lashes out at the Book with black lightning, but the mages push the Book away at the last second and the spell misses. He lashes out again, but every time he either moves towards the Book or launches an attack at it, it randomly changes directions again. There is no rhyme or reason to what direction it takes, which makes it impossible for Ahriman to track or catch. In his rage and frustration, he barely registers that something has finally collided with the anti-magic sphere.

The echo that impacts the sphere is unmade on the spot, and the sphere is likewise destroyed by the impact. Ahriman practically howls in anger. Even if he catches the Book now, there is no longer anything to direct it to in order to free it from the tesseract. And then, on top of everything else, a massive explosion rocks the Spire from below them. Ahriman stops in his tracks.

No. It’s too soon. I thought I had more time.

Ahriman knows that he had more than enough time. These fools should have been dead well before now. But he has lost control of the situation and only has a scant few moments to turn this situation around before it spirals out of his control for good. There is no longer time to play it safe.

 He hurls his Staff to the side and reaches into the depths of his armor, into a hidden dimensional pocket where he keeps his most important treasures. He pulls out a small brightly glowing sphere, suspended in two concentric rings of glass.

Our time is up. I will have my book back, and I will have it NOW.

Ahriman closes his grasp over the sphere, shattering the rings. All sound in the room is silenced as a blinding white light consumes the entire chamber. Everything made of magic is snuffed out. Artifacts stop working. Constructs are reduced to ash. Even the Chaos magic that forms the chamber itself is undone, causing the room to suddenly shrink to its normal size. The Companions suddenly find themselves much closer together than they previously were.

Ahriman falls to the ground. He himself has been completely drained of magic by the detonation of his artifact. Only three objects in the room remain unscathed.

The soul rune. The Book of Magnus. And the tesseract, which against all odds has held fast. The mass of mages surrounding the book at the time of the detonation are destroyed, but this nulifies much of the blast. The blast still manages to briefly disable the tesseract, and Ahriman shrieks with glee as the Everworld Cloak is also disrupted and falls from the book to the ground. But the tesseract had only been temporarily disabled, and it soon winks back into existance, wrapping itself even more tightly around the Book itself now that the Cloak is no longer present. Ahriman curses loudly.

Around the chamber, magical artifacts begin to recover from the anti-magical blast. The room itself begins to grow again as Warp energy rebuilds the weakened artificial reality that holds the entire Spire in place. Ahriman’s staff returns to him, and he leans heavily on it. He gestures for his Book.

Without the skeletal mages to keep it at bay, the Book has regained its own movement. It flies into Ahriman’s hands, though it is still surrounded by the tesseract. Ahriman peers into the magical patterns, looking for the best place to pull to undo this spell.

This is fine. There is still time. There is still-

Ahriman jerks forward as a massive blade slams through his back, sticking out of his chest. The Book of Magnus falls from his fingers. An eerily familiar voice rings out from behind him.

No, my old friend. Your time is over.

Ahriman tries to speak but can only gurgle and wheeze as his spirit passes from his body and into the Book, where it too becomes trapped inside the tesseract. Ahriman’s lifeless corpse slumps to the ground. The robed figure behind it rips the daemon blade Drach’nyen from his back.

Thus ends the reign of Ahriman, the traitor of traitors.

The robed figure raises its head. All that can be seen of its face are two glowing red eyes.

The Warmaster has regained the throne. The second reign of Abbadon has begun.
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The Seraphim briefly glances back as the anti-magic shell splits around him, colliding with the Chaos Sorcerer.  His glowing hammer slams into Ahrimans twisted staff as he speaks to Jharm.

“My perfected theology does not assume that the billions of lives that will be lost are innocent. There are some, yes. Small children, too young to think for themselves. Creatures that are not sentient and therefore cannot be corrupted. Those are regrettable losses. Collateral damage.  Everyone else is tainted. EVERYONE. Even you. Even myself, before I discovered the means to purge myself. Everyone in this plane of existence suffers from the taint of uncontrolled Chaos, and it influences their daily actions whether they realize it or not. I can control Chaos. Use it to shape order. Use it to make a perfect system, a perfect society. But I cannot build my perfect world on weakened bedrock. I must demolish this crumbling foundation and clear the way for a new, unblemished construct that can bear the weight of this new era without fear of faltering. This is the only way.”

The Seraph scowls under his helmet at hearing such words.

"Once again you seem to believe you, and ONLY you, knows "the truth" and can "fix" everything.  That, in and of itself, indicates that you're theory is flawed.  You think that you alone somehow possess some great insight that ensures that your "vision" is guaranteed to be correct.  You claim even I "suffer from the control of Chaos" and yet I am not trying to justify the slaughter of millions, the annihilation of all of existence to try and remake it in my own personal image!  You simply wish for godhood and seek to...."

His words are cut off as he is cast to the side as Ahriman moves to directly retrieve his book.  Just as he gets back to his feet, Ahriman crushes the small sphere in his hand.  White light washes over everything in the room, the Seraphim collapsing to the ground, his hammer crashing to the ground.  For a few moments he struggles to get up, his armor and weapon seeming to suddenly feel as if they weigh tons, an almost eerie silence in his mind as his connection to the Light is briefly severed.  Soon though he regains control of himself, glancing up with anger at see a sword suddenly punch through the Sorcerers chest.  A figure behind the stricken spellcaster speaks.

“No, my old friend. Your time is over."

Jharms glowing eyes settle on a figure, covered in a black robe standing behind Ahriman.   His eyes then travel down to the weapon piercing through Ahrimans chest as it is pulled out and the spellcasters body slumps to the ground, his soul trapped inside the Book now.  He recognizes the blade almost instantly as the robed figure speaks once more.

“Thus ends the reign of Ahriman, the traitor of traitors. The Warmaster has regained the throne. The second reign of Abbadon has begun.”

His glowing eyes lock onto the glowing red eyes as further realization sets in. 

This can't be!  That can't be Abbadon, he was massive in size!  That voice though...I know that voice...

Within his mind he works to try and "connect the dots".  An image springs to mind...the last time they had encountered Peterson.  The fallen space marine had fled after slaughtering their friend and taunting them in his own malevolent ways.

He took her....and killed her because his "employer" wanted him to.  His...employer....

The hand gripping his hammer suddenly loosens as his weapon crashes to the ground as realization courses through him.  He speaks out, the tone of his voice filled with a mixture of horror, anger, and sadness as he voices his suspicions....even though in his heart he knows that they are true.

"That's why....why you had him take her...."

Extending his hand out, his fallen weapon rises up into his grip, his hands clenching tightly as fury courses through him once more.

" are a monster.  I swear by the Light that your "reign" shall not last even a day!"

The Seraphim seems about to rush in but then stops himself as he realizes that Abaddon likely both wants such a thing to happen and has likely laid some sort of trap in case it does.
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Soul Reaver's Power Bolt spells whiz through the stormy air, each exploding into small green bursts of light as they strike the whirling debris and turning it into harmless gravel.  Explosions rock the chamber as Jharm, Gulgrim and Danyael work together to demolish his defenses.

He looks on in satisfaction as Ahriman's cocky assurance melts in the face of the companions' interference, but the tugging at the corner of his lips is pauses when Ahriman pulls forth the small white sphere.  Soul Reaver only barely has time to register what Ahriman has in his hand before its power is unleashed.

A white wave of antimagic washes over Soul Reaver, not completely unlike what slumbers within his own amulet.  Crude but powerful, it instantly strips away his Truesight and protective barrier.  When the wave has passed, there is a tangible feeling of emptiness in the air around him - the chamber itself seems to have shrunk, and his armour feels unusually heavy.

With some alarm Soul Reaver notes that he cannot sense Blooddrinker, and so he hefts the sword up into his hand.  But the weapon is still as unnaturally light and balanced as always, and Soul Reaver breathes an inner sigh of relief - had the binding enchantments of the sword been disrupted even momentarily, the results could have been disasterous.  Voicelessly, Soul Reaver hears Bloodrinker give a low growl as the Daemon's presence once more makes itself felt in the recesses of his mind.

Magical energy quickly comes rushing back into the room as Soul Reaver rises to his feet and begins to sprint toward Ahriman.  The sorcerer was scanning the tesseract to try and find a weakness in it, and Soul Reaver wasn't planning on letting him finish.

But then Soul Reaver skids to a halt, as a huge, familiar blade blooms from Ahriman's chest.  A sinister voice echoes through the chamber.

Soul Reaver's coutenance turns stony as he listens to that voice.


He locks eyes with the robed figure before him, his face betraying no emotion.  He approaches slowly now, Blooddrinker gradually raising into a defensive position.

"...what has become of Kalana?"
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A rather large chunk of bone spins through the air as yet another boulder crashes into the bony wings.  The bony joint finally fails, causing half of his left wing to collapse into a pile of bone on the obsidian floor at his feet.

Danyael lands in front of him, sprouting golden wings of his own to protect them, and just in time.  Kitharsis looks up at his friend with a strained smile. 

"I've got you, brother."  Danyael huffs, seemingly no better off than Kitharsis is, at this point.

The healing energy flows through him, reinvigorating him.  Kitharsis waves Danyael away before the Nephilim wastes too much of his own energy.

"Just needed to catch my breath, no need for concern."  Kitharsis says as he rises to his feet once more.

“I GROW WEARY OF THESE POINTLESS GAMES.”  Ahriman yells, clearly exasperated with the companions efforts to thwart him.

The Chaos Sorceror pulls a trump card from inside his armor, and quickly activates it.  Kitharsis throws his arm up to shield his eyes from the blinding white light, but quickly finds himself without strength from the effect of Ahriman's artifact.

There is no spark, there is no energy.  The connection is gone, and his tattoos seem to fade to dull traces of themselves.  His eyes dart from forearm to forearm, disbelief striking his face.

A few of the less robust artifacts hanging from his belt crack and shatter into pieces, not able to keep themselves together without the aid of their magics.  And all of the warmth leaves the bags of sand that he is never without.  His belt feels all the heavier for it.

What is left of his battered and broken wings finally fails and breaks apart into dust.  Kitharsis stands bewildered, with a pile of sand and dust resting on the floor around him.

But the spark returns.

And his tattoos regain their vigor.

As the room continues to grow to its unnatural size around him he finds himself regaining his power.

Kitharsis turns to Ahriman, scowling as the Sorcerer fiddles with the Book of Magnus.  His skeletons did their job, but none survived the effects of the artifact.  A large cost in energy and companionship.

His metal boots pound heavy on the floor as Kitharsis charges toward Ahriman.  But the massive blade that pierces through the Sorceror's chest stops him short.

"Abbadon."  But not entirely...
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A burst of magic-shredding energy washes over the area, and Gulgrim, still firing toward Ahriman until the moment he is impaled, doesn't notice until his cybork arm, powered just as much by the WAAAGH!!! as by any technology, sparks and ceases functioning, resulting in his gunfire faltering as his right arm falls limp at his side.

Gulgrim looks over to his arm with a mildly annoyed expression, but quickly feels the energies of the WAAAGH!!! beginning to suffuse him again in the wake of the burst of magical energy. The arm would be back online in just a few moments. Still, that pulse had blown off all of the excess WAAAGH!!! that Gulgrim had built up during the fight with Ahriman, which meant that he was basically starting again from scratch as Ahriman was replaced with the more imposing figure of Abaddon.

"Feh. So da Warmaster o' da Spikey Boyz decides 'e wantz ta show 'imself, does 'e?" Gulgrim bellows from the other side of the battlefield. Lightning already was beginning to arc in sporadic bursts across his form, the anticipation of a particularly large fight replenishing his stores significantly faster than a post-combat blow-off. His arm rattled and jerked before righting itself, returned to functionality.

"Dis should be a gud fight den. No more o' dem sorcery tricks an' muckin' about." The warboss laughed heartily, thumping his chest with his restored cybork arm, still bristling with the armor and weapons of the Stompy Suit partially attached to his own Torso in place of his traditional right arm.

"Jus' a right propa fight! I'z wanna see 'ow da biggest grot o' da chaos boyz stands up ta da Avatar o' Gork n' Mork!"
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Post by: Danyael on June 10, 2018, 12:13:40 AM
The anti-magic explosion rocked the room and Danyael felt the effects just as clearly as the others. There was only one other echo active on the field and it was guarding Mary. The two exchanged a glance to each other, nodding in acknowledgement. Here we go again

The echo looked down to Mary, cupped in his arms. “Everything’s going to be alr-“ the echo’s voice broke into silence and he was whisked back into the fade, vanishing completely from the fray, leaving emptiness where he once knelt. The second jolt hit Danyael with hammering force, pulling him to his knees, wings slithering back beneath the slits of his flesh in a weakening quiver. He watched as the elemental was in mid descent with the floor, meekly reaching out with what little strength left to him before the healing factor kicked back in. “Mary…” the rasp of his voice hissed out just as the everworld cloak snapped back to active status, dashing back over her in a flash. It cradled her as adeptly as it was gently, whisking her back to the Nephilim lord in the same instant of contact.
At the same moment Mary is returned to his grasp, he stands tall to take note of the cloaked figure in the distance. He mentally smirked at the figure riffing the nephilim’s style, but outwardly showed no such emotions on the surface. His eyes saw a familiar array of energies. Eerily familiar. But no surprise came. No, this was disgust.

“The Warmaster has regained the throne. The second reign of Abbadon has begun.” The man said, if he could even be graced the honor of being called a man. A voice called out to Danyael from within:“And the first reign of Danyael shall begin… marked by the fall of Abbadon.” But with a twitch of will, the voice, tempting (practically irresistible) as its proposal was, the matter of finishing the fight came first. And then, they could all leave. Leaving was a great idea. Especially the prospect of leaving this entire place to be devoured by the warp. Danyael snarled, the everworld cloak levitating with Mary in its grip as the Nephilim lord reached out with both hands. The yamato and orchid howl spun back into his grip with a swirling ring, snapping back into his clad grip with a clamp of his hands. “Then let’s begin.
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Cameron watches with cautious optimism as Ahriman is felled. But when he hears the voice of Abbadon, and the voice beneath Abbadon’s words, he staggers as if he has been shot. The elemental lowers his weapons. He can say or do nothing as Abbadon replies to Jharm’s threat.

“Seraphim. You cannot imagine how many times I have heard that same promise in my lifetime. It has yet to be kept.”

Abbadon’s glowing eyes swivel to Soul Reaver.

“Who are you referring to? The girl who was with you earlier? She’s dead. My… business associate killed her and devoured her soul. You watched it happen. So I don’t entirely understand this line of questioning.”

Abbadon then regards the Ork Warboss.

“It’s only fitting that you would be the only one happy to see me return. Your lust for battle is admirable. However, I am in no shape to fight.”

Within the Everworld Cloak, Mary stirs. The burst of warp energy released when the room’s enchantments kicked back in and re-established their stranglehold on local reality was enough to recharge her. She pushes against the Cloak that holds her and maneuvers herself back to the ground, next to Danyael. She rests a hand on his shoulder as she takes in her surroundings, first noting Ahriman’s corpse before turning her attention to the hooded figure standing before them.

Abbadon levels the daemon sword Drach’nyen at the Companions but takes a step backward.

“We will fight. A rematch of sorts, I suppose. But if we fought right now, it would simply be unfair. This body may be young and healthy, but I lack nearly all of my former strength. The massive amount of souls that I accumulated over centuries. You robbed me of them, and thus I am too weak to pose any sort of challenge to you."

Mary curses as she recognizes the distorted voice that Abbadon is now using. She glances back at Cameron, who has not moved since Abbadon first spoke. His eyes and expression are blank.

He’s going to be useless in this fight. I’ll have to cover for him.

Mary brings her two-handed sword into her hands, ready to move on Abbadon. She is unsure if he is bluffing about how weak he is, but if he is not, now would be the perfect time to strike. She takes a single step forward.

The moment she does so, Abbadon vanishes. He reappears next to the soul rune, floating next to it.

“I need to recover my strength. And it would seem that my former comrade has already set the table for me.”

Abbadon places his palm on the side of the rune, and the Tower shudders. Mary’s eyes widen.


Mary rushes forward but is tripped up by a mass of chains that suddenly burst from the floor. An untold number of chains burst from the floor and ceiling, surrounding both Abbadon and the rune. They close tight around them, forming a protective sphere of living metal. Abbadon’s voice rings out from inside of it.

“PETERSON! Here is your final assignment. Hold them off.”

The metal figure of Peterson bursts from the floor in between the Companions and the sphere. He is clearly the source of the chains, as an almost unfathomable number of them sprout from his back in every direction.

“I thought you’d never ask!”

Abbadon grins wildly, focusing on Mary.

“Hello again! Ready for Round 2?”

Peterson spreads his arms wide.The three clawed fingers on each of his hands stretch into massive claws. He is about to speak again when he is interrupted.


Cameron steps out from behind the rest of the Companions. The Nemesis force blades he borrowed earlier are clutched in each of his gauntleted fists. His voice drips with rage, and anyone looking at him can see visible waves of heat rippling off of him. Peterson cocks his head to one side.

“Cameron? Still here? I figured you’d be off somewhere crying about your dead lover.”

Peterson grins again, winking his good eye in Cameron’s direction.

“If it makes you feel any better, I made sure that her hot body did not go to waste!”

The visor on Cameron’s helmet slams shut.

“When I’m through with you, there won’t be anything left to bury.”

Peterson shifts into a defensive stance as Cameron launches himself directly at him. Although Cameron did not do this intentionally, the head-on assault gives the rest of the Companions a chance to come up with a strategy.
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So much happening all at once, though with Mary now at the ready, all seemed to focus inter a better perspective. The nephilim lord watch as the sorcerer spoke his prattle, his mutant eyes tracing the continuous influx of energies surrounding the tower. Abbaddon appeared a faded shade of colors, a husk of his former self. Danyael would know better than anyone that coming back from the dead took a toll on oneself, but knew all too well that this creature had already inacted if he was talking this much.

And then he saw the burst of power spray in all directions as chains erupted from the ground, forming a sphere of living metal. From Danyael's eyes, he saw the energies pulse and pump with the same rhythm of a heartbeat, but not one connected to Abbaddon. No, it was connected to another from within the ground as well - who had now broken free to the surface. The nephilim lord's eyes shifted to another shift in power as Cameron made his way to the vanguard, then widened as he watched the elemental dash directly at the man.

His alacrity took over and the world around him entered into slow motion. He pushed off his foot, erupting into full launch, placing himself directly into Cameron's slipstream as the elemental psykker rushed toward the one known as Peterson. He knew Cameron couldn't hear him, but he sent the message anyway: Rushing in? You owe me for this. because he knew, even upon success of his last minute strategy, that the price the nephilim lord was going to pay would hurt. With every step did the nephilim increase the gravity around his hands, adding the weight of his blades (and their potential force) nine-fold. Moments ticked by like seconds as he caught up to Cameron fast enough to match speed from behind until he skidded under the elemental with a spin, driving both swords upward directly at Peterson. The combined speed with built psychokinetic command over gravity combined for a potentially hard hitting upward strike.
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Post by: Veldanya Venalla on July 08, 2018, 05:22:30 PM
"I am the Seraphim.  I always keep my "promises" Abaddon."

The Seraph scowls under his helmet as the chains appear, shielding Abaddon and the rune from interference from the Companions.  His gaze turns towards Peterson as the fallen Space Marine steps out.  Revulsion seems to almost radiate from Jharm as he listens to the "man" speak, Cameron and Danyael charging in a moment later. Dropping his hammer to the ground once more, the Seraphim places his hands together, palms facing each other.  His head bows as his figure begins to glow brightly, a shield manifesting around him.

Focus your attacks my friends, hold nothing back.  He must be defeated quickly so that we can stop that madman from using the rune.  The Light watches over and protects you all.

At this point, each of the companions are surrounded by a soft, radiant light.  While the glow fades away after a moment, the effects do not.  Strength seems to be bolstered, minds calmed, wounds begin to heal.
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Post by: Soul Reaver on July 08, 2018, 07:57:01 PM
Soul Reaver's lips twist into a snarl at Abbadon's response, but he is forced to back up when the metallic chains burst from the ground and surround him - followed the arrival of Peterson.

Soul Reaver spends only a few seconds assessing the situation.  Cameron and Danyael were springing into action.  They might be enough to give him a small window of opportunity, while Jharm's soothing magics would give him the edge he would need to carry out his plans.

The biggest threat wasn't Peterson - it was Abaddon.

Soul Reaver had seen the rune that Abaddon was intending to use, and its structure.  He had also glanced parts of the Book of Magnus.  He had the tools to counter the foe, but he would have to be fast, and uninterrupted.  He would need to rely on the others to keep Peterson occupied.

Soul Reaver springs forward, giving Peterson a wide berth as he makes straight for the cocoon of chains.  Blooddrinkers swings in a glittering red arc, slicing through any chains in his way.  Wielding the sword with one hand, he begins to slash at the metal barrier, focussing a blur of effort on just a single point.

At the same time, his other hand is extended behind him as he sends an urgent mental message to Kitharsis.

Kitharsis!  Open the tesseract NOW!
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Kitharsis!  Open the tesseract NOW!

I...  I'm not sure I can!  Kitharsis responds in desperation.

The skeleton mages are born of his power, but they have skills independent of his own.  There isn't enough time to summon a mage and explain the situation before Peterson or Abbadon react to Soul Reaver's plan.  But perhaps there is another way.

Kitharsis opens his left palm with the tattoo of a circle, and stretches his arm in front of him.  He concentrates on the skull tattoo further up on his forearm.  His power gathers in both the skull and circle tattoos, and in a flash of crimson a clattering skull appears in his hand.  In another crimson flash, power flows from the circle tattoo into the skull, creating a powerful burst of magic from the skull. 

The Tesseract folds open on one side, creating an avenue for Soul Reaver to access the Book of Magnus.  Kitharsis channels energy through the skull, maintaining a connection to the Tesseract as a precaution.

It is open, for now.  Be warned, if Ahriman's presence makes itself known I will be forced to seal the Book immediately.
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Post by: Shadow Chorus on July 10, 2018, 11:30:05 AM
The Ork Warboss rolls his one organic eye at the notion of Abaddon waiting to recover his strength as Peterson takes his place.

"Feh. Just You'z wait, spikey grot." Gulgrim bellowed, rotating his cybork arm at the shoulder to make sure it was in full functioning order. "I'll give ya a sample o' wot you'z ken look forward to when I'z done wif yer little twiggy bodyguard. Den I'm comin' for ya, whether you'z ready or not."

Extending his cybork arm to the sky, a jolt of green lightning crackled down and impacted the palm of the metallic power klaw, the bolt arcing across the Warboss's body as he seemed to charge himself up with some residual energy.

And then Gulgrim was in motion, sprinting behind Cameron to join directly into the fight, guns spooling up and ready to fire at close range and power klaw scissoring open, ready to crush and pound against Peterson's form.

"The rest o' you grotz wot got kunnin' gubbins in yer 'eads, get yer' plans movin'! We'z gonna krush this git right qwik." Gulgrim bellowed to the rest of the companions as the smaller selection of them began the forward assault.
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Peterson seemed more than ready to welcome Cameron’s attack with open arms, but he detects a power surge in his slipstream and knows there is more than one attack coming. At the very last second, the myriad of chains emerging from his back seem to hoist him upwards at an alarming rate. He parries Cameron’s swords with his talons as he does so, and though the latent psychic energy contained within the blades jolts up his arms and into his body, this only seems to amuse the former Space Marine. Meanwhile, Danyael finds his attack hindered by another bundle of chains that enter the space between him and his target. His attack severs them easily but slows him down just enough that Peterson is able to avoid him. Peterson swings around behind Cameron, intending to counter-attack both him and Danyael.

At the same time this is happening, Kitharsis opens the tesseract surrounding the Book of Magnus. Almost immediately, a bright light issues out from the opening, the soul of Ahriman preparing for resurrection. As Soul Reaver launches an all out attack on the sphere of chains seperating himself from Abbadon and the Rune, Abbadon’s voice rings out from inside it.


Distracted, Peterson looks to his left and sees the book beginning to float off the ground. As his gaze shifts to it, a chain bursts forth from the mass and rips the book out from inside the tesseract, freeing it. The chain is alight with green fire, which doesn’t damage the book but does seem to delay Ahriman’s return.

Sepher has yet to move, still surveying the situation to determine the best opportunity to strike. Seeing that Peterson now has possession of the book, he springs into action.

I can’t allow him to have that. Who knows what he intends to do with it.

Sepher leaps forward, leaving a blur of bronze energy behind him. He collides with the chain holding the Book, and in an immense show of strength, rips it from the chain’s grasp despite being burned by the Chaos fire surrounding it. Almost immediately, he can feel Ahriman’s soul stir within. Perhaps he can absorb it, as he’s absorbed the souls of the countless daemons that he controls? Sepher focuses his mind…

...and is therefore completely unaware of what happens next. As Peterson howls in annoyance, he suddenly has to divert his attention back to the fight to fend off the attacks of Gulgrim.

“Abbadon, buddy, A little help?”

Soul Reaver continues to slash at the chains with Blooddrinker, carving through them like a hot knife through butter. But for every chain he severs, another two take its place and he seems to be making little progress. But as Peterson speaks, a small hole opens just above where Soul Reaver is focusing his efforts. A harsh white light pours out of the hole, and inside can just barely be made out the still robed figure of Abbadon, clutching the Rune with both hands, siphoning the souls within into themself. They pry a hand away from the rune and gesture outward through the hole, and then it slams shut again, overrun with more chains.

An eldritch pattern of magic forms around Sepher and the book. Mary, who had been about to move to help Soul Reaver, sees this and throws herself at Sepher, screaming a warning. Sepher has just enough time to break his concentration away from his battle with Ahriman’s soul and look up, and then the pattern crystalizes and closes over them. There is a flash, and when it fades, the Book and Sepher are gone. Removed from this plane of existence. Mary passes through the space where they had both occupied a fraction of a second later, too late to matter. Peterson laughs.

“Perfect! No more Book, and you managed to get rid of that bronzed fool as well! That makes this much less complicated.”

Abbadon’s voice rings out again from inside the sphere.

“Good. Now do your job and stop distracting me.”

Peterson allows his chains to pull him back towards the sphere, where he now hovers over top of it.

“Come on, then! Stop worrying about what Abby is doing! FIGHT ME! You know you want to!”

Peterson throws his arms back and waits to see which of the Companions makes the next move.
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Soul Reaver carves away at the shell surrounding Abaddon, apparently with little effect.  When the Book of Magnus is revealed, Soul Reaver's outstreched hand exerts a powerful telekinetic pull on it, but it is janked away by an animated chain before he can grab it.  Frustrated, but knowing the book is not the primary component of his plan, he returns his attention to Abaddon's self-imposed cage.

He does not see Sepher sever the chain, but he does see Abaddon's mistake - opening a small slit in the metallic cocoon, large enough for Soul Reaver to see inside.

Soul Reaver barely has a chance to register the feeling of Sepher and the book suddenly winking out of this plane of existence.  Though his heart falls heavy, Soul Reaver cannot allow anything to distract him from his goal.  He had seen inside the prison of chains, and that glimpse was all he needed.

A single word of magic and his body vanishes in a flare of red light, teleporting himself with precision into the cocoon.

On rematerialization, he intends to thrust his ruddy blade at Abaddon's midriff, while wresting the same power from him that he was attempting to use.
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Post by: Veldanya Venalla on July 30, 2018, 03:29:01 AM
The Seraphim watches as events transpire around him.  Sepher and the book vanish, Soul Reaver advances on Abaddon....and Peterson....he floats above the chain "wall" shielding Abaddon, his voice dripping of insult and sarcasm. 

“Come on, then! Stop worrying about what Abby is doing! FIGHT ME! You know you want to!”

Jharm grips his hands tightly, power swelling within him.  Extending his hand out towards his dropped weapon, the hammer glows and seems to disappear.  It reappears in both of his hands, its size seeming to be...diminished ever so slightly, as if to better accommodate wielding two such weapons at the same time.  Gazing up at the fallen Space Marine, the Seraphims eyes glow brilliantly, anger thick in his voice.

"There was a time where I had hoped redemption was possible for you Peterson.  Where I had hoped some part of the good man I once knew dwelt within you still.  Events have made it quite clear that such hopes were for naught.  Justice...and punishment.  That is all that remains.  Order must be upheld..."

As he speaks, the Seraphims figure rises up until it is level with Petersons.  His figure glows and then seems to flash brilliantly, the angellic warrios form now wreathed in white flames.

"A fight you shall have!"

As he finishes the words, Jharms form surges forward, headed directly for Peterson.  No words are needed, it is quite clear that the Seraphim intends to either crush his one-time comrade....or die in the attempt.
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The tesseract opens, the book reacting immediately.  Kitharsis grits his teeth and tries in vain to shut the Tesseract again.  One of Peterson's chains snatches the book away, foiling anything Kitharsis's efforts.  He lowers the skull and stops channeling through it, the tesseract shatters and fades away having served its purpose.

But then Sepher wrests the book away and begins focusing intently on it.  This catches the attention of both Peterson and Abbadon, who act quickly to neutralize Sepher's actions.

The chain cacoon opens with a small hole, revealing Abbadon inside.  It's clear that he is siphoning the power out of the rune.  Something that must be stopped.  Kitharsis reaches out to every bag of sand hanging from his belt.  Not nearly enough.  His hand digs into a pouch on the side of his belt, retrieving a rough piece of sandstone.  He channels energy through it, activating the runes scrawling over its surface.

With a grin, Kitharsis chucks the glowing sandstone at the chain cocoon.  Upon impact the runic sandstone explodes into a huge mass of living sand.  The sand washes over the chain cocoon, writhing and spinning and grinding.  The mass of sand is overwhelming.  It wears at the chains, pouring through any gaps it is able to create.  If left unchecked, it will make a beeline toward Abbadon inside.  And if it does reach him, it will continue grinding and burning at Abbadon's flesh itself.

The mass of sand is supercharged with Kitharsis's energy and will.  It should effectively block off Abbadon from Peterson, allowing Soul Reaver time to have his way with him inside the cocoon if he is able to teleport inside.

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There was already enough going on, more than enough to be monitoring at the same time. But with eyes like the Nephilim lord’s it was hard not to be aware of everything coming to a head all at once. So much energy flaring in all directions roaring into and out of existence. It was no surprise that Petersen’s retaliation would be swift and ferocious, but Danyael’s perception of time all around him still remained in slow motion. The deflection took him back a pace and he felt the coming attack from Abbaddon’s apprentice. But there were other events in play on the field.

With the Book and Sepher winking out of existence, the Nephilim lord watched the sudden blankness of absolute absence where both the book and the warrior once stood, the brilliant energy silhouette of Mary dashing through the absence in an attempt to save both. Danyael turned eyes toward the delayed dance of motion where Soul Reaver began to spin another spell. The warrior’s timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

There were too many players on the field and while Peterson was accumulating aggro, Abbaddon was well on his way to enacting his own machinations. His eccelerated speed still engaged, he watched the energies around him swirl in a storm as the companions and Peterson prepared to engage, with himself between both. And then Soul finished his spell.

Watching the energies around soul thunder to life, Danyael pooled as much power as time could permit, collecting and compacting until his frame could hold little else, turning himself toward Soul Reaver just as Peterson’s chains began to pull him to the top of the sphere. And with rocket-like efficiency, the energy explodes in all directions, propelling Danyael on a tendril of sunfire directly at Soul as the energies around the warrior enclose him in a teleportation spell.

Adroitly, he latches onto the residual energies of the spell moments before they dissipate, piggybacking on Soul’s signature toward his intended destination where he too breaks forth inside the cocoon behind Soul. Winded from the endeavor, he still manages to unsheathe the yamato, using the momentum of the teleport to hurl him forward, aiming the sword directly at the Despoiler's throat.
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The other companions had their own strategies. They all knew how they worked together, they all knew what they wanted. That meant nothing to Gulgrim. He was looking at his next fight, and lightning began to dance across his frame as he began his juggernaut assault. Guns blaring at point blank as he charged, power klaw slamming and scissoring for Peterson's chest, Green fire blasting from the Ork's mouth. Jharm was already soaring forward wreathed in white fire. Gulgrim wasn't about to let the Angel get all the fun.

"Come on ya spikey git! It'z time ta get stuck in!" Gulgrim bellowed as he launched his assault, his voice returning to that echoing, WAAAGH!!! Infused roar as his power continued to build. Gulgrim was on the warpath, and that meant that battle was only going to get more explosive in the coming moments.
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That's all sepher could recognize, was darkness.

It took some time, but slowly his other senses returned. He found himself unable to breath as he floated in an airless void, wherever he was.
As his sense of touch came back, he realized that in his hands he held the book. The book of Ahriman's that had caused them so much trouble.

Having no idea where he was, or how much time he had, he knew he had only one task before him.

The soul.

The soul of the bastard sorcerer that inhibited the book and yearned to get free.

A pulse of white light jetted out from him, illumninating the area before it went dark again, as he gathers his strength.

A second pulse. then a third. The light bcomes steady.

He put his hand on the book, and started again the battle with Ahriman's soul.

A battle of wills it was, sepher gasping as he lacked the air he needed to get a breath, but slowly, he could feel the other's soul slip. With a slam of force that blew him through the airless void and knocked him unconcious, losing his grasp on the book, he trapped the soul in his brain.

He floated in the void, souls in his head quiet for once, unconcious.

In his mind he wasn't sure if he was going to make it back from this... but he had done all he could to help the others. Now he could rest.
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As Soul Reaver appears inside the cocoon, he is greeted with a ghastly site. The figure once known as Kalana and now serving as the host for Abbadon the Despoiler, has thrown her hood back. In the split second between Soul Reaver’s arrival and his attack, he gets his first full view of her face. Her once blue hair has gone completely white and is frayed and patchy in places. Her skin is pale and gaunt, pulled taught over her skull and torn in places. Her mouth is pulled into a rictus grin. The hole in her face and skull from where she was impaled remains, and her remaining glowing eye is sunk deep into its socket. It swings wildly towards Soul Reaver as he lunges forward with Blooddrinker.


In a movement so quick that it almost doesn’t register, Abbadon strikes Blooddrinker off course with Drach’nyen. The daemon blade is pinned to the side of the cocoon by it’s chaos tainted rival just as another flash directly behind Soul Reaver betrays the arrival of Danyael. Abbadon snarls.


Danyael’s attack is cut off by another wall of chains that wraps itself tightly around Abbadon and the rune, leaving no room for anything else. At the same time, the outer cocoon is suddenly breached in multiple places by a tidal wave of warm sand. The sand washes over both Soul Reaver and Danyael as it slams against the much smaller inner cocoon, forcing it’s way through the chains even as they attempt to squeeze tighter.

Peterson, still outside of the cocoon, had noticed Soul Reaver and Danyael’s teleportation and had shifted his focus to the chains inside the cocoon, which had more than likely saved Abbadon’s life. He is having trouble detecting his employer now due to the sand, but the chains are a physical extension of him and can still be controlled. He intends to do something about the sand next but is interrupted by Jharm’s attack. Peterson throws himself upwards, barely avoiding the twin hammer blows as he rolls over the Seraphim’s head and drops behind him.

“I’m sorry, friend! Did you say something! I was a bit distracted-”

Pererson is cut off as Gulgrim bellows a challenge from his left. He shifts his body just in time to catch the power klaw with both sets of steel talons, using all of his strength to bring it to a halt before it can rip into his outer carapace. Meanwhile, he is being bathed in green fire, which is not a pleasant experience. And of course, there is still the Seraphim to his right, and Cameron-

Peterson looks up. Cameron is in the air above himself and the ork, falling fast and looking to jam both Nemesis force blades directly into Peterson’s face.

“Fuck, fuck, FUCK!”

Diverting a number of chains away from their battle with Kitharsis’s sand, Peterson is able to yank himself away from Gulgrim and avoid Cameron’s attack, though the Space Marine manages to sever a number of the remaining chains as he passes. The outer cocoon sags, letting even more sand pour in.

Inside the inner cocoon, Abbadon seethes. She is slowly being crushed to death, with the rune burning into her midsection.

“He wasn’t even able to distract them for a few minutes. Utterly useless.”

She can feel sand beginning to creep it’s way into the confined space and tear away at her not yet completely regenerated flesh. There’s no time left to concern herself with draining the souls from the rune safely. She begins using a bony finger to retrace eldrich patterns on the rune itself, altering it’s composition. She finishes just as she feels her bones starting to crack from the pressure of Peterson’s attempt to keep the sand at bay.

“If I am to finally die today, it will not be like this, crushed to death in the dark. I will either go out in a conflagration of my own creation, or rise like a phoenix from the ashes.”

Abbadon momentarily considers warning Peterson of what is about to happen. But only momentarily. She strikes a horizontal slash through the face in the rune, and everything goes white.

From their position inside the outer cocoon, Danyael and Soul Reaver are the first to feel the massive shift of power and feel the immense heat and light now pouring out of the inner cocoon. The two companions have a split second to react before the inner cocoon is obliterated and they are struck by a blast of such magnitude that it shatters reality.

There is a massive explosion, briefly contained by the outer cocoon. Peterson sees what is coming and tries to untie himself from the mass of chains, but there isn’t enough time. A secondary explosion levels the entire top of the Spire, engulfing the Companions and Peterson in waves of fire, rock, sand, and metal shards from the chains. Peterson himself is hurled from the top of the Spire, his burning body falling to the ground far below. The fate of the rest of the Companions is not immediately clear.
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Post by: Veldanya Venalla on August 22, 2018, 05:24:53 PM
The Seraphim grunts in annoyance as his attacks miss the fallen Space Marine.  He turns to continue his attacks, just in time to see Peterson just barely avoid getting trapped between the combined assaults from Gulgrim and Cameron.  A moment later he senses a sudden and massive power spike from within the chain "coccoon".  Jharm barely manages to summon a protective shield around himself when suddenly everything explodes.  The force of the explosion launches the Seraph warrior upwards in the air, his shield managing to absorb most of the blast, though it is destroyed by all the debris.  Injured and disoriented, the Seraphim is able to only keep himself from moving away from the ruined tower, eventually plummeting back down and crashing into the floor of the room they were fighting in a few moments ago.

As the dust slowly begins to settle around the area, a dim glow can be seen from within the small crater caused by the Seraphims crash landing. A groan of pain escapes from his lips as he slowly rolls onto his side and then onto his hands and knees.  Reaching out one of his gauntleted hands, he grasps the long handle of his hammer, the weapon having somehow remained in his grip during his sudden ascent.  His form continues to glow softly as his restorative powers flow through him, healing the worst of his injuries as he slowly begins to stand up, using his weapon to support himself on briefly.  Glancing around he tries to see who else remained after the massive explosion.
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Post by: Soul Reaver on August 23, 2018, 06:58:47 PM
Abaddon's new appearance - a mockery of what Kalana once was - sends unbidden pangs of guilt through Soul Reaver's subconscious.  But fighting the reanimated puppet corpses of former companions is something that he has had to do before, and he had long ago learned not to allow his feelings to dissuade him from what had to be done.  As such, his eyes still appear cold and focussed as he thrusts Blooddrinker forward.

Unfortuantely for Soul Reaver, Abaddon was still wielding Drach'nyen, and the daemon blade coutnered just as fast as Blooddrinker could swing.  The two swords clashed with a clang, deflecting what had been meant to be a killing blow and embedding Blooddrinker's tip in the walls of the chain cocoon.

However, the move had left Abaddon wide open, and Soul Reaver feels another burst of energy beside him - fortunately he recognizes the spiritual signature as that of Danyael, and not of a foe.  From the corner of his eyes, as though in slow motion, he sees Danyael launch forward, Yamato glittering eerily in the light cast by Abaddon's rune.

But then their hopes are dashed as more chains burst up around Abaddon, wrapping him and the rune in a tight embrace.

Drach'nyen is thus forced away from Blooddrinker, leaving Soul Reaver free to act.  He draws his sword back and another spell begins to form on his lips while a storm of animated sand suddenly bursts through the outer cocoon.  It rushes past him and Danyael, grinding away at the inner chain barrier.  Combined with the Shatter spell that Soul Reaver was in the midst of uttering, and a focussed blow from Blooddrinker, Abaddon was all but finished.

Yet victory would not come so easily.  Soul Reaver SEES a phenomenal energy spike bloom within the cocoon.

He abandons the spell.  It was irrelevant now.

If he did not act, he and Danyael would both perish.

Danyael hears a single word echoing in his head.


Soul Reaver bodily tackles Danyael, in so doing interspersing himself between the imminent explosion and the Nephilim.  And then both are consumed by a blaze of red light as Soul Reaver emergency teleports them as far from Abaddon as he could, appearing clumsily in midair near one of the far walls of the tower as a dazzling light blazes from the outer cocoon...
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Post by: Kitharsis on August 27, 2018, 10:43:22 AM
Kitharsis relishes the battle of wills as Peterson's chains contest the sand within the cocoon.  He can tell that it is reaching Abbadon already.  Victory seems close.  Hoping for a final push to end the threat of Abbadon for good, Kitharsis puts more effort into the living sand.

In an instant a massive explosion rocks the cocoon.  Kitharsis reacts as if struck by it, even from a good distance away.  He staggers backward, realizing that there is precious little time before the explosion escapes the sand filled cocoon.  The speed rune on his shoulder bursts into life with a surge of energy.  Time seems to slow around him as the rune takes effect.  He hopes that it will stretch the fractions of a second he has to react.

Every other tattoo on his body activates, pouring forth strands of red energy that twist around his body.  They build upon each other, creating a thatch work barrier.  The skull tattoo is also doing work, as massive skeletal hands appear and wrap around the barrier as it grows.

The secondary explosion happens in an instant, even with his heightened speed it levels the spire around him in the blink of an eye.  The majority of his defences are ripped away as if they were paper mache.  What is left still buffers him just enough to ride the expanding edge of the explosion.  His back plows through the wall of the spire as he focuses on maintaining a thread of a shield in front of him.  He is pushed out and up, disoriented by the flash of the explosion.  As he falls, he lashes out with tendrils of whatever energy left he can muster, seeking something to grab and stop him from careening all the way to the ground below.

He finds purchase on a section of the spire nearly halfway to the ground.  His descent is abruptly stopped as he slams into the side of the obsidion wall. 

Kitharsis finally takes a breath.  Below he can see the entrance to the spire, where the companions shared a rest before ascending.  If only he could be smiling and sharing candy with the others right now.  He weakly laughs at the thought, sending knives of pain stabbing all over his body.
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Post by: Danyael on August 27, 2018, 10:46:49 PM
‘tis a rare thing when Danyael, in all he had experienced thus far, could be taken completely off guard. And that’s precisely what happened. He heard a word roar in his mind, coming from none other than Soul Reaver himself. Shield! the warrior yelled and the Nephilim lord is suddenly hurled in the opposite direction from a body tackle by Soul himself. In a snap, the teleportation spell puts them randomly near the far walls of the tower, but the explosion seems to follow hot on their tails as it expands outward in all directions. It was now Danyael’s turn to act. And it was going to hurt. Again.

The everworld cloak could shield against much, but all objects break down from overuse when not allowed to recharge. And the cloak had been put through already too much. The Nephilim lord closed his eyes, focus tracing over the tattoo of the tree of life across his body beneath his wardrobe, reaching out to the red wings wrapped around the tattoo’s summit. Another pull of will threaded through the wings themselves as they sprung to life in a radiant burst, growing large enough to enswathe both men.

The wings outstretched, then clamped hard in a solidified aegis, locking around both men to shield them from the blast, which slammed hard into them with meteoric force, hammering them from the air and into the ground with a bang. Danyael screamed aloud as the explosion began to burn his wings away, bit by bit, feather by feather, though the wings continued to shield both men anyway as the Nephilim lord refused to relent. The wings were thick. The wings were strong. And his will for both to survive was stronger. Even as the hellfire slammed against the winged barrier, the wings themselves did not budge - stalwart against the assault.

As the fire and fury fades, what is left of the winged cocoon around them is a charred, burned out cinder. But both warriors are very much alive. The Nephilim lord, snapping from the daze of barely clinging to wakefulness, unfurled his once vibrant rubicund wings as they quivered back into the living artwork of his tattoos. He had no idea he was clutching Soul so protectively, reflecting that in spite of his distrust and hatred of the man, he still protected one of his own. He nodded weakly, respectfully uncurling around Soul. His body felt like it had been set aflame twice over and still wasn’t yet cooling down, even with his healing factor practically on auto-pilot, mending the damage. Taking a breath, he darted his senses in all directions. "Kith..?" his voice was hoarse, but he called out. Then another realization brought horror to the forefront, as he revealed such emotion for the first time. “Mary…!” he huffed, though he couldn’t yet get to his feet. “Mary!” he called out into the emptiness.
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Post by: Shadow Chorus on August 28, 2018, 08:00:11 PM
"GAHAHAHA! YA SPIKEY GIT! COME ON AN' GET SOME MORE OF OL- Wot?" Gulgrim's head snaps to the chain barrier as he senses the massive spike of power. The WAAAGH!!! Energy surrounding him lashes toward it, seeking the big fight that it sensed, but Gulgrim's kunnin' head had to keep it in check. Instead, it ripped up the earth around Gulgrim's feet and formed a barrier in front of him. That wouldn't be enough to stop the force of the explosion, but Gulgrim would take a boulder to the face over a direct blast of that magnitude any day of the week.

The explosion detonated, the blast wave sending the rock barrier careening directly into the warboss, who went hurtling out the side of the tower, crashing through multiple walls before he went. His head still reeling, he looked around as he spun end over end toward the ground below.

"T'aint the fall wot hurtz ya. So'z I'z not gonna land." The Warboss muttered to himself. A few moments later, with a sound like Screaming engines, Gulgrim's attention was diverted to something coming his way.

"Glad ya could make it, ya old Git. Welcome ta me WAAAGH!!!" Gulgrim bellowed, reaching out and catching a loose handhold on the Fighta Bomma that soared past him, jerking off of his falling perch onto a swiftly flying one.

"Gulgrim Bonecruncha!" The Ork voice inside bellowed as he popped one of the numerous hatches that made up the entryways onto the plane. "It's Gud ta see ya know 'ow ta make an entrance!"

Gulgrim slowly clawed his way inside the Fighta Bomma, still dizzy from the explosion, and lurched himself into one of the numerous drop-seats that would normally be occupied by a group of Stormboyz. Taking a moment to reorient himself, he looked up to see the Pilot of the plane, an Old-looking (for what that meant to an Ork) git with a fancy cap adorned with an Ork skull symbol, a cybork left eye, and a pair of angry, taloned cybork legs.

"Boss Zagstruck!" Gulgrim bellowed with a deep, throaty laugh. "I'z should be sayin' dat ta you!"

"Ah, no time fer tradin' wit ya big git." The Grizzled Nob said, the plane steering back around to face the tower again. "Where we headed?"

"Right back ta da gud fight." Gulgrim said, indicating the rubble remains of the top of the tower. "'S time ta get stuck in."
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Post by: Cameron on September 20, 2018, 09:20:58 PM
Cameron, having just hit the ground after his attack on Peterson, and Mary, still reeling from her failed attempt to save Sepher from an uncertain fate, sense the energy pulse at the same time. They both look towards the center of the chamber as the first explosion triggers, lighting up the cocoon of chains with a hellish glow. Cameron sees the chains bulge outwards and knows they won’t hold.

Mary is about to attempt to teleport when she feels an all too familiar pull from her right. Cameron has tossed the Nemesis force blades aside and drawn Valermos and Anathros. As he does so, his eyes go completely gold and wings burst from his back. Time seems to slow for the two elementals. Cameron makes eye contact with Mary and nods. She nods back before drawing Morthoseth.

Mary’s transformation, identical to Cameron’s, completes just as the chain cocoon gives way and the secondary blast rips through the chamber. With barely any time to act, Cameron and Mary rush towards each other. They meet in the center of the chamber. Their wings wrap around each other, concealing them completely. Gold energy swirls around the makeshift shield as the explosion consumes it and everything else.

After the explosion, there is nothing left of the upper chamber of the Spire but a cracked and partially unstable floor. Warp energy spills out of the hole in the center unchecked, no longer shooting into the sky as a single beam, but instead flowing into the air like blood gushing from an open wound.

As the smoke begins to clear, the remains of Cameron and Mary’s wings crumble to ash and blow away. The two elementals slump to the ground inside a circle of undamaged floor. The three elemental blades are embedded into the floor itself, forming a triangle around them. Mary finds herself resting on the bulky Space Marine armor that still holds Cameron partially upright.

“Are you hurt?”

Mary looks up at Cameron. His eyes, along with hers, have returned to normal. She sees that same hard glint in his eyes that has been there since he accused her of allowing Kalana to die back in the Labyrinth, but it seems to have softened somewhat. She pushes herself away from him and returns to her feet.

“No. I’m fine.”

She begins to turn away but stops as he speaks again.

“Thanks for the assist.”

The change in the tone of his voice causes her to look back, but Cameron has already returned to his feet and turned away. She is about to speak again when Danyael’s voice cuts through the remaining smoke and dust. She returns his shouts, her voice ringing with concern.

“Danyael! I’m here! Are you hurt?”

As Mary looks around for Danyael, she reaches to her side and rips Morthoseth from the ground. She moves to sheathe the blade but a armored glove grabs her wrist, stopping her. Mary turns seeing Cameron behind her.

“Cameron, what…”

Mary trails off as she sees Cameron’s face. He is staring past her into the center of the chamber with an expression of equal parts shock and disbelief. She turns her head, following his gaze.

Smoke, flame, and debris turn in a lazy circle around the former location of the cocoon. Within this circle, the figure formerly known as Kalana Ryoki and now irrevocably altered to that of Abbadon the Despoiler comes into view. The remains of her Grey Knights uniform hangs in tatters over her distorted frame. Her arms and legs have grown unnaturally long and muscular. The daemon blade Drach’nyen, bathed in blue fire, is clutched in her right hand. Her left hand has twisted and distorted into a biological replica of the Talon of Horus. The very bones of her hand have been shaped into foot long talons, with massive arcs of lightning flowing between them. Her face has been twisted into a gross approximation of her former beauty, with both eyes replaced by the soulless red pits previously seen through Abbadon’s helm, and her mouth twisted into an oversized grin filled with far too many razor sharp teeth.

Just behind Abbadon lies the rune. Drained completely, it lays flat on the ground, cracked and smouldering. Abbadon’s new form pulses with barely contained power.

“I did not gain nearly as much power as I would have if I had been able to undo the spell properly. And I would not have mutated this badly either. But this will have to for now.”

Abbadon locks eyes with Cameron.

“Besides, I feel like this is a vast improvement over the original. Don’t you?”

Cameron reflexively takes a step back. He grasps for the hilt of both Anathros and Valermos, but instead of pulling them from the ground he seems to sag, relying on the two blades and his power armor to hold him upright. There is no anger in his expression. Simply unchecked sorrow. Mary, seeing this, steps in front of him protectively.

“Hmm. You don’t look like yourself, Cameron. Do you need to sit this fight out? That’s fine. It seems that the rest of your friends survived the explosion as well. I’m sure they will oblige me until you start feeling up to it.”

Abbadon’s gaze sweeps the the area, marking each of the visible companions in turn. Her voice rises.

“Come! All of you! The time has come to end this once and for all! Face me, and prove yourselves worthy to stand at the epicenter of Chaos!”
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Post by: Veldanya Venalla on September 29, 2018, 05:36:17 AM
As the dust finally begins to settle, the Seraphims gaze falls upon Abaddon's now fully revealed figure.  The Seraphs gauntleted fists clench tightly, his words so soft only someone next to him would likely hear them

"You....fiend.  One friend murdered....her corpse desecrated and defiled.  Another friend tortured  and tormented by it.  Billions of lives lost.  No.....more.  No more hesitation.  No more holding back.  No more...mercy.  All that remains is...."

As he speaks, his hammer falls from his grasp and crashes to the ground. His arms stretch out from his sides palms straight up as he begins to float upwards, his figure beginning to glow.

Light, let your strength and power flow through me.  Reveal your true power and might to crush this monster once and for all.  His victims...must....have....

The Seraphims eyes flare brightly as he bellows out the final word, just as a brilliant beam of light shoots down from above to completely envelop his figure.


The beam begins to glow ever brighter until its painful to even gaze at and then just as sudden it disappears.  The Seraphim is standing on the ground once more, though his appearance has drastically changed.  While normally already a rather large figure, he seems to have gained another foot in height.  His armor and wings now appear as if molten gold, shimmering and almost flowing about slightly, droplets of gold dripping down onto the ground and disappearing.  His helm has disappeared, revealing his face.  His skin is now shining silver in color, his hair replaced by white flames.  In his hands he grasps dual sledges, similar in design to his normal weapon though now the heads are crafted of pure gold, white flames flowing over the surface.  The shafts seem to be crafted of deep black wood, almost charred in appearance.  His gaze locks on Abaddon once more, his voice booming out through the area

"You shall suffer for what you have done!  I shall strip your soul from that body and burn it into oblivion!"

Jharms form glows even brighter, seeming to radiate from within him.  While normally such things seem to have no effect on his friends, those of the Companions bearing any sort of "dark taint" can almost feel the light near them.  It's almost as if in his current state, the Seraphim is truly holding nothing back.  Letting out a deep growl he leaps through the air, both hammers raised to strike as he launches towards the Despoiler.

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Post by: Kitharsis on October 01, 2018, 10:11:56 AM
The skull tattoo glows dimly on his forearm.  With a little pop a tiny mage appears in a scattering of sand. 

"Hang on tight, and heal me."  He directs.  There isn't any time to mince words.

With a heave, Kitharsis pulls on the crimson tendril holding him to the Spire, propelling him upwards.  He whips out with his other arm, grabbing onto another jagged edge further up.  The air whistles in his ears as he ascends into the air at great speed.  Burts of white light flash on his body as the little mage gets to work on patching him up from the explosion. 

Kitharsis lands heavy on the top of the spire.  Abbadon's gaze marks him as he lands.  The disfigured body of Kalana issues a challenge to him and the rest of the companions.  Kitharsis's heart mourns for her, and for Cameron.  He grabs his pick from its sheath at his waist.  As his fingers wrap around the handle the head bursts into a fierce crimson as energy courses through it.

"You meet your end here, Abbadon."  Kitharsis says.

Curiously, Peterson has not returned.  Perhaps he has been overtaken by the explosion, but Kitharsis is not counting on it.

"Hurry up."  He says to the little mage, as it scuttles across his body.
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Post by: Soul Reaver on October 02, 2018, 09:11:46 PM
Though he had little choice, Soul Reaver's trust in the Nephilim was not misplaced - his wings envelop both warriors and shielded them from the blast.  When they unfurl amidst qualms of black smoke, there was a narrow strip of wall and floor unmarred by the explosion, and both warriors were still alive amidst the devastation.

Soul Reaver has no time to express his thanks, as Danyael frantically checks on Kith and Mary.  Instead he levers himself back into a standing position.  Despite the devestation, he had come away relatively unscathed thanks to Danyael's efforts.

He could sense that his companions had survived the blast - though Kitharsis and Gulgrim were still some distance away from the tower, neither seemed to be falling or in immediate danger.  Cameron, Mary, Danyael and Jharm were all still here with them.

Just as urgent was the status of his foes.  Peterson had been blasted clear of the tower and as such may well have survived.  But Abaddon...

From the midst of the smoke and devestation, Abaddon's twisted form steps forth, taunting Cameron and the companions.

Abaddon's poisoned words are aimed at Cameron primarily, a knife to twist into his soul.  Soul Reaver glances at the elemental somewhat apprehensively - he had lost more than the rest of them, and it was hard to tell how he would react.  He hoped his anger would give him focus, and not turn into despair.

Some distance away, Jharm appears to be murmuring to himself.  Soul Reaver decides to take Abbadon's attention away from Cameron.  Thus he takes a step forward, raising Blooddrinker and pointing the tip at the twisted remains of Kalana.

"In all your days, you have brought nothing but misery.  You have never achieved anything of worth or merit.
Amongst the uncertainties in the multiverse, this I can say with conviction: I will draw a small measure of satisfaction from killing you..."

His lips pull into a mocking sneer and his eyes flash red.


Then, to one side, Kitharsis hauls himself over the precipice of the tower, and to the other, Jharm's body is enveloped in a pillar of light, the Seraphim roaring his defiance at the evil he is facing.  His glowing aura washes over Soul Reaver, but although he can feel Blooddrinker writhing within the sword in disgust, Soul Reaver himself does not show any signs of being affected.

Jharm launches himself forward with righteous fury, the white fires of holy vengeance licking around his body, and Soul Reaver knows his ally will need support.

For a frozen moment in time as he prepares to charge, Soul Reaver thinks he can see them - Sepher to his left, a spear held in his fists, steely focus in his eyes... Fei Serumen on his right, standing nonchalant and his mouth giving a self-assured smirk... but then they are gone, leaving only a feeling of emptiness and loss.  This battle would have to be fought without them.

And with that, Soul Reaver thrusts himself forward, glittering red arcs of power sizzling from his body, and the words of a Lightning Bolt spell on his lips...
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Post by: Danyael on October 03, 2018, 10:36:55 PM
Danyael pulled himself to his feet, the wounds healing as he gained ground, fully recovered by the time he’d found his footing. The grotesque abomination before the companions smacked of acrid energies seen through his warp-touched eyes. Indeed, the Despoiler did the namesake all the more justice when beheld through the Nephilim lord’s true sight.

As the Despoiler taunted, he remained silent, suddenly at the two Elementals, reaching out an assuring hand to help support Cameron just as he slumped backward when faced with the reality of the events at hand. He said nothing, as nothing need be said. But that didn’t mean he wasn’t preparing. With the yamato strapped to his side, his free hand began to pulse, then clench. A piece of will pushed its way to the space between his thumb and his index finger, the index and middle fingers, the middle and ring finger and the ring and pinky finger.

A moment later, he had pooled enough  energy to form four iridescent blue orbs between his digits, held deftly within the four spaces between them. He brought them, still clenched tightly enough, to his lips where he whispered three words: “…wait for it.” and let them fly free in a shot where they dashed omnidirectionally. Harmlessly, they bounded from wall to wall, clinking and clacking and eventually ricocheting off each other, but otherwise doing little else.
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The Fighta Bomma soared through the sky toward the ruins of the tower, its smoke-pouring exhaust pipes screaming angrily. As Abaddon made himself apparent, Gulgrim opened up the bomb hatch and prepared for the drop while Boss Zagstruck lined himself up and pressed the big red button with an angry ork skull on his fly-stick. The series of twin-linked big shootas lining the Fighta Bomma's wings opened fire at once, pelting Abaddon's general location with ballistic hell, announcing the arrival of the Orks once more onto the battlefield. As the angry red plane passed over the battlefield, Gulgrim leapt out of the bomb hatch, careening toward Abaddon from above, guns blazing, power klaw ready to slam down with crushing force.

Green lightning trailed behind Gulgrim as he descended like an Orky Comet, WAAAGH!!! energy building rapidly in excitement for one of the biggest battles of the Ork's history. Perhaps even more dangerous than every daemon prince Gulgrim had gone to war against, here was the biggest, baddest boy the spikey gitz had to offer.

"Da name's Gulgrim Bonecruncha! And I'z da avatar o' Gork an' Mork!" Gulgrim bellowed on his descent, announcing his presence to anyone who wasn't already looking toward him.
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Post by: Cameron on October 22, 2018, 07:12:38 PM
Abbadon allows herself a moment to reflect. Time seems to slow down as she focuses on what’s around her.

She knows all their names now. Without the soul and personality that originally went with this body, the data left behind in the brain is a horribly scrambled mess of uncompiled information, but names are easy. Jharm is attacking her head on. Kitharsis hasn’t made it back up the tower yet, but she can feel him coming. Gulgrim is in the sky above her, seconds from making his presence known. Both Soul Reaver and Danyael have chosen to prepare magical attacks rather than attack head on. Cameron, the idiot who started this whole mess, hasn’t moved. The lack of any kind of energy buildup from his direction indicates that he has no plans to. Mary, another of these supposedly extinct but apparently not nearly extinct enough Ahrment’il, is building up energy but seems to be content standing in defense of Cameron for now.

Even as the seraphim launches himself towards her, Abbadon takes another moment to regard her current form. Taking in the amount of energy she did so quickly has warped it to an irreparable degree, and it won’t be able to fight off all of the Companions in its current state without any power armor to rely on. She will have to push it even further beyond its capacity to win this fight, and it will likely be unusable afterwards. But by then it shouldn’t matter. With the companions felled, she will have her pick of new hosts. Soul Reaver seems like the obvious choice, but Mary’s body, with it’s high capacity for elemental energy and it’s attunement to the warp, might also be a very good candidate to swap to. The thought of Mary’s form in full chaos plate, striding into battle with Drach’nyen in one hand and Blooddrinker in the other, causes her unnatural grin to widen.

“It’s nice to have a plan again.”

She pushes these thoughts from her mind as she takes in the battlefield once more. With a strategy in place, she throws her corrupted form into action. Her body seems to grow taller, absorbing warp energy from the air and using it to generate new, corrupted flesh. Now towering at least nine feet tall, she produces two additional arms that burst from her side and unfold in a chaotic latticework of flesh and bone. Hands form on each end and two blazing great-swords, made entirely of chaos fire and warp energy, burst into existence. She crosses these in front of her just in time to block both of Jharm’s hammer swings. She swings one of the blades in a mighty counter-attack meant to cleave Jharm in two. Kitharsis arrives and a Fighta Bomma screams overhead as Soul Reaver launches a lightning bolt in Abbadon’s direction. She dodges this not so much by moving as by simply contorting her flesh away from it, re-configuring bone and muscle on the fly. She is still scorched as it passes by but this damage seems to begin regenerating almost immediately. One of her original arms, still holding Drach’nyen, swings into position to parry any attacks that may be forthcoming from Blooddrinker. Her other new arm swings the massive fiery great-sword down on Kitharsis’s position.

Danyael acts, but his magic seems to move every which way except towards Abbadon herself. Abbadon keeps an eye on this, but seeing nothing that can be done immediately, does not yet prepare a counter. He also ignores Cameron, who predictably still has not moved, or Mary, who has turned to look at him with a mixture of frustration and worry on her face. She instead focuses her attention on the impossible to ignore screaming ork that is now in free fall towards her.

Abbadon pushes herself to absorb even more warp energy, growing even taller. Now standing over 10 feet tall, she swings her only remaining empty hand skyward. It stretches and extends, growing and twisting, into a massive claw that slams into Gulgrim’s power klaw, stopping his descent in midair and holding him aloft. The WAAGH energy burns through her constantly regenerating flesh, but neither this nor the gunfire blowing chunks from her form seem to have any real effect on her.

“I have met your Gork and Mork. They are nothing, and you are the Avatar of nothing. You will be torn asunder by the Avatar of Chaos that now stands before you.”

The clawed arm shifts and contorts as it attempts to close around the ork, crushing him to death.

Mary is still supporting one of Cameron’s shoulders, while Danyael supports the other. She shakes him, trying to get his attention.

“Cameron! Get the hell on your feet! You’re holding us back!”
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Post by: Soul Reaver on October 23, 2018, 03:50:21 AM
Soul Reaver curses inwardly as the flesh of Abaddon's stolen form warps and twists out of the way of the Lightning Bolt spell.  It was clear that Abaddon was extremely fast, and his body capable of reshaping almost at will.  He would have to remain wary.

Before Soul Reaver was even upon her, Abaddon has grown much larger, now over half as tall again as the raven-haired warrior.  She was growing stronger by the moment and regenerating faster than the companions could harm her.  Soul Reaver could feel the energy that Abaddon was soaking up from all around him.  Without slowing his pace, Soul Reaver begins to speak words of magic, weaving the mana in his body and giving it form.

Abaddon reaches up and his arm pulses and writhes as it seeks to envelop Gulgrim.  Having fought Gulgrim before, Soul Reaver knew that the Ork could, given enough opportunity to fight, turn into a juggernaut.  He had to make sure the warboss would not be unduly delayed this early in the battle.

Soul Reaver feints to one side, making it seem he intends to attack Abaddon from one direction, but with catlike footwork changes his momentum at the last moment.  Instead, he somersaults to one side, sending a precision slash to sever the arm Abaddon was using against Gulgrim.
Title: Re: The Eye of Terror: End of Terror (Part I)
Post by: Veldanya Venalla on October 29, 2018, 03:10:45 AM
The Seraphim grunts in annoyance as his attacks are deflected by two greatswords that Abaddon suddenly "sprouts" into existence.  As one of the large weapons suddenly swings around in an attempt to cleave him in two, Jharm simply lets out a growl and swings his left hammer towards the blade.  The two weapons collide in a great shower of white and red sparks.  At the moment that the two weapons collide a large pulse of light seems to erupt from the Seraphims figure as those around him can clearly sense the power within him growing even more.  As Abaddons twisted form expands in size the angelic warrior seems to grow as well.  Those that have traveled with Jharm the longest can tell that his power is currently well beyond anything he has shown before.

"You think that will be enough to stop Vengeance?  Too many lives have been taken....too many lives have been twisted!  Blood for blood!"

The molten form of the Seraphim seems to shimmer as the glow radiating from within him seems to increase in strength.  The angelic warrior grips his hammers tightly as he smiles at Abaddon, the expression seeming almost....maniacal.

"You only delay....the inevitable."

Another pulse of light erupts from the Seraphims form as he charges at Abaddon once more.  As he does this, brilliant orbs of light begin to streak down from the Warp-twisted sky, screaming downwards in an almost unerring path for the Chaos Lord.

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Post by: Kitharsis on November 01, 2018, 11:51:11 AM
The others have already started attacking Abbadon's new huge form.  It seems that she was able to absorb a great deal of energy from the rune, even with their success in stopping her inside the cocoon.  With one last flash of white, the skeleton mage finishes healing him.  It hops off onto the floor as Kitharsis lunges forward to meet the fiery great-sword in a parry.

He can feel the heat radiating from the blade as it bears down on the shaft of his pick above his head.  In a burst of crimson, the pick explodes with a burst of energy as he swings it to the side.  This should be plenty of force to deflect the burning great-sword out of his way.

Kitharsis follows up by advancing on Abbadon, tilting his pick so that the sharp, menacing spike faces outward.  He swings for her midsection, the pick once again glowing fiercely crimson.  Should he connect, the energy will explode outward into Abbadon's side in a devastating blow.

Meanwhile, the tiny skeleton positions itself behind Kitharsis to hide its movements.  It begins to weave a spell together to assist Kitharsis in battle.
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Post by: Danyael on November 02, 2018, 12:24:26 AM
The small orbs continued rebounding and orbiting the area, in some instances bouncing off of each other and in others, bouncing off nothing at all. Blips of imagery flashed through Danyael's mind and, in some fragments, his true sight. He watched from multiple angles as Abbadon grew. And while she must have thought the harmless balls of energy as just that, they caught bits and pieces of sound as the Despoiler spoke under her breath, mentioning a plan. What plan? It was hard to tell, but if he had to guess, it was aimed at one of the companions. As the seconds ticked by, theories and stratagems flashed through the Nephilim Lord's thoughts. Maybe Soul Reaver? Perhaps. Maybe Cameron? More than likely. Maybe Mary? Why? What would that accomplish?

Instinctively, he inched a bit closer to Mary, eyes still locked on Abbadon, though his hand was still firmly clasped over Cameron's shoulder, as if holding him up by that one hand alone. And in a sense, he was. The orbs, clicking and clacking harmlessly through about, caught wind of the coming attacks by Soul Reaver and Jharm. His true sight taking in the spectacle of lights as energies howled into the forefront against their enemy, gargantuan as the Despoiler now was - standing several heads taller than the Nephilim Lord now. But that grin... Danyael couldn't shake that grin from his thoughts. A grin when Abbadon's sights were aimed toward Mary. And that's when it hit him. His free hand then went to Mary, moving her behind him as his other hand continued to hold Cameron to his feet. "That smirk was a bit too bright when she looked at you. At you."

At that moment, Mary felt two different hands at her shoulders as two echoes stood at her side now. No action, other than the defensive positions were taken. He'd learned too often that a full ahead strike was inferior to defensive tactics. Especially when attacking is exactly what was usually expected - even if it was effective. This would require a tactful mind on all fronts. And so, Danyael maintained his defensive stance, the only additional moves made being the summoning of two echoes. The balls of light continued to move about the area, neither attacking nor defending. Just bouncing and gliding, giving him a full view of the battle - building up momentum as they did so. But nothing else.

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Post by: Cameron on November 04, 2018, 02:40:31 AM
As Soul Reaver moves in, Abbadon swings Drach’nyen to parry. But unlike her other weapons, Drach’nyen is still it’s normal size. She is unable to keep up with Soul Reaver’s feint. His slash is on target and Blooddrinker tears through the arm, rendering it useless. Gulgrim had been pushing against the claw at the end of it to prevent it from crushing him. As it goes slack, he leaps to the top of it and uses it to break his own fall, firing another salvo of gun and rokkit fire into Abbadon’s face as he falls. This seems to only annoy Abbadon but is enough to distract her from parrying Jharm’s second charge. The Seraphim drives Abbadon a few steps backwards before he is able to stop his momentum by sprouting two extra legs. Even more arms sprout from her ever expanding torso, reaching for the Seraphim and ripping him away from her.

“Ugh. Persistent. Like an annoying insect. Or a half muttered prayer.”

Abbadon throws Jharm at Gulgrim and thus directly into the hail of gunfire. She then looks to the sky. Bolts of warp energy divert from the cyclone above and smash into the holy orbs, knocking them off target. She turns her attention back down to the ground just as Kitkarsis strikes one of her greatswords away. Cursing, she swings Drach’nyen away from Soul Reaver and barely manages to get it in between herself and Kitharsis’s pick. The explosion of energy still strikes her but is also partially nullified by the daemon blade, which she then swings in Kitharsis’s direction.

Mary takes this all in, planning her next move. She can see all of the Warp energy pouring into Abbadon’s form. It’s the only way she is able to maintain herself under this near constant assault. She turns to Danyael.

“I think that I can interfere with the warp energy. Make it harder, or even impossible for Abbadon to absorb. I just need an opening an-”

Mary is cut off and almost knocked off balance as Cameron suddenly returns to his feet. He turns his back to Abbadon, looking out at the far edge of the Spire.

“It’s him.”

As Cameron speaks, chains fly up over the wall and find purchase in the ruined tile. The wounded but still mobile form of peterson hauls himself over the wall, landing in a heap before lurching into a standing position.

“Hey gang. Miss me?”
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Post by: Soul Reaver on November 08, 2018, 05:22:38 PM
Jharm was growing ever stronger in a way that Soul Reaver could sense even with how occupied he was.  But just as the his ally was growing stronger, so was his foe, seemingly unchecked.  But Soul Reaver was already in the process of trying to address that issue.

Soul Reaver lands on the ground and rolls clear as Gulgrim's gunfire barrage slams into Abaddon.  Rather than pressing the attack, Soul Reaver leaps backward, putting distance between himself and the ever-growing warmaster.

He was still chanting when Peterson's form slams to the ground behind him.  Though he curses inwardly, he could not stop casting now - his spell was almost complete.

Speaking the last syllables, Soul Reaver raises his left hand high, fingers spread.  A blue glow blazes around his gauntlet, which he proceeds to slam palm-down onto the ground.

There is a sound like a muted boom as a pulse of carefully woven mana flows outward, followed shortly afterwards by a sharp, high-pitched glassy tone as the spell solidifies into a spherical barrier seal completely encapsulating Abaddon.

The surface of the barrier coruscates with blue energy, cutting Abaddon off from the Warp energy flowing from the broken seal.  Soul Reaver's brow is furrowed in concentration as he raises his left hand again.  He glances both at Peterson and Abaddon at both sides while raising Blooddrinker defensively, knowing this would buy only a temporary opportunity at best.
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Post by: Veldanya Venalla on November 09, 2018, 02:39:18 AM
The Seraphim is sent flying through the air, some of the Ork Warbosses bullets slamming into his body before the warrior rights himself and avoids further friendly fire.  Drips of glowing blood flow down to the ground as Jharm lands once more.  He glances over his body at the bullet wounds and simply chuckles as the Orkish projectiles embedded in him are forced out of the holes as the wounds seal up.  The Seraphim glances over at Peterson upon his arrival and scowls slightly before returning his gaze to Abaddon even as he responds to the twisted marines words.

"No...not really.  Perhaps once your mistress has been crushed I will care about you and your pathetic mews."

He grins at Abaddon as more power begins to course through him, his already large figure beginning to grow as if to match the Chaos Lord[Lady?] in size.

"The Lights vengeance shall not be stopped.  No matter how much you matter how much power you siphon from around you.  Your victims scream out for justice and their cries shall be answered!"

The glow radiating from within him increases in brightness.  At this point the glow is so brilliant its almost as if a sun resides within the Seraphims form.  With a deep roar, the veritable juggernaut charges at Abaddon once more.
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Post by: Shadow Chorus on November 14, 2018, 02:50:56 PM
Gulgrim's dakka is consistently proving ineffective against Abaddon's hide. Time was coming to do something about that, though. Green lightning crackled around Gulgrim with increasing intensity as his WAAAGH!!! Energy continued to build. Gulgrim stomped both of his feet methodically, lightning sparking from each slam of his boot as he began to focus, beating a rhythm into the dirt as he began to direct the building energy swirling around him.

"Feh. You'z ken make fun o' Gork n' Mork all ye'z want, ya little spikey grot. But in de end, dere's only two godz wot can't ever be beat!"

Iridescent Emerald lightning danced cross Gulgrim's guns and suffused into his weaponry, his cybork eye flashing green for a moment before returning to its malevolent red gleam.

"Lemme Showz ya." Gulgrim bellowed, turning the arm that had the majority of his kustom shootas on it toward where Peterson had arrived.

The brakka brakka brakka of Gulgrim's typical armaments was replaced with a bellowing FWOOM FWOOM FWOOM as instead of ballistic projectiles Gulgrim's numerous shootas began to spew rapid-fire salvos of WAAAGH!!! Energy. Like a machine-gun of warpfire, green projectiles rocketed across the distance between the Warboss and Abaddon's lackey, each screaming with destructive energy ready to explode on whatever surface they might come into contact with.

"Whevver it's Kunnin' Brutality or Brutal Kunnin', dere ain't nobody dat ken stand up ta da power o' Gork an' Mork! An I'z dere instrument ta bring ya pain! So square up, spikey grot, an' come get yer pummelin'!"

Gulgrim had seemingly begun to siphon the building WAAAGH!!! Energy into his equipment and his form, augmenting himself and his weapons to even greater heights of lethality.
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Post by: Kitharsis on November 15, 2018, 09:18:22 AM
Abbadon parries the charged horseman's pick, partially nullifying the blast.  To no surprise, she swings the daemon blade at him in retaliation, but he was prepared.

The speed rune on his shoulder illuminates as if a light switch was flicked on.  In the blink of an eye Kitharsis vaults backwards.  He should be well out of reach by the time the swing of the daemon blade would have reached him.

As Kitharsis vaults backwards, the tiny mage hiding behind his back unleashes its spell.  It is a simple incantation.  Strands of magic appear around Abbadon's legs and lazily slither up around her body.  The spell drains her speed and pulls down on her body.  A rune symbolizing "Slow" appears between the skeleton mage's hands as it focuses on channeling the spell.

When Kitharsis lands, he scoops up the tiny mage to keep it out of harms way.  They are aware that a simple slow spell won't have a drastic effect on one such as Abbadon.  But if it gives the others any sort of a edge, it is worth it.  One missed parry, one late reaction is all it takes to turn the tide.

The tattoos on his arms start to glow faintly, as Kitharsis prepares his next strike.
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Post by: Danyael on November 15, 2018, 02:13:09 PM
Watching the tactics unfold to take on Abbadon, Danyael still elected to maintain a defensive stance. When Cameron regained his footing, the nephilim lord took his hand off almost instinctively, where he his echoes turned to look upon the returning Peterson. In the same instance, Danyael kept his own sights on Abbadon and the attacking Companions. His focus was split in several places, but nonetheless well attuned enough to maintain awareness of the battlefront. Taking stock of numbers, now with the return of Peterson, Danyael's echoes flanked Cameron while the nephilim lord himself flanked Mary.

He did not attack, however, knowing that the attacks themselves would come. And he would act accordingly when that time came. But not before. The orbs, however, now began to spin, whistling close and far as they encircled the area. But no attacks came. They kept out of the way just enough to maintain little more than the soft, subtle whispering of their movement, building momentum and energy all the while.
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Post by: Cameron on November 20, 2018, 11:22:19 PM
Abbadon utters what could best be described as a snarl as a powerful magic field snaps into place around her. She is keenly aware of the sudden lack of fresh warp energy. Jharm is still speaking to her but she allows his words to pass without registering, instead choosing to focus on both the fight and the nature of this spell.

Whatever the Seraphim was saying to her, it culminates in yet another straight forward charge. Despite his growing power, the repetitive nature of his attacks makes this somewhat simple for Abbadon to deal with. She slams two of the great swords together, causing a shock-wave of energy that first halts Jharm’s progress before again sending him flying in the opposite direction. As she does this, her gaze swiftly shifts to Gulgrim, who appears to be trying to get her attention. She braces for more gunfire only to see him turn his suddenly more powerful guns on the newly arrived Peterson.

Peterson himself recoils, caught completely off guard. He was certainly not expecting anyone to turn their attention to him so quickly. He swings a number of chains in front of him to block the first volley but they are completely destroyed in the process. Cursing, he flings himself into the air and out of the range of the gunfire.

“Seriously? Huge fucking threat right in front of you and you’re going to focus on me? That’s pretty fucking stup-urk”

Peterson’s words are cut short as Cameron slams into him at full speed. Both men continue into the sky before Cameron stops himself and grabs a handful of chains in each hand. He swings Peterson back towards the Spire with all of his available strength. The half-dead monstrosity tries to right himself in midair but fails, and smashes into the Spire head first. He lands in a tangled lump of metal limbs. Cameron drops to the ground hard just ahead of him. His elemental blades are ripped from the floor by an unseen force and return to his hands.

“Don’t worry about Peterson. He’s mine. Focus on Kal-”

Cameron cuts himself off, pausing for a split second.

“Focus on Abbadon.”

Cameron trudges towards the fallen marine, who is already starting to stir.

Mary watches this all unfold. She was about to leap in to help Cameron but pauses when he waves everyone off. She silently consults a checklist in her head, decides that the next entry doesn’t apply yet, and turns back to Abbadon.

Abbadon is using the brief period provided her by Peterson’s distraction to begin crafting a counter-spell against the force field currently surrounding her. But as she does so, she finds her movements slowed. Sudden;y her actions are sluggish and no longer immediate. At first she wonders if Danyael has finally made a move, but his spheres are still swirling in her peripheral vision and have not moved towards her. She then turns to Kitharsis, noticing the skeletal mage under his protection.


Abbadon takes one step towards Kitharsis but it is at this moment that Mary makes her move. She feints a head on attack, causing Abbadon to hesitate and swing Drach’nyen in her direction. She then swiftly changes direction, darting away only to come back in and strike at her side. Her reaction is too slow and Mary is able to score a number of deep wounds before Abbadon drives her away with one of the great swords. She snarls in pain and frustration.

“Enough games. You think the warp is my only source of power?”

Abbadon focuses and a wave of sickly pink energy swirls around her, causing the outline of her body to blur before solidifying again. She shrugs off the effect of the slow spell and swings her weapons around in a defensive posture. She is now drawing energy from the vast number of souls she absorbed from the broken rune, and prepares herself for another onslaught from her foes even as her mouth begins to form the words of power that will certainly break her out of Soul Reaver’s makeshift bubble.
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Post by: Veldanya Venalla on November 22, 2018, 05:41:40 AM
The Seraphim growls as he is staggered and then launched backwards yet again.  He stops the backwards momentum easily as he rights himself in the air and floats high above, watching with amusement as Peterson is first attacked by Gulgrim and then Cameron.

"'re pathetic Peterson."

Returning his gaze to Abaddon once more he scowls deeply.

"You though...not so much.  It matters little though.  In the end...your death is certain."

Jharm releases his grip on his weapons, the hammers simply remaining floating in the air as the Seraphim extends his right hand out, palm aimed at Abaddon.

"Behold...the voices of the millions you have silenced return once more."

It is as if the entire area is suddenly filled with millions of people all speaking at once.  Pleas for mercy, howls of pain, curses and wails seem to come from everywhere, though to anyone other then Abaddon not a single syllable is heard.  Jharm drops down to the ground before suddenly he grunts, his figure seeming to shimmer and pulse almost erratic for a brief moment.

" yet...must...hold on."

He grips his hands tightly for a second before glaring at Abaddon once more, the volume of the voices increasing further until it is as if now they are all shouting and wailing right into Abaddons ears.

"Millions have died by your hand.  Their voices silenced for all eternity. more though."
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Post by: Soul Reaver on November 26, 2018, 05:02:43 PM
For a moment Soul Reaver is undecided on if he should take out Peterson or continue battling Abaddon.  But when Gulgrim and Cameron both turn on Peterson, with Cameron explicitly claiming that battle for his own, Soul Reaver's mind is made up for him.

He can discern Abaddon already working on a counterspell.  While he could actively oppose such efforts for a while, it wasn't guaranteed it would hold.

Since Blooddrinker's earlier attempt at possession, Soul Reaver had been holding back.  He had been so drained by the experience that he had needed time to replenish his exhausted stores of strength and mana.

But now was no longer the time to hold back.  Now it was time to strike, before the enemy had time to find their footing again.

Soul Reaver's sweat-streaked muscles tense as spirit energy suddenly surges through him.  His eyes flare red and crimson lightning arcs from his body, earthing itself nearby with audible crackling.

Soul Reaver leaps straight toward Abaddon, the stone flagstones cracking where he had been standing moments before, a sonic boom in his wake.  Blooddrinker's  edges shimmer yellow as it sharpens itself to the point where it cuts the air into plasma.

As he streaks past Jharm, his frontal assault begins not with a sword swing, but with a massive Shockwave spell, spoken in a echoing voice.  He unleashes a conical blast of glowing power with enough kinetic force to shred through solid steel and hopefully sufficient to momentarily break Abaddon's defense.  In its immediate wake, Soul Reaver follows through with a precision thrust from Blooddrinker with the weight and force of his entire body behind it.  His goal was to embed the sword in Abaddon - he would not give the abomination the focus and time she would need to complete her counterspell.
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Post by: Danyael on November 30, 2018, 10:27:43 PM
The echoes prepared to flank-dash Cameron, suddenly halting stock still, about facing toward Danyael instead. The Nephilim Lord let Mary attack, choosing to keep his distance. Cowardice didn’t fuel his decision, but rather tactfulness. He spun the Yamato through his fingers as the wheeling blade was then thrust into the ground at his feet.

The Yamato plunged deep, but not deep enough to conceal the blade – the weapon quivering with the after effect force of the thrust. Upon impact, the orbiting spheres stopped frozen in the air. Peculiarly, the sword’s blade rung with an identical frequency comparable with the spheres. In the same instant, the whispy formed echoes snapped back into Danyael as he, without missing a beat, took five steps forward, arms and hands only slightly outstretched. And then his form began to change as he – having been directly in front of the Yamato – also began to ring with the same frequency as the sword and spheres. And yet still, the spheres made no such motion toward Abbadon. And then they began to quiver, then quivered faster and faster still. All within the same instant, they began to shake themselves into duplicates of themselves. 4 spheres became 8 and the frequency doubled with intensity. Then 8 became 16 and the frequency quadrupled.
His warp-aligned sight perceived the energies around him as a clashing maelstrom of furies, ramming and bashing and crashing against each other. Another fragment of focus mirrored his appearance with the very energies he saw that the others couldn’t descry. To the corporeal senses, he was flashing between multiple forms of himself, of ice and water, air and mist, light and darkness, form and formlessness. The frequency kept at a constant, as did his form continue its unending flux.

His voice spoke in a language alien to all but himself, guttural and feral. And then another voice identical to his. And another and another, numbering in the same amount as the 16 miniature spheres, devolving into a barking chorus of phantom voices. Their boom and bass came in patterns and waves, so intense in fact that they practically pushed at Abbadon herself. But this was no attack. He made no motion to attack, still. In the formlessness, the Nephilim continued the second stage of his tactic, which still kept him at a good enough distance to observe, survey and put together his next strategy while his comrades kept up the assault. He had the highest faith in them, just like he had the highest faith that, when it was his turn, they’d let him have his turn.
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Post by: Kitharsis on December 04, 2018, 09:48:32 AM
The rune shimmering between the tiny skeleton mage's hands is erased with a "Pop!" as Abbadon merely shrugs off the effects of the slow spell.  Luckily, Mary was able to score a few hits in before the spell was nullified.

The tattoos on Kitharsis's arms are glowing fiercely by now, ready to strike out.  The tiny mage clambers up onto his shoulders as the stony warrior prepares his onslaught. 

A serious buildup of energy alerts him to Soul Reaver beginning his own attack.  The immortal warrior streaks forward with a head on charge.  Wouldn't it be convenient if Abbadon couldn't dodge out of the way...

Kitharsis swings both of his arms like a breast stroke, the tattoos scrawling down them flare even brighter as tendrils of crimson energy burst out of them.  The tendrils scream toward Abbadon.  They attempt to wrap around her limbs and her torso, grabbing purchase on whatever they can.  This isn't just a dumb rope either,  Kitharsis is controlling each tendril.  If they miss their mark they will attempt to grab at Abbadon again and again until they are either destroyed or Kitharsis is unable to maintain the effort.

Should his attack succeed and grab Abbadon's body, he will do his damnedest to keep her in one place so that Soul Reaver's attack succeeds. 

In the meantime, the tiny mage weaves threads of magic into another spell.
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Post by: Cameron on December 07, 2018, 12:23:10 AM
Abbadon is trying to concentrate on her counter spell, but there is just so much NOISE. The cacophony of voices coming from both Jharm and Danyael is almost overwhelming to the senses. Thus, she only has the spell partially complete before Soul Reaver's attack comes.

Seeing no other solution, she unleashes the spell she was preparing before it is ready. This is not enough to dispel or even disrupt the shield around her, but it does protect her from the majority of the shockwave spell, leaving her enough time to sidestep Soul Reaver's next attack.

Or so she thinks, cause just as she goes to move, she finds herself barred by tentacles that burn into her flesh and hold her fast. Roaring in pain, and with only moments before Soul Reaver strikes, she sacrifices two of her arms in defense, allowing the chaos born great swords to dissipate back into nothing as a result.

The two arms grasp the tentacles targeting her, causing them to begin to disintegrate. But as they do, she swings them to the left with all of her strength, ripping Kitharsis off his feet and colliding him with Soul Reaver just as his frontal assault was to land. Abbadon's extra arms burn to ash at this point but she has enough time to leap backwards and give herself some distance.

"TIme. I just need time. And space."

Without warning, an obsidian shell begins to encase Abbadon. Within moments, she can no longer be seen. It is clear that she is going to use this to try and repair some of the damage that has been done to her. But before anyone has a chance to try and prevent this, they are waylaid by an unexpected attack.

Tenebrous tentacles burst forth from the ground underneath each of the companions. For Kitharsis, these move to intercept each of his own tendrils, seeming to seep energy out of them as they make contact. For everyone else, the tendrils look to grab each warrior and tear them asunder. Anyone the tentacles get near can feel their energy being drained away as a malaise overtakes them. Throughout it all, a horrible chorus of screams echoes from inside the obsidian shell, drowning out both Jharm's and Danyael's voices. These are the screams of the millions of souls Abbadon has absorbed. A chorus that will only aid in her concentration and drown out all other voices.
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Post by: Veldanya Venalla on December 09, 2018, 10:37:50 PM
The Seraphim growls with anger as Abaddon manages to once avoid any real damage from the Companions attacks as she retreats into the obsidian shell.

"Enough.  I am tired of you running and hiding and fleeing from the punishment that is due for you Abaddon!"

Jharm swings his hammers at the tentacles, his weapons smashing into the appendages to keep them at bay as the glow from within him brightens further until suddenly he just stops.

"Enough is enough be it."

His hands open up, his weapons crashing to the floor as he suddenly charges towards the shell and launches himself at it.

"Burn!  Burn in the righteous flames of the Light!!"

As his figure reaches the shell he opens his arms wide and the glow from within him suddenly seems to pull back inside before the entire area is bathed in brilliant white light.  It is almost the same as when Abaddon created their detonation earlier, but instead of fire and destruction this explosion seems to be different.  Waves of concentrated Light radiate out from where the Seraphim was.  The glow is so large and brilliant it can be seen from all around, as Seraphs down amidst the city pause and gaze up at it, Nethanya and Drayvon specifically.

D: "By the Light....he's done it.  Wrath of the Light.  I hope either it was enough...or that his friends will be able to finish it..."

As the blinding light subsides, the figure of the Seraphim can be seen laying near the edge of the platform, once more in his normal form, his large hammer resting next to him...and while it seems as if he still draws breathe, there is little other movement from the angelic warrior.
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Post by: Shadow Chorus on December 13, 2018, 11:21:14 AM
"Quit hidin' ya spikey git! i'z startin ta fink you'z just a little grot, cowerin' like dat in yer little 'ole!"

Gulgrim jolted away from the tentacles erupting beneath him, reappearing elsewhere on the battlefield. His augmented cannons opened fire on Abaddon's shell, blasting with furious bellowing WAAAGH!!!fire before repositioning again, warping himself to different angles throughout the battlefield to rain fire on Abaddon's shell from all sides and avoid any potential retribution from his tentacles.

"Yer little puppet boy'z got more spine den you do roight now, abby-don! Show me what colour yer insidez are!"

The warboss was growing somewhat annoyed with Abaddon's continued delaying and avoidance tactics, feeling like the warmaster of chaos was simply stalling the good fight. Gulgrim would see what he could do to change that, even if he had to chip away that shell one layer at a time.
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Post by: Soul Reaver on December 18, 2018, 05:35:34 PM
The foul air whips through Soul Reaver's hair as he streaks through the air, his eyes focused on Abaddon.  Kitharsis' tendrils burst forth to try and restrain his target, but at the last moment, this aid is turned against him - the massive Kitharsis is pulled from his feet and thrown to intercept Soul Reaver.

Unable to change his trajectory so quickly in midair, Soul Reaver's twists his body to ensure Blooddrinker will not hit his companion.  With a jarring thud his back and shoulder impact on Kitharsis, and Soul Reaver is knocked aside.

Somewhat ungracefully Soul Reaver hits the ground and rolls a couple of times in a cloud of black dust, but he is swiftly back in a combat-ready crouch.  As he looks up, he sees Abaddon disappear into an obsidian shell.

Soul Reaver's face remains impassive as he rises, red lightning still crackling from his form.  He glances in the direction of the Tirthandara, but other than having been batted aside it didn't look like he was injured in any meaningful way.  He is about to speak more words of power when suddenly a roaring cacophony of souls emits from the obsidian barrier... and midnight tentacles burst from the ground to grab at him.

Soul Reaver sweeps Blooddrinker at the tendrils with a wide, glowing arc - whatever they may be, they are no match for the Daemonic blade, the severed pieces disintegrating like mist in a storm.  Though more tenatacles rise, he has bought enough time to complete his spell...

...and then Jharm unleashes a burst of light so intense it can be felt in the marrow of one's bones.  To Soul Reaver, the warmth is invigorating and uplifting, causing his powers to surge even more.  For those short moments, Bloodrinker's blade grows more dull as the Daemon Lord writhes and retreats further within the Vortex Blade - but its sharpness returns when the light has passed it by.

The tentacles attacking Soul Reaver however are hit hard by the blast, their blackness withering away in the face of its purity.  The light also slams into Abaddon's obsidian shield, though Soul Reaver is unable to tell immediately if it has indeed done damage to it, or to Abaddon within.

Nonetheless, his spell basically complete, Soul Reaver does not cancel it.  Channeling his emotions and rage into a burning heat, Soul Reaver invokes a Fire Shield with a violent gesture.  With a loud whoosh, his body is enveloped by intense blue flame - for him, it feels as though it were merely warm, but outside the heat is of blistering intensity.  Any tentacles that survived Jharm's powerful burst and are foolish enough to try and attack the warrior will be incinerated by the intense magical flames.

Soul Reaver does not intend to let up on Abaddon - he must maintain pressure on the warmaster.  Even now, Gulgrim was pummeling the obsidian cocoon from every direction - any effort to weaken it would only help his next assault.

More magic flows through Soul Reaver as in complicated fashion he weaves two spells together into one and once more throws himself toward Abaddon.  His left hand is suffused with glowing white power, while his right grips Blooddrinker's orange-rimmed blade.  With a loud chant, Soul Reaver slams his glowing palm onto the obsidian barrier.

It was fortunate that Abaddon chose obsidian to form his shield, for it was a material that Soul Reaver was very familiar with shaping on his Obsidian Island - as such, he almost instinctively knew where he needed to focus his efforts most.  White light flows from his hand and runs across the smooth blacksurface, flowing into and making visible every imperceptible crack, fracture and imperfection, forming a criss-crossing, spiderweb pattern.  Soul Reaver's chant intensifies to a shout as his two-as-one spells complete - a Shatter spell designed to blast the cocoon to shards, and if successful, an Implosion spell to launch the dagger-like shards of volcanic glass inwards... even as the flame-suffused Soul Reaver stands ready to parry, then thrust Blooddrinker into his foe.
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Post by: Danyael on December 19, 2018, 12:31:39 AM
He had seconds to react as the obsidian shell begins to encase around Abbadon. One of the orbs, as they were each an extension of himself, shot toward Abbadon in a snap, making its way within the barrier just as the shell snapped itself around her. The chanting had stopped and only silence lingered, only for the orb to rapidly batter away at the shell. In synch with its brethren, the remaining 15 orbs erratically hammered onto the shell in violently erratic rapid fire over and over again. With the single orb on the inside and the remaining 15 on the outside, the shell was being attacked on both fronts. With each impact, a word from the guttural language barks into audibility. And with the speed and increasing frequency of their movement, the single word strikes from all 16 orbs once again started their chanting under a different tactic now. Not only this, but the Nephilim Lord could perceive the form of the Despoiler in full, her energy flaring in all colors anything but welcoming. And all of which well beyond the definition of sinister. But he had a clear depiction of her form. And an even clearer depiction of her position.

In addition to Gulgrim Bonecruncha’s cannon fire and relentless eruptions of WAAAGH!!! energy from various locations of the battlefield, as well as Soul Reaver’s direct attack against Abbadon’s shell, Danyael had now elected to enter the fray directly. But not before the sudden influx of energies took his notice and the tendrils of black energy burst from the ground to reach for their new prey.

The tendrils surge forth, and would have very well latched onto Danyael… if he were in physical form. Which he currently was not. And so they grasped at little more than air as the miasma that was his form parted and reformed like wind through a mist. But the lack of physical didn’t mean that physical harm was all there was to avoid, with the onset of a sudden and almost overwhelming His miasmal form spread, then constricted, then spread again, then spiraled toward the Yamato still in the ground behind him. The tendrils followed, but were lead into the whirling disc of the now dislodged Yamato, shredding them away down to the roots. And then both the sword and the swirling smoke form of the Nephilim lord leapt from the ground to land menacingly in the form of what lookd like a miniature thunderstorm. The Yamato whirling around him with speed so swift it was as if Danyael’s currently shapeless form was being enswathed by arcs of prismatic light.

The storm surged overhead, the chanting now picking up directly from his formless lips as he began to swell and spiral over the shell. All time slowed under his perception as his speed quickened thrice that of his companions. The crackle and boom of thunder shook the battlements as he took his original shape, accompanied by five echoes, each wielding a different weapon of the somnus.

While the five echoes spread, then spiraled down to directly catapult themselves at the shell at the same time as Soul Reaver, Danyael, Yamato in hand, hurled himself at the shell from above – sword tip aimed with the intent of making contact with the Despoiler’s head…

…if the barrier breaks.
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Post by: Kitharsis on December 20, 2018, 04:12:18 PM

Abbadon grabs onto the crimson tendrils.  It is a wonder that she is able to hold onto them and withstand the raw energy.  He digs his heels into the floor, straining to keep her in place.  Just a moment longer.  Just...


Kitharsis's feet leave the ground.  Even his strength is no match for Abbadon in this form.  He simply has no time to react as he careens toward Soul Reaver.

The tiny mage scrambles, attempting to work a spell to stop the collision from happening.  But to no avail.  The two warriors collide, each taking precautions to not let the pointy ends of things come in contact with one another.

Kitharsis lands on his feet, somehow managing to twist himself around in the air using the tendrils still attached to Abbadon.  As he steadies himself, Abbadon's black tendrils burst forth as she cocoons herself in a shell of obsidian.  Kitharsis immediately snuffs out his own tendrils as he feels his energy being drained into them.  The skeletal mage zaps any other tendrils that get too close with a burst of magic.

Jharm explodes in a wash of Light.  It envelops the spire, reinvigorating Kitharsis as it does so.  His tattoos flare a bright white as the Light purges a large amount of dark energy within him.

Both Soul Reaver and Danyael assault the obsidian sphere.  Whatever Abbadon is doing in there cannot be good.  Kitharsis unsheathes his horseman's pick and hefts it in both hands.  The head begins to glow as he feeds energy into it.  With a grunt he charges forward.  Upon reaching the obsidian sphere he rears the pick above his head and crashes it down on the surface.  The buildup of energy releases in a violent explosion.  He intends to continue swinging against the sphere, or whatever may come from inside of it if the companions' efforts are successful.
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Post by: Cameron on December 24, 2018, 12:20:20 PM
Abbadon roars in fury as one of Danyael’s spheres, which she had been ignoring up until this point, rushes into the obsidian shell before it can close. With a vicious swing, she deflects it away from her with Drach’nyen, only for it to bounce off of the inside of the shell and blast her directly in the face. She recoils, a pinkish liquid flowing freely from her broken face. With another swing, she deflects the sphere before it can hit her a third time and then erects a smaller, thicker obsidian shell around herself, shrinking her body mass to fit inside. She can hear the sphere battering back and forth between the two shells and knows it’s only a matter of time before this second line of defense falls.

“There are too many. I cannot fight them all at once by myself.”

This was her folly. As it was his folly the first time they fought. As it was Ahriman’s folly when he allowed them to come here. They all thought to take this seasoned group of warriors on by themselves. They underestimated them. Even with Abbadon’s fresh body and newfound power, she was still no match for them when they were fighting as a group like this. Only the wretch Peterson had seen this wisdom, trying to divide them and turn them against each other rather than attack them directly. And even that had eventually failed.

Time slows. Abbadon can hear the thunderous sound of Gulgrim’s heavy weapons fire joining in with the rhythmic shelling of Danyael’s magic spheres. She can feel Soul Reaver preparing magics that will shatter both shields like glass and turn that glass against her. She can feel Kitharsis, preparing to charge, looking to strike the blow that will be the catalyst for this happening. She can feel her shadowy tentacles torn away by the light of the Seraphim. This is the end, and she will soon be dead. Again.

“This cannot happen. Not to me. Not again. I am the Avatar of Chaos.”

Time slows. Abbadon ignores what she is sensing around him and turns her attention outward. Her forces are failing. The Eldar, Tau, and Seraphim’s reinforcements were too much to overcome. The Eye is moments away from falling out of her control.

“This CANNOT happen. I am the AVATAR OF CHAOS.”

Time slows. Abbadon looks inward.

“No. I am not. Not yet.”

Trapped in a shell, moments from death, Abbadon reaches out to her patron saints.

“Oh Ruinous Powers. Have I not served you? Have I not given you everything? Have I not asked nothing in return for myself? I stayed true to you even when the traitor Ahriman forsook you. I have vanquished the traitor and even now endeavor to undo his vile work. But I cannot do it alone.”

Abbadon shrinks even smaller. The first obsidian barrier has already shattered. Time is still slowed, but she can feel them coming. The spell will shatter the second sphere and Soul Reaver and Kitharsis are directly behind it. Soul Reaver is lined up for a killing blow and Abbadon has nothing left to defend herself with but faith.

“Your birthplace is about to fall. The Eye is about to close. I have nothing left. Nothing left to offer you.”

Abbadon sighs. Regardless of whether his pleas are heard or not, this is the end. She could allow the Companions to kill her again. Lie dormant and wait for another body to come along. But she will never be able to defeat them. This is the end. And Abbadon refuses to live in a world where she has been utterly defeated.

“I have nothing left to offer you but myself.”

Abbadon reaches out with her mind, still psychically attuned from when it belonged to Kalana. She reaches into the Warp.

“Come. This vessel is yours. Fill it with yourselves and cast out this rabble that seeks to silence you.”

The Spire trembles. The ground shakes. Deep in the core of this dead world, inside the pulsing tear in reality that Abbadon and Ahriman once tore open to help expand the Eye, something stirs.


The second sphere cracks. Soul Reaver is moments from his target.


The Spire begins to crack.


Allied forces around the city stop fighting and look around as the ground trembles under their feet.


The tear in reality buried in the core of this dead world, responsible for allowing the Eye to grow at rates exceeding 1000 meters an hour during Ahriman’s machinations, tears wide open. 4 massive, unknowable figures ride the massive surge of Warp energy upwards.


Abbadon feels the power welling up beneath her, and then feels no more, as her physical form ceases to exist.

Kitharsis strikes the second sphere just as Soul Reaver’s spell weakens it, and it shatters, driving the shards inward as Soul Reaver’s attack strikes true. Danyael also strikes from the sky, and both Blooddrinker and the Yamato both make contact with what used to be Abbadon’s head. But instead, they sink into a fleshy mound, along with the obsidian shards. The shards are absorbed into the mound. It would appear that Abbadon’s new body has turned itself inside out and collapsed in on itself to form an egg shape. Pink gore splashes Danyael and Soul Reaver as they rip their weapons from the vile construct. And before they have a chance to react, the ground rumbles and the Spire sways.

Mary had been about to dash forward with them when the Warp fluctuation beneath the planet caught her attention. She now shouts a warning, hastily erecting Warp shields around the Companions.


Beneath the Companions, the Spire explodes. The chain of explosions starts at the bottom and works its way up to the broken point, showering the area for miles around with flaming debris. The remains of the Spire collapse into itself as the column of Warp energy that once spewed forth from it’s center grows to 10 times its original size. The Companions, the flesh egg that was formally Abbadon, and Peterson are all engulfed. To an experienced Warp Traveler, the feeling is identical to being thrown into the Warp when you are not prepared, and only the Warp shields hastily erected by Mary stop them from being instantly destroyed or mutated beyond recognition.

Peterson had quickly thrown himself away from Cameron as the Spire began to explode, surrounding himself with a barrier as the Warp energy engulfed them all. He looks to the fleshy egg in the center of this madness.

“Abby, what the fuck? You don’t just throw your friends into the Warp without at least… warning… them first…”

Peterson tails off as the egg begins to bulge.

“Oh, Abby. You’re gone, aren’t you?”

The egg explodes, showering anyone close by with gore. The daemon blade Drach’nyen is hurled from the explosion and out of the  column of warp energy, quickly lost from view. A massive creature unfolds itself out of the void left behind, continuing to unfold and unfold itself until it hangs in the air fully formed, at least 6 stories tall. The beast has 4 heads. One of a snake, constantly shifting and changing. One is that of an impossibly beautiful human, laughing with pleasure. One is the horned head of a large creature, dripping pus and other unidentified substances from it’s jaws. And the last is a brass-armored hound like face, snarling and dripping blood from it’s fangs. The massive creature has many arms, holding all manner of weaponry, from dripping axes to chainswords to staves that crackle with eldritch magic. The creature cries out with a thousand voices, all speaking in unison.


Peterson regards the Avatar of Chaos for a moment before acting.

“Welp, that’s it for me. Later, guys.”

In a burst of energy, Peterson throws himself backwards and through the border of the flowing warp energy. Cameron, completely ignoring the Avatar, roars in anger.

“No you don’t, you SON OF A BITCH.”

Bursting into his full Elemental form, Cameron charges after Peterson, plowing through the border himself despite Mary’s protests.

“Cameron! Wait! FUCK.”

Mary glances at a data pad that she produces from his armor, and then looks back to the Avatar, who laughs in thousands of voices.


Mary looks at the other Companions one at a time, her gaze finally lingering on Danyael. She speaks to them all, despite keeping her gaze locked on him.

“I have to go save him. I have no choice. Those warp shields should hold and keep you safe until you are finished with this. I’ll come back if I can.”

Mary closes her eyes, explodes into her elemental form, and then vanishes. The Avatar laughs again.


The Avatar looms large, waiting.

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Post by: Shadow Chorus on December 24, 2018, 10:01:01 PM
As it turned out, Abaddon was exactly the cowardly grot that Gulgrim thought she was. But that was somewhat less important in the long run, because in the hectic chaos that blasted through the end of that battle, Gulgrim found himself and his allies face to face with the avatar of not one, but -all- of the chaos gods, all inhabiting the same host.

Gulgrim felt something new. A tremor in his hands, the presence of sweat that wasn't formed by heat. A waver of his eye as it gazed up and down the ever-shifting bulk of the Avatar's form. He brought his cybork arm up to his face to wipe the sweat from it. Was this fear? Was this the feeling that made puny humans run in terror when they caught sight of Gulgrim on the war march?

As Gulgrim looked up at the towering avatar of chaos and felt his entire form tremble, he deciphered that this was indeed fear he was feeling. Fear. And Excitement. This...This was the biggest fight Gulgrim could think of. Bigger than anything and everything that had come before. As much as Gulgrim shook at the awesome power that was on display before him, he could feel that driving his Ork nature even further into overdrive. His look of nervous fright slowly dissolved into a mad grin, his orky tusks glinting in the glow of the warp.

Gulgrim felt energy welling inside him. More than ever before, more even than during the battle against Soul Reaver, when he was fresh into the fight and raring to go. He didn't know if even he could contain all of this building WAAAGH!!! energy. It tore at his insides, threatening to blast his skull open from the sheer force of it. The warboss clenched his fists, lightning arcing and striking out at objects around him. For a moment his vision went white, and in his mind's eye he saw a place far from here.

In the distance of his vision, a pair of mountains drifted in the semi-real realms of the empyrean. These titanic objects seemed huddled together in the mists of the mind that were the warp's wild environs.

But these were no mountains, and as he watched they began to turn.

He couldn't quite make them out, their true appearance muddled by the realm they called home, but Gulgrim could not mistake the vast forms of the twin gods of the orks. Gork and Mork turned their brutally kunnin' gazes to their chosen champion.

"You'z ready fer dis fight." Mork's voice, like a subtle avalanche, swept into his ears.

"You'z gonna krush dese spikey gods." Came Gork's voice, like a focused landslide.

"We'z Gork an' Mork. An' You'z our chosen avatar. We'z can't ever be beat, an' neither can you."

The two gods leaned their heads back, opened their colossal, fanged orky maws, and erupted in a war cry that bellowed across the warp and reverberated through Gulgrim's very soul, and soon followed spilling out of his own mouth.


A tornado of wind and emerald lightning cracked and stormed around the Warboss, his cybork eye glowing like a red sun as he clenched his fists and tilted his head back for this ear-shattering cry that blasted through ear and mind like a sonic boom.

Eventually, after what felt like an eternity the cry died down, and Gulgrim fixed the towering avatar of chaos with his grinning, Orky visage.

"I'z said it ta yer grot, I'll sez it ta you. I'z Gulgrim Bonecruncha. An I'z da avatar o' Gork an' Mork. I'z ready fer ya, spikey gods. Come n' see why Orks can't ever be beat."
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Within the obsidian shield, powers much greater than those wielded by Ahriman or Abaddon shred apart the magical barrier Soul Reaver had erected - it was never intended to hold at bay the sentient manifestations of Chaos...

There is a mighty crack as Kitharsis' blow shatters the second shell.  Soul Reaver's combined spells complete, tearing the obsidian apart, then driving the glassy slivers inwards.  Blooddrinker streaks toward its target, accompanied by Danyael swooping in from above.

However, the sight that greets Soul Reaver is no longer Abaddon - only a vile, mass of organ-like pulsing flesh.  Blooddrinker sinks into the disgusting meat with little resistance.

Soul Reaver pulls the blade free, sending a jet of pink fluid squirting at him, only for it to evaporate is it enters the blue flames of his Fire Shield.  Though Abaddon is no more, a sense of dread washes over him.  He could tell that this transformation heralded the starts of something worse, and he subconsciously takes a step back.

The ground tilts beneath Soul Reaver as the spire shudders in its death throes.  Barely maintaining his footing, he hears Mary shout "BRACE YOURSELVES!" just as the spire begins to explode.

A Warp Shield flickers into life around Soul Reaver as the ground beneath him blasts itself into gravel and a pillar of Chaos Warp energy engulfs him.

Reeling from the unexpected blast, he barely has a chance to registers Peterson's words before the fleshy egg erupts into the Avatar of Chaos, the resulting explosion sending Drach'nyen spinning away into nothingness.  Pink gore once more sizzles into nothingness as it impacts on the Fire Shield as the Avatar of Chaos reveals itself in all its terrible glory.

Looking upon the creature, Soul Reaver knows the horror of what he is facing even before it speaks.  Its words only confirm what he already instinctively knows.  His grip on Blooddrinker tightens.

Then suddenly, Peterson's spiritual signature disappears - which would be a small blessing, were it not followed by Cameron.  Soul Reaver is about to protest when Mary states that she has to join him, but is too late.  She too joins them, leaving the rest of the companions to face the Avatar of Chaos by themselves.


Soul Reaver did not just believe in the gods, he knew of their existence with certainty.  But it had been lifetimes since he had prayed to them.

What mattered were not the Gods, but rather how one would respond to the hand that fate dealt to them.  There were always choices.  He knew that the right one was usually the one strewn with thorns.

Beside Soul Reaver, Gulgrim surges with Waaagh energy so strong that he can almost feel it throbbing in his own skull.  But he looks up at the Avatar of Chaos with a sense of calm - almost serenity.  This was his calling, was it not?  To shed blood so that others would not.

He hefts Blooddrinker two-handed, the blade still shimmering orange.  The Daemon within the blade is forced into frustrated silence, Soul Reaver's iron will dominating it completely.

He meets the gaze of the four-headed Avatar.

"I am at peace."

His grip tightens as the crimson lightning playing over his body intensifies.

"And I will share it with you."
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Post by: Veldanya Venalla on December 31, 2018, 04:15:37 AM
The almost unmoving form of the Seraphim shifts as events unfold around him.  The combined might of the Companions blasts against Abbadon's defenses, overwhelming them just in time for the Chaos sorcerer to..."transform' into something much, much worse.  The departure of Peterson could almost be said to be a blessing, if it did not also wind up costing the presence of both Cameron and Mary at the same time.  As the surrounding area explodes and the Avatar of Chaos arrives, Jharm groans and slowly gets to his feet, still weak after his violent transformation from the Avatar of Vengeance.  His gaze shifts up to the wholly demonic and utterly harrowing sight before him.

"By the Light...I should have known..."

He grips his hands tightly as his strength falters and he drops down to one knee, clearly still weak after his recent efforts.  Then from behind him the faint visage of 3 figures appear.  The Council of Light gaze down at the Seraphim as their words manifest within his mind must end this at once.  We have sensed that Darkness moves against us once more.  We offer what little more we can safely give.  See that it is not in vain.

One of the three figures extends a hand towards Jharm, their palm raised skywards as a faint beam of golden light appears between them and the Seraph leader.  The moment the beam reaches him, Jharm shakes slightly and slowly gets to his feet as his strength begins to return to him.

"By the Light....this hellspawn shall fall..."
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Abbadon is gone.  Left in its stead was a fleshy egg.  Soul Reaver sinks his deamon sword into the thing, finding no resistance.  As the blade pulls free Kitharsis weighs what this could mean.  Abbadon was not one to give up so easily. 

The ground shakes, a symptom of what is to come.  Kitharsis launches himself backwards, away from the conspicuous mound of flesh.  As he does so a warp shield -of all things- wraps around him and the tiny mage.  No sooner does Kitharsis land, that the spire explodes beneath him.  In the chaos, Kitharsis feels the power of the Warp as it engulfs the spire.

The egg, whatever was left of Abbadon, impossibly unfolds itself into a massive beast.  Kitharsis stares in wonder at the Avatar of Chaos.  Such a monster turning its gaze to the companions tells of the impact they have had on the forces of Chaos.  This is the being chosen as their champion, or at least the one thrust upon them by their masters.  While the gravity of their situation is not lost on him, he cannot help but feel a degree of honor to face such a foe.

Kitharsis sheathes his horseman's pick.  It is, after all, merely a tool to channel his power.  The trinkets and rune stones at his belt would be mere jokes to such a creature.  No, this will require a degree of power above such things.

His tattoos glow fiercely as he judges the Avatar of Chaos.  The air around him grows hot and dry as he channels the powers of an arid desert.  The air shimmers with the intensity of the heat.

He is prepared for war.
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As the yamato sinks in, the echoes, in sink with Danyael's focus, vanish back into the ether - the weapons of the somnus going with them. In the same instant, the nephilim lord cuts upward with his blade, leaping a safe enough distance away to survey yet another new circumstance.

As Mary chases after Cameron, the nephilim lord calls after her, but too late, she's already through the threshold of the warp. He positioned himself to go after her, having traversed the warp before. He survived countless eternities during his exile. What was one more. But something compelled him to stay. A power spike unlike any other pulsed and throbbed like the beat of a drum, the energies bobbing and flowing in all directions as his eyes turned back to the central grotesque egg that he and Soul Reaver had penetrated earlier, the beast from within bursting forth. Danyael's own revulsion at the 'sight' of the creature can no longer be hidden. "...gross." it was a wrenching sight to behold, even for him. As the avatar spoke, the nephilim lord's sight perceived the energies around it, all of them pallid, pale, barbed... and even beautiful.

As it spoke, he said nothing in response at first, then decided why not and yelled back an ungentlemanly two worded response in reference to the creature's head. He would show them no fear. He would show them no despair. He would show them no wrath. At least not yet. All he would show them now was the neutrality of his focus. Twirling the Yamato into a single handed salute, blade uplifted in front of his face - he lowered himself into a two handed defensive combat stance, the edge of the yamato aimed at his new enemy while the handle, held fast in the clutch of both hands, was held high by the side of his face.
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The four faces of the Avatar of Chaos regard the Companions coldly as they, one by one, make their choice. The thousands of voices again speak in unison.


In the blink of an eye, the Avatar is in motion. It strikes out at it’s foes simultaneously, bringing it’s many instruments of destruction to bear.

Gulgrim finds himself assaulted seemingly on all sides by various weapons of war. Brass axes and hammers swing at his midsection while two mighty chainswords seek to remove his head from his body. As the attacks come, Gulgrim can hear a voice cutting through the many other voices ringing in his ears, a growl of inexhaustible rage tearing through the din and into the Ork’s very soul.


Kitharsis finds a number of eldritch staffs pointed in his direction and is quickly surrounded by awful violet tendrils of pure magic. They lash out repeatedly, attempting to strike both Kitharsis and his bony mage. Lightning crackles from them in great arcs, ensuring that even the tendrils that miss their target will still pass close enough to damage him. Voices taunt him from somewhere nearby, each one repeating the same words with different tones and inflections, and some of them saying the same thing in different languages.


Jharm finds himself engulfed in a swirling mass of rotting, putrid flesh. Various limbs reach out from the infected mass and attempt to incapacitate the Seraphim. Gnarled bony fingers clutch at him and attempt to hold him back, while fleshy protrusions covered in teeth and claws attempt to tear him asunder. The ancient elderly voice that emits from these fleshy constructs maintains a jolly demeanor, rasping happily in the back of Jharm’s mind.


Danyel is quickly surrounded by a seemingly endless crowd of lithe, faceless figures of an indeterminable race or gender. They dart around him, laughing and taunting, darting in from multiple directions to slash at him with knives and blades while others hang back and attempt to restrain him with whips and chains. Every attack parried or dodged leaves him open for another, and the crowd shows no sign of stopping. A beautiful voice rings out, dripping with lust.


Soul Reaver can see all this happening, because unlike the others, he is not targeted at first. The main host regards him coldly, it’s four faces leering.


The Avatar rears back, bringing a number of its appendages to bear.


The arms are upon Soul Reaver. He finds himself attacked by chainswords from either direction. Eldritch lightning washes over him. He is engulfed by an awful gas that chokes the very breath from his lungs. And through it all, a voice whispers in the back of his mind, calling him to surrender, attempting to break through his mental defenses.
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The Seraphim coughs and almost gags as he finds himself surrounded  by rotten, repulsive flesh, the odor almost overwhelming him as he works to fend off the vile claws and teeth.

"Never!  I am a Warrior of the Light.  I shall never cease in combatting the Darkness in whatever form it takes!  Your sickening, twisting words mean nothing!  The Light shall purge away your pestilence!"

Jharms form begins to glow as a shield manifests around him, helping to protect him against both the effects of the rotten flesh surrounding him as well as the multitude of teeth and claws attempting to strike at him.  His hammer swings around, crushing any appendages that get too close.  As he swings the hammer around with his right hand, the Seraphim forms a glowing blade of light in his left and begins to slash and hack at the flesh surrounding him as he begins to attempt to slice his wave out of the macabre prison.
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As weapons surge toward Gulgrim from all sides, the voice of the blood god roars in his mind, but Gulgrim does not respond. Instead, he merely raises both of his arms to the sides of his head, intercepting the incoming chainswords. There is a grinding sound as the teeth of the massive weapons chew through Gulgrim's Cybork arm, but for some reason find it difficult to bite into his Orky flesh. After a few seconds both chainswords grind to a halt however, as do the axes and hammers, each  arresting their movement without Gulgrim seeming to flinch.

As the last of the metal of Gulgrim's cybork arm falls away, what is revealed is an arm of green fire underneath the workings. A new limb formed of pure WAAAGH!!! energy holds back one of the chainswords, while his other arm seems to have hardened to stop the second.

Meanwhile, the weapons aiming for the Warboss's midsection slowly begin to inch away as a pair of spectral arms, which had crossed in front of Gulgrim's gut to take the blows, push outward.

There is a rumbling sound as the Warboss looks up at the towering avatar of chaos undivided.

"Orkz show strength an' power through size, roight Gulgrim?" the ork seemed to ask himself. "Das right, ya stupid spikey god, why you'z ask?"

"Well den why'z you so small?"

"Dat's easy ya dumb spikey grot." The weapons began to push further back as Gulgrim's form seemed to swell with power and size, his height and breadth beginning to increase. "Dat's because I'z kunnin. I knowz 'ow strong I iz. I'z da Avatar o' Gork n' Mork. Ain't nuffin' I can't beat. But showin' it off's jus' a way to give the game away too quick."

His body continued to swell in size and bulk as he spoke, a mad grin across his face. "If'n I alwayz prounced about as big as dat Ghazghkull git, everyone'd know I wuz somefin' ta reckon with. It'd ruin da surprize."

As big as a hab-block now. Bigger even than the ancient legends told of The Beast. Green lightning danced at his words.

"But sometimes it's time ta show 'em just how mean an' green ya really are. An' dat's when you show 'em what da biggest and baddest Ork in da whole 'ooniverse looks like. An' dat's what Mork's cunnin' is all about. 'It em hard when dey Underestimate ya."

The ork must have been approaching the size of a small Titan by this point, but in the realms of the Empyrean it was impossible to truly judge scale, especially when compared to the tower that was his opponent. He brought his physical arm back, reeling back for a punch, and the outline of two more spectral fists, the hands of Gork and Mork, seemed to manifest over his shoulder, equally pulled back and ready.

"An' den wif Gork's Brutality, you hit 'em even harder when dey realize it."

And then, with force like a falling skyscraper, Gulgrim's fist and the fists of Gork and Mork slammed forward like they were fired from a cannon, explosive, earth-shattering force on a collision course with the body of Chaos's avatar.
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Soul Reaver is hit all at once by the full fury of Chaos Undivided.

Soul Reaver's nerves ripple in agony as the eldritch lightning coruscates over him.  His involuntary intake of breath to scream only serves to draws in the cloying, decaying miasma around him, threatening to rot his lungs and infect him with unthinkable pestilences.  All the while a lilting, seductive, soothing voice promises to make the pain stop... with almost no effort required on his part at all.

Driven to his knees from the agony, Soul Reaver still manages to force his way through the pain to defending himself from the potentially fatal chainsword strikes.  His sword-arm responds to the incoming weapons with unthinking ease, Blooddrinker moving in a blur to intercept the blows.  Sparks fly as the crimson blade bats aside the roaring weapons, each blow smashing chunks of metal from them.  But he is only on the defensive, unable to make headway against the constant barrage.

For a moment, the seductive voice in his head is ovelayed with a more familiar, hate-filled one.

This one is our enemy as much as he is yours!  Unleash us and together we will tear out its heart!

Blooddrinker was telling the truth - there was no love lost between Inferno and the Avataor of Chaos, and Blooddrinker would do anything to stop Soul Reaver allying himself with this enemy of theirs.

But this was not the way, not this time.  At the cost of his own honour Soul Reaver had learned that it was easy to step over the thin line where the sword was wielding its bearer, rather than the other way around.  Blooddrinker was not a shield to cower behind - it was a blade meant to be thrust into the heart of darkness.  Deep at the core of his being, his spirit stirs.

He hardens his will against the seductive whispers, allowing them to wash past him as water rushes past rock.  With gritted teeth and through a haze of pain, Soul Reaver forces bone, sinew and muscle to obey.  With a monumental effort, he begins to rise again.  His lungs burn, but his regenerative powers begin to counter the pathogens and rot, holding it from advancing further.  With rasping voice and through blackened teeth, Soul Reaver begins to speak words of magic, his free hand tracing runes into the air.

There is a sudden crackle as a sphere of blue antimagic pulses from Soul Reaver's body.  His Fire Shield snuffs instantly, and he intended for it to do the same to the Eldritch Lightning, even if just for a moment.  That moment, he hopes, will create enough of a crack in his foe's offense to drive a wedge into.  Even now, he prepares a second incantation: a powerful Protection from Magic spell.
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Fiercely glowing crimson tendrils rip through the air as Kitharsis meets the Avatar of Chaos's attack head on.  He roars in defiance as lightning from the violet tendrils arcs about.  The lightning that arcs too close for comfort traces dark, jagged lines on his stony skin.  The skeleton mage erects a hasty shield around Kitharsis.  The mage can barely maintain the shield against the onslaught.  With each strike the shield flickers like a fluorescent bulb on its last legs.


Kitharsis furrows his brow at the repeated words.  Does the Avatar think he hasn't contemplated dipping into the dark, endless well of power before?  He can't help but respond with a clenched smile.

"And to think, I will not need to stoop so low in order stop you."

With a flare of power, scorching winds kick up around Kitharsis as he stops merely defending.  His crimson tendrils push back more fiercely, attempting to overwhelm the violet ones from his enemy.  As he does this, he charges the tattoo on his left palm and starts firing energy blasts at the numerous Eldritch staffs controlling the tendrils. 

All the while, red tinted sand begins to fall around him, collecting within the barrier.
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The onslaught was without pause as the figures hammered into the Nephilim lord wave after wave, moving at speeds blurred beyond comprehension with a ferocity rivalling any he’d faced before. And with every echo he unleashed, they appeared to match his numbers with twice their own. But increased he did, over and over again until they were a crowd all unto them selves. He heard the voice lull his attentions and, while combating his foes, still managed to take heed of its words.

The Imperium ruled over much, but this universe held but a foothold colony – or rather an outpost – to its majesty. He didn’t want to be here any more than before, save for a few choice individuals. But here he was, fighting someone else’s battle. And the more the thoughts rushed through his mind, the more attractive the voice sounded to him. It was then that in a single, unified motion, he and his echoes clasped hard against the figures, all locking onto one another and pulled each other into a single mass of bodies, each connected to one another by way of interlocking limbs around each other. But the tactic was two fold, as they had also brought the figures closer as well.

Another voice, unheard by the others reminded him of his status as sovereign of the imperium. ”You rule countless realms. Why not be emperor over all?” the thought mentally made him smirk. Why not? Who could stop him? Who could try? Who would dare? None after today. Not a single one. And he would take the imperium down an entirely different set of paths toward an even further reaching grand design. The phantom voice purred again, ”Yours for the claiming.”

Thoughts lingered first on Mary, whom was one of only three who could ever reach the part of himself that he kept away from everyone else. If it were up to him, she would never know danger, though would always feel the thrill of life in every breath. He looked to his dear friend Kitharsis, whom he’d held above all others in camaraderie. This man, his brother in arms, had fought too long a fight. He’d given time and again without expectation of reward. He’d done so much and gained so little. This was not acceptable. He looked to the seraphim, Jharm, who tirelessly paraded righteousness in the face of wickedness, even when supremely overwhelmed and outnumbered. His heavenly hosts fought in a war that they never wanted to come to pass and came it did time and again. And yet, while more was demanded, more was given from him. This was unacceptable. He looked to Gulgrim and… just looked. Then looked to Soul Reaver and hatred once again boiled to the surface. This man, this hypocrite, was paraded by the masses as a champion of the downtrodden and the meek. He used this mantle to savvy himself some noble warrior of virtue and the thought sickened Danyael to the core. He still remembered all the falsehoods that bubbled to the surface from past campaigns with this warrior and none of them painted him as the savior of anything but himself. It was he, whom he looked upon with the most scorn of all. And it was then that he made his decision.

While he and his echoes still interlocked and holding fast with the faceless figures, Danyael brought his face closest by the side of one of the creatures’ heads. And then, without hesitation, he said the words. “What do you offer?”
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Cameron forces himself through the Warp heedlessly. Powerful warp shields crackle around him, protecting him from the limitless energies that would otherwise tear himself asunder. At first, he thinks of nothing but catching his quarry, who can’t have gotten far with his minimal head start. But after a few minutes, rage subsides, replaced with a growing fear.

Cameron had assumed that this was just a wall of warp energy that had been erected around them by the Avatar to dissuade them from trying to escape. But now he realizes his folly. The Avatar pulled them into a reality pocket within the Warp himself, and Cameron has just thrown himself directly into the Warp with no clear destination or anchor to reality behind him.

Planeswalkers such as Cameron and the Companions know the dangers of traversing the Warp all too well. When entering the Warp, you must have a clear picture of your destination in mind as well as a similarly clear picture of the place you just left, to keep you anchored firmly between the two locations. Failing to do so will leave you lost in the Warp, completely at it’s mercy. Many a fledgling Warp traveler has lost their lives doing exactly what Cameron just did.

Cameron stops and turns back, but he cannot feel any of the Companions behind him. The Warp provides him no frame of reference to get his bearings. He tries to picture a destination and move towards it, but he cannot focus. His once powerful warp shields begin to flicker and die, and he can feel tendrils of Warp energy burning into them, seeking purchase. Waiting to rip him apart.

And then there is a familiar burst of energy behind him, and Mary’s arms slip under his, hauling him upwards. There is a terrible disorienting lurch before reality resumes. Mary and Cameron tumble out of the Warp together, back in the courtyard that once served as the base of the Spire. Mary manages to keep her footing. Cameron tumbles end over end, coming to rest flat on his back. His gaze falls on Mary as she stands before him, her hair whipping in a unusually powerful breeze coming from behind her.

“Cameron, are you COMPLETELY insane, or are you just really really stupid?”

Mary glowers at Cameron, who for now is content to stare into the sky and wait for the world around him to stop spinning.

“I guess maybe a little bit of both.”

The look on Mary’s face betrays both worry and frustration in equal measure.

“I knew I was going to have to leave the fight unfinished, but I didn’t think it was because of you of all people being that fucking dense. Do you normally just throw yourself face first into the Warp with no idea of where you’re at?”

Cameron sits up.

“No. I don’t. I thought we were still…”

Cameron’s voice trails off as he looks past Mary to the location where the Spire once stood.

“...Mary, look.”

Mary turns and follows Cameron’s gaze. There is nothing left of the massive Spire that once occupied this space. Instead, a massive crater descends into the ground, further than any light can reach. At its center spins a massive cyclone of Warp energy, which stretches upwards into the sky. This is the source of the unnatural wind. Mary studies this phenomenon carefully before turning back to Cameron.

‘Cameron, that’s pure Warp energy being sucked into the crater. A LOT of it.”

Cameron returns to his feet quickly, checking to make sure that his armor is still functional.

“What’s causing it?”

Mary leaps into the air, coming to a stop a good 30 feet off the ground. She hovers there and peers into the massive crater. A few moments later, she drops back to the ground and turns back to Cameron.

“There’s a massive hole in reality below us. The Avatar must have opened it when he tore into this Plane. Whatever enchantment Ahriman had set up to pull energy from the Warp and through the Spire has completely failed.”

Mary looks to the sky.

“At this rate, this anomaly we’re in is going to collapse in on itself. Soon.”

Cameron stares at Mary incredulously.

“This anomaly. You mean the Eye of Terror. The Eye of Terror is collapsing?”

Mary nods. Cameron joins her in looking into the sky.

“How long do we have?”

Mary turns her gaze back to Cameron, gesturing at the cyclone behind her.

“No way to know for sure. But based on this, it’s minutes, not hours.”

Cameron reaches for the side of his helmet, tuning his voxcaster. He is immediately rewarded with a burst of voices in his ear as radio chatter from the allied forces in the area flood in. He toggles his mic and shouts above the din.

“Priority Message, Chapter Master override, all channels. Authorization: Chi Lambda Upsilon Tau Chi Eta.”

All voices on the voxnet fall silent. Cameron waits and then proceeds.

“Strike Team Actual to Fleet Command Actual. Requesting tactical update and situational appraisal.Switch to my channel.”

Cameron toggles to a private channel and then waits. Soon a voice rings over his voxcaster.

“Admiral Benden, reporting, sir. All major enemy forces have been eliminated but we are struggling to hold our position. Something is pulling us to the asteroid-”

Benden is cut off by another familiar voice, one that sounds much less amused than the last time he had heard it.

“Lord Aileron. The Eye of Terror is collapsing. I’m assuming this is because you were victorious?”

Cameron’s thoughts drift to the rest of the Companions, still trapped in the Warp. He shouldn’t have left them so hastily.

“For the most part. The remainder of the strike team has engaged the four Gods of Chaos within the Warp.”

The Farseer sounds legitimately surprised.

“And you’re not there with them? How odd.”

The hint of anger in Cameron’s voice causes Mary to turn from studying the sky.

“Why I am here instead of there is irrelevant. You’re confirming that the Eye is collapsing?”

“Oh! So you noticed. I’ve been trying to tell your Admiral this for some time now, but he is not listening. I have already started withdrawing my forces but your Admiral refuses to follow suit.”

Benden replies in an exasperated tone.

“Lady Farseer, I have told you multiple times now that I am not authorized-”

Cameron cuts him off.

‘Enough, Benden. I am authorized. Prepare to receive as many allied forces as your ship can safely hold. Relay that command to the rest of the fleet. Farseer, we’re likely to need your help to get our ships out of here.”

“Fear not, Lord Alieron. Our fleet will lead the way. But do hurry.”

Cameron dials his voxcaster back into the main channel and repeats his authorization. Again, the channel falls silent.

“This is Lord Cameron Aileron, Strike Team Actual. This mission is over. The Eye of Terror is collapsing. All standing orders are lifted. All allied forces are to begin a full retreat using the closest exit points available to them. You have 30 minutes, at which point all ships are to follow the Eldar fleet out of the Eye and back into Alliance space. All leaders, confirm this order.”

A rung of confirmations floods the vox. Cameron flips back to a private channel and turns to Mary before he is interrupted by another voice in his ear.

“Lord Aileron. This is Lord Dante. Is this confirmed?”

“Yes. Both by the Eldar Farseer and our expert here on the ground. There’s no time. You must retreat.”

“Then we will do so. The other Chapter Masters are already relaying your order. What of the strike team?”

“They are still in the Warp. We’ll find them once we make sure this area is secure-”

Cameron is cut off by a loud thump from behind him.

“Well! That was NOT a good time!”

Cameron disables his voxcaster as he slowly turns to face the source of the voice. Mary has already drawn her two-handed sword from its place on her back. Peterson stands before them, grinning his half grin. His chains have mostly been severed, but a few still hover around him. The brightly glowing daemon blade Drach’nyen is clutched in his right hand.

“I wasn’t expecting to actually be in the Warp! Had no idea where I was! Man, what a fucking IDIOT I am! But it’s okay, cause I found THIS. And with this, I managed to get back here. And I guess since old Abby is dead, this is mine now!”

Peterson takes a few test swings with his new weapon.

“Good shit. Very good shit. Anyway, what are you up to?”

Cameron draws his elemental blades.

“Killing you.”

Peterson’s half-grin widens.


Within the Warp, the battle between the Companions and the Avatar of Chaos continues.

The Avatar was not expecting the sudden shift in Gulgrim’s size. Now faced with an equally large opponent, it swiftly alters it’s strategy. Bringing every available arm to bear, it intercepts Gulgrim’s triple fists, barely managing to hold them back. Thousands of arms are snapped, ripped, or severed from the Avatar during this process and it roars in what could only be pain. The four faces of Chaos turn their attention directly to Gulgrim.


An untold number of the smaller arms merge together into four massive arms, each now bearing a scimitar of blue and green fire. The Avatar shifts it’s entire mass into a four pronged attack, looking to remove the Avatar of Gork and Mork’s limbs.

Jharm’s shield is enough to protect him from the swirling mass of teeth and bone trying to shred his flesh. His hammer smashes back the bony appendages and his blade of light cuts glowing swathes in the flesh imprisoning him. Light breaks through for a moment, before a cloud of green smog fills the area, flooding the gaps in the flesh and hardening, strengthening the prison. The smog weighs Jharm down, making each swing of his weapons twice as hard as the last. Teeth, claw, and bone once again protrude as the mass doubles its efforts in trying to consume the Seraphim.


The words of Nurgle ring as loud and joyful as ever, but they seem distracted. And even with the smog, Jharm can still see tiny cracks in the flesh and bone of his prison.

The violet tendrils are completely overwhelmed by Kitharsis’s crimson counterparts. His attacks are enough to knock the eldritch staves from the hands that wield them. The many voices around him ring out in various words and exclamations of praise.


Although this voice too seems distracted, this does not stop the avatar from bringing the hands that held the staves together to form two large cones. Energy builds and two massive lances if disruptive force tear through reality and strike Kitharsis head on, looking to obliterate his shield, his mage, and possibly himself.

Lustful laughter rings out from the trembling mass of bodies made up of the intertwined clones and echoes. The one closest to Danyael begins to writhe and twist, reshaping itself from it’s faceless form to an unmistakable one. A perfect face, framed by long luxurious hair and an intoxicating smile. The most beautiful being most mortals will ever lay eyes on. The figure speaks, and the voice that rings out is even more intoxicating than it was previously. Just the sight of this figure and the sound of its voice threatens to overwhelm Danyael’s senses.


The figure extends a gloved hand in Danyael’s direction.

Soul Reaver’s antimagic pulse is more than enough to dispel the eldritch lightning, and the gas begins to fade. As SouL Reaver begins to mouth the words of another spell, he finds that no further attacks are coming his way. The Avatar has shifted its attention, and while it still maintains a stranglehold on Kitharsis and Jharm, it’s full might has been forced to contend with the suddenly gargantuan Gulgrim. Soul Reaver finds himself with a brief moment where he is completely unattended. It will more than likely be the last free moment the Avatar will afford him.
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The Seraphims weapons slow down as the smog begins to seep past his defenses, his shield diminishing in its radius until it is a scant few inches from his armored form. 

"Never.  I shall NEVER give up, nor surrender!"

With a final swing of his hammer downwards he releases his grip on the weapon as it slams into the bottom of the "prison".  His gaze stares straight ahead, his arms down at his side.

"I am NOT your "child" nor are you my "father" foul monster.  I came from the Light...I shall return to the Light...I AM the Light.  I came from the Light...I shall return to the Light....I am the Light."

The Seraphim continues to repeat the mantra as it seems like his presence withdraws deep within his form and his body and armor begin to shimmer softly.  After a few moments the mantra suddenly changes as its volume seems to increase noticeably and at the same time his body begins to shimmer and glow brighter and brighter.

"I came from the Light...I shall return to the Light...I AM the Light.  We come from the Light...We shall return to the Light..We ARE the Light.  We come from the Light...We shall return to the Light...We ARE the Light."

Jharms arms raise up, his palms facing upwards as his body glows brighter and brighter.  This glow seems almost..."different" though.  While normally he glows when using his powers, the glow would seem to radiate from within him.  This time though it seems to be coming from his body itself, as if his very form is in fact BECOMING Light itself.  His words increase further in volume, sounding now not as if a single being is speaking but as if multiple beings are speaking at the same time through him, each word reverberating with power as if to drown out Nurgle and his twisted voice.  The Seraphims radiance continues to increase, pushing back against the sickly smog and eventually even shining out through the cracks visible through the walls surrounding him.


As the mantra continues, even as the Seraphim continues to chant it, his own voice can be heard as he "speaks" to Nurgle.

"Feel the radiance of the Light "Father" Nurgle.  You're foulness shall be burned away by it.  Embrace the radiance.  Let it envelop you and cleanse away the filth.  Your suffering and eternal battle with the others could finally be at an end."


Nethanya and Drayven walk side by side as the Seraph forces work to withdraw back to the portal in the courtyard, and their return to their home plane of existence.  The blind general gazes over at the female Seraph as he speaks

[D] "There is no doubt about it, you can feel it the same as I can.  This place is tearing itself apart.  We must withdraw our forces at once."

Nethanya nods firmly.

[N] "Yes,  we have already lost many in this campaign.  I must admit I am concerned if our defenses shall be sufficient enough now, should the Darkness make its return any time soon."

[D] "A valid concern, though our troop strength is only one aspect of concern in that regards.  Even if we were at full strength, there are other...issues that still are unanswered that could still spell doom for us.  We had hoped that the Seraphims travels with these Companions would help lead to answers but thus far there has been no success.   Once he returns from this battle I believe we must decide if we should focus on other methods and avenues for answers."

Nethanya gazes off to the side briefly.

[N] "What if he doesn't return?"

The two commanders stop walking.  Drayven places a gauntleted hand gently on Nethanyas shoulder, his "gaze" meeting hers.

"Then he shall become one with the Light, as do we all.  Then, in time, a new Seraphim shall arise.  Let us not dwell on that though until it is necessary.  We must needs see to our people first and foremost."

The two continue along, reaching the courtyard finally.  The two move about, issuing orders to Seraph officers as the angellic forces begin to withdraw through the large portal.  At one point a Seraph runs over to them and points to the other side of the courtyard.

"General....High's one of those Companions!"

The two gaze over in the direction to see Cameron and Mary....and Peterson.

[N] "Yes, I believe that is Lord Aileron, the one who is in charge of these other warriors, Space Marines.  That female I believe is also one of the Companions.  That other creature though..."

[D] "A monster.  I can almost sense that he has certainly encountered the Seraphim before and..."

It is at this point that Cameron draws his weapons.

[Seraph officer] "Shall I send some troops to assist Lord Aileron?"

Drayven is silent for a moment before shaking his head.

[D] "No.  Not only is that creature so powerful that our troops would be little more then chaff in the wind...but I feel almost that this is not something we are meant to be involved with.  We must focus on getting everyone out of here.  Protect the portal should whatever is about to happen draw near it but not get involved."

He looks over to Nethanya.

[D] "I shall remain on this side until everyone is out, you should go through and help see to our wounded."

Nethanya nods and moves off, crossing through the portal a few moments later.  Drayven turns back to the officer and is about to speak when suddenly he stops and seems to tense up slightly.  The General speaks into the minds of the Seraphs still in the Eye.

Continue through the portal.  Once safely through, then join.

Drayven gazes forward, his hands down at his side as he begins to speak.  At first his voice is strong and clear but then suddenly goes silent, even as his mouth continues mouthing the mantra.  On the other side of the portal, Nethanya and all other Seraphs seem to be doing the same thing, every mouth moving in the same motion and forming the same words: "We come from the Light...We shall return to the Light...We ARE the Light."
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Lustful laughter rings out from the trembling mass of bodies made up of the intertwined clones and echoes. The one closest to Danyael begins to writhe and twist, reshaping itself from it’s faceless form to an unmistakable one. A perfect face, framed by long luxurious hair and an intoxicating smile. The most beautiful being most mortals will ever lay eyes on. The figure speaks, and the voice that rings out is even more intoxicating than it was previously. Just the sight of this figure and the sound of its voice threatens to overwhelm Danyael’s senses.


The figure extends a gloved hand in Danyael’s direction.

The face, the voice, the feel, the offer was intoxicating in their entirety. The nephilim lord smirked again, thoughts lingering on the voice even the avatar couldn't hear. 'Grandmaster of Chaos' the title echoed over and over in his thoughts so much that he no longer fought the prospects of the scenario; in due part because he couldn't deny that it was indeed a temptation. 'Lord Over All' the voice echoed again, the whisper just as intense now. 'All for the taking. All for you.' it hissed in an alluring croon rivaling that of the avatar. The echoes shifted their attentions to Danyael and the beautiful figure now, their grip still simultaneously locked with the others, though their hold no longer held any animosity toward the faceless figures. Just the opposite, in fact.

Images flashed through his mind, or rather minds, of a future not yet unfolded. A future where this and every other realm would be brought under the banner of the imperium, where the Grandmaster of Light and Dark reigned supreme, seated atop his throne forged of dead stars where new creation began ad infinitum. The vision showed Danyael seated proudly, his focus locked on all in existence as all in existence served his will as if it were their own. They would all be one, journeying toward a future unheard of until the moment he took his mantle as master over all.

Bringing himself back to the present moment, Danyael's eyes looked deep into the faultless figure before him. At the same time, the echoes shifted to the appearance of total darkness, now emanating black flames of lightless midnight, save for the dual slits of sunfire that were their eyes. The nephilim lord's hand, now wreathed completely in an obsidian so deep it practically repelled light around it, clasped firm around the figure's gloved hand. And with the combined booming bass of the voices of both he and his echoes, he gave his response:

"Show me. Show me what it's like to be a part of true greatness."

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Gulgrim steps back and brings his arms up, a second pair of spectral arms emerging beneath his physical and WAAAGH!!! flame arms, defending against the onslaught of the Avatar of chaos's combined efforts, but it is clear that with the majority of the avatar's attention on him and with no room to maneuver, Gulgrim at the moment is on the defensive. Not an Ork's strongest position, either, as burns and lacerations occasionally scar the titanic ork's frame from glances with the avatar's weaponry.

Not content to stay on the defensive however, Gulgrim's four arms lash out as two more appear, the six arms of Gulgrim, Gork, and Mork all reaching to halt the arms of the Chaos avatar and prevent more attacks from coming as Gulgrim's cavernous jaw opens wide and a cascading bellow of WAAAGH!!!fire spews forth like a volcano in the direction of the avatar's body.

Meanwhile, the Ork hordes outside begin to notice the collapse of the Warp environs around them as several Weirdboys all cry out their surprise and exultation at once, bellowing about the imminent end of this warp rift.

"You heard da Weirdboyz, lads! We'z runnin' out a fightin' room soon! Everyone back ta tha tellyporta 'less ya want dis ta be yer last scrap!" Gazgob shouted, waving orks back to the tellyporta platform as he turned and started to shuffle away from the decaying warp terrain.

"Uh, boss?" One of the lesser Meks under Gazgob's command asked as he took up step beside the Big Mek. "Wot about da big boss Gulgrim?"

"Feh. Gulgrim's got 'is own tellyporta on 'im, an' 'e's too tuff ta get krumped by anyfin' as simple as a collapsin' warp rift." Gazgob said, his lumbering strides not ceasing as he proceeded to fiddle with information on the data readout on his left arm. Not satisfied with what he saw, he gave the device a sharp smack, after which it issued a green glow and a pleasing chirp, and the Big Mek Grinned and looked ahead as the Tellyporta platform sprang to life.

"We'll keep da Krooza close as we can jus' ta make it easier for 'im, but we'z leavin' dis place. Nuffin' left ta smash, so it's time ta get ready fer da next fight."

All across the battlefield, Orks began to depart on tellyporta platforms back to Gulgrim's fleet waiting outside the eye of terror, the sound of rapid teleport seeming like an Orky storm across the warped expanses. The orks soon vanished from the battlefield, leaving behind the rubble of the Roks they had flung onto the battlefield, and the detritus of war they left in their wake.
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Post by: Soul Reaver on March 28, 2019, 07:40:02 PM
The intense pressure that the Avatar of Chaos has been putting on Soul Reaver suddenly eased as the Avatar was forced to contend with Gulgrim's now titanic, Waagh! infused form.

Soul Reaver only needs a moment to complete his spell.  A chill runs through him as he pours additional mana into a Boosted Protection from Magic spell.  A glowing white sphere becomes visible around Soul Reaver before snapping from sight once more.  Thus girded for battle, he rapidly takes stock of what is occurring around him.

Each of the companions was being attacked by the manifestation of one of the four Gods of Chaos - the enemy's tactic appeared to be to try and divide and conquer his foes.

Even with Gulgrim's distraction, Soul Reaver only had a few moments' grace - only enough time to help and unite with one of the companions.  Fortunately, his current preparations made the choice easy.

With an incantation and a blaze of red light, Soul Reaver teleports himself behind Kitharsis, standing almost back-to-back, his raven hair whipping in the hot wind.

Soul Reaver's left hand is outstretched and weaving counterspells, while his right swings at any incoming magical projectiles with Blooddrinker, disintegrating anything the blade cleaves through.  Those hostile magics that manage to bypass those obstacles impact on the shimmering shield of Soul Reaver's Protection from Magic spell, their power either heavily diminished or completely dissipated by the barrier.

No words are needed - Kitharsis will know that no magical assault will get through from behind him, allowing him to focus all his might on overwhelming the magical assault coming from the front.
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Post by: Kitharsis on April 08, 2019, 10:23:42 AM

"Change is indeed necessary.  But I dictate the changes I must make, not you.  I will never submit to you!"  Kitharsis roars in response. 

The voice seems distracted.  His companions must be pushing the Avatar much more than he is at the moment.  He must not be a hinderance.  The real battle is happening without him.

As Soul Reaver teleports inside the mage's barrier, the immortal warrior can feel a rush of heat swarm him.  The crimson sand quickly retracts as Kitharsis realizes that it is Soul Reaver, and not some machination of Chaos come to join him inside the failing barrier.

Kitharsis grunts out an affirmation at Soul Reaver, before turning his full attention back to the workings of the hands. 

The crimson sand gathers in a mass in front of him.  The two massive lances of disruptive force streak toward him.  Before they strike the mass of sand superheats and melds together, revealing two shimmering, mirror finished shields.  As the lances strike the mirrored shields move to intercept them.  The shields are heavily reinforced and reflective in nature.  They angle themselves in such a way that the lances should be deflected right back at the two large cones of hands.

Not wanting to leave anything to chance, Kitharsis and the skeleton mage fire a relentless volley of energy blasts at the hand cones.  He has wasted too much time on this distraction, and won't stop firing until there is no trace of it left.
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Post by: Cameron on April 30, 2019, 08:03:24 PM
The light radiates from Jharm and consumes everything around it. Bone and teeth are burned away, and the cracks in the walls begin to widen. Nurgle forces in more smog but the light clears it faster than it can form. With a sudden rumble, the walls collapse and are consumed, leaving Jharm free of Nurgle’s influence.

Tzeentch seems to anticipate Kitharsis’s actions, as it fires a volley of magic from behind Kitharis meant to knock him off balance and stop him from deflecting the spell. Fortunately, Soul Reaver’s arrival was not anticipated, and his defenses easily handle the attacks, leaving Kitharsis free to focus on the shields. The twin lances of disruption are reflected straight back at the cone. The sounds of conflicting majiks swells into a roar, and the cone is  consumed. The few remaining staff wielding appendages attempt to swing into the area the cone occupied but are destroyed by Kitharsis’s secondary volley. The remaining spells die off and Soul Reaver and Kitharsis find themselves uncontested.

The view that the three Companions are presented with explains the god’s silence. Only Danyael’s shifting prison of bodies is still intact. Every ounce of the Avatar’s remaining attention is focused on trying to free itself from the grasp of Gulgrim and move away from the WAAAGH!!! Fire that is slowly but surely consuming it. With three of the four gods now fully focused on Gulgrim, the ork finds his arms being pushed backwards. His body is blasted by bolter fire, bolts of lightning, and poison spikes that seem to fire from the Avatar at completely random locations and intervals. He can also feel a great energy building within the Avatar. Something that is clearly meant for him.

Inside the shell of clones and echoes, Slaanesh laughs a melodious laugh, reminiscent of church bells on a  wedding day, as they shake Danyael’s hand.


Slaanesh’s words are cut short as a number of his clones are obliterated by warp energy, creating a gap where only Danyael’s echoes remain. A figure slips in between them, wreathed in warp fire. A voice intimately familiar to Danyael rings out.

“Danyael? What are you doing?”

This is definitely Mary, but a number of things are certainly off. Her polished plate armor is gone, replaced by traveling clothes and a hooded cloak of colors identical to those of Daynael’s own Everworld cloak. The two handed sword she wields is comprised of a deep obsidian material with bright purple veins of energy coursing through it. And her voice sounds older. Even older than that of the Future Mary that recently left Danyael’s side. The extra time seems to have done her well, as she looks better than ever, and extremely well rested. Danyael can also sense that her power has greatly increased. One would expect her to possibly be angry with the scenario laid out before her, but her only expression is an amused smirk.

“This offer of power would be insulting to the man I know. Are you really going to let this pathetic cast-off of a god, who by the way, is desperate for your help because his friends are outside currently losing badly, try to sway you with promises of things you already have?”

Slaanesh snarls. Their facial expression changes their complexion from one of abject beauty to one of almost terrifying perfection.


Some of the clones disengage from Danyael’s echoes and hurl themselves at Mary, crying and shrieking as they attempt to tear her apart. Mary moves swiftly, cutting the first few down with her sword and consuming the remaining attackers with warp fire. Mary grins.

“Come on, Danyael Ilixandros. Let’s kill a god. For old time’s sake.”

Neither Peterson or Cameron have immediately moved to engage each other. Cameron is taking stock of his energy levels and injuries to see how aggressive he can afford to be. Peterson, meanwhile, no longer has the ability to see Cameron’s moves before he makes them, and is thus holding back to avoid being surprised. Mary is not looking at either of them, and instead has turned her attention back to the warp rift behind them.

“Oh, I’m sorry, dear. Is this not interesting enough for you?”

Mary’s mind was elsewhere, back in the Warp. She can feel something is wrong. Something with Danyael. She briefly considers leaving Cameron and diving back in to try and find them, but she knows that she is currently where she needs to be. She makes a mental note to herself to look into this later before Peterson’s snide comment brings her back to attention.

“Oh, fuck off. You haven’t even attacked yet. You’re just standing there, looking stupid.”

Peterson makes a big show of looking mock offended.

“Well now! You’re talking a mighty big game for someone who I’ve already beaten within an inch of her life today. Anything else to add before I finish the job?”

Mary grins.

“Yeah. Pay attention.”

Peterson has just enough time to look confused before Cameron’s armored boot strikes him directly in the face. He howls in pain as he falls. His few remaining chains dig into the earth and yank him upright and backwards, barely avoiding a downward slash from Valermos. He lands a few feet away.

“Oh, so very fucking CLEVER. Come on, Cameron. Stop fucking around and fight me face to face!”

Peterson takes a step back before lunging at Cameron, who also lunges forward in response. Now the fight truly begins.
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Post by: Veldanya Venalla on May 13, 2019, 06:11:41 PM
The Seraphim floats down to the ground, light still radiating from within him.  His gaze settles on the struggle between Gulgrim and the Avatar.

"Well...three against one.  That certainly doesn't seem to be very fair now does it?  I believe it is time to rectify this.  It seems clear that your...Gork and Mork are quite formidable, you need not face this alone any longer my friend.  The Light, as always, stands with you."

Jharm raises a hand upwards.  From above them a multitude of lights seem to flicker into existence.  The small lights quickly begin to get bigger and bigger as the orbs scream downwards, all focusing in on the Avatar from every direction.
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Post by: Danyael on June 02, 2019, 12:16:02 AM
A single finger from one of the echoes lifted to touch Danyael’s lips as he voicelessly uttered a ‘Shhhhh’ ever so gently. Whether he was addressing Mary or Slaanesh wasn’t clear. “You mistake me.” Danyael said, his voice eerily calming in the presence of the now hostile Slaanesh, his grip hardening all the more as the bond between the Prince of Pleasure and the Nephilim Lord of the Imperium deepened. Soon, the forms that were once their ‘arms’ seemed almost indistinguishably similar, as if they were now the same limb linking the two beings together.

“You see… I asked what you offered.” his voice croaked raspy, inlaid with sonorous reverberations following closely after every word. The hold deepened from Danyael’s side. “I never asked you to give me anything.” The shadows that were the echoes quivered with their white light eye slits thinning in shape a bit more, signifying an eerie, unified grin. “And I told you to show me.” Gently, with a croon, he pulled Slaanesh closer.  “I never said I’d accept.” His face instantly now nose tip to nose tip with Slaanesh. “Because you were so wrapped up in thinking you had me, that you didn’t realize…” the chanting whispers now becoming a chorus of bass hisses in the undecipherable language used on Abaddon. “…that you accepted my offer instead. All I needed…” the chanting boomed louder as the shell quaked in continuous reverberation. “…was a willing handshake to seal the deal.”

The air around grew heavy as sound began to pump and pulse with the chorus of voices. With every syllable did Danyael’s very presence become all the more overwhelming, his growing power becoming all the more present in this moment, as if vampiring strength away from the Prince of Pleasure. A sadistic grin stretched across the Nephilim Lord’s face, streaking now from ear to ear, displaying an array of knifelike wolfen fangs as the grin changes into a predator’s snarl. He heaved a deep continuing breath once more and his power grew, almost virtually becoming larger than the prince himself. Then another and another.

The echoes, eyes now flaring hostile in brilliant platinum, turned feral, now screaming their language – now taking a darker more guttural tone – with bestial uproar. At the very instant, the echoes, all interlocked with one another, dissolved into an ichorous mass – then suddenly exploding into dizzying array of inverted spikes that would impale everything within reach – in this case, all of the clones of Slaanesh. At the same moment, Danyael pulled Slaanesh closer, his own pull far beyond anything physical. It was as if all gravity became magnetized, pulled into a vacuum for which the Nephilim lord was its epicenter. His other hand opened wide, where five points of light extended from his fingertips. The collected power from before now pooling into the central point of the five lights, at the core of his palm where, in that very instant, did his lance, the Serenitatis, once again materialize into the world on a straightaway launch toward Slaanesh’s core.
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Post by: Shadow Chorus on June 02, 2019, 05:51:12 PM
Gulgrim's feet slowly slide back, kicking up boulders of earth and rubble as his gargantuan form inches across the ground under the assault of the chaos gods. Gulgrim seems to be putting everything into defending himself, sparks of green energy crackling and bursting against attacks coming his direction, his massive arms struggling to deflect and defend against incoming blows. As the focus of the three chaos gods honed in on his current location, the Ork Avatar seemed to be taking real damage, soaking up the combined offensive of three gods of chaos.

"Heh." Gulgrim's voice was low, and quiet, almost impossibly so for such a massive mouth making the sound.

"You'z got a lotta fight in ya', spikey gits. You'z got some right brutality." The orks eyes lock with some of the many, many eyes across the chaos avatar's form.

"If I'z was ta fight ya alone, wif all o' me strength, I'z fink I'd actually lose. An' dat'd be a real shame. A first for da hist'ry books."

The Ork's massive maw slowly curls into a fanged, predatory grin.

"But I'z an Ork. An' Orks fight wif more den' just brutality. We'z Kunninly brutal, an' brutally kunnin'."

Green energy sparked across the gargantuan warboss's frame, his eyes glowing an eerie emerald.

"An' dere'z nobody more kunnin' dan' ole Gulgrim!" The warboss bellowed, his massive, titanic form vanishing in a thunderclap unlike any other.

The rush of displaced air his entire form's teleportation left behind was like a sonic bomb, air rushing in and then blasting out in a shockwave that sent debris flying in all directions as he reappeared on the opposite side of the avatar, neatly cutting through the constant barrage of attacks and positioning himself in what passed for an opening on this towering mass of flesh.


Gulgrim's six arms crashed forward, torrents of warpfire blasting from his eyes and mouth, green lightning cascading across his form as he gave his all into this surprise attack.
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Post by: Kitharsis on June 03, 2019, 09:41:05 AM
"Thank you, Soul Reaver.  I fear I underestimated the persistence of this Tzeentch."

Now outside of Tzeentch's grasp, Kitharsis sees the happenings of the main battle.  Gulgrim has grown in size considerably, and was contesting the Avatar of Chaos by himself.  Jharm was firing a volley from a distance.  While Danyael seems to be stuck in the grasp of the Avatar still.  Kitharsis thinks to come to his aid.

Yet, a large build-up in power proves that Danyael was faring just fine on his own.  And it seems that Mary was somehow assisting him already.

"I'm going in."  He says.  "Jelly candy won't cut it once this is over."  Kitharsis puts a hand on Soul Reaver's shoulder.  "May we find a strong drink, and a place of peace for just a moment."

Kitharsis gives a nod, before taking off toward the Avatar of Chaos.

"Allow me some space!"  He shouts, before the tattoos on his body burst into life with crimson energy.

With each step they seem to glow brighter and more intensely.  Crimson specs of sand materialize in the air around him as he runs.  A bellowing shout echoes across what is left of the spire as Kitharsis leaps into the air.

As he leaps crimson sand explodes into existence around him, completely engulfing him in a wild and twisting sand storm.  Its size rivaling the immensity of the Avatar of Chaos.  Brilliant crimson tendrils of energy lash out around him as he sails toward the Avatar of Chaos.

Gulgrim attacks from behind in a surprise attack, and Kitharsis rains down blows from the Avatar of Chaos's flank.  The tendrils lash out like viscous whips, and strike like lances.  The crimson sand grinds and twists, while also solidifying to strike like fists and hammers.  Kitharsis's body is obscured by the massive storm of sand, which acts as much as a defense and an offense.  A central mass of crimson sand and energy protects him and the tiny mage inside the violent storm.
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Post by: Soul Reaver on June 11, 2019, 04:48:34 AM
Kitharsis' huge hand claps Soul Reaver on the shoulder - and for a moment, Soul Reaver feels the warmth of real camaraderie, a comforting wisp of conjured memory.  These moments were rare and fleeting, but even through the millenia, they did still mean something.  He returns a smile that says "thank you".

Then Kitharsis launches himself at the Avatar.

Soul Reaver allowed himself just a few moments of contemplation.

Their enemy was a primal force - an embodiment of abstract concepts formed by mortals.  It was the raw stuff of the cycle of life and death, of hope and despair, of all the mad chaos that was life in this universe.

He could see his companions, fighting this horror with fury, passion, hope, and despair, the very concepts that composed this being.

He needed a different weapon.

In his mind crystallized memories of tomes clad in black leather and sealed with chains of lead.  Within were sorceries whose architects had long since been forgotten - dangerous sorceries that Soul Reaver was loathe to wield, for their risk was great.

But as he beholds his companions, each laying their own life on the line to defeat a horror that had corrupted and consumed so many - companions he had unwittingly betrayed through his self-absorbed lack of control - he knows that in this moment, he owes it to them to take the chance.

He sends a mental message to all those fighting alongside him who are not too distracted to receive it.

Stand back.

Soul Reaver's stance loosens and he sheathes Blooddrinker.   His eyes close and he clasps his hands in front of him, one over the other, almost as though in prayer.  Leaden words fall from his lips and are swallowed in silence - no, not silence, but into something even less - swallowed into a place where 'sound' has no meaning at all.

To those sensitive to such things, Soul Reaver's mana reserves seem to boil and then evaporate, as though a vortex of power were sucking everything around him away.  His skin grows cold, frost rimming his eyebrows and creeping over rapidly-cooling skin.

In his mind's eye, Soul Reaver sees the tiniest hairline crack before him.  He reaches out, his imagined fingers grasping and clawing at its edges.  It begins to split.

His heart stops.
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Post by: Cameron on September 09, 2019, 04:47:13 PM
Danyael’s echoes explode in a violent shower of spikes that swiftly tear apart Slaanesh’s army of concubines. Their dying shrieks are only matched by the scream of rage that erupts from Slaanesh as they attempt to break away from Danyael.

Mary makes a quick motion with her free hand and reality seems to ripple around her, allowing any errant spikes to seemingly bend around her and resume their previous trajectory once they are safely passed. It is obvious to her now that Danyael had this well in hand the entire time. With her curiosity sated, she simply sheathes her sword at her back and folds her arms, waiting for the end.

Slaanesh shifts their form and shape numerous times trying to escape Danyael’s ire, but it is far too late. The lance Serenitatis strikes true, obliterating the physical form of the Chaos God. Their barrier instantly falls, revealing Mary and Danyael to the rest of the battlefield.

The massive form of the Avatar continues to rain blows down on the equally gargantuan form of Gulgrim, driving him back. A volley of light blasts conjured by Jharm slam into it from all sides, knocking it off balance just as Gulgrim vanishes with a deafening clap of thunder. The countless eyes of the Avatar swirl and search, seeking their quarry. But their attention is drawn by the sudden attack of Kitharsis, Kitharsis’s all out assault appears to be doing some real damage to the weakened Avatar, tearing off swathes of arms and darkening hundreds of eyes in an explosion of gore.

And then, as the Avatar shifts it’s attention once again, Gulgrim reappears behind it. The Avatar is caught completely by surprise and eats the full onslaught of Gulgrim’s attack. All of its remaining arms and eyes are burned from it’s form, leaving nothing but a massive tower of scorched flesh. For a brief and shining moment, all is still, and it appears that the fight has been won.

But then, a flash of blue light, a ripple of changing flesh, and a new eye, as big as Gulgrim's head, opens in the writhing mass of flesh. The eye splits into four eyes, each one representing a Chaos God. Slaanesh’s presence has returned to the Avatar. The four eyes are joined by millions more, all focused on Gulgrim. The burnt flesh begins to reshape itself. And with no warning, a massive spike of cartilage and bone, as big as a city block, bursts from the mass to impale the massive ork and end his WAAAGH for all eternity.

Mary, who has been observing all of this from the sidelines, glances to her right as a warp rift opens. A giant mech, as tall as Gulgrim, bursts from it. It wields a massive two handed blade of energy, which it uses to sever the spike before it can penetrate Gulgrim. The Avatar roars in millions of voices as the mech comes to a halt next to Gulgrim.

“Holy shit! I leave you alone for a few months and you pick a fight with actual Gods?”

The companions instantly recognize the voice of Jihon, distorted as it is by the Triton’s speakers. The massive war machine raises it’s blade, ready to attack again.

“I’m here looking for Cameron and Soul Reaver, but I guess I can spare a few minutes to bail you out of this mess!”

The mass of flesh and eyes that compromises the Avatar of Chaos slinks back, putting as much distance between itself and the companions as it can. Then there is an explosion of power. The mass shifts and grows faster than what should be physically possible. Soon, all the Companions can see before them is a massive wall of teeth, tentacles, blades, eyes, and bone in every direction.


The incomprehensible maw begins to close on the Companions. They will have one last chance to fight back before they are swallowed forever,
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Post by: Shadow Chorus on September 09, 2019, 11:23:01 PM
'I sure hope dey kept da krooza gud an' close fer dis...' Gulgrim's thoughts seemed unnaturally calm, even to himself, as he gazed at the growing tower of chaos forming in front of his titanic form. Such a thought seemed ridiculously out of place, and incredibly far fetched, considering he knew that his boyz would be keeping close as possible, but wouldn't want to lose their own hides in the collapsing warp rift. Which would also make it difficult for himself and his companions to get out as well. All of these odds seemed to add up to the gargantuan Warboss getting no help from his krew.

But Gulgrim is the Avatar of Gork and Mork, and such things as Odds and Logic mean little when the gods of the Orks are involved.

"Boss!" Gulgrim's cybork eye buzzed with the incoming vox. "We'z 'ere ta 'elp! Big Mek Gazgob ready fer' orders!"

The rumble of massive starship engines begins to shake the surrounding area as the gravitational displacement of an enormous Kill-krooza begins to pulse and pound on what remains of the surface of this place. How something as unreasonably massive as a Kill Krooza managed to slip into this place and not be detected until now is a question for less sane minds to contemplate. What mattered was that roughly ten kilometers of bristling guns and steel was slowly descending toward the battlefield. The Warboss's personal Krooza, the Infinite WAAAGH!!!, had arrived.

"Nice o' you'z ta show up Gazgob." Gulgrim's voice rumbled across the battlefield, heralding the ship as readily as the pressure waves from its slow descent. "Target all da' dakka on dat wall o' spikey good fer nuffin' grot-paste! An' Gazgob, is Gorkamorka still in' da 'old?"

"Yeah boss, why you'z askin? We can't get Gorkamorka down dere ta 'elp out in time 'fore dis 'ole place comes down, we'z gotz' ta kill dis fing an' get goin now!"

"Don't need ya ta drop Gorkamorka. Jus' needed ta know it was dere. An' its big gunz were dere." Gulgrim grinned.

The colossal Warboss raised all of his hands up above his head, as if preparing to brace for something to fall on him. Deep within the most massive holds of the Infinite WAAAGH!!!, the Mega-Gargant, Gorkamorka, slumbered, a colossal titan of destruction that dwarfed even Gulgrim's current scale. And attached to one of the arms of Gorkamorka was a weapon that delivered destruction on a truly incredible scale. That weapon began to spark, to crackle with green lightning, and with a massive -POP-, vanished from the Mega-Gargant's arm.

Materializing into the air above Gulgrim, Gorkamorka's Skullkrusha Mega-Cannon fell onto his braced shoulders. The massive weapon was nearly as large as the Warboss himself, and he held it on his shoulders with all six of his hands like a more traditionally sized soldier would carry a Rocket Launcher. The titanic Warboss grinned, his massive, toothy maw stretching to his ears as he relished the moment about to come.

"If you'z want a ride out o' here on me krooza, you'd bezt get near me, ladz! Da Tellyporta's takin' us up soon as dis fing is good an' proppa frakked! Mista Gazgob! Open Fire!"

The Infinite WAAAGH!!! opened fire, unleashing weapons meant to destroy enemy ships of similar scale and to bombard planets on the tidal wave of chaos flesh before the Warboss, while the Ork himself braced his legs in a firing stance, chuckled, and fired the Skullkrusha. All sound went away for a moment as the weapon went off right next to Gulgrim's ear. Blood began to leak from the sides of his head as his eardrums ruptured from the sheer force of the blast wave, he nearly lost his footing from the recoil, even with six arms to hold the weapon, and a titanic weapon of fortress-leveling destructive capacity fired at relatively short range into the body of the Avatar of Chaos.
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Post by: Soul Reaver on September 14, 2019, 07:37:24 PM
Even universes can die.

In most Planes, all reactions eventually slow and stop.  Conversions of energy and mass come to an end.  The universe continues to expand infinitely, tearing itself apart, leaving an endless expanse of nothing.  This void is always there, between the cracks of reality, and the inexorable march of time draws it forth until time itself ceases to have meaning.

That void is devoid of life.  Devoid of change.  Devoid of Chaos.

In death, Soul Reaver is able to reach into that void, splitting apart the world and plunging his hands into it.  The cold of absolute zero engulfs him - the cold so intense that all random movement ceases at an atomic level.

His heart has stopped beating, and it is only his magic and a supreme effort of will that keeps his soul from escaping his body.  Every muscle screams in agony as he closes his fingers.  It feels like trying to move through solid lead, but somehow he manages to close his hand into a fist - and grasp a shard of the void.

With a piercing jolt his heart beats and his glazed eyes focus.  He has not moved since he began the casting, but now the spell is complete.

What manifests from Soul Reaver's clenched hand is hard to describe.  It resembles a blade over ten meters long composed of purest midnight.  Its edges twist and crackle like a captured bolt of black lightning as it swallows and annihilates all light and heat around it.  But that is just how those around Soul Reaver perceive it, for by its very nature it is an absence of form.  It is the Voidblade, a fragment of the end of everything.

Soul Reaver beholds now the towering mass of twisting flesh that is the Avatar of Chaos.  It is a hideous mockery of life, an amorphous terror that would have driven ordinary men insane.  But even in the face of such horror, Soul Reaver found it hard to muster any emotion at all, the proximity of the Voidblade being its antithesis.

Before he can engage, Soul Reaver senses a powerful Warp Gate, and feels the flare of a familiar spirit enter the battlefield.

Jihon's triton mech bursts forward and the voice of his old companion is heard amplified across the battlefield.  With the Voidblade in-hand, Soul Reaver's emotions are suppressed, but for a moment even it cannot hold back the surge of courage and comraderie that swells in his heart.

The Voidblade would swallow the sound of his voice, so Soul Reaver sends a mental message instead.

It is good to fight at your side again, old friend!  You have arrived just in time!

But Soul Reaver is not in a position to enjoy his reunion - not with the death of entropy in his hands, and the Avatar of Chaos roiling toward him.  The voice of the Avatar of Chaos booms forth its proclamation of the companions' doom, yet Soul Reaver is unmoved.  He fixes his target in a steely gaze, braces his feet and runs to meet his fast-approaching foe, the Voidblade held two-handed at his side.

A sonic boom and blast of hot air washes over him as Gulgrim unleashes the Skullkrusha and torrents of weapon fire from the Infinite WAAAGH!!! to bombard the Avatar of Chaos.  Even at a respectable distance, the shockwaves almost make Soul Reaver stumble - a mistake that could well proven fatal.  Fortunately he maintains his footing, and now finds himself in range.

Nothing can truly defeat Chaos.  And it will.

A blaze of red lightning crackles over Soul Reaver as he swings the Voidblade in fast, sweeping arcs, intent on carving his way through shifting flesh to get at the four central eyes of the monstrosity.  He will advance inexorably until victory or death.
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Post by: Kitharsis on October 11, 2019, 09:33:15 AM
The maelstrom of sand and crimson energy roils around him still.  On the defensive, Kitharsis quickly jukes out of the way as the massive spike of bone and cartilage bursts from the Chaos Gods.  It wasn't directed at him, but the sheer size of it was a threat not to be taken lightly.  Even so, the spike is unexpectedly cut short as none other than Jihon leaps out of a warp gate piloting his Triton.  Kitharsis smiles from inside the storm.  An unexpected arrival, but a welcome one.

But there is no time for happy reunions, as the Avatar of Chaos quickly pulls away from them.  What follows is an explosion of bone and teeth and whatever else the Avatar can muster from its twisted form.


"This is the end, that is certain.  But for who?"  Is Kitharis's reply.

The Avatar of Chaos advances.  The incomprehensible maw closes in, engulfing his vision and the rest of his senses.  It not only seeks to end Kitharsis's life, but all of those who would resist the forces of Chaos.  It cannot be allowed.

The storm around him grows calm.  The whirling crimson sand falls away, carried off with the winds of battle.  His crimson whips, blades, and clubs fade away as the tattoos on his body cease channeling the purified energy inside of him.

Staring at the approaching, endless maw of the Avatar of Chaos, Kitharsis sees no other way.  His reserve of purified energy is vastly depleted.  Not nearly enough.  Any attack he could muster with it would be like a pail of water on an inferno.  He would not survive.  That much is certain.

Ever since he changed into a Tirthandara, the dark well of power has been ever present within him.  And from the first moment, he knew it was pure destruction.  Seductive, addicting, destruction.

Never tap into that fearsome power, Kitharsis.  It will mar your soul, it will grab ahold of you and pull you down into it.  And you will not surface the same, if you do so at all.  The Shaman warned him many years ago.  Even going so far as to threaten his life if Kitharsis even considered it.

He grits his teeth, searching, grasping at anything he has it his disposal.  His ship is too far away, his runes and artifacts all spent or destroyed by now.  He could summon another desert, tenfold deserts, but they would not reach here in time.  He is uncertain if they could even break through the eye in the first place.

In order to save himself, and the rest of the whole Multiverse, he must not fall here.  There is too much more to do.  Too many things he needs to finish before he is done.

He will not fall.  He cannot.

He looks inward.

Kitharsis focuses on the darkness.  As he betrays the vibrant, pure spark within him, the most frightening part of it all is how easily the abyss rises to his call.  It is like stepping in a drawn bath after the longest day.  The veil is lifted.  The lie he has been telling himself for so long given truth.  With no resistance he crosses the threshold, and dives in.

As he plunges himself into the abyss, all of his aches from battle disappear.  Cracked bones, scarred and raw skin, torn muscles and strained tendons, all become wonderful and even better than they ever were before.  The sensation is overwhelming as he draws upon more and more of it, gorging himself on what he once believed was the most vile, most taboo of substances in the universe.  It was bliss.  He gives in completely.

He laughs.  A deep, bellowing laugh that pulls his face into a crazed grin.  The dark power courses through him, building and building.  The crimson of his eyes has given way to darkness.  His unkempt mohawk is drained of its color as it shifts to a platinum grey.

He looks down at the tattoos snaking up his arms.  The straight, clean edges of them crack.  Slightly at first, then all at once they crack and tear and ruin his stony grey skin.  The outer layer shears away as easily as a handful of sand tossed into the wind.  His stony skin now resembles smooth charcoal.  Dull and Dark.

He raises his hand in front of him, clenching his fist.  Dark energy effervesces out of it, lazily floating into the air.  In an instant, his entire body erupts in a cloud of dark energy.  It coalesces around him, hanging thick in the air.

The advancing Avatar of Chaos before him is nearly an afterthought.  His lips curl back into a tight, savage grin as he focuses his attention on the God before him.

The coalescing energy around him explodes forward as he throws his arms wide.  Wicked elements of destruction pour forth from Kitharsis as he roars intensely.  His will, engulfed in darkness, manifests into any weapon he can imagine.  Spears of bone, pulsing with untold energy, rocket toward the Avatar of Chaos.  Blades of enormous sizes sail through the air, their wicked edges keened by the dark power.  Countless obsidian weapons fire at the Avatar of Chaos, their velocity creating sonic booms as they fly.

Yet not only weapons pour forth.  Skeletons of all shapes and sizes clamber forward, empowered moreso than any Kitharsis has created before.  They are relentless in their attack on the maw, reforming as quickly as they are destroyed.  Stabbing, slashing, exploding in bursts of foul magical energy.  Their assault spreads as their numbers continue to increase, threatening to eclipse the size of the maw itself.

Blasts of intense dark energy rain down upon the maw, erupting rapid fire from Kitharsis's position.  He laughs uncontrollably as each manifestation of his power is brought forward.  Each time is better than the last.  He can't help but draw upon more and more of it.

Kitharsis remains, engulfed within the darkness.  Out of his mind with power.  He will not be stopped here.  He will not be stopped ever again.  The darkness rises to his call, eager with its gifts.  He dives deeper into it, the seemingly endless abyss.  Never wanting to surface again.
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The Seraphim watches as the Avatar of Chaos seems to be destroyed by the Ork Warbosses flurry of blows.  The angellic knight slumps to one knee and lets out a sigh of relief until, almost unsurprisingly, the macabre tower of flesh twists and warps as it becomes evident that the Chaos Gods are still not defeated.  Reaching out, Jharm intends to pull everything he can in to finally finish this fight off....only to realize...there is nothing left.

"No....the Pool....its almost....empty."

His glowing eyes surveys as the other Companions begin to unleash their various attacks upon the massive wall of flesh.

Nothing left.  If I take any more, my people shall have nothing to restore themselves with.  It' I feared.

The Seraphims fists clench tightly as he strains to come up with some plan.  Some method to do something.  Then....

We come from the Light...We shall return to the Light....we ARE the light.  Perhaps....I have no other choice.

Standing up, the Seraphim extends a hand outwards before slamming it against his own chest.  Gripping tightly against his armored from he begins to grunt and groan, his large form shaking and quivering as pain courses through him.  A moment later, a sound similar to shattering glass resonates from him as he seems to literally rip a glowing spear from within his chest.  Grunting in pain he drops back to one knee for a moment before struggling back onto his feet. 

"We ARE the Light.  If I can not take from the Pool.....then I shall take from myself.  This now.  No more more games."

Gripping the glowing spear tightly, the Seraphims gaze locks onto the four eyes seeming to "symbolize" the Chaos Gods.

"Burn in the fury of pure Light."

Bringing his arm back and then, with a grunt of exertion, he launches the weapon through the air.  With a boom it rockets through the open space, splitting into 4 spears a moment after leaving the warrios grasp.  Each projectile screaming through the air in a glowing trail of righteous fury as they home in the giant eyes.
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The Nephilim Lord helped himself to a soft chuckle as the Serenitatis phases back into the recesses of the Wellspring. Sniffing in a deep breath, as he’d fed off of the energies of Slaanesh’s physical form, he was back at Mary’s side in a snap. “Make no mistake… I know what’s mine.” It wasn’t arrogance, but rather assurance. If he was smiling, his face didn’t show it. But his voice did.

A disruption caught his attention and he watched as a warp rift open to reveal an all too familiar form. He smirked to see the Triton thundering back into the frontlines, knowing who was in the pilot seat. He didn’t get to know Jihon Bhed. But he’d caught glimpse of him and had known enough from what he’d heard. It was good to have another chance at seeing this long loved Companion back in action again. But from the sound of his introduction, it was more likely he’d never really stopped. But then again, the Companion probably wouldn’t remember Danyael, the Nephilim Lord thought. After all, when he’d known Jihon, the Nephilim Lord was a lot younger and not nearly as powerful as he was now. He’d grown much since then, and he had just enough time to help himself to a sigh before retraining his focus back on the final battle. 

He took a step forward, Everworld cloak flapping much like a war banner as energies raged all around him – and he put the transformation in to action. At first it started with just the Yamato, held firm in a ceremonial dual handed grip. He arced the sword to the side, his right hand glowing bright, with the Tessen whirling into existence as if brought into the world by sleight of hand. Wheeling the swords deftly into an upward motion, he lowered his arms to reveal every weapon of the Somnus, all seventeen, collected together behind him in the formation of two shimmering wings. As he spread his legs, bending into a horse stance, the ‘wings’ expanded and spun ‘round his form with such alacrity that they glowed with prismatic golden light, as if setting reality itself aflame. In a blink, he was enveloped in in a raging whirlwind of hellfire stretching high beyond sight before dissipating away with a slash from inside. He stood slow and cold, his hand gripped calmly around an entirely new weapon never before seen.

The final product was a dazzling amalgam of them all, blended into one for form a masterpiece of war – the Somnus. In the center were the fused handles of the combined Yamato and Tessen. But the ‘blades’ on each end were a different matter altogether. On one end were the elemental swords, blazing sunfire coruscation reaching outward into what seemed both unending and marginally ‘normal’ at the same time. The other ‘blade’ embodied all of the weapons representative of spiritual and primal energies – the ‘blade’ itself the epicenter of a howling maelstrom of silver light.  The sleek weapon surged and spiraled in his hands, as if it had taken on a life of its own, with a vigor all to itself. If Soul Reaver’s weapon was the embodiment of absence, then it was the Nephilim lord’s weapon that was the embodiment of presence. 

His eyes narrowed, they themselves no longer in the form of eyes at all. In place of them was absolute blackness. There was nothing. Just the void itself. But at their center were two balls of pulsing – almost organic – light. He looked upon the battlements with his ‘eyes’ and beheld the powers around him.
The Somnus spun, both by way of Danyael’s deftness and also of its own accord. With every rotation, power surged in shockwaves of the brightest, most impactful light. And in accord with Danyael’s speed, the weapon itself was practically a solid disc of roaring power. In a flash of speed, he was gone, as if he was never there, the ground grinding up in his wake in a unfolding showers of embers, then explodes as Danyael phases in and out of sight as his speed increases on a direct trajectory for the maw, dashing deep into the depths in moments. And the entire time, in just those few blinks of time, the light never went out – until it erupted into a flare of motion, as the Nephilim Lord’s speed was pushed to their peak, dashing and darting everywhere at once with the Somnus hammering, slicing and slashing away in unison with the full intent of shredding the Avatar of Chaos apart from the inside out - the alacrity of the attacks so vivid and omnipresent , it was as if the entire maw, once black and empty, was ablaze with burning golden light.
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The Maw of Chaos recoils visibly as the torrential hail of weaponfire from the Infinite WAAAGH!!!! pours into it. tendrils of flesh, eyes, and teeth seem to regenerate as fast as they are destroyed, but this all but halts it's forward progress and leaves it mostly defenseless against the sudden blast of energy from Gulgrim's Skullkrusha Mega-Cannon. The cannon tears a massive hole in the beast, and it is into this hole that the remaining companions surge into. Mary hangs back, spying that the massive Maw seems to be drawing energy directly from the Warp to regenerate itself. She focuses, concentrating, as her eyes light up and energy spills from her fingertips. She bends the Warp to her will, cutting off the Maw from it's wellspring of infinite energy and stopping it from closing the massive wound the remaining companions now seek to exploit.

The Maw begins to retract into itself as Kitharsis's weapons and skeletons repeatedly clash against it, causing it to begin to lose the war of attrition it had been fighting with the seemingly limitless firepower of the Ork Krooza. As Soul Reaver moves forward and Danyael darts ahead faster than the eye can see, the Maw tries to close on them. But the four Spears from Jharm's attack pin the wound open, stopping the ghastly construct of flesh from closing on it's prey. Jihon's triton follows close behind, slashing it's beam saber in every direction, cauterizing flesh and causing the maw to roar in millions of voices of pain and fury.

Danyael penetrates the heart of the Maw first, carving through flesh and bone like it was air. The central mass detaches from the remainder of the dying planet-sized mass of flesh, folding in on itself and hardening to try and protect itself from attack. But it is weak now, and can do nothing but squeal in terror as Soul Reaver's Voidblade comes down on it, again and again and again, until it finally pierces the very core of the Chaos God's combined essence.

All sound dies. Massive tremors ripple through the form of the beast, and suddenly all of the companions find themselves engulfed in an explosion of flesh, fire, and Warp energy. And then the Warp bubble that they had been in, held open by the will of the Gods of Chaos, collapses. The companions suddenly find themselves thrown into the Warp in seemingly random directions. But before they are lost, a guiding hand reaches out to each of them. Mary, still in control of the localized Warpspace around her, guides the companions, the Triton, and the Krooza through the Warp, and out of it. The Krooza, Gulgrim, and the Triton appear in space outside of the Eye of Terror, amidst the remaining Imperial and Eldar fleets. The remaining companions appear on the bridge of the Krooza itself. Mary is not among them.

In the Eye, the remaining Eldar, Tau, and Imperial vessels have retreated, using the Eldar's powerful Warp shields to survive the swirling, shrinking storm. Most of the Eye is now gone. The Chaos City is no more. Only the base of the destroyed Spire remains, and it is here that Cameron, Peterson, and Mary continue to trade blows. All three are exhausted, bleeding, and near death. Cameron desperately lunges at Peterson, a killing blow that is only barely deflected by Peterson barely managing to get Drach'nyen up in time. Mary, still reeling from her last attack, glances around wildly.

"There's no time left, Cameron. We need to go."

Cameron snarls, blood dripping from his face.

"I can't leave. Not while he still lives."

What's left of Peterson's face splits into a rictus of equal parts excitement and fear.

Are you willing to sacrifice yourself to kill me? Are you willing to sacrifice your friends?"

Before Cameron can reply, there is a sudden explosion from behind them. They all turn to regard the crater to witness a new burst of pure Warp fire explode from the hole. The sounds of millions of screaming voices follow it. Mary's eyes widen.

"They did it. It's over."

The ground shakes, and cracks split through the earth as the remainder of the asteroid the three are standing on breaks up. Cameron and Mary struggle to keep their footing as Peterson throws himself into the air. The warp storms will be upon them in seconds.

"Well, it's been real. It's been fun! But it hasn't been real fun. Let's call this one a draw and we'll reconvene in a few years to try this again, eh?"

Cameron cries out in anger and attempts to leap forward, but at that moment, the ground gives way completely. Cameron stumbles and starts to fall but is grabbed by Mary at the last moment. And then the warp storms close around the three, and they are gone.

From the deck of the Ork Krooza, the Eye of Terror can clearly be seen. Barely any of it is left, and as the Companions look on, the anomaly collapses in on itself and winks out of existence. The Eye of Terror has finally closed.