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Author Topic: The War between The Light and The Darkness - General History  (Read 1945 times)

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The War between The Light and The Darkness - General History
« on: August 04, 2011, 12:50:20 AM »
The War between the Light and the Darkness

The Creation
   In the beginning there was nothing.  Then a presence referred to by most simply as The Creator arrived and began to fill the void with planets, stars, and moons.  It populated the planets with all sorts of creatures ranging from simple organisms up to intelligent beings.  Deciding it was time to move on, the Nameless created two beings of limitless power to protect and oversee his latest creation.  From the eternal darkness of the void came Kalrazar, strong, wise, and noble (generally appearing as a grand knight in shining white armor) and from within the eternal radiance of the brightest star came Nelathia, gentle, caring, and loving of all she gazed upon (described as a woman with flowing white hair wearing a flowing gown also the color of pure white).  To these two beings the Nameless gave a simple command:  “Protect and guard all that you see”.  With this The Creator moved on to continue creating elsewhere.

The Corruption and The Prophecy
   For eons the two obeyed The Creator's command and the universe knew peace.  Then another presence made itself known.  Known as Ziroxilosh (or The All Consuming Darkness) it seeked to undo all The Creator had done.  Kalrazar and Nelathia tried to combat Ziroxilosh, but in the end Kalrazar was consumed and twisted into a horrible, misshapen image of his once grand being, his very self twisted to match.  About to corrupt Nelathia, an idea came to Ziroxilosh.  What better way to thoroughly destroy The Creator's work then by having his own creations fight each other.  Commanding The Darkness (for the one known as Kalrazar was no more) to wipe the universe of all that he beheld, starting with Nelathia, and then faded away.  At that moment The Creator returned to behold the two fighting.  Realizing what had occurred and unable to wipe the universe clean (for in doing so Ziroxilosh  would win) the Creator seized both beings and removed from each a sliver, one radiating pure malevolence (from The Darkness) and one radiating pure light (from Nelathia).  Presenting the opposite shard to each he then cast them from his sight, commanding that one day a being not from this universe would arrive and upon finding one of the shards would wield it to defeat its opposite (light shard would defeat The Darkness, dark shard would defeat The Light).  With this The Creator fled, never to return to his once glorious now sundered creation.

The Endless War
   After being cast from the Creator's sight, both beings discovered that with the sliver removed from them, they were unable to travel as they once could.  The Darkness was so consumed with Ziroxilosh's command to destroy the universe that he created 3 beings of power known as Zilux, Miltraz, and Verax.  Within each he placed a key part of his being.  Zilux embodied Hate, Miltraz Anger, and Verax Corruption.  He named the three his Triumverate of Shadow and commanded that they destroy the universe. He also created a race of beings he named the Keeraza to aid his Triumverate in their mission.   Realizing what her “brother” had done, The Light also created 3 beings of power, naming them Valanya, Natrama, and Jarokta and bestowing upon them Truth, Justice, and Honor and named them her Council of Light and commanded them to go forth and defend the Creators work from The Darkness and his horrible creations, and created the race known as Seraphs to aid in their struggle.  Millenia have passed and the two sides continue to battle across the universe, awaiting the coming of the Chosen One who shall either extinguish the Light or cleanse away the Darkness.  That day may be fast approaching...

NOTE:  Any and all reference to “The Corruption” in any other Seraph related lore is actually supposed to be Ziroxilosh...The Corruption was a working title I used but will probably wind up missing some spots where I used it in other areas.  Also I apologize for for the odd...arrangement of the Seraph lore posts...I type them up in OpenOffice to allow for saving and such and then copy/paste them over to the boards :)
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