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Author Topic: The rise of Sir Walter - A prequel to the black crusade.  (Read 1659 times)

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The rise of Sir Walter - A prequel to the black crusade.
« on: March 08, 2014, 10:22:30 PM »
(this is also on tumblr as one of my original writings, but I figured I should also post it here since it's relevant to the battle.)

"Why does this creature exist?" Sir Walter asked, gazing down the shadowy steps to observe the lone figure chained in glowing manacles.

"It was to be our secret weapon against the Vampire king. If Dracula is the oldest and most powerful vampire in existence, we would create one that was more powerful. Only, with so much power, not even the most experienced of our Tamers can conquer him." Sir Ironshield said, scratching his gray beard as he observed the creature below, its frame unmoving.

"Did this man have a name, before he was forced to undergo the transformation and then left to rot here as you slowly fed him prisoners and human refuse?" Sir Walter said, the scorn for the process of this creature’s creation evident in his voice.

"All record of his existence prior to his transformation has been expunged from both Imperial records, and from the books of the Tamer order. All we know is that he was once a Vampire Hunter, and, in light of his purpose, the original tamers who created him saw fit to name him Alucard."

"Alucard." Walter tasted the name, like something foul. "The anti-Dracula. Why in all of Nocturna our precursors thought creating this weapon was wise, I may never fathom. But if none can control him, why does he still live?"

Sir Ironshield brought a hand to his face, as if embarrassed by the answer. “Because no-one can kill him. His sheer power has rendered him immune to the traditional methods of Execution, and no-one knows how many lives he has consumed. Most likely somewhere in the hundreds of thousands, if not more.”

"So it was decided that instead of putting an end to him, which could take years, you would keep him chained and wait for one who could control him?" Walter’s glare pierced through Ironshield’s veneer of calm, and the older Tamer broke out in a sweat.

Sir Walter was barely considered a Senior Tamer, but his skill in battle and mastery of the monsters of Nocturna had earned him a reputation as the finest of the order’s warriors. Even older tamers like Sir Ironshield were intimidated by his steely demeanor and unwavering gaze. Many of the more stout elders saw him as Arrogant, and thought that throwing him at Alucard would teach him his place. No-one could tame Alucard. Either he would be frightened into humility, or he would be killed by the vampire.

"I’ll instill a spine into this dying order even if it takes me till my last breath." Sir Walter said, removing his gaze from Sir Ironshield as he slowly descended the steps into the dark, until he was standing alone before the dormant body of the Vampire.

Sir Ironshield sealed the door behind him.

"Alucard." Sir Walter said, his voice calm and authoritative.

The vampire’s eyes snapped open, a pair of blood red orbs glaring back at the Tamer as life seemed to seep into the vampire’s limbs, his shoulders picking up the slack they had been giving under the manacles, sitting up in his chains.

"So the elders have sent another young whelp to test himself against me." the vampire’s voice was like wine; rich, and dark. It fell upon the ears like velvet, the smoothness offset by the hunger for blood in the undertones.

"Indeed. It seems they think you an impossible task and mean to see if you will break me." Sir Walter said, pulling from his belt one of the traditional magical collars of his order, glancing at it almost as if it were an afterthought.

"The last ones who tried to use that on me went mad, you know. My mind was too much for them." Alucard said, almost relishing the memory of previous tamers dropping to their knees at the slightest sip of the horrors in his thoughts.

"So I was told." Sir Walter said, setting down on his haunches to get a look at the vampire from eye level. Their eyes locked, and neither flinched under the gaze of the other, deep blue set against blood red. The staring contest continued for what felt like ages, before it was the vampire who spoke up.

"You’re different." He said, almost laughing. "You don’t flinch. There’s something in you that makes my blood boil. Put the collar on, tamer. Taste of my mind, and see if you’re up to the task." The vampire stretched out his neck, offering it to the Tamer, who opened the collar and snapped it around the vampire’s throat.

Instantly the rush of Alucard’s thoughts entered Sir Walter’s mind, and he fell to his knees under the force of the blow. He gritted his teeth as the initial wave of thoughts battered against his mind, unrelenting in their assault.

"Yes, yes, hold out, Tamer. You’re lasting longer than any before you." The vampire said, almost excited at the prospect of someone strong enough to taste of him and stay sane.

Images of blood and slaughter flashed before Walter’s eyes, of mountains of corpses and of the passing of a century. A hundred years of being chained in this cell passed by Sir Walter in the blink of an eye, and yet he did not falter. Just as the onslaught of thoughts was about to overwhelm him, the mental tides receded. Sir Walter returned to reality, his face drenched in sweat as he took deep breaths, his mind returning to the sound of the Vampire’s uproarious laughter.

"Yes, yes, at last! You are truly worthy to command me, tamer! I am your servant, use me as you will!" The excitement in his voice was almost palpable, the vampire’s snake-like tongue ran over his lips, as if anticipating the battles that would be before them.

The tamer stood, and, to even the vampire’s surprise, removed the collar from around his neck.

"You are not my servant, nor am I your master." Sir Walter said, touching the holy runes on the vampire’s manacles, the chains snapping open and releasing the vampire’s bound arms. The magic charm released, the vampire regained full control of his body.

"I would only ask that you be my ally in battle, not my servant. I would ask that you stand by my side, not behind me, as we stride into battle as equals."

The vampire shot to his feet, his arms flexing in their first use in nearly a century, and his laughter echoed throughout the room.

"My blood is on fire! Truly you are worthy, tamer, no, Sir Walter, my master. I will stand by your side, and our foes will tremble at our might!"


Sir Ironshield continued to wait until he heard footsteps coming up to the other side of the sealed door. So it would seem the young Tamer survived after all. A pity. Wait. There was something wrong with those footsteps. There were too many of them. It was as if there were four feet. It couldn't be. He approached the door cautiously.

When he reached a foot from the door, it blew off its hinges, soaring into the wall opposite it, and smoke billowed out from the cell within.

Recovering from the shock of the door’s destruction, Sir Ironshield looked into the smoke as it cleared, and met the deep blue eyes of Sir Walter. Over his shoulder towered the imposing black-clad form of Alucard, a vicious row of grinning fangs set below imposing blood-red eyes.

"Sir Ironshield, if you would call the council of elders to order. We have much to discuss." Sir Walter said, his voice unmoved by his senior’s fright, his steely eyes boring into the tamer’s back as he ran.