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Author Topic: Character Draft: Elven Stockholm  (Read 617 times)

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Character Draft: Elven Stockholm
« on: November 12, 2018, 05:09:48 PM »
This is a character submission that was posted some time ago by Elven Stockholm in their attempt to join the Epic Battle. This was posted after I stopped accepting new characters into the Eye of Terror, and has been sitting unapproved since then. I'm denying the application for now, but posting the full draft here in case Elven wants to re-submit it for the next chapter of the Epic Battle that Jharm will be starting once EoT wraps.

Name: Elven Stockholm
Race: Unireck
Age: Few Millennia (chronologically) 40 (biologically)

Elven Originates from a distant planet known as Tisra, a planet which is similar to our earth but humans are not the only one ruled the planet but also a race called Saltus. Tisra also had magical flow within its reality, however it is exclusive to Saltuses only and the law of the magic is color coded

Saltuses shaped like apes, however they do have sharp bones protruding from their backs, towering for three meters height, and like mentioned above, have a strange affinity with magic. They are sentient and intelligent and even builds civilization of tiny villages to huge cities

Saltuses also have skin color that designate the role in society, this is not a sense of racism or hierarchy system but rather the color of their skin is what magic they do have the most power on. For example, Red colored Saltus wields destructive magic and is expected to become offensive soldier in the battlefield; Green wields defensive sort of magic and is supposed to be the guards or defenders of their villages and cities

Saltus doesn’t have a name on each individual because what they see as important is the accomplishment of one Saltus and/or skills that an individual possess, this is the true way for seeing someone needed to be recognized and it is very rare to find Saltuses encountering existential crisis in their life since they lived in society that prioritizes their own kind and togetherness rather than self

When they saw humans are completely different from one another by appearance and names, they are completely envious of it. They claim that humans went to an ‘easy path’ to be recognized even though we knew it wasn’t like that. Meanwhile Humanity saw them as a threat by their possession of the ability to cast magic and was seen as an unfair advantage. This misunderstanding and tension led many war between the Humans and Saltuses

However because both races are sapient, sentient and intelligent, they eventually be able to understand one another. In a remote place, a human and a saltus find understanding, friendship and eventually affection. They gave birth to a new race that amalgamated both races, it’s now named Unirex, a usage of the word Unite and Ydarex, both means the same as our tongue

With the help of those support peace and harmony, they formed an organization that would stop all of this war and by then many Unirex has become an adult; however the vision of the organization can never be achieved fully as the war escalates

The humans found a technological breakthrough, a weapon that is able to annihilate a single race that possess a 100% DNA of that race, coincidentally, The Saltuses have developed an apocalyptic spell that have a similar effect as the human’s weapon

Eventually, both attacks were unleashed and as you predicted, the war ends with the destruction of the two races, leaving the Unirex to be the only race capable of re-populating Tisra. This event will be known forever as the ‘Genocidal Extinction’

For centuries, the Unirex has rebuilding civilization, making villages, towns and cities with the limited knowledge of both technology and magic, however both aspects grows at the same time as such, they do not too dependent on either of it

Elven is a Unifex that born 3000 years after the ‘Genocidal Extinction’ meaning 6 centuries in our time if we were to calculate

Tisra’s magical properties are divided by colors, and Unirex with a specific color can only utilize that form of magic, indicated by their hair and eye color. There are no recorded instances on where a Unirex can control two separately, but crossbreeding with different color has been resulted in almost the same depending on the parent’s genes (For Instance, if Red married with Blue they will have a chance to give birth to another red, blue or magenta) After Magenta, Yellow and Cyan though, there are more chance to give birth to the connected corresponding colors and it’s very rare to find White colored Unifex

There are no Black, Orange,      or any other primary colors in Saltus or Unirex history; by this reason their flags and nation color are usually the aforementioned colors. White are rare and the frequency has been recorded to be random (from 100 to 30 to 1000 years) and White are the most special kind of Unirex, they utilize magic that brought the whole aspect of their brethren and are expected to be leader because of their universality

But despite the differentiation between colors, it will not be limited to what one can do. With effort and dedication, one can utilize effects of other color by using their own. For instance, Green can only create barriers and shields innately, but if work hard at learning it, the Green Magic can be used to become entrapment abilities and/or increase in vitality of other of self

But since Saltus and Unirex are always in groups, they find no needs to improve their magic to mimic other colors and this sort of advancement are only learned by High Council of a nation or a representative and even then if they wants to do it

Here are the colors and what they do:

Red Magic is Destructive and Offensive, usually emphasizes on dealing damage to the enemies

Blue Magic is Sustaining and Subtle, used to heal and re-energize comrades Blue

Green Magic is Defensive and Durable, in the front-line where they use shields or barriers to hold off the enemy’s attack

Yellow Magic is Indirect and Manipulative, illusion and trickery is what typically seen in battles. Enemies are either blinded or tricked in various ways without
actually hurting them, giving an extra time to attack or escape

Magenta Magic is Adaptable and Survival, this is a stealing type magic on where they use the enemy’s arsenal to their advantage. The enemy’s life, energy or equipment will be used against their own to further augment their troops

Cyan Magic is Supportive and Strong, the users of this magic tend to go head first into the battle, absorbing as many as damage as possible, distracting the enemy so their allies could have a shot to annihilate them

White Magic is unique, this magic are able to do all of the above however sparsely. Because of this, they tend to be more versatile than powerful and can be a great advantage in any situation

Despite the law of magic is similar but different than most worlds, the coloring law seems to be only affects Saltuses and Unirexes, and human in Tisra are unable to wield magic

Elven had a very tall body that towers in approximately 2.5 meters; he is quite slender and has small muscular build even though outside his clothing he is still looked slim. His hair is messy and blue but short nonetheless. His head is round but his chin is pointy, his eyes, nose and ears are quite small and his whole skin is light with a warm undertone. He looked like a man in his early twenties but considering that Saltus lives longer than human; he might be older than he looks

Like many Unirexes, his eye is matched with his hair color and his iris is small, barely covering its top and bottom parts, and his pupils are black

Elven usually wore a white long-sleeved sweater and black robe that is decorated by orange runes, symbols and lines, most notable is on the edges and the back part. The robe is able cover almost his entire body if needed, but casually, he just left the hoodie part open and exposes his sweater. He also wore long gray pants and small brown boots

He usually carries a wooden staff that hangs a birdcage on; as such the staff could be interpreted as a question mark but subtle and hardly noticeable with the metal birdcage hang around it. Outside of his staff, he carries no other attire or equipment

Elven, from the outside may seem calm and bold; his default face is a small yet sincere smile. In truth however, that smile is actually a bit forced, it’s a mask he wears so people and himself will be comfortable at having a conversation

Inside, he is been fighting with a self-doubting and self-loathing force all of his life, however he sees these traits as the ones that held him back from being his true potential, to cope with it he held it with all of his strength so his vulnerabilities and mental weaknesses won’t show

Also he is very shy; he really wanted to cover his face and blush when seeing other people and will get easily embarrassed when a tiny hint of someone flirting him. But he grew up and now it is very easy to cover that aspect of him

Other than that though, he is humble, modest and self-conscious about his abilities. Because of his inheriting Saltus genes, it is expected for him to be selfless, team oriented and sociable. Even if he venture the Multiverse by himself, on each world he will go to a town or kingdom and learn more about the place and the culture on every opportunity, he have an adventurous heart to work with others but because of his hidden timidity, he is not talkative

Elven are also calculative; inside his mind is constant thought about possibilities on long term and short term paths of choices. He can perceive other’s intention quite well and aware of those who had ulterior motives without giving the hints of him knowing

He is Blue Magic oriented from his home world, meaning his main role in battle is in the backline, healing, re-energizing and sustaining his comrades. But because of him being the Representative and have the dedication and time to improve his abilities in magic, he has various spells in his arsenal that are usually exclusive to other colors

He is master at the Blue Magic and as such he is very sustainable in battle, he can fight for days and nights as long as he kept his energy in check so it won’t go overused during the battle. His vital regeneration is very heavy and can only run out if he mindlessly spams his spells at nothing. Even if his real magic is kept by Ziz now, he could just easily channels it to his disposal and works normally

These are his following spells:

Orb of Regeneration Places an orb on his staff that will slowly regenerate the health and energy of his comrades, despite being small in the amount it can be kept endlessly throughout the battlefield. If thrown or consumed, the orb will instantly rejuvenate the target or the consumer but another orb cannot be summoned for a period of time this way. And yes, the orb can be destroyed

Selfless Share Like the name implies, Elven sacrifices some of his energy and share it to his allies, whether it be one or more and will be shared equally

Arcane Efficiency Lowers the amount of time and energy to cast spells on target, it can be casted on him but won’t affect the spell on its own and cannot lower similar spells

Magical Embrace: Puts a rune on an ally, the rune then slowly diminish as it rapidly regenerate the energy of the target
Power Word: Invokes an enchantment on a group of allies, causing them to get stronger physically and mentally for brief periods of time. If cast continuously the duration will increase but the energy required to do so is increased as well

Magical Improvements improve the effects of the next magical spell a target casts, whether it be damage, healing or duration of the spell

Glyph of Trades when someone had this glyph on their person, any loss of energy will be converted to health by a lesser amount and vice versa. The glyph will slowly disappear with each trade done

Shared Benefits links two to three people, if any of that people gains a positive enchantment or healing, the other linked ones will have the same benefit

Tranquility Elven channels a ritualistic arcanery that made every ally in a wide area around him to regenerate, the regeneration is higher than Orb or any of his other spells but requires great concentration and simple interruptions can cancel Tranquility. As such, doing anything else will cancel it as well and leaving him immobile and vulnerable. This spell is powerful and thus needed time to re-cast it again

Mana Blast the only direct damage spell that Elven had in his arsenal. Creating a magic circle that faces his target before unleashing a line of damaging energy that goes through everything, except for enchanted armor and shield, compare to most offense based spells, this one is pretty average and the damage is not spectacular or anything. But he can still spam this if necessary and create multiple lines of Mana Blasts in a single move

Punishing Prison puts a magic circle under the enemy’s heels. If they dared to move outside of the circle, it will explode. It lasts for mere seconds but Elven can either gave them sadistic choices or uses their own recklessness

Energy Shield Covers someone or something within barriers, the barrier are durable but won’t last long and used when blocking incoming projectiles or hit

Durable Will Cast a rune on a person or object. The durability of the target will improve for long periods of time, but the rune can only exist one at a time from one caster

Illusory Trap Elven or anyone affected will suddenly turns idle, if the enemy decided to attack them, it will be revealed that it was just an image. The ally set for this trap will turn invisible and told to move away from the image so after falling for the trap they could surprise them with a counter attack, but if no action is taken from the enemy, they will brought back to the position of the image as the it disappears

Incapacitation A simple spell but requires effort to learn and cast. With a charged magic, Elven able to shuts off one’s mind and thought, disabling them for a long periods of time. The duration for this to be cast again is fairly long and exhausting

Fatal Link Links enemies with a magical chain, when any of the enemy is injured or in pain, all linked enemies will felt the same thing and have injuries almost similar with the original receiver

Strength Leech Links two people with the designation of negative and positive. Negative will have their physical strength stolen from them and the Positive will be given the stolen strength. Could be used on enemies or allies

Sanctuary Puts an enemy inside a pocket dimension where nothing from the outside world can harm them, after returning, their health will be rejuvenated

Armor of Might Creates a magical armor that will increase the durability and regeneration of the wearer. Cannot be put on the same person again for a long periods of time after wearing or broken

Heels of Haste Quickens the movement of all allies within his line of sight

Blink a simple short distance teleportation spell

Ziz Usage:
Elven is able to use Ziz in many ways to further help him in combat other than being the holder of his energies

Flight form transform the once colossal bird into a mount for flight

Offense form Ziz turns into a being of raw energy that attacks nearby enemies, if the energy is all spent he will be brought back to his dormant form

Defense form uses his wings to guard anyone, perfect alternative from the Energy Shield

Transcendence This risky form is what Ziz’s first step to get close to its original form. When used it will be blazing with magical energies that can and will fully restore and mend any wounds. But Elven must be quick to turn it back to dormant form as it will find consciousness on whom it truly is and escapes from Elven’s grasps

Elven’s skillset is fairly complex and he needed to know when and what spells to use in the moment. However years of experience with this current spells has tighten his reflexes on the effective requirements and combos

He can also learns or utilize new magic on the spot, but since his original magic is limited to sustainability of one’s energy and health, he could only do that sort of spells and learning more variation of it requires time and effort

Other none-combat oriented skills:

Usage of Pocket dimension
Well this is mainly from Ziz as the bird able to contain more than a 100x100 meters structure inside its stomach. This pocket dimension aspect is also used to contain important equipment or artifacts and spells

He owns a mobile library (Via Ziz) because he knew of linguistics and languaes quitev well and are comfortable by surrounded by books and tomes. He uses this skill to learn more about languages throughout the multiverse. He writes journals, documentaries and have a way with words

Extreme Longevity
After Elven absorbs the Primordial Bird, his age is unnaturally long and even if he does aged, it can only be seen after few thousands of millennia. Normal means such as head slicing or stopping his heart can still kill him but with his immense longevity and innate power over regeneration and self-sustain abilities, it’s very difficult to kill him

The very reason why he's traveling the Multiverse, he has vast arrays of findings during his exploration to various worlds, not to mention recording those things in his library as well. He also knows about mental capabilities of individuals, he met with thousands if not millions people, human or otherwise


The Penitentiary
A staff that cages Ziz, with this Elven can augment his abilities with Ziz in various ways. This is the most used weapon as Ziz needed to be within his presence all time to prevent the beast from ever realizing it’s true form and the fact that it unwillingly kept Elven’s magic
In case this weapon lost in one way or another. Elven has already set its position to his arms if it were to go missing or stolen

Even though this is his main weapon, he can still cast spells without it. The reason he brought this weapon all the time is actually guarding Ziz from ever escaping and to keep hold of his energy contained on Ziz

Boots of Travel
A pair orange boots that radiated with the light of adventure. He uses this from time to time to quickly get to one place after another via teleportation. Since this object is mass produced on where it came from, it only needed a piece of paper that requires 2000 gold and regular boots to create; the creation process is as mysterious as the Bermuda Triangle but after the complex craftsmanship, the Boots of Travel is done and it just deemed too useful to be only kept as knowledge of the item

Bane of Civilization
This crystal orb is capable of changing fates of society to make it fall quickly, either by disasters, plagues, wars etc. This is more of a last resort to stop two warring faction from destroying each other if they did not learn their deeds through peace and Elven only keeping this in the pocket dimension for archival purposes as keeping this artifact in one place for too long will causes it’s effect to took hold of the land

Pacifist’s Rod
The name of this rod is actually very misleading as instead of making the wielder a pacifist, it will instead channels their aggression to be non-violent and became worst by terrorizing, stalking and other mental breaking methods towards the ones they hate
The reason Elven kept this rod is that he doesn’t have much aggression that can be channeled and even in battle would automatically be used against his enemies. When used this Rod will cause the target loose the five senses

Elven doesn’t usually hoard artifacts and would prefer to place them to a reliable vault or keepers. And sometimes, on one of his adventures, he would place back the artifact to its place after studying about it. He thinks that the knowledge is more satisfying than having the responsibilities of keeping the objects of his findings

Elven was born in Kazyle Republic alongside his twin brother Quinn. Since infant Unirex will grow rapidly during the first one week of their life, they’re not given a name until that one week period, a time which they grown hair and able to stand up on their own

Naming in Unirex culture is a little different from ours, because appearance and names is a way to differentiate one with others, Unirexes will name their child based on how they looked like after one week. In Elven’s case, his height is smaller than most newborns and the parents decided to name him based on a fabled creature in the human world, which is Elves

While his brother had characteristics that of a female newborn and is white haired, which resulting in the parents naming him based on an old leadership system by humans that are exclusive to females: Queen

They both grew up in a time where wars is starting to erupt once again, and with the appearance of a White Unirex, the greater chance for their lives to be endangered at a such a young age. Back then Elven was cowardly and meek, dependent on his twin brother to do things with him and always had an inferiority complex throughout his childhood

27 years later when both of them are starting to set their heels on teen years, a group of Radical Unirexes attacks their home, thinking that ending Quinn will end the possible war. They murdered him in front of Elven who just cried and screams for help, helpless at stopping them

After they done with their atrocious action, they left Elven alive as all they needed was the death of the White Unirex. Elven was devastated by this and blamed himself for being so powerless and weak. Years has passed and the whole Tisra still mourns for the death of a potential leader, peace was back between the nations by greatly reminded on how their ancestors went extinct by of their own rage and strife

Even though society understands on Elven’s lack of action, he still blamed himself for his death, as such all he wanted now was to become strong, so when his loved ones is endangered again he will be ready to protect them

From teenager to adult, Elven pursues the highest magic academy in Tisra and through dedication and determination; he’s able to be the greatest Blue Unirex in all of the continent, if not the entire Tisra itself. The death of his brother is the main aspect that drives him in this path, as even after he became the Grand Representative of all Blue Unirex, even after mastering his innate type of magic, remorse and helplessness still fills his heart

After only few years of his career, impending doom approaches, a prophecy that was long forgotten by time re-read once again by the high council. Ziz, the Devourer of Worlds set its eyes upon Tisra and in just few hours the bird will arrive and consume all life as we know it. The High Council, calls not only the
Representative of each color, but also all available magic expertise in Tisra

They set their plan quickly and decided that all Representative must face the beast, they vigorously agrees and with the help of the mages collected, six of them are teleported to the position of  Ziz after using enchantment and equipment that protects them for the vacuum of space

After the teleportation, they find themselves in a barren land of gray feathers for miles as long as the eyes can see but still felt an enormous force within the air and the sky is black with thousand lines of light before one them realizes that they are on Ziz’s body

Panicked by the sheer size of this beast, they run around screaming for help, in despair on how they would be able to face such colossal enemy. Some killed themselves, some thrown into the void of space and in the end, only Elven and A Green Unirex managed to endure up to this point but she was on her last breath

Elven told her that he had a plan to kill this beast and so using the last of her life she cast an impregnable shield as she disintegrates to nothingness. Finally Elven uses all of his energy to wraps the bird within and hoping to tear it apart or at least kill him despite the enormous size of the bird

Ziz saw that the top of its head has been enveloped by magical energies, and decided to crash itself into a black hole to stop the annoyance, however once it lands its head on the black hole, Elven have already spent it all and crush his whole magic

The magical implosion and the great gravitational pull causes massive anomaly in reality. Elven finds himself repeatedly shifted between him and Ziz, his identity, soul, memories, personality, powers, and magic are all shifted relentlessly with Ziz’s. For hours he is in agony, starting to lose the grip on who he really is in this onslaught before it all finally ends

He waked up in the vastness of space with stars accompanying him in the darkness; still have the enchantment on as the reason why he didn’t die in space. Attempting to come back to Tisra, he discovers that his magical energies were all empty. He looked around to find any remote source and found a tiny bird inside a blue shield

Shield which have the same properties as his magic

He grips the bubble and felt that it’s true; his entire pool of mana was inside this bird all along, the bird seems also to be very dormant as it stares at Elven. He channels some of his magic from the bird to teleport himself before being surrounded by its people, who rejoiced for his return

After mourning for the death of the rest of the Representative, Elven and the High Council studies the bird and realized that Elven’s magic is within the bird. Both Ziz and Elven seems to exchange aspects of their being with the beast became dormant and submissive from Elven’s personality but his personality doesn’t seems to be affected or taken in anyway, meaning that his personality is merely ‘shared’ with the bird and Ziz has taken his magic

But that leads the question: what does Elven took and shared from Ziz?

During Elven became the great hero of Tisra though, those answers were not important. He became incredibly famous and known, by this event many woman purposes to marry him and even the High Council offers to be one of their position, Elven decline the offer and decided to marry another Blue Unirex woman named Fiara and had two blue children

But it was not truly a happy ending for Elven as he suddenly has the obsession with reading tomes in numerous libraries and archives. A month without such activity will cause him to be extremely depressed and frustrated, even almost claiming his life once

His wife and children worried sick for his unnatural obsession. Even the most expert of psychiatrist and Yellow purifier was unable to heal him off of his mania for knowledge. Over the years of living in tension with both his family and society he realized that his dear wife has grown old, and his children became young adults but yet he still the same

He finally realizes something; Elven brought back the question he once asked and can safely answer that he has taken Ziz’s hunger and shared his long span of life

Elven now focuses more on how he would sate his hunger, and disregarding another spark of war that has been showing recently. It was during this time Elven do various experiments to reality itself, in hopes that he would find a way to go to another world full of knowledge by tearing the very fabric of reality itself

Over the year he had learned to open a warp with his own magic and became skilled at it. He make an announcement of his departure but by then two nations were already attacking each other and he can’t risk of his hunger overwhelms him in the battle, so he says goodbye only to his two children whom already grown into adults and have children of their own, and have a last glimpse of his wife’s graveyard

The last word uttered before walking to the other side of the warp will be eternally remembered within his memories

“Goodbye, Lapis and Lazuli, I’m sorry for leaving you both with this burden”

“That is fine father, we know you have greater burden to on your shoulder”

The sentence was a reminder on how his long life was not only to guard a devourer of worlds, but also seeking knowledge for the sake of satisfying his otherwise unquenchable thirst for it. The Warp closes behind him and a whole new world was ready to be explored

He took a mental note to never back to Tisra ever again, not want to feel any more pain about abandoning his brother, his wife, his children and his people even though this course of action is a necessity

For centuries if not millennia Elven had been scouring the Multiverse for knowledge as he collects it on his library. Accompanied by the very being caused his endless quest for information, he will continue on until the very end of him or the whole world itself