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Board Battles / Re: The Eye Closes (The Eye of Terror Epilogue)
« Last post by Fallen Templar on Yesterday at 10:38:05 PM »
The destruction of the Eye of Terror had been of such a magnitude that it sent a ripple, of sorts, through the Warp that existed between universes. Perhaps a spectacular phenomenon to behold, were anyone there to witness such things. The proverbial tree that falls in the forest with none present to hear it.

But it so happened that, perhaps just this once, someone had been watching. Such an event had captivated the observer's attention, and the ripple's point of origin was quickly sought out. One dimension out of an incalculable multitude. Further scans were made - as swift as they were meticulous - and it was evident that there were still signs of intense energy readings there. Among those readings lay certain power signatures that were of the utmost interest.

After tracking these energies for so long, could their owners really be present here? There was only one way to know for certain.

Amidst the utter carnage that unfolded on the ship, a small portal tore open. One large enough for a person. Out of it stepped a slender figure clad in a suit of all-concealing armour. The figure glanced around at the scene from beneath a hood, under which a large visor glowed like molten metal... just in time to notice the massive, muscle-bound form about to barrel past it.

The newcomer just barely managed to dive out the way and avoid a thoroughly brutal krumpin', before quickly arising from the floor in readiness for the next attack. Curiously, the stranger's armour showed no signs of damage from exposure to the intense heat that radiated from Gulgrim's mighty punch. Even the cloth raiment that was worn over the armour didn't bear so much as a scorch mark.

After recovering from that near miss, the figure swiftly adopted a defensive posture. Senses both technological and supernatural swept the area, trying to take stock of the situation and keep an eye out for any immediate danger at the same time. With a subtle gesture from one of the figure's four hands, the gravity a couple or so metres around it was imperceptibly altered. Whoever were to attempt charging the armoured stranger, or fire any projectiles toward them, would find their efforts to be surely misdirected by this localised field.
Board Battles / Re: The Eye Closes (The Eye of Terror Epilogue)
« Last post by Shadow Chorus on Yesterday at 12:02:20 PM »
Ah, this opponent was worthwhile. Gulgrim's cybork arm grinds to a halt under the efforts of Kitharsis' mystic energy, and as the tendrils try to creep their way up the metal surface of his arm, the Tirthandaran turns to attempt to run the Warboss through. But as with all things combat, Gulgrim is never finished. The metal of the Cybork arm sparks and begins to vibrate as the tendrils of dark energy slink across its surface, and just before Kitharsis' thrust would pass into the range of threatening the Ork, it detonates, an explosion of WAAAGH!!! energy creating a shockwave to push the dueling entities apart, the splintered pieces of Gulgrim's recently replaced cybork arm flying in all directions, lacerating unsuspecting orks and anyone else standing too close to the battle between these two titans.

In the aftermath, Gulgrim is left standing a short distance back from his previous position, and once again in place of his Cybork arm burns a roiling mass of WAAAGH!!!fire vaguely shaped like a limb. The flames begin to burn brighter as the pitch of the battle grows more fierce, and Gulgrim holds the flaming appendage in front of his face, clenching blazing digits into a fist as his grin widens yet further.

"We'z need more o' dis. Whenever one o' yous gits turns all spikey I get a real gud fight. Can't wait for da next one ov ya ta decide you'z can't wait ta get krumped." The Warboss exclaims his excitement at the prospect of fighting yet more of his allies turned against him, as if this fight is already won and he is simply waiting for the next. Or perhaps anticipation is simply spilling out ahead of him. The thrill of the possibility causes the flames to flare up even more, concentrating a white-hot mass into his burning fist as he thrusts it forward, a condensed blast of Orkish power hot enough to burn holes through the ship he was standing on rapidly chewing through the distance between Gulgrim and Kitharsis, deck plates melting and popping in its path as it seeks its prey.
Board Battles / Re: The Eye Closes (The Eye of Terror Epilogue)
« Last post by Kitharsis on May 05, 2022, 02:09:51 PM »
The gatling gun fire aimed at the tall Tirthandara's flank would in most cases be very effective.  Each bullet finds itself blocked by a layer of energy surrounding the Tirthandara's body.  With each impact one of the runes on his upper arm blinks, as if counting each blow.

The tall Tirthandara hops backward just out of reach of Jharm's hammer once the Seraphim slams it down on the ground.  The suspiciously blinking tattoo on the tall Tirthandara's shoulder grows brighter and brighter from each hit from the gatling gun, until it nearly rivals the shine of Jharm's weapons.

The tattoo was collecting the force of each blast from the gatling gun.  And with a slick grin the tall Tirthandara activates it, channeling the accumulated force of each projectile through his arm and directly toward Jharm.

"Thank you for the assist."

The stout Tirthandara presses his attack, as Soul Reaver braces himself against a support beam.  He nearly notices the buildup of mana too late.  Before the powerful shock wave reaches him, each of his clones throws out a barrier in front of the original.  The barriers do not stop the attack, but once it tears through each one the stout Tirthandara is able to withstand the blow with arms crossed in front of him.

The clones do not fare as well, as nearly all of then are destroyed from the blue-white shock wave.

The remaining few, in poor shape as they are, rush toward Soul Reaver.  Their skin cracks as energy builds up inside of them, threatening to explode once they reach Soul Reaver.

Meanwhile the stout Tirthandara readies twin daggers from his belt.

Dark Kitharsis does not forget his time fight along side the Gulgrim.  The camaraderie between the companions is not a sentiment he shares with his pure twin.  It was simply information to use against them, at this point.

The staccato of ballistics peppers a dark swirling mass of energy encircling dark Kitharsis.  He relishes the melee as opposing tendrils of energy whip and crash into each other.  A blade of black crystal forms around his arm as he rises to meet Gulgrim's Kutlass.  And yet it whiffs in the air as the clever Ork materializes behind him.  The Kutlass threatens to literally stab him in the back.

The dark energy swirling around him reacts and clings to the Kutlass, halting its thrust enough that Kitharsis can dodge the deadly blow.  Even more strands of energy wrap around the Kutlass and attempt to travel up the Warboss's arm.  Dark Kitharsis spins independent of the energy and is now facing Gulgrim head on.  He rears back with the black crystal blade, mimicking Gulgrim's attempted thrust.  This time from the front.

The light Kitharsis still lies motionless inside the Shaman's barrier.  The green pyramid wavers for a moment once again as time ticks away.
Board Battles / Re: The Eye Closes (The Eye of Terror Epilogue)
« Last post by Soul Reaver on April 16, 2022, 02:05:51 AM »
Soul Reaver finds himself surrounded by a cloned mass of his previously lone opponent.  The hope that they might be illusions is dashed as they unleash a very real barrage of energy blasts from every direction.

Blooddrinker is a blur in the air, moving of its own accord as it attempts to intercept the blasts.  Each projectile it impacts fizzes out harmlessly into a spray of fast-dying sparks.  But there are many projectiles, and Soul Reaver is unable to completely parry them all, taking multiple hits that scorch and bloody his flesh.  He backs away from the main Tirthandaran approaching him.

But his retreat is a calculated one - his backing up toward a wide metal support beam, covering his rear.  And as he retreats, he murmurs a spell.

Within his chest he feels a bubbling swell of mana, crackling and surging against his ribcage.  It requires immense force of will to keep it contained, concentrated, focused.  His defense serves only to buy him the time needed to build it to its ultimate crescendo.

Soul Reaver claps a fist onto his chest and unleashes the power as a blue-white circular shockwave of kinetic and burning force.  The beam behind him is almost split in two and the ground buckles and screeches the Shockwave's passing.

The Tirthandaran all around around him are in the direct line of fire, and none moreso than the one now almost within melee range.
Board Battles / Re: The Eye Closes (The Eye of Terror Epilogue)
« Last post by Veldanya Venalla on April 09, 2022, 08:16:57 PM »
The Seraphim slides backwards at the tall ones assault, his shield held firm in front of him. Grunting he slams his hammer down into the ground and stands firm before his shield suddenly flares brightly in a blinding flash of light.

"For the Light!" 

The angellic warrior surges forward, his large hammer whistling through the air as he advances on the tall Tirthandaran.

"I gave you a chance for peace, and yet you clearly refuse.  I should have expected as much from wielders of Darkness!"

His eyes flare brightly as he channels Light through himself, imbuing his shield and hammer with it as he works to subdue the aggressor before him.
Board Battles / Re: The Eye Closes (The Eye of Terror Epilogue)
« Last post by Shadow Chorus on April 09, 2022, 06:16:50 PM »
Gulgrim had his opponent, and they were so good as to come directly at him, forgoing silly things like cover or fear in the face of a beast like Gulgrim. Good. The Warboss's grin only grew at sight of a good fight approaching, and he pulled the Kaptin's Kutlass into his right hand as he charged to meet the dark Kitharsis, gun still blazing hot as green flames and arcs of emerald electricity sparked to life all around the Ork. The violent energy formed its own whipping coils of power to lash at Kitharsis's assault, sparks flying and explosions popping where the two opposed powers met while their wielders charged into melee with each other. Gulgrim didn't let up on the trigger at all during the approach, the staccato of ballistics playing counterpoint to the warring mystical powers.

But while Gulgrim was kunninly brutal, he was also brutally kunnin. As he crossed those final steps to close the distance between himself and his opponent, he raised his Kutlass high, preparing for a mighty downward swing and....Vanished. A crack of green lightning carried the Warboss from the Tirthandaran's view as he suddenly reappeared behind his opponent with a rush of displaced air, his heavy-handed chop having turned into a pointed thrust, the Kaptin's Kutlass aimed to literally stab the dark version of his ally in the back.

"Mork sez 'ello, ya spikey git!"
Board Battles / Re: The Eye Closes (The Eye of Terror Epilogue)
« Last post by Soul Reaver on April 06, 2022, 09:21:30 PM »
Jihon's vision returns as everything goes to hell.  He sees Danyael forced to leave the companions, and Kitharsis split into two, worsening their odds significantly.

The barrels of his gatling gun waver, moving from the dark Kitharsis, to the stout Tirthandara, to the tall one, then back again, as he tries to figure out what to shoot.  Then, the tall one attacks Jharm, the stout one multiplies himself to attack Soul Reaver, and the dark Kitharsis engages Gulgrim.

"Screw it!"

The gatling gun roars into life and fires a stream of bullets at the tall Tirthandara.  The triton barrels forward, its beam sabre crackling into life as Jihon tries to close the distance to assist Jharm.
Board Battles / Re: The Eye Closes (The Eye of Terror Epilogue)
« Last post by Kitharsis on March 31, 2022, 10:38:04 PM »
The Shaman reaches Kitharsis before Dark Kitharsis can execute his attack.  A pyramid of green energy springs to life around the helpless Kitharsis and the Shaman just as Soul Reaver's molten metal trap rises around Dark Kitharsis.

Still recovering from his containment, Dark Kitharsis is caught in the metal shell quite easily.  The metal creaks as he flexes against it. 

"Fool."  He mutters.  Both he and Soul Reaver know this won't hold him for long.  He goes to speak further, but is quickly cut short by a spectral green arm aimed directly at him.  Dark Kitharsis grits his teeth and leans into the attack as the metal trembles around him.

The swing connects soundly, ripping the metal panel from the floor and sending Dark Kitharsis careening though the air.

"Quit messing around!"  The taller Tirthandara shouts, as Dark Kitharsis sails overhead.

The stout one just shakes his head, until a giant skeletal hand manifests out of the air to catch the battered Dark Kitharsis and cushion his landing.  It clutches the metal case around him and squeezes, bending and weakening the metal enough that Dark Kitharsis easily tears the rest of it away from himself.  The hand disintegrates into dust behind him as he slides to the floor.

"Maybe we should keep the other one, if that's how you handle yourself."  The stout one says with a smirk.

"No."  The tall one says, his serious tone quickly wiping the smirk off the others face.  "Now that he is separate he can finally be destroyed.  It's time to get serious."

A torrent of gunfire rains down on them, punching holes into the ship around them, but harmlessly bouncing off of their thick skin.

The two new Tirthandara flare up multiple tattoos on their bodies.  Those sensitive to it can feel another massive buildup of energy from both of them.

"If you step aside, we will be done with that new one in a moment."  The tall one explains, yet the tone of his voice is menacing.

"I for one won't allow it!"  The Shaman shouts from within the pyramid.  He winces, and the barrier walls waver for a moment.  It is clear he is straining past his abilities.

"Very well."  The tall one barks.  "Prove your worth, Kitharsis, or we may just leave you here for the trouble you've caused." 

Multiple runes scrawling down the tall one's arms flare into life.  He springs directly toward Jharm and his glowing shield, meaning to test the strength of the Seraphim.  His arm lights up like a Christmas tree as even more runes flare to life.  The well of power behind his swing his immense.  He aims directly at the center of Jharm's shield.

The Stout one and his many clones turn their eyes toward Soul Reaver.  They quickly maneuver to flank him, arms outstretched.  Beads of energy form in their palms, before each of them fires off multiple blasts of energy.  They seemingly come from all sides as the clones keep circling.  The main one moves closer, looking to capitalize on the barrage to close the distance.

Chafing at the comment about leaving him behind, Dark Kitharsis clenches his fists and scowls at Gulgrim.  Multiple tendrils of dark energy wrap around his arms, similar to how his old tattoos would function.  He charges toward Gulgrim, swinging his arms and snapping the tendrils like whips at the big green Ork.

Board Battles / Re: The Eye Closes (The Eye of Terror Epilogue)
« Last post by Veldanya Venalla on March 25, 2022, 11:01:52 AM »
"So be it." 

The Seraphim sets his shield in front of him, shielding Light forming around himself and his Companions as he moves in front of the Shaman to protect him from the attackers as Gulgrims giant arm and barrage of bullets turn the entire area in front of him into a potential killzone.  He glances to the side slightly as Danyael suddenly disappears through a portal.

"Well...that's that then I suppose."
Board Battle OOC Threads / Re: The Eye Closes: OOC Thread
« Last post by Soul Reaver on March 16, 2022, 06:39:22 AM »
It will be up by tomorrow afternoon

Thank you for posting - I've removed the god-mod exit post I put up earlier.
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