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Author Topic: You (all of you) might like these songs  (Read 2678 times)

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You (all of you) might like these songs
« on: July 12, 2010, 11:14:33 AM »
I'm an avid fan of progressive/symphonic/power metal music. Sadly, here in singapore, they're very underground. But thanks to HMV, I've managed to actually buy and support them. You may have heard of some.

Kamelot from Florida [Thank you Soul Reaver!!!!], Blind Guardian from Germany, Angra from Brazil.

Other side projects. Avantasia by Tobias, and... and I this what I really want to show you: Ayreon by Arjen.

It's a huge project comprised of 6 concept albums (5 if you consider 2 parts as one), with guest singers from various bands, telling one whole story.

Although the entire series is worth a listen, I think the latest one would be better so as to give a clearer, overall picture. 01011001.

Essentially, there's a race of beings called 'Forever', which used to live underwater. They had lost their emotions long ago and yearn to recall how it felt like. They decide to create a new race from the own DNA, send it on a meteor which eventually crashes onto Earth, and watches over them. Obviously, we're that race. Although they do recall their emotions, they realise that Mankind is nearing it's doom. Although they tried to intervene and help, it was unsuccessful. Thus, in 2084, the Great War ensued and wiped off the entire human population, save for a few scientists that left for Mars. But that's a different album altogether.

I gurantee you that it's singing, without growling nor screaming. Operatic voices abound, especially in the second song if you listen to it.

3 Songs from the album I hope you would sample:

Unnatural Selection:

This occurs halfway through, when the Forever decide to speed up our evolution. What I especially love about this song is the chorus. So often do we despair that we forget about celebrating our current survival. If you do not want to listen to the entire 7.19 minute long song (and I don't blame you, it takes built up patience. Even I dont like songs that long at times :P), then zoom forward to 2.50 for a build up, before the chorus explodes at 2.58.

Age of Shadows:

The opening song is 10.48 minutes long. The particular charm here is the mechanical feel about it. Created with synthesizers (I think) along with the instruments, it's particularly captivating. I personally listen to this song while I'm homeworking to get into 'the mood'. This song is, unfortunately, slower than the previous one, with a lot of breaks in between. Yet I think the first 5 minutes alone are quite rewarding.

The truth is here:

Running at 5.14, there's a very medieval feel to it. You'll need to listen to the other albums/read the synopsis in wikipedia to understand the lyrics, but again, atmosphere. Arjen himself is the main singer here, with his wife (ex-wife??) as the nurse. A bit repetitive, but it's your call :)

Here's the link to wikipedia. It's a good link :D

I'm also taking this opportunity to thank Soul Reaver for creating his 'To the Bitter End' campaign, which introduced me to Kamelot and thus made me a fan of metal. It's also because of him that I'm here right now as a member and introducing random songs and thanking people :D

And thank you for sampling my music and making me feel right at home here in the boards :)
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