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Author Topic: Eye of Terror Recap Thread  (Read 2931 times)

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Eye of Terror Recap Thread
« on: April 24, 2010, 04:08:04 PM »
This is a recap of the Eye of Terror campaign thus far. Please refer to it if you get lost.

Forgive me for being absent from the Original EOT campaign but I was looking at the old board and I'm having trouble figuring out which was the first part or the sequence of parts.   I see a bunch of EoT camps some of them are logical though do you have a list ot the battle titles so I can read them in order?   I started with the Gathering the Forces tread I think it was, but even then it seemed like I missed one or two.

Here is the recap post. Be aware that I have skimmed over a ton of character-related posts and side posts that do not effect the plot. if you really want to see every single thing that happened with every character during the battle, you'll have to read the threads themselves. Links to the respective threads are in orange.

Events prior to the official start of the battle: Cameron Alieron and his fellow Space Marines hatch their plan to invade the Eye of Terror and destroy the forces of Chaos once and for all. The Space Marines do not have the power to destroy the Gods of Chaos, so Cameron promises that he will gather his companions and take them out once the Marines breach the Eye. Cameron meets with Soul Reaver on the planet Terra in Imperial space and requests that he gather the rest of the companions and meet him in the same location after a year has passed. Cameron must leave in a hurry, as he is being trailed by Abbadon the Despoiler, a powerful agent of Chaos. Cameron escapes as Soul Reaver buys him time by confronting Abbadon. The two fight briefly before Soul Reaver escapes into the warp. A fuming Abbadon leaves Terra to continue his search.

Gathering The Forces Part 1
As the year passes, the companions tend to their various personal issues and prepare for the fight. Cameron revives his partner and love interest, Kalana. Then, with the help of another Elemental named Kari and the Blood Angels Chapter of Space Marines, he locates a planet, Cellaris V, that contains lost technology of his race. During this time he also informs the Council of Chapters that he has gained the support of his companions, and the Marines thus finalize their battle plans.

After the year passes, the companions gather on Terra. Cameron is not present, but a contingent of Imperial Guard and Marine scouts are there to rendezvous with the companions and take them to where they are needed.

Gathering Forces Part 2
After a brief altercation between the Imperial forces and an unexpected Eldar member of the group, the companions are loaded into Thunderhawks and transported offworld. During the transport, the companions are informed that Warp travel is too dangerous due to Chaos forces monitoring Terra,which is why they are having to travel by transport ship. They are,however, able to use the Imperial warp transit system, which consists of permanent Gates standing at the edge of each major Imperial world,without drawing too much suspicion. The Thunderhawks use Terra's gate to transport them to Mars.

The companions land in an undeveloped part of Mars, between the terraformed City of Mars in the north pole, and the huge Adeptus Mechanicus hive city dominating the southern pole. The landing location is chosen to try and avoid drawing attention to the companion's arrival. They then make their way into the city via a transport train. They spend the day in a hotel, but are informed that they need to gather in a small bar near the hotel by nightfall to meet with their escort. This meeting does not go according to plan. Thugs arrive at the bar and try to hold the occupants, including the companions, as hostages.

The Grey Knights Part 1
Obviously, this does not end well for the thugs. They are quickly and violently dispatched by the companions as well as the escort, an Imperial assassin named Igtenos. After apprehending a demon he found outside the bar, Igtenos gathers the companions. Worried that the bar fight will have drawn attention to them, he quickly takes them to a teleport chamber disguised as a disused storage facility. This teleports the companions directly to Cellaris V.

Since the recovery of the Elemental's lost terraforming technology, a budding city has sprung up on the desert planet of Cellaris V. This city has become headquarters of the Cameron Aileron-led Grey Knights Chapter of the Space Marines. It is to this city that Igtenos leads the companions.

The Grey Knights Part 2
The companions are led through the city and to the Marine base and huge ebony tower at the center. Here they are finally reunited with Cameron. Cameron greets the companions warmly and explains their mission. He takes them to the center of the Marine base to show them the base of the Ebony tower, which is the secret of the Elemental's instant terraforming. He takes them into the tower and is going to take them to the top but is interrupted  by arrivals back at the gate.

The Grey Knights Part 3
There are new companions waiting at the gate, but there is also a portal to Everworld, revealing that two former companions are in trouble. Soul Reaver and some of the other companions depart to assist them. Their quest will not be covered in this recap as it does not pertain to the campaign. The remaining companions remain with Cameron. They are about to make their way back into the city when they are attacked by warp wraiths that emerged from a warp gate Cameron neglected to close. The wraiths are powerful, but the companions manage to dispatch them.

The Grey Knights Part 4
Cameron grows more and more irritated, as he continually has to diffuse arguments among the companions. One of the companions, Tamrissa, becomes more and more unhinged by the minute, as her bond with an old companion, the vampire Fei Serumen, is causing her to lose her sanity. Cameron is contemplating a way to help her when the Dark Eldar from Terra suddenly arrives unannounced. The ensuing conversation actually sends Cameron into a blood rage and the two almost come to blows, but the argument is eventually diffused by the sudden disappearance of Tamrissa. Quickly striking out with his mental powers to find her, he locates her at the base of the Elemental tower and makes haste there. At the same time, Soul Reaver and the other companions who had left for Everworld return, bearing injured with them. Soul Reaver assists with moving the injured companions back to the Marine base for treatment. Cameron arrives at the tower to discover his other Elemental companions have located Tamrissa. She is completely at the mercy of her inner beast, and Cameron is forced to break the amulet that binds her to Fei Serumen.

With the bond broken, and Tamrissa dying, Cameron has no choice but to create a psychic bond between the two to replace the missing bond with Fei. This acts as a band-aid, but is not a permanent solution. Cameron's plan for a permanent fix is to have Tamrissa bond with one of the elemental swords the Elemental survivors have been protecting.

Calm Before The Storm Part 1
The rest of the companions arrive back at the base. The wounded are tended to. Cameron approaches Soul Reaver and transfers the demon prisoner from Mars into his protective custody. The companions locate lodging within the city to rest overnight and recuperate before preparing to leave the next day. During the night, Fei Serumen rejoins the companions. Tamrissa also re-awakens, and after a brief conversation with Fei, she meets with Cameron, who gives her some information on his plan to permanently fix her bond. he then leaves to take care of something outside of the city. The rest of the companions tend to their business and the night passes uneventfully.

The next morning, Cameron meets the rest of the Elementals and Tamrissa at the tower. The rest of the companions gather at the command center.

Calm Before The Storm Part 2
Cameron, Tamrissa, and the Elementals make their way to the base of the Tower of Elements, located in an underground chamber below the Marine base. There is a large permanent warp gate erected there, and Cameron activates it. The gate leads to the remnants of the Elemental planet of Celesita, held suspended in the warp. Here, the Elementals retrieve the final Elemental sword, Anathros. The new bond completely heals her. In the meantime, the rest of the companions participate in a marine briefing at the command center, where the battle plans for the invasion of the Eye are laid out. Cameron, Tamrissa, and the elementals eventually rejoin with the companions, and they prepare to leave.

The Battle of Cellaris V Part 1
The departure from Cellaris V Is disrupted by a sudden surprise attack of a Tyranid Hive Mind and an immense force of Tyranid: aliens bent on devouring all life on the planet. The companions and marines wage war with these creatures in an attempt to defend Cellaris V and the civilians living therein. it is an extremely difficult fight, and the companions find themselves sorely tested against the psychic Hive Mind.

The Battle of Cellaris V Part 2
The battle between the companions and the Tyranids draws to it's conclusion as Kalana finally arrives to help Cameron and the psychic Librarian Mephiston overpower the Hive Mind's psychic defenses long enough for the rest of the companions to strike the death blow. The allied forces of the Marines and companions then mop up the remaining resistance, and the Imperial Guard sets to repairing the city walls.

Journey to Cadia Part 1
Nothing plot related happens in this thread.

Journey to Cadia Part 2.
Cameron gives the companions 4 days to take care of their inter-character conflicts while he sees to the securing of the war-torn Cellaris V.

Journey to Cadia Part 3 [WARNING: THREAD NOT FOUND]
The four days pass relatively uneventfully. The exact details of the events of these four days are lost due to thread corruption.

Journey to Cadia Part 4
The companions reconvene after the 4th day and finally prepare to leave for Cadia, the planet closest to the Eye of Terror. It is from this planet that they will begin their assault. One of the ships set to take them there, the Revenant, is attacked by unknown forces when they try to leave the planet, but the attack is quickly struck down as the other ship, the Apocalypse, arrives from the warp to assist.

Journey to Cadia Part 5
After dispatching the enemy, the companions are split into three groups, and loaded onto the Revenant, the Apocalypse, and Cameron's own personal ship, the Starblade Mark II. The three ships leave the Cellaris system and enter the warp, bound for Cadia.

In route, the three ships are caught in a massive warp storm. The Starblade and the Revenant make it out fine, but the Apocalypse and the companions on board are lost in the warp. Fortunately, the Warp Elemental Mary is able to make it on board the ship and guide it back on course, and the ship is saved.

Journey to Cadia Part 6
The passengers of the three ships take some time to recover from their ordeal, and Cameron decides that they will stay in normal space for the remainder of the trip. After a few hours, the ships finally arrive at Cadia, and within sight of the Eye of Terror.

Entering the Eye Part 1
The vessels dock in orbit of the planet Cadia along with the rest of the Space Marine fleet, and the companions make their way to the surface of the hive world.

Entering the Eye Part 2
The plan of how to enter the Eye is discussed between the Marine forces and the companions. The companions need to take out a nest of Chaos cultists that are blocking a stabilizer at the southern pole of the planet. The companions need this location to launch a vessel that will break through the warp storms of the Eye and allow the Space Marine fleet to pass through. As Cameron separates from the group to go deal with the cultist leader, the rest of the companions make their way through the underbelly of Cadia by Rhino transport to avoid alerting the cultist forces of their impending arrival.

Entering the Eye Part 3
While Cameron continues to make his way to the leader, the rest of the companions engage the cultists head on, dealing with them easily, despite their vast numbers. Unfortunately, just after they are finishing them off, unstable warp pockets rip open, and huge Warp behemoths attack the companions. The companions fight valiantly, but are unable to do much damage to these three-story monstrosities, which attack companions and cultists alike.

Entering the Eye Part 4
As the battle with the behemoths rages on, Tamrissa makes a hasty exit from the battlefield, leaving the Elemental blade Anathros behind. Cameron, finished with the leader of the cultists, arrives on the scene and reclaims it. Not having the time to deal with these monstrosities, Cameron pulls the companions back and Imperial bombers take out three city blocks to destroy them before they spread into other parts of the hive. This also kills most of the nearby cultists.

Entering the Eye Part 5
The companions arrive at the stabilizers, with another force of cultists to deal with. Cameron leads the companions to assault from one side, while the other Elementals and Marines assault from the other.

Entering the Eye Part 6
The two strike teams meet as the last of the cultists are defeated, but Abbadon the Despoiler interferes from inside the Eye where he has been monitoring the companion's progress through a spy. He teleports 40 warp wraiths to the battlefield to attempt to slow the companion's progress. The companions battle ferociously, but it is an uphill struggle as more wraiths pour from three open warp gates to replenish those who fall.

Entering the Eye Part 7
The companions finish off the wraiths and close the warp gates. Having cleared the stabilizers, the companions are sent back to the Revenant and the Apocalypse as Cameron and Mary prepare to launch a small ship that will propel them into the Eye. Mary uses her warp powers to rip a hole through the warp storms around the Eye, allowing the Marine fleet to pass through.

Battle of the Eidolon Wastelands Part 1 
The Space Marine fleet makes it's way into the Eye of Terror. The ships clash with the Chaos fleet, but most of the Marine ships manage to make it into the center of the Eye and disgorge their drop pods onto the central world. The companions are in one of the drop pods that lands. Cameron's small vessel crash lands elsewhere, and he and Mary are separated from the group.

Emerging from their drop pod, the companions immediately run afoul of Chaos Marines. They manage to fight through a few waves of these, and eventually make their way to the entrance to the labyrinth that surrounds the Chaos Spire at the center of the world.

Battle of the Eidolon Wastelands Part 2
Upon reaching the gates, the companions are stopped by Abbadon the Despoiler, who finally attacks them directly. The battle rages on...

And this is where we will continue. We now return to the Battle already in progress.
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Re: Eye of Terror Recap Thread
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2010, 01:37:43 AM »
I have updated this thread with the full recap. Read before posting in the main thread.