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Title: Major groups of importance in the War between The Light and The Darkness
Post by: Jharm on August 04, 2011, 12:52:17 AM
Beings of Note
The Light: Formally known as Nelathia when the universe began, The Light works to battle the destructive forces of her once noble companion, known simply as The Darkness.  Trapped within a glowing sphere of Light, Nelathia awaits the coming of the Chosen One who is said will either free her and defeat the Darkness...or slaughter her and allow the Darkness to consume the Universe.

The Council of Light:  3 beings of power created by The Light to aid in the defense of the universe and known by most simply as Truth, Justice, and Honor.  They created the Seraphs to battle the Triumverate of Shadow and their dark minions the Keeraza.  They appear to be massive beings clad in either pure white robes or suits of pure white armor.  Some believe that Justice, also known as Jarokta, appears as Kalrazar once did before he became the Darkness, the Light's attempt at keeping the hope alive that some small part of her “brother” is still good.  This would explain why he is the only male (in appearance and voice) while Truth and Honor are both feminine in appearance and voice (they are believed to appear similar to Nelathia).

The Darkness:  Once known as Kalrazar, “brother” of Nelathia, but now twisted and corrupted by the Ziroxilosh.  Commanded to destroy The Creator's work wherever he finds it, The Darkness created The Triumverate of Shadow to continue his work after being immobilized by The Creator's interference.  He hungers for the day that The Chosen One arrives, knowing that he will be able to corrupt the being into freeing him so that the universe can be destroyed just as The Corruption desires.

The Triumverate of Shadow:  3 beings of dark, horrifying power created by The Darkness to continue his univeral destruction.  Known by most as Hate, Anger, and Corruption, they appear as massive horned beings, clad in armored plates as dark as the void itself.  They are the creators of the Keeraza, a vile bloodthirsty race who's sole desire is to slaughter the Seraphs and aid their masters in their desire for destruction.

The Two Armies
The Seraphs:  Commanded by the Seraphim, the Seraphs are a race appearing almost human except their skin is as white as pure undriven snow, and their eyes are glowing orbs of light. The Seraphs strive to spread the message of the Light as they fight the Keeraza and the Triumverate.     

Some beings believed all of the Seraphs had the feathered wings of legend but in fact only those chosen by the Council and the Light to be placed in leadership positions are graced with wings of pure white feathers.  The Seraphs leader, The Seraphim, is chosen solely by the Light and is considered to be personally touched by Her glory.

The Keeraza:  Commanded by the Shreezax, the Keeraza isnt so much a single race as a swarm of terror and destruction.  Varying in appearance from simple demons to towering juggernauts of steel, flesh, and bone wielding massive axes, all the way to twisted creatures oozing vile toxins and gases. 

Title: Re: Major groups of importance in the War between The Light and The Darkness
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