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Title: The Eye of Terror: The Labyrinthine Depths of Chaos (Part II)
Post by: Cameron on August 16, 2013, 11:36:37 PM
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Title: Re: The Eye of Terror: The Labyrinthine Depths of Chaos (Part II)
Post by: Cameron on August 18, 2013, 12:06:58 AM
Sepher hurtled towards the gate and the stunned defiler, ignoring the pain of his wounds, focusing his energy on the task ahead. Seeing the axe get through he magical defenses of the defiler on the gate, sepher knew what he had to do. He would become more powerful this day, and this defiler was his prey.

Drawing upon the concentration that afflicted his arm, sepher diverted the energy into his back. With a roar of pain, and a visible transformation, a pair of gigantic daemon wings sprouted from his back. The tearing of flesh can be heard to those in the vicinity as drops of blood fell to the ground.

Gripping Wind in his left hand, he leapt upwards, propelled by his run, hurtling towards to defiler on the gate. A burst of chaotic energy issued forth from wind as he swung it, hopefully impeding the magical defenses enough that he could get through.

He drew back his empty right hand, and with a bellow, sepher slammed into the defiler, putting his hand to the metal exoskeleton.

The world went dark to sepher, as he drew on a power so feared and respected by daemons that they would go out of their way to kill him to stop him. He slowly drew his hand back and lightning arced between his hand and the defiler, sparks shooting off visible to those watching. With a sudden motion, he closed his fist and braced himself, as he attempted to pull the daemon soul from the defiler into his own body.

Kitharsis's hammer crashes down and connects with the Defiler in a most satisfying manner.  The explosion results in a slight chuckle as the force of the blast pushes him into the air and away.  A clumpy, crumbling bowl of sand forms under and behind him to shield himself from some of the debris.

He lands rolling forward, encased in a sandy ball.  After a skip and a jump the rolling ball loses form and falls down around him as he comes to rest.  His ears are ringing and the sudden flash of the explosion has put spots in his eyes.  Blinking, he stands and shakes the sand out of his mohawk and the ringing out of his hears.

He feels Soul Reaver do some blinking of his own, and catches only a fading flash of red light where he once stood as he turns to look for him.

No time to stand around.

Sand dances and streams behind Kitharsis as he trots back over to his jug.  The strap is quickly tied and he takes off towards he Defiler on the wall's direction.  He knows Sepher is more than capable of taking down a Defiler.  The axe in the things head is evidence of that, but a little help never hurt anyone.

The random gunfire is quite a concern.  Bullets, rockets, and all sorts of other artillery spew into the battlefield. The barriers are still hampering ranged attacks, requiring another intimate encounter with these foul creations.

Piles of sand still litter the ground from a few moments ago, but having such a low reserve of energy leaves him few options.  Sepher's roar of pain paired with the sound of tearing flesh was startling, but intentional.  Kitharsis watches as the man sprouts wings and leaps into the air. 

Sepher flies towards the Defiler and slams into it.  The buildup of power between Sepher and the Defiler is immense.  He is doing something dangerous, and Kitharsis thinks better of being in the middle of it. 

But the Defiler isn't going to take it lying down.  Soul Reaver's face full of gunfire moments ago is evidence of that.  Mid stride Kitharsis unstraps the jug of sand from his back.  He holds tight to the worn leather cordage and uses the jug's momentum to swing it in an arc around him.  With a grunt he lets go and launches it into the air.  It careens towards Sepher and the Defiler, slamming into the barrier.  Upon impact the sand tears out and grinds through whats left of the magical shield.  If it gets through Kitharsis will direct it to clog this Defiler's joints and gun barrels like he had done just a few minutes ago.

Sepher enters a fierce battle of wills with the daemon soul hosted in the Defiler. He can feel the soul inside reacting violently, trying to resist. He is forced to dodge a few projectiles and claw swipes as the giant metal construct thrashes about, but the Defiler finds itself unable to move most of it's joints due to the well timed sandblast from Kitharsis. This prevents it from bringing most of it's weapons to bear, but the thing has been augmented with so much arcane energy that Sepher is finding it extremely hard to control. But then, from out of nowhere, Kalana is across from him. She drives a borrowed Force halberd into the construct's metal hull, augmenting it with her own frightening psychic energies. At the same time, Sepher can see the lightning elemental Karyl unleash a torrent of electricity at it from below, and the water elemental Kari appears behind Sepher, augmenting him with her own energies and increasing his fortitude.

With the assist, Sepher is finally able to wrench the soul from the construct. There is a brief second while he is absorbing it where he can see the full void of the warp and almost loses himself, but he wrests control back as the construct collapses into a pile of lifeless metal.

Jharm watches as the Defiler's weaponry violently explodes.  Seeing an opening, the Seraphim launches himself at the machine before him, latching onto it while it is defenseless.  Closing his eyes he focuses as his hands beging to glow, the light seeping into the Defiler and almost hunting down the Warp Soul within as Jharm attempts to exorcise the metal behemoth, purging it of the vile evil that hides within.

The seraphim catches the Defiler completely off guard. But like Sepher, he finds himself wrestling with the massive enchantments leveled on the construct by the chaos sorcerers. The battle of wills is immense, and it seems like the Defiler might be getting the upper hand. It raises it's claw high to strike at Jharm.

A huge las-blast destroys the claw and it falls limp. Another blast rips through the creature's armored skull, and all of it's defenses fall. Jharm is able to purify the soul and it is destroyed, causing the construct to grind to a lifeless halt. 500 meters away, a Grey Knight in heavily modified Terminator armor allows the las cannon he borrowed to drop to the ground, removing it's charge pack from the back of his armor. The warp elemental Mary Argent stands next to him, her sword drawn. The Terminator's helmet retracts to reveal the face of Cameron Alieron. He has finally rejoined his companions. Kalana had been too focused on her attack to sense his arrival, but she quickly teleports herself to him, embracing as much of his power armor as she can.

"Where the hell have you been?"

Cameron locks eyes with her and grins.

"Just taking care of some business with my friend from the future. But I'm here now. Let's kick some ass."

Defensive magics hiss and metal screams as Blooddrinker strikes true, bisecting the Defiler's armour plating as if it were ripe, hot flesh.  Teeth gritted, Soul Reaver clenches the hilt in both hands, violently ripping the blade along the Defiler's belly.  Sparks and dark flames erupt from the wound.  Soul Reaver ducks his head as a pained claw ineffectively slashes past just above him.

Then Kitharsis' hammer slams into the Defiler.  Its entire massive bulk lurches beneath Soul Reaver's feet, throwing him off balance, and then moments later, it explodes into a brilliant orange fireball.  The hot flames lick at Soul Reaver's heels as the shockwave throws him through the air.

Soul Reaver hits the ground about twelve metres from his original position, absorbing the impact with a skillful roll over his armoured shoulder and skidding to a stop amidst a cloud of grey dust.  His blood-speckled face quickly scans the battlefield to assess the situation.

The other two Defilers were stunned and damaged, so they would likely fall soon as well.  However, the Sorcerers who had summoned them... they would need to be dealt with.  Already they had unleashed Daemons and mechanical monstrosities upon him... whether they were about to call upon further horrors or attempt to flee, Soul Reaver was not inclined to let them live.

With most of the enemy force routed and the Defilers otherwise preoccupied, Soul Reaver had a clear view to the Black Gate where the Chaos Sorcerers are huddled.  Attempting to clear the distance on foot - particularly with his injured leg - would give the enemy too much time.  Other measures were required.

Soul Reaver focuses instead on the smoking, burnt-out wreckage of a tank near the gates and behind the sorcerers.  Picturing his destination in utmost detail in his minds eye, he speaks a few syllables of magic, and disappears in a blaze of red light.

The usual stomach-wrenching feeling of his Teleportation fades almost immediately as Soul Reaver drops half a metre out of thin air behind the tank.  If the Sorcerers had not detected his presence from his use of magic, they would surely notice him soon.  Soul Reaver draws back Blooddrinker, leans out from behind his cover, and hurls the sword like a boomerang at the gathered sorcerers.  The blade cackles faintly as it spins in a crimson disc, curving through the air towards its victims...

The chaos sorcerers know that the battle is lost. By the time the first Defiler falls, they are focused on only their own survival, pumping their magicks into defensive shields and preparing to flee. But as the second and third Defilers fall and Soul Reaver appears behind them, a voice rips through their skulls. Someone has been watching the battle through their eyes, and they have new orders. The sorcerers allow their defensive magicks to fall and channel all their power into one final spell, even as Blooddrinker tears through their ranks.

There is an ear-splitting tearing sound as the fabric of reality is torn asunder. The companions all suddenly find themselves trapped in the warp, hurtling to some unknown destination. Warp energies lash out at them and it will be all they can do to protect themselves as they are delivered to parts unknown.

As they are hurtled through the warp, Cameron and Kalana fight to stay together. But at the last moment, a huge wave of warp energy rips them apart. Cameron roars in fear and frustration as he watches Kalana get ripped into a warp storm and loses sight of her.
Title: Re: The Eye of Terror: The Labyrinthine Depths of Chaos (Part II)
Post by: Cameron on August 18, 2013, 02:54:11 AM
The companions are torn through the warp. Some of them are torn from the Eye of Terror altogether, either unable to control their trajectories or pulled away by unknown forces. For those that remain, the transition is equal parts disorienting and painful.

Cameron is still reeling from losing Kalana yet again when he feels himself leaving the warp. His ejection is violent, and he crashes into a metal coated floor panel. The impact is jarring, even through his power armor. He gets to his feet and takes stock of his surroundings.

Cameron finds himself on a large metal scaffold, about 90 meters wide. It appears to be an observation deck. The scene it is observing is horrible to behold. The huge cavernous chamber this post overlooks is filled with people on spikes. Millions of them. They are all alive, and the screams of pain and horror mix together to make a sinister, almost revolting background hum. Every one of these people have cables attached to them, and vast amounts of energy can be seen traveling through these cables into huge machines below. Cameron's equipment can't even register the full size of the chamber.

Breaking his eyes away from this scene, he focuses on what's on the platform with him. he finds Kitharsis laying close by. His journey through the warp looks like it was equally horrible. Cameron helps the Tithandrian to his feet.

"Woah, dude. Where the FUCK are we??"

Cameron looks to the edge of the platform. Karyl Sheeden, the lightning elemental, has pulled himself up with the railing and is staring out into the vast sea of tortured souls. Kari Katrea, the water elemental, stands next to him. She does not speak, but the shock of what she is seeing is plainly written on her face. Cameron joins his fellow elementals at the railing.

'We're somewhere in the labyrinth. I'm guessing this serves as some sort of unholy battery. This is one of the things we are here to try and stop."

Cameron turns away from the scene, trying to locate Kalana. As he does so, he catches something on the far side of the platform. It's... an ork??? No. MULTIPLE orks. The biggest one is wearing a pirate's hat. Why the hell is it wearing a pirate hat? Cameron readies his weapons.

"heads up, people. We might have a problem."

Something has obviously gone wrong. One moment, Gulgrim was on the bridge of his Krooza, ordering the Weirdboys to make a warp jump. The next, he and a few of his fellows are standing in some blasted huge chamber filled with screaming humans. There are some not-screaming humans standing on the big platform across from him, and one of them is a god damned SPACE MARINE. He's got weapons drawn but isn't attacking yet. One things' for sure. Wherever he is, he can feel Chaos taint all over it. He's going to have to react quickly.

Cameron is too focused on Gulgrim, and Gulgrim is too focused on Cameron. Neither of them notice the strange figure dressed in rags that has appeared on another part of the platform. Jorumn sees the humans on spikes, hears the horrible droning noise of millions of screams in unison, and then sees a standoff forming. On one side, big green monsters. One of them is wearing a pirate hat. On the other side, a man in metal armor with guns and swords, a lady with a staff, a blonde haired man with a GUITAR? and a large mohawked man. This situation could get volatile very quickly. Jorumn has not been noticed yet.
Title: Re: The Eye of Terror: The Labyrinthine Depths of Chaos (Part II)
Post by: Cameron on August 18, 2013, 03:07:12 AM
Kalana finds herself ejected from the warp onto a stone floor. She skids into a stone bench and comes to a stop. There are other thuds all around her as others arrive in similar fashion. She shakes the cobwebs from her vision and gets up, looking around.

The chamber she finds herself in appears to be an old church. Obsidian church pews line the floor. At the front of the room is a huge symbol depicting the 4 chaos gods and a blood drenched pulpit. Horrible purple light emits from stained glass windows lining the walls. These depict images of chaos, murder, and death.

Kalana looks around and immediately spits Sepher lying in an aisle and Danyael laying across two pews. Looking further, she finds Garr Kelvin, the lunar elemental, sitting in a pew and rubbing his head. Mary Argent, the warp elemental, stands beside him in her full plate armor, looking annoyed. And the winged figure of the seraphim Jharm is found at the front of the room, sitting in front of the pulpit. No one else seems to be present. Mary looks back and sees that Kalana is awake.

"Oh, good. You're up. Where in blazes are we? And where is Cameron?"

Kalana frowns.

"I don't know the answer to either question. Let me see if I can find him."

Kalana's eyes flash blue as she first checks the vitals of everyone in the room to make sure they're alive, before turning her attention to trying to locate Cameron's position.

Soul Reaver does not appear with any of the others. Instead he finds himself ejected onto a huge bridge. it appears to stretch over a large canyon, though he cannot see either end of it from his current position. Within a few moments, Blooddrinker reappears beside him. The blade is soaked in the gore of the slain Chaos sorcerers.

Soul Reaver can detect a presence. About 7 meters ahead of him, a figure lies crumpled next to an old burnt out tank. Soul Reaver recognizes it as the renegade Daemon Natalya. She appears to be hurt, but is only unconscious.
Title: Re: The Eye of Terror: The Labyrinthine Depths of Chaos (Part II)
Post by: Shadow Chorus on August 18, 2013, 10:09:33 AM
Something was wrong. Gulgrim wasn't on the bridge of his Kill Krooza like he should have been. He was in the middle o some burny place with loadz o' screamin' 'umies!

"Wot da zog 'appened? You boyz done zogged up da jump!" Gulgrim roared, turning to face his boyz, specifically Wurrzod, the nearest Weirdboy.

"Boss, we ain't done no-" the unfortunate Weirdboy was cut off as a third arm extended from the shoulder of Gulgrim's Coat o' Plates, reaching down with a Power Klaw and crushing the Weirdboy's head in its bladed grip.

"Right. All's forgiven. Now dat dat's over with, we'd best find some way outta here!" Gulgrim said, letting the lifeless Weirdboy lay where he fell. Finding both his Orky and his Cyborky hand empty of weapons, a situation that should almost never happen, Gulgrim drew one of his two massive Shootas in his Cybork right hand and pulled out what appeared to be an expensive Imperial Cigar with his left, holding it out to his side. A nearby Burna boy strode up and lit the cigar with his igniter, and Gulgrim planted the smoke-stick firmly in his fanged maw. His left hand now free, he drew his OTHER massive Shoota in his left hand and made quite a dramatic show of pulling the slides on each weapon by turning them towards the sky and extending his arms before bending them, slamming the stocks into his elbows and ending up in something of an Orky guns akimbo firing stance.

Looking around, his eyes settled on the only humies that weren't screaming like Panzees and he noticed one of them had weapons drawn and was looking at him. But he wasn't shooting. This was an interesting development. Gulgrim knew how to handle this.

"OI! 'UMIE! DON'CHA KNOW IT'S RUDE TA POINT A SHOOTA AT AN ORK AN' NOT SHOOT AT 'IM!?" The ork shouted, having to fight to get his voice to rise above the screaming below him. "BUT SINCE YA AIN'T SHOOTIN' YET, HOW ABOUT-AGH! DAMMIT BOYZ, SHUT DEM 'UMIES UP!" Gulgrim turned and shouted the last bit at his boyz, pointing with his rifle at the screaming human batteries down below. As one, at least a dozen shootas turned and lined up at the railing, opening fire into the helpless screaming human batteries.

Despite the din of gunfire, the Ork found it easier to speak over the bullets than the screaming. "NOW DEN." the ork shouted over to the Space Marine. "SINCE YOU'Z ONE O' DEM 'ARD 'UMIES, AN' YOU AIN'T SHOOTIN' AT ME YET, ME GUESS IZ YA REALIZE YE'RE PROB'LY AS LOST AS WE ARE." After all, if Gulgrim was lost, with his Orky sense of direction, no mere Humie could know where they are. "WHICH MEANS YA NEED MY 'ELP. SO HERE'S DA DEAL. YOU DON'T SHOOT AT ME BOYS, YA DON'T GET IN ME WAY, AND YA LET ME GRAB DA LOOT, AN I'LL LET YOU AN' YER BOYZ DERE FOLLOW ME WHILE ME AN' MY BOYZ TEAR UP DIS 'ERE-AH ZOG IT I'M COMIN' OVER!" The Ork said, leaving his boyz to stride across the platform, weapons in hand but not raised, to at least within a distance he didn't have to shout to be heard.

"Now den. How about a-What da zog is it you humans call it? A not-shoot?" The ork says, looking down at the Space Marine, his cybork eye glowing red as it always does, his massive jaw set in a cheeky grin.
Title: Re: The Eye of Terror: The Labyrinthine Depths of Chaos (Part II)
Post by: Cameron on August 18, 2013, 11:19:49 AM
Cameron does what he can to remain passive as the obvious lead ork approaches him. A warboss. Has to be. He almost protests the rest of the orks shooting the humans below, but then thinks better of it. They're probably doing them a favor. As the warboss approaches and speaks, Cameron allows his swords to disappear, though the wrist mounted stormbolters on his armor are still loaded and ready. He sends a mental message to his fellow companions to Stay back. This cigar smoking, pirate hat wearing ork is different from any other ork he's ever seen, and he doesn't know if they'll end up having to attack or not.

"Ork, you must not have any idea where you are. If you did, you'd know that you need our help just as much as we may need yours."

Cameron holds out his hand and a galaxy map appears above it, with a marker pointing out their location.

'Welcome to the Eye of Terror."

Cameron closes his hand and the map disappears.

"I am Cameron Aileron. Chapter Master of the Grey Knights chapter of the Space Marines. Whether or not we're going to have a cease-fire, or "not-shoot" as you called it, will depend on your intentions. If your willing to help us kill Chaos, and can keep your boys from shooting up my allies, then I think we can work together. If not, we might as well have it out right here, where there's space."

Title: Re: The Eye of Terror: The Labyrinthine Depths of Chaos (Part II)
Post by: Shadow Chorus on August 18, 2013, 11:35:52 AM
"Da eye o' terror?" The Ork says, scratching his chin in thought. "Been a while since I been in 'ere. Looks different. But den it's dem spikey boyz's home, so it would be. Wonder if Gork n' Mork're still 'round dese parts. Mighta' gone ta watch over Armygeddon."

The Ork looked over at the Space marine and chuckled. "Need yer help? I got outta here once an' I'll do it again. Just need ta find me Krooza. But I can't tellyport dere right now cause o' dem Spikey boyz. So yeah, We'z can do dat. Me boys know better dan ta shoot sometin' I ain't shot yet. Dey'll shoot da spikey boyz 'fore ya."

The Ork turned and shouted at his boyz. "Wurrzod! Oh wait, dat's right, killed him. Hmm. Lemme tink fer a moment." The ork said, raising its cybork arm to the sky. A copper lightning rod extended out of the bulky wrist and began to pulse with green lightning for a moment before dying out.

"Yep. Can't get a fix on me krooza. We'll have ta keep krumpin' spikey boyz till I'z got a better reception." Gulgrim said, resting his rifles on his shoulders. "So den. What'd ya call it? Cease-Fire? Sure. We'll Stomp together fer now. But me an' me boyz get all da shiny bits."
Title: Re: The Eye of Terror: The Labyrinthine Depths of Chaos (Part II)
Post by: Cameron on August 18, 2013, 11:43:15 AM
Cameron is never actually sure if you can really trust an ork. But this one hasn't outright attacked him yet. And while he is separated from most of the companions, he could use all the help that he can get.

"Fine. You have a deal. We're not here for shiny bits, so they're all yours."

Cameron turns back to the companions. Karyl is tuning his guitar. Kari is still staring out into the sea of tortured humanity. Kitharsis is still recovering.

"We'll need to stay put for a moment while the rest of my allies recover from their jaunt through the warp."
Title: Re: The Eye of Terror: The Labyrinthine Depths of Chaos (Part II)
Post by: Daccio on August 18, 2013, 11:48:55 AM
         The enormous pile of metal collapses in a heap as Sepher finally manages to tear the soul from the defiler and take a steel grip on it with his mind, so as to not allow it control of himself. Sepher leaped from the metal husk, landing heavily on the ground, panting from exertion. Letting a small trickle of energy flow forth, he let wind form into a silver metal bracer, clasping tightly to his arm, as he surveyed the scene.

   Suddenly and violently, and earsplitting screech is echoed forth that causes him to nearly cry out in pain as he covers his ears quickly. It does little good and suddenly Sepher felt a violent lurch, as if he were being torn asunder. Sepher throws up every sort of defensive shield to keep the warp energies from reaching out to him as he spiraled dangerously through the darkness

   His shields were tore away from him as he was ejected from the warp, material flashing objects  by so quickly he could hardly register it. A sharp pain flared as he smashed into some sort of pew and crashed into the cold stone floor of a building. He was dazed as he lay there on his back, letting himself rest for just a moment, to catch his wind. Kalana’s eyes would have taken in his vitals. They appeared fine, his pulse was a little fast, but just fine.

   He raised his head slowly, as he was a bit dizzy, and suddenly saw the symbol depicting the chaos gods. Inside of him all of the souls he had ever absorbed roiled angrily at the sight of the symbol, some trying to flee his mind in fear, some trying to control him, some simply raging angrily. For a moment, Kalana would see Sepher’s vitals spike oddly and suddenly. They were all over the place. Suddenly, they returned to normal once more.

As the deamon souls were brought back in line, sepher finally sat up, looking around. Finally, grumbling under his breath, he spoke.

“I am getting to old for this shit.” Slowly, he pushed himself to his feet, and took in the companions that had arrived with him.  "Everyone alive?" He called out quietly, looking around to who was concious.

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Title: Re: The Eye of Terror: The Labyrinthine Depths of Chaos (Part II)
Post by: Soul Reaver on August 18, 2013, 06:04:20 PM
While Blooddrinker tears through their ranks, the death screams of the Chaos sorcerers unconsciously bring an unwholesome smile to Soul Reaver's lips.  Blooddrinker flashes as it spins, its colour deepening to an even darker crimson as it bathes itself in hot viscera.

But even as the blade does its work, words of dark sorcery fall from the the Chaos sorcerers' lips.  Soul Reaver recognizes the intent of the magic, and realizes he is too late to stop it.  The sorcerers were intending to banish him to the Warp!  This sort of thing had happened before, and he would not be caught off-guard again.

As fast as he can in his weakened state, Soul Reaver erects a Warp Shield around himself.  Not a blinking of an eye later, all that is real and solid tears away from beneath his feet, sending him reeling and disoriented into the unpredictable storms of the Warp.

A stream of Warp energy crashes against his shields, threatening to shatter them and hurling him through the eerily shimmering clouds like a leaf caught in a hurricane.  But in an instant the chaos fades, and Soul Reaver is thrown back into reality.  Flying head-over heels, he lands painfully of his back on hard grey stone before sliding to a halt with the sound of grinding Black Steel and amidst rapidly-dissipating wisps of crimson Warp energy.

Disoriented for only a moment, Soul Reaver leaps onto his feet, quickly casting his eyes about for his weapon.  As if on cue, there is a hideous tearing sound, and Blooddrinker rips a hole into reality, hitting the ground with a dull metallic clang and spinning to a stop just a meter way from Soul Reaver's position.

Soul Reaver quickly scoops up the sword.  It has left a trail of blood sprayed across the ground, and the blade is coated with the thick liquid.

Too little and too late, Soul Reaver thinks to himself.

Weapon back in-hand, Soul Reaver surveys his surroundings.  He seems to be standing on a massive stone bridge, spanning over a vast, deep emptiness.  Faintly, Soul Reaver detects the spiritual signature of his ward, Natalya.  She must be unconscious, and seems to be hurt.  Of the others - friend, or foe - there is no sign.

Soul Reaver quickly rushes over to Natalya's immobile form to check the extent of her injuries, and to see if he can assist.
Title: Re: The Eye of Terror: The Labyrinthine Depths of Chaos (Part II)
Post by: Cameron on August 18, 2013, 09:17:30 PM
Kalana hears Sepher call out and breaks off her concentration.

"I'm here. Mary and Garr are awake as well. Danyael and Jharm appear to be unconscious but alive."

Still unable to locate Cameron, Kalana gives up her efforts and approaches Sepher.

"Are you alright? Do you need healing? I can try to help."

As Soul Reaver approaches Natalya, he can see she's in bad shape. One of her legs is broken, and blue blood seeps out of her in more than a few places. Her face is barely recognizable. She stirs as Soul Reaver arrives at her position. For a split second, Soul Reaver can no longer detect her spiritual signal. Instead he can feel something... wrong. The feeling is overwhelming but vanishes as quickly as it came. Natalya opens her eyes, and there is a green glint in the left eye for a moment, but that too quickly fades.

"Master... Reaver. I'm sorry... I tried to come back..."

Natalya begins trying to stand, though it's obvious that she isn't going to be able to with her leg in that condition.
Title: Re: The Eye of Terror: The Labyrinthine Depths of Chaos (Part II)
Post by: Jharm on August 18, 2013, 10:17:09 PM
As the soulless hunk of chaos metal crashes to the ground the Seraphim gazes behind him and spots what initially appears to be a Grey Knight wielding a large gun, obviously the source of the blasts that enabled Jharm to finish his purifying attack.  The helmet raises up to reveal an old friend....none other then the long missing Cameron Aileron!

Ahh...Lord has been quite a while since I saw you last.  Where have you.....

A unbearablely painful screeching sound rips across the battlefield, cutting off the Seraphim's thoughts at the same time that he is sucked into the Warp. A hastily erected shield of white light is all that spares the angel from the vile and twisted Warp energies that attempt to besiege him.  As fast as it happened it is over as the angellic being exits the warp, falling a foot or so to the ground and while he maintains standing Jharm has to steady himself for a few seconds as everything seems to spin due to the sudden and unexpected warp travel.  He gazes around at his surroundings,  the sight horrifying and disgusting the holy being for it appears he was dropped into what could only be a Chaos "church".  A blood-soaked pulpit stands before him above what seems to be some profane symbol of Chaos as vile purple light bathes the area in a profane glow.  The pure and pervasive evil that the area radiates seems to affect the mighty angel as he grows unsteady, causing him to sit down in a pew just a few feet away.
    From behind him Jharm hears a few thuds and crashes as some of his companions appear to have joined him.  He senses Danyael, and Sepher...though he senses that the souls contained within Sepher react in a multitude of fashions to their current location, causing the Seraphim to grip his massive hammer in case they should manage to overpower their jailer before he recovers from the warp travel.  Jharm also senses the arrival of 3 of the elementals, Garr, Mary and Kalana.  The vital's scan that Kalana performs shows that the Seraphim is physically fine but reveals that the sudden and unexpected warp travel and arrival in such a heinous place affected him more then any physical bumps or bruises could, but after a minute it seems Jharm has cleared his mind and regained his mental defenses.  He then hears voices behind him.

"Everyone alive?"
"I'm here. Mary and Garr are awake as well. Danyael and Jharm appear to be unconscious but alive."

The Seraphim stands up, hoisting his hammer onto his shoulder and turns around, seeing Kalana move over towards Sepher.  He moves towards them, raising his available gauntleted fist in front of him as it begins to glow then he opens the hand as a pale glow of light washes over the companions, healing them slightly and helping to clear their minds.

"I am alright Lady Kalana though our recent travel and our current.....location....disturb me."

Title: Re: The Eye of Terror: The Labyrinthine Depths of Chaos (Part II)
Post by: Daccio on August 19, 2013, 01:05:19 AM
Pushing himself to his feet, Sepher dusts off his coat.

"I am okay. This place just has me a little on edge." As he looked to Kalana, she would see pain in his eyes. Not physical, but as of someone were remembering something particularly painful to them. He gave him self a mental shake.

"Alright" He said bringing his focus back to the present. He blinked as he was suddenly washed in a pale glow of light. He felt better, less fatigued, more clearheaded, but the daemons inside of him railed at the light, resuming their struggle once more to take his mind. He stubbornly shoved them into submission, he would not have that sort of thing happen here.

He turned to nod his thanks to the seraphim.

"Do you have any idea what location this is?" He asked Jharm.
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Sight.  At last, the senses were returning, though slowly.  Things steadily came into focus... a large, vicious figure - green, and armed to the teeth.  And another, perhaps a knight - his armor appeared impossibly heavy.  A massive man with grey flesh - covered in ritualistic tattoos.  Magical beings that pulsed with the powers of the elements...

"Location... unknown.  Immediate dangers... powerful beings.  Neutral at present."

After observing the argument between the massive troll-like creature and the heavily armored knight...

"Awareness of my presence... unlikely to provoke immediate attack."

Random flashes of thoughts and ideas crashed chaotically in the mind, faces, locations, names... all without context or feelings attached.  Soon, a few came to the forefront, and then fewer still... until: survival.

"Heart rate... zero.  Yet... life force intact."

The strange being stared at its hands through its now faintly glowing azure eyes.

"Absence of necromancy.  Deduction... transfer of life force to inanimate body."

It stood on its feet, and looked downward at its newly acquired being.  It was adorned with scraps of debris - various stones and even bits of metal - bandages, some ruined clothes, and a blue velvety robe with haggard-looking crow's feathers along the brims.   Its digits peered between the bandages around its gut to reveal a blue light that shined like the sun reflecting off of water.

"Power source identified.  Ritual requires time... hastily done.  Power necessary for survival.  Source..." the being looked to the millions of souls being tortured and electrified, "...abundant."

It rose, and casually walked past any in its path, emitting an effortless signal to the perceptions of those around him in a voice that was monotone, cold, and calm. "I sense..." the metal beneath his feet bent with a sudden unseen force, electric energy coursing through his being, " goals.  Survival."

Lightning arced in multiple directions, connecting with the machines through the enslaved souls bound to them... slowly, the core beneath his bandages grew brighter.  The thoughts from earlier became clearer and more vivid, though still nearly entirely unorganized and confused.

"Common names previously referred to... Sethir... Ferana... Benedict... Adriane... Olnir... Azurigal... Hassad..." The lightning stopped, seeming to have reached the amount of power needed to operate well from only a handful of connections.

"Elaboration of queries... names used to refer to personal being... Boy... Lad... Urchin... Bastard... Mage... Heretic... Necromancer... The Defiler..." his thoughts paused, "Deemed most significant:  Jorumn... Fargazer..."

The being turned to further gauge the situation, and further investigate the beings surrounding it.  However, something else came into its notice... a corpse, that wore bandages similar to its own, and in its hand: a familiar amulet. 
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His tolerance with the situation at hand had lasted several moments too many. And with the rising tide of hostiles, the Nephilim Lord felt no need to tolerate the onslaught any further. The massive maw in the ground rumbled first, then erupted in a full blown explosion, disgorging blasphemous energies so tainted their appearance borderlined on appearing more fleshly than energy – resonant in the cacophonous shrieks of Danyael's nightmarish hosts of the Gerasene.

Unending in its rise, the beastly energies raged and howled defiantly before gyrating into an anarchic whirlwind, extending countless, blackened tendrils that shredded up the battlefield in all directions. At its center, in some repulsive reenactment of the miracle of birth, hatched the form of Danyael, eyes now ablaze with a wrathful battle-lust. And with a scream echoing only power in place of a voice, he surged forward, cleaving up chunks of earth and chaos marine alike – all on a straight ahead path to the Chaos sorcerers. Unsheathing both the Yamato and a lance of warp-like energies, he was suddenly jerked from his position of power by an outside force all too familiar, yanking him into the void of the warp with the rest of the companions.

While this was familiar, that didn't make it safe. Whipping about in the storms of the warp, all senses, physical and beyond instantly went into survival mode as he searched for his friends amid the ethereal anarchy, looking for and finding two of the many: Kith and Kari. He reaches, not with hands but with his will for Kith first, then for Kari, his very essence (dare say, his soul) lunges for those he kept in his charge.

Wave after wave after relentless wave, tore the threads of his grip further and further away from his friend and even further from the elemental. And then the final throes lurched his grip into the void as he spun, body and soul, uncontrollably through the living hell he'd long desired to never revisit for the rest of his undying days. For the first time ever, he screamed after his friend and the elemental, sanity suddenly breaking all bonds as the memory of losing so many finally surfaced. First, Sera and Kawanua. Then Mary. And Yue. And now Kith and Kari. He had lost so much. Too much. And with the feral potency of the warp, the feeling of it was raised exponentially on too many levels. And finally, he screamed with the full force of his voice “I will find you!” unknown, uncaring, whether or not those dear to him would hear him. Kith. Mary. Kari. Soul, even.

Another wave crashed against him, followed by another and another, pulling away at his consciousness until it all went black and he tumbled mindlessly through the deluge. And then he hit solid ground. Hard. Clattering across two pews, he lay there lost in unconsciousness, newly oblivious as to how he got there.

Bereft of his senses, he slowly lifted himself up, his back and joints cracking and popping away the strain in the process. If anyone could catch the names of the cunts that coldcocked him this fucking hard, he'd have paid them with a planet. He heard voices; all familiar, but none happy. He felt four, no five, presences within reach. Then he felt more, only for the numbers to dwindle back down to one: the companion whose name he did not yet know. Narrowed, weary eyes looked to see the seraphim, then to the elementals, one of whom he was particularly familiar with. Mary? How the hell did she– he didn't care. She was here. Somehow she was here. But she was different. Then again, so was he. Thoughts went back to when they first parted, and thus resulting in his first time being lost in the warp. Past, present and future selves. Past, present and future horrors. Multiple miracles. Multiple nightmares. The memory of Mary was his only guiding light. And now. She was here. His eyes watched the radiance of her power gleam about her – a coruscating halo effect almost. He longed to say something. Anything. But what worth was that now? What use was a voice to him now? Still... he'd longed for her for so long. Still longs for her.

Silently, he lifted himself to his feet. He took a few steps, thought better of it and sat back down, his head hung low. It wasn't physical fatigue that haunted him – never a freak like him. It was once again the feeling of being lost in the warp, only to end up somewhere else. Another unfamiliar ceiling. It was hell, relived, all over again. Sepher wasn't the only one on edge, it seemed. Setting his feelings aside, he took stock of the room, his 'eyes' looking over the trailing residues of energies coating the room as Jharm's gift of healing assisted this new companion, though he felt another surge of energy from him, only to be repressed by him once again. In some ways, this man reminded Danyael of a younger version of himself. And thus, whatever struggle he was going through, Danyael respected it.

When hearing Sepher's inquiry to Jharm, he lifted his head to offer a possible answer - or at least a guess. "Four statues. Looks familiar." Upon examining the depictions, he saw... ew. Seriously. Ew. Gods that statue was a fatty. What was it supposed to be? Was that really...? The bloated form, sickly in form. The putrid appearance and leathery skin. And that eerily carved feature of what could be a jovial grin along its pestilent visage. He'd seen this image before during his time in the warp - heard what might have been its name only once. Nurgle. It sounded bitter, sick, to repeat on the tongue; and so he didn't speak it.

Though a foreigner in this universe, he was privy to a great many things during his first exile in the warp. "A place of worship, perhaps, to the Ruinous Powers. Considering we were just thrown through another--..." he stopped himself, mentally shivering at remembering it all over again, then shook it off just as quickly as it came, "From what little I've been told..." he thought on his words, unsure as to how he could reference his information aside from telling of his time lost in the warp in this universe, "The Dark Gods are in constant rivalry with one another; something referred to as the 'Great Game'. Only one god may achieve total domination. And considering the very element they're affiliated with" referencing Chaos all in itself, "such power cannot be shared." he got the the point quickly, "Considering that the Ruinous Powers were never recalled to get along with one another, we see all four here in the same room. Either we're still in the Eye, or we're somewhere a lot worse. That'd be my guess. Opinions?"

It was the most he'd spoken since his return. More than he'd care to partake in. Then again, however, he could always be wrong.
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Kitharsis watches as his jug of sand goes to work on the Defiler.  The Elementals and Cameron arrive, bolstering the ranks of the companions and push the combined attack on the remaining Defilers home.

But it seems their timing is quite the opposite of lucky.  The ear splitting sound of reality being torn is not a welcome one.  Kitharsis is violently drawn into the warp with little time to prepare.  He clutches at a bag hanging from his belt.  His fingers clasp the one relic that could save him from the relentless Warp energy just in time.  The Warp is thankfully kept at bay as a shield blinks into existence around him.

The landing is hard.  Dazed, he grunts a "Thank You," as Cameron helps him to his feet.  The lightning and water elementals are here too, it seems.

The spikes adorned with living beings impaled on them turns his stomach.  His eyes strain to see an end to the cavern, but to no avail.

Orks.  The larger one has an exchange with Cameron.  Kitharsis is particularly grumpy, and wears it quite clearly.

"I concede to Cameron's judgement."  He says, plainly.  "Although do not misstep, I have little patience for-"

"I sense... mutual goals.  Survival."

The voice does not hit his ears.  Kitharsis unsheathes his horseman's pick as the blue being wrapped in bandages arcs lighting towards the machines nearby.

Every tattoo on Kitharsis's body flares to life in a red glow.

"Identify yourself!"  He demands to the bandaged one.
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"Identify yourself!"

The being turned his head slowly toward the grey one, the glow in his eyes slowly crept from one corner of the eye to another, lost in thought.

"Query... difficult to answer.  Identity... relative.  However..."

It turned, and approached the nearby corpse.  The body was burned badly, but the scars were old.  There were no immediately visible wounds... how this man died was not immediately apparent, but could be easily surmised that he died due to his journey through The Warp.  He knelt down, and touched the amulet in his hand...

A flash of memories.  Thousands of them, and the emotions that came with them.  The being instantly withdrew his hand from it, startled.

"Identity... unknown.  Nomenclature... confirmed.  This man was Jorumn Fargazer; a direct match to my current perceptions." From a brief touch of the amulet, it appeared it could feel emotions clearly, if even for a moment.  "I... I am Jorumn Fargazer.  I..." he reached down, and brushed his fingers through the hair of the deceased body, pausing as he loses himself, "...died." the monotone shook for a moment in sorrow.

Jorumn clenched his fists, and stood suddenly.  He cast a spell on the amulet, encasing it in thick ice so that it could not be touched, and shoved it in his pocket.

"Sentiment... detrimental.  Priority: survival." He turned to the others, "What are your identifying nomenclatures?"
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As Soul Reaver crouches beside Natalya, her spiritual signature wavers for just a moment.  Soul Reaver's expression does not change, but his grip on Blooddrinker's eerily warm hilt tightens imperceptibly.

The feeling fades almost as fast as it came, Soul Reaver's grip loosens once more, and Natalya speaks from blue-bloodied lips.

"Master... Reaver. I'm sorry... I tried to come back..."

As she tries to stand, Soul Reaver places his free hand on her shoulder to make her sit back down.  Soul Reaver speaks in soft tones.

"Do not try to stand.  It was foolishness to bring you here, and foolishness of you to try and come back."

He assesses her injuries.

"You are seriously injured, and we never know if foes may be lurking nearby.  Unfortunately standard healing magics would be of little use to Daemons.  But I can probably improvise to fortify your own regenerative powers."

Soul Reaver reaches into his Infinity Pouch and pulls forth a familiar object - a small, silver coin bearing an unknown design.  He holds it up between himself and Natalya.  For a moment, a flood of memories wash over his mind, but he soon suppresses them.

"There was... another who wore one of these once.  But while you are with me here, I think you should have it."

Soul Reaver hands the coin to Natalya.  It glimmers with dormant magic.

"Place it on your forehead."
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"We are definitely still in the Eye."

Mary's voice echoes out from the front of the chamber. She turns away from where she was tending to Garr and looks back at the other companions. Her violet eyes glow brightly, almost dancing with the warp energy flowing through her. Unlike everyone else, she seemed to be invigorated by the brief trip through the warp. Being a warp elemental probably has something to do with that.

"I don't know our exact location, but I know we're underground. probably in the labyrinth."

Kalana nods in agreement.

"I had gathered as much myself. Do you have any idea where the others are?"

Mary shakes her head.

"Not anymore. I could feel them all in the Warp. Some of them have been removed from the Eye. Soul Reaver was pulled away, but is still in the Eye somewhere. Cameron, Karyl, Kari, and the one they call Kitharsis were all grouped together. They are together still, but I lost their location when we exited the Warp."

Kalana looks relieved.

"At least they're together. We'll find them. I just hope Master Reaver is okay on his own."

Mary does not look concerned.

"I can tell you with absolute certainty that he'll be fine."

Mary turns and locks eyes with Danyael. A ghost of a smile crosses her face.

'Danyael. It's been a few years since I saw you last. How have you been?"

Cameron is just as alarmed as Kitharsis at the sudden mental message from a figure that up until then he had failed to detect. He draws his own weapons as Kitharsis challenges the newcomer. He is not thrilled about Jorumn charging himself up using the tortured souls in the chamber, but listens to what he has to say anyway. As he finishes, Cameron lowers his weapons again. He takes special note in the magic that Jorumn used to freeze his amulet. Since Jorumn is speaking telepathically, Cameron replies in kind, making sure that everyone else on the platform can hear his thoughts as well.

"Hello, Jorumn. I am Cameron Aileron. Chapter Master of the Grey Knights Space Marine chapter. I am sorry for your apparent death in the warp, but glad that you managed to survive in some capacity."

Cameron glances down at the apparent corpse of the original Jorumn before continuing.

You are trapped in the Eye of Terror. A massive Warp tumor that the forces of Chaos call home. We are fighting against them. It seems you are proficient in some form of magic. If you help us, I will do what I can to get you back to your home, wherever that may be."

Natalya looks almost confused as Soul Reaver offers the coin. She hesitantly reaches up and takes it, but does not put it to her forehead just yet. She stares at it for a moment before looking back into Soul Reaver's eyes.

"There are enemies nearby. My brothers... they tracked me here. They did this to me. I managed to escape. They're in a warehouse at the end of this bridge. I don't know if they have discovered that I am gone yet..."

Tears form in Natalya's eyes. She closes her fist around the coin and makes to try and stand again.

'We have... to stop them. Please... help me."
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So they were still within the world – a world, would be a more appropriate theory. He felt the chill moan of the world's vibrations, calling out in wave after wave of pleasure and pain all at once. But to which of the Dark Gods was this world affiliated? Which elements? And then he heard Kalana mention the word 'Labyrinth'. Curious. Perhaps it wasn't a world after all. Or perhaps it was something more. If that be the case, then what was this connection he felt? It was as clear and as real as any other connection he'd felt to any other world he was connected to. 

He let his face be seen through a dim curtain of light where his 'blind eyes' could be seen for the first time. The feeling of traveling the warp didn't physically unnerve him so much as it did in a different sense. It was a reminder – a distraction – of his foolishness. But his foolishness had inadvertently become his fortune. Now, with eyes transformed, did he see in even deeper clarity in exchange for perceiving the corporeal world. He could see the truth of reality, unveiled. And when he saw Mary, did he see the beautiful woman he'd fallen for so long ago. An innocent boy's crush to her, perhaps. Perhaps not. All the same, to him, he saw a kindred spirit in her. And after having lost too many friends so rapidly, it was a much cherished reprieve to see a face he'd longed to see for unacceptably too long.

Upon looking at him in the dimness of the lights, she could see he was, in some eerie way... different. Older. Darker. No longer the child-king she'd met so long ago. Now, for better or worse, he was someone else. Something else. He was clearly taller than before, and when seen from the light, one could still depict the body length tattoo of the 'Tree' – and all of its ominous subtext – spreading throughout his form. A flick of will and the second half of his encounter-suit materialized in sparks of ember, solidifying and seizing hold, effectively fitting his new form. His signature black, gold and red imperial jacket was next, followed by a set of fingerless sleek gloves. To finish the ensemble came his white scarf, materializing, like all the others, out of nothing. Another blink of will brought his everworld cloak to his grip from the ether and it flowed, hood and all, organically around him.

And then he heard his name in Mary's voice. If it made him smile, he didn't show it. He didn't smile much anymore. But somewhere deep inside, it did make him smile. In the past, they were, in some curious form, compatible with one another. And thus, the magnetism between the two was indicative of their power. And then, though unseen, what might have been his smile... now faded.

He turned to look at her with eyes she'd never seen before – a gift of being lost in time within the warp. 
He had no way of answering her question, however. How had he been? Let her look at him and see the answer for herself. Politeness notwithstanding, he felt a proper response was wisest. He did not speak this time with words, but with thoughts. A slew of feelings and images rushed gently across her mind with terrifying accuracy, forming together to present the message I've been busy. Seen too much. the second half of the statement was embodied in the thoughts of every past, present and future he'd crossed through in the warp; even a glimmer of how he came to know of the Chaos Gods. He thought of covering his face with his hood, to let it once again be hidden away in dimness and thus to return to that temporary solace it provided. That wouldn't be necessary. Not yet.

He thought of embracing her, of never letting go. But another surge of pain from this 'world' bade him keep his distance. Though his healing factor kept the pain at bay, it still simultaneously existed in tandem. As there was an ever so slight relation to his power and Mary's, it was quite possible she might feel the pain through him. But then again, it was only a possibility. All the same, he didn't want to hurt her. Perish the thought – and on the reunion of all fucking occasions. He wanted to say more, but how much is too much? What if whatever else it was that he was feeling from their new surroundings could influence him somehow? Control his words. His thoughts. His very actions. Best she ask and he answer. Safer that way.
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Mary closes her eyes as she receives the mental images from Danyael. It had been obvious to her before she had even said anything to him that he had been touched by the Warp, but this... she takes a moment to try and make sense of what she is seeing. For as long as it has been since she's seen him, it appeared that a much longer period of time had passed since he had seen her. A side effect of Warp exposure that Mary is very familiar with.

Mary and the other elementals lack the telepathic abilities possessed by Cameron. Those were unlocked by his bond with Kalana, and are not something that the elemental race naturally possess. Mary initially has no way to respond, but her bond with the sentient sword Morthoseth sheathed at her side provides the answer. The swords DO have telepathic abilities, and it is through her blade that Danyael receives his response.

Danyael receives a slew of images in return. Mary crammed inside of a small space craft. Cameron piloting. The fear of flying directly toward the Eye of Terror. Danyael can feel the energy pushed forth by Mary to rip a hole in the warp storms to allow the Imperial fleet behind them passage. A hard impact. Cameron ripping the craft open to get to her. The terrifying feeling of being overwhelmed with power and unable to control it. Anger as Cameron sedates her. A brief glimpse, as she falls unconscious, of a terrifying enemy attacking Cameron. Waking up on another ship. Greeted by... herself? Frustration as she is told that she has to wait in the ship until the battle is over, while this more powerful version of herself fights in her place. Worry and impatience as she waits for hours. Sudden elation as the companions return to the ship, turning to worry as she sees the state of Cameron. His eyes are missing. What happened to his eyes? Something else, someone is missing. an image of Kalana flashes for just a second and is gone just as quickly.

The next few images are jumbled and confusing and Danyael can't make much of them. The next clear image is one of the Eye of Terror, viewed from the bridge of the ship Mary is on. It is shrinking quickly. A small ship disappears into the swirling maelstrom before it vanishes completely. Mary talking to her more powerful self, receiving a list of instructions. The more powerful version departs through a warp gate.

Then the images become jumbled and confusing again. They pick up after a number of years have passed. Mary looking in a mirror. The more powerful version of herself stares back. She IS that person now. She readies her weapons. Opens a warp gate. Appears in the Eye. Cameron is fighting a horrible abomination. He is losing. Badly. Mary seeing herself laying unconscious nearby. Pulling herself into a warp gate. On the deck of the Starblade, waiting for herself to wake up. Telling herself to stay there until the battle is over. Back through the warp. Rescuing Cameron while yet ANOTHER version of herself engages the abomination he was fighting. Bringing Cameron back to the Starblade. Waiting for him to resupply. Another trip through the warp. Arriving at the battle with the Defilers. Then, another trip, this one unbidden. And then, an image of Danyael, seen through Mary's eyes. Present time. The images stop. On the tail end of this transmission, a thought. You aren't the only one who has changed since we last met. And then an image, of Mary during a happier time, smiling. That too, fades quickly.

Mary opens her eyes and looks at Danyael. Garr has looked up as well. He didn't see the contents of the transmission, but the feeling that something was being sent through Morthoseth had awoken his own blade, Molotoch. He could also feel the other blades awaking as well, and his eyes widened.

"Mary... the others. I can feel them. They are not close, but they are here."

On the platform in the infernal battery, all three elementals suddenly react as their blades awaken. Cameron feels Valermos stirring. Kari almost reflexively draws Luciandar in surprise. Karyl strums a chord out of key as Cinthorc breaks his concentration. He is the first to speak.

"Cameron, dude! Did you feel that?"

Cameron turns to Karyl.

"Yes. It's the others. They're here underground with us. Mary and Garr. They're both together. My psychic powers still can't find Kalana. Guess the link between the swords is stronger than ours..."

Cameron trails off, looking concerned.

On the deck of the Starblade, another person has felt their sword awaken. Mary feels the disorienting feeling of there being two instances of her blade at the same time. She can feel all the other blades awakening, but unlike the others, she can see everything that has been transferred through the other Mary's blade and into Danyael's mind. The image of Danyael stays in her mind as she focuses on it. For the first time in hours, a ghost of a smile flickers across her face.

I'm glad he's okay. I wish I was there  with him. But then again, I guess I AM there with him.

Mary shakes her head in frustration and speaks aloud to the empty bridge.

"I hate time travel."
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Natalya explains her predicament to Soul Reaver.

"There are enemies nearby. My brothers... they tracked me here. They did this to me. I managed to escape. They're in a warehouse at the end of this bridge. I don't know if they have discovered that I am gone yet..."

Soul Reaver's face stays unreadable as tears form in Natalya's eyes.

"We have... to stop them. Please... help me."

Soul Reaver glances in the direction toward the end of the bridge, his eyes narrowing.

"Those Daemons will be held to account, I assure you.  But first we must get you back on your feet."

Soul Reaver looks back at the injured Natalya, gesturing toward the hand in which she grips his silver coin.

"M'lady Natalya, if you can say that you trust me, that you are my ward, then please wear the coin.  It is more than a symbol.  For one, it will form a bond between us, so you can speak to me and I can speak to you even across great distances, so we need not lose each other."

A flicker of energy starts to suffuse Soul Reaver's hand.

"And more importantly right now, it will help me better channel my own magics to best heal your injuries."
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Jharm turns towards Sepher and is about to answer his question when from off to the side Danyael responds.  He listens while Danyael points how how the Chaos Gods are all displayed in this building, something that ordinarily would not occur.  Mary then informs them that they are in fact still in the Eye of Terror and that the rest of the companions are safe and (for the most part) are together.  He then watches as Mary turns to Danyael and speaks to him and then it seems like something passes between them  Suddenly Garr seems startled slightly.

"Mary... the others. I can feel them. They are not close, but they are here."

At this point the Seraphim chimes in.

"We must work to find them then.  What is this labyrinth you speak of Mary?"
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His eyes narrowed, trying to pick apart fact from fiction, only to realize that it all was indeed fact. This wasn't the only Mary. But there was something amiss. Something additional. She was... seasoned – stronger. He couldn't shake the sensation of the identical power. A sword. Her sword. And then he recalled the concept of time within the warp. Past, Present and Future collided and shattered, reforming and rebirthing, while maintaining a vibrant contiuum of ever fluxing infinity. If he could accomplish all he had, attain such powers as he now possessed, then why couldn't the very Elemental to whom the power of the warp was affiliated? This Mary before him, somehow, was from the future -  no other explanation. And the Mary of the present was simultaneously here somewhere. Clearly safe, considering the circumstances of the Mary before him.  He recalled the ship. The Ship! She was still on the ship!

Images flashed to another place amid the memories where Cameron was engaged with an unknown enemy – or perhaps not so unknown under these circumstances, being seen as recollections by Mary herself. And thus did he see a third Mary. A third. Not like his 'echoes' that ruled the Imperium Sanctus in his stead. No, these were, by his own estimates, alternate versions of the same woman. They were, in fact, the same woman – of differing timelines? Indeed, too much has happened to the both of them during their time apart. But he held the softer memory the closest.

He allowed himself a mental sigh, what with all of the complexities these matters entailed, and admitted to himself, ...I hate time travel

Then came the image of Mary in more placid times. Perhaps a future? Or maybe even a wish? With so much to organize into a single, cohesive vision, he could not tell if it was a portent or a desire that he saw. But in the case between he and she, he had preferred for both.  His soul reached out for this vision, as if it were his own, and then something suddenly snapped him from his trance, bringing him back to the present as if he'd never lost a beat of time.

The sudden influx of outside energies spiked his senses. It took only a blink to link the origins together: all three sources connected somehow but uniquely separate from each other. Spirits? Entities? Sentience? Weapons. Weapons! The swords! He recalled all he'd learned about the swords and their unique nature. Not unlike Danyael's link with the Wellspring, the best way he could describe them in his own, guestimating definition is that they acted as a hive mind of sorts. Their connection with each other allowed them a means of communication and, ultimately, superior tactics. But while there were three here, there were six elementals. Well, technically seven, but that number was, currently, a moot point. Though it didn't appear as such on the surface, his senses went into overdrive, through the very vibrations of this new realm they were on, synching his power with the very auras of the swords, much like a hound would seek out their quarry. No easy task. But he received only confusion... at first... then something else. Was it them? He couldn't be sure. Not yet. But he knew there was something else, now. Several somethings.

He then heard Garr's sudden realization that they were all, in fact, in the same place as them – though separated by what might have been great distances, confirming Danyael's theory. He could not feel the presences of the other swords with the same accuracy as the elementals. But he felt... something.

He locked eyes with her one more time, allowing her to look into the beautiful, yet chilling, mutations they had become. And then, finally, he lifted his hood over his head, veiling the upper half of his face in dimness, allowing for for his platinum, cruciform pupils to glow eerily in the shadow. Taking advantage of the gift of the swords, he softly poured a breeze of images and emotions, all softly dancing about the ether, collecting into a single message, better yet a statement. I failed you. Never again. How could he have been so selfish as to leave the woman of his life behind out of jealousy? True, his actions led to him aging into the power he had now. But it came at too high a cost. Perhaps Mary will allow him a chance at redeeming himself. Perhaps she'll accept him again.

Upon hearing Jharm's intercession, he too was curious as to what this place was? And why did it have such an effect on him as it did. Perhaps Mary felt it, too. Why wouldn't she? Neither she nor he could deny that feelings aside, their similar powers allowed them an exclusive closeness with one another. But what mattered more to him was that she was here now, in some way of saying so. And he would see to it that he wouldn't lose her again. He knew she knew this. And perhaps the feeling was reciprocal.

He was about to ask with his real voice, but was cut short when Jharm addressed Mary. His lips closed softly, tightening for an instant before straightening out. Manners bade him to use his voice more now, in spite of his preference to reserve himself to silence and listening. “Agreed, m'lord.” he nodded to Jharm, then turned to the elementals, now all business. “First step would be to seek an exit, yes?”
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Gulgrim seemed to be quietly observing the conversation. Whether he understood what they were saying or not was a mystery only the Ork could answer, but eventually he got tired of listening. Especially since they weren't always talking. Sometimes they were just....Thinking things, and the Ork could hear them. He didn't like hearing voices. Least not voices that weren't the usual bloodlust and whispers of Gork and Mork.

"Argh, Enough o' dis talkin'!" The Ork says, stomping his foot impatiently. "When we'z gonna move out? I gots me an urge ta shoot sometin'. 'nfact, I'm gonna go join me boyz an' shut dese screamin' 'Umies up whilst you boyz're flappin' yer gums. I'z Warboss Gulgrim Bonecruncha, an' I don't take kindly ta too much talk without a bit o' fightin'! Wes'd best get movin' soon. S'already bad enough, the people I can shoot can't even fight back propa'."

With that, the Ork Warboss stormed over to where his boyz were waiting for him. Looking down into the nest of batteries below, he opened fire with his twin kustom shootas. Somehow the noise from those two guns managed to drown out even the gunfire of his other shoota boyz. However, despite his griping, the Warboss's dour expression shifted into a grin. Clearly he was at least enjoying himself with his target practice.
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"Yes... okay... the coin..."

Natalya sticks the coin to her forehead. The moment she does so, Soul Reaver is hit with that same wave of wrongness that he felt earlier. At the same time, he can briefly detect another spiritual signature, this one extremely powerful, behind him. But both once again fade quickly, and he is left looking at Natalya, who seems normal once again. With the coin secured on her forehead, she once again attempts to stand.

'Please... we must hurry..."

Danyael receives a single message from Mary before she turns her attention back to her surroundings.

You're here now. That's what matters.

Kalana answers Jharm in Mary's stead.

"The Labyrinth of Chaos. It's the building we were trying to get into when we were fighting at the Gate. I sincerely doubt those sorcerers were doing us a favor by shortcutting us down here. They're counting on us getting lost."

Kalana is looking around the room for an exit. She spots a partially concealed door in the back.

"That's our way out. We have to be really careful when we start moving. All reports we've gotten on this place tell us that the rooms change once you leave them."

Kalana steps to the door, checking ammo in her rifle as she does so. Mary helps Garr to his feet and they move to join her. Mary looks at the rest of the companions.

"Are we ready to move?"

Cameron is snapped out of his worrying thoughts by Gulgrim's impatience.

"You're right. Standing around here is doing us absolutely no good. Karyl, Kari, any signs of an exit?"

Karyl is already making his way towards a spot where the platform seems to jut out an extra 6 meters.

"Elevator, boss. Right here."

Cameron nods.

"Good. Kari, are you alright?"

Kari finally turns away from the railing. The worried look on her face quickly transitions into a determined one as she grips her staff tighter.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Ready to move."

Cameron nods again, and his helmet drops back down over his face with an audible clunk.

"Alright, everyone. let's move to that elevator. Time to push through. We need to stay together. This place is going to try and get us lost."
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Upon receiving her message, Danyael softly nods his appreciation. Time to go. The yamato was not but some yards away, but with a thought, it darted right to his grip, spinning it single-handedly back at his side. As Kalana checked her ammo and Garr was helped to his feet, Danyael's thoughts lingered on the possibility that there was not two but three Mary's. Wherever they were, they had to be alright, provided the circumstances.

So the rooms change when they're vacant? He, like all the others, to be sure, would then use additional caution. Thoughts, and concerns, lingered on the rest of the companions; the ones lost to them. Kitharsis was a survivor, to be sure. All the same, he worried for his friend, still. The water elemental, Kari, was also in his thoughts. When last he'd left her, she wasn't exactly in her prime. Soul Reaver was a force to be reckoned with. But there was no way of knowing where he was, or if he survived, in spite of his immortality. That being said, he still had the highest faith in the warrior, in spite of their shaky past.

When asked if he was ready to move, he lightly nodded, then turned his attentions to the direction where Kalana was now looking. Was that a door? Had to be. Why else would she focus there? He silently, albeit respectfully, addressed Jharm and Sepher with another nod, prepping for the coming move. His time in the warp was enlightening. Eye opening, excusing the pun. But this place – this place was a dangerous mystery. “Best we all stay close, lest we lose ourselves again. No further distance than necessary.”
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"Wot'z dat?" The Ork says, ceasing his shooting for a moment to look over at the Elevator.

"S'about time. Alright boyz, let's get goin'. Looks like plenty o' room fer us an' even dem boyz we'z workin' with." Gulgrim strode over to the elevator platform and waved over his boyz, who rushed it like a pack of howling monkeys, eager to get to a fight. Even if the Elevator was too small, even for Gulgrim's group alone, somehow they would compact themselves to allow enough room for the others to enter and not be cramped.

Somehow. Most likely only because Gulgrim thought there was indeed enough room. Or perhaps there was really enough room. Either way, Gulgrim stood in front of his boyz, towering out of the group and waiting, looking at the others with a gleam in his one remaining eye, the cybork replacement over his other eye glowing fiercely.

"Come on' den. S'time ta get ta Krushin'. We'z got spikey boyz ta kill. Oh and do try ta stay clear o' me boyz' guns. Dey may not intentionally shoot ya, but dey ain't exactly crackshots, if ya get my meanin'. Don't you worry about me though. I'll be right up in da front lines! If'n ye're in front o' me gun, dere's sometin' wrong goin on!"

While he was waiting he got to work on the mechanical third arm on his shoulder, replacing its power klaw with a gripped hand and placing his second shoota in its vice. His right hand now free, he drew the massive, brutal looking cutlass he kept on his belt. The weapon was easily the size of Gulgrim's arm. And considering the Ork's size, that was quite a weapon. it crackled and spat with green energy, Gulgrim's psychic field and his expectation of combat turning the blade into an Orky Power Sword. Or maybe a force sword, since the weapon was fueled by his psychic abilities. The Ork didn't care. He just knew it cut through his enemies good and propa'.
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The bandaged individual seems very aloof.  The fact that an identical corpse sits close by him is a tad concerning.  The glow from Kitharsis's tattoos does not waver as the man inspects the body.

Jorumn Fargazer, he identifies himself as.  And apparently he was dead, or one of him was.  Jorumn seems to have no intent towards harming anyone at the moment.  He turns back to everyone and rather verbosely asks them their names.

The two newcomers are odd beings.  But after the things Kitharsis has seen they are not so far out from his relative 'normal.'  The Tirthandara finally calms down, his tattoos returning to their unlit black color.

"I am Kitharsis."  He responds.

Gulgrim becomes impatient and joins his 'boyz' in firing upon the tortured bodies.  Kitharsis shakes his head and looks to the elevator that Karyl has found.

Gulgrim and his boyz rush past onto the elevator excitedly.  Kitharsis looks from Gulgrim back to Jorumn.  Hopefully these two know how to handle themselves.  The Eye has proven to be nothing short of relentless.

Kitharsis sheathes his horseman's pick and makes his way over to the elevator. 

"Whatever comes next, be prepared."  He says in warning.  "This place is one of the foulest and most dangerous I have been to.  You would do well to be cautious."
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The Seraphim hoists his hammer off his shoulder shifting his right hand on the handle so that he is now holding it at about the halfway point and strides towards the door, his heavy, plated strides echoing through the abysmal chapel slightly. One can almost sense a feeling of...anxiousness from the angel at the idea of finally leaving such a despicable mockery.

"I am ready, let us begone from this vile and profane site with all haste."

Jharm glances around the building one last time, wishing nothing more then to blast and expunge the filth and evil away, but without knowing what such an action may draw in the Eye he feels it is not something he would safely be able to pursue without potentially endangering his companions.
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Kitharsis, Gulgrim, Cameron, Karyl, Kari... the names were now safely stowed away in his memory as allies.  They quickly put together a plan, and made their way to an elevator.  He would follow shortly, but there was one thing that might help them as they continue forward...

Jorumn remained over his dead body for a moment, raising a hand over it... at first glance, one might assume he may still be in mourning, but after a moment or two... it began to move.  Its hands clutched the floor, and slowly pushed itself upward... finally on its feet, its head rose, grinning wickedly as blue light illuminated the veins within, visible only through the cracks of the bandages.

"Necromancy... deemed necessary.  Mind of previous body... unable to salvage.  Spells... intact."

Truly this being was one of practicality, lacking morals, disgust, or shame in any form.

Jorumn and his corpse made their way to the elevator. "Proceed."
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Cameron waits until everyone else has boarded the platform. He is surprised to see that Gulgrim and all of his orks were able to fit into such a small space and still leave room for everyone else. Were there less of them then there were last time he looked? He wasn't keeping a real close eye on the count. No matter. The one who calls himself Jorumn is the last to board, along with what is apparently a puppet made out of his own corpse. Cameron has long stopped being surprised by things like this and boards the platform behind them. He sees Karyl reaching for his guitar and puts up a hand.

"Karyl, if you make an "Elevator music" joke, I swear I will end you."

Karyl looks disappointed. Cameron presses a button inside the door and the platform begins to descend. It takes a long time to descend, and Cameron finds himself thinking about something the big ork had said a few minutes prior.

"Gulgrim, is it? You said you got out of this place once before. You've been in the Eye before today?"

After a few minutes, the platform reaches the floor and descends through a hole. The sounds of the tortured screaming souls above is mercifully cut off as darkness falls across the companions.

There is a brief moment where it feels like the platform has stopped moving. Then the companions suddenly find themselves ascending through another hole in the floor into what appears to be a massive warehouse. Cameron looks around. Rows and rows of empty suits of Chaos Power armor surround them, stretching as far as the eye can see in every direction. The vast chamber is completely silent, and every slight noise the companions make echoes loudly in the vast space.

Kalana reaches the doors with the rest of the companions behind her. She tries to force them open but finds them stuck. Mary steps forward to help, and the two finally manage to wrench the doors open with an audible screech of metal on stone.

Stepping outside, the bounty hunter turned officer and the Warp elemental find themselves in what appears to be a darkened shopping mall. Garr steps out behind them. A look of confusion crosses his face.

"Why would this be here?"

Kalana glances around nervously. The stores are all shuttered, and she can't make out any of the names on the darkened signs. Dead-eyed mannequins stare out from barred windows. The entire place has a smell to it, like old food and bile.

"I don't know. I don't like this. Let's look around for a way out, but stay together and be careful."
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"Huh?" The Ork says, turning his head as Cameron begins to address him.

"Oh. Aye. I'z been through here yi'z ken say. I'z led a WAAAGH! Tru da Eye before. I wanted ta see if I could find Gork n' Mork in da Eye, an' so I looked. An den I found dem! An' dey made me da best Ork dere is. I'z got da know-wotz an' skillz o' all da orkz wot exist an' more. Ain't nuffin' greener dan me but Gork an' Mork demselves."

The ork gave himself a confident thump on the chest to assert his authority, and then the place they were in opened up into a big warehouse.

"Oi! Dem spikey boyz left dere kit 'ere! Get ta lootin' boyz!" The Ork said after realizing all the armor around them was empty. His boyz frantically went to scrambling, rushing around trying to grab as much of the Chaos Marines' armor as they could carry, and then some in their mad quest to loot anything that looked good. It seemed like there were more Orks than before. There certainly weren't that many Lootas before, were there? Hard to recall that many Deffguns walking about. But nonetheless, they were here now, and they were frantically attempting to loot the entirety of this warehouse, completely ignoring the fact that there might be potential dangers or traps laid amidst the armor.

"Now we'z either got a fight on our 'ands, or a good bit o' lootin'. Let'z see what dey'z got fer us!" The Warboss said, watching his boyz gleefully attempt to loot, holding his shoota and choppa ready.
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The Seraphim follows behind the elementals and enters an area almost more alien to him then the area they just left.  Before him is what appears to be some kind of bazaar thats either closed or abandoned.  He is accosted by a smell that reminds him of crusty food and what could only be old vomit.  Jharm gazes around, noticing humanoid forms behind bars that seem to gaze into nothingness and storefronts secured behind steel paneling.

"What is this place?  Why would this be in such a place as the Labyrinth?"

Noticing signs above most of the stores but that the darkness impedes being able to decipher any of them, the angellic being steps past the elementals but stops about a foot away from them.  He raises his left hand in front of him, the palm pointing outwards.  A cone of light flares out of his palm, illuminating the area of front of as he turns slightly, aiming the light towards a few of the stores.  The light illuminated the mannequins slightly, almost giving them a ghostly appearance.  Feeling that their surroundings...the many lifeless forms...the enveloping darkness....and the lack of any kind of "welcoming party" so far leaves the Seraphim on edge.  Suddenly the beam of light seems to pull back and form into a sphere and floats above Jharm's head, and begins to emit a cone of light forward again, the light stopping before it passes behind the angel so as to prevent impeding his companions eyesight as well as prevent revealing their full numbers to any lurking eyes that may be hiding amongst the displays.  With his hand free again, Jharm hoists his hammer with both hands and gazes around cautiously.  In a hushed tone he speaks over his shoulder to his companions behind him.

"I do not like this....this place is too strange...too random.  Not to mention...we get split up and teleported to different areas and as of welcoming party?  I do not like this at all......"

He looks forward again, panning his eyes across the scene in front of him, the glowing orbs that serve as his eyesight thinning slightly as he strains slightly, gazing into the darkness in an attempt to spot any kind of ambush or sneak attack, his massive hammer held in front of him.
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Soul Reaver nods very slightly as Natalya attaches the coin to her forehead, where it seems to stay of its own accord.

As a connection forms with the coin, a gut-wrenching feeling washes over Soul Reaver again, and he feels the presence of something nearby.  And once more, the feeling is gone.  Whatever it might have been is not visible anywhere nearby, and there were other pressing matters to attend to.

"Please... we must hurry..."

She tries to stand again, but Soul Reaver shakes his head and beckons for her to remain still for now.  His eyes narrow as a swirl of dark, smoky energy coruscates around his gauntlet.  The sickly heat of Daemonic mana drips like freshly-spilled blood over his hand as he shapes the power before him, before gently touching the coin on Natalya's forehead.

New energy floods into Natalya's body.  As it does so, Soul Reaver seems to weave and twist its threads, directing them to where they are most needed, focusing them on the worst wounds, accelerating Natalya's natural - or perhaps unnatural - healing.  Ice crystals spread across the ground around her as Soul Reaver goes about his work.

A few seconds pass, and Soul Reaver is done.  While still bloodstained and bruised, Natalya's body should be healed enough to allow her to move and fight largely unimpeded.  Soul Reaver rises and extends his hand.

"Now we proceed to battle.  Stay close and try to avoid hand to hand combat."

His grip on Blooddrinker visibly tightens as his lips pull back in an unwholesome sneer.

"Leave that to me."

Soul Reaver starts to run toward the far end of the bridge, slowing himself just enough that Natalya can match his pace.  Already, he starts murmuring arcane words for a protective enchantment.
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A small smile touches Kitharsis's lips from Cameron's elevator music comment.

In fact, some music might have been helpful.  At least it could have drowned out the screaming.  The long elevator ride pitches into darkness as it transitions between floors.

Kitharsis's fists clench at first sight of the multitudes of Chaos Power Armor uniformly laid out before him.  This warehouse of sorts is just as vast as the cavern of souls above them.

Wary, Kitharsis steps off of the elevator and scans the horizon.  The smaller Orks were making quite a mess of things.  They are making so much noise that it will be difficult to hear anything sneaking up on them.

"So many of them.  I do hope that they stay inactive.  Gulgrim may have a good idea.  It may be worthwhile to destroy as many as we can while we're here?"  He furrows his brow, "There are just so many of them."
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Sepher listens to the others talking, taking in what they were saying and passing it by what he felt and the souls within him felt. He was uneasy, that was natural. What was NOT natural, at least for him was the roiling souls inside of him. They seemed so restless now. He was unsure of how to take this sensation, but rather than let the new feeling make his situation worse, he took the moment to solidify his control over them. There would be no... accidents here. Not as long as he could help it.

Reaching into his coat sleeve, he slid 3 crimson silver throwing knives from his bracer, keeping them ready in his left hand. In his right, he pulled out what appeared to be a 6 inch rod, long enough to be a weaponhilt, and left it rest in his right hand. He sighed and follow the rest as they moved to the doors.

As they were opened, he stepped out with the others, taking everything in. This was rather odd, he had not expected anything like this here. But then, why was he expecting anything in particular? It was a place of chaos, there might be anything here. His eyes slid across the mannequens. He had to supress a shudder, he felt as if they were watching him. Sepher let his senses flow out, feeling where strong sources of metal were. Beams, bars, it did not matter. He wanted to know what was where in case it came to a fight.

He looked over to jharm as he spoke. "Something feels wrong, even for this place" he said, nodding his agreement to jharms words.
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Jorumn's voice rung in the heads of his newfound allies. "Designation: Kitharsis, Gulgrim... logic, prudent.  Small effort... deemed worth destroying possible threat."

Massive circles with various arcane incantations on them emitted from the construct's feet, and his undead puppet's as well - who chuckled with glee as the blue light common in both of them shined brightly from the ground.  It seemed they were casting some kind of ritual, and though they were uncertain of its effects, they did not seem immediate.  Whatever the two bodies intended to though... it was going to be incredibly powerful.

The air grew cold, and the breath of organic beings began to puff visible plumes of vapor...

"Worry not.  Present allies... useful... will be spared."

Taking note of the metallic nature of the suits before them, Jorumn had deduced that the best way to ensure they stay immobilized would be to freeze them in entirety.  Metal in his world was extremely susceptible to temperature, and he hoped here, it would be the same...

The first step to all things, after all, is experimentation.
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Danyael stepped through with the others, confusion instead of caution pinching his senses. Of what little he knew of the Labyrinth, nothing more... mundane... came to mind than this. The acrid smells of decay, however, gave a different insight to the environ altogether. Everything was closed or walled up while there wasn't a single soul in sight. Not even a straggler or vagabond. His grip on the yamato remained as still as ever, though his interior senses kept his sights darting in all directions at once. For all he knew, from what the companions had all gone through, perhaps even the very shadows themselves would leap against them.

When listening to Jharm, he could only surmise it was a mixed blend of caution and humor that the seraphim was evoking. Who in their right mind would want a welcoming party in this gods forsaken place? No pun intended. “Best keep all sense on a wide scale.” the nephilim lord advised, heading up the rear of the group, clearing his cloak for his sword arm. He took stock of their ranks: there were six of them, three elementals, one seraphim, one anomalous warrior of incredible power and the nephilim lord himself. They needed to establish an all around/perimeter defense. “Best we form a mobile perimeter defense. Three upfront. Three behind. Maintain motion.” his strategy was random. But he didn't hear anyone else offer up any tactical stratagem. Wherever they were, they needed to be prepped for whatever might be around the next corner. Or whatever might want to leap out at them.
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Cameron and the elementals watch in amusement as Gulgrim's boyz rip into the empty power armor suits. The suits aren't protected or bolted down in any way and the boyz come away with shoulder pads, chunks of armor, and bolters. Cameron turns to Kitharsis as he speaks.

"I don't know. This place seems endless. It might make more sense to look for an exit than to waste a bunch of time destroying these things."

Cameron hears Jorumn's message ring through his mind and feels powerful magic building near him. He turns to look at the undead sorcerer and his puppet. As the cold air radiates outward, an aura of heat flares up around Cameron reflexively. Karyl shivers a bit as the cold air washes over him. Kari seems to relax as she feels the icy power forming, and begins a similar gathering of power as ice and water surround her staff. Her eyes glow a bluish green color, the color of a vast ocean. Her breath fogs as she speaks.

"I think between his magic and my elemental power, we can probably-"

Kari is cut off as all hell suddenly breaks loose. One of the boyz attempts to rip a bolter out of the hands of some power armor only to be ripped apart by shells as the gun fires. All around the chamber, marines that were hidden amongst the empty suits spring to life and open fire, ripping apart the boyz that were doing the looting. They quickly run out of green targets and turn their attention to the companions. Cameron draws his swords and moves to cover Kari while Karyl unslings his guitar. The rest of the companions will have to move quickly to repel this attack.

Kalana, Mary, and Garr stay near the door as the rest of the companions move forward. Kalana scans the area but cannot detect any life signs. Mary draws her two handed sword from her back and falls into a defensive stance. Garr is merely content to stand and watch, but anyone paying close attention can see his muscles tighten ever so subtly as he prepares to spring forward at a moment's notice.

The three continue to look about the area as Jharm provides a light source. Kalana responds to his and Sepher's assessment of the situation.

"This is very obviously a trap. No one would willingly shop here. It's only here to disorient us and make us jumpy."

Mary's ears perk up as Danyael mentions tactics. His ideas are sound, and she grins despite her nerves.

"I knew I liked you for more than your looks. I agree with your idea. Let's move everyone into a-"

Mary is cut off by an ear piercing screech that seems to come from all directions. Lights burst on. Signs light up. 5 different elevator music jingles begin blaring simultaneously in a disorienting jangle of off key melody. Gates raise, and the mannequins that have up until now been content to regard the companions with blank stares spring to life. Large claws spring from their hands as they leap at the companions. Behind them, a huge force of Chaos Marines pour from hidden portals and unload fire at the group. Garr leaps into the air and vanishes. Mary produces a warp shield to try and shield her and the rest of the group from the hail of gunfire before rushing forward to engage the melee oriented mannequins. Kalana leaps into the air, blocking gunfire with her psychic shields as she prepares to unleash a counter attack. The remaining companions have just enough warning to perform defensive and offensive actions of their own.
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"Oh zog it all boyz! I told yez ta loot, not get snikked! Come on boyz, let's show dem how it's done!"

Suddenly boyz began to spring from behind empty suits of armor, around corners, from shadowy places, even down from the ceiling, in the case of a few Stormboyz falling on rocket plumes. Orks that certainly weren't there before began to pour in to fight the Chaos Space marines that lay in ambush, the sound of Slugga and Choppa meeting Bolter and Chainsword. Orks killed and died all around, sheer numbers facing sheer numbers as Gulgrim lay about himself with his own weapons.

"Come an' get some ya spikey boyz! Ol' Gulgrim ain't tired o' Stompin' ya yet!" The ork said, his blood running hot despite the icy environment. Swinging right with The Kaptin's Kutta, he took the head off an oncoming Chaos Space marine. Swiping left, he took another down at chest level, roaring in triumph as he fired blindly into the enemy ranks, bullets tearing through empty ceramite and the variety that held a chaos soldier inside as well. A chaos space marine got too close and received a headbutt that cracked his helmet and his skull, leaving him sprawled on the ground until the Ork stamped on his head for a ripe squishing noise.

"Dat all ya got!?" Gulgrim shouted, green lighting crackling about his form as he relished the fight. "I ain't even warmed up yet!" He spat a roiling mass of green energy into a large concentration of suits, both filled and empty, and it exploded in WAAAGH! energy, resulting in a rain of gore and metal that made the Ork chuckle, watching the spectacle proudly as his boyz kept the fight up around him.
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The Seraphim listens as his companions respond to the new surrroundings and each others suggesstions.  He glances towards Mary as she agree's with Danyaels tactical suggestion.

"I knew I liked you for more than your looks. I agree with your idea. Let's move everyone into a-"

Suddenly she is interrupted as the surrounding area bursts to life, lights flashing on, gates raising up.....and mannequins bursting to life followed by chaos marines.  In the blink of an eye the guardian of light chants a prayer, causing shields of light to appear around his companions...momentarily shielding them from the initial wave of fire from the chaos marines, allowing them to better plan out their own attacks.  With his companions safe for the current moment, the Seraphim's form begins to glow white as he grips his hammer in both hands and charges into the closest mass of mannequins/chaos marines.

"Feel the wrath of the Light foul demonic creatures!!"

As the angellic being makes contact with a group of mannequins, the light around him explodes outward in a violent explosion, the purity burning away the vile corruption contained within the plasticine forms causing them to literally burst into white flames, the fire melting the bodies until they become puddles of plastic upon the decrepit floors.  Jharm continues his onslaught as he directs a beam of light at a group of chaos marines, blinding them and causing the marine closest to him to burst into flames, smoke pouring out from underneath the corrupted and twisted space marine armor. 

"Flee from the purifying majesty of Her power!"

Jharm's form begins to glow again, the light around him growing so bright that the mannequins and chaos marines around him actually cower and shield their eyes as the light blinds their vision.  Suddenly the light shoots upwards and reappears over the mass of marines/mannequins farthest from the angel, slamming into the ground and creating another explosion of light, setting those nearest aflame and those farther away stunned or partially blinded.  A shield of light appears around Jharms form as he once again wades into the Chaos forces before him, his hammer glowing with light, crushing skulls and caving in power armor wherever it strikes.  It is apparent to his companions that the Seraphim is working to draw as much of the swarms attention onto him or at the least distract the demonic creatures, allowing his companions to bring their full destructive force down with minimal distraction or danger.

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Kitharsis shivers.  Jorumn is casting some sort of massive ice spell, much to Kitharsis's chagrin.  He rubs his arms for the cold, frowning as he sees his breath exhale as mist.  It isn't so cold as to be a great hindrance, but the chill nags at him.

"Next time, give me a warning before you make the area an icicle."

Bolter fire rings throughout the warehouse, sending the hidden marines among the empty suits into action.  Gulgrim's Orkz are being gunned down very quickly, but more crawl out from places unknown.

Between the cold, and the legions of Chaos Marines getting the jump on him, Kitharsis found himself in a rather poor spot.  He grits his teeth and gets down to business.

The diamond on the back of his right hand glows fiercely.  A long blade of red energy slides out of it.  He unhooks his horseman's pick with his left hand and the weapon starts to glow as it charges with purified Tirthandaran energy.

With stiff legs he runs into the commotion caused by the Orkz.  His energy blade cuts through the torso of a distracted Chaos Marine as he passes by.  The being inside screams as his torso separates in half.  Half of the armor slides to the ground as the legs stay standing.

Having drawn attention to himself, Kitharsis slows his run and focuses on the bolters and chainswords that were being pointed in his direction.

A group of Chaos Marines surround him with chainswords at the ready.  In the next breath Kitharsis slams his horseman's pick on the ground.  The charged up Tirthandaran energy erupts out of the impact in a shock wave.  The expanding ring cuts through most of the Chaos Marines' armor, killing whatever was inside.  As one of the armors fall Kitharsis stabs it with the hook on his horseman's pick.  With a yell he flings it over his shoulder.  The armor collides with Chaos Marine and empty Chaos Armor alike, bowling them all over.

The energy blade on his right arm shines brightly as it slashes and stabs.  The horseman's pick blinks on and off as energy charges and is spent as it crashes down on Chaos Marines left and right.  Kitharsis is at full tilt, consumed entirely with the dance of battle.
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Post by: Archdemon Stu on September 05, 2013, 12:50:05 AM
"Next time, give me a warning before you make the area an icicle."

The cold chill in the air suddenly withdrew in a vortex centered on the ritual circles.  The temperature returned to an eerie norm.

"Nomenclature: Kitharsis..." the voice rang clearly in his head, more-so than before... it was directed only to the grey one.

The ritual circles condensed around the feet of the mage and his puppet, and the light intensified.

"...I am about to 'make the area an icicle.'"

Several spikes of ice rose from the ground, immediately impaling several of the foremost Chaos marines.  Only a few specs of blood managed to escape their armored shells and rain down on their kin and the Orks before their blood was frozen in entirety.

Another wave followed, just beyond the first.  The spikes decapitated and impaled with deadly precision, and those that narrowly missed vital points quickly overcame the metal armor with a creeping frost that penetrated deep through the cracks, finishing the job only moments later.

The safety ensured by the others in the party allowed Jorumn a great deal of time to focus on his own, unharmed.  Another wave... and another... the warehouse quickly became a landscape of sanguine frost as the corpses of the forces of Chaos dangled helplessly from the air, having only brief moments to scream their last as the ice claimed them.

The ritual circles dwindled as the gathered power was expended...
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Sepher tensed as a screach split the amosphere in the creepy shopping mall. He was instantly put on high alert, gripping the souls inside of him mentally so as to not let them get out of hand. Sepher watched the gates raise and the mannequens start moving towards then.
     "I knew it was too quiet" He said to himself

He watched as lethal claws grew from their arms. He had reasonable insurance that his armor would stand up to them, he just did not want to test that theory. Bending his knees, he prepared to react until his sense told him tha large amounts of metal were approaching from behind. He spun as jharm cast out a shield around them, as did Mary, as a large contingent of chaos marines came into his view. His own shield sprung into being, composed of chaos energy that he wiedled, layering the shields like an onion.  The marines approaching from the other side open fire on them. Relying on the shields to protect them from the fire of the bolt guns, Sepher spreads his arms, allowing chaos energy to flow through them. A concusion rumbled in his chest as jharm unleased an explosion of light.
     Behind him, where the mannequens had come from, were the gates that had risen. It was enough metal for his purpose. Focusing his will, the metal of those gates screeched loudly. Sepher focused his attention on the marines closing in, while his companions were moving to occupy the mannequens. The metal of the gates began to glow a nasty looking red color, visible heat pouring off of them. With a cacaphanous explosion, the gates shattered forth, bursting the glass in the windows of the nearby shops. Blazing shards of white hot metal flew through the air, past the companion's heads to strike out at the chaos marines. Sepher hardened the tips of the metal spikes, focusing on his ability to alter metal, and watched with grim satisfaction as the power armor that the marines worse gave way to the spikes.

    As the shards of metal passed through the power armor and into the flesh of the beings, sepher mentally fractured the metal, allowing them to seperate into long, thing fragments. The screams of mortal pain echoed loudly above all else as the fragmented shards tore into the marines vital organs, the force of his push shattered the metal inside of their bodies, allowing it to further inflict more mortal wounds. They flailed and screamed as they fell, the bolter fire of the marines that he had lashed out at dying off.
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He stood stock still at first, watching the menaces advance. As he watched Jharm and Sepher take on the first groups of their new enemy, Danyael thought that perhaps he should partake in his own power to finish off the rest. No, that wouldn't be necessary. Only one of his arms would do; with the use of the  yamato, of course.

The first strike came from the enemy, a berserk mannequin. It's claws came down with the speed and ferocity of a lightning strike. And it hit at nothing but air, only to suddenly halt in mid step with its face painted with the expressions of surprise. A line suddenly drew up its center and the creature toppled to the floor, cleaved in half.

The next assault came in a wave of marines and mannequins alike, though Danyael faced them without fear. The yamato, in reflective timing with his dash, unsheathed with silent ferocity only to find itself visibly fully unsheathed at the moment his sprint had reached its end. The procession halted lifelessly, not a glint of fervency in their eyes. And it was then that he slid the yamato into its sheath. Upon clicking it closed, the entire group of victims suddenly exploded and collapsed into piles of sliced chunks of metal and flesh, vastly coating the floor black with their corrupted vitae.

“Such a waste.” he said softly, “Damned sad waste.” he clenched his fists, wrapped his fingers tightly around the yamato as a beastly, ungodly snarl curdled through the sudden emptiness.

How dare these heathen creatures, who fancied themselves gods, pit those beneath them against one another in their vaunted 'game'. By rights, if it were his call to make, he'd summon the whole of the Imperium Sanctus and all of its own Gods and their heavenly hosts to burn the Ruinous Powers into little more than a cinder of existence. But it wasn't his call to make. And in many ways, that suited him just fine. So much fucking, barbarous killing.

And then came the next wave. Round two, then? So be it. He knelt low, his sword arm clear for the next assault. He pushed off with such effortless force that the ground burst inward from the launch alone, And he waded through both marine and mannequin alike, the opposition exploding in vast curtains of gore as every slash of his sword slaughtered handfuls of his victims. And taking into account of the invisible speed he utilized to take the heat to his enemies, the mall itself continued its process of being an ever changing portrait of violence as limbs and lifeblood splattered across its ranges. He didn't want to show this side of himself anymore. He didn't want the elementals, who distrusted him so much, to see this. Above all else, he didn't want Mary to see this. But it seemed, once again, he had to do what he had to do.
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Kari watches from her vantage point near Cameron as Gulgrim, Kitharsis, and Jorumn devastate the oncoming enemy. The powerful frost attack from Jorumn draws the majority of her attention. She draws power from it, and feeds some of her own energy back into it as well. This strengthens the spell and causes it to kill even more Chaos Marines before it dissipates. As that ritual draws to a close, Kari floats into the air. Water and energy begin to swirl around her in a typhoon, and she holds her staff high.

There is a bright flash from the end of the staff, and suddenly the water typhoon that surrounds the elemental lashes out at the companion's enemies. Huge tendrils of water rip through the crowd. They do nothing to the companions or Gulgrim's orks, but each one impacts every marine it finds like a tidal wave, sending Chaos soldiers flying and even crushing a few like flesh-filled tin cans.

While this is happening, a blue streak winds it's way through the crowd. Karyl has turned himself into pure electricity and is using the ice and water around him as a conduit to teleport himself around the chamber, electrocuting any enemies he passes along the way. Occasionally he stops and becomes solid long enough to wail on a marine or two with the business end of his guitar. Each strike hits with a lethal shockwave and a resounding wail from the misused musical instrument, and many more marines are either sent flying or find their bodies scrambled and reduced to a fine mist within their armor. Occasional cries of "YEAH BABY" and "COOL STORY, BRO" drift in from his location.

Cameron hears all of this, but also hears none of this. His heads-up display is busy calculating the number of enemies in the room. A large number, to be sure, but swiftly falling. Even at half strength, his strike team is solid. And these new allies are proving their worth ten-fold. Now it's time for him to contribute.

Cameron quickly picks out a pocket of enemies that are trying to regroup away from the companions. They look like they're going to try and make a rush on the center of the room. Cameron will have none of that. In an instant he is flying through the air, ripping right through one of Kari's water tendrils without slowing. His blades appear in his hands and flames gather around him as he approaches the group from above. At the last moment before impact he tucks himself into a spin, creating a whirling vortex of steel and fire that impacts the group of marines like a falling meteor. The ones that are not cut down instantly by the super-heated blades or scorched alive in their armor by the sheer heat of the unnatural fire are thrown back like sticks of kindling in a gale force wind. Cameron appears in the middle of the vortex, lashing out at the remaining marines. Those who try to attack him meet their ends as white-hot blades rip through their armor like butter. Those who fire from range or try to flee are cut down by Cameron's arm mounted storm bolters, which unleash a hail of Kraken-pattern Penetrator rounds. These tear through the power armor of the Traitor marines and then explode, bursting them like over-ripe fruit.

Even as the last of the Chaos assault is dealt with, a second wave arrives from the air. Terrible amplified shrieks are heard as a full legion of Chaos Raptors swoops in from the lofty girders that make up the ceiling of the chamber. They descend on the companions, attacking with chainswords, bolters, flamers, and rockets.

As the other companions take their attack to the charging marines and soulless mannequins, Garr darts unseen through the shadows around the edge of the mall. with a twist of his wrists, his two hidden short blades spring into his hands from under his coat, and he darts in and out of combat, dismembering mannequins and ripping through soft spots in the Marine's power armor. His attacks are not flashy. The other companions may not even notice him other than the odd flicker out of the corner of their eye. But his tactics are sound and his kill count swiftly and silently rises as he continues to circle in and out of the fray.

Mary, on the other hand, is perfectly content with screaming a battle cry and savagely charging the enemy head on. She swings her two-handed sword effortlessly, infusing it with warp energy so that it rips through anything foolish enough to come near her. The mannequins keep attacking, but their broken and battered corpses pile up at her feet as she continues the assault. As she dispatches three more with an overhead swing, she hears a noise behind her and whirls around just in time to see a small group of Chaos Marines ready to open fire on her at point blank range. She gestures, and a rock wall bursts from the floor just in time to completely absorb the volley of rounds. As the Marines reload in confusion, Mary roars in anger and leaps to the top of the rock wall. From this vantage point, she takes a hand off her sword and unleashes a gout of fire on the hapless marines below. She laughs as they broil within their armor. There is a flicker beside her and Garr appears from nowhere. He shoots a suspicious glance at her even as he prepares his next series of attacks.

"Since when are you able to control the other elements?"

Mary shrugs.

"Since I spent an additional 5 years training."

Garr mutters something about time travel and then disappears again. Mary leaps from the stone wall and resumes cutting down enemies.

Kalana does not stay on the ground for long. With the enemy sufficiently distracted by the rest of the companions, she leaps up on an overhang above one of the store entrances. She has her rifle unslung in an instant and begins picking off targets with high powered shredder rounds. Marine after marine fall to her precision shots. After a few moments of this, a group of mannequins notice her and leap up after her. Kalana leaps into the air and uses her psychic powers to catch the lifeless husks and smash them into each other before scattering them back into the crowd. She then resumes firing from mid-air, continuing to pick off targets.

Eventually the companions begin running out of enemies. The mannequins are all scattered to pieces and the last of the marines are cut down. But just as the last few marines fall, a large metal shutter at the end of the mall area clanks open. Horns and war drums can be heard beyond it. A snarling mass of blood red daemons pours from the new point of entry. The smell of gore is overpowering as they swiftly approach, raising two handed Hellblades above their heads and snarling in rage. This is going to be a much harder opponent to face down.
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As the rest of his companions and the elementals join in the battle, they all make short work of the marines and demonic mannequins.  Just as the last few are cut, burned, or perforated the Seraphim hears a clanking from the other end of the mall.  The bellow of horns and thump of war drums echo off the walls of the abandoned building as twisted and horrific demons begin to pour from the entryway.  Jharm glances back towards his companions then back towards the oncoming swarm and charges forward his massive sledge glowing white once again and a battlecry echoing from his lips.


As the angel charges at the creatures he launches an orb of white light towards the mass but the orb fly's over the heads of the front row of demons until it get about to the middle of the swarm.  As he reaches the front of the line of demons Jharm simply vanishes and reappears where the orb was, crashing down onto the demons below and releasing a shockwave of force and an explosion of light, tossing demons into each other and burning ones located at the epicenter.  Spinning his hammer over his head, Jharm summons a shield around himself and swings the angellic weapon at any demon that attempts to draw near.  Shattering blades and crushing bones he continues the onslaught until a blade manages to penetrate his shield and cut deeply into his right arm, causing a howl of pain to escape from the holy being as shining silver blood sprays from the wound.  Bloodletters howl at the sign of the blood and pile onto the Seraph as they attempt to consume the blood and the seemingly crippled Seraphim until only a mound of demons can be seen. 
                     In their frenzy the demons did not account for two things absolute purity of the Seraphim's blood is caustic so pure evil creatures such as themselves and two....they faced the Seraphim, the Herald of Nelathia herself!  Suddenly the demons who consumed the angellic blood begin to scream and howl...but in pain and torment as the blood begins to burn and cauterize from within and a light begins to glow beneath the mass until suddenly an explosion rocks the area as Bloodletters are thrown through the air, the Seraphim flying into the air.  Clutching at his wounded arm Jharm glances down at the demons who consumed his blood as they burn from within, writhing and twisting in pain.

"Foul creatures..."

A grimace of pain shoots across his face as he glances down at the blood still seeping from the wound in his arm.  Placing a glowing gauntleted hand over the injury he seals the wound, but the blade cut him deep and he can not risk direct combat against such a mass until the wound fully heals.  Stretching his left hand out towards his fallen hammer, the mighty weapon lifted up from where it fell and flew through the hair until it came to rest in his outstretched hand.  The Seraphim remained in the air for the time being, working to heal and shield his allies where needed and occassionally launching blasts of light down upon the demons, working to support his comrades until he could return to direct combat again.
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"Oi! Looks like da Spikey gitz got dem some Rokkit packs!" Gulgrim said, observing the oncoming Raptors. Stormboyz launched themselves into the air at their oncoming enemies, meeting the airborne charge with one of their own, and Gulgrim himself joined the aerial fray. Pushing off the ground with surprising strength, Gulgrim took a mighty leap into the air and grabbed a low-flying Raptor with two hands, ramming his forehead into its helmeted skull until it stopped twitching. Unfortunately, some muscle memory in the Chaos marine's hand twitched, and the rocket set off again, carrying the surprised Gulgrim with it through the air, hurtling around with no control. Mind you, the extreme weight of Gulgrim meant the flight was labored and the pack was burning on overtime, but Gulgrim didn't seem to realize that he should be too heavy for this marine's pack, and so he continued flying.

Spying a good fight to intrude upon, he kicked off the flying corpse, turning it into a corkscrewing missile to land and detonate someplace else. He leaped at a pair of Raptors harassing one of his Boyz. One of the Raptors, hearing his loud warcry, turned and unleashed a flamer at him, but the rampaging Warboss gave no heed. with a mighty "WAAAAAAGH!" he barreled through the flames, and came out singed and on fire, but still fighting hard, probably because he knew in his mind that no silly Chaos boyz' flamer could burn him too bad. He grabbed the two Raptors by the throat and rammed their skulls together. While they were in this painful metallic embrace, his third arm reached down and opened fire with its shoota into their brains, splattering them about.

Dropping the Corpses, he looked around, still on fire, and once more saw one of his boyz being assaulted by a Raptor. With a rousing, "'Ere we go, 'ere we go, 'ere we go!" the Warboss stamped his feet, and then disappeared with an audible POP and a strike of green lightning. Appearing behind said Raptor, he tapped it on the shoulder and then bashed it across the jaw with the pommel of his Kutlass when it turned around. Grabbing the unconscious Raptor, he crushed its hand, shorting the jump pack trigger and causing the jets to burst into life. The Ork held the Raptor like a javelin, and hurled the rocket-propelled body at a group of its comrades, barreling into them and sending them sprawling into a heap.

"Dat's ten points fer me!" The orc shouted, grabbing the shoota off his belt and firing it into the sky, painfully skittering bullets off another Raptor inadvertently. His blood was burning hot, and for some reason he still didn't notice that he was on fire, his kaptin's vest emitting spoke and flames as he grinned and roared at the enemy. Surprisingly his hat was fine, completely untouched by flames and standing proud, displaying its Jaunty Ork-skull and crossbonez to the enemy.
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His horseman's pick slams into the side of a Chaos Marine and explodes with energy, sending the armor flying.  It seems to be the last one in the area, and Kitharsis takes a moment to survey the rest of the warehouse. 

Shrieks come from above as Chaos Raptors swoop down from the rafters.  Kitharsis is at a disadvantage against foes in the air, preferring more close range scuffles.  He tucks behind a pile of junked Chaos Marine armors and hangs his horseman's pick on his belt.  The energy blade on his right hand slides back into his body.  In its place a diamond shaped shield springs out of the back of his hand (diamond like on a playing card ).

Gulgrim is already careening through the air.  Kitharsis isn't sure if the beastly Ork intends to be on fire, but he doesn't seem to mind either way.  It actually proves to be a wonderful distraction that Kitharsis intends to take advantage of.  He raises his left hand and points his palm towards a Chaos Raptor as it jets towards Gulgrim.  The circle tattoo flares to life as bolts of red energy shoot out of it.  The bolts pierce through the jet packs on the back of a handful of Chaos Raptors, causing them to explode and sending their damaged armor falling to the ground.

Kitharsis takes off in a run as a group of Chaos Raptors veer off and chase after him.  A rocket explodes behind him, knocking him off his feet.  Bolters and flamethrowers spew carnage, and Kitharsis is engulfed in flames and bolter fire. 

Wickedly sharp tendrils of energy burst from the flames and pierce into some of the Chaos Raptors, the others maneuver enough to dodge out of the way.  Kitharsis lands hard on his back and slides against the floor.  His shield is much larger than before.  It curves around him for more protection.  The left side of his body is soot black from the flames.  The heat typically doesn't bother him, and the attack merely gave him something akin to a good sunburn.  The few bolts that hit home pepper his stony skin with dents.

Blasts of energy fly through the air.  Luckily none of the Chaos Raptors left from the group have rocket launchers.  His shield proves sturdy as it deflects the bolts aimed at him.  The Chaos Raptors aren't as lucky as they finally fall to Kitharsis's rapid fire onslaught.  The last one slides to a dead stop right next to him.
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It was apparent that the raptors had figured out how much of a threat Jorumn was after so many chaos fell to the elements.  One after another, he scattered lightning above him, overloading their jets and sending them veering off course into whatever obstacles may await them.  They only narrowly missed their target, yet Jorumn seemed to exhibit an extraordinary confidence in their trajectories, unflinching as they careened about.  The Chaos thought better of using rockets to defeat him, and their pistols were even more easily destroyed than their jet packs - only a few measly rounds managed to pass through the construct, and to little effect before their components were fried.  The lightning, one by one, mercilessly tore them apart.

His corpse puppet - on the other hand - did not seem to be shooting off lightning bolts or fireballs at all.  Its hands were clasped, and clearly was focusing...

More raptors found a window of opportunity, and attacked swiftly from all directions as Jorumn's host body was between casts.  With a flash of light, he destroyed his assailants... all except one.

The surviving raptor brought down his chainsword from behind the defenseless construct.  Jorumn had not even turned around to acknowledge his presence.  Victory for the Chaos was assured... however, the chainsword did not meet with stone as expected.  It met with flesh and bone.

"Oi!... Dat smarts." an angry ork snarled as the chainsword's teeth whirled through his chest cavity, baring his yellowed teeth at the Spikey Boy before he buried his choppa between the chestplate and helmet.  Jorumn's puppet grinned, its necromancy spell successful.  Orks and Chaos Marines alike rose from their early graves, and soon it was difficult to tell who was attacking who.  Bolters and shootas lit up the area even more intensely than before, and as the main body began to focus its energy on necromancy as well, the numbers quickly turned.
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The sound was an unpleasantly familiar one, and the memories that came with it boiled his nerves beyond description.He'd bared witness to these abominations long ago. And even then it wasn't long enough. The first came to attack, both blades roaring downward atop of Danyael. The Nephilim Lord reacted deftly, lifting the yamato instinctively – the handle in one hand and the blade in the other – successfully intercepting the blow, denting in the ground beneath his feet. A bestial snarl rumbled defiantly from his clenched fangs and he hefted his attacked back with a heaving push, billowing sparks into the air as their blades separated.

And it was then when he decided that physical prowess alone was no longer necessary. His eyes closed for only a blink before opening to dual shades of platinum and azure. Spinning the yamato single handedly, he thrust the blade to the ground, igniting a stream of cerulean flames upon impact. The flames danced and spun, whirling and wheeling about until they took on familiar forms of the nephilim lord himself.

Surrounding Danyael in twelve-man perimeter defense, the shades snarled and roared in defiant, mocking challenge as the Nephilim Lord began his second ritual. With the yamato firmly clutched in the grip of the ground, the ghostly weapons of the somnus began to form a pentagonal summoning circle with himself as the active rune – the living rune – to finish the ritual. And with a silent command of sheer will did he bring forth abominations of his own out of nowhere else but his own psyche. Terrifying grotesquerries that mirrored both the beauty and horror of his own essence all sprang to life in a revolting cascade. Screaming and swearing in languages long unknown did the abominations and the shades grab hold of the ghostly weaponry. If the forces of Chaos sent armies at the companions, then Danyael would bring armies of his own. Host after host. Wave after wave.

And with a voice of echoes did Danyael howl his first command: “GRIND!” they vanished in a sudden explosion of speed, the power alone resounding in booms of sound, disappearing and reappearing at random to clash against the daemons. But the daemons were a force to be reckoned with, reacting with rivaling speed and strength – their high octane skirmish doing more damage to the mall than to each other. The Nephilim Lord, at first, was no where to be seen. That is until a hurricane of phantasms came rushing into the fray of daemons, parrying and counter attacking each attack launched against him, with only a partial handful of blows getting through his defenses only for him to fend back with three times more might.

With every lessening of his own ranks did he see twice the number of daemons laid low. With every one of his own number they had felled did he see his own shades take down a handful of their enemies. Another blow knocked hard against his senses, only for him to hammer his own head right back at the daemon that hit him, the headbutt bashing the creature hard into the ground before one of his abominations shredded the creature apart on impact. He vanished once again, his shades and abominations following suit, forming a two wave perimeter defense. With a snap of his fingers, they darted back out into the enemy force with collective ferocity, utilizing speed, power and sheer predator's dominance to fell the daemons with merciless battle rage. 
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Gore splattered inside then ruined power armor of the chaos marines as the lithe shards of metal eviscerated the insides of the abominations of nature. The thumps of their heavy suits hitting the ground was lost on the clamor of combat. As quickly as it began, it seemed to slow as the companions completely and overwhelmingly decapitated the threat.
That was, until they heard the horns.

Sepher’s head swung in the directions of the keening horns just as multitudes of daemons began pouring into the mall through large metal shutters. An eerie feeling swept over him. This would not be as easy as it was before, with the marines. Turning to face the onslaught, watched his companions leap into action.
       Time slowed for him as he turned and whipped out the hand holding the 3 throwing blades. He jerked his wrist so as to put spin on them and gripped them in a small fist of chaotic energy as he released them. Pushing on the metal he sent them streaking to the front lines with his companions, watching as the metal buried into the muscled forms of the daemons. Just as they stuck, he ripped them back and launched them again, from an overhead angle this time. Over and over he began to whirl the metal of the blades as he charged forward to the group.

   Sepher was escorted by a virtual tornado of whirring metal as he clashed into the front lines, lashing out with his baton. Electricity discharged with a loud hum as the hefty metal made contact with flesh. Dodging this way and that, he weaved through the melee striking out. As he pulled back the baton for another swing, one of the daemons threw down his second sword, putting all its strength into a single sword blow, to end his life.

   Realizing this was the singular most threat that he was facing, he redirected his baton, bringing crashing down into the side of the blade, deflecting it enough to prevent what very well could have been lethal. As it was, Sepher felt no resistance at first as the blade entered his coat, and at a glancing angle, struck his chest. Time slowed. The groaning of metal could be heard to Sepher as the scale of his armor fought to resist the daemon wrought hell blade.

   Sepher raised his left hand; open palmed and slammed the daemon in the throat, gripping tightly. The scale of his armor stood, but it felt like he had been clubbed with a hammer in the side. His breath left him and struggled to come back, but even so, Sepher stared into the creature’s eyes. The world around Sepher went dark and lightning daemonic crackled under Sepher’s hand. With a bestial roar as his breath came back, Sepher drew his arm back in a violent pull, dragging with it the soul of the daemon.

   The soul entered his body, and the prison that was his mind locked the creature away.  The world snapped into vision once more, and the body of the daemon crashed at his feet, lifeless, soulless.
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Post by: Cameron on September 20, 2013, 09:52:14 PM
Kari had just finished her attack when the Chaos Raptors swooped down on everyone. She is caught in midair, and completely off guard. She barely manages to avoid the hail of gunfire, but suddenly finds herself engulfed in burning promethium as the Raptors armed with flamers target her. She screams in pain and a wave of water immediately surrounds her. The ball of water quickly solidifies into solid ice. Increased attention from bolters and flamers chip and melt away the floating sphere, but it reforms as quickly as it is damaged. Then, cracks begin to form along it's surface. There is a rumbling from within, and the sphere suddenly explodes outward. Shards of ice fly in all directions, impaling Raptors and knocking them out of the sky. Those who survive pick themselves up off the ground and look up, seeing Kari floating where the sphere was. They attempt to take off again, but a sudden high pressure blast of water from the elemental knocks them all down again. Before they have a chance to get back to their feet, Kari sends a bolt of ice into the ground. This causes the water and the marines coated in it to flash freeze. Kari is exhausted by the effort, and is barely able to keep airborne. The ice will melt soon.

"Karyl? A little help?"

A blue flash above Kari signals the arrival of the lightning elemental. He falls from the sky with his guitar raised over his head in a two-handed downward swing.


Karyl swings the guitar down just as he reaches the ground. The guitar collides with the ground and a huge shockwave of electricity rips through the frozen marines, shattering them like glass. Shards of dead marine whip in all directions as the guitar whines with feedback loud enough that it interferes with Cameron's instruments and makes him cringe in pain.

Cameron is busy fighting his own wave of Raptors when this happens, and the distraction causes him to time a parry badly. A chainsword slips through his guard and gouges into his armor. Enraged, Cameron disarms the offending Raptor with one blade and decapitates him with the other. Then the Raptors above him unleash flamers at him, dousing him in white-hot promethium.

But this does nothing to Cameron. He allows his swords to disappear and raises his hands. The flames from the promethium swirl around him and return to their source, engulfing the Raptors above in white-hot fire. Cameron then causes the rest of the flamers to explode and uses the fire to form a massive firestorm above his head, incinerating anything unfortunate enough to be caught in it.

Soon, the room is quiet again. The remaining Raptors are dispatched, and most of the suits of armor have been scattered or reduced to slag. Cameron regroups with Kari and Karyl in the center of the chamber. Kari is covered in small burns but is otherwise fine. Karyl is nursing a gash on his forehead but appears to be playing it up as worse than it is. Cameron has some chunks out of his armor but is unscathed otherwise. Cameron ensures his elemental friends are okay before turning and scanning for the others.

"Everyone still alive?"

Mary meets the wave of daemons head on. The potent warp energy surrounding her blade resonates with the warp energy surrounding the daemon blades and pushes them back as Mary cuts through each daemon who tries to press in on her. There are too many to avoid completely, and Mary suffers a few gashes and cuts as the Hellblades score hits through her armor. These wounds only serve to enrage her further, and she lashes out with bolts of warp energy even as she continues to engage foes in melee. Daemons fall left and right to her furious assault.

Garr continues using his hit and run tactics to try and pick off the daemons, but there are too many for this to work indefinitely. He appears from the shadows and cuts the throat of one daemon but finds himself flanked by two more. One scores a deep cut into his leg as he dodges being decapitated by the other. Snarling, Garr hunkers down and gathers power. His muscles bulge and his eyes glow yellow as he lashes out at the daemons with increased strength and speed. He cuts down the two daemons flanking him and wades into another group with a feral howl, tearing into them with blades and driving them back.

Kalana manages to take out two daemons with head shots before they overwhelm her position. She drops her rifle and defends herself with her psy-blades while lashing out with her mind at the oncoming enemy. The combination of the mental attacks and the psychic energy from the blades is enough to keep the daemons at bay, but more than once Kalana feels he flesh being torn by well timed attacks. She breaks free from the pack and flies into the air, unleashing a blast of psychic energy that flash fries the daemons directly under her and throws the rest of them back. She then leaps back into the fray, fighting through as many of the daemons as she can.

Soon the assault has been quelled. Mary stabs her blade downward into one last daemon and leans on it heavily. Garr allows himself to return to his normal stature and slumps to the ground, exhausted. Kalana takes a moment to recover her mental faculties along with her rifle before jogging into the middle of the mall.

"Is everyone alright? Does anyone need healing?"

Natalya and Soul Reaver finally make it to the end of the bridge. Directly across from them is a large warehouse that appears to be from before the planet became part of the Eye. it is heavily damaged and long abandoned, but it appears to be structurally sound. The big main doors hang wide open. Natalya stops suddenly. She appears to be afraid to proceed any further.

"There, Master Reaver. That's where they held me. They're in there."
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Post by: Danyael on September 20, 2013, 11:47:33 PM
The final daemon lunged hard at Danyael, though felt its motions halt hard in its tracks as the shades jerked it back, then slammed it to the floor. Danyael cracks his knuckles as his fingers into a rock solid fist. “BRING HIM!” his voice roared into the emptiness, a shadow of what it once was – hollow, resonant and oozing with raw savagery. In a snap of will, the shades, with their own etheric speed, rushed toward Danyael with the daemon in tow. Punching off the ground with a one foot launch, denting in the ground beneath him, he too rushed toward the daemon with rivalling speed, finally thrusting his fist through the daemon so viciously that the creature's torso explodes in a curtain of gore.

Watching the elementals fell the creatures, he looked into his reflection to see the savage he had become. He'd been reminded once again of what happens to him when in the presence of too much affiliated with the more aggressive characteristics of the warp – if he were in the presence of daemons, he became more daemonic himself. He looked away, turning his face from view of the rest. The shades around him screamed both in triumph and in despair as they receded back into the ether of his subconsciousness. Snapping his jaws shut in a clamp, he snarled away his darker virtues, back where none could see it, then – swatting the daemon's blood clean from his arm – he approached the elementals.

Passing by Garr, he pressed an affirming hand on the elemental's shoulder, then made his way to Mary. She was slumped over her blade, the weapon plunged deep into the daemon's body. He knelt low, shadowing her, draping his everworld cloak over her – offering the physical comfort its garments provided. He then held her close, saying nothing, eyes watching both the woman he cared for and the daemon that so reminded him of himself – savage and dead inside. A part of himself, at least.

As Kalana asked if anyone required aid, Danyael – reserved to silence – stayed by Mary. His healing factor had long since kicked in during the battle, instantaneously mending wounds and bruises just as quickly as they were planted. His thoughts looked for Jharm and Sepher, more than aware his two companions were all the more suited to take care of themselves. They could no longer linger there. The battle was done – won, rather. They had to keep going. He knew this. He knew his companions knew this. He knew the elementals knew this. He voiced the tactic anyway: “Next move, m'lady.”
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Mary is leaning against her blade heavily, but not because she is tired. Her eyes burn a vicious shade of pinkish violet, and she is fighting to maintain control of herself. Her self from this time period wasn't even able to stand on this planet without losing control of her power.  The Mary here now, more powerful and much more in control, is still having some trouble. Especially after fighting beasts that were also attuned form the Warp. She is fighting a losing battle and about to topple over the edge, which will put all of her companions in danger.

But Danyael arrives just in time. As she feels the everworld cloak settle over her, she is ripped back from the edge and becomes aware of her surroundings once more. She sighs heavily and allows herself to lean on Danyael, letting his presence anchor her to this plane of existence. For a moment, she is at peace.

But there can be no lasting peace in the Eye of Terror. As Danyael speaks, she straightens herself up and nods, casting a thankful glance at Danyael before replying.

"Yes. We need to keep moving. Tarrying here is not advisable."
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One thudding footfall after another, Soul Reaver and Natalya tread across the bridge.  Soul Reaver's sorcerous murmur is the only voice to be heard, but it ends abruptly with a gesture of his hands.  With the defensive spell complete, Soul Reaver's body seems to blur and distort, before snapping back into position.

Ahead of them stands a crumbled, abandoned structure, a dark maw opening into its innards.  Natalya stops, appearing afraid, and Soul Reaver halts and turns to face her.  A gust of keening wind springs from the unseen depths of the chasm, whipping around the blue-skinned Daemon and the armoured warrior before returning back into the dark abyss.

"There, Master Reaver. That's where they held me. They're in there."

Natalya's voice sounds quiet and subdued.  Soul Reaver furrows his brow, casting his eyes back at the warehouse.

"Then stay behind me, Natalya.  I shall find any evil lurking here..."

He runs his hand along Blooddrinker's blade.

"...and put an end to it."

With surprising stealth, Soul Reaver dashes to beside the warehouse entrance.  Ever so quietly, he speaks the words to another spell, his hands performing intricate gestures.  Between his hands a ball of searing flame bursts into life from nothingness, and with a mind of its own, it shoots into the air above his head.  There it remains, awaiting Soul Reaver's commands.

Gripping his blade tightly, ready to defend himself, Soul Reaver swiftly rounds the corner and steps into the mouth of the unknown.
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One of the last remaining Raptors hurtles uncontrollably at Gulgrim, who ducks the flying projectile and grabs its leg as it goes by, twisting his torso and hurling it into a wall with a wonderful explosion as his jetpack detonates. After watching the detonation, Gulgrim turns to Cameron as he asks the group's status.

"I'z fine. Ain't no Spikey boyz gonna take down ol' Gulgrim." Indeed, Gulgrim appeared to not notice his injuries. His skin was charred in certain locations, but already green flesh was growing again over the occasional close cut with a chainsword or bolter round, and the burned areas of skin were beginning to flake off and reveal healthy new green underneath. His attire had toned down from 'on fire' to 'smouldering', occasional wisps of smoke trailing from him as  he searched the room for any decent pieces of Loot. His boyz were also milling about, grabbing bolters that were still in one piece and the occasional scrap of armor or bit of shiny scrap. One boy in particular had grabbed a mostly intact hollow suit and cannibalized it, and was now wearing ill-fitting bits of Chaos Marine armor and parading about.

"Lookit me boss! I'z dead 'ard now! I'z gots -Pauldrons-!"

The Ork in question was then immediately cut down by a nearby Nob, who proceeded to take his armor and equip it himself. That nob was then struck by a Bigger nob, and the chain continued for a couple more iterations until one of Gulgrim's personal Retinue was wearing the armor pieces, and also appeared to be frothing at the mouth. Though whether that was a side effect of wearing pieces of chaos armor or he was just normally like that was undecided. Gulgrim himself grabbed a mostly intact Chaos Space marine helmet and jammed it onto his bosspole, ramming the spiked stick through the Ceramite helmet with ease and claiming a trophy of yet another victory. It should be noted that this was only Gulgrim's most -recent- boss pole. He had completely filled several others to capacity previously, and many of those were now being worn by his nob retinue. The one now wearing the Chaos Marine Armor in specific had the heads of Space marines from several different chapters on his pole, including Ultramarines, Salamanders and even a pair of what were either Raven Guard or Black Templar helmets. Possibly one of each.

Gulgrim and his boyz seemed content to continue looting until the group decided it was time to move on.

"Oi! Boss! lookit me flash!" A boy had hammered together a pair of Space Marine bolters and taped a Hand flamer underneath, creating a combination storm bolter and Flamer that looked about ready to explode, but knowing Orks, it was likely a lethal weapon. And then of course that boy was struck by a nob, who took the weapon. And then that nob was struck by another one. There was a repeat of the previous process and, strangely, the same nob who wore the chaos armor ended up with combi-weapon.

Considering it his lucky day, he immediately rearranged his boss pole so that the Ultramarine helmet was on top, and then smeared some blue paint on his face to keep the lucky streak going. He then almost immediately came into the acquisition of a new Choppa in the form of a Chainsword one of the lootas had grabbed and slapped with a coat of blue and red paint. His lucky day indeed.
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The Seraphim watches from above as the last few demons are cut down by his companions...particularly a sole demon violently mutilated by Danyael and what could be described as copies of him.  Floating down towards the ground the glowing orbs of light underneath the angellic beings helmet glance at each of his companions, noting their burns, cuts, and bruises, hesitating on the form of Mary, the warp elemental.  He senses great, but chaotic, power emmanating from her before Danyael walks up to her and places his cloak around her shoulders.  Jharm reaches the ground and closes his eyes as glowing light envelops his massive form.  In a flash of light the glow disappears and envelops all the companions as a faint sound of heavenly voices chanting an unknown hymn echoes in their ears, the very sound of the music calming nerves and strengthening resolve as the light knits flesh and cleanses wounds.

“Next move, m'lady.”

"Yes. We need to keep moving. Tarrying here is not advisable."

Hoisting his holy sledge onto his shoulder the Seraphim glances at Kalana.

"The Light is ready when you are Lady Kalana. Lead on."
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Post by: Archdemon Stu on September 24, 2013, 12:49:50 AM
Jorumn nods in confirmation.  "Technically speaking... yes."

The display of Ork machismo over one another was beneficial in many ways.  Jorumn amassed each Ork that fell into his undead forces.  Though there was something different... very different from the Chaos marines.  Deciding to put a small theory to the test, he relinquished control of the Ork half of his army.

His curiosity was rewarded.  The undead Orks acted and behaved as if they were still living; an anomaly provided from a psychic field that seemed to perceive these Orks into existence, provided by Gulgrim.  A surprising power from a brute, indeed.  However, if Gulgrim was even aware of this was another mystery entirely.

It seemed they performed well under the largest Ork's command.  Jorumn revived them, but Gulgrim's psychic field would maintain control, for now.

Gulgrim wasn't the only anomaly in the party, however.  It seemed every member of this strangely assembled team drew their powers from a source Jorumn was not familiar with.  The grey one even contained a massive force within himself... guarding it, controlling it... keeping it from spilling out.

Jorumn's research would have to wait, however.

Jorumn looks to Cameron, "Designation: Cameron... you appear to be the leader of this group.  Shall I have the 'spikey boyz' - as the green one calls them - pave the way forward?"

The Chaos marines lined up in a formation before Jorumn and his corpse puppet, ready to march at a moment's notice.
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Kitharsis runs his fingers over his arm.  He doesn't find any cracks, but his skin cannot stand much more abuse without bursting open.  His arm flexes as he tests it.  It is more than a little tender, but it will heal in time.

His metal boots kick away pieces of Chaos Armor that have fallen around him.  Having cleared the space, he rises from the ground.  His blond mow hawk stands rigid like some kind of marker in the middle of the wreckage.

"Everyone still alive?" Asks Cameron.

Gulgrim and Jorumn confirm that they were fine.  Kitharsis kicks an empty Chaos helmet as he walks towards the others.

"Well enough," is the Tirthandara's reply.

His glowing shield is no longer square.  The sides have overrun, and it looks more like a lava spill than a diamond.  The stretched and curved energy sucks back into his tattoo as he walks through throngs of Orkz and resurrected 'Spiky Boyz."

"I suggest we keep moving, before any more of the chaos forces pop out of their hiding places."
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Cameron looks over the impromptu strike team. Orks and undead Chaos Marines. Not his ideal choice of allies, but the orks have definitely proved useful so far. The marines would at least be useful as meat shields.

"Yes, Jorumn. Might as well keep them handy. Definitely can't hurt to have more firepower."

Cameron then turns to Kitharsis as he speaks.

"Yes, but first we need to find an... exit..."

Cameron trails off as he looks past Kitharsis. There is now a door sticking out of the floor a short distance away from the companion's position. It looks very out of place. Not only is there no door frame to support it, but it is a small wooden door that looks like it could be from a completely different time period. Cameron approaches it it cautiously.

"Well, this is definitely an exit. Something's off about it though."

Cameron walks around behind the door. There is nothing but more dead marines and empty space. This door should technically lead nowhere. Cameron returns to the front of the door and turns the handle. It turns easily.

"Here goes nothing. Be ready for anything."

Cameron pulls open the door, and suddenly the chamber is bathed in bright sunlight. Cameron has to shield his eyes before his helmet's light adjustment kicks in. Looking through the door, he sees what appears to be a grassy field. Confused, he steps through.

Cameron finds himself in a large open field. The sun shines brightly and a cool breeze blows. The grassy field is marked with dirt paths that create a diamond. Each point of the diamond is marked with a white canvas marker. Cameron recognizes this. The humans use fields like this to play a game called baseball, though the new fields are much more modern and usually are not made out of real grass and dirt.

The field is occupied. 16 young looking humans occupy various positions on the field. Some have oversized gloves, and the one at the head of the diamond has a wooden bat. They all glare at Cameron, their perfect hair barely moving in the breeze. Cameron shifts into a defensive stance as Karyl and Kari emerge from the doorway behind him. The man with the bat steps towards them.

"And what is this? You people have some nerve intruding on our private game. This is our field, and I suggest you return from where you came before we get angry."

The man bares his teeth, revealing fangs. Cameron has seen this before. Vampires, obviously. But why the hell would they be playing baseball? Karyl speaks up from behind Cameron.

"Cameron, why are they sparkling?"

Sure enough, the men seem to be sparkling in the sunlight. Cameron takes a step back, unsure of what to make of this. The sparkling vampires all begin to converge on the doorway, snarling and baring their fangs. The men further away in the field suddenly leap forward with unnatural speed, and Cameron and the other elementals find themselves surrounded.

"We warned you. Now we're going to have to teach you a lesson in respect."

The sun partially moves behind a cloud, and the shadow under a nearby tree begins to grow longer...
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The tree's shadow flows forward like a gentle ocean tide, brushing calmly to the side in the breeze and coming back to rest as a curtain does so.  From the base of the tree, spanning forward, the enriched field upon which the shadow casts upon begins to slowly fade in its sun-kissed luster, withering and crumbling apart, the breeze carrying the remains away leaving in it's wake a barren wasteland upon all vegetation which meets the umbra's caress.

As the rabble of vampires encroach upon Cameron and his companions, their neatly kept hair is rendered disheveled and they find themselves holding their balance from a sudden gale that tears across the field. The wind picking up in short violent bursts while the sun's light begins to wane. Deafening thunder follows brilliant flashes of light within the deepening storm clouds as they constrict the remaining blue sky, dancing and tumbling inward upon the sun, looking to consume it's light.

The tree's shadow now stretches in to cast itself upon the vampires, the grass beneath their pristine baseball cleats becoming barren, picked up and whisked away by the wind. The cleats themselves begin to tarnish, the leather cracking and cheap paint peeling back and flaking apart.  From the now pitch black umbra at the base of the tree's shadow a ripple begins to approach, growing in... volume?... as it rises from the tenebrous tide. Just a sea creature swimming beneath the surface of the water, the shadows boil and flow up around the humanoid figure, melding into it the closer it gets.  The figure is made of shadows itself, and weren't it for the now darkened sky, one would be able to see through it slightly.

The vampires look around in confused rage, hissing in disgust as their wonderful day of baseball has become ruined in its entirety.  They turn back to Cameron, their sparkles snuffed out in the dimming light and their eyes angrily growing a glowing amber orange.

"You've ruined our game!"  the now raggedly looking blonde woman screams out, her voice breaking in the storm raging above.
"And for that, you're dinner."

The Vampires hiss again and bare their fangs, approaching Cameron and the others and what appears to be some form of poorly synchronized choreography as they surround them at the door, moving unnecessarily slow for a predator species, clearly looking to intimidate the marine and his companions that their fear would make the approaching feast better.

"Ohhh I've found you...  I've finally found you, bastard kine of the long, almost-forgotten Tremere Lord Meyer.
A quiet, ghostly, second-guessable male voice pierces the sharp winds and crackling thunder, cutting into the minds of those within the vicinity. 

Stopping their synchronized strut, the vampires' heads turn, reeling around to a figure standing in the center of the oak's shadow approximately seven feet tall, the tree's branches spanning out from figure's form, almost looking like a large cloak flowing forth from it, resting out to the surrounding area.

"Who the fuck is this guy? Is he talking to us?  Hey Asshole, get  out of here or else we'llgrraghhhghhlk.
The cocky brown haired vampire is cut off with a gesture of the being's left hand being lifted.  The shadow branches to the left figure suddenly leap to life, pulling themselves from their two-dimensional prison, striking with blinding speed, ensnaring and hoisting the teen 10 feet into the air.  The branches twist around the struggling vampire.

The others look in horror as they all turn to the shadowy being. Their sudden horror is replaced with howls and rage. The raven haired woman charges in a burst of inhuman speed, claws sprouting from her fingertips. As her strike comes whistling in to carve down the being, his right hand goes from idly resting at his side to wrapped around her face in an instant. Stopping her in her tracks, the woman's head snaps back beneath his grip and her hands now pry to remove his grip from her face.

Horror returns to the vampires as they witness the figure close his left hand; The shadowy branches snapping the cocky-one's limbs in multiple places with a gruesomely satisfying crunch and wrenching them free of each other and pulling free with little resistance.  His terrified screams are cut short as one of the shadows wretch his head from his body while two additional shadows peel back his rib cage and reach in to pull out his heart. Blood flows freely from his body and splash down onto the shadow which begins to absorb into long, thin vermilion cords that snake their way back to the shadowy figure.   One of the shadowy tendrils snake up to the exposed heart and splits into a wide maw that snatches down on the heart, grinding, chewing and devouring it.

Simultaneously, the woman's body in the figure's grip begins to shrivel as her precious blood is sucked out of her body and in almost an instant her body dissolves to ash, leaving nothing but dust in the wind.

"Mmmm yes.  I will devour you all as the cattle you are, as I've devoured your sire and her sire.  Their attempts to hide you have failed.  Your legacy ends now and none shall mourn for you, as none remain to mourn for you."  The figure's head lifts and crimson red eyes stir atop a twisted smile as the absorbed blood course through the shadows like a circuit.

Raising its right hand high and clenching a fist, the shadows around the figure howl and bound forward and impale nine additional vampires and swiftly jerk them away from Cameron.  In a shower of blood, entrails and sinew, the vampires are torn apart.  Their screams echo into the roaring wind which proceeds to carry their ashes away as their blood is ripped from their remains.  The blood red mists coalesce into a central point before the being before shaping itself into a wickedly shaped crystal blade of garnet. 

The shadow grasps the blade in it's left hand and black lightning courses down from it's shoulder and into the blade, tempting the warp to tear free the abyss. 

The five remaining vampires dash forward in abject horror, rage and bloodlust looking to tear apart shadowy creature before he acts again each throwing down their baseball gloves and lashing out with vicious talons.   Calm and calculated the shadowy creature flows around each attack with an unnatural grace, making the vampires look clumsy as he dashes around avoiding each attack and reciprocating with a sweeping strike.  As the blade connects with the vampire, their very essence is sucked into the blade, utterly disintegrating them.  One by one, each vampire falls, drunk on the overwhelming stench of blood as they relentlessly assault the being.   One by one each vampire screams in agony as their essence is torn from their body until the blonde teenager remains.

In a final rush towards the creature, her eyes meets its eyes which now swirl an emerald green and she stops in her place, her attack coming to an end as her dash becomes a slow walk towards it.  Her twisted face of hatred is suddenly placated as she becomes enthralled by the being. She slowly approaches the shadow which extends a hand out to her.  She takes it's hand, hopelessly captivated by the being.

As the being caresses the teen's hair back into it's perfect shape, the winds die down. She reaches up to stroke it's face and it places it's hand upon hers.

"Please, I'll do anything for you... anything." the teen pouts, pulling her face closer to it's, panting in complete seduction.

"I know you will."  the being says with a warm gentle smile as it leans in to embrace her.

Before their lips meet, her head explodes into a shower of gray matter, skull fragments and blood, saturating the creature's face and her body going limp in its arms.  The creature laughs a healthy laugh as he absorbs the rest of her blood into the shadows and it stands to face the party.  Smoke lazily floats from the barrel of Cameron's wrist mounted storm bolter as he lowers it.

"It's been a long time, Cameron.  I'm glad I could find you." the creature nods to the party before the shadows begin to part away from the being, receding back to the depths as the sky clears.   Before Cameron and the others, stands Fei Serumen.
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Gulgrim watches Cameron leave through the door, and squints at its wooden surface. It looks too small for him or his bigger nobz to fit through. He'd have to make his own entrance. He heard the sounds of a fight on the other side and decided he couldn't waste any more time if he was gonna get stuck in. With a mighty WAAAGH! Gulgrim charged straight for the door, his psychic field plowing through the extradimensional magic that worked in that door's construction and sending him straight through to the portal's destination, despite there no longer being a door there. No, instead there was a now a vaguely Gulgrim-shape hole where the door used to be. That hole appeared to now be a permanent portal leading to the strange baseball field.

Sadly, Gulgrim arrived too late for the fight, and found some twiggy looking fing finishin' off the last o' da bad 'uns. Apparently he knew the Space Marine Git, so Gulgrim wouldn't shoot 'im....Yet.

"Oh Zog it all. I missed da fightin'. Come on ladz! Get out 'ere."

Slowly Gulgrim's boyz began to file through the hole in the wall, leaving room for Jorumn should he choose to enter as well, gathering around and milling about the area. A handful of them pick up some of the bats and balls in the are and start hitting each other and throwing the baseballs around in something of an Orky semblance of the game. Though it looked more like a brawl. But then, most ork games did. In the matter of a minute it degraded into one of the nobz yelling at a Boy wearing an umpire's uniform for 'bein a blind git who can't see a foul ball.' It was unknown -where- the boy had gotten the uniform in the first place, but there was a Gretchin wearing a coach's outfit standing a little off to the side, telling some of the 'players' to get out there and win.

Apparently Orks took their improvised games of Squigball very seriously, even when there was no squig to use as a ball.

It was almost frightening how quickly Gulgrim's Boyz could find something to do with nothing available. And how often they pulled objects out of thin air. There was an air of Orky madness and reality-warping around Gulgrim, and it only became more palpable as the Orks' antics became more impossible, as if he was a generator for some Orky theory, causing improbable events to happen from sheer force of will. Gulgrim seemed to ignore it, if he even knew it existed. But the fact that the Orks under his command seemingly had no limit to their numbers and could arrive from anywhere seemed to be an ever-growing clue to any who observed him.
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Jorumn watches the display of this new being.  He felt no remorse nor empathy for the poor creatures that were destroyed so mercilessly; on the contrary, he is impressed by yet another being's power.  The Warp indeed had provided him with many subjects to study, and it seemed he would get to for some time until he managed to find a way out of The Eye.

He turned to Cameron and Fei, "Interruption necessary. We should leave shortly.  This world... it is unstable... it cannot stand on its own; it is as if the very fabric of it defies logic on a fundamental level.  Should we dwell here for too long, I sense we shall become..." the construct seemed to search for a polite word, yet... "...stupid."

The beads of energy that were Jorumn's eyes turned independently of his head toward the Orks playing Squigball.  "Observe.  The effects are taking place already."
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Sepher latched onto the soul of the daemon soul with an iron grip of his mind, and it settled in next to he dozens of others already there. The daemons had scattered away from him, terrified of the ability he wielded, but even as they did they were cut down by his companions. Soon, there were no more left, and everyone stood then, panting with effort. As Kalana asks if anyone needs healing, he waved off that he didn’t, His ribs weren’t broken, thankfully. Even as he did, however, a cleansing light flushed over him from Jharm that took away the tinge in his ribs. Sepher pulls his throwing blades to his hand with a yank of chaos magic, re-sheathing them.

   He looked over to both Kalana and Mary, giving them a nod that he was ready to go. With a flick of his wrist, the metal baton he was wielding retracted and lightning stopped arcing from it. He moved to follow the others, taking up a position of rear guard.
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Soul Reaver rounds the corner and plunges into the darkness of the warehouse. At first, he can see nothing but vague shapes, even with the light of the flaming sphere above him. Unnatural shadows swirl around the wrecked place and absorb all light. As Soul Reaver steps inside, there is a grinding noise from above and behind him. A huge door falls closed with a loud crash, blocking Soul Reaver's retreat and separating him from Natalya. She shouts something outside but it is muffled by the door and cannot be made out clearly. Before Soul Reaver has a chance to investigate this further, there is another crash from further ahead.

In the center of the warehouse, a makeshift platform has been crafted out of the remnants of tools and materials that once filled this place. A blinding light suddenly cuts on in the pile of junk behind the platform. The unnatural shadows dissipate, allowing the light to illuminate Soul Reaver and back-lighting the outline of the platform and it's contents.

A makeshift cross stands on the platform. It appears to be made out of two crossed i-beams from the warehouse ceiling, A figure is strapped to it, but the light shining from behind it prevents Soul Reaver from seeing anything other than it's shadowy outline. A female voice rings from the platform. Soul Reaver recognizes it instantly.

"Thank you... for everything. Don't think I'd be here now if it wasn't for you. I owe you the universe, my sensei."

The light cuts out, and without the shadows masking it, Soul Reaver's sphere of flame clearly illuminates the platform. A small figure is chained to the cross. The figure is wearing a tattered leather biker's outfit. Ragged snowy white hair obscures her face. Blood drips from various wounds and cuts on her body. She is breathing, but the breathing is labored and ragged. It is she who was speaking, and she soon speaks again.

"I wouldn't be where I am today. Trapped. Tortured. All because of your refusal to act. You had the power to stop me from being taken, and yet you allowed me to be taken anyway. And now look at me. This is your fault."

The figure looks up, and Soul Reaver is staring into the single remaining eye of his former student, Asaki. Her other eye is missing. It appears to have been gouged out sometime recently. Blood flows slowly from the clotted eye socket where it used to be. The rest of her face is covered in deep cuts and gashes, some fresh, some scarred. She flashes Soul Reaver a bloody grin.

"So thank you, sensei. Thank you for protecting me and providing this future for me. I owe you the universe."

As the rest of the companions prepare to move on, Kalana and Garr make their way to the large door that the Daemons entered the mall area through. It appears to be the only exit. Kalana shines a light into it but reveals nothing but a long dark corridor.

"Well, this is our only way through. Stay together so that we don't get separated."

Kalana and Garr make their way into the long corridor. Mary hands Danyael his cloak back with a smile and a nod of thanks, and then readies her broadsword and follows.

It seems like Kalana is walking for hours with her light illuminating nothing but more blank corridor, but she finally reaches a large wooden door. She and Garr manage to pull it open as Mary steps through ahead of them in a defensive stance. As they step out into what appears to be bright moonlight, The two elementals and the veteran bounty hunter look around in amazement.

The companions find themselves at the end of a large stone bridge that stretches across a lake. At the other end of the bridge stands an ancient castle. Towers and parapets stretch into the night sky. Every window is lit with a pleasant glow, and children's laughter can be heard coming from inside. A pleasant looking man with a long beard and a pointy hat stands at the end of the bridge and extends his hands in welcome. He beckons the companions to cross the bridge. Kalana, Garr and Mary exchange confused looks. Garr is the first to speak.

"What sorcery is this?"
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Sepher moved through the entrance that the daemons came through, following the others, keeping a lookout for what was coming next. It was not a question IF, but when. They walk for a goodly period of time down the dark corridor, what must be hours really until any noticible changes occur. Sepher takes position, ready to cast some daemonic energy or shift forms at a moment's notice as the others move to open the door.

He frowned at the moonlight and followed the others out, to what appeared to be a large stone bridge. His eyes went wide as they followed the pathway to a large, warmly lit stone castle. It was then that he saw the the pleasant looking man with the long beard. This place felt off... the laughter of children could faintly be heard, and to be welcomed so readily by anyone who was a stranger was disconcerting. Echoing laughter of the daemon souls played through his head, cackling, teasing him. It filled his mind, the chorus of dozens of souls. Sepher sounded almost distraught as he spoke up, speaking in a rush. The souls partially overwhelming his senses for a few moments. Usually when he heard cackling like that from the souls in his head, destruction of some sort ensued.

"Something is wrong, very wrong. I don't know what, but all is not as it seems" He spun around, looking around for some unseen attack, and he drew upon the chaotic energies of his home system to be unleashed in an instant, before spinning back around to face the Old man and castle before them.

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The Seraphim follows the rest of the group through the entryway the demons came through.  After traveling for a lengthy amount of time they reached a large wooden door that the elementals heave open.  Upon stepping through the doorway Jharm gazes around at stars and moonlight, a giant castle looming before them.  The faint sound of childrens laughter and the sight of a kindly old gentleman at the end of a stone bridge in front of them causes him to lift his hammer off his shoulder and grasp it with both hands.  They are in the Labyrinth after all....nothing is as it seems. 

"A "church" to a shopping mall to a giant castle.  The insanity of this place continues...."

He gazes up at the castle parapets, observant for any potential attackers (especially winged ones) that may be hiding above the group.
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As the door slams behind him, Soul Reaver immediately pulls Blooddrinker back, ready to engage in combat.  A sinister silhouette stands ahead, and a sense of immense foreboding washes over the immortal warrior.  And then, a familiar voice speaks, and Soul Reaver's heart feels as though it had turned to stone.

"Thank you... for everything. Don't think I'd be here now if it wasn't for you. I owe you the universe, my sensei."

The light vanishes, and in the orange glow of his flaming sphere, Soul Reaver beholds Asaki.  Tortured, cruelly crucified, blood running freely over savaged limbs.

"I wouldn't be where I am today. Trapped. Tortured. All because of your refusal to act. You had the power to stop me from being taken, and yet you allowed me to be taken anyway. And now look at me. This is your fault."

Colour drains from Soul Reaver's face and his normally stoic mask crumbles.  A faint metallic ting can be heard as Soul Reaver unconsciously lowers the tip of his blade until it touches the ground.  Asaki's words thrust like icy lances through his mind.

With effort, Asaki raises her head, her one good eye filled with bitter accusation.

"So thank you, sensei. Thank you for protecting me and providing this future for me. I owe you the universe."

For a moment, Soul Reaver is left standing completely motionless.  His shoulders sagging, it looks as though he can barely carry the weight of his own armor.  His eyes brim with tears.  No longer an immortal warrior of legend or a heroic champion of justice, he stands there instead as but a tired, broken man. 

Then he blinks, and the tears roll down his cheeks.  But his face is changed again.  Grim, unyielding, but now struggling to hold back something boiling viciously just beneath the surface.

Soul Reaver's eyes blaze with a deep crimson light and for a few seconds the air in the entire warehouse shimmers visibly as Soul Reaver's senses probe for the truth.  It is Asaki... but it is not.  There is a glamour here, hiding the truth.  Were it impersonating another, perhaps he might have been fooled.  But not Asaki!

Soul Reaver's visage twists in fury.  He spreads his arms wide and his voice echoes deep throughout the warehouse.

"Show yourself, debased Daemon-kin!  Do you think I would not question what you lay before me in this place of deceit and illusion?!  Step forth and we shall see your measure!!"

He lowers his arms.  Though quieter, his next words drip with murderous hostility, and are accompanied by a strange, inhuman growl.

"You unearth things that should have been left buried."
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Danyael wordlessly accepts his cloak with a nod, redraping it back across his shoulders with linking movement the moment it was back in his hands. Following the others through the hall, Danyael at first felt something, only for it to pass. Remembering the feeling, he secured it in his thoughts and pressed on as if nothing happened. Lifting the hood back over his head, he continued on with the others.

And then the doors opened. While outwardly he expressed nothing, that's precisely what he had an idea of: nothing. This entire labyrinth was one great big... nothing. From a shopping mall to an enchanted castle filled with giggles and an old man who more than likely was a wizard. What was next? Sugar and Rainbows? Sparkling Vampires? He thought on the second question, then shook it off as nonsense. Hopefully the other companions didn't deal with tomfoolery of that caliber. 

“Something is wrong, very wrong. I don't know what, but all is not as it seems.” he heard Sepher exactly when he saw the older gentleman welcoming them while sporting his awkwardly pointed hat. If this was someone's idea of a cosmic joke, he didn't get it – nor did he find it funny.

“A “church” to a shopping mall to a giant castle. The insanity of this place continues...” He heard Jharm say. Insanity was a polite way of stating it. This was just downright off course. “Mind-boggling...” Danyael mused as he passed Jharm by. Honestly, it became all the more difficult to take this place seriously, it became borderline insulting.
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The random door that apparently leads to a separate plane is a little odd, even for this place.  What is even odder is the sparkling baseball playing vampires.  Kitharsis is poised and ready to rush to defend Cameron, but before he even enters the doorway he notices the lengthening shadow.  There is power inside of it, and it makes itself known abruptly. 

This new being displays a large amount of power and skill.  These lesser vampires fall easily to the rampaging shadows.  This battle style is familiar, and Kitharsis would bet money on who is behind the deadly shadows.

His guess is correct, as the shadows melt away and reveal Fei Serumen.

"Good to see you are well, Fei.  How did you find yourself here?"
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Asaki's bloody grin widens as Soul Reaver speaks. His anger and show of power doesn't seem to bother her. In fact, she seems to have been counting on it.

"Funny that you should mention things that were unearthed, Master Reaver."

The word Master drips with sarcasm.

"You are correct, of course. I am not actually Asaki. And I wasn't expecting you to fall for that for very long. But your very reaction has told me all I need to know."

The body of "Asaki" suddenly begins to glow. Large white wings burst from her back as the chains holding her to the cross are torn asunder. Her good eye glows green and the wounds fade from her instantly, though her other eye remains an empty socket. She hovers above the platform, grinning wildly, her white hair blowing around her face as immense power radiates from her.

"You wish to see my true measure? Well, I want nothing more than to fight you, and break you. And trust me. I WILL break you. You will suffer for letting Asaki be taken."

Asaki's flesh begins to twist and boil. Her entire body changes, becoming much bigger and more muscular. What's left after the changes is a massive figure in a tattered Blood Angels uniform with long black hair. He is still grinning an awful grin and his one good eye is still glowing green. The other eye is still missing. His voice has changed when he speaks, but it's another voice that is familiar to Soul Reaver.

"Do you remember me, Master Reaver? Probably not. My life was of no consequence to you. Just a pawn in your fight against your enemies. Just as she was. But I have long thought about you. I saw you, through that pathetic fool Cameron. I saw you leave Asaki to her fate. You had the opportunity to stop them. You all did. And you just let them take her. I know you feel that guilt! Your reaction serves as your confession! And I am here to exact judgement. Not just on you, but on everyone who was responsible. And their friends. And their families. I will not rest until all of you have suffered the way she suffered. The way I suffered."

The figure raises his arms, hovering in front of Soul Reaver on his angelic wings.

"James Peterson. At your service. I am your judge, your jury, and your executioner."

Cameron had fallen into a purely defensive stance when the vampires had surrounded them. His hand was resting on the hilt of one of the two elemental blades at his side. Karyl and Kari fallin on either side of him, covering his flank. But then Cameron's eyes are drawn to the tree. A familiar energy is building in it's growing shadow. He recognizes it immediately.


Cameron watches, growing increasingly more nervous with each vampire's evisceration. He hasn't seen Fei since before they left Cadia. And he and Fei were not exactly on great terms due to the events that took place on Cellaris V. Cameron had essentially murdered Fei by breaking his bond with Tamrissa. But he had survived. And now here he is. Cameron keeps his guard up as Fei finishes his murdering and reveals himself to the group.

"Fei Serumen. I wish we were meeting on better circumstances. We appear to be lost within the Labyrinth of Chaos. We had others with us, but we've been separated. If you are here to help, we could definitely use it."

While Cameron talks to Fei, Karyl and Kari are walking around the baseball diamond, avoiding the orks and their hijinks. Eventually, Karyl sees something.

"Cameron? This is an odd looking door to have in the middle of a field."

Karyl points at a large wooden shed. Everything about it screams old and rustic except the door. The door is a huge industrial looking door that apparently opens by retracting it's two halves vertically. Square teeth run the length of the center of the door in a horizontal line. They are bordered with yellow and black stripes. A large red button sticks out of the wood to the door's right. Cameron regards it humorlessly.

"Another out of place door. That must lead to the next area. All we can do is keep moving."

Cameron walks over to the door and presses the button. A klaxon sounds from somewhere inside, and the door slowly retracts and opens. Cameron steps through. He finds himself on a huge platform. A ramp extends diagonally upward. This looks like a large freight elevator. As Kari and Karyl step through behind him, Cameron looks around. The only two things on this large elevator are two barrels over in the corner. Cameron walks over and pushes one and it falls over, apparently hollow. Underneath it is a whole roasted turkey on a plate.

"What... the fuck?"

Kalana reacts to Sepher's panic by raising her rifle and aiming it at the old man. She doesn't want to be discourteous, but they ARE in the Eye of Terror. This can't be what it seems.

The man smiles and raises his arms.

"Now, now, esteemed visitors! There's no reason to be alarmed! I am just here to welcome you to the school! And I brought our students out to welcome you as well. Students? Give our fine guests a proper wizarding welcome!"

The source of children's laughter is suddenly much closer. A legion of children on broomsticks rise from either side of the massive bridge. There must be thousands of them. It's hard to get an accurate count. They are all wearing pointy hats and strange uniforms, and each of them have a stick in their hands. But that is not the first thing the companions would notice. The first thing they would see is their eyes. No iris or pupils. Just a glowing red pit where their eyes should be. Mary raises her sword, fear in her voice for the first time since arriving in the Eye.

"No... this is wrong. Fall back! Defensive formations!!!"

Just as she says this, the children all giggle in unison, and suddenly they are on the companions. Zipping around extremely fast, they launch lightning, fire, and beams of power from their wands and look to swarm the companions and either kill them where they stand or drive them off the bridge. The old man cackles from the edge of the bridge as a powerful barrier springs up in front of him.
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The man before them smiled and raised his arms.

"Now, now, esteemed visitors! There's no reason to be alarmed! I am just here to welcome you to the school! And I brought our students out to welcome you as well. Students? Give our fine guests a proper wizarding welcome!"

This children's laughter echoed around the companions, but to sepher, it seemed more like demonic cackling. He had been ready.

"No... this is wrong. Fall back! Defensive formations!!!" Mary shouts.

Sepher grits his teeth. He will now let anything happen to them, he should have reacted sooner, but at least he had a large reserve of power to use at the moment. He holds his hands open in front of himself and focuses every bit of energy he can muster between them. The fire bolts and lances of power and lightning and stupifys and all sorts of other swirls of energy are flowing their way. In sephers mind, they seemed to craw inevitably towards the companions, but suddenly he throws his fists out, casting a shield of energy around all of the companions just as the spells slammed into them. Sepher grunted with the impact, his boots sliding across the gravel on the ground.

"GET READY" Sepher shouted, not bothering to lower his voice in the maelstrom of magical energies.

In one explosive burst of energy, Sepher threw his shield outward, like a sphere of breaking glass, launching the missiles of the evil little mages back at themselves in a violent whirlwind of deadly energy. It gave them a small lull in the purposeful intent to kill them as their spells slam back into themselves, the screams of children floating up into the air. Sepher fell to a knee, the screams of the kids digging into his soul as the daemons cackled louder in his mind. He knew full well that there were thousands upon thousands of creatures here, intent to kill them.
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Soul Reaver stands his ground as Peterson reveals himself.  As he speaks, Soul Reaver's hands close white-knuckled over the hilt of his blood-tinted sword.  Every word from Peterson builds a rage within Soul Reaver's breast that threatens to burn away all reason.  Beads of sweat run down his forehead and he hisses through gritted teeth.

"Peterson!  We all thought you were lost - and indeed it seems you are.  Better you had died than become such an abomination!"

The ball of flame above Soul Reaver backs away slightly and begins to grow, spitting sparks down onto Soul Reaver and casting his face into sinister shadow.  Two pinpoints of red light shine unwholesomely from beneath a dark brow.

"Asaki had committed crimes and the Soreans offered her a path to redemption.  She CHOSE to go!"

He pauses for a moment.

"Yes, I could have stopped them."  As he speaks, he takes a half-step forward, extending his left hand and closing it in a claw-like grip in emphasis.  He spits every word with vehement hatred.  "I could have torn their accursed hearts from their chests, cloven them from head to groin, woven sorcery to shred their flesh into bloodied ribbons!"

Soul Reaver steps back and turns his head aside.  For a moment, his voice reflects not rage, but quiet regret.

"She would have been free of her pursuers and free to travel throughout the multiverse.  She could have stayed at my side."

The moment passes, and Soul Reaver's eyes blaze with red balefire once more.  His voice reaches a crescendo.

"But I had to let her go!  It was the only just decision!!  It was the only way left open to me!!"

The ball of flame roars as it blazes even brighter, and Soul Reaver brings Blooddrinker up in a combat stance, held two-handed beside his head, the tip pointed straight toward Peterson's heart.  Soul Reaver's voice now sounds strange - as though another being were speaking his words along with him.

"Who are you to judge me?!  You are nothing but a worm, and like a worm shall you die!!"

A surge of hot strength pours from Blooddrinker, up Soul Reaver's arms and into his body as he launches himself toward Peterson.
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"Now, now, esteemed visitors! There's no reason to be alarmed! I am just here to welcome you to the school! And I brought our students out to welcome you as well. Students? Give our fine guests a proper wizarding welcome!"

Suddenly thousands of children on broomsticks rise up from around the old man.  Glowing red pits glare at the companions as malevolent giggling echoes from the demonic creatures.

"No... this is wrong. Fall back! Defensive formations!!!" Mary shouts.

As the demonic "children" scatter and assorted spells rain down towards the companions a bubble of energy appears overhead.  The Seraphim notices Sepher struggle as the array of magical effects slam into his shield, and moves towards him.  Suddenly Sepher shouts out, his voice barely audible above the assault above them.


Suddenly the shield seems to...shatter as the collected spells are reflected back towards their demonic casters.  The sound of children screaming pierces the soul of the heavenly being.  First they were sent into a despicable abomination of a holy place...a desecration of a church.  Then they are forced to face off against demonic children.  To twist and distort something as innocent as a child to hide demonic abominations beneath....something Jharm could not stand.   Those around him sense a surge of power emanate from within the Seraphim as he reaches the half-kneeling Sepher.  A glowing gauntlet touches the twisted humans shoulder as a sense of calm and peace flows into Sepher followed by a voice.

Peace my not let them win.....

Suddenly the hand is removed as glowing eyes gaze skyward.

"Time to bring the fight to them......"

The Seraphim launches upwards into the air, glowing brightly against the midnight sky.  With a grace and deftness most would assume impossible, the massive angel darts and dives amongst the airborne witches and warlocks either striking them from their brooms with his massive sledge and blasting them away with blasts of holy light.  A particularly malicious teenager bearing short blond hair and a sneer with a strange snake sewn onto his robe manages to get behind Jharm and raises his wand.

"Avada kedavra!"

A bolt of green lightning launches from the tip of the wand and flies towards the Seraphim, slamming into and through a shield created by the angel.  The bolt punches through the holy armor and launches him rocketting into the ground a large cloud of dust hiding the impact spot.  A few seconds pass when suddenly a massive beam of light launches from within the dust towards the caster responsible for the curse, bathing him in glowing white light as clothing then flesh then finally bone burn away until the creature is completely incinerated.  The dust clears to show Jharm hunched over slightly, breathing heavily, a noticeable hole in his armor between his wings.

"Foul can not.....stop....the Light!"

Summoning his fallen hammer to his hand, the Seraphim launches into the air once more, battling the demons above the companions, working to prevent another magical onslaught against his "grounded" companions.
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Fei eyes over Cameron's companions, inspecting the new individuals that have joined him as well as some old faces he's recognized.  How long has it really been since he last seen them?  He has an... Ork as a companion... it appears.  And what appears to be a spiritual entity controlling a body such as a marionette.  Perhaps a Lich? Perhaps not so different.  But an Ork?

He would ponder this while his attention is drawn to what appears to be an old Freight elevator.   Fei begins to approach it, speaking as he does so.

"Hmmm... Curious.  Anyways, there is much to discuss and not much time.  However, is Abaddon dead? In my last attack against him, the border between the Eye and the Abyss were strained too thin. I let my guard down and  was pulled over.  I didn't have the energy to make it back on my own against the abyss until you encountered... them."

Stepping into Elevator, Fei's boots clang steadily against the sheet steel floor. It's secure.  His attention is diverted upwards and a grin crosses his face.

"Hmmm. Many are going to die, here. Very soon. I can taste it.  I must conserve my strength for challenges to come, less the abyss try and reclaim me.  The turkey would probably restore my energy completely, but I sense there is only 2 of them.  I'll have to fight with my Bare Knuckles.

With a satisfying pop, Fei cracks his knuckles, neck and back and pulls back into a readied fighting stance, his form, perfect and motionless as he waits for the enemies to come.  His anima and essence expenditure drops, and the shadows around him mute and fade away.

"Let it begin... Let them come."

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Kitharsis follows behind Fei and Cameron.  He stands cross armed as as the huge industrial door retracts open.  More madness awaits them.  Fei has been explaining his disappearance, and how he was able to return.

"I hope you are able to fend off the abyss until we are out of this demented place, Fei."  Is Kitharsis's reply.

"What... the fuck?"  Cameron questions, as he stands over what looks like a roasted bird of some sort.

A freight elevator, and a roasted bird.  Kitharsis is just as confused.  Fei is preparing for a battle, and gives a warning.  Not wanting to be caught off guard, Kitharsis unhooks his horseman's pick.  He taps the blunt hammer side on the floor as he waits for whatever will be poking its head out.
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Even Jorumn's vast library of knowledge has allowed him no words, no explanation for what is happening before him.  The one Cameron called "Fei" seems to have dwelt in this world long enough to know what's going on, and far be it from Jorumn to question him in this land of utter nonsense.  Despite being well armed, Fei chooses to use his "bare knuckles."

Jorumn surrenders his previously held logic.  It will not help him or his new allies; not here.  As he gathered the elements of his home world, he would gather the elements of this world and bend them to his will.  As he planted his feet on the strange platform, familiar ritual circles opened up beneath the feet of each Jorumn.  The energy was unsteady as the construct navigated the energies of this dimension of silliness... but it was not long before Jorumn seemed to capture its essence, and the energies steadied.  Strange symbols and images faded in an out as the circles danced with power; headbands... impossibly tight shirts... hair spray... boy bands...

The powers Jorumn toyed with now were far more vile than any he had dared trifle with before; it was good that now he was merely a construct, for if he truly knew the magnitude of the magics he now toyed with, he would surely wretch at the thought.
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If these creatures were to think themselves fit to make the companions look like fools, then two could play at that game. A twiddling of his fingers and a snap brought a plume of cotton candy smoke into the realm with a 'Bamf!' flatulent sound. The homonculus, a floating orb whose body was no bigger than a human head – perhaps because head and body were one and the same – bobbed up and down in a playful dance amid the chaos. One of the louder of the wizards, a girl – if she could be called one – screamed on a straight ahead collision course toward Mary. In a tuft of pinkish smoke, the Homonculus spurted in front of the elemental, its cylindrical fingers jutting forward in a halting gesture. The gesture, however, was anything but.

“Sounimulov Smoozab!” the homonculus chirped with a playful squawk. The young wizardress jolted to attention, surprise clearly painting her features as her eyes dart down to notice her bust increase by four sizes. Wide eyed, she looked back up onto to receive a headbutt by the homonculus before the creature vanished back into the ether with a playful snicker.

Danyael, on the other hand, was far from being in a laughing mood – or any mood. Turning to watch a portly wizard dressed in green and black robes lift his wand. The stubby want erupted with what could none other be described as living lava. The fire appeared with a roaring, billowing noise, rising to abnormally massive sizes as it takes the shape of fiery monstrous personages of snakes, dragons and chimeras, constantly mutating between forms as it expands to greater sizes. Screeching toward Danyael, it razed all in its path, including the many other wizards racing toward him. At the same time, another group of wizards, totaling a number too high to care to count, aimed their wands with a concerted command: “Avada Kedavra!” exploding arcs of dazzling green light, much like that of serpentine lightning, toward the Nephilim Lord.

An explosion of light made it first appear that Danyael had taken the hit as it crumpled him to his knees upon impact. But when noticing the green lights were still connected to him did it become apparent the nephilim lord was blocking the attack with his free hand, shielding himself with a barrier in the form of a howling white orb of moonlight. The wizards increase their focus, by forcing harder, pushing Danyael to such extent that the ground around him begins digs in, breaking apart in segments and chunks of earth. And with the living flames rushing toward him at the same time, ready for the final pounce, it appeared Danyael would be singing his swan song within moments.

But then again... there was his other hand to consider. Gripped in his clutch was the yamato, quaking with the wanton urges of death and violence raging around him. His warp-blinded eyes perceived the very threads of energy that brought the spells into existence. He watched the leylines stretch and coil, bending and expanding – but never breaking. And so, he decided it was finally time to end this farce. A gutteral snarl rippled through the air and his moonlight shield was suddenly replaced by the slashing upward movement of the reverse-gripped (now unsheathed) yamato, transmuting its hellish energies into consumable prana for the blade – which has known only death all its existence. And with a blink, the green light snuffed out into a fizz of nothingness.

The somnus swirled in a weaponized whirlwind, his free hand snaring hold of a two bladed halberd – the Niitei. He looked up slowly, his eyes now a deep shade of forest green, looked back at the wizards, now aghast with what they had seen. And as if to silently say 'My Turn', he was suddenly no longer there. That is until they heard a sound coming from behind them; the sound of something spinning. Fast. Too fast. Wheeling the weapon around his wrist, he let the weapon loose. The Niitei surged through the battlefield in a sudden burst of strength, the wind around it picked up in a howling aftermath, shredding up the forestry in its wake where it dissolved away the distance between weapon and its prey with the speed of a camera shutter, hammering into the wizards with the centrifugal force of a hurricane.

Relentless as he was, however, the nephilim lord felt it prudent to insure the pests, inspite of the massacre, stayed dead. Feeling the energies of the flaming beast still raging toward him, he felt the raw force of the creature carving across the battlefield to reach him. But that was just it – the beast was still on the ground. On. The. Ground. Big mistake. Stomping his booted heel hard into the ground, the beast felt its own lack of control dissolve all the more away when it not only couldn't move, but now felt pulled toward Danyael instead.

The closer it got, the brighter its flames glowed. The brighter they glowed, the more their hues changed – transmuting the creature from a beast of furious flame into raw blazing white energy, sucked deep now into the very ground Danyael commanded; feeding the nephilim lord's hunger. And with this newly absorbed strength, he aimed his free hand toward the massacre of wizards where he proceeded to send the transmuted energy back at the demons, igniting the battlefield in a haze of crimson and platinum flames.

The nephilim lord stood still at first, his body quivering and quaking before shades of himself, exact duplicates save for donning nightshade black hooded cloaks, began spilling out of him in all directions. What became six, became twelve. What became twelve became twenty four. And at their center stood the nephilim lord himself. But not all was well. The transference of too many energies had taken its toll. And so, the hybrid keeled to a knee, where he suddenly vomited up an unacceptable weight of blood before taking a haggard breath after the occurrence. A command of will and his shades vanished and reappeared in randomly calculated areas of the battlements, engaging the wizards and their monstrosities as their creator knelt amid the chaos waiting for his healing factor to kick in. But it didn't. Not right away. It came slowly. Almost too slowly. And then he realized that the Labyrinth was far more than assumed. The pain wracked him in waves while his shades fought on without fail. And when another wave of anguish hit him, he finally let out a tortured scream that echoed across the emptiness.
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Gulgrim didn't pay an ounce of attention to what any of the group was saying around him. A baseball whizzed over his head and he immediately told his Orks to quit muckin' about. They all grouped up and followed him into the elevator last. As the last of the Orks filed in, they closed the door behind them, and stood patiently waiting. Gulgrim took this moment to run a hand across his face in a gesture almost of exasperation, when he noticed something odd. His hand seemed to be able to run all the way across his skull without coming into contact with his hat. Planting a hand firmly on top of his head, he felt only his bald pate and not the familiar leather of his Katpin's Hat.

"Uh-oh..." He muttered.  He looked back at the door only for a ground-shaking explosion to rumble back at him.

"Whoops. Well, I suppose it wasn't a complete misuse o' me 'at. Didn' like dat place anyhow."

Gulgrim looked around and saw a Turkey next to a toppled barrel that Cameron had moved. Thinking the Space Marine had been in the mood for food and the barrel had acquiesced, Gulgrim booted over the second barrel to unveil yet another turkey, this one happening to be wearing a copy of his hat.

"Oi! Thank ye little bird."

Gulgrim reached down and plucked his hat from the Turkey, putting it on his head, and then reached down and ripped a leg from the Turkey and took a bite out of it.

"Tastes right Orky, it does."
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Soul Reaver launches himself forward. As he does so, the power he can feel from Peterson first doubles, then quadruples. At the same moment, Soul Reaver can finally fully detect the second spiritual signature that has been tugging at the corner of his mind since Peterson first appeared. It is immediately recognizable. Abbadon the Despoiler is here. But where?

Peterson's form flickers and shifts again. The angelic wings burn away, leaving translucent insect wings in their place. Peterson himself is engulfed in flames as the rest of his flesh burns off, save the right hand side of his face. This reveals Peterson's true form. Long metal legs end in three huge talons, spaced evenly apart with two facing forward at opposite angles and one facing straight backward. His arms are longer then they should be, and are strangely jointed. These also end in razor sharp metal talons, four on each hand. His body mostly resembles a skeleton. Metallic ribs protect a bundle of metal and cables that serve as his spine. The upper chest area is a solid enclosure of plating. Large silver chains wrap around the figure’s body in multiple places.

The left half of Peterson's face is the face of a robot. The eye on this side is a glowing red lens set into a metallic visage in the shape of a skull. The area where the mouth would be is covered in a metal plate. It appears that the metal part of the face on the right side was ripped off at some point. A jagged line of sharp metal and exposed wiring indicates where the metal face was sheared off. This exposes the right side of Peterson's human face underneath it. His face appears to be the face of a corpse. The flesh looks pale and lifeless, as if it had been preserved for a funeral. The mouth is visibly stitched closed, and the creature’s hair is mostly gone. What is left of it is wispy and transparent. The only thing that remains the same as his previous form is the exposed eye. The iris glows a sickening shade of green and is almost painful to look at. It swirls around the pupil as if it was a cyclone of energy instead of a physical part of the eye.

The silver chains that wrap around Peterson suddenly spring to life. They unwrap and swing forward, coming in between Soul Reaver and Peterson and parrying Blooddrinker's blow. Though the daemon blade cuts into the chains, they hold taut, stopping Soul Reaver's forward progression. Any damage done to them is already starting to repair itself.

"Tisk tisk, Master Reaver. We weren't done with our conversation yet! There's no need to be rude."

Soul Reaver can suddenly feel another presence behind him. The silver coin indicates that it is Natalya, but something is wrong.

"Hey Natalya. Why not escort your friend Soul Reaver here to his knees where he belongs."

There is an unnatural roar from behind Soul Reaver and then Natalya is on him. Her once frail form has twisted, and she wraps legs and arms that are far too long around Soul Reaver, hanging on with unnatural strength as she attempts to tear into his throat with massive fangs.

Cameron replies to Fei as they step onto the elevator platform.

"Yes. Abbadon is dead. We finally overpowered him, and he overloaded the Talon of Horus in an attempt to destroy us. He was not successful."

As Cameron stares at the first turkey, Gulgrim kicks over the barrel next to it. Cameron watches as Gulgrim recovers his hat from the roasted bird.

"How the hell did-"

Cameron is interrupted by Karyl.

"Bro, maybe we should just let that one go. k?"

As Gulgrim eats the turkey leg, the rest of the turkey disappears with a strange, almost 16-bit sound. Gulgrim suddenly feels energy coursing through him, healing any wounds he may have had and making him feel twice as powerful. At the same time, there is a rumbling and the elevator starts moving up the ramp very slowly. Strange electronic music starts playing from seemingly nowhere.

And then there are people dropping from the sky. They land on the platform one by one. Thugs with broken bottles and knives. Burly men in dirtbike helmets with lead pipes. Punkish looking men with brightly colored mohawks and yellow, red, and green leather jackets. Martial arts masters. Masked ninja armed with katanas. The list goes on. Soon, the companions are surrounded by these people. Even more wait above to drop down on to the elevator as it gets closer, and strange looking men with jetpacks hover and circle, waiting to strike. In unison, the men on the elevator rush forward to attack as what appears to be a countdown timer appears overtop of everything.

Garr had fallen back to Mary's position when she shouted her warning. Mary throws up a shield that protects her and Garr from the spells and majicks that are hurled their way. Some of the wizards manage to dart through the shield to attack up close. Garr and Mary take them out as they come, Garr leaping to meet them in midair and dislodge them from their brooms, and Mary hacking them down with the reach of her large two-handed blade. As the numbers become overwhelming and the shield begins to falter, Garr and Mary find themselves forced back to the edge of the bridge. Garr is caught head on by a blast from a wizard he was leaping towards and falls in a heap, disappearing in a swirl of shadows shortly after landing. Mary sees her shield finally fail just before she is hit by several powerful curses simultaneously. She tumbles backwards off of the bridge, falling towards the waters below.

Kalana uses her psychic powers to hold the wizards and their magic at bay as she charges towards the old man at the end of the bridge. She runs headlong into his shield and is pushed back. Her eyes narrow as the old man laughs at her.

"Okay, old man. We'll see if you're still laughing when I get my hands on you."

Kalana focuses her entire mind and all of her energy towards the barrier. A wave of psychic power rips from her as her finger tips penetrate the magical shield. Given enough time, she should be able to power her way through, but she cannot defend herself and some of the wizards are already turning towards her.

Even as this is happening, shadowy figures descend from the sky. These 10 foot tall wraith-like beings make their way towards the companions, hands outstretched. As they draw closer, the companions can feel their power weakening.

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The battle gave Danyael little means for pause as the strike force was once again assaulted on all sides. As his shades continued the slaughter against the demon wizards, his eyes caught sight of a fusillade of spells hurling against the barrier for Mary and Garr, only to see the two elementals be assaulted in an entirely new wave, throwing Garr into nothingness and Mary over the edge of he bridge. His eyes looked everywhere for Garr but could not find him, and with his healing factor still out of whack, Danyael could not send out telekinetic feelings to search for him. Spitting up another liter of blood, preferably his last before his healing could fully kick in, he pushed off the ground in a mad dash for Mary, battering through the wizards that stood in his way much like an earth-based offensive lineman would batter through the opposing team, violently kicking, clothes-lining and shoulder tossing the demons as he shot through them like a high speed freight train. Just as Mary was fully over the edge and on her way down, Danyael, his cloak and imperial jacket gone - now revealing the body-fitting encounter suit beneath, leaped off in a swan dive for the elemental. He clamped his arms firmly around her, before fully turning themselves around as it was now his back that faced the waters and her body to face the sky.

 Feeling the energy of the rushing waters beneath them, Danyael tapped into his authority over the elements - heightened by his exile in the warp - where the water first began to slow as it got more and more dense, over and over again. The more dense it got, the more firm it became until it was a writhing mass of aquatic gel; hard enough to cushion a fall, but light enough to not cause a messy impact. They hit it hard, anyway, causing the gel to splatter in a multitude of directions in a geyser of jelly. Considering his incredibly weakened state, it wasn't that bad of an idea. All the same, there they lay in the deep gelled indentation of what was once the waters below. But having been weakened for so long, Danyael's eyes finally rolled back into his head and he went limp.

When he was in the warp, his powers had heightened, evolved, to such degree that even the slightest difference made a vastly more potent response. His connection to the worlds, the elements, the very universe - in this case Multiverse - around him affected him differently on a number of levels both positive and negative. The level of corrupted energies at work in this construct known as the Labyrinth was so severe that it had retarded his ability to heal instantaneously. And now, his limp form was the final product of the forces that be at work.
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As the Seraphim battles the waves of demon wizards in the air he spots Garr and Mary fighting near the edge of the bridge.  In a blast Garr falls and disappears and Mary tumbles over the edge.  Danyael then follows her over the edge and he loses sight of the two of them.  Noticing Kalana's psychic assault against the old wizard the angel knows his next course of action.  Speeding towards the defenseless form of Kalana he crashes through two children who were about to attack Kalana from behind, slamming into the ground and crushing them beneath his mighty frame then knocking the forms off the edge of the bridge.  He moves behind Kalana with his back to her.

"Fear not Lady Kalana I'll ensure you come to no harm!"

Suddenly wraith like creatures descend from above towards the companions.  As they draw near Jharm can feel his power draining as if the creature is literally sucking out his soul.  He launches his sledge up at the nearest one and watches as it passes right through the creature.  He gestures and the hammer comes flying back into his outstretched hand.

"Immune to physical damage?  Then feel the glowing brilliance of the Light!"

The armored form of the Seraphim begins to glow a brilliant white, almost turning the night into day.  He raises his right hand towards the nearest Dementor and directs a beam of light at it.  The creature recoils as it is struck by the beam and begins to retreat from the glowing form of Jharm.  Two Dementors attempt to get behind Jharm and attack Kalana.  Suddenly the light surrounding the Seraphim flashes and grows even brighter, blinding a few demonic children nearby, causing them to fall from their brooms and to their deaths.   The Dementors shriek as they reel under the incredible brightness and move away from Jharm and Kalana.  Summoning a shield around Kalana the Seraphim proceeds to defend her with all his power, either striking any wizards that draw near with his sledge, blasting them from their brooms and keeping the Dementors at bay with flashes and beams of light.  Should anything make it through the shield and injure Kalana he is quick to place healing prayers upon her, knowing that the battle hinges on defeating the old man beneath the shield.
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Mary barely registers toppling off of the bridge. She is completely stunned from the assault. As she falls, she catches a glimpse of someone falling after her. Then, nothing.

And then a split second later, a landing on something soft and cold, and she is snapped back to her senses. She rouses herself slowly, trying to figure out what the gel-like substance she landed on is. Then she feels someone beneath her. Realizing that lying on top of someone while in field plate isn't a fantastic idea, she allows herself to float up and twists over so that she is facing her savior.

It is Danyael. She could have guessed that he would be the one to catch her before she plummeted into the water unconscious. That didn't make her any less grateful. She can see that he is not in a very good state. She doesn't have any healing abilities to help, but can at least get him away from the action for a moment.

Mary reaches down and touches Danyael, and they both vanish in in a flash of violet light. They re-appear on top of a tower a good 50 yards away from the combat. Mary keeps her hand on Danyael as she feeds some of her elemental energy into him, hoping that maybe he can kick-start his own healing powers with it. She then looks back towards the combat, but a noise closer to their position attracts her attention.

It is three of the wraiths. They must have seen her teleport. They are making a beeline for her and Danyael's position. Mary shifts into a defensive stance. Anything trying to get to Danyael will have to go through her.
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Kitharsis watches as Gulgrim miraculously finds his hat perched on the top of the second turkey.  This Ork is incredibly powerful, and just as odd. 

A rumbling sound marks the begin of the elevator's ascent.  Adrenaline infusing electronic music begins playing from out of nowhere.  Kitharsis cracks his knuckles and raises his fists into a boxing stance.  His tattoos glow red on their own accord, reacting to the electronic music and the totally extreme atmosphere of this place.  His blond mohawk starts to feel more right than it ever has, dude.

A group of rough and tumble dudes drop down from the sky and begin circling the companions.  Kitharsis grins as he realizes that they are all melee fighters.  A punk in a bright green leather jacket slides forward and throws a punch at him.

Kitharsis easily dodges and returns with an uppercut of his own.  The uppercut connects and sends the dude in green flying backwards.  He bounces on the hard metal floor a good number of times before springing back to his feet like nothing had happened.  Kitharsis frowns, but before he can throw a follow up attack a dude in blue leather with spikes on his shoulders nonchalantly tosses a grenade.

The Tirthandara jumps with a crazy roll and lands a few yards away from the grenade.  Surprisingly none of the debris from blast hits him.  The blue leather dude keeps tossing grenades in the same spot, not even aiming for anything.  A few dudes with different colored mohawks randomly step onto the grenades as they explode, sending them flying high into the air.  Maddeningly, the floor is still pristine even after the barrage of explosions. 

A dude with a silver mohawk comes at him with a broken bottle.  Kitharsis kicks him in the side of the head, causing the dude to drop his primitive weapon.  He follows his kick with a one-two combo of punches, punctuated with another uppercut.  The glow of his tattoos leaves a red trail following his attacks.  Wicked.  The dude falls down and gives out a cheesy scream as he blinks out of existence.

"This is just nonsense."  He growls, as he charges into three dudes in yellow leather jackets.  He dips his shoulder and collides with all three of them at once.  They stumble and fall backwards, each yelling out the same cheesy scream as they blink out of existence at the same time. 

A dude in a blue jumpsuit with a jetpack on his back throws a diving kick at him.  It connects with his back and sends him sprawling.  Kitharsis shakes the elevator floor as he bounces and rolls to his feet.

Jetpack dude makes another dive.  Kitharsis grabs his leg and spins him in a circle before whipping him at the side of the wall.  He and his jetpack explode, leaving no trace of either of them.

"Righteous."  He mutters.
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Gulgrim barely has enough time to decide He'd like his Power Klaws on his arms before people begin to show up to fight them. Unsurprisingly, when he struck out at the first oncoming Punk, his cybork arm ended in a power klaw rather than the fist it had been moments ago. Perhaps even less surprisingly, he struck out with his other hand, which had also been equipped with a power klaw in the time that no-one had been looking at it. Since these gits were going to fight him with their handz and pitiful weapons like knives and broken bottles, he'd show them how a real Ork brawls.

Surprisingly All of Gulgrim's Orks had vacated the area, but that didn't seem to matter, as they made no bones about showing up when Gulgrim wanted them to. As Gulgrim Jabbed an oncoming brawler with his heavy right klaw, sprawling him back, He made a Throat-cutting gesture with his left power klaw, dragging the power claw's bladed thumb across the air in front of his throat. As he made the insult, a swarm of Orks charged across the elevator platform, heedlessly charging through the enemies and smacking them, chopping at them, or simply bowling them over as they charged from one end of the elevator to the other and vanished off the other side. It felt almost like a special move from an old 16-bit video game.

One of the fighters jumped up behind gulgrim and sunk his knife into the Ork's shoulder. The blade jammed into the Ork's thick green skin up to the hilt, and didn't even seem to draw blood. Gulgrim spun and backhanded the fool with his power klaw, sending him flying through the air to land in a heap before blinking out of existence. A pair of Warriors approached Gulgrim from either side, and he made a forward punch with his heavy right power klaw, and at the same time a Nob appeared behind him, making the same strike towards the fighter behind Gulgrim, punching both of them square in the jaw with Power Klaws before The Nob vanished as Gulgrim stood straight again.

Gulgrim roared a hearty "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" As he grabbed two fighters in his mighty power klaws and slammed them together, before dropping them and looking around for more people to stomp.

"Orkz is made fer fightin' an' winnin'! Come an' get some ya gitz!" Gulgrim shouted, daring any who thought they were tough enough to face the Enraged Ork.
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In the beginning there was blackness, but Danyael was aware of his presence in it. He called out at first,  then when he heard nothing call back he used his actual voice. “I know you're there.” a force that may have been his voice resonated throughout the emptiness. “I know you know.” another voice replied with an amused croon. “You haven't been quite yourself these days, have you?” the voice asked him. It was a joke. But he wasn't laughing. “Well... alas, that part of you will always remain.” the voice jeered, referencing Danyael's lack of humor. “I see you've come for help.” it changed the subject.

“Help would constitute assistance from an outside source. You and I are now one and the same.” Danyael corrected, or so he thought. “And yet we still remain, on several levels, separate – thus classifying me as, as you would put it, an outside source.” the voice, now a presence, corrected. The nephilim lord couldn't counter it as he, amusing as it was, recognized the presence was indeed right. “Then yes, I suppose I need your help.” he acquiesced.

The darkness swirled around him, folding in on the presence until it became the presence – a single, featureless being identical in height to him. “It's been too long.” the presence said, both praise and sneering evident in its tone. Danyael nodded in agreement, “And for that, I apologize.” he opened his arms to the presence, now a being, inviting his hands to its. “You don't need much from me. Just a pinch will do.” the being, now a person – identical to him in everything but two features: his 'eyes' reflected the very cosmos of the omniverse itself and an entire host of brilliant wings reached out into infinity. Danyael nodded again, “A pinch is all I need.”

The person still looked somber. “You won't entirely be in control. In fact, you won't be in control at all. All I can guarantee is that you won't hurt any of your friends.” letting Danyael think over the option. Needing only a moment to consider, he provided his answer. “That's all I ask.”

In the living world, the three dementors closed in on Mary and Danyael. They approached much like predators circling their prey before the final pounce. Their languid forms swaying in all directions before they suddenly swooped for the warp elemental, only to be halted by a sudden screech unlike anything heard in the living world. The shadows themselves began to quiver and twist until elongated, reptilian, skeletal limbs began to pull themselves from the shadows, oozing with an ichorous substance that could only be considered the very life's blood of existence itself. They began clamping their way up the tower, tearing up chunks of the mortar as they made their way to Mary and Danyael until they were finally upon them.

Danyael's limp frame, at first, remained still; shallow breathing and all. When the limbs reached them, they darted passed Mary and began to lift Danyael, wrapping around and penetrating him, almost lovingly pouring around him in a passionate embrace. And then Danyael's eyes snapped open with a deafening roar. But it wasn't a voice. It was something else. Power. Pure, vocal power. And then he was gone without a trace. His sagging head rolled up to look to Mary as a cacaphony of hisses and whispers  spoke one word, or possibly a plea, of warning: “...Away...”

The dementors looked around, sniffing out essences and traces of power. And then the same shadowed hands clamped hard around their faces, smashing them together with such force, they nearly shattered into a single mass. Serving their only function, to steal life, they began sucking away at the already lifeless face of Danyael, only for the Nephilim Lord to send something back into them. The dementors sucked back, but the nephilim lord continued feeding them more and more. More dementors began to show up, snared by the essence of his eerie trap. And when enough had gathered, the phantom limbs exploded in quadruple the numbers rivaling the dementors themselves, yanking and shredding away at them with such aggressive ferocity that when he was done with them, the wraiths were little more vanishing essence. Because the dementors were never physical, it was just as suiting that the living darkness itself be an appropriate weapon. And an even deadlier predator.

Danyael's form, all this time, wasn't in control at all. It was as if he were the puppet and the living darkness the puppeteer, existing through him to extend its powers across the battlefield. Vanishing in another blast of speed, the storm of shadows that was Danyael rained down on the army of dementors, the phantom limbs hammering down in rapid fire as blurred lightning bolts, battering down and slashing at them with an undying vitality. All the while, Danyael's form hovered amidst the chaos, eyes black as the shadows themselves, looking deep into the emptiness. 
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   The cackling of the daemons and the screams of the children were threatening to overwhelm him. They taunted him, tortured him. But then, through the tormentous ringing in his skull comes a sense of peace, piercing through the darkness. Words float through his mind.

Peace my not let them win.....

   The daemons snarled and tried to lash out at Jharm for his intrusion, before retreating. Existence seemed to wink out for sepher as he focused completely inward. Sepher's thoughts floated across his mind.

Thank you my friend...

   As his felt his strength returning, he opened his eyes. From his kneeling position he could see Garm get assaulted and thrown off into who knows where, and Mary get knocked off the bridge as she is pummeled, though Danyael dives off after her. Kalana is threatening to be overwhelmed in her fight to get to the old man, but Jharm is there in a heartbeat. An Idea forms in his head. Reaching out in his mind with newfound concentration, he grabs ahold of a soul. These things need a bigger target, something that can distract the multitudes of minions while the others do their work. To take the pressure off.

   Standing slowly, his fists at his sides, he forces the soul of the Greater Daemon Radenoliel to merge with his own. Gritting his teeth in pain, a flash of blinding bright white sparked from Sepher and winked out like a lightbulb burning out. A bulb of growing shadow appeared and grew quickly. Like shattering metal, the large orb of shadow burst, buffeting those nearby with a wash of cold energies. A loud roar split the sky as sepher finished his transformation, standing now close to 25 feet tall. (SEE OOC FOR PICTURE)

   The Deamon's eyes opened slowely, and peering into them was like looking into the end of time itself, as if ones time meant nothing to this beast. With yet another roar, the beasts great bronzed wings spread and with a power downward stroke, carried itself into the air. The daemon barreled through the children buzzing about, knocking them off their brooms with powerful strokes of the wings or forceful dislocation due to the creatures bulk. As it rose into the air above the party, it slowed to hover there. Many of the children buzzing around would turn their attention to it and begin launching magical attacks on the beast. Some of these attacks were trivial, harmlessly bouncing off such a great beast, but some tore into the beasts body, rending into the bronze shell of the daemon. Some of the Dementors floated towards him, threatening to steal his energy. It did not seem to feel it however, as the beast unleashed one of it's greatest powers.

   The corrupter of time did as his namesake holds, and unleashed a flow of his daemonic power into the currents of time surrounding him. The spells slinging towards him as well as the dementors seemed to creep like slugs now, as he slipped through the sands of time. Building up his own energies, he prepared to unleash an attack that would devastate the beings around them. Throwing his arms and wings wide, energy shot forth, bronze blasts of concussive energy, tearing children and dementors alike to pieces. The screams are drowned out in the whirl of energy. He hopes that anything that survives focuses on him, to give kalana time to focus her efforts on the old man.

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Post by: Cameron on October 14, 2013, 03:14:13 PM
Mary looks on as Danyael's attack decimates the children and shades. She can see him in the chaos of battle. Something was off about him. His eyes are completely black. For a moment, a tendril of fear snakes it's way into her subconscious and she is rooted to the spot. Then Sepher's attack hits, causing a huge bronze explosion of power. This snaps her out of her daze and she shakes her head, breaking eye contact with Danyael. She speaks aloud to no one in particular, clearly frustrated with herself.

"Dumbass... why don't you just file that away under the "Things to ask that guy you like the next time you have a chance to sit down for a beer and aren't facing down certain death in a hellish nightmare realm" and move the fuck on, already?"

And move on is exactly what she does. Seeing Kalana struggling with the old man's shield, she focuses her mind and disappears in another puff of violet smoke and energy.

Kalana focuses on ripping through the old man's shields, knowing that the shades and demonic children will just keep coming if she doesn't. Jharm does a valiant job of protecting her, but a few of the shades manage to slip through. They are met with last minute resistance as shadowy forms of Garr suddenly appear to engage them. The shadowy blades of these copies seem to affect the shades just fine, ripping into them and driving them back. And even with this assistance, Kalana can feel her mind slipping. She is expending too much energy. Runes spin around her head and blue smoke and fire pour from her eyes as she refocuses, using every trick she knows to increase her mental output.

And then Mary arrives. Ignoring the immense pain that rips through her from reaching into the massive backlash of psychic energy pouring off of Kalana, she grabs the psyker's shoulder. Kalana feels energy pouring into her as Mary draws power directly from the warp to augment the psyker's strength. With a roar, Kalana re-doubles her efforts. The old man frowns as his shield cracks and then finally gives way in an explosion of green fire and screams. The last of the children and shades vanish into air.

Kalana collapses to the ground, completely spent. Mary rips her smoking left gauntlet off of her hand, revealing third degree burns running up her arm. She flexes her hand painfully. She won't be able to use her two handed sword like this. Garr appears beside her, also worn out from his attacks and from the efforts of the shades. He looks paler than usual. He drops to help Kalana back into a sitting position. The old man stands in front of them, still frowning.

"Mary, you're hurt, and Kalana is unconscious. We can't keep this up."

Mary sheathes her two handed sword with her good hand.

"Sure we can. We just need some extra help. In the meantime, get her somewhere safe."

Garr nods in agreement, immediately understanding what she is referring to. He lifts Kalana off the ground and begins to run back across the bridge. But he does not make it.

The old man's eyes suddenly glow orange, and his features ripple and shift. There is a sound like the tearing of wet paper, and the old man's clothes and skin fall to the ground in tatters. A cloud of shadows with orange eyes is left, but this soon solidifies into a much bigger figure. It is a Chaos marine in power armor, but it is obviously not your normal marine. He towers over Mary, with fire seeming to pour from vents and exhaust ports in his armor. A strange headdress of purple and yellow surrounds his helmet. Wicked spikes adorn his shoulder pads. A cloak of purple fabric covers the lower half of his armor, with the skull of a long dead animal holding it in place at his belt. A bolter hangs off of his belt, unused. A huge flaming sword is grasped in his right gauntlet. His left gauntlet extends outwards towards Mary, and she can see an actual human eye open up in his metal palm. It begins to glow brightly, as the sorcerer prepares to unleash a spell. Kalana, were she conscious, would have recognized this immediately for what it is, a Chaos Sorcerer Lord of the Thousand Sons chapter. A chapter which has not been seen outside of the Eye for centuries. Mary recognizes it as more powerful than anything they've faced since entering the Labyrinth. She takes a step back, as her good hand drops to the hilt of Morthoseth.

At the same time, flashes of smoke and flame appear all over the bridge. 20 Chaos Marines decorated in the same purple and yellow livery as the Sorcerer appear and aim strange looking bolters at the companions. They quickly open fire, but what emerges from the barrels of the bolt rifles are not the normal bolt projectiles favored by both the Imperial and Chaos Space Marines. Instead, pure bolts of magical fire burst forth from the weapons, exploding on impact and engulfing anything they hit. The companions will not have much time to defend. Two marines appear right next to Garr and draw flaming swords instead of firing with their bolters. Garr knows that these will rip right through his mundane weapons. Without thinking, he draws Molotoch and parries both blades with a one-handed flourish, still carrying Kalana over his other shoulder. A surge of power rips through the battlefield as Molotoch is drawn, and every other elemental's blade reacts in unison. Mary feels Morthoseth stir, it's pull beyond her control. She rips the blade from it's sheath, feeling it's power surge through her and outward, feeling the other blades reacting in her mind once again. She raises the sword in a defensive stance just as she is engulfed by a wave of fire that springs from the open palm of the Sorcerer before her.

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Post by: Daccio on October 15, 2013, 09:52:12 AM
   Suddenly, time seems to return to normal speed for sepher, and the large deamon hovers as the children and specters vanish. His eyes narrow as the true threat finally reveals itself. His mind raced with the need for destruction and death. He quickly took a firm grip on his mind before his thoughts were able to run loose.
        Bolter fire, seemingly otherworldly in nature, flares up at him and instinctively he slows time around himself, slowing the bolts of energy as he moved through the spaces between time. Falling backwards from his hovering position, the giant daemon flipped around to come upright  and flying at great speed just above the bridge. He angled himself towards the end that held the the larger quantity of marines and none of his allies, power welling in the creatures chest as it moved.
        To others, he would seem to shoot along incredibly fast. So fast so, it would almost seem as if he teleported. Sepher's wings snapped open as he just reached the bridge, allowing himself to return to normal time and unleashed a momentuous blast of bronze energy, directed at the marines and this half of the bridge. The energy was enough to turn brick and mortar to shards and dust. He was trying to slam power into the marines to crush them and tear this half of the bridge off of its foundations.
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Post by: Jharm on October 16, 2013, 02:51:29 PM
The Seraphim turns as a few Dementors manage to slip past his defenses but then are suddenly cut down by shadow images of Garr.  Suddenly there is an explosion as Kalana manages to finally pierce the shield around the old man.  Before his eyes the old man changes into what could only be a high ranking Chaos Sorceror.  Suddenly Chaos Marines flash into existence along the bridge and fire magical bolts of flame at the companions.  In the blink of an eye a shield appears around Jharm as he crouches down just as the bolts slam into the shield, engulfing the area in flame.  As the flames disappear the shield around Jharm seems to still be standing though it is visibly weaker then before.  Within the shield can be seen the angels massive frame kneeling down.  The holy being gazes around and stands up and begins to glow brightly.  He suddenly raises his hands towards the sky as the light around him shoots upwards into the heavens.  A second later what could be described as large "meteors" of light come screaming down from above, aimed at each of the Chaos Marines and the Chaos Sorceror.
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Post by: Fei on October 16, 2013, 10:46:03 PM
A vicious smirk crosses Fei's lips as the mix-matched band of gangbangers, martial artists and out-of-place 80's styled, hightop wearing cyberpunk dressed thugs leap down to surround the companions.

As he prepares to deliver a bare knuckle beatdown, Fei's attention is drawn to something oddly peculiar.  Whomever he draws his focus upon, a yellow bar appears atop their head along with a name beneath it. In fact, some of these individuals share the same name.... Galsia? A quick analysis leads Fei to determine that these yellow bars above their heads represent their physical wellbeing. 
Some enemies have a blue bar instead of a yellow one with little stars beneath it.  These enemies clearly stand out from the rest.

Looking around, Fei notices that when his eyes glance over the companions, they, as well have these physical representations of their overall health above their heads in the form of yellow bars.  Glancing upwards, Fei notices one above his head as well.  It is presently one quarter filled with yellow, and the rest is shaded red.

"Hmmm.  Well that's embarrassing..."

Right above the health bars of the companions, appears to be a string of numbers starting at 000000.

"Well then, lets get started."

Fei lunges forward with blinding speed towards the closes opponent who, without expression, shuffles his feet forwards. He's adorned with bright red hair, hightops, a blue jean jacket and non-ripped up jeans, surprisingly.  His name was Galsia.  And this was the end of him. 

There's an explosion of force as Fei brings his leg up into a side kick planted directly into Galsia's chest.  Galsia's yellow bar drops by three-quarters as he's propelled backwards into 3 others named Galsia just like him who take equal amounts of damage.  He continues to fly back until he hits the iron chained fencing on the far side of the elevator and explodes into a pixelated mess that scatters and disappears.  Fei appears dissatisfied as he apparently cannot feed on these opponents.   

The three other Galsia's stand up as if they weren't just beat down from their other-twin.  No discerning representations of damage are present on them. Fei is quick to descend upon them, delivering a flying kick that strikes all three of them and sends them sprawling to the ground before flashing and disappearing.
The number above Fei changes to 000440.

A knife goes flying past Fei's face from behind and bounces off the caged enclosure. Ducking down and spinning upwards into a backflip, Fei kicks the knife  back at the attacker.  An enemy named Jack.  He has a blue health bar with two stars beneath it and has a shaggy blond mohawk, a black biker jacket and torn up jeans and unfashionable boots.  The knife spins back towards Jack, striking him in the chest and knocking him to the ground.  With a grunt he gets back up and brandishes another knife he pulls from his jacket pocket.   

Another knife comes hurling towards Fei's face who snatches it out of the air before it nears his face.  Then another. Then another. Jack stands but 15 feet from him but continues to hurl steel blades at Fei who casually plucks the knives from the air as they come.  But where is Jack keeping all of them at?
The 13th knife Fei deflects into the air with a swift kick as he leaps off one foot to ascend into the air. The knife soars through the air striking a biker named tempest on a motorcycle as he comes ramping off of one of the overhead hallway entrances high above.

Tempest is knocked from his bike and his incredibly small health bar depletes in a single knife strike and he vanishes away, his bike now falling from the sky. 

While leaping into the air, Fei's body twists around to face the ground, revealing two fistfuls of knives held between his knuckles.  In an instant there is whirling blades being rained down upon Jack who makes no effort to move out of the way.  As each blade strikes him in rapid succession, locking him in place, Fei flips up into the seat of the falling motorcycle, bringing it back under control.

With a satisfying crunch, Jack's head explodes under the spinning back tire of the bike as Fei peels off into a wheelie. His body fragments into pixels.

A flashing Gold sign above Fei's health bar followed by a random ghostly announcer speaking in all caps explains 19 HIT COMBO! OUTSTANDING!!!


Shortly after peeling off of Jack's head, a kabuki looking individual with long claws comes spinning into the bike, causing it to explode.  Fei is thrown from the bike but flips onto his feet, shrapnel impaling his body in all manners. 

From the flaming wreckage, the clawed warrior emerges, his health slightly drained from the explosion as well.
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Post by: Archdemon Stu on October 17, 2013, 01:15:43 AM
A crowd of men and women with a fashion sense that only the cultural confusion of the turning of decades could be guilty of encroached on Jorumn and his puppet.  They did not yet know the forces they reckoned with.  The shifting of the 80's to the early 90's was now strong with Jorumn.  The ritual was nearly complete... but the oncoming horde of punks, thugs, and strippers were already upon him.  With greatly exaggerated sound effects, Jorumn was overwhelmed and pummeled to death.  He blinked slowly out of existence, and the assailants - satisfied for the moment - began to meander aimlessly.

Suddenly, Jorumn and his puppet rocketed down from the sky!  As their weight slammed into the ground, the sheer nonsensical force of it violently threw the attackers to the ground.  The construct mage and his undead thrall were now wearing wife beaters, bandannas, and some super sweet fingerless gloves... because everyone knows they look so f***ing rad.

Assessing the situation, and deciding his best move with the power remaining from the ritual, he comes to a conclusion: "Bodily intregrity shall not last long in this form.  Sheer amounts of 'bogus' will destroy soul, and diminish internal power sources.  Efficiency advised."

Before his foes could even stand once more, pipes, knives, and grenades rained from the sky.  As they stood, the mage and his puppet were already upon them.  The knives flew swiftly, and barely allowed any man time to recover one for themselves.  By the time they did, it was too late; Jorumn's steady supply of incoming knives allowed him to effectively spam each and every foe.

His plan was quick to backfire... or so the muggers thought, for now.  The punks with jetpacks were unlike foes he was used to, and were difficult to account for.  With the brief moment of down time, it was not long before every enemy in his vicinity was armed with disproportionately powerful lead pipes.

A quick flash of pixelated lightning coursed through every single lead pipe and jet pack surrounding him, momentarily stunning the mage's foes.  With martial efficiency that could only be attributed to watching every Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal movie through the power of his ritual in order to understand the world around him, Jorumn dispatched his foes easily.  The high kicks were many, and each blow resounded as if a whip to a wet slab of meat.  With each foe that fell, they rose to join Jorumn, and were thus... totally radical.
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Post by: Soul Reaver on October 19, 2013, 08:52:03 AM
Soul Reaver’s charge is interrupted by a veritable wall of chains.  Blooddrinker’s point is deflected, red sparks spewing from the silver chain links where they make contact with the sword.

Anyone looking carefully would notice that Soul Reaver’s physical form seems to shudder and shimmer for a split second at the moment of contact, and the deep rents on the chains don’t seem to be appearing where they should be.  But Peterson is on the other side of the chains, and is unlikely to actually spot this discrepancy.

The sword deflected aside, Soul Reaver deftly backsteps.  A snarl is evident on his face.  He can feel yet another spiritual signature nearby – Abaddon!  He was sure that the damnable chaos puppet was dead, but there was no mistaking his presence.  Matters were turning more dire by the second.

Peterson’s dead, pallid face looms above Soul Reaver.  Though expressionless, he can feel it leering at him.

"Tisk tisk, Master Reaver. We weren't done with our conversation yet! There's no need to be rude."

Yet another warped presence behind him – like Natalya, but different – and Peterson speaks once more.

"Hey Natalya. Why not escort your friend Soul Reaver here to his knees where he belongs."

The strange roar heralds Natalya’s attack.  A mass of twisted limbs and fangs leaps through the air, intending to wrap the dark warrior in a deadly embrace.

But Soul Reaver does not whirl around completely to face her – he only turns on his heel to face his right.  And when Natalya’s limbs attempt to seize him, they find themselves scrabbling at thin air.  Soul Reaver’s form shudders into nothingness one last time.  His Displacement spell has run its course and served its purpose.  Soul Reaver’s true location is revealed, standing about one and a half metres to the left of where he seemed to have been standing.  His displaced image turns into nothing more than rapidly fading motes of glowing mana.

The confusion will last but a moment, but it is enough.

Blooddrinker flashes upward in a diagonal stroke that sings a dark tune.  The Natalya-creature reacts with supernatural speed, but even that is not fast enough.  A trail of thick blue blood spatters across the floor as her right forearm is separated from her body, falling to the ground some metres away.

“Do not think me a fool, Peterson.”

Soul Reaver advances, Blooddrinker batting Natalya’s other hand aside as she again reaches for his throat.  She may be injured, but by Inferno, she was still FAST.  With both Peterson here and Abaddon’s spiritual signature indicating his presence as well, he could not afford a prolonged battle.

“I have come to expect treachery,”

Twisting her limbs in a bizarre fashion, the Natalya-creature ducks below what was supposed to be a decapitating blow and leaps toward Soul Reaver’s face, fangs bared.

“And I prepare accordingly.”

The Natalya-creature’s fanged mouth chomps down onto the metal of Soul Reaver’s right gauntlet, which he raises just in time to shield his face.  At the same time, his left hand moves forward and deftly – almost gently – touches the coin on the creature’s forehead.


The coin glows white, and the creature’s eyes go wide.  There is short, sharp sound – the sound of metal piercing flesh and bone – and a lance of silver blooms from the back of the creature’s head.  Blue blood runs down its length and drips to the floor.

The Natalya-creature drops to its knees.

“I have no time to deal with this rabble.”

Soul Reaver snaps his fingers, and in an instant the hollow silver lance blooms open in a spiral shape, blades and spines manifesting on its flanged metal sides.  The Natalya-creature’s head and upper body explode into an unrecognizable mass of fleshy chunks, spraying Soul Reaver with gore.

The perverse flower retracts, and lies on the ground once more as an unassuming silver coin.  Soul Reaver scoops it up as he turns to face Peterson.  He grips Blooddrinker in both hands, rage again seething over his features as he advances.

“Soon we find out if any blood still pumps beneath that dead flesh!”
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Post by: Danyael on October 19, 2013, 11:38:52 PM
If timing couldn't be any worse. In his current state, would it even matter if he got hit over and over again? But that was a moot point as his level went from trance to suddenly, and inconveniently, awake - right at the moment the marines appeared and the chaos sorcerer finally revealed their forms. The shadows vanished in a wink and the nephilim lord descended to the ground, only to turn his fall into a dive and he was no more - unseen, that is. In the same moment, as Mary was enveloped in a gout of flame, one that the nephilim lord faithfully believed she could defend against, it was apparent the sorcerer was otherwise occupied. Tactics and their outcomes soared through his mind in a moment in time and thus he picked the closest, fastest and most convenient.

As the chaos sorcerer shot flame at Mary, the air stilled behind the chaos sorcerer, only to shift into a gaping vortex of earth that was once the ground. The vortex spun, roaring and spitting tendrils of uniquely separate energies as they now began to reach out for the sorcerer. Considering Danyael's sudden reawakening into the living world, one could only guess whether or not his tactic was fast enough to catch the sorcerer by a wide enough surprise to land in counting blows.
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Post by: Fei on October 21, 2013, 10:14:18 PM
Fei cracks his neck to the side and rolls his shoulders back.  He looks down to see the bike shrapnel lodged in various parts of his body then back to... oh what's his name... his eyes flick upward to the clawed man's health bar who is striking a menacing pose from the disappearing flames from the wrecked bike.

"Zamza?  Well then.  I suppose I needed someone to start my warm up on. I hope you'll do."

With a small amount of concentration the shrapnel within Fei's body dislodges and his wounds seal within an instant.

Zamza wastes no time lunging at the Lord of Shadows as he is 'recovering' from his wounds, his claws poised to strike Fei down who stands passively.

With a thunderous boom, Fei's left hand rips through the sound barrier with a front jab that rock's Zamza's face before his claws could ever come down, the torrent of force following in it's wake propelling the assailant backwards through the air and expanding outwards from Fei, scattering a dozen more enemies within 10 feet of him scattering like leaves in the wind.

"Hmm still a bit stiff...hahahaha.HAHA. "  Fei laughs aloud about the pun he's made for a second before he disappears, leaving behind a ghostly shadow of himself which slowly fades in a gentle swirl.

Reappearing behind the air born Kabuki fighter before he hits the steel plated floor, Fei throws an upward kick to the back of his head, rocketing him skyward.  Zamza strikes one of the jetpack wearing enemies named Jet as he ascends, causing his jetpack to explode and to plummet to the ground.  As he reaches the apex of his ascension several hundred feet above, still within the elevator shaft looking down on the many dozens of enemies waiting to jump onto the companions far below, Fei reappears in a shadowy explosion, his body wreathed in abyssal essence, his shadows leaping to life.

Blow upon blow lands upon Zamza as he's juggled back and forth, seemingly being struck from all directions at once.  In this time, the shrouded images of Fei appear to be in more than one place at once, more than 10 places at once it seems, it's hard to tell... delivering a strike upon the defenseless thug and vanishing in a wisp of fading lights.   Zamza's multiple health bars are rapidly depleting as the combo counter next to Fei's name has reached the triple digits and continues to climb.  Black lightning crackles across the elevator shaft high above where the onslaught takes place.
Before a final strike is delivered, the shadows coalesce and vanish, reappearing back on the elevator, leaving Zamza to plummet back down towards the elevator shaft. 

The Vampire's leg comes back and before Zamza hits the ground, he spins down, sweeping across the floor and brings his leg up to  to deliver a brutal kick directly above him, right about where Zamza's unfortunate face would be.  In the moment that Fei delivers his kick, the steel plating beneath him twist and dislodge and get turned into lethal projectiles as a violent tornado 10 feet wide at the base and 80 feet high roars outward from the force generated by the kick.  Zamza is also disintigrated by the kick.

The twister begins to grasp and pull at anything within reach. Especially the poor saps up above waiting to jump down onto the elevator and the jetpack enemies. Dozens of enemies are instantly drawn into it's furious winds and torn assunder as motorcycles, steel plates, Lead pipes, Knives, swords, and where the hell did the robots come from?... Anyways. they all become lethal projectiles ... as if they weren't already... eviscerating enemies are thrown around, and bashed off the sides of the elevator shaft for a full 6 seconds before all the enemies appear to choke out the tornado and cause it to sputter and die, dropping many, many, MANY of them down onto the elevator floor where they explode into pixel dust.

Fei's combo meter has apparently broken at 9,999 as well as his score now showing 999,999.

"What the hell is this?  New high score? Enter Initials?"

Initials: A.S.S [end]
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Post by: Cameron on October 29, 2013, 08:59:48 AM
The stitches holding Peterson's mouth closed pull taut as his smirk widens. He stifles a giggle as what is left of the false Natalya's lifeless corpse collapses to the ground with a wet thud.

"This just proves my point, Master Reaver. Look how you treat your apprentices. I wonder if Asaki knew your little boon could do that to her at a moment's notice. Maybe you should have just done it. After all, you were done with her anyway! Might have saved her a lifetime of torture and servitude! Oh well. No use crying over dead daughter figures, am I right?!"

Peterson allows himself to float to the ground and land. He takes a step towards Soul Reaver. The floating chains retreat and wrap around him again.

"But where are my manners! I can see you're in no mood to talk. You'd rather waste time playing Demon Swords with me while your remaining companions suffer and die elsewhere. Par for the course with you, isn't it? Letting people die. Being a complete waste of space. Accomplishing absolutely nothing on the galactic scale of things. Failing the only ones who have ever cared about you. It's your trademark! The one thing you're really good at! And I'll tell you, I'm more than happy to help!!"

There is a flash of daemonic energy, and suddenly a familiar blade is in Peterson's hands. Lightning arcs from the daemon blade Drach'nyen as Peterson continues to slowly walk towards Soul Reaver.

"Let's play Demon Swords. I've got mine. You've got yours. I'll even be nice and let you go first!"

Directly on the heels of Peterson's taunt, another voice rips into Soul Reaver's head. The all too familiar dark snarl of Abbadon the Despoiler. A voice no longer filled with despair, but dripping with conceit, malice, and confidence.

"He's right, Reaver. You have accomplished nothing in your time here. You weren't even able to defeat me. I live. Your actions are worthless. And now your companions die in the Labyrinth while you are powerless to help them."

Images of his friends dying flash in the corners of his vision. Obvious illusions... or are they things that are happening right now? Soul Reaver has not been able to detect any of his companions since he woke up on the bridge.

"You are all here because he wants you to be here. Any semblance of success is because he is allowing it. He has played all of you for fools and you are dying for it. You are not strong enough. You will never be strong enough until you drop this charade of humanity and embrace your true potential."

As Peterson takes yet another step forward, Soul Reaver can see an after-image of Abbadon just behind him. It is apparent that Abbadon is not only here, but is inside Peterson's body with him. Soul Reaver will be facing the combined might of both of these monsters simultaneously, with no help. A bone chilling revelation, to be sure.
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Post by: Soul Reaver on October 29, 2013, 08:41:21 PM
Peterson mocks Soul Reaver for dispatching Natalya - and for having been similarly prepared to dispatch Asaki when she had first pledged allegiance - and Abaddon's voice rings clear in his mind.  Drach'nyen glints in the flaring light of the fireball following behind Soul Reaver.  For a disorienting moment, Soul Reaver feels that he can see his companions dying around him, reaching out toward him as if pleading for help.

The odds were stacked against him.  Throughout this campaign, he had felt as if his energy were draining from him.  His spiritual energy, normally a reliable flow, had been chocked off and slowed to a trickle - his reserves were being exhausted faster than he could replenish them.  He could not concentrate, his attention was divided.

He doubted.

In other circumstances he would have approached such a threat in level-headed fashion.  He might have retreated, fought the enemy on different terms at a later time.  But Peterson's words amplified his doubt, and in so doing, was wearing down a mental guard that Soul Reaver absolutely needed to maintain at all times.

The guard cracks.


There is a loud, dull thudding in Soul Reaver's temples with every step he takes forward.  Each throb causes a flare of red to envelop the periphery of his vision.  Though agonizing, each pulse sends a surge of strength and energy through Soul Reaver's body.  A dark, sinister energy, deeper and more forbidden than any mortal sin.  He pushes it back, but with each step another pulse threatens to overwhelm him.  His rage builds.  There would not be a retreat.

Soul Reaver roars a wordless battle cry.  In one fluid motion, he raises Blooddrinker high over his head and spins through the air, clearing the remaining distance between himself and Peterson.  The same moment he lands, he brings the sword down in a swooping, two-handed arc that could split mountains in two.
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Post by: Cameron on October 30, 2013, 05:33:46 AM
Sepher's attack is successful in destroying the rear half of the bridge. It collapses into the water, taking 10 of the marines with it. 2 of these 10 are the marines that were attacking Garr. They lose their balance and tumble into the water and rubble below. Garr seems to now be cut off from the safety of the area they had come onto the bridge from, but a flying leap puts himself and Kalana on that side of the chasm. He tips a salute to Sepher before creating a sphere of shadows to keep the two hidden from sight while she recovers.

Jharm's holy meteors strike their targets true. Each of the remaining 10 marines is smashed into the ground by spheres of light. Broken and battered suits of armor are all that remain of them. One of the holy meteors targets the sorcerer, but he glances up at it and waves a hand. A flurry of shadows knocks the meteor off of it's target and sends it crashing into the waters below. This leaves the sorcerer wide open for attack from behind.

The first two or three tendrils from Danyael's attack slam into the back of the sorcerer with enough force to crack his armor. It's massive bulk totters forward as it unleashes an inhuman roar of surprise. It manages to turn around in time to ward off the next few blows before an incantation causes a massive barrier to appear before it. This barrier blocks the remaining attacks. Content, the sorcerer then turns back to it's original target just as the fire from his attack spell clears.

Through the clearing smoke, a figure completely enveloped in white wings can be seen. The wings open to reveal Mary in a defensive stance. The elemental blade Morthoseth glows brightly in her right hand. Her left arm is held in front of her. A large translucent kite shield is now strapped to her left wrist. The burns she had suffered on that wrist already seem to be melting away. Mary's eyes open, revealing glowing white pits with no iris or pupil. The elemental markings on her now exposed right hand burn with white fire.

Mary flexes her new wings and launches herself at the enemy before her. Morthoseth collides with the sorcerer's burning sword as the two trade blows. The enemy lashes out at Mary with a wave of shadows, but she easily knocks this aside with her shield. She then engulfs the sorcerer in flames with a wave of her blade. These do not harm the sorcerer, but they disorient it long enough for Mary to focus. She gestures with her left hand and the earth underneath the sorcerer lifts up on it's own accord, throwing the vile creature to the ground.

Mary dives in for a killing blow but the sorcerer vanishes as she reaches it. He reappears in the center of the bridge. As this has been happening, glowing orange spheres have risen up from the empty shells of power armor that were once the 20 marines who had attacked recently. There are no corpses to be found. The sorcerer waves his hand, and two of the orange spheres swoop down and plunge into him. These appear to recharge him and repair the damage to his armor. He gestures again, and chunks of rent and battered power armor begin to pull themselves in from where they lay on the bridge and in the water. Soon, 18 marines again stand at attention. The remaining spheres plunge into each one, causing the marines to re-animate. They immediately open fire on the companions again with bursts of pure magical fire from their weapons. Satisfied, the sorcerer once again leaps towards Mary, who prepares to defend herself.
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Post by: Jharm on November 06, 2013, 12:47:02 AM
The Seraphim watches as the combined attacks of the companions managed to crush the marines and injure the sorcerer....only to watch the sorcerer re-animate the crush suits of armor and heal himself with orbs of light.  He noted though that the suits of power armor were bodies resided within.  It would appear these marines (or more accurate automatons) rely on the sorceror for direction, and the sorcerer can use them to heal himself. 
                Jharm has little time to ponder this though as the marines open fire again.  He attempts to shield himself but a round manages to reach him before the shield appears, slamming into his leg as other "bullets" slam into the shield.  The armored form of the holy being collapses to the ground as pain tears through his body, the magical fire burning at his leg.  A quick heal manages to extinguish the magical flame and heal the wound slightly but he had to focus his power for something else.

Light grant me the power so this may succeed....

The Seraphim's mouth begins to move as chanting can suddenly be heard, softly at first but growing in volume until it sounds as if an entire choir of Seraph's are chanting a hymn to the Light.  At the same time one could almost swear that the faint images of three beings can be seen floating over the Seraphim, one a more masculine figure in white armor, a helm hiding his face and the other two appearing feminine, hoods hiding their faces.  The three figures extend a hand towards the prone soldier as light seems to flow between their hands and his body.  As the chanting reaches such a crescendo that it manages to overpower the sounds of the ongoing battle, the Seraphim ascends to one knee and places his hands on the ground. 
               Suddenly the chanting stops as light flows through Jharms body and down into the ground, glowing tendrils of light coursing through the ground, racing towards the feet of the Chaos Marines.  The tendrils are not intended for any real physical damage, for it is evident that the sorceror would just reanimate any fallen marines.  They are intended for something more direct.  Should they manage to pierce the Marines armor, they will attack the soul contained within the armored shell, attempting to purge the soul from within, leaving nothing but a hollow shell behind, or at least potentially weaken the soul allowing for his comrades to finish the job or reduce the healing effect the Sorceror may gain by absorbing them afterwards.
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Post by: Daccio on November 06, 2013, 10:37:14 PM
Sepher's attack decimates the back half of the bridge, sending marines tumbling below as his companions tore into the rest. This is all they can muster? Sepher thought to himself as it seemed they were dropping one by one, but the sorcerer had some tricks up his sleeve, involving the glowing orange spheres. He seemed to cast some of his dark magics and the orange balls of energy zipped into the water.

The large Daemon growled as the Marines re-animated, the glowing orange spheres allowing them to come back, but also to heal the sorcerer.

Watching Jharm's attack seek out the Marines, it seemed that he had come to the same conclusion as Sepher about the Marines, so he decided to give Jharm a little breathing room with the Sorcerer.

Launching himself directly at the Sorcerer, Sepher dropped his defenses somewhat to focus all his energy into an all out attack. Bursts of Bronze energy flared out constantly at the sorcerer as the Daemon launched itself at the figure, madly tearing at the Sorcerer with every weapon available. Claws, teeth, Energy. The Daemon was so large that even its weight could pose a threat as he slammed into the figure, attempting to keep it from directing the Marines, or using them for other purposes.
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Post by: Cameron on November 11, 2013, 08:34:10 PM
Cameron watches in annoyance as his companions battle wave after wave of 16-bit enemies. Kari and Karyl stand behind him, unsure of how to proceed. Karyl is the first person to speak up.

"So uh, do we just wade in and start punching guys? That seems like it might take a while, dude."

Cameron scowls.

"No. This is stupid. It's like this was specifically designed to waste our time. If only there was some way I could hack the system..."

Cameron quickly accesses the Starblade's computer system and is surprised when it connects. He thought he had been cut off from it by the Labyrinth. They must be closer to the top than he thought. He quickly discerns the type of code that is controlling this bizarre simulation... something called MUGEN. Accessing it, he sees that they are all currently set in "SOR Mode." After fooling with the code a bit, he discovers that he can change the code for each person. He quickly cycles through the different options until he sees one that he likes. He sets himself, Karyl, and Mary to "TOD Mode." The yellow HP bars disappear and a box with all three of their names appears underneath them. Next to each name are two values, one representing HP, and the other something called TP. Both sets of numbers are obnoxiously high.

And that's when the three elementals feel it. The pull of their blades. The other elemental blades have been drawn. Kari draws Luciandar in a flourish. Karyl has Cinthorc unsheathed in his right hand, still holding the neck of his guitar in the left. Cameron grabs the hilt of Valermos and pulls...

The sword comes partially out of it's sheath before grinding to a halt. Cameron frowns at the sudden resistance and looks down. He is astonished to see that he has partially drawn the wrong sword. Anathros, the earth blade, is still on his belt from when he took it from Tamrissa. Cameron is not an Earth elemental. By all accounts, he shouldn't have even been able to get the blade this far out of it's sheath. As if realizing this, the blade snaps back into it's sheath with an audible click. Cameron glances up at Kari and Karyl, who are both staring at him.

"Huh... oops."

Cameron reaches under Anathros and grabs the hilt of Valermos. The fire blade slips from it's sheath easily, sending raw power coursing through him. Cameron turns his attention back to the task at hand.

"Okay. Let's see what this "TOS Mode" can do."

Cameron lunges forward. As he does so, a text box above his head switches from "Auto" to Semi-Auto" and then quickly to "Manual." Cameron begins rushing from enemy to enemy. Flames surround the blade Valermos as it strikes home again and again. Each enemy struck has the number "9999" appear over their head before they explode into pixels. Attacks repeatedly land on Cameron, but each one only registers a "1" above Cameron's head. He barely registers the attacks landing.  He continues cutting into his enemies, dismantling them quickly.

Karyl sits back, watching Cameron rampage through bikers and thugs. He sees another wave coming towards him and Kari. A little box appears in the corner of his vision. When he focuses on it, a menu of strange ability names appear. It doesn't take him long to realize that most of them are titles of his greatest hits.

"Huh. Are my jams attacks now?"

As he scrolls to the end of the list, he notices one that sticks out. It's not the name of one of his jams. Instead, it just says "Golden Voice." It appears to consume the most TP of the lot.

"Ah, what the hell. YOLO, right?"

Karyl selects Golden Voice. He suddenly feels the urge to sing. As he opens his mouth, a strange feeling comes over him, and he starts singing in some very old earth language... Japanese? With every word, giant golden musical notes fly from Karyl's mouth and strike the oncoming bikers. They explode on impact, turning the entire group into a mess of multicolored pixels that fade quickly. Overjoyed, Karyl keeps singing, destroying every enemy in front of him with powerful notes.

Kari stands behind Karyl and looks down at Luciandar. A menu appears in front of her, listing an entire catalog of water based spells. She finds one that sounds promising and selects it. Her blade begins to glow, and she holds it aloft, feeling it only proper to scream the name of the spell she just chose very loudly. It comes out in broken english.


The characters メイルストローム appear above her head, and suddenly the entire elevator is filled with a typhoon of water. None of the companions are affected, but every remaining enemy is struck for massive damage. Within a few seconds, the water vanishes. The perfectly dry companions are left standing on a soaking wet elevator. All is silent for a moment, and then the word "GO" appears in the sky, and the elevator begins to rise.

As the elevator reaches the top, the companions are greeted with a pixelated sunrise over a pixelated jungle. For a moment, all is calm. And then just as suddenly, the pixels fade, and a ghastly red sun now hangs over a very real jungle. There is a flash of green fire, and a Chaos sorcerer appears before the companions. Fire seems to pour from every available exhaust port on it's power armor. A strange headdress of purple and yellow surrounds his helmet. Wicked spikes adorn his shoulder pads. A cloak of purple fabric covers the lower half of his armor, with the skull of a long dead animal holding it in place at his belt. A bolter hangs off of his belt, unused. A huge flaming sword is grasped in his right gauntlet. His left gauntlet extends outwards towards the companions, and an actual human eye opens up in his metal palm. It begins to glow brightly, as the sorcerer prepares to unleash a spell. Cameron recognizes this immediately for what it is, a Chaos Sorcerer Lord of the Thousand Sons chapter. A chapter which has not been seen outside of the Eye for centuries.


Cameron rushes forward to try and shield the others as Kari and Karyl leap to either side. A huge wave of fire bursts forth from the sorcerer's hand and consumes Cameron and anyone else who failed to move out of the way in time. At the same moment, 20 Thousand Sons marines appear in various places above the platform and begin firing bolts of fire at Kari, Karyl, and anyone else who dodged to the sides.

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Post by: Kitharsis on November 14, 2013, 11:58:52 AM
A typhoon of water washes over the entire elevator.  Kitharsis is thankful that it didn't was him away along with these pixelated punks.

The elevator reaches the top of its track, and more pixelated nonsense greets them.  The Tirthandara sighs as the jungle sprawls out in front of them.

"It's never a nice, arid desert."  The pixels fade, revealing a real landscape of the same jungle. 

A Chaos Sorcerer arrives in a flash of green fire.  It's power armor is spewing flames from every port.  It extends its left hand and opens its palm.

"Ah, shit! EVERYONE! GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY!"  Cameron yells before a huge wave of flame bursts from the Chaos Sorcerer's hand.

Kitharsis leaps to the side, mimicking Kari and Karyl.  Bolts of fire zip past from the Thousand Sons marines that have appeared from above.  Kitharsis is a large target, but he is still quick on his feet.  He is managing to dodge the first few bolts that are aimed in his direction, but he knows he cannot keep this up for long.

The jungle is welcome cover, and Kitharsis takes advantage of the thick brush and trees to get out of the firing line of the Thousand Suns marines.  He crouches behind a thick patch of trees and vines and takes a second to determine his next move.

The Thousand Suns marines are the lesser threat here.  The Chaos Sorcerer needs immediate attention.  Cameron was engulfed by its flames.  Kitharsis knows that he is a fire elemental, but Chaos magic can be different than normal.

It's decided, Kitharsis circles the jungle, strafing the Chaos Sorcerer.  His shield springs to life on the back of his right hand, and his horseman's pick is glowing and ready in his left.  The Tirthandara leaps out of the jungle from behind the Chaos Sorcerer, horseman's pick raised over his head.  He slams it down, aiming for the Sorcerer's back.  If the attack hits, the energy built up inside the horseman's pick will explode across the back of the Sorcerer.  His shield of energy is at the ready to deflect any retaliating blows from the flaming sword, if it comes to that.
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Post by: Archdemon Stu on November 20, 2013, 05:49:31 PM
The flames of the Chaos Sorcerer were of a magical nature the likes of which could burn through objects and persons who ought not normally be burned.  Cameron, the fearless commander of the group, nobly decided to take the brunt of the spell.  It was massive in scope, and those that were swift enough to dodge such a thing were accounted for already.  An impressive ambush, but with one oversight... Jorumn's arrival in The Eye.

"Designation: Cameron, fear not.  Allow me the sorcerer's power." Jorumn's voice rang in Cameron's head.  It was then that he would notice both the construct and his puppet, standing on either side of Cameron with an eery confidence. 


Suddenly, the ground shook as it cracked and shattered beneath their feet, Cameron being a safe distance between each.  Each of Jorumn's bodies raised a single hand, their eyes seething with power as the flames were absorbed into the magical energy that maintained them.  They raised another hand, and blindingly powerful lightning shot from their fingertips at the rubric marines; the sheer crack of the thunder was deafening.  Though they redirected such amounts of power to their benefit, it was not out of showmanship or practicality, but out of pure necessity.

"Magical capacity... overloading.  Bodily harm... imminent."

The stones and scrap in Jorumn's improvised body was steadily beginning to steam, and his puppet's skin began to peel, even as they outlet the magical power through their fingertips as recklessly as they did; if the Chaos Sorcerer's spell was not stopped soon, both would surely begin to suffer serious damage.

Meanwhile, whatever was left of Jorumn's undead Chaos marines opened fire on the opposing forces, though he lacked the ability to control them directly, their will was already his own.
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Post by: Shadow Chorus on November 24, 2013, 10:38:26 PM
"Pfeh! You'z think some warp-fingy's fire ken stop a real warboss!? I'll show you how a real Ork Fights fire."

In a flash of lightning, Gulgrim is gone. As the wave passes over the spot he was standing, he flashes back into existence, his timed teleport saving him from the majority of the flaming onslaught, though once again it appeared he had caught fire, though this seemed to be from the friction of delaying a teleport by bouncing around with the WAAAGH! for a discernible amount of time rather than instantaneously teleporting.

He took a moment to glance around. It seemed that the spikey boyz were busy shooting anyone who tried to dodge to the sides of the fire wave, meaning that the Sorcerer lord was his to contend with.

"An Ork fights fire wiv more fire!" Gulgrim shouted, foul green lightning crackling about his frame as he took a deep inhale. With a resounding "WAAAGH!" he spewed a burst of green flame back at the Sorcerer lord, the power klaws on his hands opening with a mental command and clunking to the ground, allowing him to grab his twin shootas and open fire on the Sorcerer lord with physical projectiles as well.


There was a burst of green lightning behind Gulgrim and a squad of flash gitz appeared on either side of him, each of them opening fire on the Sorcerer lord with their own kustom Snazzguns. The barrage of poorly aimed bullets nonetheless created a swift wall of projectiles aimed for the general area in which the sorcerer lord was standing. Following the Orky theory of ballistics, at least a fraction of those bullets had to be on target, and considering the sheer volume of fire, even a small fraction would be a significant number of bullets. Not to mention the WAAAGH! fire that Gulgrim himself had unleashed, its roiling green mass aimed directly for the opposing Sorcerer lord.

If this didn't get the spikey weirdboy's attention, then he was a grot's uncle.
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Post by: Fei on November 25, 2013, 11:13:45 PM
"Hmm. Looks like something out of one of those poorly made Syfy original series.." Fei mutters as the elevator reaches the top and the pixelated jungle gives way to a twisted reality. 
"You know.. One of those ones with the mutated earth creatures that happen to be aliens from another planet? This kinda looks like one of tho... Oh, time to get serious."

Fei cuts himself short as the Sorcerer makes his presence known by spewing fire forth from his hand over the companions.  In an instant, Fei disappears into his own shadow, and unfurling from a branch high above the sorcerer and marines, peering down on them with a grisly grin.  You see, Fei is a little annoyed and irritable since he hasn't been able to feed.  One could say he's balancing on a guillotine right about now.  That elevator battle was like someone pissing in his Sunday coffee.   And you don't piss in a man's Sunday coffee unless you want the absolute shit slapped out of you.

"Oh it's about fucking time.  I'm starving here.  It's feeding time!"  Fei shouts out with a menacing laugh as he takes a bow from the treetop above, his eyes swirling into a deep red.  Extending his one arm out, a small black crystalline knife appears in his hand. In a quick gesture across his face, a geyser of blood erupts from a slit in his neck followed by a torrential downpour over the Marines.   The blood will flow and crawl into the joints, under armor and into the skin/energy flows of those enemies that make contact with it.  Fei wasn't yet at his A-Game. To be there, he would have to feed. A LOT.  Those in which Fei's blood has made contact with will most likely die in a horribly gruesome manner/explosion as Fei then will be stripping their essence violently from their bodies with extreme force.
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Post by: Danyael on November 26, 2013, 11:11:20 PM
Danyael leaped from the gap of his original attack, reaching a lofty height before landing softly in a three-point stance, taking in a survey of the hostile environ. He watched the clever bastard of a sorcerer cast another spell and gave the semblance of a grimace as he watched what was happening unfold. If the sorcerer was raising an army, then Danyael would do the same.

He took a breath and let the procedure come in a wave as he allowed more of his shades into the living world – allowing the wellspring to unload the presence of his 'echoes' come forth. They raised from everywhere; the shadows, the waters, the very earth around them. And even from Danyael himself. Mists of ether curled from their lips as they breathed heavily with the fervency of the void that had birthed them. The surroundings were scanned in a blink of time, from the newly risen marines to the descending shadows to the very sorcerer behind it all. And then Danyael felt the change. He felt... weaker? Well good, then. It gave him an excuse.

The shades began to glow as Danyael pooled his energies into them, that is until he had vanished once again, not in the earth, nor invisible, but certainly not gone. In unison, the shades selected targets in chunks, then blasted off in blurred threads of speed as they took to the air and ground. As the moments of a single second counted down, the distance between them became a focal point of sound and pressure, where the resonance of the shades began to intensify between themselves and the army of 20 risen marines that they now outnumbered. And they descended on them with limbs phantom and physical alike with a rainstorm of ironclad fists and kicks with the strength that got stronger with each punch and a speed that grew faster after every turn.
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Post by: Cameron on January 11, 2014, 09:45:53 PM
"Now we're GETTING somewhere!"

Peterson continues to grin, but he takes a definite step back as Soul Reaver swiftly approaches. As the enraged warrior brings Blooddrinker down, what seems like thousands of chains surround the robotic corpse as he attempts to entangle the daemon blade and remove it from Soul Reaver's grasp. This never has a chance to work. Blooddrinker carves through the chains as if they were butter, laying the wall of chains wide open and revealing Peterson again.

But seconds before Blooddrinker is about to carve into Peterson, Blooddrinker finally hits something that brings it to a halt. A ghastly scream is heard as the blades of Blooddrinker and Drach'nyen make contact with each other. For a moment the blades are locked into place, vying for supremacy. Then they fly apart in a shower of sparks and fa foul smelling wave of smoke as Peterson yanks Drach'nyen backwards.

"This is a good start. But I don't think you've completely let go yet. Let's fix that!"

Peterson is blocked from view by a nest of bladed chains that seem to spring from nowhere. They slam into Soul Reaver and drive him back. Most of these will bounce harmlessly off of his armor, but some of them may strike home if they are not properly countered. And behind them, Peterson lunges forward, looking to impale Soul Reaver with Drach'nyen while he is distracted.
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Post by: Cameron on January 11, 2014, 10:00:25 PM
Jharm's attack catches the marines off guard. Three of them are completely ensnared, and after a few moments the golden tendrils are able to force their way inside the armor and to the souls within. These suits crumple to the ground, empty and useless. 5 more marines are partially trapped and struggle to break free.

The sorcerer sees this as he charges Mary, and then he is waylaid by the massive daemon form of Sepher smashing into him. The sorcerer is thrown backwards and crushed to the ground as teeth and claw penetrate his armor, drawing blood. But Sepher had let his guard down, and is struck from behind by flaiming bolts from the remaining marines. The sorcerer is able to use this moment to escape.

The remaining marines would not be given an opportunity to attack again. Danyael's shades swarmed and overwhelmed them, striking them down swiftly and efficiently. This once again only serves as a temporary success, as the sorcerer begins to revive them again. The five that were ensnared by Jharm's attack at the time of their destruction by the shades find their souls destroyed, although the sorcerer is able to wrest two away to heal himself again. This leaves only 10 marines remaining. These marines open fire on Jharm and the remaining shades.

The sorcerer then turns and unleashes a wave of fire at Sepher, but this is blocked by Mary as she steps between them and raises her shield. She beckons to the daemon behind her.

"Come on, get up. Knock him over again so I can go for the kill!"
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Post by: Cameron on January 11, 2014, 10:27:16 PM
Karyl manages to disperse into electrons to escape the fire bolts. Kari blocks most of them with a quickly raised water shield, though she suffers some minor burns. Both retreat into the air to try and regroup.

Cameron is braced for the impact of the chaos fire, but it never comes. He looks up to see that the fire has been split away from him in two directions, by Jorumn and his puppet. Lightning arcs from their hands, destroying 10 of the rubric marines one blast at a time. At the same time, blood washes over the remaining marines and seeps into their armor. Unfortunately, this seems to have no effect. The marines being exploded by Jorumn and his puppet appear to be falling into empty suits of armor, revealing to Fei that they have no physical bodies to speak of. Orange orbs float into the sky from inside the destroyed suits. The remaining marines are pushed back by a hail of gunfire from Jorumn's marines, though no more are destroyed. Cameron sees the dire situation that the two strange entities are in and decides to use this moment to counter.

Cameron leaps into the air, just as the sorcerer is hit by a heavy torrent of ork fire. He is driven back, which ends his attack and leaves him unable to defend himself as he falls face first into a wave of warp fire thrown by Gulgrim. Now on fire, the sorcerer lord stumbles backwards, dropping his sword. He is then struck simultaneously by Cameron and Kitharsis. Valermos slices through the front of the sorcerer's armor, and the horseman's pick smashes through his backplate. Dark amber blood sprays forth and the sorcerer disappears in a burst of flame with a scream of pain.

Cameron nods thanks at Kitharsis and tosses a salute at Jorumn and Gulgrim. He is about to turn his attention back to the remaining rubric marines when the Sorcerer Lord reappears at the other end of the platform.

The sorcerer raises a hand, and four of the orange globes are absorbed into it from where they hang in the air. His wounds close and his armor is repaired. The remaining orbs descend back into their rent suits of armor. These are quickly reassembled, and soon there are 16 rubric marines again. These marines quickly open fire on Fei, Jorumn, Gulgrim, and any remaining orks and undead marines nearby. The sorcerer lord gathers strength, reproduces his flaming sword, and lunges at Kitharsis and Cameron, intending on cutting through both of them with a single wicked swing.
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Post by: Daccio on January 12, 2014, 12:42:48 AM
His large bronze claws dig into the sorcerer's armor, rending flesh and draining blood. Sepher roars loudly in the creature's face as he is thrown away and to the ground. As the daemon reared up for another attack, flaming bolter strikes take him in the back. With a roar of pain, the bolter shells tear into his back, ripping scales from the hide and searing flesh. Fortunaly his scales would take most of the brunt, preventing lethal damage.

His head spins to face the marines, but danyael's shades swarm them, allowing him to return his focus to the socerer. The Bronze deamon's glare takes in the sorcerer and roars again as flame rolls up towards him.

Just as the flames are about to hit him, mary steps in between them and raises her shield, deflecting the flames away from him. She spoke to him.

"Come on, get up. Knock him over again so I can go for the kill!"

Sepher flexes and shakes himself, regaining his strength. Hunching back he unleashes himself forward, over mary. Time slows around himself, claws raking large chunks of stone as he flows fluidly towards the the sorcerer. Inhaling deeply, energy wells up in his chest. With a massive roar as Sepher comes close to the sorcerer, he exhales, bronze hewed energy thrown foward in a massive explosion, while sepher attempts to grapple the creaturn to the ground.
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Post by: Jharm on January 12, 2014, 10:35:39 AM
The Seraphim watches as the tendrils of light manage to purge 3 of the suits of armor of the souls contained within.  Another 5 manage to avoid destruction but still get entangled, soon are cut down by shades sent in by Danyael.  Jharm gets distracted as he watches the sorceror manage to wrest two souls away from the tendrils, absorbing them and healing himself once again.  The angel then comes under fire from the remaning marines, the firey rounds slamming into him before he can create a shield.  Most of the rounds are deflected by his enchanted armor but a number manage to punch through, leaving behind burns and wounds where silver angelic blood flows forth from.  The onslaught brings the Seraphim to his knees as he shifts his gaze to the automatons responsible for the pain.  The orbs of light glowing behind his helmet flair brightly as power surges through Jharm, healing some of his wound and sealing the rest to prevent any more blood loss. 

"Enough!  This ends here and now!"

Wielding his hammer in his right hand, light courses down his left arm and forms into a blade created purely of white light.  A shield forms around him as, in a burst of speed unexpected from his massive frame, Jharm rushes the marines.  As he closes with the warriors he swings his hammer at each one, intent on shattering the armor protecting the souls within.  If he should reveal any souls he will attack them with the blade of light, aiming for a more direct attack then his previous attempt with the tendrils. 
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Post by: Soul Reaver on January 12, 2014, 09:19:12 PM
Blooddrinker descends in an arc, cleaving through the chains erected by Peterson, only to come to sudden halt against Drach'nyen, the blade once held by Abaddon.  A growl of inarticulate rage shakes through the chamber to accompany Drach'nyen's scream as the blades strike each other.

Metal screeches as the blades lock.  A horrific crackling can be heard as Blooddrinker attempts to suck the energy out of Drach'nyen, but the chaos blade's construction leaves no flaws or cracks for Blooddrinker to exploit.  Soul Reaver's muscles bulge as he attempts to force the sword down with sheer brute strength.

But then Peterson yanks his sword away, leaping back and sending Blooddrinker cleaving into the ground amidst a shower of sparks and acrid smoke.  Soul Reaver hefts the blade back up again and renews the charge, the weapon's point levelled at Peterson's throat.

"This is a good start. But I don't think you've completely let go yet. Let's fix that!"

A mass of razor chains spring from nothingness and stream toward Soul Reaver from every direction.  Blooddrinker becomes a blur, shredding the chains into metallic splinters.  But in his rage and haste, they seem to be an afterthought, and some make it past his defences.  Soul Reaver is moving far too fast for any of the chains to gain purchase on his limbs, but their razor-edged passage tears strips of skin from Soul Reaver's arms, legs and face.

In spite of the swarming chains, Soul Reaver's charge only accelerates, unerringly fixed upon the counter-charging Peterson.  As the two are about to clash, Soul Reaver thrusts Blooddrinker forward with such force and speed as to unleash a sonic shockwave.  The blast flings the remaining chains aside like limp strings and threatens to knock Drach'nyen off course...
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Post by: Shadow Chorus on January 19, 2014, 02:14:39 PM
The Warboss chuckles as his target goes down, but then his grin turns into a scowl as he realizes it's not dead yet. And now it's paying attention to those two gits rather than the REAL threat. He'd show that spikey git who the REAL warboss was.

"Oi! Don't you'z forget about me, ya git!" He shouted at the Sorcerer lord, enemy bolts skimming his armor and a couple of them scraping his thick hide, though lacking in severe injuries. One of his Flash gitz took a round to the face and fell over dead, and the others immediately opened fire on the chaos marines, their snazzguns unleashing torrents of death upon the enemy.

The Warboss himself needed to get into the scrap, and stomped his feet a couple of times, shouting " 'Ere we go 'Ere we go 'Ere we go!" before vanishing in a spark of green lightning. He appeared in the air above the Sorcerer lord, accompanied by a half-dozen Stormboyz, all of whom propelled themselves at the Sorcerer lord with a rocket-propelled boost, sluggas firing the whole way as they laid in with Choppas at close proximity, flailing wildly in an attempt to injure the chaos sorcerer.

Gulgrim himself, now equipped with his Kaptin's Kutta and mork's teef, his cybork arm wielding gork's teef, fell down under his own weight, falling towards the Sorcerer lord with a hail of bullets, some of which sped towards the sorcerer only after tearing through an unlucky Stormboy'z foot or arm, but they would be fine. they were Orks, after all. When he got within melee range his guns extended bayonets, and in one diving strike he thrusted with his two guns and slashed with his Kutta, the three strikes aimed for the general vicinity of his torso. After that strike would likely be the near half-ton weight of a heavily-armored Ork Warboss crashing down on the Sorcerer lord's current location.
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Post by: Archdemon Stu on January 31, 2014, 06:51:14 PM
Undead chaos marines quickly withdraw and create shields around vulnerable allies, Jorumn and his puppet, covering them in a mass of flesh and metal, unflinching as the bullets tore their vitals apart.  As each hole opened, blood sprayed forth into the space around them as air pressure within the fortress of bodies built - no doubt a measure to redirect and misguide the enchanted bullets.  His reaction was fast... too fast for an ordinary spell caster.  No doubt whatever trick he used against the sorcerer's flames was still in effect.

"Maintain focus on the sorcerer.  I shall keep the pawns busy." Jorumn's voice reassured his allies as he continued his ploy to buy time while the true problem was dealt with.

Jorumn's human body touches his hand to the ground, and the battlefield rumbles.  The ground splits, and tears away as it swallows the rubric marines into a chasm, denying them both footing and sight of the battlefield.  Should the rubric marines not find a way out and quick, Jorumn would bury them in stone and mud.
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Post by: Kitharsis on February 05, 2014, 10:25:16 AM
Kitharsis returns Cameron's nod after the Sorcerer disappears in a burst of flame and a painful scream.  The scream is satisfying.  He re-grips his horseman's pick as the Sorcerer reappears at the other end of the platform.

The Tirthandara narrows his eyes at the Sorcerer Lord as four orange globes absorb into its hand.  So this is how it will go.  Kitharsis has a thought to try and destroy the rubric marines, but the Sorcerer Lord gives him no choice in the matter.  It lunges toward he and Cameron with its flaming sword bearing down on them.

Kitharsis prepares a counter, but in a blink of green lightning, The Warboss, Gulgrim appears above the Sorcerer Lord.  He and six Orkz launch at the Sorcerer, firing and flailing the whole way down.  Hoping this is enough distraction, Kitharsis pushes off mightily with his legs and springs backwards out of the range of the flaming sword.

As he springs backwards he raises his right arm and points his palm at the Sorcerer.  The tattoos on his arm flare into red life.  Crimson tendrils burst out of the tattoos and shoot directly for the Sorcerer Lord.  The tendrils quickly attempt to wrap around the Sorcerer, holding it in place while Gulgrim and his Boyz can do their work.

Of course, being composed of energy, the tendrils will more than likely do a good amount of damage on their own as they tighten around the Sorcerer Lord.
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Post by: Cameron on February 18, 2014, 11:40:00 PM
The sorcerer tries to back away from Sepher and does manage to get a few swipes in with his blade as the daemon approaches, but these only serve to anger Sepher as he forces the agent of Chaos to the ground once more. Now pinned and unable to move, the sorcerer has no way to escape Mary's blow. With a vicious downwards swipe, she cleaves the sorcerer's sword arm off at the shoulder.

The sorcerer roars in pain, which instantly attracts the attention of the remaining Rubric Marines. Unfortunately for them, this also causes them to turn their attention away from Jharm just as he lunges forward to attack. His combo of hammer and sword manages to eliminate 5 of them before they are able to regroup. The remaining 5 bunch together and catch Jharm in a hail of burning fire as he sweeps towards them, but even as he burns, he swings his hammer and sword and eliminates three more. The other two swiftly retreat towards their downed leader.

Mary pulls her sword back to deliver the killing blow, but with a final burst of dark magic, the sorcerer vanishes from underneath Sepher. He appears a few yards away. Blood sprays from the empty socket where his sword arm used to be. As the two remaining Rubric Marines land in front of him, he roars in fury. The armor of the marines crumbles to dust and he absorbs the remaining two souls. This is not enough to heal his arm, but it does stop it from bleeding.

Somewhat recharged, the sorcerer floats into the air and points his remaining hand at the companions. Everyone can feel a great and terrible energy building up within him as he prepares what would have to be a final attack. The companions will only have a few seconds to fight or flee.
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Post by: Cameron on February 18, 2014, 11:54:52 PM
The Sorcerer Lord is almost upon his two targets when he is besieged by a hail of gunfire from his left. As he turns to defend, deflecting bullets with armor and magic, he sees Gulgrim incoming. He attempts to erect a powerful ward to block the attack but sudden;y finds himself restrained by burning tendrils of energy. Unable to escape in time, he shrieks in frustration and pain as the falling Gulgrim hits him full force.

The sorcerer is now pinned on his back. The red tendrils continue to burn through his armor and tear into his flesh. Bullets slam into him from all sides unabated. The Warboss's weapons dig even deeper wounds as the entirety of Gulgrim's weight smashes down on him. He hears the metal footsteps of Cameron approaching from behind him, looking to land a killing blow. He calls for his Rubric Marines, but they are nowhere to be found, as they have all found themselves caught in an unnatural abyss that they are struggling to escape from. Seeing that the situation is rapidly approaching hopeless, the agent of Chaos cashes in his chips.

All 16 remaining Rubric marines crumble to dust. Globes of energy fly from the chasm and rocket towards the downed sorcerer. They hit the sorcerer all at once, and an explosion of dark energy throws Kitharsis, Gulgrim, Cameron, and any remaining boyz 5 meters backward in every direction. The fully healed and suddenly overcharged Sorcerer Lord stands at the center of this shockwave. He casts both hands out in front of him, and a wave of pink lightning streaks from his fingertips, looking to strike every enemy remaining on the battlefield and tear them apart if they do not defend properly.
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Post by: Jharm on February 19, 2014, 12:21:33 AM
The Seraphim's massive hammer crashes through the rubrick marines armor, the glowing sword following closely behind, purging the soul before the sorcerer can attempt to utilize it.  Jharm focuses momentarily, Light flowing over him healing his wounds and extinguishing the flames from the marines cursed bolters.  He then watches the Sorcerer reappear and absorb the final two marines souls.  Raising into the air the crippled sorcerer begins to prepare an attack, terrible power radiating from the twisted spellcasters form.  Without even a moments hesitation, the selfless warrior of the Light hurls the glowing lightsword at the sorcerer and then hefting his massive hammer in both hands flies directly at the caster, a shield appearing around his form as light radiates from within him, intent on either ending the sorcerers final attack or at the least taking the brunt of the spell, shielding his companions in the process.
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Post by: Daccio on February 19, 2014, 12:30:21 AM
Sepher roars loudly seeing the arm torn free of the sorcerer but growls deeply as it vanishes, seemingly prepare a final attack.

Glancing about, the deamon notices the angel barreling towards the sorcerer in an attempt to either end it or blunt the final spell. Sepher decided that he would aid in this cause. Throwing up a strong flow of time around himself, he affected it so actions moved slowly in relation to himself. Hurling himself in an arc around the sorcerer, sepher's feet plant in the ground.

He throws himself at the sorcerer from behind, in an effort to catch the being before the spell went off, and to throw him with more force into Jharm's attack.
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Post by: Shadow Chorus on February 19, 2014, 12:37:59 AM
Gulgrim skids across the battlefield, his hulking form grinding to a halt after a short flight. Glancing up, he saw the Sorcerer Lord preparing a lightning attack. Gulgrim stomped to his feet, his tumultuous uprising sending dust flying, obscuring his form as lightning shot into the cloud. There was the sound of a screaming Ork and the frying of flesh from inside, and a large body hitting the dirt. Roasted Ork wafted through the air.

But when the dust cleared, it was the body of a Nob, not the Warboss himself, that lay dead on the ground. The Warboss must have teleported inside the dust cloud. But where was he now?

On the wall was the answer. The Warboss was flattened against the wall behind and above the Chaos Sorcerer, invisible to the naked eye. His WAAAGH! Field silencing his noise and camouflaging himself to the wall behind him. So long as he didn't make any obvious movements, the Warboss hoped to elude detection by the Sorcerer Lord, even by his own Allies. If the Warboss was right, they would take the body of the Nob at a distance to be his own, his psychic field creating a minor perception filter to disguise the dead nob as being much larger than it was, roughly his own ponderous size. If they thought the Warboss dead, he could prepare for a proper Assassination, the Brutal Kunning of his mind working a plan over in his head as he observed the action below. This of course relied on the Sorcerer either not getting too close to the corpse or not looking too hard at it, as either a concentrated observation or proximity would pierce through the illusion.

His toothy visage broke into a grin, even as he watched his own Boyz die under warp lightning. The Sorcerer Lord wouldn't see his own death until his Orky blade was in his chest.
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Post by: Danyael on February 20, 2014, 01:07:01 AM
The suppressive fire from the Rubric marines didn't go unnoticed. Not entirely. They vanished into the ground. Only a paltry few, who were in the midst of mid-translocation, had been reduced to ashen essence by the marines' incoming fire.

Danyael prepared to engage the marines head on, only to halt stock still, interrupted by an unseen force that whispered unnerving nothings throughout his mind. The whispers, now portents, slithered through his thoughts. He looked to his companions, his beloved Mary ever the firebrand, though still under incredible duress in the face of combat. He looked to the demon warrior, Sepher, whose power continued to press defiantly against directly against the sorcerer. Jharm, raining down holy might to smite the infernal  drones of their enemy and ultimately the sorcerer himself.

But still, Danyael stood quiet as the whispers came to two clear words: “Not now.”

He watched as the sorcerer recovered and gained ground, this time in the air. And it was at this moment that he allowed his own change to begin. He knelt low, all sound muting around him as his senses literally went cold. His body quivers as the shades that fell into the earth began to recollect back into him. With each entry, his body shuttered until it quaked uncontrollably and the faint hint of hissing laughter cut through the air.

As he looks up, the once perfect form of his face suddenly begin to whither away, mutating the entire right side into a husk of what it used to be. Animalistic fangs reach out from behind his lips and what was left of the flesh of his cheeks, preceded by a guttural, empty heave of what some might have perceived as disparity. His hollow right eye looked to the sky, where the energies began to diverge in rivulets of unseen ether. His open mouth, without moving, emitted low tone before growing into a chorus of guttural snarls, croaks and bellows before snapping shut into silence. Half his body was a decayed rotten mess while the other half just as uniquely beautiful as it was before. He was both vibrantly alive and sickeningly dead at the same time. Literally. His body, throughout the entire battle, had been absorbing the energies around him, feeding it until it had now reached the prime state of the unique circumstances of this battle. All that was left was to wait for the time to show itself.

And then came the awaited moment as the darkness in his sight was pierced by pristine, divine light in the form of an angelic blade. More than that; Jharm's blade.

Danyael appeared to crumple to the ground before suddenly vanishing in speed far faster than previously demonstrated, followed by a flowing row of blackened afterimages that trailed in his wake. In and out of relative sight did he disappear and reappear, building up speed with each resurgence until he put himself in coasting motion between Jharm's blade and the Seraphim.

Launching his fist forward in a full ahead thrust against the sword, adding his force to its own, all amplified to such uncertain extent that the very air roared in defiance as Danyael tore through the sky with relentless ferocity. The space between the sorcerer and the nephilim lord closed in blinks of time. And with the Seraphim's own divine might wading through the storm, perhaps they would fell the enemy once and for all.
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Post by: Archdemon Stu on March 13, 2014, 05:45:03 PM
Jorumn sees the energy returning to the sorcerer, but it is too late for him to even warn his newfound teammates before the blast hits.  Just as quickly, an ominous pink lightning lights up the area.  The lightning is powerful and swift - too swift for Jorumn to develop a countermeasure, and forcing him to maintain his focus as a conduit of magical power for longer than intended.  Quickly, he raises a third puppet - a being of stone and the scraps of chaos marine armor - to disperse the magical energy evenly among them.  Though the third does not have time to act as it rises, the body of flesh is already in the midst of casting.

As the battle closes in on a single point of focus, Jorumn decides against a direct attack.  He is not yet well-versed with his allies' tactics, and would likely end up doing more harm than good.  Instead, he focuses a frost spell on the specific joints in the sorcerer's armor, seeking to disable him for a finishing attack by Cameron, Kitharsis, and Gulgrim to do what they do best.

Unlike his previous spell, the air does not show any signs of cold.  In fact, it becomes hotter as the cold air in the environment is drawn in toward the sorcerer's armor with such intensity that a gust can be felt by those nearby, and condenses...
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Post by: Kitharsis on April 03, 2014, 01:49:17 PM
The grip of his tendrils snaps as the explosion of dark energy throws Kitharsis into the air.  The tendrils trail behind him with broken and shattered ends.  He lands in a roll and regains his footing quickly.

As he stands a wave of pink lightning streaks through the battlefield.  Pouring forth through the overcharged Chaos Sorcerer's fingertips.  Kitharsis acts quickly, swiping his right arm through the air.  This causes the remaining tendrils to snap backwards like a whip.  They wrap around him, deflecting the majority of the blast of lightning.

His skin smolders in the areas where the tendrils did not entirely block the lightning.  Kitharsis winces as he shakes out his arm.  It crackles as chips of his stony skin crumple to the ground.

The remaining tendrils attached to his left arm blink out like someone has turned out the light switch.  His teeth are clenched in anger as he stares down the Chaos Sorcerer. 

The runes for speed and strength on his shoulders burst into life.  They glow intensely as he pumps a great deal of his Tirthandaran energy through them.  His metal boot digs into the ground beneath him as he pushes off.  In a blur, he takes a direct path to the Chaos Sorcerer with his horseman's pick raised in both hands.

With a roar for effort, he slams down his hammer on the Chaos Sorcerer.  But his assault does not stop with a single blow.  He swings for the fences as blow after blow rains down from the enraged Tirthandara.  He is but a blur of grey and red as he carries out his merciless assault.
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Post by: Fei on April 08, 2014, 11:34:37 PM
Fei is more than a little disappointed at the lack of effect that his attack has had against the marines.  A furious scream rages from the tree tops.  "God Damn it! Son of a bitch! I'm sick and tired of this shit! If I don't get something to eat right now, I'm going to murder and eat every single one of you!"

By this time, as Fei recovers from the gaping hole in his throat from his attack, the rubic marines have been absorbed by the Chaos Sorceror. 

"Wait, he can eat them but I can't.  That it.  Now I'm REAAAAALLY Pissed." 

As the Sorceror unleashed his torrent of 80's colored lightning upon the companions, a wild arc comes crackling towards the treeline towards the vampire.  As the tree is set ablaze from the attack, following an essence fueled explosion, Fei is nowhere to be found in the tree.

Reappearing in the dust left by Gulgrim, the shadows converge into Fei's being near the fallen Nob which appears to be Gulgrim, other boyz littering the ground around him in the sorceror's attack. His eyes glow red piercing the dust, a blackened smile spanning his mouth.   "You'll do."

An aura surrounded the Nob, though. An enchantment, of some form. It takes but a fraction of a moment to discern that the Nob is under 'kleverly dis-guyz-ez' to trick the Sorceror into believing he had slain Gulgrim.

"Well fine, I'll leave this one be, the rest will have to do." Fei thinks to himself, raising up his arms.

A violent wind picks up, centered around Fei as he does So, and the bodies of the boyz bounce and slide towards him, their tumbles growing in height as they approach him.  By the time they reach Fei, they're all suspended in air.

In but a split second, the gust of wind spins the bodies of the fallen Orkz and they are thoroughly blended into a red, misty paste, their bones being spat out by the violent winds in all directions. The whirlwind of gore funnels into Fei's being, saturating him as he absorbs their fleshy parts, their cleanly picked bones clattering to the ground around him.

Just as quickly as it began, it ended; the last of the ichor twisting into Fei's palms. A look of disgust crosses his face.  "Ugh! What the hell?! That didn't taste like blood at all! What the hell are these green skins made of? It tasted like... rotting tomatoes and garlic...ew."

Fei quivers in disgust for a moment before regaining his composure. "Ahem, regardless, they've served...ick... their purpose." The ground around the vampire darkens and streaks of black lightning errupt from his feet, crackling outward 20 paces, splitting the warped ground, any vegetation near it, dissolving and withering away.

Kneeling down, Fei plunges his arms into the shadows and a struggle rages upon his body. From the deepening shadows, Chains and blades fly forth and sink deep into the Vampire's body.  Pale arms cling to the chains and pull with all their might to pull Fei into the shadow with them. "Not this time... I am your master!" 

Twisting from the oblivion, the howls of the unmade scream as Fei pulls back, the chains dislodging from his body and wrapping around his wrists.  He grabs the chains of blackened shadows and they reshape into handles. As Fei lifts the handles from the shadow beneath him, the abyss twists and forms into a pair of elegantly curved blades, made of a black crystal. Souls of the damned flicker and reappear and beating against the surface of their mirror sheen, trying to escape, trapped within.

"No more fucking around." Fei grins before making a broad swing with both blades, the edge, carving a hole into the reality and feasting upon it, sending forth a shockwave of abyssal energy which screams and hurls towards the Sorceror to tear it apart and cast it's essence into oblivion.
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Post by: Cameron on April 11, 2014, 11:13:56 PM
The sonic shockwave unleashed by Soul Reaver and Blooddrinker is enough to throw Peterson's trajectory off. He is visibly impressed. Soul Reaver is a much more challenging opponent than either of the other two people he's fought today. But before he has a chance to say so, Soul Reaver is upon him, thrusting Blooddrinker into his midsection.

Soul Reaver sees the sword seem to strike home, but Peterson sudden;y vanishes, leaving a ghostly after-image in his place. For a moment, Soul Reaver finds himself alone in the chamber. But a massive power surge behind him quickly betrays Peterson's presence. And sudden;y Peterson is falling from the rafters of the warehouse towards his target.

And ina bright flash of green magic, he is joined by 10 copies of himself. The 10 identical looking enemies descend on Soul Reaver from different angles, with 10 chaos blades seeking to pierce his armor. And the whole while, a chilling laugh can be heard echoing through the chamber, along with distant familiar voices screaming in terror.

The voices of Soul Reaver's companions, dying.
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Post by: Cameron on April 12, 2014, 12:08:43 AM
The Chaos Lord has gathered as much power as he can. He throws his arms forward, ready to release his final spell. But seconds before it is unleashed. the holy blade thrown by Jharm and driven further and faster than normally possible by Danyael smashes straight through the sorcerer's armor. The sorcerer screeches in pain and horror as holy flames begin to consume him from the inside, and he only barely registers the impact of Sepher smashing into him from behind. Unable to control his momentum, he is sent lurching forward just as the seraphim and  nephilim smash into him. Any remaining power is forced out of the sorcerer by the force of this impact, and the holy flames of the thrown sword consume his flesh from the inside. A hollow husk of metal with a charred corpse inside is all that remains as it smashes into the ground.

Within seconds, the scene around the companions changes. The castle and bridge and river are gone. In it's place is a huge, empty, dimly lit warehouse. The companions find themselves on a catwalk roughly the same size as the bridge they thought they were on. Part of it is destroyed.

Mary had watched all this happen right in front of her, so fast that she almost couldn't follow it. She had been prepared to attack as well, but obviously the companions had everything well in hand. Cameron sure knew how to pick a strike team.

Mary's wings fold up behind her and disappear as her eyes return to their normal violet color. Her shield vanishes, but she hangs on to Morthoseth for a moment, unable to force herself to put the blade away just yet. She walks towards the companions, looking around for Garr and Kalana.

"Are you lot okay? Have any of you seen Kalana or Garr? I don't sense either of them."
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Post by: Cameron on April 12, 2014, 01:15:16 AM
Cameron falls backwards and tumbles end over end as he hits the ground. He pulls himself up just as the lightning attack goes off. With no time to prepare a proper defense, he throws up a hand. A weak shield appears in front of him, but it won't be enough.

But just as the lightning hits, the shield triples in strength as Karyl and Kari appear on either side of their fallen friend. The lightning crackles over the shield as the three elementals pour energy into it. Some of the tendrils of lightning make it over and scorch their targets, but not enough to do any lasting damage. As the attack dissipates, the three elementals let the shield drop. Cameron returns to his feet as they try to catch their breath.

The Sorcerer Lord cackles wildly as his lightning decimates the field, but he quickly realizes that the attack only served to wipe out most of the fodder that was attacking him. It looks like he managed to kill all the orks, including the big warboss, but his other primary targets are still standing. This infuriates him to no end, and he prepares to attack again. But suddenly he finds it hard to move. His armor is freezing. Alarmed, he prepares a spell to counter this. The spell fizzles as the angry mowhawked warrior falls on him.

The Sorcerer is caught off guard and is unable to muster any affective defense for a while. Blow after blow land, denting and shattering the power armor of the agent of Chaos. Finally, he roars in pain and throws himself backwards and clear of the blur of stone and steel that is assaulting him...

And right INTO a wave of dark energy hurled by the vampire. This catches him on his blind side and he can do nothing to defend against it. The abyssal energy crashes into him and through him, cutting him nearly in half. The crippled sorcerer crumbles to the ground, foul blood spewing in every direction. Any chance he had of surviving this combat is now gone.

And yet, he struggles upright again. He only has one good arm, but it's the hand with the eye, and he extends it towards the companions. He pours every last ounce of Chaos power into one last final attack to take  as many of these fools with him as he can before he perishes.

And as he maneuvers into position, he turns his undefended back directly at Gulgrim's hidden position...
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Post by: Daccio on April 12, 2014, 10:57:34 AM
Sepher slams into the sorcerer as the blade connects with the beast, roaring loudly as the thrill of battle rages on


Suddenly, the castle and bridge were an old warehouse. The large daemon digs its claws into the catwalk to stop its momentum, spreading its wings out the best it can. Screeching to a halt, the daemon turns towards the companions, eyes piercing.

"Give it up Sepher." a voice whispered inside his head "You've been fighting a long time. Well over 100 years. Your family is gone, everyone you ever loved is gone. Don't you deserve rest to?

Sepher was caught off guard, it had been a long time since one of the souls had chosen to spoke with him. It spoke the truth as well, so long had he fought. He WAS tired. He was getting old. He DID deserve a rest as well. He could feel himself relaxing.

"Yes, that's it. Just relax.... You'll be with the rest of your people soon enough..."

His people. No, they would not want this. This was something more than just Sepher. This chaos wasn't contained then it would do just as they did to his world. Nothing left but a desolate world. No.... His resolve hardened and the daemon soul surged against his, trying to take control.

Sepher, in daemon form let out another roar, this one more primal than before. A contest of wills. Slowly he squeezed the soul of the daemon down, forcing it back to its prison. As it went, it became easier and finally, it was once more locked away. Light grew around sepher and suddeny flashed out in blinding rays. As it subsided, sepher in his human form knelt on the catwalk, fists clenched against the ground.

Slowly he stood and turned his gaze to the others.

"I am okay" He said in response to mary, resolve sounding in his voice. "Though I have not seen the others."

He held his hand out to his side, were there was a rip in his armor from were he had been hit. The metal slowly mended itself, finally forming back into the prestine scalemail it was.
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Post by: Shadow Chorus on April 12, 2014, 11:51:10 AM
Gulgrim watched the battle with interest, observing as the Chaos sorcerer was battered around by the other gitz he was working with. They were doing a good job, he had to admit. The vampire even made use of his dead boyz. If he ate all of 'em 'e must be a little green on the inside. That's good. But now the Chaos Sorcerer was open, his body freezing and his back exposed. Now was the time for Gulgrim to strike. He placed his shoota on his hip and held his Kaptin's Kutlass in both hands, his face split into a toothy grin.

"WAAAAAAGH!"  Gulgrim roared as he springboarded from the wall, his camouflage vanishing in an instant, revealing him in all his Orky splendor as he cleared the distance between himself and the sorcerer lord in one massive leap. Wielding his Kutlass in two hands, he comes down with the force of his massive frame with an overhead chop straight down, aimed at the exposed Sorcerer Lord's head.

"I have da power of Gork, AND Mork! Don't underestimate me!" he shouted as he brought the sword down.
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Post by: Jharm on April 13, 2014, 07:33:47 PM
Jharm floats to the ground next to the dessicated remains of the sorceror, reaching down and grasping the glowing sword of Light and pulling it from the corpse, glancing at the blade as if inspecting it for any filth left on it from the fallen Chaos.  Suddenly a roar erupts near him.  Glowing white eyes gaze upon the demonic form of Sepher as he appears to have some sort of mental battle, likely with one of the demons contained within him.  The Seraphim's grip on his hammer and blade tighten, ready if the battle should turn badly.  With a flash of light Sepher changes back to his human form.  It would seem he succeeded in the battle of wills this time.  Jharm loosens his hold on his weapons and the sword dissipates into the air.

(Mary) "Are you lot okay? Have any of you seen Kalana or Garr? I don't sense either of them."

"Last i saw Garr was attempting to return back across the bridge with Lady Kalana, I lost track of them during the battle though."
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Post by: Soul Reaver on April 13, 2014, 09:04:10 PM
Blooddrinker slides into Peterson's body up to the hilt, but somehow the blade feels no satisfaction at the blow.  There is no resistance, no hot blood to drench the blade.  Instead, his body simply seems phases into nothingness.

Rage still written on his features, Soul Reaver takes a quick backstep, his sword pulled back, ready to parry or strike as needed.  For a moment, he seems to be alone.  Then a hideous laugh reverbarates around the room, its echoes dissolving into what sound like the distant, terrified screams of familiar voices.  His companions were dying while he dallied here with this pathetic failure of a marine!

At that moment and power surge directly above draws Soul Reaver's attention.  Just in time, Soul Reaver turns upward and sees Peterson, enveloped in a burst of emerald chaos sorcery.  But plunging from the rapidly disspiating cloud of energy are not one, but ten Petersons - each identical and all intent on murder.

They could not all be real, but he did not have the luxury to establish which one might be the 'real' one.  There just was not enough time!

A surge of burning magic flows through his veins, pulsing hot up his arms and into the red blade in his hands.  The sword, in turn, seems to feed energy back into Soul Reaver, allowing him to summon this magic and bypass its usual gestures and ritual.  A spitting field of red power sheathes over the sword as Soul Reaver reverses it downwards, and then plunges it hard into the ground.

Just as the Petersons are about to reach striking distance, the sorcery unleashes a spherical Shockwave spell.  Normally a wave of pure white energy with a blue trail, borne of carefully woven mana, this casting instead seems raw and untamed, replacing finesse with sheer power.  Its colour is a tainted dark red, and its surface crackles with arcs of sinister lighting.

Yet in spite of its hurried casting, the burst of destructive force seems all the more powerful for it as it blasts out around Soul Reaver.  As the shockwave roars past, pockets of air ignite into motes of flame, and the ground it passes over cracks and is torn up from its foundations - chunks of ruined concrete and half-melted rebar hurtle outward in all directions in the wake of the spell's passage.
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Post by: Danyael on June 09, 2014, 11:59:51 PM
Danyel's boots slammed to the ground with a metallic clang, the floor around him, dented in and shattered as it was, began to shift and twist into yet another location entirely. The menace was gone, only to have the stage change once again. This was getting tiresome. Very tiresome. Where would they go next after the next challenge? A flower garden with a tea table and a rabbit who was never on time? Maybe a disproportionate mushroom forest where a Caterpillar smokes hookah? Maybe a floating, porcine British Shorthair with an eerily amusing smile that glows in the dark? The madness of this labyrinth seemed inexhaustibly irksome.

Then, more pressing matters came to mind. He saw Mary, breathing a mental sigh of relief, then saw his companions Jharm and Sepher. He looked around. The child. Where is the child? The gray one. Where is he? eyes and senses darting about in every possible angle. But he could find no trace. A waft of will brought his flowing jacket and everworld cloak back into being. He lifted his hood over his head and took stock of his allies. He nodded to Jharm and Sepher in thanks for the team effort in felling the sorcerer, then was suddenly at Mary's side. This place felt off. They needed to go. “Best we be on our way. Find the answers ourselves.” his voice was calm and cold. But he knew Mary knew he was feeling anything but. He spent time enough in the warp to transform him into the abomination he was now. And now that he was deeper in the realm of Chaos, he had every reason to be fearful of every step. Truth be told, he was terrified. And he knew she knew it.

They needed to find their companions and the elementals. They needed to find Soul and Cameron. They needed to end this living nightmare, or at the very least get to the bottom of it to attain some sense of fucking closure and make sense of this insanity. What happened to the others? How did they get separated? Are they even alive? He shook the thoughts from his mind, feeling the muscles tighten and then loosen. A soft hand went to Mary's shoulder and he nodded in a possible direction to go.
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Somewhere deep inside the mindless, buzzing, animal thing that the sorceror's mind has become knows the attack from behind is coming. But it's far too late to do anything about it. All of the sorceror's remaining focus is forward. Trying to get this one last spell off before-

But even that effort proves to be too little, too late. Gulgrim's Kutlass carves through the sorceror like butter. The sorceror's spell falters and dies as the orkish blade rips through it's skull, ending it's life as it rends it's brain in two. The blade continues it's progress through the rest of the corpse, and the sorceror splits neatly in half as Gulgrim lands. Black, foul smelling blood sprays everywhere as the two halves slump to the ground.

And in that instant, the jungle is gone. The sunrise is gone, replaced by a huge floodlight shining down on the companions from above. They find themselves standing on the floor of what appears to be a massive empty warehouse. Catwalks run back and forth in various directions above their heads. The large floodlight appears to be the only real source of light nearby.

Cameron, Karyl, and Kari approach the other companions and the corpse of the sorceror. Cameron surveys his surroundings.

"Seems like we're clear for now, but that's probably not the last of the tricks this place has for us. Is everyone alright?"
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Post by: Cameron on July 09, 2014, 01:34:14 AM
Mary nods at Sepher, but quickly turns to look across the bridge where Jharm indicates Garr was last seen. She squints, but the light is too dim to make anything out. Suddenly, Danyael is beside her, speaking. His words, as usual, ring true. She can sense that he is not as calm as he sounds, and Mary glances in his direction. She almost says something to try and reassure him, but thinks better of it. Now is hardly the time for talk. She does reach up and place her hand over his when she feels it on her shoulder.

Mary is about to speak when a noise behind her catches her attention. She turns swiftly as Garr appears from within a swirl of shadows and smoke. He has kalana over his shoulder, supporting her with one arm while the other still clutches the elemental blade Molotoch. It takes obvious effort for him to slide the blade back into it's sheath, but he does so. Mary feels the pull of her own blade lessen, and she is able to sheath Morthoseth as well. Garr lays the unconsious psyker gently down in front of him.

"She's alive, but her energy is drained. She could use some healing, if anyone can spare it."
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Post by: Cameron on July 09, 2014, 01:59:35 AM
The shockwave unleashed by Soul Reaver is enough to rock the already crumbling building to it's very foundation. Large chunks of debris fall from the celing only to be swept up by Soul Reaver's magic and cast aside, The Petersons, in full offensive mode, have no chance to defend and are hit by the full desctructive force of the spell. 9 of them are ripped apart, revealed in their passing as the inferior copies that they were. The real Peterson is thrown back violently, crashing through the back wall of the warehouse. It collapses on top of him. For a moment, there is silence.

But the silence doesn't last. A horrible, distorted, sickening sound soon drifts from the pile of wreckage. Peterson is laughing.

"Bravo, good sir. bravo. A fine piece of work. VERY impressive."

Fallen concrete and metal shifts aside as Peterson returns to his feet. His robotic form shows no damage from the attack. It is hard to determine if it had any lasting affect on him at all. The human half of his face twists in a nasty smirk, pulling the stitches used to keep it closed taught.

"This has been a LOT of fun! Very challenging. Very rewarding. But I'm afraid our time is up. You see, your companions are just about dead, and I'd absolutely hate to miss the show."

Peterson moves as if he is going to turn and leave, but he pauses before turning back to face Soul Reaver.

"Hmm. Seeing a show is always fun with more people! Three's company, after all. How about if you join us? You can witness your friends all simultaneously draw their final breaths in a crescendo worthy of the finest shymphony! I've heard the sound is... to die for."

Peterson extends a skeletal hand towards Soul Reaver.

"Shall we?"
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The Seraphim watches silently as the Nephilim appears next to Mary and speaks to her.  A swirl of shadows suddenly appears behind the woman causing her to turn around to see Garr step out holding an unconscious Kalana.  He sheathes his elemental blade and gently lays the woman on the ground before speaking.

"She's alive, but her energy is drained. She could use some healing, if anyone can spare it."

Setting his hammer down onto the ground, Jharm moves forward towards the psyker.

"The Light shall see her restored."

The massive frame of the angel stands over the prone figure for a second before he kneels down next to her.  His right hand hovers over Kalana as faint words begin to flow from his lips.  His plated hand begins to softly glow white, the intensity increasing every second but then the light seems to flow from the Seraphim down through the air and over Kalana until she is illuminated by a soft white glow.  A moment later Jharm falls silent as he clenches his hand shut and the light fades away.

"It is done.  She should be almost as good as new now."

Standing back up, the Seraphim returns to where he dropped his hammer, lifting the weapon into the air once more and resting it on his shoulder as he waits to see what direction they decide to head from here.
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As Jharm steps away, Kalana begins to stir. She slowly brings herself to a sitting position and looks around.

"Ugh... someone tell me we killed that guy."

A reply comes from Garr.

"Yes, the sorcerer is dead, and his illusions have faded."

Kalana sighs and shakes her head, trying to clear the cobwebs. She does not immedeately attempt to stand.

"Good. But we're not safe yet. We need to find the others."

Mary has been staring off into the distance since she and Garr put their swords away. She gestures to an area in the far distance where the light seems to be brighter.

"I feel the other elemental blades. I think they're that way."
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Gulgrim stood triumphant over the corpse of the Sorcerer and let out a Victory "WAAAGH!",  raising his kutlass to the sky like a victorious general before returning to the matter at hand. That being, looting the corpse. He couldn't make much use out of the Spikey boyz' tech, them being so small and all, but some helmets and 'eadz for his trophy rack wouldn't go amiss. He picked up the two halves of the sorcerer and looked at them.

"Blast it, dis spikey git couldn't even dive outta da way a bit so'z I didn't cut 'iz 'ead apart. Oh well, two 'alfs fer two poles, I 'spose."

Brutally tearing the two halves of the sorcerer's head from his bifurcated shoulders, the boss fixed them to his trophy rack with surprising ease, considering the flexibility demanded to put skulls on a rack mounted to one's shoulders.

"Dat's roight! I'z da biggest so I'z da boss!" The warboss shouted to no-one in particular. Then he actually came back to reality and noted that Cameron had asked a question.

"Yeah, 'umie, i'z gud. Takes more den a few scrapes an' some zaps ta 'urt me." he said, pounding his chest with his massive green hand.

"So, which way'z out? I'z wants some more suitable trophies, an' scept fer da spiky boss git, dese boyz ain't nuffin' but armor, no good skullz fer me rack!"
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Post by: Daccio on July 10, 2014, 01:10:35 AM
Sepher continues to collect himself from their ordeal and solemnly watches as Jharm heal Kalana. He wondered if there was anything that Jharm could do for him, to help him surpress the souls further, but that thought was pushed out of his mind as Kalana spoke.

"Ugh... someone tell me we killed that guy."

Sepher nods to her words but doesn't speak. He listens as the other's converse. His mind is still elsewhere, however. The souls inside him have not spoken to him in so long that he was truly shaken. This could only be ill. He took a deep breath, and turned to face Mary.

"Yeah, we best be off. I do not wish to be here any longer than needed"

He held his katana out to the side and it slowly shaped itself into a spear with a leaf head blade as he started for area that mary was gazing towards. He could feel the soul of the Daemon god watching from behind his eyes. Sepher knew it was only a matter of time before it tried something once more.
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Post by: Soul Reaver on July 10, 2014, 05:17:42 PM
Soul Reaver looks up with sadistic satisfaction as Peterson is viciously slammed into the far wall.  He rises to his feet again, his fist grasping Blooddrinker, and stalks toward the cloud of dust and rubble where Peterson fell.

His expression darkens further when the rubble shifts aside and Peterson rises like a ghoulish phoenix from the ashes, laughing and mockingly congratulating the warrior.  Despite the force of Soul Reaver’s attack, Peterson seemed to be unharmed.

Advancing, Soul Reaver’s attention focusses with almost obsessive determination on Peterson’s twisted face.  The sickening smirk on his stitched-up lips as he once more states the companions are dying.  Why was he so insistent on this?  Despite what he heard and saw – could he trust the words of this monster?

And did it even matter?

If what Peterson says is false, he would need to go through Peterson to once more find the companions.  And if it was true, then it was too late, and he would make Peterson pay.  In either case, the outcome would be the same: Peterson would be carved into bloodied pieces before him.  That, right now, mattered more than anything else.

Under his breath, Soul Reaver speaks words of sorcery.  Peterson extends a skeletal hand toward Soul Reaver, inviting him to watch the death of his companions.

 "Shall we?"

It was indeed death he wanted to see.

Soul Reaver hefts Blooddrinker in both hands as a blaze of fiery crimson light consumes him.  That same instant, he appears directly in front of Peterson, his eyes locked onto the ruined marine’s.  A mad bloodlust swirls in the crimson depths of Soul Reaver’s iris, only held back by the thinnest of threads.

“No, we shall not!”

Blooddrinker flashes upward diagonally in an attempt to sever Peterson’s blasphemous, skeletal claw.  Soul Reaver does not pause as he presses forward, Blooddrinker weaving a lightning fast web of sweeping, cutting blows.  Each strike leads into the next, leaving no opening.  With each flurry of cuts, Soul Reaver takes another step forward.  Anyone wishing to survive his onslaught would need to defend and retreat – and Peterson’s back was to the wall.  Soul Reaver spits words filled with hate.

“You are a fool, Peterson!  Why ever would I take your offer, when instead I can take your head?”
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Post by: Danyael on July 11, 2014, 12:14:06 AM

He looked around and saw both everything and nothing. And then everything in between. He saw the intricate patterns of energy that created existence around him. He saw the beautiful souls of the elementals and the perfect soul of Mary. He saw the conflict of Sepher and the radiance of Jharm. And he envied them. All of them. But then he saw other things – things that wouldn't inherently be so presently distinctive. He saw Duriel standing both near and far. He saw the many faces of his psyche laughing and taunting him.He saw the faces of old companions he'd left long ago – Shenba and Otaken.  He saw demons and angels and everything in between. And then, he saw it all shrink down to a glint of reality, only to start back up all over again.

It wasn't long before he realized that he was breathing rapidly, his eyes were darting about, catching glimpses of energies that painted pictures he couldn't make sense of, but knew well enough of their falseness all the same. And then he understood. The spasms of power, the continuous changes and that creeping feeling of unease that was getting more and more difficult to play off. Then there was the lingering sense that he was losing his grip of control. He knew it now. This labyrinth, this... pit... was driving him mad. And then he felt her hand on his and all the pain went away. It was a warm feeling, a welcome feeling. Then he noticed that not only had Kalana and Garr returned, but the younger elemental had been healed by Jharm. Putting up the ever usual front of cool indifference, he approached Kalana, the shadows of his hood giving visual accent to the eeriness of his new eyes. And with these eyes, he looked into hers and offered his hand. “Let's have you up, m'lady.” 
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Cameron watches with a blank expression as Gulgrim claims his trophies. When Gulgrim turns and addresses him, he looks around and takes stock of the rest of the group.

The creature known as Jorumn is working on piecing himself back together. Magic swirls about him as he makes repairs. Kithariss stands nearby, ready to move. He doesn't see Fei, but he can feel him nearby. And Karyl and Kari are at his side. As they make eye contact with each other, they realize that they all still have their elemental blades drawn. Without a word, the three elemtals sheathe their sentient weapons. Karyl pulls his guitar from his back and begins to pulck out a tune. Cameron turns back to Gulgrim.

"I'm honestly not sure which way to go from here. I can't see the end to this place..."

Cameron suddenly glances over his shoulder innto the gloom surrounding them.

"Wait... I think I can feel the others. They must be close. Let's head this way."

Cameron begins to move off in the direction he was looking. The heavy thuds of his power armored boots echo through the empty expanse.
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Kalana shakes her head once more as she gets her bearings, She sees a hand extended to her and looks up to meet Danyael's gaze. Her bright blue eyes linger on him for a moment before she brings her hand up and clasps his. She swiftly pulls herself to her feet and looks off in the direction that Mary has indicated. Her eyes glow as she reaches out with her mind.

"Yeah... that's Cameron over there. Seems like he's below us. Under that light. I can barely make him out, but he's there. Something's interfering with my ability to link with him."

Kalana can feel something else in that direction too. Something menacing.

"We need to get over there. They may be in trouble."

Mary nods. 'Let's stay on the catwalks for now. If they're still fighting something, we can use the high ground to our advantage."

Kalana looks to Mary, nodding back in agreement. 'This way, then."

Kalana and Mary begin walking. Garr follows.
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Sepher, spear over his shoulder, moved to follow.

"Glad to see you back on your feet Kalana"  He said, nodding to her.

He listened to mary speaking then, and agreeing with what she said voiced no complaint.

"So, we will finally get back together with at least some of the rest of the team. That is good. We need as much help as we can get here. Best get to them quickly."

He would take up position at the back of the group to guard them from dangers from behind.
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Post by: Shadow Chorus on July 17, 2014, 06:21:18 PM
"Alright. Dere'd better be a fight dat way. Maybe sum demons I'z can krump an' use da sharpest bitz fer ornamentashun."

The Ork's grasp of vocabulary was surprisingly strong, despite his heavy accent ruining pronunciation. He must have spent quite some time as a mercenary for other races.

He thumped along at the rear of the group, as he towered over the majority and could see past easily. Marching along behind him were a pair of mean-looking Nobz that looked almost big enough to be warbosses in their own right. they didn't seem to question how they had gotten here or where they were, simply acting as a personal retinue for the big boss, toting big twin-linked shootas and vicious looking axes as they kept pace behind Gulgrim.
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The Seraphim listens as Kalana indicates where she thinks the other half of the party may be.

"Let's stay on the catwalks for now. If they're still fighting something, we can use the high ground to our advantage."

Jharm nods at the tactical sense of the statement.  As the party begins to move forward the angellic being takes to the sky.  He flies above the group, scanning down into the darkness and forward, glowing eyes keeping vigil should either anything attempt to ambush them from the darkness or signs of battle involving the other group become visible.

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The blindingly bright floodlight in the warehouse seems to flicker and wane for a moment before becoming noticeably dimmer. Off in the corner of the warehouse, Fei can be spotted playing with what appears to be a a light or dimmer switch.
"There, much better. A tan is the last thing I need." he sighs to himself before coalescing into the shadows and reappearing back with the party.

"I sense the others are nearby as well. If you'd like, I can go and.... surprise them." Fei speaks with a cheesy grin across his face that pushes his cheeks up into his eyes.
"... as well as scout ahead, of course."

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Post by: Danyael on July 22, 2014, 11:01:34 PM
As the elementals and his two brothers in arms advanced on the structure, Danyael too approached with them. His pace shifted, then halted and he found himself unable to move, unable to breathe. His body convulsed upward then bent inward as his knees hit the ground with a sickening crack, his hands grinding up metal in their unrelenting clasps. He felt his breath return in heavy hefts as his eyes darted about for some hint of normalcy, rumbling, quivering and swaying with the sudden nausea of origins unknown. A growl, snarled in an array of echoes disconnected from his own voice, stirred and his eyes went wide as the face beneath his hood became a horrid opposite of his original beauty.

Spending time in the warp for too long could do things to mind, body and soul – all at once. And prolonged exposure could commit untold monstrosities upon the psyche. His connection to the omniverse and all of their words had heightened, true. But being back in the realm of Chaos, whose energies had now attuned his own to theirs, was like having molten rage poured into his mind over and over again. He remembered all the faces he used to hate, all the faces he wanted to watch him through dead eyes. And with the sight of those faces did a rage he'd thought he'd cleansed himself of swelled over, made manifest as his form, cloak and all, went completely black, as if he were a living shadow, embodied entirely of night. A hurricane of wrath roared both around and within him, snapping both in and out of relative time. For a single moment, it appeared as if all of the wrathful hosts of the hellish realms he was connected to would rush forth in real time all at once. But only for a moment. Just as quickly as the storm came to be, it was gone just as swiftly, as if it were a simple moment in time. He was holding on by a thread now and it was more than evident, now more than ever, that this place was taking its toll on him. And he could only keep it all in for so long until it burst loose. It was all he could do to maintain the focus necessary to allow that very bursting to be aimed at the right target. One thing was certain: should he make it out of here alive, he would steer clear of this place. Very clear.

Finding focus, clenched his fist in front of his eyes, his sight perceiving the appendage as a solid gold/black nimbus of light and shadow vying for control of itself. He clenched his fist harder, focusing around its solidness and sense of form. He focused on the energies this one hand, this one physical aspect, could rain down on any world. He focused on the people this hand had touched – more importantly the two women this hand had loved, one of which stood not but an arm's reach away.  And then the pain was lesser, his breathing controlled and smooth. The quivering slowed to near nonexistence and the sense of gravity weakened. He looked up from the drape of his hood, stood, cleared his throat and returned his face from that of apathy. He looked first to his companions, then to elementals. "Lost myself. Won't happen again." he lied to them. He had no fucking idea what was going to happen next.
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As Danyael went to his knees, and he suddenly went black, sepher turned to face him and every muscle in his body tensed.

He felt a massive build of power and for just a moment manifestation of daemons flashed around his companion.

Sepher's spear fell into a ready position. Would this place drive them against each other? Sepher knew very well the tricks and fatigue this place could play on a mind. The daemons in his own mind fought their jailor, but he had something to focus on.

"Danyael" He growled out, but just as quick as it all started, it all flashed away.

His companion seemed to take a moment to compose himself before he spoke.

"Lost myself. Won't happen again."

Sepher let out a breath and moved to help the other man to his feet, now that things seemed to be under control. Sepher spoke quietly to the man as he helped him up.

"Keep it together for just a little while longer. We must surely be almost out of this place"

Danyael could see the same struggle in sepher's eyes, that he was fighting himself and this place.

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The Seraphim glided through the air above the companions, never straying too far from the group as he scouted the surrounding darkness.  The sound of bones crackign and metal twisting reached the ears of the mighty Seraph.  Turning in the air, his glowing eyes set upon Danyael in what appears to be some sort of fit.  It was evident that the Warp was having more and more negative effect on the being.  The situation turned more precarious as Jharm saw Sepher lower his spear and growl at the temporarily crippled spellcaster.  Silently the angel watched the brief spectacle, light flowing around his body in slim tendrils as he remained ready to create a barrier or otherwise do what would be needed to separate the two should one of them lose control and come to blows.  The situation defused itself a moment later as Danyael gets back on his feet.

"Lost myself.  Won't happen again."

The demonic-infused human extends a hand helping the Nephilim to his feet, speaking something to him that escaped the Seraphim's ears but it was likely words of encouragement.  Orbs of light focused into slits as the holy creature above them scanned over the two beings.  Sensing the demonic entities within each man are, for the time at least, restrained he returns to circling the area as the group moves forward.  As he floats through the air, the Seraphim contemplates the ever increasing.....outbursts of his companions.  He knew that they were good at heart, but in such a twisted environment as the much longer would their good natures win out over the dark evil they contained within.  Would he be forced to cut one of them down before they could escape from this place?  Such thoughts were not something the holy being took lightly. 

Light....grant them the strength to maintain control.  I fear we will need every ounce of strength we can all muster to finally escape from this hellish nightmare

Both Sepher and Danyael feel a brief calm wash over them, as what could be almost described as a gentle breeze seems to blow over them.  While it was unlikely the effects would completely eliminate their inner turmoils, the blessing would likely alleviate some of the strain they are both feeling.
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Peterson is forced back by Soul Reaver's onslaught. It takes all of his speed and power to ward off the flurry of blows, and each blow forces him further and further back. Finally, he hits a wall. And doesn't stop. Peterson slides back through the wall as if it was air. Soul Reaver's final swing finds Blooddrinker cutting through rusted metal instead of it's intended target. And just that quickly, Peterson emerges from the floor behind him. A swift kick drives Soul Reaver face first into the wall. Peterson's voice echoes from behind him.

"And what good would taking my head do for you? What would that accomplish? Staying here and fighting me isn't helping anyone but yourself."

Peterson's voice seems to be coming from every direction at once. He has vanished from behind Soul Reaver, and it is almost impossible to pinpoint his current location.

"Why are you even IN the Eye of Terror? Are you helping your friends? Would they do the same for you?"

Soul Reaver can feel dark power building all around him.

"I have seen everything that you and your friends have done since I've been gone. All of it. Every moment. And I can tell you without any doubt that your companions have taken more from you than they have ever given you in return. And yet, you continue to sacrifice everything for them! Think! Think about everything that you've lost because of them! How have they ever repaid you? How could they?"

A harsh tearing sound rips through the air around Soul Reaver as reality is seemingly torn asunder. A cyclone of green and purple chaos magic surrounds him. For a moment, all sense of direction and time is lost. And n that moment, a voice whispers into his ear.

"They can't."

Barbed chains with viscious hooks at their ends fly through the walls of energy directly at Soul Reaver. He will have to get his bearings quickly, or he will be impaled.
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Post by: Soul Reaver on August 18, 2014, 04:08:28 AM
Blooddrinker cuts a glittering arc in what should have been a final blow.  Instead, it strikes a wall of rusted metal, the tip of the blade slicing into it as though it were air, throwing up sparks and emitting a metallic shriek like a mechanical banshee.

Before Soul Reaver recovers from the swing, a metal-shot foot slams into the small of Soul Reaver's back, and sends the side of his face smashing into the cold iron.  It hits with a wet thud and a sickening flash of white swims across Soul Reaver's vision.  A normal man's skull would have split like a watermelon.  Fortunately, Soul Reaver is not so easily defeated.

He responds almost instantly, a snarl on his face as Blooddrinker draws another deadly arc behind him.  But Peterson is already gone, his voice seemingly emanating from the stale air itself.

"And what good would taking my head do for you? What would that accomplish? Staying here and fighting me isn't helping anyone but yourself. Why are you even IN the Eye of Terror? Are you helping your friends? Would they do the same for you?

The anger in Soul Reaver burns at boiling point as he begins to trace runes into the air, looking to break through Peterson's cowardly protections and finish him off once and for all.  His blood-streaked face is contorted into a mask of fury as he spits out arcane words from between gritted teeth.

"I have seen everything that you and your friends have done since I've been gone. All of it. Every moment. And I can tell you without any doubt that your companions have taken more from you than they have ever given you in return. And yet, you continue to sacrifice everything for them! Think! Think about everything that you've lost because of them! How have they ever repaid you? How could they?"

Soul Reaver's hand wavers, and the almost-completed rune shudders into nothingness.  The fabric of reality shreds apart around him with an unearthly screech.  Time and space cease to have any meaning.

Somewhere from deep within, blackness wells over Soul Reaver’s vision – a suffocating darkness full of abject despair.  His only comfort, the only thing keeping the darkness at bay, is a small warm light cradled in his palms.

Countless hands rise ominously from the darkness around him.  They are raised in pitiful supplication, begging, reaching desperately.  Blindly, they claw at his flesh, drawing blood, only satiated and receding once they have pulled agonizing, ragged strips from his body.  Like moths drawn to a flame, the hands reach for the flame he carries.  He wishes to protect it, to hold it close, but finds himself paralyzed and impotent to act.

"They can't."

There, in the wan light, he sees familiar faces turned aside, sealing a fate they could have changed, accepting what they could have fought.  Their gazes turn inward, and they turn their backs, and they fade into the darkness.  The grasping hands close over the flickering mote of light, and its warm brilliance is extinguished forever.

Soul Reaver’s body jolts from multiple impacts as metallic hooks thud into his flesh.  Lances of pain drive through him.  With the pain, a sense of utter hatred beyond the ken of any mortal men washes through him, filling every corner of his being.  Its heat burns away all pain, all regret, all despair… and he welcomes it.

The chains crack, a red light blazing from within, before blasting apart into thousands of superheated fragments.  The wounds heal, spitting unnatural flames, and as Soul Reaver’s blood strikes the ground it sizzles and boils.

Soul Reaver’s eyes burn a deep red, and he roars a roar that quakes the Eye of Terror itself.
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Gulgrim's Kutlass finished the deed, leaving the Chaos Sorceror cleaved in half.  As the black blood sprays into the air the illusion surrounding them expires along with the sorcerer.  The jungle abruptly blinks out, revealing a a warehouse outfitted with a huge floodlight that hangs above them. 

Kitharsis returns a nod to Cameron's question of everyone's well being.  Before he can say a word Gulgrim violently rips off the two sides of the sorcerers head and stick them on his poles.  Regardless of his beastly nature, the Ork has a good point.  Where do they go now?

Cameron has a sudden realization, and leads them towards what he thinks are the rest of their companions.  Kitharsis taps his hammer on the ground, shaking off some scraps of power armor.  He slides it into the sling at his hip and falls in line behind Cameron.  His own heavy boots adding to the echoes as they walk.

The light above flickers, and becomes less bright.  For a moment Kitharsis expects another squad of Chaos Marines to appear with weapons drawn.  His eyes find Fei playing with some sort of switch, eliciting a chuckle.  The vampire becomes shadow once again, only to reappear alongside the group.

"A surprise may not be well received in such a place."  Kitharsis offers.  "But scouting ahead is a sound plan."
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Two groups of companions move through the darkness. The first group, consisting of Kalana, the two elementals Mary and Garr, Jharm, Sepher, and Danyael, move through the catwalks above the warehouse floor. The second group, consisting of three elementals; Cameron, Kari, and Karyl, as well as Fei, Kitharsis, Gulgrim, and Jorumn, move beneath the catwalks and head in the other direction.

Kalana is the first of one group to spot the other. She spies Cameron and his crew moving below them. She quickly and quietly surveys the group. She can feel a horrible, manevolent prescense below them. Her eyes move back and forth between the companions. Her gaze falls first on Fei. He has turned on the group before, but he does not seem to be the source of this particular darkness. She then looks over Jorumn. She doesn't sense any true life in him, but no true darkness either. She is surprised to see what appears to be an ork warboss with the group, and studies him for a moment. But he doesn't seem to be the source of what she's feeling either.

Then she looks to Cameron. And it hits her. Her eyes go wide as she senses the source of the corruption. In that instant, Cameron looks up and meets her gaze. In that instant, she can see into his mind, and beyond it. Something is there. Meeting her gaze through Cameron's gaze. She can feel it laughing at her. It chills her to the bone.

Cameron detects none of this. Upon seeing Kalana, he simply smiles and waves.

"There you are! We've been looking all over for you!"

Kalana shakes off her shock and awakens her powers. In an instant, she has vanished from the catwalk and is standing at Cameron's side. Without waiting for any kind of reply, she pulls Cameron down to her level and grasps his face in her hands. Cameron sputters awkwardly.

"Wait, what are you doing-"

Cameron is shocked into silence as Kalana easily rips through his natural psychic defenses and enters his mind. She feels around, sliding swiftly through memories and emotions. The evil is in here, somewhere. Watching her. Sneering at her. Daring her to find it, but she cannot grasp it. It is always just one step ahead of her. And then Cameron resists, pushing her out of his mind with all the force he can muster. She could have overpowered him, but she had no intention of hurting him. She allows herself to be rejected and Cameron's face returns to her field of vision.

"Kalana, that's a hell of a greeting. What's wrong?"

Kalana sighs and pulls away from Cameron as Mary and Garr land just behind her. Kari and Karyl stand just behind Cameron, looking somewhat confused. Karyl recovers quickly and tips his hat at Mary, who scoffs quietly. Kalana notices none of this.

"I'm... not sure. Something is in your mind. Something evil. I can't get a grasp on it."

Cameron looks even more confused.

"Something in my mind? No. I'm fine. I don't feel anything there."

Kalana moves to object but both her and Cameron are suddenly shocked into silence by a horrible noise off in the far distance. The sound seems to me coming from miles away, yet the ground almost shakes with the awfulness of it. The Companions can all feel a great and terrible power coming from that direction. Cameron's eyes narrow.

"That's Soul Reaver. Something is wrong."

Kalana looks around.

"Soul Reaver? I thought he was with you?"

Cameron shakes his head.

"No. He's not with us. I was under the impression that he was with you. He must have been teleported elsewhere."

Cameron clamps his helmet back over his head and begins to march swiftly in the direction of the power surge.

"This way. Come on."
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The Seraphim floats above the catwalk as he follows the others.  His position allows him to notice the other group below shortly after Kalana.  Flying down to them he surveys the group, noticing two new figures he doesn't recognize.  One seems to be a humanoid being covered in bandages, and the angellic being senses a complete lack of life within the being.  The other figure causes Jharm to pause slightly.  Travelling with the group is an Ork Warboss!  Though he isn't from this universe, Jharm recalls learning about some of the darker races [Chaos, Orks, Tyranids, The Necrons].  The Orks are a violent, aggressive, and brutal race that is at constant war with the Imperium and the Space Marines.  To see one lumbering alongside Cameron was not something the angel would have ever expected to see.  Landing on the ground he sees Kalana grasping Camerons head for a moment before releasing him.

"Kalana, that's a hell of a greeting. What's wrong?"

"I'm... not sure. Something is in your mind. Something evil. I can't get a grasp on it."

"Something in my mind? No. I'm fine. I don't feel anything there."

The Seraphim raises an eyebrow as he does not sense any kind of evil coming from Cameron, but they are suddenly interrupted by a terrible noise from off in the distance, though it feels as if it is actually closer.  Terrible power washes over the angellic being, as Kalana and Cameron react as well.

"That's Soul Reaver. Something is wrong."

Kalana looks around.

"Soul Reaver? I thought he was with you?"

Cameron shakes his head.

"No. He's not with us. I was under the impression that he was with you. He must have been teleported elsewhere."

Cameron clamps his helmet back over his head and begins to march swiftly in the direction of the power surge.

"This way. Come on."

Jharm takes to the air again, soaring high above and far in front of the group, attempting to scout ahead for the cause of the power he just felt.

If that power is coming from Soul Reaver....this is not good.  Light grant me the strength for whatever lies before us!
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Post by: Cameron on December 24, 2014, 12:01:49 AM
Soul Reaver's roar of anger echoes throughout the cyclone of energy swirling around him. And from within it, from every direction, echoes the laugh of Peterson.

"NOW YOU SEE. Now you UNDERSTAND. Now, you and I are finally on the same page!"

The green energy suddenly slows and darkens. Images slowly become visible. Faces.

"Remember what happened. Remember what they have done to you! To US!"

Images flit by in the maelstrom. The deck of a ship. The arrival of unknown entities. The Soreans. Soul Reaver can hear their voices. Angry. Accusatory. They accuse someone of a crime she did not commit... Asaki. Soul Reaver can see her now. Bound. Chained. Standing trial on the deck of a ship full of allies that could have easily leapt to their defense. But none did. No one did.

"I loved her, Soul Reaver, Just as you did. And she was taken from us. But it wasn't our fault. It was THEIR fault."

The Companions. Called to serve as jurors in this mockery of a trial. Soul Reaver's passionate defense of his pupil fall on deaf ears. The other Companions don't even bother with a proper defense.

Cameron Aileron, sneering as he turns his back on her. "She was useless. A sub-par soldier. I have no use for her. Take her."

Kalana Ryoki. Standing behind Cameron, snickering and whispering awful things into his ear. Refusing to make even a token attempt at defending Asaki.

Jharm. The angel. Casting judgement, as always. "She is evil! An abomination! Cast her down to Hell where she belongs!"

Fei Serumen. So worried about his next meal that he could hardly spare the time to care. "Heh, she's a dumb bitch anyway. Do what you want. I don't have time for this. I need to feed."

The rest of the Companions have nothing to say. The Soreans render their verdict: Guilty. The sentance: Death!

"They did nothing. They didn't care. Only we cared. And yet, I languished in the Eye of Terror while you continued to help them. Like nothing ever happened."

Asaki is dragged, kicking and screaming away from Soul Reaver, while he can do nothing to help. While his Companions stand idle.

"Why would you still stand with them? They never stood with you. Not when it mattered. Not when it counted."

The images fade. An after-image of Peterson, not in his skeletal robot form but in his original human form, hovers just beyond Soul Reaver's reach. This time he is not gloating. He looks sad. Devestated. When he speaks, his voice is soft. Normal.

"Are you just going to let them... get away with it? Like you let them get away with her?"
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"Well now, dat wuz weird." Gulgrim says as he observes Kalana's 'greeting' to Cameron. He looks up to see where she had come from and spots the rest of her group. He grunts disinterestedly, and then has his attention caught by Soul Reaver's scream. As he drinks in the energy pouring from that direction, his face cracks into a toothy grin.

"Well now, dat's sometin big! Dat git's so angry I'z ken -Taste- it! 'E must be Dead 'ard! An' if 'e's on yer side, Wez'd better find 'im quick-like!"

Gulgrim spotted Jharm flying overhead, and grinned, sensing a race. "Well now, ain't no winged git gonna outpace Ol' Gulgrim, 'specially headin' fer a fight!"

The Ork takes off in a sprint, already faster than something his size aught to be. But then a deafening mechanical roar materialized in the air, and Gulgrim leapt forward only to have a large, Orky looking motorcycle appear beneath him as he landed in the saddle. It was huge, sharp, covered in guns, and had an angry red paint job, not to mention what appeared to be a Jet engine strapped to the back. With a resounding "WAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!" Gulgrim gunned the Deffchoppa, and took off at breakneck speed toward where he could feel Soul Reaver's energy coming from.
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As the Seraphim soars through the air he hears a strange sound beneath him...almost like a loud roaring sound (though different then the roar in the distance) almost more engine roaring to life???  Looking down he see's the Ork barreling across the landscape beneath him, now riding what could only be described as some sort of twisted death machine on two wheels and bellowing at the top of his lungs


Where in the light did he get that contraption at?!?  He sure didn't have that before!

The airborne Seraphim and the Ork Warboss tear across the landscape, neck and neck with each other when an idea pops into the angels head.  Realizing that the Ork below him is somehow managing to keep up with him, almost to the point that the Seraphim actually has to force himself to fly might be better to conserve his energy for whatever it is they are likely to face before them.  With this in the mind the glowing being suddenly drops down and lands himself on the back of the Deffchoppa that Gulgrim is riding upon.  Placing a shining silver hand on the Orks shoulder he sends a mental message to the creature, seeing as how the terrific noise that the choppa's engine is making, makes it almost impossible to hear anything verbally spoken.

Greetings Ork.  My name is Jharm, Seraphim of the Light.  Seeing as how Lord Aileron has not torn you asunder I feel it safe to assume that, at least for the time being, our goals mutually align.  As long as you do not assault my companions or attack innocents I feel we can maintain a beneficial working arrangement.  With that said....follow my guidance.  I have a feeling I know who we are headed for and can direct you where to go.
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"Heh! Guess dat means I win our race den!" Gulgrim shouts, his voice actually carrying over the engine itself. There was an unreal tang to it, as if his words were simultaneously being sent verbally and mentally. "Da name's Gulgrim Bonecruncha, an' I'z in dis fer da gud fight. You gitz find da best enemies ta krump, an' I'z ain't gonna turn down dat kinda arrangement. So den, lead on, Serry-fim."

Gulgrim turned his gaze back forward and flipped a safety latch on one of the handlebars of his bike. Pressing a big red button with a flaming skull on it, the Jet engine of the Deffchoppa kicked into overdrive, spitting a burst of white-hot fire and boosting the bike even faster. With a bellowing "WAHOOOOOOO!" Gulgrim tore through the landscape, following the Angel's mental directions on the race towards Soul Reaver's location.
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Soul Reaver stands completely motionless, his head lowered, raven hair falling over his face.  Pinpoints of crimson burn from behind the dark curtain and a strange, black aura rises from his body, shimmering like the false hope of a hot desert mirage.

The twisted recreation of Asaki's trial plays out before Soul Reaver's eyes, yet it is little more than an additional echo amongst those already filling his mind.  This was not what had happened, and yet truth lay amongst the lies.  He needed no more convincing.

When Peterson appears before Soul Reaver, he speaks softly.

"Are you just going to let them... get away with it? Like you let them get away with her?"

Soul Reaver still does not move as he speaks.


Then he looks up, and somehow, he stands directly in front of Peterson without having traversed the space in between them.  His sword is raised.  A tangible heat surrounds him and his face is twisted into something unrecognizable.  Fangs glint from between white lips.

"And where were you!?

Blooddrinker descends.
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 As the fight had finished and Danyael's outburst had been put behind him, he could almost feel the gaze of the Angel on his back. He wondered if the being might feel that they had been too far corrupted at some point. But as the thought even crossed his mind, he felt a calm wave wash over him, the voices of the Daemons inside of him stilled. He breathed a sigh of relief.

   He moved along the catwalks above the large warehouse floor, silently repairing any damage to his armor with his metal shaping. He held his spear out to the side and the metal almost seemed to melt and reform around his forearm as a long bracer. The metal was again at the ready to be formed into whatever he needed.

   His eyes widen just slightly as the other group comes back into view, his companions and some new that he had never met. If Cameron were okay working with an ork war boss however, he would trust the man.

   He waves in greeting to the others, but soon falls silent as he listens to the exchange between Kalana and Cameron, wondering what this place was doing to everyone. As  Cameron clamps his helmet on and begins to march away, Sepher matches stride and begins to move, Wondering what that horrible sound had been, coming from seemingly miles away. He could feel the power building there, and it was not good.
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"Don't tell me you two were going to start a race without me? That would be discourteous.." Fei's voice chimes calmly over the deafening rumbling of exhaust pipes  as if he were speaking right next to Jharm and Gulgrim's ear.   The shadows before Gulgrim's deffchoppa peel from the corridor and dance around like a satin sheet being pulled about. 

The blanket of shadows strips away revealing Fei's glowing green eyes and tenebrous form several paces ahead lazily jogging or more appropriately bounding backwards to match speed with Gulgrim's Choppa until Gulgrim's pace is neck and neck with him. The shadows bending around into his form and pulling away sharply as he passes by them.  Fei looks back over at Jharm riding upon Gulgrim's bike and lets out a small chuckle then back to Gulgrim.

"It looks like you caught a pigeon in your windshield, though. Eh, Jharm?"
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As Blooddrinker descends on Peterson, he speaks one last time.

"I was here. I've been here all along."

Blooddrinker cuts through Peterson and he fades away into dust, revealing that the blade has also torn through reality just behind where he was hovering. The tear expands violently, and within seconds a warp gate has torn open. The gate rips Soul Reaver into it, sending him tumbling headlong into the Warp with no clear destination.

As Cameron, Kalana, and the others rush towards Soul Reaver's position, a voice suddenly rings out behind them.

"Hello again, Cameron! I see you have more friends with you this time!"

Cameron and Kalana stop quickly and turn to face the source of the voice. Peterson is standing on one of the catwalks near where the Companions came from. Chains circle slowly around him. He laughs menacingly. Cameron's swords appear in his hands as he prepares himself to attack.

"Why are you here, Peterson? It was Chaos that did this to you. Why are you interfering with our attempts to destroy it?"

Peterson points a skeletal finger at Cameron.

"I'm here for you. I'm here to hurt you, and destroy the people you care about, and then kill you. But that comes later. Business before pleasure! I am merely performing a few tasks for a third party. And right now, my next task is to distract you."

Kalana narrows her eyes at the distant figure of Peterson. She feels something familiar. Cameron glances around, suddenly wary of a possible trap. Not seeing or feeling anything threatening. he turns his attention back to Peterson.

"So what are you distracting us from?"

Peterson laughs again.

"Oh, I'm not the distraction! He is."

As Fei, Jharm, and Gulgrim rocket ahead of the group, an explosion of force in front of them halts their progress. A massive warp gate springs open just ahead of them. The massive flux of power that seconds ago had been far in the distance is suddenly right in front of them, just through the gate.

Cameron and the others turn away from Peterson as the massive warp gate opens in the distance. As Cameron watches, a voice enters his mind.

"I could kill you right now. But I won't. I'll let Soul Reaver take his misguided rage out on you first. And if you somehow do survive that, then I'll come back to finish the job-"

The voice cuts out. Peterson shouts in pain and surprise as Kalana appears next to him and strikes him with a mighty, psychic-enhanced blow. He tips over the railing and falls halfway to the floor before catching himself in midair.

"Oh, hello!"

Cameron is about to leap forward but is distracted by a shout from Mary, who suddenly looks terrified.

"Kalana! No! Get back!"

Mary begins to run towards Peterson. Karyl quickly follows, and the other elementals follow them. Cameron once again starts forward and is stopped this time by a shout from Kalana.

"Cameron, stay back! It's Peterson! He's the one that's in your mind!"

Cameron stops dead in his tracks. His mind rolls back through his fight with Peterson. Peterson had blocked, countered, dodged, or just flat out ignored every attack that Cameron had thrown his way, and Cameron wasn't able to touch him once. If Mary hadn't arrived, he would have been killed. At the time, he had just chalked it up to Peterson being faster than him. But now he sees it in his mind's eye. The few times when he launched an attack at Peterson only to encounter him already moving, halfway through a counter to an attack that hadn't even happened yet. As if he could see into the future. As if he knew what Cameron was doing before he did it.

And finally, Cameron can feel a presence in the back of his mind. A dark, evil presence. He tries to expel it, but it vanishes again.


Peterson smiles, and waves his hand. A dark barrier springs from nowhere, cutting the Companions off from Kalana and the Elementals. They can no longer be seen or heard. Cameron throws himself at the barrier but is unable to get through it. Peterson's voice seeps into his mind again.

"I'll tell you later. For now, you should focus on the task at hand. I'll keep your friends entertained until you're done."

Cameron lashes out at the barrier once more, shouting in frustration. He then turns back to the rest of the Companions, and the warp gate in the distance beyond them. He sighs before clenching his swords tighter.

"There's nothing we can do here. We need to catch up with Fei, Jharm, and Gulgrim before... whatever is coming out of that gate attacks them."

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Post by: Jharm on January 09, 2015, 05:21:19 PM
A melodic sound rings through the air at Fei's comment.

"Well played vampire."

Suddenly an explosion of sorts erupts a short distance in front of the three.  The ensuing wall of force launches the Seraphim back through the air, but he quickly halts himself, a gleaming sphere of light manifesting around him.  Radiating before him is a massive warp gate, dark power pulsing from within.  Jharm quickly realizes that the power he had felt back when the Companions had reunited....was resonating from within the gate.

"Light protect us...."
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As the warp gate opens before him, Gulgrim skids to a halt, turning the bike sideways and pulling it stopped as the wall of force careened into him, slowing his momentum until he was stationary before the portal. Emanating from it was an extraordinary source of strength. Gulgrim's face broke into a toothy grin that nearly took in his ears. He stepped off his bike, and in the moment nobody looked at it it disappeared. In its place, Gulgrim was carrying his trusty Kutlass in his right hand, his Twin-linked Shoota in his left as he stomped and roared in preparation for the fight.

"Come on den! If you'z in it fer da fight! Gulgrim's ready for ya!" He shouted at the warp gate, as if taunting it would make it disgorge its cargo faster. But deep in the Warboss's mind, the wheels of brutal kunnin' were at work. He could practically taste the power coming from that gate, and even he'd have a tough time dealing with it head on. As bad as it might sound to those who didn't know as much as he, Gulgrim knew he'd have to be clever in this fight. He couldn't afford to lay in wildly without risking everything his WAAAGH! had ever built. For once, the mighty warboss gripped his sword in a stance that actually looked trained and skilled, rather than wild and aggressive. Gulgrim would put his all into this fight, because if he didn't, he may very well fail gork and mork.
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As the wave of force comes smashing against him with appearance of the Warp Gate, Fei leaps into the air and flips backwards, riding the wave of force away from the gate for a few feet before landing on his feet in a crouched position.

Standing up, the cloak of shadows dissipates into his now corporeal form. "Hmmm, A demonic presence is approaching.  That's not uncommon in the warp. This one seems particularly familiar. Perhaps one we've pissed off in times past? No matter.  I doubt they are coming for idle chat.  I'd suggest preparing for combat."

Small veins of abyssal essence pirouette around Fei's fingers as he stands patiently facing the Warp Gate. 

"I could use a challenge after our past encounters. I hope this isn't a let down." Fei smirks.
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'Peterson' disappears into a pile of dust as Blooddrinker whistles through the air he had been occupying.

The daemon-blade has been growing ever sharper, and its scintillating edges have honed themselves to the point where they are cutting through reality.  Metaphysical threads are cut and a Warp Gate tears open with a roar.  Somehow it seems to surge outwards with unnatural ferocity, and the floor disappears from beneath Soul Reaver's feet.

Enraged, Soul Reaver erects a Warp Shield just in time to prevent utter annihilation.  It crackles around him for a moment as he spins Blooddrinker around in his hand once more, splitting the Warp open to create an exit.  Again, it tears open hungrily, as if his point of arrival was preordained by some outside force.

Soul Reaver emerges from the Warp Gate, his feet thudding onto the concrete beyond its lip.  The Gate shuts behind him with a bass pulse that sends heat-like ripples through reality.

Jharm, Fei and Gulgrim stand before Soul Reave, both Jharm and Gulgrim in battle-ready stances.

Soul Reaver's head is bowed at first, his face hidden, but even then the others can see that something is not quite right.  Soul Reaver seems larger somehow, his muscles more pronounced.  The space around him wavers strangely, as though reality were struggling to rearrange itself into something... else.  Soul Reaver clutches Blooddrinker in a vice-like grip, and its edges gleam with sinister radiance.  The smallest movement creates disruptions in the fabric of reality visible to the naked eye as a reddish glow.

Soul Reaver looks up, his pupils blazing a deep crimson.  He seems to ignore Gulgrim, his gaze fixing instead of Fei and Jharm.

"They took her, and you let them."

Soul Reaver takes a step forward.  Hairline cracks form in the ground.

"How easy it must be to make a sacrifice when you are not the ones paying the price!"

His other hand goes to Blooddrinker's hilt, closing on it in a two-handed grip.  His face is contorted with murderous anger.  As his lips pull back into a snarl, the others can see sharp fangs glinting in his mouth.

Soul Reaver advances on those who he would not long ago have called friend, twisted thoughts swirling through his mind.
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The Seraphim watches as a familiar figure steps out of the Warp gate.  It is Soul Reaver....but the angelic being easily senses something is...wrong about him.  A strange energy radiated from the man.  Then Soul gazes up, his eyes a deep crimson, locking onto both Jharm and Fei.

"They took her, and you let them."

That voice....he had heard it before.

Lights mercy....not him.

The one thing the Seraphim had always feared during his travels with Soul Reaver and Sepher was that the dark powers they wielded would one day overcome them and he (Jharm) would be forced to fight them and destroy them.  While he had no idea how the demon had managed it.....Blooddrinker seems to have overcome the immortal knight.

"How easy it must be to make a sacrifice when you are not the ones paying the price!"

Sacrifice? What is he talking about?!?  The demon must be twisting his mind or something!

Soul Reaver starts to slowly advance on the trio, rage clearly evident on his visage.  It is clear to Jharm that they have only a few moments, at best, before their "old friend" attacks them.  Were it anyone else the Seraphim would not hesitate  further....but he had traveled with Reaver long enough he could not bring himself to go that far unless it was clear that he had no other choice.  His voice booms across the area as he speaks, light gently radiating from his body as he attempts to fight through whatever illusion Blooddrinker has overcome Soul with.

"Soul Reaver!  Do not do this!  He is poisoning you against us!  Fight his dark power!"
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Gulgrim could feel the energy from the man in front of him. It was palpable, but Gulgrim only seemed to grow more confident as he felt it. Green lightning crackled around him, as if by tasting the energy of his opponent he was growing in power to match it. Only a clash of blades would tell if it would be enough to allow Gulgrim to battle this new foe, but he seemed to be demonstrating the focal power of the Orkish race; the ability to grow stronger in the face of adversity. Almost before the party's eyes, Gulgrim's muscles swelled to new levels, he seemed to grow in height, and his glowing red eye shone even brighter.

"Oi, grot! Don't you ignore Kaptin Gulgrim!" The warboss said, positioning himself between Soul Reaver and his target. Wherever Soul Turned, Gulgrim would be in front of him, although he never seemed to move. Green lightning coursed across the Ork's steadily growing frame and over his weaponry. The air of unreality grew in intensity as the WAAAGH! Energy built up in the Warboss's form, enhancing his power as he prepared to face a deadly adversary.

"I'z done battle with Demon princes before. You'z don't scare me." And while it was true an Ork knew no fear, Gulgrim didn't rate highly his odds of surviving this conflict if his two allies didn't do something quickly, or if he didn't get enough time to gather up enough power.
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Jharm's body is suffused by purifying radiance as he courageously stands before his old ally, trying to bring him to his senses.  Soul Reaver halts his advance - he growls and averts his eyes from the glow, shielding himself with his forearm.  For a few moments, the cracks growing from Soul Reaver's feet and the aura surrounding him seem to retreat somewhat.

"Soul Reaver!  Do not do this!  He is poisoning you against us!  Fight his dark power!"

But then Soul Reaver lowers his arm and stares the seraphim straight into the eyes, boring into them as though trying to read his very soul.

"So self-righteous... you never even considered who you harmed!"

Soul Reaver roars and the cracks being to spread again, the dark miasma flickering stronger.  He prepares to charge...

"Oi, grot! Don't you ignore Kaptin Gulgrim!"

A hulking green-skinned figure wearing a ridiculously huge pirate hat somehow intersperses itself before Soul Reaver and Jharm, appearing as though from nowhere with a crackle of green energy.  His bulky frame pretty much eclipses Jharm's light.

"I'z done battle with Demon princes before. You'z don't scare me."

For the first time, Soul Reaver's burning gaze focuses on the Ork.

"But I will."

And Soul Reaver takes off running straight at the Warboss.  He covers the distance in a split second, moving much faster than should be possible.  Blooddrinker scythes through the air, reality itself rippling and tearing behind the blade as it arcs at Gulgrim.
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"Alright. That is enough, Soul Reaver." Fei speaks, now standing but a few paces by the Ork Warboss. A wave of abyssal energy springs to life as an mirror-polished obsidian curtain between Gulgrim and Soul Reaver before Soul Reaver's blow is struck, intent on concealing Gulgrim's physical position as well as forcibly snuffing his spiritual presence from passing through it. This curtain serves as a one-way mirror that Gulgrim can see beyond, as well and take defensive action.

"It serves you no better by trying to hack down our green skinned amusement here.  Now what's got you all in a huffy, hmmm? Don't tell me you've gone and gotten yourself possessed.  That's no way to go through eternity, Son.  I've been there. Terrible hangovers, that." Fei crosses his arms and chuckles lightly.  "Also, a smart fellow like you should know better than to trifle with us.  Now put down that sword and give our friend back, demon, or to prepare to experience a...terrible hangover."

A mental message goes out to Gulgrim and Jharm and echoes back to Cameron. "Don't kill him. Use non-lethal force.  I'm sure Soul Reaver is still in there but may require an exorcism by fists."
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As Soul Reaver's blade comes down, Gulgrim is gone. In a Green flash, he begins to use the pent up energy he'd been building to move around the raging immortal. He reappeared behind Soul Reaver, his blade held in a reverse grip. He pulled his arm back to swing, and then vanished again, not giving Soul the time to react. He appeared again, to the side this time, and now his swing commenced, the blunt back end of the blade coming in for Soul Reaver's midsection. Without waiting to see if the blade would connect, he vanishes again, this time appearing above Soul Reaver, his boot lashing out in a kick to the immortal's face. Then a second kick came, instead of teleporting again immediately. Then he vanished again, moving to a new location to attempt a new assault.

Gulgrim's one saving grace was the power of his unpredictability. So long as he could attack Soul Reaver from seemingly random directions, he believed he could avoid taking one of his blows. Not even he really knew where he'd end up in relation to the immortal, just that he'd be in a position to hit him again. The vampire asked him not to kill this grot, so he'd keep using the flat of his blade and his fists and boots. But that Vampire had better know what he was talking about. Gulgrim wasn't about to die just on a hunch.
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A black disc forms in front of Soul Reaver as his blade slashes at Gulgrim, hiding the Ork from view.  Blooddrinker continues unimpeded, the blackness swirling aside like oil on water.  But it passes through nothing but air.

Soul Reaver senses the Ork behind him, and then suddenly to the side.  The flat of Gulgrim's blade connects with a clang on the Black Steel armour on Soul Reaver's torso, but he doesn't so much as flinch and continues stalking toward Jharm.  He does, however, feel the impact of Gulgrim's foot as it slams into his face - and angrily deflects the follow up kick.  Then Gulgrim suddenly appears on his other side, his fist striking a glancing blow.  Fei speaks to him but he can barely hear the words over the sound of constant kicks and weapon impacts.  Soul Reaver throws a brief glance in Fei's direction.

There will be time for you as well.

The flat of Gulgrims' blade crashes against Soul Reaver's upraised gauntlet.  For a moment the two seem to lock in time itself, and Soul Reaver snarls at Gulgrim.

"You stand against me, and so have made yourself my enemy!"

With unnatural speed, Soul Reaver whirls Blooddrinker all around him.  It is unclear if he is aiming for Gulgrim, or where Gulgrim WILL be.  But the blade moves so fast as to create a veritable whirlwind of blood-soaked steel around the warrior.  Where the blade passes, it splits open glowing red tears in reality.  Gulgrim now has not only the blade to deal with, but also its lingering effects.

With the space he has bought himself and his blade still whirling, Soul Reaver launches himself straight at Jharm, creating a sonic boom as he leaves the ground.  His dark aura seems to grow even more oppressive, dimming even the glorious light streaming from the angel's body.  A sinister dark force suffuses Soul Reaver's fist and he sends a massive punch heading straight toward the centre of the seraphim's chest.
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"So self-righteous... you never even considered who you harmed!"

Crimson eyes meet glowing orbs of light as Soul Reaver glares up at the angellic being.  He then roars out and looks as if he is about to charge up at Jharm when suddenly the Ork appears in front of him.

"Oi, grot! Don't you ignore Kaptin Gulgrim!"

Before Jharm can move to offer any aid to the Ork, a shadowy wall materializes in front of Gulgrim.

Don't kill him. Use non-lethal force.  I'm sure Soul Reaver is still in there but may require an exorcism by fists.

Jharm slightly shakes his head at what he hears.

Non-lethal force?  Does Fei realize how foolish that sounds?  An immortal knight possessed by an ancient demon lord and wielding a blade that said demon lord resides within. I certainly do not wish to have to kill Soul Reaver, but if he can't be stopped I can't allow such evil as Blooddrinker to escape.

He then gives the best response to the statement he can muster. 

We shall see.....

It is at this point however that Soul Reaver begins to spin his blade around, tearing holes in reality as it screams through the air.  He then launches himself up into the air, sailing towards Jharm as his aura grows even darker, almost as if it is attempting to drown out the glowing light of the Seraphim.  It would seem that Soul Reaver did not account for one thing in his attack....he was flying at the Seraphim.  While he was a large being and certainly did not possess the speed of beings such as Fei on the ground....the sky was a whole different environment.  As the knight draws nearer to Jharm he suddenly shoots straight up into the air as the light within him flares to such intensity it was almost as if the sun itself resided within his form.  As he flies above Soul Reaver he gives his final warning to the psychotic knight.

"So be it Soul Reaver!  While I am sad it must go this way.....your madness must be ended!"

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In the events that followed, circumstance demanded Danyael tend to the threats at hand and trust in the abilities of the Elementals to keep up their end. It pained him to leave Mary behind, though the looks across his face were little more than a visage dry of emotion. His eyes looked over the sudden influx of energies as he watched threads of warp energies sew together what could only be described as a warp gate. But there was something amiss. Danyael's eyes looked over the rivulets of blackened energies that swirled around the exiting figure, later to be determined to be none other than Soul Reaver himself. But he was different. Changed. And, if he was viewing the energies around him clearly enough – very lethal. He watched the man a moment, then heard him utter something menacing to the companions. While they sought to undo whatever state of mind he was in, he spoke something that made Danyael pause in contemplation. 

”How easy it must be to make a sacrifice when you are not the ones paying the price” Soul Reaver accused.

As he approached, he was stopped, turning to see a presence taking the form of a 'shadow', crossing its arms. “He accuses you of crimes you couldn't have committed. But there is a sin of which he omits its existence. A sin of murder. Do you remember his victim's name?” the 'shadow' asked. Danyael looked away at first, from the 'shadow' and from Soul Reaver. “Don't you remember how it happened? So righteous was he, that is until it all went so sour. And the victim paid the price for this man's hypocrisy.” but Danyael did not look at the 'shadow'. “I forgave him long ago.” the nephilim lord refused the figure's words. “Proficient at many things, you and your comrades may be, but lying isn't one of them.” and then Danyael found he couldn't look away any longer, using his new sight to look at this maelstrom of a 'shadow' – a hurricane of pure night – and faced it without apprehension. “What. Was. His. Name?” the 'shadow' asked – demanded, as it were.

Be this man possessed or not, it was Soul Reaver's own anger that was fueling this lunacy. And if the warrior felt himself entitled to his rage, regardless to his state of mind, then he wasn't the only one. “His name was Gale.” a whisper said aloud, lilting in the air in resonant tones, spoken from a man whose mouth didn't make a move. Danyael stood in silence as he watched the supercharged behemoth that was Soul Reaver, standing before them.

“You accuse us of atrocities we do not know. But have you forgotten that you killed my friend?” a stir of shriveling echoes hissed through the air, and Danyael made his approach – soft and disquieted. With every step he took, the earth around him felt different, as it spread slowly across the field. With every movement, the air around him tasted of the stalest foul, and it too spread throughout the field. He said this wouldn't happen again. He lied. “He was but a boy – little more than a child in comparison – and you murdered him.” another chorus of whispers sneered through the emptiness.  “Does your rage know no satisfaction, sir?” another chorus of whispers asked in venomous accusation. “What justice is there in a world where men like you are its keepers? What honor is there when men like you cherry-pick when it is best to turn a blind eye to all you claim to stand for?” the second question deepened in frigid intensity. “You killed him.” the whispers hissed again, and it appeared there were two Danyaels at his flanks. “You killed him.” they snarled intently, gaining greater ground and it appeared to be ten. “You killed him.” they began to growl and it appeared to be twice that number. “YOU KILLED HIM!” and their master and his grim coterie dashed  from the ground with a murderous intent of their own, the ground beneath them exploding into thrashed shards of dead earth as they blipped in and out of what would appear to be rifts of reality, taking large chunks away from at at a time, at fury-driven speeds unlike any of which prior exhibited – all on a dead on aim straight for the warrior himself.
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Soul Reaver's punch goes wide as Jharm launches himself straight upward on mighty pinions, the sizzling force surrounding his fist dissipating into nothingness.  With unnatural agility, he twists in mid-air and lands on the ground in a three-point stance, still facing Jharm's previous position.  The increased intensity of Jharm's light burns away at the aura surrounding Soul Reaver, sending trails of blackness snaking into oblivion, yet the same aura seems to replenish itself just as fast as it is being eaten away.

"So be it Soul Reaver!  While I am sad it must go this way.....your madness must be ended!"

Soul Reaver's only response is a maddened grimace.

Then another familiar presence arrives... Danyael - or was it Kanshisha?  Soul Reaver's head whips to face the newcomer, nothing but hate in his face.  Danyael speaks with barely-contained anger.

"You accuse us of atrocities we do not know. But have you forgotten that you killed my friend?"

For a moment a cold sliver of reason slides through the haze of madness and a look of pain flits across Soul Reaver's face.  The dark aura wavers almost imperceptibly.

"He was but a boy – little more than a child in comparison – and you murdered him.  Does your rage know no satisfaction, sir?  What justice is there in a world where men like you are its keepers?  What honor is there when men like you cherry-pick when it is best to turn a blind eye to all you claim to stand for?"

But with these words, or perhaps their hostility, the rage returns tenfold.  Something boils outward, the aura growing, the ground around Soul Reaver transforming from a concrete floor into a strange wasteland of cracked grey dust.  Orange sparks waver in the air.

"You killed him!" Danyael echoed over and over again, each time with more images of him appearing.  And they run at him, flashing in and out of reality, their weapons seeking his flesh.


Soul Reaver's muscles bulge and his torso armour splits open.  With a shockwave of invisible energy, a massive pair of hideous bat-like wings burst from Soul Reaver's back.  They are black as midnight and somehow incorporeal, swirling like smoke and shadow and eclipsing even Jharm's light.

As Danyael approaches, Soul Reaver's fist slams the ground as he speaks words in a guttural tongue.  Space around him seems to pulse for a moment as his sealing spell takes hold.  But he does not stop speaking, and while Danyael closes in, he finishes a second spell, sending a surge of red power through his arm and into the ground.

A splits second before Danyael would reach him, Soul Reaver soars straight upwards, as Jharm had done.  And the ground below seems to go mad, ripping itself into a mass of rocky spines, each pointing outward from Soul Reaver's original location, and each waiting for Danyael to impale himself upon them.

Soul Reaver hovers momentarily, facing Jharm.

"The skies will give you no refuge should they fall!"

With a violent downward gesture, Soul Reaver initiates another spell.  The ceiling, far above, is obscured by a sudden rolling mass of black cloud.  Orange lighting rolls and flickers deep within it.  Soul Reaver roars and charges at Jharm, matching even the angel's airborne speed and agility with his sinister new wings.

Blooddrinker oozes a shimmering trail as it cuts through the air toward the seraphim while the skies begin to rain fire.
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The Seraphim watches from above as Danyael finally catches up with them and enters the fray, split into multiple forms and charge at Soul Reaver.  As the manifestations drew close to the knight, he [Soul Reaver] suddenly roared out and black bat-like wings explode from his back.  Shining orbs of light gazes out from Jharms helmet as he watches the spectacle.

And he slips even further into the darkness...

Soul then slams his fist down into the ground and begins to chant something in a guttural voice.  Jharm senses power radiating from the creature, power that resonated once again similar to what he had felt when they had journeyed through Inferno.  He then notices that the small warp tears that were created by Blooddrinker seem to be sealing themselves up.


Then Reaver launches himself straight into the sky, rocky spines forming where he was and aimed at skewering the charging forms of Danyael.  Now flying before the Seraphim was what could only be described as the twisted and torn form of his one-time companion.

"The skies will give you no refuge should they fall!"

Far above them the ceiling is covered by black storm clouds, orange lightning flickering from within.  Realizing he had lost one of his strongest advantages against the fallen knight Jharm offers the man one final gesture of respect towards what he once was.  He raises his hammer in front of him in a sign of salute as the entire weapon begins to glow brightly with the power of the Light, while the light from within him also brightens to match the darkness radiating from Soul Reaver.  The Seraphims voice booms out across the heavens, almost as if the power flowing through him has amplified his voice.

"The Light is the only refuge I need!  Behold foul demon...the power and majesty of Nelathia!"

The Seraphim then charges at the incoming knight.  The two forces meet, the dark blade of Blooddrinker connecting with the shaft of the angellic beings hammer.  The respective "auras" of the two beings also seems to collide with each other.  Glowing orbs of light gazes directly into crimson filled eyes as the two weapons struggle against each other.  Both combatants possess incredible strength, but while Soul Reavers is augmented through his spells and Blooddrinker.....Jharms is natural, blessed even further when raised to the place of Seraphim.  In the end the Seraphim manages to win the "duel" and forces Blooddrinker back enough to end Soul Reavers charge, using the force to propel himself backwards a short distance.  It is at this moment though that the bolts of fire raining from above reaches them.  While they seem to avoid Soul Reaver entirely, the Seraphim is not as lucky.  A bolt comes screaming from above and collides with one Jharm's wings, burning at the pure white feathers with unholy flames.

The angellic being cries out in pain and surprise and his flight falters, his massive form falling downwards.  In an instant though he has regained control and uses the momentum of the fall to gain some distance from Soul Reaver.  As he flies through the air he turns so he is facing upwards and launches a solid orb of light up into the black clouds.
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As Gulgrim reappeared from a recent attack, he found a blade already arcing for him. Trying to hop back only marginally avoided the attack, and the blade's edge cut a ragged line through Gulgrim's armor and across his chest. The pain of the wound infuriated him, and a warp shield reflexively popped up in the aftermath of the attack, even though he was hopping back away from the gates Blooddrinker was opening. But then almost immediately afterward he was knocked back off his feet by an explosion as Soul Reaver took to the air. As he skidded to a halt he looked up to see the immortal and the seraphim locked in combat, and the Warboss decided that enough was enough.

"Nobody makes a fool of ol' Gulgrim!" he shouted, raising his hand, expecting to find his gun in it, but finding that it had not materialized as he had expected it to.

"Wot!?" Gulgrim shouted, looking down at his empty hand. Then he could feel it. Some kind of Sorcery was stopping him from using his WAAAGH! Energy without serious effort. The Ork's face set into a grim scowl, his eye's red glow brightening as angry green lightening crackled around his form.


Energy built around Gulgrim, lightning arcing left and right and up and down, WAAAGH! Energy building up in his body as he prepared to use everything he had built up from the fight thus far. His feet stomped an angry beat as he seemed to glow, Green energy condensing around his body. It built, and built, a veritable Crescendo of orky might as he mustered every last bit of energy he could to make one last pull from reality's coffers. He would take the one thing he needed to get back at that snarky git who tried to stop him from getting in the fight.

Lightning cracked the ground around Gulgrim, and he let out a final, enraged shout as a greenish-white light exploded around him, momentarily obscuring him from view.


There was a sound like glass shattering, and with a final, brutal effort Gulgrim pulled forth the one thing he needed. His WAAAGH! Energy spent, he would have to rely solely on the physical realm until the Immortal enemy's spell wore off. But that was fine, for the thing Gulgrim needed was all too material.

As the green-white glare faded, Gulgrim no longer stood in the Coat o' knives. Instead he was standing inside a hulking monstrosity of metal, spikes, bone, and bullets. He had pulled Da stompy suit from thin air with that final burst of energy, and was ready to bring the full firepower of Gork and Mork to bear. Massive twin-linked Deffguns sat on his shoulders, both his hands decked in weapons, with massive snazzguns nailed to the top of the left arm, and a variety of ballistic ordnances adorned what looked like an overbuilt, over-geared Orkish Terminator suit. Its very construction looked even more durable than the Astartes models. In fact it had a mysterious sheen to it, as if some strange Orky powers were woven into its creation. No doubt it had extreme durability to go with its extreme firepower.

"I'Z HAD IT WIF YOU YA SPIKEY GIT!" Gulgrim shouted from the ground, turning his weapons to the sky and opening fire. "I'Z GOT DA POWER OF GORK AN' MORK! YOU'Z CAN'T STOP ME!" Bullets, beams, and the occasional grenade launched in rapid pace from Gulgrim's armor, filling the sky with ordnance.

--OI, SERRY-FIM! YOU'D BEST GET OUTTA DA WAY IF YOU'Z DON'T WANT TA GET 'IT-- Gulgrim's mental shout went out, though he was uncertain if he had the energy left to even send that simple message. Nonetheless, he continued to open fire, flooding Soul Reaver's general area with ballistics, energy weapons, and explosives. Gulgrim's massive right power klaw scissored open and closed in the anticipation of the immortal coming down to get a taste as he continued to pour Dakka into the sky, heedless of the fire raining down around him.

The Ork was very angry now.
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Cameron remains at the barrier that was created by Peterson even as Soul Reaver arrives through the Warp Gate. His mind is torn in two places at once. Obviously, he must find out what is wrong with his long-time companion. But Kalana and the other elementals were on the other side of this barrier dealing with Peterson. And Peterson was powerful. Powerful enough to apparently invade Cameron's mind without him even knowing it.

Cameron is finally pulled away from his thoughts when Soul Reaver speaks. He turns towards the area where the warp gate appeared as Soul Reaver's voice echoes through the large empty chamber.

"They took her, and you let them."

Something is wrong. It is Soul Reaver who is speaking, but it is not just his voice that Cameron is hearing. Something else is there too. Something that could only be Blooddrinker.

"This is bad. Who is he talking about?"

Cameron doesn't have much time to think on this as Soul Reaver attacks, first Gulgrim, and then Jharm. Cameron takes stock of the other companions still back with him. Jorumn has vanished for the moment, but Kitharsis and Sepher are still at his side. He hears Fei's mental message loud and clear and passes the information on to the others.

"Okay. Let's deal with this, but try not to kill him. I'll take the center. Sepher, you go left. Kitharsis, swing right. We'll try and flank him."

Cameron doesn't wait for a reply. He launches into the air, closing the large gap between himself and the fight as quickly as possible. As he approaches, he sees fire starting to rain from the skies.


As the fire rains down over the companions, it doesn't actually seem to hurt them. Instead, it swirls around them, creating a barrier of shimmering flames around each of them. Anyone attacking them in melee at this point would have to attack through the flames.

And as Soul Reaver launches Jharm away from him, Cameron arrives. Seeing an absolute torrent of gunfire coming from the direction of Gulgrim, Cameron deftly positions himself so that Soul Reaver is between him and the Ork. He then raises both hands above his head and brings them down in a axe-handle swing at Soul Reaver's face. Fire and lightning form around his hands as he completes the swing. Should this connect, the attack will not only burn and electrocute Soul Reaver, but also send him flying uncontrollably into Gulgrim's onslaught.
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Soul Reaver snarls as Jharm hurls an orb of light upwards at the clouds.  He could tell already what the seraphim was trying to do.  He countered lightning fast, hurling a small, speedy missile of darkness from his palm.  Its trajectory perfectly intercepted the seraphim's spell, and upon impact it seemed to spatter over it like ink.  Both energies annihilated each other, leaving the rain of fire untouched.

Down on the ground, Gulgrim had called upon his Waagh! to manifest a mighty battle suit.  Bristling with guns and cannons, he unleashed a roaring torrent of bullets, beams and missiles at Soul Reaver.  The initial barrage hit like a freight train - while the typically poor orkish marksmanship led to a lot of the gunfire going wide, there was so much of it that it was assured some of it would hit.  The flesh on Soul Reaver's bare torso is scorched by dazzling beams of light and blasted away in parts by explosive shells as the air around him fills with smoke.  The kinetic impact sends him tumbling through the air for a moment, sending out a spray of dark, boiling blood.

But Soul Reaver is quick to respond.  He breaks his tumble, and then Blooddrinker begins to flashing through the air at blinding speeds.  A mass of sparks streams from the blade as a rain of bullets - all cut clean in two - begin to fall from the skies behind Soul Reaver.  Beams seem to be absorbed into the blade itself, the metal somehow swallowing them whole.  While some blasts still get through, they are mostly glancing blows.

Yet something is wrong.  The rain of fire begins to act strangely, the daemon-born flames spattering of what looks like an invisible barrier, flowing over it and forming a flaming shield.

There could be only one explanation.  The realization comes just in time.

Soul Reaver whips his head around to see Cameron bearing down on him, his upraised fists crackling with arcs of lightning and suffused with a roaring flame.  Soul Reaver does not have time to dodge, but he blocks the blow with his Black Steel Gauntlet.  The lightning dissipates harmlessly over the enchanted metal, but the flame erupts in a violent explosion that scorches his arm and sends Soul Reaver straight at Gulgrim.

Had it connected directly, Soul Reaver might have been stunned long enough for him to drop his guard, but that was not the case.  Instead, Soul Reaver uses the momentum to his advantage.  He immediately dives straight downward so quick that both Gulgrim and Cameron will have trouble adjusting to his sudden move.  With him no longer between them, Cameron was now directly in Gulgrim's line of fire.

But he did not simply plummet to earth.  Fallling, he picked up speed, then close to the ground, spreads his wings wide and streaks toward the heavily-armoured Gulgrim, surrounded by a flickering sphere of fire.  Soul Reaver knew that Cameron could control the flames, but he did not control the spell itself.  With a gesture and a pulse of black mana, he re-wove the threads of his spell to deal with this new development.

The flames hiss away, transforming instead into thick drops of corrupting, acidic black ichor - including those flames that surrounded the companions.  Transformed into something that Cameron held no sway over, these spheres of ichor would now drop and drench the companions that they had previously surrounded.

Soul Reaver streaks toward the nearest target: Gulgrim.  He is still gesturing, weaving another spell.  Bullets from Gulgrim's cannons still blast at Soul Reaver, and even Blooddrinker cannot stop them all, but it doesn't seem to slow him down.  When he arrives at point blank range, he sweeps both himself and his blade upward, intending to cleave through the cannons on one side of Gulgrims armour with his mighty blade.  For a moment, he is suspended in the air just over Gulgrim, his wings spread, and he completes his Terror spell.

A blanket of unnatural fear falls over Gulgrim, and suddenly he is no longer alone.  Lesser Daemons of Inferno - the Nightmares - begin to rise from the ground around him.  Somehow, they manifest themselves from the very ground itself, as though they had always been there, waiting.  Their own fields of fear and illusion reinforce the effect of Soul Reaver's spell as obsidian talons reach to tear Gulgrim's armour to pieces.

Soul Reaver's mouth opens into a grin, his eyes blazing red, and Gulgrim can see a mass of bullets clenched between his fangs.  Soul Reaver bites down on them and they explode, leaving the grinning visage of Soul Reaver unharmed.
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Gulgrim's fire was inaccurate, but effective. As Soul Reaver fell toward the ground Gulgrim tracked him, leaving allies in his line of fire for only a moment if they crossed his path, though such a moment might be dangerous with the sheer volume of fire. But Gulgrim can see the warrior approaching him, blade cutting down his fire and closing fast for the fight. Hell breaks loose around Gulgrim, terror attempts to gnaw at his mind, daemons appear around him, and Soul Reaver's sword lunges in for his armor. All of this was intended to demoralize or disable Gulgrim, but the red haze closing in on the corners of the Ork's vision meant only one thing.

The ork was angry.

Gulgrim was the epitome of what it was to be an Ork. That meant never running in the face of a fight, never knowing fear, never backing down, and most of all, never, EVER, losing. Soul Reaver's terror spell was like throwing oil into a fire; it only heightened his anger and battle rage. And in the midst of a battle against an enemy that no-one could have ever expected Gulgrim to defeat, he did what would have been unthinkable.

He met the attack head on.

Gulgrim's right arm shot out like a bear trap, reaching out to latch on to Soul Reaver's sword arm. Should the scissor blades of his Power Klaw make contact, Green lightning would Arc from Gulgrim to Soul Reaver, teasing, tasting, attempting to steal the Energy the immortal held in his body and blade. He'd had a taste of that power when Soul Reaver's blade had sliced his chest, and when his spell had thrust him aside, and now he was prepared to try and use it against him. Should he be unable to catch the Immortal's arm, he would continue past, aiming to clamp his Power klaw around his waist if he could not have his wrist.

He was heedless to danger, refusing to even acknowledge the hellscape around him, or the blade aiming to dig through his armor, so long as it meant he could get his vice-grip on the immortal. He would squeeze the Immortal's body with his Power Klaw and take his energy, or he would face him down as the blade bit into his armor.

'if we win we win, if we die we die fightin, so we still win.' the old adage went. And Gulgrim would never let those Orkish words down.


Gulgrim's guns opened fire at point blank range, blasting away even should Soul Reaver's blade cut through most of them. He would never stop fighting until he had won or he had died. That was his way.
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Post by: Soul Reaver on January 16, 2015, 11:25:10 PM
Blooddrinker spits and crackles as it slices upwards through Gulgrim's armour, chopping a number of its blazing guns from its bulk.

Apparently however the Ork was literally immune to fear, for neither the spell nor the presence of the Nightmares had any adverse affect on the Ork's determination.  His power klaw sweeps forward and closes on Soul Reaver's right wrist, holding it in a vice-like grip.

Green lightning crackles over Soul Reaver, trying to draw power from him.  The daemonic energies seem reluctant to part with their host, but even then, Soul Reaver's limbs seem to grow heavier with the drain being enacted upon him.  And then Gulgrim opens fire at point blank range with his remaining guns.

Blood sprays from Soul Reaver's left side as multiple blasts impact upon him at once, knocking him to the side.

But then there is a creaking sound from the power klaw.  Hissing, acrid clouds rise from its machinery, the black ichor having steadily eaten away at it.  Several guns suddenly go silent as one of the Nightmares, crawling over Gulgrim's back, rips several bullet feeders apart.

Soul Reaver holds out a bloodied left arm, and with a metallic clang, he switches his hold on the sword from his right hand - to his left.

The weapon streaks down and severs what remains of the Power Klaw's arm.

And then Soul Reaver is upon Gulgrim with a combination of millennia of combat experience and utter daemonic savagery, the blade seeking to cleave the greenskin in half.
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Post by: Jharm on January 16, 2015, 11:47:08 PM
The Seraphim watches as the orb of light is neutralized.  Then Cameron finally arrives and nullifies the rain of fire, turning it into shields of flame around the Companions.  While Camerons actions have ended the magical aerial assault....the holy warrior could still sense the evil of the "original" spell around him and it displeased him greatly, and quite frankly he held little trust in such evil being turned to "good".  A shield of light appears around the Seraphim once again, almost as if to simply offer a barrier against the distrustful magic.  Then he hears what could only be described as an explosion of utter chaos.  A literal rain of bullets, lasers, and other armaments come screaming up from below, all racing towards their target....Soul Reaver.  Quickly glancing below he sees that the Ork has managed to create something that could only be described as something created by a psychotic welder with a penchant for firearms.  It is quite obvious that the Ork is furious and has pretty much abandoned any sensible thinking.

Then, as if to further prove his distrust of anything dark or evil, the firey shield around the Seraphim suddenly twists and becomes a black oily ichor.  The fluid splashes against the gleaming shield, the two opposing forces destroying each other.  It would seem though that the possessed knight has been....distracted by the Orks enfilade of gratuitous shellfire as the knight soars downward to attack Gulgrim.

So be don't want to face the Light directly?  Her blessings shall still be before you at every turn then.

The Seraphim raises his hands towards the sky and heavenly chanting can be heard, the voices emanating seemingly from everywhere at once.  All of the companions begin to glow a pale white glow as the blessing washes over them.  Each can feel their muscles growing and bulging, and at the same time any wounds begin to seal up and their energy slowly returns to them.  Jharm then gazes up at the sky, now clear of the twisted black clouds as a though runs through his head.  The chanting fades away as he focuses the power of the Light within him.  A moment later a beam launches from his body and up into the sky.  A moment later meteors composed of Light begin to fall from the sky.  Screaming downwards, any near Soul Reavers vicinity seem to home in on the knight whereas any that lands near the Companions further aid them as shields of light manifest around them.   Seeing his prayer complete, Jharm hefts his hammer in both hands and gazes down upon Soul Reaver, fully expecting some form of retaliation for his actions.
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Post by: Shadow Chorus on January 17, 2015, 10:15:24 AM
Most of his guns shut down, his Right arm weakened and then severed, spraying oil and sparks as his Cybork right arm is severed at the wrist, and a new attack aiming for Gulgrim, all the Ork does is smile. The power he had drained would bring him back into the fight, even without his arm. His chest puffed, and he let out a massive bellowing "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!", putting some of the energy he had taken behind it, creating a sonic burst around him that would push away anything not nailed to the ground, granting him some space between himself and Soul Reaver, splattering the Ichor away from him, and tossing the Nightmares aside.

In the moment he had to recover, his tactical side made a few adjustments to his raging battle-plan. As he noted a strange angelic shield forming around him, His Cybork third arm reached down and applied a replacement weapon to his missing right hand, a new Power Klaw, smaller than the one originally attached to his Mega Armour, but still dangerous. Then the third arm proceeded to produce his Kutlass and set to defending himself from the nightmares with heavy slashes as they approached, leaving the rest of Gulgrim to contend with Soul Reaver himself.

Gulgrim set forward in a slow, methodical stomp toward the Immortal, raising his left arm and opening fire with what guns remained on his body. His Cybork Eye emitted a precision laser beam, aimed at the exposed flesh of Soul Reaver's sword arm, aiming to disable or detach the arm that currently held his weapon. And with his new Power Klaw he would attempt to smash and grab at the Immortal. If he managed to get another grip on Soul Reaver, he would attempt to drain energy again, but that would be secondary to his primary goal, which was now to crush the immortal into submission. He would aim to smash his closed fist into arms, shoulders, sides, and get a grip anywhere on Soul Reaver's central body--Head, neck, shoulders, torso--, where he could compress his Power Klaw as tightly as possible.

There were no more words from the Warboss, only killing intent. If he was successful in this, he would attempt to crush Soul Reaver until he was a lifeless pile in his hands or until one of his allies made him stop. His approach was methodical and unceasing. There was no fear, no hesitation. Gulgrim was in to win or die. And he would keep pressing until one of those objectives had come to pass. His replenished psychic field raged around him like a killer shadow, almost mimicking the effects of Soul Reaver's terror spell, only with no aim. To any who looked upon him, Gulgrim seemed to grow larger, a dark shadow cast upon him as he steadily approached, the image of Green death on a slow march toward the Immortal, guns blaring and Klaw snapping.

Perhaps this was some lingering effect of draining WAAAGH! Energy from a demon, or perhaps Gulgrim had finally become so enraged that his pyschic field was manifesting that rage in its terrible, baleful true form. But this was a rage that not even the Demons of the warp could fathom. Beings of emotion had only the soul to put forth, while Gulgrim was a juggernaut of battle lust, body, mind, and soul. The combined rage and fury of the entire Orkish race flowed through and around him, a veritable whirlwhind of psychic energy that only seemed to grow larger as he fed off the battle, his renewed psychic stores refreshing themselves even further as his battle adaptation set to work.

The longer this fight went on, the more dangerous Gulgrim threatened to become, feeding off the rage of the battle even as he lost limbs and flesh and armor. His psychic field, now that he had given it the boost it needed, was only growing stronger now.
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Kitharsis is relieved to see the other half of the Companions. Greetings are cut short, however, as a warp explosion sunders in the distance. Jharm, Gulgrim and Fei rush ahead in a purposeful race of speed. The speed rune on Kitharsis's shoulder itches, enticing him to join in the competition. On another day he may have done so, but the uncertainty of what lies in wait on the other side of the gate persuades him otherwise.

Peterson closes off the Elementals and himself inside a barrier. Kitharsis waits to see if Cameron is able to break it, but it proves impassable. The Elementals are a force to be reckoned with. Hopefully they are stout enough to deal with whatever Peterson has in store for them.

Soul Reaver! His presence is palpably dark.

Kitharsis spits in disgust. Soul Reaver has given in to the darkness he wields. The dark energy roaming his own body seems to relish the thought. A firm push of willpower corrects the outburst.

The Tirthandara sets his resolve for the sorrowful task before him, the beating and battering of a once esteemed companion. He takes a steady pace as he approaches the ongoing melee. Time, in his eyes, seems to slow as he focuses on the movements of Soul Reaver and his allies. Each surge of energy, each burst of magic, the physical and supernatural forces clashing against each other, all are absorbed by his heightened senses.

The vaulted ceiling of the warehouse rains fire from black clouds. He thoughtlessly avoids each plume of flame as they hit the floor beside him. Their glowing embers pass by him like the lazily falling snow of a winters squall. When the flames kick up and circle around him at Cameron's call he gives the slightest nod of thanks. And when the flames turn sinister once again and wash his body with acid he does not bat an eye. His thick, stony skin sizzles as the destructive liquid runs across, but it does not yield.

Jharm's prayer is a boon for one such as Kitharsis. In his eyes, the orbs fall as slowly as the flames. Each dose of light that falls near him is taken full advantage of. Not only do they shield his body, but they also quite profoundly cleanse large portions of dark Tirthandaran energy inside him.

As Gulgrim and Soul Reaver attempt to disembowel each other, Kitharsis approaches in the same steady pace. He stops dangerously close to the Ork and the immortal. The force of their blows send shockwaves over him, jostling the many pouches on his belt and blowing his mohawk back and forth.

"I mourn for you, Soul Reaver. I respected you to the utmost. But as you are now I fear I may never again speak to the warrior of justice I once knew. I mourn for the time lost." A snarl rumbles from Kitharsis's chest as every tattoo on his body ignites.

"I mourn for the time wasted dealing with the demons that you have yielded your sanity to!" He shouts as he springs forward, his boots leaving deep craters in the floor.

Kitharsis's tattoos are alight. The snaking tattoos on his arms are curving forward half a meter in front of him, and the diamond on the back of his right hand extends into a blunt club. He charges toward Soul Reaver's flank. His words were a courtesy to his former ally, but the courtesy stops there. He swings fiercely with the bright crimson club, timing his attack with Gulgrim's. He aims to beat some sense into Soul Reaver, in any way possible.
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Post by: Soul Reaver on January 19, 2015, 04:03:10 AM
Soul Reaver is jolted backwards by Gulgrim's energy blast and he is spattered with black ichor, while the Nightmares are thrown several meters away - though they land with surprising lightness back upon their feet.  However, they turn their faceless heads upward as comets of holy light begin to descend from the skies.

The momentary distance, however, was going to be of use to Soul Reaver.  With enemies and danger on all sides, a protective measures would need to be taken.  A harsh gesture causes a dark barrier of sorcery to spring up around Soul Reaver.  Faintly, screaming faces seems to be crawling over its surface.

Soul Reaver begins chanting at a fever pitch as the Ork marches toward him.  The Nightmares converge on him from all sides, but are no match for his kutlass - even with their agility, they are cut down one after another, flying apart like dry leaves as they hit the ground.  Gunfire roars from what remains of Gulgrim's armour, and a beam of crimson light laces from his robotic eye.

Each bullet and beam that impacts upon Soul Reaver magical barrier unleashes a cracking burst of black lightning and causes the surface to waver and shimmer.  While it seems to lessen the impacts, the barrier doesn't stop them entirely - the majority of the attacks still seem to penetrate.  Behind the barrier, Soul Reaver holds his ground, deflecting what he can with his gauntleted palm, and losing flesh and blood from those attacks he does not.  Firey comets rain down toward him, and Blooddrinker flashes through the air to shatter them as they approach, but even then, Soul Reaver seems to be struggling to maintain his position as the ground around him is hammered with the explosive blasts.  More than once, he needs to take a step back.  But all this time, he just takes the punishment, his chanting droning on.

It is uncertain whether he sees Kitharsis approaching form his flank.  If so, he did not seem to acknowledge the warrior yet, so fixated was he on Gulgrim.  As the ork seemed to tower over him, a tangible surge of energy washes over Soul Reaver - the Waaaagh generated by the Ork was almost palpable.

And then, Soul Reaver springs to meet him.  Blooddrinker slashes upward, sparking as it pushes through the holy barrier erected by Jharm.  A chunk of Gulgrim's armor goes flying, and in return Soul Reaver receives a deep gash in his side.  But something else is happening: the sword is beginning to feed.

The Vortex Blade begins to suck up the vast quantities of energy emanating from the Ork.  Like a plug pulled from an over-filled drain, a veritable whirlwind of greenish-tinged energy begins to suffuse the blade.  Yet it does not consume it as it normally would - perhaps even Blooddrinker cannot absorb this volatile energy that serves no master but its own.  Instead, it spews back out and combusts violently from Soul Reaver's back, his shadowy wings becoming enveloped in jets of green fire that gout uncontrollably outward.  The nerves up Soul Reaver's arms feel like as though they are on fire, yet the pain only seems to fuel his madness further.

Then, Soul Reaver completes the spell he has been casting.  With sinister necromantic power, Soul Reaver weaves a cruel Choke spell into Gulgrim, then Locks it with the final words of magic.  In moments, Gulgrim's massive lungs begin to fill with qualms of choking, oily black smoke.  The true threat of the spell however lay in how it was crafted to be self-perpetuating: the more its victim fights, the more they rage and battle, the faster its effects would overcome them.  Were he to back off, Gulgrim might be able to rid himself of the spell, but battle-mad as he was, he would likely drive himself to his own oblivion.

For now, however, the Ork still attacked as strong as always, and Soul Reaver was forced to take a step back as the Power Klaw grasped at him.  The kutlass slashed from one side, to be met with Blooddrinker itself, but when Soul Reaver raises his other arm to block another attack from the Klaw, it seizes him by his unarmoured elbow.  Soul Reaver has no chance to extract his arm before Gulgrim's claw compresses, slicing it clean off.  It turns to ashes as it hits the ground, the gauntlet disappearing in a blaze of red.

And at that same moment, Kitharsis arrives, glowing tendrils scoring the ground like whips before him and striking Soul Reaver's barrier with thunderous booms.  Soul Reaver roars and swings Blooddrinker in a wide overhead arc, once more severing Gulgrim's klaw.  As the tendrils scorch his flesh, he delivers a massive kick at the Ork - strong enough to send even his massive bulk a few steps back.  He is only just in time: Blooddrinker is raised overhead as Kitharsis' club descends.  The weapons impact upon each other, unleashing a visible shockwave of light and noise.

With the sound of cracking glass, amplified a thousand times, a hairline crack runs up the length of Blooddrinker's previously impervious blade.

Blood bubbles and hisses from the severed stump of his left arm as flesh and muscle feverishly try to regrow.  A smoky blackness billows from the wound, forming a partially incorporeal talon.  Soul Reaver's eyes bore into Kitharsis' own.  For a brief moment, Kitharsis thinks he can see beyond the red glow of those eyes, and perhaps glimpse a deep and painful emotional wound, left ignored too long, and now agonizingly torn open.  But the glimpse is gone as quickly as it came, and Soul Reaver bellows madly.


A mass of razor-eged chains burst from the ground around Soul Reaver, intercepting Kitharsis' tendrils and Jharm's comets, blasting themselves into shards if needs be, while Soul Reaver charges forward, Blooddrinker forming a virtually impenetrable lattice of blows in all directions.
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Gulgrim's lungs are filling with smoke, and it only seems to get worse as he fights, but Gulgrim refuses to back down. His steps are slowing the more he fights, but as he is pushed back, he continues to press forward. He makes a few unsteady steps back toward Soul Reaver, ignoring the sparks flying from his severed arm. He raises his left arm, firing a few more bursts of ammunition from his guns, but his eyes are growing heavier. His aim is getting even worse with the lack of oxygen in his fungal form, but he is heedless to the danger. His steps slow, and his gun arm finally descends, unable to summon the energy to lift his own weapons anymore.

"You ain't....Seen the last......Of ol'.....Gulgrim....." He finally manages to spout, black smoke issuing from his mouth as he speaks, and then he collapses, his massive form causing a small tremor as he strikes the ground.

As he lay unconscious, the rolling vortex of green lightning grew weaker, and almost seemed to turn in on itself, its almost sentient energies realizing that there was a foreign, non-orky substance in its host. The lightning inverted and flowed within Gulgrim's own body, lancing through the choke spell and igniting the smoke. Gulgrim's unconscious form let out a mighty belch of green-black flames, then lay still once more, the spell broken by the WAAAGH! Energy, but Gulgrim still suffocated into unconsciousness.

He was no longer in danger of dying, but he was, for the moment, out of this fight.
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From up in the heavens over the companions the Seraphim gazes down.  The bombardment of heavenly light seems to fulfill its purpose quite well, both strengthening his fellow warriors and wounding, or at least impeding, the actions of their fallen friend.  Jharm watches Soul Reaver manages to cast some kind of twisted spell at Gulgrim, black smoke enveloping the greenskin.  Soul suffers for his actions however as Gulgrims power klaw manages to seize the warriors arm and slice it off, though a second later the ork also loses his arm in the ensuing counter-attack.  At this point it becomes evident that the smoke is greatly affecting the warlord however as he begins to choke and gasp violently.  The Ork attempts to continue his assault but eventually his gun arm slumps down and he mutters something towards Soul Reaver before collapsing.

One could safely consider the Seraphim to be a calm, level-headed warrior.  Emotions such as anger or vengeance are emotions of Darkness.  This being said...there are times where such emotions are warranted.  The Seraphims glowing eyes flare as he glares down at Soul Reaver, his hand clamping down even harder on the enchanted shaft of his hammer.

"Your twisted sorcery will not save you in the end....Blooddrinker."

His eyes then shift to the fallen form of Gulgrim.  He had just met the Ork, and while the Seraphim was still unsure as to how much Gulgrim could be "trusted" he was certain of one thing.  The greenskin had fought by his side.  He had fought against an enemy he had no way of knowing its true power.  This would NOT be Gulgrims end.

"The Light does not abandon those in need.  You fought valiantly feel the glory of Her healing radiance."

The Seraphim closes his glowing eyes, his hands extending out to his sides.  Once more he begins to glow as the Light flows through him.  His mouth moves as he seems to be saying something but no actual words escape his lips.  The glow within him continues to grow until it begins to illuminate the battlefield.  Jharms left hand then moves until its palm is aimed at the unconscious Orks form.  Nothing seems to happen at first, then suddenly a giant hand appears over Gulgrim.  If anyone should look closely it would look as if the hand was that of woman.  Gently the hand descends until it rests over the warlords body.  Suddenly the light within Jharm vanishes and the giant hand flares brightly as the Light transfers through it and into the comatose warrior beneath it.  Such power floods the Ork that his usually deep green skin seems to flare brightly, all those around easily able to sense the power surge.

The Seraphims eyes open once more as he gazes down at the Ork.

"Rise Gulgrim Bonecruncha.  The Light stands by your side this day and She will watch over you."

He then shifts his gaze back to Soul Reaver.  There is little doubt in Jharms mind that his actions will quite likely have drawn the attention of the crazed warrior, and the Seraphim would be ready.

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"Hmm. There appears to be a language barrier. When I say non-lethal force, what I meant to say was non-lethal force to someone such as ourselves." Fei lets out a sigh before the battle began.   He spent a moment examining the source of Soul Reaver's current magic as the battle began.   

"Nope.  He's not listening.  Heh.  Oh, and neither are the others.  Fair enough, I suppose granted the circumstances, I can't fault them.  I'm not sure what the rush is for everyone wanting to kill each other. "  Fei watches the battle take to the sky with Jharm along with Danyael's and Cameron arrives to alter the fire's effect to aid the companions.  Fei continues to monitor and harmonize the patterns of magic being used, unweaving them in his mind,  temporarily shielding his eyes as Gulgrim unleashes a Lead Armageddon into the sky.  "I have to admit I like his style."

With a corona of dark energy, Fei snuffs the flame shield from around himself before Soul Reaver alters the spell upon the companions and twisting it against them.  "Sorry, Cameron.  Fire and I don't particularly get along well."   

Fei lowers his hands down and closes his eyes.  The shadows across the battle grow excited and writhe across the ground, spiraling inward towards him.  A black scar appears below him reaching deep into nothingness and hooks from the abyss leap out to ensnare him, digging deep into his back.  In the eye, the planar fabric holding the abyss at bay is very weak and Fei must concentrate greatly on using it's power here, less be pulled into the void himself. "Almost, just another moment you guys...... "

"DAMN IT JHARM, TURN OFF THAT FUCKING NIGHT LIGHT!"  Fei yells out as the Seraphim summons a holy light down upon the companions.  Fei winces but continues to focus, his face twisting, the beast just beneath the surface trying to break free in the presence of the holy aura.  Kneeling down, Fei plunges both of his arms down into the black scar beneath him and wretches up a pair of black swords manifested and shaped out of the abyss itself.  A scream is heard from the void as the scar is forcibly closed with the retrieval of the swords. 

At ths point Kitharsis has joined in the fray and Gulgrim has just fallen.  Stepping forward Fei appears to vanish in whisps of black smoke and reappear over the Ork.  " Don't tell me that's all you've got, Big Green. " Fei chuckles before nudging Gulgrim with his boot.  "Thank you for distracting him as long as you did.  Let me give you a hand.  And not that lovey dovey hippy hand that Jharm is up there spouting on about.  You let me feed on some of your men, let me return the favor."

With a quick slash, a blood mist sprays over Gulgrim's body looking to seep in through his skin. Should his body accept the boon, Gulgrim would find the vampiric blood drive him into an extreme rage with the endurance of an undying juggernaut, amplifying his strength and speed.

"Now, where was I? Oh Right.   Doc, it's time for my appointment.  You said there would be time for me did you not?"  Fei's head turns to face Soul Reaver who is charging Kitharsis. 

Fei's body discorporates into a veil of shadows and quickly races across the battlefield and manifesting before Kitharsis. Fei intercepts the charge, rushing forward suddenly and unpredictably himself, bringing the Shadow's kiss up one in each hand to meet blooddrinker blow for blow but not intending to strike Soul Reaver directly, a wave of magic devouring abyssal energy rushing forward from behind the vampire to tear away at the black knight's infernal aura.

Knowing he can't physically outpower Soul Reaver,  Fei relinquishes his parry against blooddrinker allowing Soul Reaver's momentum to carry him past Fei who quickly steps behind  to brings both black crystaline blades down upon his blackened wings to singe them clean off and burn away the magic used to create them. 
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Cameron is forced to divert most of his energy to create a shield when Soul Reaver drops from between himself and Gulgrim. This diverts most of the fire away from him long enough for him to drop back to the ground and out of harm's way. He takes a moment to recover as Soul Reaver continues to devote all of his attention to the angry ork.

Then Gulgrim is felled by a spell. Cameron summons his swords and prepares to charge in, but stops short as Kitharsis arrives. Cameron witnesses the blow that causes Blooddrinker to crack. The sight of the fractured blade fills him with dread. A mental message is sent to all nearby companions.

"If we are to have any hope of undoing this, we cannot allow that sword to break! We have to disarm Soul Reaver! Get that blade away from him!"

Cameron rushes in, seeing Fei charging in ahead of him. As Fei attacks, Cameron unleashes a hail of bolter fire from his arm mounted storm bolters to distract Soul Reaver further and keep him from blocking or parrying. At the same time, Cameron attempts to communicate with Soul Reaver telepathically.

"Soul Reaver, stop this! Blooddrinker is going to escape if you press this further! Letus help you control him!"
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The Seraphim's fist grips the hammer tighter as the Ork remains sprawled on the ground.  He can sense that the creatures wounds have begun to heal however the injuries he sustained from Soul Reavers attacks must have affected him more then Jharm thought at first.

"If we are to have any hope of undoing this, we cannot allow that sword to break! We have to disarm Soul Reaver! Get that blade away from him!"

Blooddrinker is damaged??? How is that even possible?  That foul creature must not go free!

He watches as Fei darts across the battlefield, slashing at Soul Reaver as Cameron open fires on the knight with his stormbolters.  It would seem they are both trying to distract the warrior, attempting to open him up to attacks from the others.  He would heed the elemental warriors suggestion.  Suddenly the Seraphim drops, plummeting down to the ground.  A few inches above the earth though he stops the fall, gently setting down onto the ground.  Dropping to one knee he places his left hand (palm down) onto the earth as light forms around the hand.  Looking up, Jharm sees his two companions still in battle with Soul.  The light from his hand suddenly seems to sink down into the ground.  A moment later glowing cords of light explode out of the ground around Soul Reaver, shooting through the air and attempting to seize upon the knights arms and some even seeking out the demon blade to wrap around any part of the weapon they can reach.
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As the massive energy breaks and soul Reaver appears, Sepher stumbles to a halt near Cameron. He stares at soul Reaver, his mouth slightly ajar. The massive Daemon presence. He had only felt that much power once before. It was inside of him now, but much too dangerous to let out. The daemon god in his head raged, but made no attempt to take Sepher now. The other daemons were quiet. They knew the power of this one.

Suddenly a voice cut through his stupor

-take the center, Sepher, you go left. Kitharsis, Swing right. We'll try and flank him."

"Right, let's do this." Sepher snarled and launched himself running in a full out sprint, quickly closing the distance to the scene as the fight takes place before him. As he neared, the energies around his  companions changed over and over again, becoming deadly, then beneficial and back and forth. He growled.

Something caught his attention though. The cracks showing up bloodrinker's blade. That was bad. If that broke, the daemon would break free. Not good at all.
Slowing near the edge of the fight, Sepher took a deep breath. Building energies welled with in and finally Sepher threw out his hands, forward and slightly to each side, all pointed at soul Reaver. The ground beneath him began to strain and crack as the magnitude of energy he was putting into his spell coalesced. With a shout, he began  to use his shape metal spell.

Bloodrinker, the prison of a daemon of untold strength, he tried to strengthen so it would not break, yet dull the blade so it would not cut.
The armor around soul Reaver, he would try to weaken, to make it brittle and to confine movement.

His field of vision encompassed many of his companions, and they would find their metal armors tougher, harder, yet retain their same weight and properties otherwise. Their blades would sharpen, and the points of their bullets and blades sharper than any smith could ever produce.

Sepher began and continued to maintain his spell, small stones under his feet cracking with pressure, as he stared at soul. The daemon within him stared as well, glaring at the man.
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Blooddrinker... cracks...

The glowing club holds against the Demon Lord's prison, but Kitharsis does not press further. His eyes lock with Soul Reaver's, and for a brief moment he sees past the bloodlust in his friend's eyes.

He only sees pain and regret. A wound left unchecked that has consumed the immortal warrior.


The glimpse is gone in less than a breath. Kitharsis leaps backwards as the multitude of razor sharp chains burst from the ground. His tendrils intercept then, each canceling the other out.

Kitharsis's glowing club blinks out of existence as he lowers his hands.

"Such pain in your eyes..." He says, as Soul Reaver charges once again. "Whoever, or whatever has wounded you, I am deeply sorry, my friend. But please see past your rage!" Kitharsis pleads, as he backs away. "This solves nothing! Would you see us dead because of your broken heart? Would you inflict more wounds to heal another? To do so is folly!"

Fei intercepts Soul Reaver's charge. Kitharsis's tendrils continue batting away the razor sharp chains, but he makes no move to attack. Blooddrinker will need to be dealt with, but the sword is merely a conduit for Soul Reaver's emotions at this point. And with the weapon damaged, separating them may prove disastrous.
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So Soul Reaver sought to use the earth as his weapon against the nephilim lord. Every world Danyael touched was his domain. To turn the world against him was as fruitless as trying to whistle away a hurricane. But there was something different now. And so, he would have to alter his strategy. He reached the spikes without hesitation, then exploded into a whirling mass of black, expanding around the spikes before spreading into the earth several yards away.  

And then there was something else. Something amiss. Something separate. “...Soul.” a voice spoke only to the warrior as he made his advance on the companions. “...Soul.” the voice said again, separate and yet very similar. It was identical to, but more authentic, Danyael's voice. An aethereal construct of fading prismatic lights wift and wafted harmlessly around the warrior as he sped onward. “...Soul, please. Enough.” the voice calmly pleaded before the figure vanished again, reappearing softly at random – in between realities – allowing the feeling of its words to reach out to the immortal. “...I'm so tired of fighting, Soul.” the voice said before materializing again, this time more physical, drifting over the land, blipping in and out of sight while keeping up with Soul Reaver. “I'm so tired.” he spoke amid the chaos. Amid the violence and vitriol. Amid the wrath and ruin, Danyael stood alone now, his form unable to touch, nor attack, Soul Reaver. “Aren't you tired of hating?” he allowed the emotions of his words to project through his voice, bringing with them images of senseless suffering. 


So much loss. The loss of Kawanua. The loss of Sera. The loss of Gale. It was Gale's loss, surprisingly, that hurt the most. Because it was Gale who Soul Reaver killed in a blind rage. “You killed him, Soul." Danyael's voice quivered. "You killed him dead, much in the same rage as you're in now." the weight of his voice echoing on threads of sound that rippled through the air, lingering as if the words had a will of its own, willing each syllable to hold a bit longer. "An innocent boy seeking only to help.” his voice quivered as his form flitted in and out of sight, whisping around in the wind, reaching back and forth from the void. "What was our crime?" he asked, in spite of the raging powers clashing around him, his ghostly form haunting the warrior. "What was yours?"

As Fei and Kitharsis engaged the warrior, Danyael's ghostly form faded around them. It didn't miss his notice that the dreaded sword Blooddrinker was cracked - cracking as it were. But he wouldn't contribute. In spite of all the fighting, he'd be the only one to attempt to reach his companion without the use of violence. Too many times have the companions turned on one another by some means of tentative disagreement – Danyael being among the contributors in the past. And still, in spite of it all, he still had no idea to whom Soul Reaver was referring to.

Focus less on the blade and more on the wielder. If he cannot move, then he cannot move the blade. Danyael's essence reached out to Jharm, Sepher, Cameron and Kitharsis. It wasn't a sound strategy, but what else was there? He has spells of binding and haste. He has powers of summoning. But so do you. he finished his message to the companions before spreading his presence across the battlefield in a spectral mist that eerily reached skyward before slowly wheeling in full gyration, taking on the monstrous likeness of a tornado – but doing no damage and making no sounds. Swirling about, it's swelling form reached around Soul Reaver in tendrils of whirling miasma, clouding around the warrior and his combatants. At the tips of each limb was what could only be described as a conduit between the emotions of the nephilim lord to be conveyed to Soul Reaver. Sorrow, longing, pain... forgiveness. And at the center was the smokey form of Danyael, at the center of a placid hurricane. There would be no world shattering powers or summoning of heavenly and hellish hosts. The Nephilim lord had every intention of using the most placid tactics to reach out to Soul Reaver. "What was our crime?" he asked again amid the quiet 'storm',"What was yours?"
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Above the companions, dark clouds boil as the thick ichor continues to fall, turning the ground into a thick, black, treacherous mire.  Flashes of daemonic orange lightning eerily light the battlefield. 

Gulgrim’s weapons blast away madly one last time but – for now at least - the juggernaut runs out of steam as the Choke spell causes him to lose consciousness.  Both Jharm and Fei come to his aid, but Soul Reaver is too busy engaging Kitharsis to act on their intervention.

Before Soul Reaver can fully press his attack however, Fei appears from the shadows before him.  The arrival of his longstanding companion draws nothing but further fury from the warrior.  Blooddrinker howls through the air at phenomenal speeds.  The blows would be enough to cleave almost anything in twain, but the Shadows Kiss blades misdirect and deflect the attacks, rather than trying to match the massive sword steel for steel.  Abyssal energy surges forward toward Soul Reaver and crashes around the Retribution Shield.  The magical shield seems to flicker and buckle at the impact, but with fevered chanting from Soul Reaver it holds against the onslaught.

Then Soul Reaver is enveloped amidst a hail of bolter fire.  Some shells fall around Soul Reaver, others explode prematurely as they are intercepted by whipping metal chains or ricochet off the Retribution Shield, and most that penetrate are swatted out of the air by Soul Reaver’s shadowy, taloned left hand.  Those that are left are glancing blows, further soaking the warrior in his own boiling blood, but failing to cause lasting damage.

Perhaps sensing this chance, Fei appears behind Soul Reaver, sending one of Blooddrinker’s swings wide. Deftly, Fei slashes both of is blades at Soul Reaver’s phantasmal wings.  The shadowy weapons crackle as they slice through the weakened shield and cleave the wings from Soul Reaver’s back.

Soul Reaver – or to be more precise, the entity acting through him – emits a wordless roar as the wings are severed.  The moment they no longer touch Soul Reaver’s back, the wings dissipate into nothingness, like so much smoke in a storm.

Cameron Aileron attempts to psychically contact Soul Reaver but after the first few words get through, he suddenly feels a massive barrier erected to block his telepathic message.  To his psychic vision, it looks like a looming, horrifying winged humanoid, interspersing itself between Cameron and Soul Reaver.  It glares back at him with narrowed, glowing eyes filled with nothing but hate.

It is unclear how much of the message made it through, but it doesn’t stop Soul Reaver’s madness.  He whirls around to strike at Fei, but ghostly tendrils of holy light burst from the ground.  They hiss as they wrap themselves around both his limbs – both smoky and fleshy – and around Blooddrinker’s malignant blade.  The blow Soul Reaver was about to strike is aborted as the tendrils go taut.

Sepher’s spells hits Soul Reaver at the same time, but is less effective.  Blooddrinker’s blade was forged with the intent to hold a raging Daemon Lord for all eternity, and is thus designed to be immutable to all outside force – the spell washes over the weapon with no effect.  Soul Reaver’s remaining gauntlet, long ago infused with powerful magic, similarly resists Sepher’s manipulations.  What remains of Soul Reaver’s more weakly-enchanted breastplate becomes so brittle that the forces around Soul Reaver blast it to shards, but there is little left to destroy.

As he strains against his bonds, Kitharsis keeps his distance and attempts to reason with Soul Reaver.  His words are heartfelt, noble – and true.  But Soul Reaver’s thoughts at hearing them echo words not his own – and yet he cannot differentiate this inner voice from his.

How noble of him to care now, of all times.  Now, in this moment that his life – something precious to HIM – is at stake!  Where was this understanding when it was needed?!

Danyael tries a similar tactic – an appeal to peace and reason.  His emotions try to flow into Soul Reaver, but his efforts seem to be blocked at every turn.  The cooling flow of tranquillity and forgiveness is swept up in a torrent of hate and rage the moment it tries to enter Soul Reaver’s being.  That said, without looking up, Soul Reaver – or perhaps Blooddrinker - nonetheless gives him a direct response.

Far too many, Nephilim!  Far too many!

And with that, Soul Reaver’s fanged mouth pulls into a sneering rictus.  The black, choking mire near Fei suddenly sprays thickly into the air a pair of Doomhounds leap from nothingness itself.  Their eyeless, horned heads unerringly sense their target as they move to clamp their venomous fangs into Fei’s legs – enough to delay him just that split second Soul Reaver will need.

Soul Reaver’s entire body suddenly blazes with intense crimson light – enough to temporarily blind those looking at him, and more importantly, capable of momentarily banishing the shadows that Fei calls upon to slip into the Abyss.

At the same moment, Soul Reaver rids himself of the seraphim’s tendrils.  In his right hand, he twirls Blooddrinker, the blade slicing the tendrils holding it apart as though they were ribbons of paper.  His left arm – the limb of smoke and shadow – vanishes, leaving the tendrils there grasping nothing – before manifesting anew and unfettered.  Once more, Soul Reaver switches which hand holds his daemonic blade, using his freed left arm to slice the remaining tendrils from his right.  And in a single vicious motion, he sends the invisible ribbons of a flesh-tearing Rend spell at Fei at almost point-blank range.

Not waiting to see how successful his attack has been, Soul Reaver whirls to face Cameron.  Swirling black mana twists around Soul Reaver’s form, then suddenly coalesces into a myriad of swords, all pointed blade-first at the armoured warrior.  With machine-gun rapidity and unnatural precision the swords fire themselves blade-first at the Cameron, intending the skewer him even through his massive armour.

Without missing a beat, Soul Reaver switches his sword back to his right hand, and finishes a complex gesture with his left hand.  The clouds above flash madly as Soul Reaver leaps away, somersaulting through the air and landing directly next to Jharm, crouched on the ground.

The point Soul Reaver had occupied a moment ago is struck by a blast of daemonic energy, manifesting as a bolt of orange lightning.  The force of the impact causes a deafening explosion that envelops a 5 metre radius in a burst of agonizing orange fire, obliterating the rest of the chains emerging from the ground there.

Soul Reaver has other concerns however.  The moment he lands, he slashes lighting fast at Jharm using his shadowy talons, and follows up with a strike from Blooddrinker itself from the other side.  Despite his wounds, both his strength and speed seem to only have increased.  There was no doubt that the madness driving him forward held little regard for his well-being – only for continued carnage.
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The Seraphim watches as the tendrils of light seize upon Soul Reavers appendages....but in the end fail at fulfilling their objective.  Then before he can react the twisted knight lands in front of him.  Talons slash at the angelic being, speed far surpassing his own as they manage to bypass his defense and gouge through his shining armor.  A howl of pain emits from the lips of the holy warrior as silver blood seeps from the wounds as Blooddrinker swings around, an unholy howl seemingly coming from the blade.  In a shower of sparks however it connects with the shaft of the Seraphims enchanted hammer.  The two combatants struggle as they attempt to overpower the other until with a burst of light Jharm launches himself backwards, the corrupted ground tearing up into chunks around him.  Clutching at the wounds he glances down, his gauntlet covered in his own blood.   Silvery orbs glare up at Soul Reaver.

"I have tried to to settle this peacefully.  Light knows I do not WANT to kill you Soul Reaver.  Enough is enough however.  It is clearly evident that HE has seized full control, and that is not something I can ignore any longer.  I do not know what it is that I did that seems to have angered you so, but it seems as if it matters little at this point."

With a burst of power he attempts to send one final mental message to Soul Reaver, attempting to punch through whatever defenses Blooddrinker has erected to stop communication. 

I am sorry my friend.  For whatever it was I seemingly wronged you for......and for everything I now do.  Forgive me my friend

Jharm focues then and light glows within him once more.  A moment later all present begin to hear a faint sound upon the wind.  Anyone who listens closesly realizes it sounds like a choir singing, though none can tell what they are saying.  The volume of the choir begins to increase until it sounds as if they are directly overhead, though no one actually is above them.

"Behold Blooddrinker! The Chant of Nelathia!  Hear the joyous words radiate through your twisted and corrupted being!  Feel the cleansing might of the Light wash over you!  Observe the purity of Her majesty and beauty!"

The Seraphims fists clench tightly as he focuses his power into the song, directing it directly at Soul Reaver.  To the Companions, the song radiates power; cleansing, healing, wholesomeness.  To Soul Reaver (or more specifically, the darkness within him) the volume of the song seems to increase exponentially until it seems as if he is surrounded by the entire Seraph race singing at the top of their lungs.  It radiates forgiveness, peace, serenity....things completely alien and opposite of the evil presence that has taken control of the immortal knight.
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Jharm's healing had brought power back to Gulgrim's form, and Fei's gift made strength flow back to his muscles, and over time he lay there, building strength and waiting. Now, the ground rumbled, green lightning crackling around the Ork's frame as he slowly rose. One arm pressed against the ground, lifting his massive torso. A  glowing red cybork eye and a blood red Orky eye glare out at Soul Reaver as his gaze lifts from the ground. A new Cybork hand bursts from nonreality to replace his missing right hand, and he plants it firmly, digits digging into the ground. A rumbling roar builds in Gulgrim's throat as he forces himself onto his feet, power building around him, the ground in his vicinity shaking as WAAAGH! energy whirlwinds around him. He stands, Ichor around him steaming under the heat and pressure of his building energy, and tilts back his head to scream.


Boosted by his new allies, Gulgrim turns his roar on Soul Reaver, a torrent of WAAAGH! Energy bursting from him and barreling at Soul Reaver, tidal waves of Orky force aiming to slam into the immortal from all sides.

Gulgrim's energy feeds on Jharm's chant, taking what energy the words bring to him and adding it to his own reserves, which were already building with his rage and the heat of battle.

Drain and vent all Blooddrinker likes, there is a seemingly endless cascade of WAAAGH! Energy falling upon him now, the Ork's scream continuing to carry on, not even pausing for breath as he stomps toward the Immortal, one step at a time. As he approaches, he raises his left arm again and opens fire once more, physical projectiles springing to join the immaterial assault. His kutlass appears in his right hand, reinforced by the overflow of WAAAGH! Energy to a near indestructible state and crackling with green lightning. The ground cracks as Gulgrim stomps toward the Immortal, slowly closing on him while his scream rises in volume. The energy refuses to abate, pushed into a state of overdrive by the combined blessings of Jharm and Fei, and by the time he had spent building his power while Soul Reaver was distracted by the fight. The noise invades Soul Reaver's ears and mind, a deafening scream filling the air both mentally and physically, the sound drilling into Soul Reaver as incessantly as the force. Gulgrim's armor slowly rebuilds itself in flashes of green lightning as he approaches, guns reforming and then opening fire and thick plates of armor appearing on his form. Soon the armor is completely rebuilt, save for his Cybork right hand, which still holds his mighty Kutlass rather than the power klaw it held before.

Jharm's gift had healed his wounds, Fei's gift had restored his strength, and now Gulgrim's patience was flooding him with power, his brutal kunnin' and kunnin' brutality paying off  for him in spades.
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Soul Reaver cannot be reached, that much is clear.  Kitharsis is not alone as he pleads to his friend, but their words fall on deaf ears.  Either by choice or by Blooddrinker's doing, the effect is the same.  The more Kitharsis watches Soul Reaver's actions, the more he is convinced that he is not in control of his own faculties.

A bright crimson flash surges from Soul Reaver's body.  Kitharsis raises his arm to shield his eyes, but he is too late in doing so.  He crouches down as the red tendrils from his tattoos circle around him, forming a sphere of protection until his sight returns.  He blinks and rubs his eyes with his forearm.  The spots begin to subside, but he doesn't release the sphere just yet.

The orange bolt of daemonic energy crashes and sends an explosion washing over him.  It tears away pieces of his shield as it passes.  The glowing shield fades, leaving a cracking hardened crystal sphere after the explosion passes.  Once the glow blinks out entirely the crystal shield cracks and falls away.

Deep black burns score his body where his shield was torn away.  The wounds are still smoking from the contact with the destructive daemonic energy.  It is now that he notices the thick pool of ichor on the floor.  The destructive liquid tests the mettle of his metal boots, but there is no time to ponder the structure of his footwear.

Jharm is wounded, and locked hilt to blade with Soul Reaver.  With a burst of light Jharm launches backwards, and after a rebuttal of words chanting can be heard. 

Hoping that the chanting hinders Soul Reaver as much as it is empowering himself, Kitharsis goes on the assault.

He breaks into a sprint toward Soul Reaver, horseman's pick in hand.  Tirthandaran energy pumps into the weapon, empowering it.  It begins to glow a fierce red as more and more energy flows into it.  With a grunt he performs a double handed swing at Soul Reaver.  The curved, bladed claw of his hammer is traveling in a blurred red streak toward his possessed companion.  In his maddened state, he hopes Soul Reaver does not catch onto his ruse, for Kitharsis holds the power of his blow.  He intends for Soul Reaver to parry his strike with Blooddrinker.  The charged energy in his hammer is merely to protect it from the raging power of the daemon sword.

If the two weapons connect, Kitharsis will twist the curved claw of his hammer around BloodDrinker in an effort to lock them together.  The tattoos on Kitharsis's arms will burst to life and wrap around the daemon blade, attempting to engulf the weapon.  He will then set his feet and pull mightily, trying to separate blade and master.

Should some other defence or retaliation come from Soul Reaver, a hefty bag of sand sits at Kitharsis's waist.  It is primed and ready to come to his defence.
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Focus less on the blade and more on the wielder. If he cannot move, then he cannot move the blade.  He has spells of binding and haste. He has powers of summoning.

He heard Danyael's voice in the din as he sat at the edge of the combat.  Sepher watched, Gauging, as soul's wings were sheared from his back. Control the battlefield. This was necessary. He finally seemed to notice the ichor raining down upon them. He threw some chaotic energy into the air swirling, deflecting the ichor enough so that it was not dumping on his head.

He watched, frowning as his spell seems to just wash over the guantlets and sword, but shatter what was left of the torso armor. Fortunately, his companions would gain a boon to their arms and armor such that no smith could ever forge the same. He clenched a fist and the spell settled in, allowing him to focus on other things.

As the bright crimson energy flashes out from soul, Sepher, being quite far away, throw's out his hand as if to block it, but instead, sucks the essence of the energy out, redirecting it into the start of his own spell just as a 5 meter explosion rocked the ground beyond him. He crouched, but was fortunately out of the range as a wave of debris roiled past. Waving his hand, dust and debris from in front of him is smacked away as he throws his hand out, just as Jharm's song begins, bolstering his efforts.

There was a moment of silence, before a loud crack and flash of light as a rift is torn open to another world. 6 bright silver and crimson shapes dart out as the energies crash shut, stranding the newly summoned wind daemons in this place. 6 Deamons, large winged serpents with cruelly toothed mouths and horns protruding, dart about with seemingly boundless enemies.

Sepher's eyes glowed crimson for a second and points at the hounds harassing fei and at soul reaver. He spoke, something dark sounding, but they seemed to cringe at his words as if they were painful, but darted away from him. Stabbing, slashing and darting, 2 of the Daemons darted among the hounds, harassing them like the wind itself as the others began to swirl around soul, attempting to puncture, slash and peirce as they could among the companion's attacks.
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