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Title: Lesser beings involved in the Endless War
Post by: Jharm on August 22, 2013, 10:18:05 PM
Contained within are files describing certain beings directly involved with the ongoing war between the force of the Light and the Darkness.

The Seraphim: The Seraphim is the veritable leader of the Seraph race.  Chosen directly by the Light, the Seraphim is viewed as being the physical manifestation of Her power and glory.  Wielding unimaginable power, the Seraphim leads the forces of the Light in the Endless War against the Darkness.  The current Seraphim is Jharm after he replaced the previous Seraphim known as Drayvon after he suffered massive injuries during a battle that resulted in permanent blindness and crippled him.

The Seranna:  The Seranna is the leader of the Voice caste.  Wielding power only slightly lesser then the Seraphim the Seranna is viewed as being the 2nd in command of Seraph forces should the Seraphim ever fall in battle.  The current Seranna is known as Nethanya, a woman of incredible beauty and poise.

The Serallia: The Serallia is the leader of the Vanguard Caste, leading the armed forces of the Seraph race in battle against the forces of the Darkness.  Gifted with incredible combat prowess and tactical mindset few can hope to compete with the Serallia in direct combat.  The current Serallia is known as Drayvon, a Seraph who was at one time the Seraphim until he suffered major injuries during battle and was replaced by Jharm.

The Shreezax:  The Shreezax is the tyrant leader of the Keeraza race.  Bestowed with incredible and destructive power by The Darkness, the Shreezax spreads shadow and terror wherever they tread as they battle the forces of the Light in the Endless War.  The current Shreezax is known as Xorav.

The Terazar:  The terazar is the leader of the Poison caste.  Should the Shreezax ever fall the Terazar will seize power immediately lest the forces of the Light gain an upper hand.  The current Terazar is known as Krovzev.

The Rotshrok:  The Rotshrok is leader of the Bloodshed Caste., leading the swarms of the Keeraza army against the valiant forces of the Light.  The current leader of the Rotshrok is referred to as Boragoth.

Both armies designate their forces via castes, marking them either as front-line troops or rear-guard support/magic wielders.

The Voice caste:  Consisting heavily of female Seraph's the Voice caste focus on utilizing the power of the Light to unleash either powerful spells against the forces of the Darkness or restorative/beneficial powers upon the forces of the Light to help keep them in fighting condition.  The Voice caste is by far the smaller of the two militaristic castes in the Seraph forces and generally remain near the rear of the army to allow them to unleash their powers while under protection of the Vanguard and combat the vile spells and curses created by the Terazar and the Poison Caste.

The Vangaurd Caste:  The Vanguard caste is the standard military arm of the Seraph army.  Gifted with greater constitution and strength then other Seraph the Vanguard battle the vile swarms of the Rotshrok head to head.

The Poison Caste:  The vile sorcerors and spell-flingers make up the forces of the Poison Caste.  Focusing on debilitating and virulant spells the Poison Caste work to sow terror and destruction from afar while the ravenous hordes of the Bloodshed Caste surge forward.  Members of the Poison caste are identifiable by their blood red robes and ebony staffs that they wield with destructive capability.

The Bloodshed Caste:  The all-consuming "army" of the keeraza.  Consisting of everything from waves of undead to towering abominations of steel and shadow the Bloodshed Caste lives up to its name by spreading destruction and bloodshed wherever it moves. 
Title: Re: Lesser beings involved in the Endless War
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