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Board Battles / Re: The Eye of Terror: End of Terror (Part I)
« Last post by Danyael on November 08, 2019, 04:47:34 PM »
The Nephilim Lord helped himself to a soft chuckle as the Serenitatis phases back into the recesses of the Wellspring. Sniffing in a deep breath, as he’d fed off of the energies of Slaanesh’s physical form, he was back at Mary’s side in a snap. “Make no mistake… I know what’s mine.” It wasn’t arrogance, but rather assurance. If he was smiling, his face didn’t show it. But his voice did.

A disruption caught his attention and he watched as a warp rift open to reveal an all too familiar form. He smirked to see the Triton thundering back into the frontlines, knowing who was in the pilot seat. He didn’t get to know Jihon Bhed. But he’d caught glimpse of him and had known enough from what he’d heard. It was good to have another chance at seeing this long loved Companion back in action again. But from the sound of his introduction, it was more likely he’d never really stopped. But then again, the Companion probably wouldn’t remember Danyael, the Nephilim Lord thought. After all, when he’d known Jihon, the Nephilim Lord was a lot younger and not nearly as powerful as he was now. He’d grown much since then, and he had just enough time to help himself to a sigh before retraining his focus back on the final battle. 

He took a step forward, Everworld cloak flapping much like a war banner as energies raged all around him – and he put the transformation in to action. At first it started with just the Yamato, held firm in a ceremonial dual handed grip. He arced the sword to the side, his right hand glowing bright, with the Tessen whirling into existence as if brought into the world by sleight of hand. Wheeling the swords deftly into an upward motion, he lowered his arms to reveal every weapon of the Somnus, all seventeen, collected together behind him in the formation of two shimmering wings. As he spread his legs, bending into a horse stance, the ‘wings’ expanded and spun ‘round his form with such alacrity that they glowed with prismatic golden light, as if setting reality itself aflame. In a blink, he was enveloped in in a raging whirlwind of hellfire stretching high beyond sight before dissipating away with a slash from inside. He stood slow and cold, his hand gripped calmly around an entirely new weapon never before seen.

The final product was a dazzling amalgam of them all, blended into one for form a masterpiece of war – the Somnus. In the center were the fused handles of the combined Yamato and Tessen. But the ‘blades’ on each end were a different matter altogether. On one end were the elemental swords, blazing sunfire coruscation reaching outward into what seemed both unending and marginally ‘normal’ at the same time. The other ‘blade’ embodied all of the weapons representative of spiritual and primal energies – the ‘blade’ itself the epicenter of a howling maelstrom of silver light.  The sleek weapon surged and spiraled in his hands, as if it had taken on a life of its own, with a vigor all to itself. If Soul Reaver’s weapon was the embodiment of absence, then it was the Nephilim lord’s weapon that was the embodiment of presence. 

His eyes narrowed, they themselves no longer in the form of eyes at all. In place of them was absolute blackness. There was nothing. Just the void itself. But at their center were two balls of pulsing – almost organic – light. He looked upon the battlements with his ‘eyes’ and beheld the powers around him.
The Somnus spun, both by way of Danyael’s deftness and also of its own accord. With every rotation, power surged in shockwaves of the brightest, most impactful light. And in accord with Danyael’s speed, the weapon itself was practically a solid disc of roaring power. In a flash of speed, he was gone, as if he was never there, the ground grinding up in his wake in a unfolding showers of embers, then explodes as Danyael phases in and out of sight as his speed increases on a direct trajectory for the maw, dashing deep into the depths in moments. And the entire time, in just those few blinks of time, the light never went out – until it erupted into a flare of motion, as the Nephilim Lord’s speed was pushed to their peak, dashing and darting everywhere at once with the Somnus hammering, slicing and slashing away in unison with the full intent of shredding the Avatar of Chaos apart from the inside out.
Board Battles / Re: The Eye of Terror: End of Terror (Part I)
« Last post by Jharm on October 22, 2019, 11:49:19 PM »
The Seraphim watches as the Avatar of Chaos seems to be destroyed by the Ork Warbosses flurry of blows.  The angellic knight slumps to one knee and lets out a sigh of relief until, almost unsurprisingly, the macabre tower of flesh twists and warps as it becomes evident that the Chaos Gods are still not defeated.  Reaching out, Jharm intends to pull everything he can in to finally finish this fight off....only to realize...there is nothing left.

"No....the Pool....its almost....empty."

His glowing eyes surveys as the other Companions begin to unleash their various attacks upon the massive wall of flesh.

Nothing left.  If I take any more, my people shall have nothing to restore themselves with.  It' I feared.

The Seraphims fists clench tightly as he strains to come up with some plan.  Some method to do something.  Then....

We come from the Light...We shall return to the Light....we ARE the light.  Perhaps....I have no other choice.

Standing up, the Seraphim extends a hand outwards before slamming it against his own chest.  Gripping tightly against his armored from he begins to grunt and groan, his large form shaking and quivering as pain courses through him.  A moment later, a sound similar to shattering glass resonates from him as he seems to literally rip a glowing spear from within his chest.  Grunting in pain he drops back to one knee for a moment before struggling back onto his feet. 

"We ARE the Light.  If I can not take from the Pool.....then I shall take from myself.  This now.  No more more games."

Gripping the glowing spear tightly, the Seraphims gaze locks onto the four eyes seeming to "symbolize" the Chaos Gods.

"Burn in the fury of pure Light."

Bringing his arm back and then, with a grunt of exertion, he launches the weapon through the air.  With a boom it rockets through the open space, splitting into 4 spears a moment after leaving the warrios grasp.  Each projectile screaming through the air in a glowing trail of righteous fury as they home in the giant eyes.
Board Battle OOC Threads / Re: The Eye of Terror: OOC Thread XII
« Last post by Cameron on October 22, 2019, 11:29:01 PM »
Thanks to everyone who has posted.

I'm still waiting on Danyael and Jharm. I have an extremely busy time coming up here in the end of October/beginning of November, so I'm going to schedule my next post for the weekend of November 9th. I'll be attempting to post then regardless of if everyone has posted by then or not, so try to get your posts in soon.
Board Battles / Re: The Eye of Terror: End of Terror (Part I)
« Last post by Kitharsis on October 11, 2019, 09:33:15 AM »
The maelstrom of sand and crimson energy roils around him still.  On the defensive, Kitharsis quickly jukes out of the way as the massive spike of bone and cartilage bursts from the Chaos Gods.  It wasn't directed at him, but the sheer size of it was a threat not to be taken lightly.  Even so, the spike is unexpectedly cut short as none other than Jihon leaps out of a warp gate piloting his Triton.  Kitharsis smiles from inside the storm.  An unexpected arrival, but a welcome one.

But there is no time for happy reunions, as the Avatar of Chaos quickly pulls away from them.  What follows is an explosion of bone and teeth and whatever else the Avatar can muster from its twisted form.


"This is the end, that is certain.  But for who?"  Is Kitharis's reply.

The Avatar of Chaos advances.  The incomprehensible maw closes in, engulfing his vision and the rest of his senses.  It not only seeks to end Kitharsis's life, but all of those who would resist the forces of Chaos.  It cannot be allowed.

The storm around him grows calm.  The whirling crimson sand falls away, carried off with the winds of battle.  His crimson whips, blades, and clubs fade away as the tattoos on his body cease channeling the purified energy inside of him.

Staring at the approaching, endless maw of the Avatar of Chaos, Kitharsis sees no other way.  His reserve of purified energy is vastly depleted.  Not nearly enough.  Any attack he could muster with it would be like a pail of water on an inferno.  He would not survive.  That much is certain.

Ever since he changed into a Tirthandara, the dark well of power has been ever present within him.  And from the first moment, he knew it was pure destruction.  Seductive, addicting, destruction.

Never tap into that fearsome power, Kitharsis.  It will mar your soul, it will grab ahold of you and pull you down into it.  And you will not surface the same, if you do so at all.  The Shaman warned him many years ago.  Even going so far as to threaten his life if Kitharsis even considered it.

He grits his teeth, searching, grasping at anything he has it his disposal.  His ship is too far away, his runes and artifacts all spent or destroyed by now.  He could summon another desert, tenfold deserts, but they would not reach here in time.  He is uncertain if they could even break through the eye in the first place.

In order to save himself, and the rest of the whole Multiverse, he must not fall here.  There is too much more to do.  Too many things he needs to finish before he is done.

He will not fall.  He cannot.

He looks inward.

Kitharsis focuses on the darkness.  As he betrays the vibrant, pure spark within him, the most frightening part of it all is how easily the abyss rises to his call.  It is like stepping in a drawn bath after the longest day.  The veil is lifted.  The lie he has been telling himself for so long given truth.  With no resistance he crosses the threshold, and dives in.

As he plunges himself into the abyss, all of his aches from battle disappear.  Cracked bones, scarred and raw skin, torn muscles and strained tendons, all become wonderful and even better than they ever were before.  The sensation is overwhelming as he draws upon more and more of it, gorging himself on what he once believed was the most vile, most taboo of substances in the universe.  It was bliss.  He gives in completely.

He laughs.  A deep, bellowing laugh that pulls his face into a crazed grin.  The dark power courses through him, building and building.  The crimson of his eyes has given way to darkness.  His unkempt mohawk is drained of its color as it shifts to a platinum grey.

He looks down at the tattoos snaking up his arms.  The straight, clean edges of them crack.  Slightly at first, then all at once they crack and tear and ruin his stony grey skin.  The outer layer shears away as easily as a handful of sand tossed into the wind.  His stony skin now resembles smooth charcoal.  Dull and Dark.

He raises his hand in front of him, clenching his fist.  Dark energy effervesces out of it, lazily floating into the air.  In an instant, his entire body erupts in a cloud of dark energy.  It coalesces around him, hanging thick in the air.

The advancing Avatar of Chaos before him is nearly an afterthought.  His lips curl back into a tight, savage grin as he focuses his attention on the God before him.

The coalescing energy around him explodes forward as he throws his arms wide.  Wicked elements of destruction pour forth from Kitharsis as he roars intensely.  His will, engulfed in darkness, manifests into any weapon he can imagine.  Spears of bone, pulsing with untold energy, rocket toward the Avatar of Chaos.  Blades of enormous sizes sail through the air, their wicked edges keened by the dark power.  Countless obsidian weapons fire at the Avatar of Chaos, their velocity creating sonic booms as they fly.

Yet not only weapons pour forth.  Skeletons of all shapes and sizes clamber forward, empowered moreso than any Kitharsis has created before.  They are relentless in their attack on the maw, reforming as quickly as they are destroyed.  Stabbing, slashing, exploding in bursts of foul magical energy.  Their assault spreads as their numbers continue to increase, threatening to eclipse the size of the maw itself.

Blasts of intense dark energy rain down upon the maw, erupting rapid fire from Kitharsis's position.  He laughs uncontrollably as each manifestation of his power is brought forward.  Each time is better than the last.  He can't help but draw upon more and more of it.

Kitharsis remains, engulfed within the darkness.  Out of his mind with power.  He will not be stopped here.  He will not be stopped ever again.  The darkness rises to his call, eager with its gifts.  He dives deeper into it, the seemingly endless abyss.  Never wanting to surface again.
Board Battle OOC Threads / Re: The Eye of Terror: OOC Thread XII
« Last post by Kitharsis on October 10, 2019, 05:36:46 PM »
I am working on a post.  Having fun with this one.

Oh boy.  I was saving Kitharsis embracing the darkness for a like, end of the multiverse, point of no return scenario.  This seems fitting.

This is basically him turning on God mode, and losing his mind.
Games / Freespace 2 is free on GOG
« Last post by Soul Reaver on September 25, 2019, 07:01:05 PM »
EDIT: Giveaway is over.  I hope anyone who wanted it managed to snaffle it up in time...

Freespace 2, one of my favourite games ever, is currently free on GOG ( but you'll need to get in quick.

The game is not only good, but its source code was released to the public years back.  As a result, it's STILL being modded and improved on, and looks pretty modern for a game of its age.  It's a bit finnicky to install but totally worth it:

As if that weren't enough, you can (and 100% should) play the ENTIRETY of Freespace 1 with it, since it got ported to the Freespace 2 SCP engine, without needing to own Freespace 1:

Plus its somewhat wonky expansion pack also got ported and improved:

Not to mention there is an absolutely ton of really high-quality mod campaigns/missions out there as well.  Many are even fully voice-acted.

If you have even a sliver of interest in space combat games: this is the best one.  Bar none.
(Joystick recommended but mouse and keyboard works too)
Board Battle OOC Threads / Re: The Eye of Terror: OOC Thread XII
« Last post by Soul Reaver on September 14, 2019, 07:45:10 PM »
My post should be pretty self-explanatory, but just in case:
Chaos is born from the emotions generated by living things.  So Soul Reaver has fashioned a sword from the absence of those things - from what is there after a universe expands infinitely, causing all reactions to stop and making life impossible.
Holding this sword is extremely dangerous and draining but he figures it's the best weapon possible against the Avatar.

(Not to be mistaken for the 'Void' from "To the Bitter End", as that one is actually a sentient and malevolent entity that tried to bring Ithia into this 'lifeless' state)
Board Battles / Re: The Eye of Terror: End of Terror (Part I)
« Last post by Soul Reaver on September 14, 2019, 07:37:24 PM »
Even universes can die.

In most Planes, all reactions eventually slow and stop.  Conversions of energy and mass come to an end.  The universe continues to expand infinitely, tearing itself apart, leaving an endless expanse of nothing.  This void is always there, between the cracks of reality, and the inexorable march of time draws it forth until time itself ceases to have meaning.

That void is devoid of life.  Devoid of change.  Devoid of Chaos.

In death, Soul Reaver is able to reach into that void, splitting apart the world and plunging his hands into it.  The cold of absolute zero engulfs him - the cold so intense that all random movement ceases at an atomic level.

His heart has stopped beating, and it is only his magic and a supreme effort of will that keeps his soul from escaping his body.  Every muscle screams in agony as he closes his fingers.  It feels like trying to move through solid lead, but somehow he manages to close his hand into a fist - and grasp a shard of the void.

With a piercing jolt his heart beats and his glazed eyes focus.  He has not moved since he began the casting, but now the spell is complete.

What manifests from Soul Reaver's clenched hand is hard to describe.  It resembles a blade over ten meters long composed of purest midnight.  Its edges twist and crackle like a captured bolt of black lightning as it swallows and annihilates all light and heat around it.  But that is just how those around Soul Reaver perceive it, for by its very nature it is an absence of form.  It is the Voidblade, a fragment of the end of everything.

Soul Reaver beholds now the towering mass of twisting flesh that is the Avatar of Chaos.  It is a hideous mockery of life, an amorphous terror that would have driven ordinary men insane.  But even in the face of such horror, Soul Reaver found it hard to muster any emotion at all, the proximity of the Voidblade being its antithesis.

Before he can engage, Soul Reaver senses a powerful Warp Gate, and feels the flare of a familiar spirit enter the battlefield.

Jihon's triton mech bursts forward and the voice of his old companion is heard amplified across the battlefield.  With the Voidblade in-hand, Soul Reaver's emotions are suppressed, but for a moment even it cannot hold back the surge of courage and comraderie that swells in his heart.

The Voidblade would swallow the sound of his voice, so Soul Reaver sends a mental message instead.

It is good to fight at your side again, old friend!  You have arrived just in time!

But Soul Reaver is not in a position to enjoy his reunion - not with the death of entropy in his hands, and the Avatar of Chaos roiling toward him.  The voice of the Avatar of Chaos booms forth its proclamation of the companions' doom, yet Soul Reaver is unmoved.  He fixes his target in a steely gaze, braces his feet and runs to meet his fast-approaching foe, the Voidblade held two-handed at his side.

A sonic boom and blast of hot air washes over him as Gulgrim unleashes the Skullkrusha and torrents of weapon fire from the Infinite WAAAGH!!! to bombard the Avatar of Chaos.  Even at a respectable distance, the shockwaves almost make Soul Reaver stumble - a mistake that could well proven fatal.  Fortunately he maintains his footing, and now finds himself in range.

Nothing can truly defeat Chaos.  And it will.

A blaze of red lightning crackles over Soul Reaver as he swings the Voidblade in fast, sweeping arcs, intent on carving his way through shifting flesh to get at the four central eyes of the monstrosity.  He will advance inexorably until victory or death.
Board Battle OOC Threads / Re: The Eye of Terror: OOC Thread XII
« Last post by Shadow Chorus on September 09, 2019, 11:25:56 PM »
You asked for nothing to be held back. I thought it might be fun to explore the fact that Gulgrim isn't just a Single Ork, nor a commander of a single tribe of warriors, but rather the leader of an entire, galactic-threat level WAAAGH!!!, with all of the resources, including titans, that that entails. Gulgrim isn't the kind of person to have soul-shattering mystic powers or any arcane sealing techniques (which will probably be more effective in the long run, but the Ork's gotta do -something- to help out), so I figured excessively destructive physical weapons would be a nice contribution. Also I thought it'd be fun to offer the other characters a trip out of the eye of terror in an Ork Kill Krooza if they want to take it.
Board Battles / Re: The Eye of Terror: End of Terror (Part I)
« Last post by Shadow Chorus on September 09, 2019, 11:23:01 PM »
'I sure hope dey kept da krooza gud an' close fer dis...' Gulgrim's thoughts seemed unnaturally calm, even to himself, as he gazed at the growing tower of chaos forming in front of his titanic form. Such a thought seemed ridiculously out of place, and incredibly far fetched, considering he knew that his boyz would be keeping close as possible, but wouldn't want to lose their own hides in the collapsing warp rift. Which would also make it difficult for himself and his companions to get out as well. All of these odds seemed to add up to the gargantuan Warboss getting no help from his krew.

But Gulgrim is the Avatar of Gork and Mork, and such things as Odds and Logic mean little when the gods of the Orks are involved.

"Boss!" Gulgrim's cybork eye buzzed with the incoming vox. "We'z 'ere ta 'elp! Big Mek Gazgob ready fer' orders!"

The rumble of massive starship engines begins to shake the surrounding area as the gravitational displacement of an enormous Kill-krooza begins to pulse and pound on what remains of the surface of this place. How something as unreasonably massive as a Kill Krooza managed to slip into this place and not be detected until now is a question for less sane minds to contemplate. What mattered was that roughly ten kilometers of bristling guns and steel was slowly descending toward the battlefield. The Warboss's personal Krooza, the Infinite WAAAGH!!!, had arrived.

"Nice o' you'z ta show up Gazgob." Gulgrim's voice rumbled across the battlefield, heralding the ship as readily as the pressure waves from its slow descent. "Target all da' dakka on dat wall o' spikey good fer nuffin' grot-paste! An' Gazgob, is Gorkamorka still in' da 'old?"

"Yeah boss, why you'z askin? We can't get Gorkamorka down dere ta 'elp out in time 'fore dis 'ole place comes down, we'z gotz' ta kill dis fing an' get goin now!"

"Don't need ya ta drop Gorkamorka. Jus' needed ta know it was dere. An' it's big gunz were dere." Gulgrim grinned.

The colossal Warboss raised all of his hands up above his head, as if preparing to brace for something to fall on him. Deep within the most massive holds of the Infinite WAAAGH!!!, the Mega-Gargant, Gorkamorka, slumbered, a colossal titan of destruction that dwarfed even Gulgrim's current scale. And attached to one of the arms of Gorkamorka was a weapon that delivered destruction on a truly incredible scale. That weapon began to spark, to crackle with green lightning, and with a massive -POP-, vanished from the Mega-Gargant's arm.

Materializing into the air above Gulgrim, Gorkamorka's Skullkrusha Mega-Cannon fell onto his braced shoulders. The massive weapon was nearly as large as the Warboss himself, and he held it on his shoulders with all six of his hands like a more traditionally sized soldier would carry a Rocket Launcher. The titanic Warboss grinned, his massive, toothy maw stretching to his ears as he relished the moment about to come.

"If you'z want a ride out o' here on me krooza, you'd bezt get near me, ladz! Da Tellyporta's takin' us up soon as dis fing is good an' proppa frakked! Mista Gazgob! Open Fire!"

The Infinite WAAAGH!!! opened fire, unleashing weapons meant to destroy enemy ships of similar scale and to bombard planets on the tidal wave of chaos flesh before the Warboss, while the Ork himself braced his legs in a firing stance, chuckled, and fired the Skullkrusha. All sound went away for a moment as the weapon went off right next to Gulgrim's ear. Blood began to leak from the sides of his head as his eardrums ruptured from the sheer force of the blast wave, he nearly lost his footing from the recoil, even with six arms to hold the weapon, and a titanic weapon of fortress-leveling destructive capacity fired at relatively short range into the body of the Avatar of Chaos.
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