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Board Battle OOC Threads / Re: The Eye of Terror: OOC Thread XII
« Last post by Soul Reaver on June 11, 2019, 04:58:58 AM »
Sorry this took so long.  I've been both struggling to find time to post and struggling to decide WHAT to post.  But yeah, I've settled on an idea now.

Note that I intend for my next post to pick up just a few seconds in 'game time' after this one, so anyone who even realizes what's happened at the end of this one won't have a lot of time to react.

Any questions, please let me know.
Board Battles / Re: The Eye of Terror: End of Terror (Part I)
« Last post by Soul Reaver on June 11, 2019, 04:48:34 AM »
Kitharsis' huge hand claps Soul Reaver on the shoulder - and for a moment, Soul Reaver feels the warmth of real camaraderie, a comforting wisp of conjured memory.  These moments were rare and fleeting, but even through the millenia, they did still mean something.  He returns a smile that says "thank you".

Then Kitharsis launches himself at the Avatar.

Soul Reaver allowed himself just a few moments of contemplation.

Their enemy was a primal force - an embodiment of abstract concepts formed by mortals.  It was the raw stuff of the cycle of life and death, of hope and despair, of all the mad chaos that was life in this universe.

He could see his companions, fighting this horror with fury, passion, hope, and despair, the very concepts that composed this being.

He needed a different weapon.

In his mind crystallized memories of tomes clad in black leather and sealed with chains of lead.  Within were sorceries whose architects had long since been forgotten - dangerous sorceries that Soul Reaver was loathe to wield, for their risk was great.

But as he beholds his companions, each laying their own life on the line to defeat a horror that had corrupted and consumed so many - companions he had unwittingly betrayed through his self-absorbed lack of control - he knows that in this moment, he owes it to them to take the chance.

He sends a mental message to all those fighting alongside him who are not too distracted to receive it.

Stand back.

Soul Reaver's stance loosens and he sheathes Blooddrinker.   His eyes close and he clasps his hands in front of him, one over the other, almost as though in prayer.  Leaden words fall from his lips and are swallowed in silence - no, not silence, but into something even less - swallowed into a place where 'sound' has no meaning at all.

To those sensitive to such things, Soul Reaver's mana reserves seem to boil and then evaporate, as though a vortex of power were sucking everything around him away.  His skin grows cold, frost rimming his eyebrows and creeping over rapidly-cooling skin.

In his mind's eye, Soul Reaver sees the tiniest hairline crack before him.  He reaches out, his imagined fingers grasping and clawing at its edges.  It begins to split.

His heart stops.
Board Battles / Re: The Eye of Terror: End of Terror (Part I)
« Last post by Kitharsis on June 03, 2019, 09:41:05 AM »
"Thank you, Soul Reaver.  I fear I underestimated the persistence of this Tzeentch."

Now outside of Tzeentch's grasp, Kitharsis sees the happenings of the main battle.  Gulgrim has grown in size considerably, and was contesting the Avatar of Chaos by himself.  Jharm was firing a volley from a distance.  While Danyael seems to be stuck in the grasp of the Avatar still.  Kitharsis thinks to come to his aid.

Yet, a large build-up in power proves that Danyael was faring just fine on his own.  And it seems that Mary was somehow assisting him already.

"I'm going in."  He says.  "Jelly candy won't cut it once this is over."  Kitharsis puts a hand on Soul Reaver's shoulder.  "May we find a strong drink, and a place of peace for just a moment."

Kitharsis gives a nod, before taking off toward the Avatar of Chaos.

"Allow me some space!"  He shouts, before the tattoos on his body burst into life with crimson energy.

With each step they seem to glow brighter and more intensely.  Crimson specs of sand materialize in the air around him as he runs.  A bellowing shout echoes across what is left of the spire as Kitharsis leaps into the air.

As he leaps crimson sand explodes into existence around him, completely engulfing him in a wild and twisting sand storm.  Its size rivaling the immensity of the Avatar of Chaos.  Brilliant crimson tendrils of energy lash out around him as he sails toward the Avatar of Chaos.

Gulgrim attacks from behind in a surprise attack, and Kitharsis rains down blows from the Avatar of Chaos's flank.  The tendrils lash out like viscous whips, and strike like lances.  The crimson sand grinds and twists, while also solidifying to strike like fists and hammers.  Kitharsis's body is obscured by the massive storm of sand, which acts as much as a defense and an offense.  A central mass of crimson sand and energy protects him and the tiny mage inside the violent storm.
Board Battle OOC Threads / Re: The Eye of Terror: OOC Thread XII
« Last post by Cameron on June 03, 2019, 09:30:44 AM »
Holding off again for more posts since at least two people are working on them.
Board Battle OOC Threads / Re: The Eye of Terror: OOC Thread XII
« Last post by Kitharsis on June 03, 2019, 08:59:37 AM »
I'm going to try and jump in here at the last moment.

Done, sorry for the delay.  I was stuck for a while trying to figure out how to scale up Kitharsis's attack to contend with a Kaiju battle :P
Board Battle OOC Threads / Re: The Eye of Terror: OOC Thread XII
« Last post by Shadow Chorus on June 02, 2019, 05:51:25 PM »
Lemme just slide on in there then.
Board Battles / Re: The Eye of Terror: End of Terror (Part I)
« Last post by Shadow Chorus on June 02, 2019, 05:51:12 PM »
Gulgrim's feet slowly slide back, kicking up boulders of earth and rubble as his gargantuan form inches across the ground under the assault of the chaos gods. Gulgrim seems to be putting everything into defending himself, sparks of green energy crackling and bursting against attacks coming his direction, his massive arms struggling to deflect and defend against incoming blows. As the focus of the three chaos gods honed in on his current location, the Ork Avatar seemed to be taking real damage, soaking up the combined offensive of three gods of chaos.

"Heh." Gulgrim's voice was low, and quiet, almost impossibly so for such a massive mouth making the sound.

"You'z got a lotta fight in ya', spikey gits. You'z got some right brutality." The orks eyes lock with some of the many, many eyes across the chaos avatar's form.

"If I'z was ta fight ya alone, wif all o' me strength, I'z fink I'd actually lose. An' dat'd be a real shame. A first for da hist'ry books."

The Ork's massive maw slowly curls into a fanged, predatory grin.

"But I'z an Ork. An' Orks fight wif more den' just brutality. We'z Kunninly brutal, an' brutally kunnin'."

Green energy sparked across the gargantuan warboss's frame, his eyes glowing an eerie emerald.

"An' dere'z nobody more kunnin' dan' ole Gulgrim!" The warboss bellowed, his massive, titanic form vanishing in a thunderclap unlike any other.

The rush of displaced air his entire form's teleportation left behind was like a sonic bomb, air rushing in and then blasting out in a shockwave that sent debris flying in all directions as he reappeared on the opposite side of the avatar, neatly cutting through the constant barrage of attacks and positioning himself in what passed for an opening on this towering mass of flesh.


Gulgrim's six arms crashed forward, torrents of warpfire blasting from his eyes and mouth, green lightning cascading across his form as he gave his all into this surprise attack.
Board Battles / Re: The Eye of Terror: End of Terror (Part I)
« Last post by Danyael on June 02, 2019, 12:16:02 AM »
A single finger from one of the echoes lifted to touch Danyael’s lips as he voicelessly uttered a ‘Shhhhh’ ever so gently. Whether he was addressing Mary or Slaanesh wasn’t clear. “You mistake me.” Danyael said, his voice eerily calming in the presence of the now hostile Slaanesh, his grip hardening all the more as the bond between the Prince of Pleasure and the Nephilim Lord of the Imperium deepened. Soon, the forms that were once their ‘arms’ seemed almost indistinguishably similar, as if they were now the same limb linking the two beings together.

“You see… I asked what you offered.” his voice croaked raspy, inlaid with sonorous reverberations following closely after every word. The hold deepened from Danyael’s side. “I never asked you to give me anything.” The shadows that were the echoes quivered with their white light eye slits thinning in shape a bit more, signifying an eerie, unified grin. “And I told you to show me.” Gently, with a croon, he pulled Slaanesh closer.  “I never said I’d accept.” His face instantly now nose tip to nose tip with Slaanesh. “Because you were so wrapped up in thinking you had me, that you didn’t realize…” the chanting whispers now becoming a chorus of bass hisses in the undecipherable language used on Abaddon. “…that you accepted my offer instead. All I needed…” the chanting boomed louder as the shell quaked in continuous reverberation. “…was a willing handshake to seal the deal.”

The air around grew heavy as sound began to pump and pulse with the chorus of voices. With every syllable did Danyael’s very presence become all the more overwhelming, his growing power becoming all the more present in this moment, as if vampiring strength away from the Prince of Pleasure. A sadistic grin stretched across the Nephilim Lord’s face, streaking now from ear to ear, displaying an array of knifelike wolfen fangs as the grin changes into a predator’s snarl. He heaved a deep continuing breath once more and his power grew, almost virtually becoming larger than the prince himself. Then another and another.

The echoes, eyes now flaring hostile in brilliant platinum, turned feral, now screaming their language – now taking a darker more guttural tone – with bestial uproar. At the very instant, the echoes, all interlocked with one another, dissolved into an ichorous mass – then suddenly exploding into dizzying array of inverted spikes that would impale everything within reach – in this case, all of the clones of Slaanesh. At the same moment, Danyael pulled Slaanesh closer, his own pull far beyond anything physical. It was as if all gravity became magnetized, pulled into a vacuum for which the Nephilim lord was its epicenter. His other hand opened wide, where five points of light extended from his fingertips. The collected power from before now pooling into the central point of the five lights, at the core of his palm where, in that very instant, did his lance, the Serenitatis, once again materialize into the world on a straightaway launch toward Slaanesh’s core.
Board Battle OOC Threads / Re: The Eye of Terror: OOC Thread XII
« Last post by Cameron on May 31, 2019, 05:28:10 PM »
Last chance to get your posts in before I post Sunday night. If you are currently waiting for someone else to post before you do, I'd recommend just going ahead and posting anyway.
Board Battle OOC Threads / Re: The Eye of Terror: OOC Thread XII
« Last post by Cameron on May 27, 2019, 02:08:13 AM »
Gonna go ahead and set a deadline of June 2nd before I move this forward.
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