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Author Topic: What's this board for?  (Read 2099 times)

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What's this board for?
« on: October 30, 2010, 09:19:19 AM »

*If you fancy yourself a writer or just want someone to read what you wrote, this board is for you. All fiction stories written by our users are welcome here, as are comments and constructive critisism if the poster requests it.


*Fiction that is related to a current or past Board Battle character. We have a separate forum for that. Please use it. NOTE: If your character has not yet been approved in the Character Creation forum, it does not count as a current or past Board Battle character.

*Non-constructive criticism. We don't care if you're right. You're still a dick.

*Posting non-original fiction. This thread is for those of you who have written or want to write original stories and ideas. Although we allow the borrowing of intellectual property for the use of Board Battle characters, we will not allow it in this board. If the Ordos Administratum discovers any intellectual property theft occurring in content posted in this board, the content will be deleted and the user who posted the content will be banned from making further posts to this board.

*Do not re-post other people's original works, even if you have permission. This board is to showcase the talent of our users, not our user's little brother or our user's cousin's uncle. If it's not yours, don't post it.


*Due to the current age restrictions in place for member registration, please keep your fiction rated R or less. Fiction containing excessive depictions of violence or detailed descriptions of sexual acts will be removed by the Ordos Administratum.

*Any fiction posted that are deemed needlessly racist or threatening will be removed. This is not the place for you to post assassination fantasies or stories about how slavery should be legal.

*This is a FICTION forum. Do not post editorials, political satire, biographies or auto-biographies, or anything else that could be deemed Non-Fiction in this thread.

As always, the forum rules are in effect here. Have fun. Don't be a dick.
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