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Author Topic: Ravenhall - A snip from my book.  (Read 2230 times)

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Ravenhall - A snip from my book.
« on: November 19, 2010, 07:50:12 PM »
I felt like sharing the very very opening of the book I'm hoping to not procrastinate and finish: Ravenhall. I plan to write a piece about the Female Supersoldier, Allison Ravenhall, as she escapes from her science facility in the beginning and then begins to find her way in a world she remembers nothing of. So here's the opening paragraphs of what I hope to be my new first book in a series.

Black Hawk Research Facility, southern Arcadian mountains of the planet Alkranz.

"She's waking up." The scientist calmly recorded the observations as the female figure within the test chamber stirred, clothed in a black bodysuit exposing her arms and a portion of her shoulders. Long black hair flowed down her back, resting at her waist. Her arms and legs were strapped to the platform she lay upon, held there by reinforced steel restraints.

"Run routine vitals check." Came the authoritative reply from another of the scientists, the ranking member at the time.

"All vitals normal. Heart rate normal...She's fine for now."

"Alright. Run the sensory check."

"Affirmative. Sight is responsive. Hearing responsive. Touch and taste, responsive. Olfactory, responsive." the scientist gave a readout as the woman was tested with a bright light, a popping noise, a fuzz-covered probe, and a foul-tasting chunk of edible material, finally followed by a terrible smell wafting through the room.

"All senses active, hmm? Stand the platform and face her towards the viewscreen." The head scientist ordered, the platform even now swivelling around, presenting first her back to the viewscreen, and then slowly turning to present her face to the onlooking scientists.

"I wonder if the serum has taken affect yet..." One of the scientists queried aloud as the woman came fully to face them, only for him to immediately regret it. The woman's face was plastered in a sadistic grin.

"Heart rate increasing! Her body is pumping adrenaline!" One of the scientists near the right end of the room called out, readings shooting far out of safe limits.

"Sedate her, dammit! I want her put back to sleep!" The head scientist shouted, a silver needle protruding from the ceiling and slowly approaching the woman's exposed left arm.



The woman's right arm snapped the braces holding it down, and, shooting over to the needle, snapped the arm it was on and threw it to the floor, shattering the glass against the tiled ground. Her left arm shattered its restraints as well, and her legs followed suit, before she kicked off of the platform she rested on and soared through the one-way window into the observation room beyond. Glass flew around her as she pummeled through, sliding across the floor to stop before the head scientist. As he pulled a syringe and a taser, she pulled back both of her fists, slamming the doctor's chest and snapping most of his ribs. Her left foot came round and over, snapping his head sideways with a devastating diagonal axe-kick to the side of the head, breaking his spinal chord and killing him instantly. The rest of the room barely had as much of a fight to put up, bone-breaking punches and kicks ending the life of every scientist in the room. The last thoughts of the lone guard stationed in the room before his life was ended by a fist through his skull was that they had created a monster....With glowing red eyes and sharpened fangs....

The guard outside room 51-R barely saw it coming as the door behind him fell down upon him. He slid across the hallway, his handgun sliding out of his grip and settling a few feet away from him. The red lights of the security hallway bore down on him as he looked up only to see a black combat boot slam down on his head, ending his life before he could realize who was escaping.

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Re: Ravenhall - A snip from my book.
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2010, 09:28:11 PM »
Always fun to read a good ol' fashioned scientist carnage scene.  They never do seem to take the appropriate amount of precautions for their overly powerful creations.