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Author Topic: Alex Ravenhall (Shadowstorm)  (Read 2418 times)

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Alex Ravenhall (Shadowstorm)
« on: November 30, 2011, 09:52:05 PM »
Character Name: Alex ravenhall

Appearance: Tall, pale, and raven-haired, Alex ravenhall is a bit intimidating when he stares at you with his cold, metallic eyes. Dressed in a long black trench-coat and a black, wide-brimmed fedora, his entire outfit appears to be one shade of black or another, with a few hints of gray. His chin is covered in the straggle of an unkempt, but still quite thin beard, and his features are angular, giving him an almost mystic appearance. Under his leggings are the tubes and mechanical structures melded with his legs that make up one of his augmentations, but those are often hidden from public eye. The most noticeable of his augmentations is his eyes, which shimmer with a metallic reflection and glow a quiet blue. His raven black hair stops at the bottom his neck, laying around his face and shortening towards the front.

(GAH! I'm terrible at describing hair. Here, have a picture. Note that his hair is darker and straighter however, though the beard is pretty much right.: X

Personality: A man of few words and much action, Alex barely says much, but is decisive in his movements and actions. Loyal to the man who earns his respect, Alex is an intimidating figure, giving unblinking death glares to any who dare annoy him or threaten his leader. He isn't one for frivolous wastes of time, preferring to get things done and be over with it rather than spend time on nothing.

Glass-Shield Cloaking System - Implanted mainly to augment his role as an assassin, Alex Ravenhall makes use of the Glass-shield cloaking system to move without being seen, and to line up a kill without being spotted.

Prosthetic eyes - Alex's prosthetic eyes are equipped with Internal heads-up display, binocular zoom and multiple vision systems, allowing him to line up shots through walls on living targets with thermal vision, or on machinery with EM scan vision. Internal heads-up display offers realtime strategy information by highlighting important objectives and relaying tactical information from his informant, as well as acting as a visual PDA.

Bionic leg implants - Though still largely organic, Alex's legs are tubed and traced with wires and veins of carbon tubing that enhance the performance of his legs, allowing him to run and jump farther and faster when he needs to.

Aqualung - The one piece of nano-aug technology that is implanted in Alex is an advanced Aqualung, allowing him to remain underwater for extended periods. Some say indefinitely, but he personally has never wanted to test that.

Equipment:  Alex doesn't carry much generally. The majority of his weaponry is centered around a silenced, low-profile, silent and deadly sniper rifle, a similarly silenced pistol, and an old-fashioned sword he keeps on his back generally at all times.

"Origin unknown. Place of birth unknown. Age and  nationality unknown. All we can say for sure is he's distinctly British in accent, and extremely quiet. We barely even have any sort of photo evidence of him. He's exellent at covering his tracks." The investigator said, leaning over the dossier on Alex Ravenhall.

"What do we know aside from that?" The chie asked, looking over fuzzy pictures that only gave the back of his head in most cases, worse in some.

"Not much. He's an excellent assassin, and we haven't been able to trace any of his kills back to him. No ballistics record, no DNA left behind. We can't even find the shells he uses in most cases. He cleans up after himself very well."


"Yes. But every time he isn't able to retrieve the bullets, he disposes of the gun he used and buys a new one." The investigator said. "He's thorough in the extreme."

"So how do we even know he's the one who pulls the kills?" The chief asked, pinching the bridge of his nose. he already knew the answer.

"Because there simply aren't any assassins left in the business with this kind of professionalism. Not in this region anyway." The Investigator said, sighing. "His crimes are uniform in that they are the closest thing to perfect a killing can be. Clean, precise, and completely lacking in solid evidence. No doubt if he decided to simply start going around slinging a pistol at someone we'd completely lose his trace, thinking it was some street thug. Maybe he already has for one or two kills. We just don't know enough."

"Is there anything specifically we know about him?" The chief asked.

"Well, we know that over his time as an assassin he's built up enough funds to afford some augmentations specifically designed to make him a better assassin. He's been likely both Mech and Nano auged."

"So you're saying this man is completely above our investigative skills?" The chief asked, lighting a cigarette. Something didn't feel right. Something in the pit of his stomach. He looked over at the investigator and his stomach lurched. Hey looked to the right; they were in a windowed office.

"For now sir, we'll eventually-" He trailed off as he realized the Chief had noticed something wrong. Looking at the window, he saw the reflection of a laser dot in the window, and saw that it was dancing on his skull. He barely had time to widen his eyes before a bullet crashed the window and pierced his skull, dropping him instantly.  The chief had barely made it out of his chair before a similar round took him in the throat and he fell, gasping for air as he slowly died. His last sight was the assassin swooping down through the window he had just shot them through, leaping from building to building to make the final jump into his office. Completely ignoring their bodies, he strode over, swiped the still steaming bullets, and strode over to the window. He shimmered for a moment before vanishing.

Leaping out of the window and catching hold of the ledge of the next building over, Alex climbed up to the roof and set out to retrieve payment for another job done already.
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Re: Alex Ravenhall (Shadowstorm)
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2011, 06:46:11 PM »
This character is APPROVED

Hey boss, we got one.

"Ok, send me the info"

On its way now

The man turns from his impressive view of the city and gazes at a computer screen.  Info slowly scrolls by detailing a dossier created for one Alex Ravenhall, while on a nearby holo display a full 3D image of Alex appears.


He turns back to the window and gazes out over the city once more.

"Contact him, let us see if Mr. Ravenhall is interested in joining the organization."

You got it boss.
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