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Author Topic: "Gorgon" (Shadowstorm)  (Read 1538 times)

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"Gorgon" (Shadowstorm)
« on: December 23, 2011, 05:07:30 AM »
Character Name:  Taylor Dunst, though it is nearly impossible to come across any records of her that are consistent to this name.

Alias:  Gorgon

Appearance:  Gorgon is a small girl at the height of 5’2”, and while her exact age is unknown, she appears to be between 20 and 27.  Her hair is naturally dark brown, but dyed (heavily) a sharp red.  Her hairstyles are always changing from one punked out hairdo to another, as she considers herself a connoisseur of the movement’s styles.  Her clothing typically includes some assortment of stockings, whether they appear on the arms or legs is up to her mood.  She prefers to be asymmetrically dressed, even mixing her boots and shoes up in bizarre manners.  All of her coats however have one signature thing in common:  high collars.  Her makeup is always painted on in generous amounts in strange ways, and tattoos cover about half of her pale skin, a particularly large one on her back with the face of Medusa.
However, for those rare times she goes into public, she will dress as normally as possible in order to blend in, however difficult that may prove to be for her. In this dress state, some might even refer to her as “attractive.”

Personality:  While Gorgon takes part in many vices, the pleasure she takes in outsmarting the law is one of her greatest joys.  She despises anyone who reminds her of typical “sheep” that blather small talk at her, or watch mainstream media with obedience.  However, should one prove to have something interesting to say, and should Gorgon be deep enough in the drink (it would be challenging to catch her sober), she becomes quite the friendly conversationalist.  While she is strongly against human augmentation, it is the corporate and military aspects of it that she is against, and will not bother anyone who uses them for medical purposes; otherwise… getting along will take time.




“Magic Briefcase of Joy” – A pink and black case with a jolly skull decal on it, the Magic Briefcase of Joy contains all the goods a hacker could dream of.  Within it are her laptop, various jammers, tools, wires, and most importantly, a handle of booze.

Lots’o’Grenades – Fragmentation grenades, incendiary grenades, concussive grenades… you name it.  In a tight spot, Gorgon will often use wiring from her “Magic Briefcase of Joy” in conjunction with these weapons in order to create traps for anyone who dares trace her footsteps.

Widowmaker TX AKA “Nancy” – Woe be to the man who does make it past her traps.  Equipped with a burst fire mod, “Nancy” has quickly become Taylor’s weapon of choice, and capable of taking down even heavily augmented foes.  While it seems to be thoroughly taken care of, the weapon’s “name” is sloppily painted on the right side.


Thanks to Gorgon’s handiwork, thousands of databanks have received false information about her.  Even the authorities have multiple background stories on her, though it is unknown if any of the profiles they have on her are true.  However, there are several great hacking feats that have occurred during her lifetime that are popularly believed to be the work of the Gorgon:

-The Great Trolling:  For what seems like no reason whatsoever, Gorgon programmed an “army” of bots to actively spam randomly selected trolling posts of various domains, increasing internet arguments and bandwidth usage for a solid week.

-The Adorable Virus:  Having compiled a blog filled with the internet’s most popular photos of kittens, hits to the website came pouring in.  Ever since, there has been a stigma against kitten photos on the internet containing malicious viruses capable of frying a CPU.

-The Succubus:  Using sexually provocative emails with varying messages to allure politicians, Gorgon would track the websites that her victims would visit.  It’s estimated that she tracked them for nearly a month before releasing the information publicly on social networking sites, blogs…. everywhere in cyberspace.

After the Succubus virus, hacking activity suspected to be the work of Gorgon ceased for some time.  Two years passed, and any information of hers that could be found was deleted, swapped out, or convoluted in a sea of false identities.  Her viral attacks became strictly political; they were more aggressive, they were precise, and they were untraceable.  Politicians that supported human augmentation would find themselves requiring a communications security team in order to properly safeguard any information they did not want leaked to the public.

It was only then that Taylor Dunst received the name “Gorgon.”  Any who were unfortunate enough to draw her gaze were certain to fall.

Her viral attacks cease only when in danger of detection, and she is forced to relocate...