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Author Topic: Rau Canires (Shadowhaunt)  (Read 3187 times)

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Rau Canires (Shadowhaunt)
« on: April 03, 2012, 05:20:38 PM »
Name: Rau Canires

Race: Imperial

Age: 33

Classification: Priest


Rau is fairly tall with his 6í1 feet. He has a slim athletic build with long legs. He shaves his head and beard. When not on the field he wears a purple sleeveless hooded robe with feather ornaments. On the field he usually wears thick hooded leather armor that offers moderate protection. He keeps his staff almost during all times, either strapped on his back and ready for battle or calmly held in his hand during day to day activities. On his right hand he has a rosary-like bracelet with Lumos symbol attached to it.


Rau is a man that has a lot of experience and has had great tutors. He respects education above all else and he is very strict to people who make mistakes and even stricter towards himself. He shares the other imperials opinion of the nords, when it comes to their brutish and chaotic behavior on and off the battle field and often voices out his disrespect towards such actions. On the field, however, he understands the value of every man and will not be affected by his emotions. Rau respects the Akavashi people as he considers them highly educated in the workings of their inner body and holds them in high regard. In normal situation Rau almost always frowns his eyebrows, which he thinks makes him look serious, but it actually makes him look angry and grumpy. He gets easily drunk so he shies away from alcohol.


Soul redemption: Attempts to send the soul of an undead to the afterlife releasing it from its earthly shackles. The effect depends on the soul itself, the more evil and corrupted the soul is, the harder it will be for it to receive atonement and be sent to the afterlife. Even if the soul is not cleansed the spell will hamper the abilities of the target unless it has significant mental fortitude. It is a mid-ranged channeling spell.

Healing Hands: The best form of healing that Rau can apply. It closes flesh wounds in seconds and requires about a minute to mend broken bones. The only down sides is that Rau needs physical contact to use it and that it does not restore lost limbs.

Purify: Removes toxins, poison, curses and most spells that alter the physical condition. Not a selective spell, it will also remove beneficial effects.

Fast Heal: A lesser heal that only closes wounds and numbs pain. Can be casted from a considerable distance.

Holy Presence: The presence of the priest on the battle field symbolizes that Lumoís favor is with the combatants. That fortifies their mental state and gives them courage. The effects vary from person to person. Imperials and strongly spiritual creatures benefit the most from this effect.

Holy light (area): Rau prays to the god of light and is granted protection from the undead. The spell releases a spherical light from within the priest that blinds and burns undead. The effect varies based on the distance from the priest to the undead. This is Rauís strongest spell and it takes a full turn to invoke.

Holy light (beam); A lesser form of the holy light spell. Rau launches a concentrated beam from his hand in an attempt to damage any unholy advisory that gets in touch with it.

Extreme conditioning: Rau channels his energy into a teammate making him stronger, faster, more agile and with increased mental fortitude.

Detect undead: Rau can easily sense the vile energy that emanates from undead 10ths of meters away. He canít pinpoint their location but based on the energy he can give an estimate of how many undead, in what direction and a rough idea of how far away.


Thick hooded leather armor: It offers moderated mobility and defense which suits Rau perfectly as he tends to move in and out of the fray.

Steel staff:  Rauís staff is about 10 centimeters longer than him and he wields it with expertise when necessary. It has an empty slot for a focus stone at the top end.

Bracelet: Apart from being an accessory, his bracelet is infused with Rauís magic. Whenever he is seriously injured the bracelet activates and instantly numbs the pain allowing Rau to remain conscious and stable even in the worst situations.


   Rau was born as the 6th child of a farmer. Having 5 older siblings, 3 brothers and 2 sisters, made Rau more interested in books rather than helping around the farm. He would always sneak away and reread the few copies of Holy Scriptures he managed to find laying around. His father was annoyed of his sonís lack of discipline and desire to work, and decided that the best medicine would be to send him to a church and let him see that this is not a life for him.

   Much to his fatherís disbelief Rau actually enjoyed his stay in the church as a brother. Most of his daily live involved doing manual chores, but what made him go through the day with a smile is the evening when it is time to rest and relax. He had access to the church library and could borrow any book. For a 13 year old, the library of the local church seemed endless. Unfortunately by the time he became 15 he had finished reading all the books and memorized all the Holy Scriptures he could get his hands on. Most of the other brothers didnít pay much attention to brother Rau since he kept to himself and did his work there really wasnít anything anyone would need him for.

   Once during mass the local Father was reciting the scriptures, unfortunately he was ill and his sickness got the better of him and he had to leave without finishing the mass, some of the priests in training went looking for copies of the scriptures to finish the mass, others were sweating and looking around hoping that they donít have to go out and finish it. In the midst of the commotion Rau stood up, walked to the podium and continued on from where the father stopped. Calmly he finished the mass without making mistakes and in front of the surprised looks of the crowd he went on to do his daily chores. That evening he was called by the father of the church and offered an opportunity to go study as a deacon in the Holy City. By now he had cut down his family connection to writing a letter every now and then so there wasnít anything to hold him back and Rau gladly accepted the offer.

   From the first months in his training Rau stood out amongst the other student with his exceptional knowledge of the script and passion for reading. One of the high priests showed interest in him and became his personal tutor. Under his tutelage Rau became a fully pledge priest and by the time he entered his twenties he was already taking part in eradicating the dark forces.

   Rauís habit of criticizing others didnít win him a lot of friends, but thanks to his knowledge and abilities he gained the recognition he deserved on the battlefield. In the long years he served as a priest he has accumulated a lot of combat experience and learned how to use a staff to defend.
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Re: Rau Canires
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2012, 11:00:11 PM »
Approved for use in the Shadowhaunt battle.

"Welcome aboard the Dusk Piercer, father Rau." A shipsmate said as Rau boarded the boat. "We're setting off to join the rest of the fleet soon. Feel free to take your rest below deck. Be careful, the tamers and their monsters are situated on the lowest decks. Some of them are less than friendly."
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Re: Rau Canires
« Reply #2 on: August 07, 2017, 02:04:53 PM »
This character was last posted for 367 days ago and the player has not responded to any communication attempts. By administrative override, this character has now been RETIRED from the Shadowhaunt storyline. The character may be reinstated with Battle Master approval if the player returns.