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Author Topic: Sun Wu (Shadowhaunt)  (Read 2301 times)

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Sun Wu (Shadowhaunt)
« on: April 11, 2012, 10:53:20 AM »
Name: Sun Wu (Wu for short)

Race: Akavashani, Male. 28 Years.
Classification: Monk


Tall, 6'
Muscly, but not bulky.  Slim waist and wide shoulders.  His skin is tan from spending long days training in the sun.

Wears plainclothes.  Blue shirt and white trousers.  Clothes are loose and flowing to allow unrestricted movement.

Wooden bead necklace hangs from his neck.

Soft leather shoes laced up to mid shin to aid in walking silently.

Dark brown hair.  He hasn't had it cut since taking his vow against weapons and blades.  It is always tied in a tight knot with the end hanging down to the base of his neck.

Brown eyes.

Typically carries a leather backpack with his few belongings.  A bedroll strapped on the top.

Quite frankly unremarkable in appearance when not in battle.


He is like water flowing down a mountain stream.  On most occasions water flows freely, following the natural bends and curves of its surroundings.  And like the mountain stream he has direction, a destination to get to.  When obstacles arise the mountain stream becomes a torrent, destroying or damaging whatever blocks its path. 

He carries an easy confidence, and is a man of few words.  Not many conversations happen when surrounded by Monks who have taken vows of silence.  But a stream is not silent as it pours down the side of a mountain, and he saw no reason why he should be either. 

The Nords are great entertainment, with their boisterous ways and grass to roots views of the world.  Their enchanters' trinkets are fascinating.  But he has made a vow not to touch a weapon ever again so he merely inspects them from afar.

The Imperials, with all of their pomp and regality are equally amusing.  All of their prayers and holy books draw a raised eyebrow.  He could never imagine relying on another for power, finding that the mightiest strength comes from within.


Standard Monk: 

Martial Arts - As a Monk he has mastered unarmed fighting.  His hands and feet are as hard as steel when striking. 

Speed - His ability to dodge and counter attacks is superb.

Chi - Physical attacks can be reinforced by Chi energy, producing more force than possible from a normal human being.

Unique Abilities:

Water Style - The more resistance his attacks meet the more Chi builds up behind them.  Once a sizable amount of Chi has built up he can expend it all in one massive torrent.  This releases a devastatingly powerful blow that will overwhelm whatever defenses he has been trying to overcome.

Splash - This attack reinforces a normal physical attack enhanced by Chi.  Upon striking his opponent Chi 'splashes' off of his body like beads of water.  The Chi 'droplets' strike just as hard as the initial attack, turning one punch or kick into multiple.

WhirlPool - The Monk expands his Chi in a circular area surrounding him.  He twists his body and wrenches his arms either clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on which direction he wants the WhirlPool to go.  Everything caught within the area is violently lurched in the direction of the WhirlPool.  This is useful in forests or cramped areas where he can smash his enemies against trees, walls, or handy nearby sharp objects. 

   Frozen WhirlPool - The Monk can focus more Chi into this attack.  This causes the WhirlPool to no longer merely grab ahold of enemies, but tear and slice into their flesh instead.

Flash Flood - The Monk rushes forwards in a dizzyingly fast manner.  A churning wall of Chi builds up behind him as he travels.  He can choose to either strike his opponent(s) or merely strike at the air.  Regardless, upon striking and finishing his charge the wall of Chi surges past him and slams into whatever enemies are in front of him.

   Frozen Flood - The wall of Chi behind him becomes solid, rather than churning like a wave.  Upon hitting its target the wall shatters and thousands of shards of Chi pierce into the unfortunate enemies in front of the Monk.  This requires more Chi than a normal Flash Flood attack.

Geyser - The monk pushes both hands forward and expels a large amount of Chi.  The Chi travels forwards and crashes into whatever is in its path.

   Frozen Geyser - The Geyser becomes pointed like an icicle.  The expelled Chi pierces into its target rather than crushing it.

Ripple - When an enemies physical attack actually hits the Monk the force of the blow ripples through his body.  This spreads out the impact and reduces the damage done.  This effect can be intensified by extending the ripples with his Chi.  By using his Chi he can also deflect magical and spiritual attacks with this technique. 


Wooden Bead necklace typically found around his neck.  Used during meditation.

Backpack carrying:
   Ceramic utensils used for cooking/eating.  Too small and brittle to be weapons.
   Change of clothes, Warm weather gear
   Traveling gear such as flint and steel, snares for traps.
   Bottle of water from a nearby stream with Chi focused into it to ward off evil.
   Wooden pipe, a few packs of fresh tobacco, and matches only used for lighting it.  Used during meditation, of course.


A wide, curved leaf is traveling down the mountain.  As it glides back and forth the wind nudges it along.  It softly lands on a slow moving stream.  The leaf settles and sits like a little canoe on the surface.  The current pushes it downstream, furthering its journey down the mountain. 

The water flows faster as the grade of the mountain steepens.  The leaf continues on the surface, matching the speed of the water.

Rocks, sticks and grass poke through the water.  The current pulls the leaf away from these obstacles, as if plotting its course through the objects that would impede its journey.

An old Monk watches the leaf's progress, contemplating.  He is accompanied by a young boy, who is also focused on the little leaf.

"See how the leaf follows the flow of the water, young one.  Without resistance, it allows the water to carry it safely.  Wouldn't it be pleasant," the Monk sighs, "to be the leaf." 

He creases his brow with a slight frown as the leaf finally catches on a small rock.  It sends the leaf in a wide spiral, where it finally comes to rest wedged between two larger rocks.

"But the world isn't placid.  There are things that would pull us off course and deny us our serenity.  We all must float on like the leaf.  And when our journey stops and we are bound, we must endure.  Either the water will rise up and pull us away from our obstacles, or we will be overcome by them."

The water surges briefly, pushing the leaf up and away from the rocks.  It continues its journey down the stream.

The boy tugs on the old Monk's sleeve meekly.  His elder turns with a content smile.

"I do not want to be a leaf..."  The boy says, quietly.  "I wish to be the water."

The Monk stares blankly at the boy.  A knowing smile slowly returns to his face.

"And you shall be."


Sun Wu has studied in the Monastery the majority of his life.  An orphan, he never knew his parents.  Having no ties to family there is no legacy he must fulfill, no roots to hold him in one place.  He identified with the mountain stream that flows past the Monastery where he grew and trained.  While the trees and rocks were stuck in one place, the stream flowed around them and onwards.  He would often contemplate where the water would end up.  Before long he craved to see what was beyond the Monastery.

"Water placed inside a container will take on the shape of it, eventually stagnating.  Water allowed to flow is fresh and ever changing.  I love the Monastery and all it has taught me, but I desire to be carried away with the current."

And carried away he was.  The Akavashani were preparing a new campaign to push back the forces of evil.  A representative approached the Monastery where Sun Wu was living, requesting aid.  He was given the blessing of his elders to join the new crusade.  He hasn't been back since.

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Re: Sun Wu
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2012, 03:19:36 PM »
Approvedfor use in the Shadowhaunt Battle

As Sun Wu boarded the Dusk Piercer he was greeted by a figure clad in the leather trench coat, the wide-brimmed hat he wore shading his face. In fact this man as a whole seemed averted to the sun. He wore Black Gloves with red runes inscribed upon the hands, and a pair of shaded glasses on his face.

"Welcome to the Dusk Piercer, Sun Wu." The man said, his voice eerily dark and calm. "Your sleeping quarters are just below deck. You are one of the few monks we have aboard this ship. We set sail with the sunset." with that, the strange man turned and strode to the bow of the ship, where he looked over the railing, long black hair trailing out from under his hat.

The whole encounter with this man seemed rather eery, but Sun Wu was now on his way to the battle.