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Author Topic: The Eye of Terror: The Labyrinthine Depths of Chaos (Part III)  (Read 20181 times)

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Re: The Eye of Terror: The Labyrinthine Depths of Chaos (Part III)
« Reply #100 on: May 30, 2016, 06:51:48 PM »
He watches Jharm as he nodded to what he had said.

"That is good to hear."

Sepher’s tired gaze turns to Kith as he approaches and Sepher listens as he speaks

"I believe you may be among more than a few warriors with darkness within them, Jharm.  Although I'm not entirely sure what to make of whatever is aiding Gulgrim at this point..."

A small smile forms on his face. He nods to kith at that and was about to say something when he excuses himself. No matter, he just wanted out of this forsaken place.

Jharm continues though

"Yes...just about all have some sort of darkness within them.  That is not the darkness that concerns me right now.  The Eye, and those we face within it, has already demonstrated how debilitating and potentially controlling it can be towards some of us.  The last thing we need is for a repeat of what we just faced.  With that said say that you have it under control and I shall believe you.  Though...."

Sepher gave him a wry grin

“If it comes to losing control, put me down as fast as you can, though you’ll have to seal the souls away in me somehow . I don’t think it will come to that though.” He chuckled softly.

Sepher watched the others mill about, the Ork trying to find a trophy and ending up killing one of his boyz. He watches soul regrow his arm and the various conversations going on. He was ready for this to be done.

Finally Cameron waved them over, so sepher went to where he was standing, his scale armor softly rustling. He nods to Cameron as he asks everyone here can fly.

Taking a few steps back, he takes a deep breath and closes his eyes. A demonic energy seems to gather around him and bulges form in his back. Suddenly there is the sound of tearing flesh followed by the sound of splitting metal, and ear wrenching noise. From Sepher’s back, bursts a large pair of demonic wings that look like the could carry him very well.

He stretched them, then they folded along his back, the metal of his armor responding to his magic and forming around the base of the wings.

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Re: The Eye of Terror: The Labyrinthine Depths of Chaos (Part III)
« Reply #101 on: May 31, 2016, 11:42:06 PM »
Cameron takes stock of the companions as they answer his question.

Soul Reaver is the first to respond. “I can cast a spell that will allow me to take flight.  However, my stores of Mana are low - I do not know how long I would be able to sustain high-speed flight.”

Cameron nods in acknowledgement as Soul Reaver sits down and begins gathering mana. He then turns his attention to Jharm as he suggests possibly trying to carry some of the others.

“Hopefully, you won’t have to. But if the need arises, the help would be appreciated.”

Cameron nods again in acknowledgement as Jharm excuses himself to go commune with the light. His attention is immediately drawn to Gulgrim, who has produced an ork bike from nowhere. He admires the ork’s handiwork as he manages to rig propellers on to it in record time.

“I’m not going to ask where that came from or how you got it here so fast, but well done. Now Jharm doesn’t have to try and carry you.”

As Cameron marvels over the ork’s work, Mary watches as Kitharsis re-purposes his bone golem to fashion himself a pair of living wings. She grins as he signals to Cameron that he’s ready.

“That’s a pretty useful trick. Are you always that handy with bones?”

Someone chortles from behind Mary.

“Haha, that’s what SHE said-

Mary drives her elbow backwards into Karyl’s gut, sending him doubling over in pain.

“What was that?”

Karyl coughs and sputters.

“Ugh… nothing. Nothing at all. Can’t take a joke…”

Cameron has turned his attention back to the scene at this point.

“Knock it off, both of you. We have to get serious here.”

Cameron turns to Kitharsis again.

“Kitharsis, are you sure-”

Cameron is interrupted by the sudden appearance of Danyael through the rune. A look of relief washes over his face. There will now be no need to split up the group. They can all move on. He glances over at Mary and doesn’t fail to notice the smile that has lit up her face at the appearance of the Nephilim. He turns his gaze back to Danyael.

‘Welcome back. I hope you’re ready to move, cause we are out of time.”

Cameron takes one final look around, noting that Sepher has also sprouted wings and is ready to go. Cameron flashes a mental command to his armor, and his helm closes over his face. His electronically amplified voice rings out to the others.

“Okay, everyone. On me. Let’s get the hell out of here.”

Cameron builds up energy and rockets into the sky. The other elementals quickly follow suit with the exception of Mary, who hangs back with Danyael. She examines him closely, looking for any signs of injury. Her voice fails to mask her concern.

“Are you sure you’re okay? I can get someone to heal you if you need it.”

Cameron continues to push himself skyward. Floor after floor of the warehouse pass by in a blur, and he catches the occasional glimpse of the contents: Power armor, weapons, tanks, food stores, cages filled with slaves, weird plants, idols, One room filled entirely with pillows, a room of mutant dogs, an opium den, the set of a weird looking game show… the list goes on. And still the hole seems to be getting no larger. Cameron knows that they’re going to have to push themselves to escape the reality bending that is occurring all around them.

“We have to go FASTER.”

Cameron pours everything he has into his flight. The rooms begin blurring by so fast that he can no longer make out their contents. He focuses everything on the hole above them. It finally starts to get closer…

And suddenly, Cameron shoots through the ceiling, through a hole cut straight through solid rock, and into the sky. He is out. His energy gives out and he arcs forward and slams into the ground, leaving a crater in his wake. Recovering, he looks up.

Before him lies the Spire of Chaos, in all of it’s horrible glory. They have finally arrived.

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Re: The Eye of Terror: The Labyrinthine Depths of Chaos (Part III)
« Reply #102 on: June 01, 2016, 12:23:12 AM »
The Seraphim seems to remain in his trance as each Companion fashions some manner of flight, ending with the Nephilim returning once more.  Jharm seems to pay none of this any heed as he remains almost motionless, the prayer slipping quietly from his hidden lips.  It isn't until Camerons helmet raises and his electronically boosted voice booms out that the angellic being responds.  Standing once more, his hammer slinging up onto his shoulder in one fluid motion he watches Cameron and most of the other elementals launch upwards.  His gaze settles on Mary and Danyael for a moment, his glowing eyes easily noticing the concern on the Warp Elementals features.  He pays it little heed though as he launches skyward, following after Cameron.  Soaring upwards he focuses his power and his mind, pushing against the mind-twisting effects of his surroundings as he seeks to follow his friend ever higher, the Seraphims figure soon gleaming a white light until he finally reaches the hole soon after Cameron.

Bringing himself to a stop, he floats in the air for a few moments, his glowing figure an almost opposite to the horrifying and twisted appearance of the Spire.  Landing down next to the "fallen" Elemental he extends a gauntleted hand, offering Cameron some assistance with rising to his feet as he glances up at the malevolent edifice they face.

"The Spire of can feel the pure evil radiating from within.  It is strange....I swear I have seen similar architecture during assaults on Herzaz."

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Re: The Eye of Terror: The Labyrinthine Depths of Chaos (Part III)
« Reply #103 on: June 01, 2016, 09:52:30 PM »
Gulgrim's bike is already in the air as Cameron takes off. Blasting upward on all cylinders, Gulgrim's hooting and hollering was somehow loud enough to be heard over the engine. He was keeping pace with the front runners at all times, and when he heard Cameron shout their need for increased speed, his grin took in his ears.

"Fastah!? I'z ken do dat!" Green lightning sparked from Gulgrim's eyes and danced over the bike's frame, and where it struck the bike was painted with a shiny new coat of red paint. Bewilderingly, the Bike seemed to increase its ludicrous speed even further with nothing more than the color shift.

"RED ONEZ GO FASTAH!!!" The Warboss bellowed at the top of his lungs as he shot through the hole in the ceiling. Pulling a strange loop in the air, Gulgrim brings the bike in for a landing near where Cameron had planted himself into the stone near the spire of chaos.

"Ten pointz fer Orky style, lad." Gulgrim said, leaning over the handlebars to look at Cameron. "So, where we'z 'eaded from 'ere? Inta dat tall spikey buildin', right?"

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Re: The Eye of Terror: The Labyrinthine Depths of Chaos (Part III)
« Reply #104 on: June 06, 2016, 08:46:27 PM »
Soul Reaver sits in silence, his head bowed, until Danyael's return prompts a reaction.  Reopening his red-hued iris, he looks up at the person he almost killed.  His shoulders relax, and unusually for the normally stoic mask, Soul Reaver's face reveals genuine relief.

"My failures almost caused your death.  Thank the fates that you still live."

He shakes his head.

"I doubt I will be able to restore your trust in me, but know that I will do my best to preserve the life I almost took today."

Soul Reaver then rises and looks over to where Cameron launches himself skyward, as Mary makes her way over to Danyael.

With a gesture and some murmured words, Soul Reaver is surrounded by faint motes of reddish light.  His feet leave the ground as his flight spell takes hold.  Looking skyward, he begins an ascent controlled by will alone, his arms at his side.  He moves only slowly at first, but accelerates steadily, trying to keep pace with those above him.

His black cape flutters in the wind like raven wings as he travels ever faster.  The motes of light grow brighter and brighter as Soul Reaver feeds ever more mana into the spell.  Soon he is surrounded by a red glow, a blazing comet of scarlet magic streaming straight upwards, ignoring the bizarre worlds of Chaos that fly past it.  Gulgrim's shouts and the roar of his engines manage to pierce even the din of the howling air and strange places he passes through.

Finally, with a sonic boom, he emerges from the underworld below, shooting up into the sky.  Realizing he has cleared the labyrinth, Soul Reaver swiftly slows his ascent, the comet curving downward until Soul Reaver lands with a loud thud and a cloud of dust near Cameron.

The red glow fades almost immediately as Soul Reaver rises from his kneeling position and turns his eyes toward the Spire of Chaos.

Gulgrim, having already landed, asks Cameron where they are headed.

Soul Reaver feels no need to ask.  The only sound he makes it that of Blooddrinker being drawn from its sheath.

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Re: The Eye of Terror: The Labyrinthine Depths of Chaos (Part III)
« Reply #105 on: June 08, 2016, 09:16:32 AM »
The skeleton crew all give an excited wave in return as Danyael activates the rune.  The tiny mage that came along with Danyael is still waving when another skeleton notices the portable recall rune that brought them here in the first place.  It was put aside during all of the commotion earlier. 

In another eruption of commotion, the skeletons grab the rune and chatter away at the tiny mage.  It clutches the object to its chest as its tiny legs sprint toward the larger rune on the floor.

A larger skeleton warrior decides the little mage is taking too long, and punts it.  The little mage careens toward the rune, disappearing in a flash as it crosses the threshold.  The warrior shakes its head as the rest of the crew returns to their duties.


The typically stoic warrior seems to almost blush as Karyl cracks his joke.  Kitharsis tries to salvage the situation, but can't find the words to explain his power over bones without sounding off color.

Thankfully Cameron dissolves the situation and addresses Kitharsis.  Before he can finish his inquiry, Danyael returns from the recall rune.

Kitharsis greets Danyael with a nod as he arrives.  His friend's wound was not healed as much as it should be.  Having gone through his skeleton's treatment himself before, he knows the extent of which their ritual can heal even the most grievous wounds.  This is concerning.

Danyael gives his thanks, which is waved away.  "No debt is owed, you would have done the same if our circumstances were reversed.  It is good to see you standing again."  Kitharsis pauses, looking pointedly at Danyael's chest.  He puts stock in Danyael's better judgement, and does not ask after his health.

Mary does not hold back words of concern, asking if healing is desired.

"I have no more means of assistance, and I'm not sure how these wings will fare with such a flight."  He grins.  "If I do fall, I wouldn't suggest trying to catch me."

Kitharsis steps to the side and the wings unfold across his back.  With a powerful flap, he rockets into the air.  A dry, hot wind trails behind him as he ascends higher and higher with each flapping of his wings. 

Cameron calls out that they have to go faster.  Kitharsis grits his teeth.  He wasn't expecting such an effort.  The air below his wings shimmers from the heat distorting it.  Flecks of bone and sand rain below him as he pushes his makeshift wings to their limit.

When he feels as though his wings will surely fail him, he breaches through the hole in the ceiling and is greeted by the open sky.  Its all he can do to maintain a circling glide back to the ground nearby.


With little fanfare, the tiny skeleton mage pops through the recall rune.  Carrying its momentum from the punt earlier, it sails through the air and lands at Danyael and Mary's feet.  The recall rune carved into the floor distorts itself until it is unrecognizable before the glow fades away.

The tiny mage collects itself, clutching the porcelain rune to its chest.  It surveys the area, realizing with a start that Kitharsis was nowhere to be found.  Its head tilts back and almost unhinges as it stares at the hole in the ceiling.
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