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Author Topic: Vildayvin Devaron (Shadowhaunt)  (Read 1816 times)

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Vildayvin Devaron (Shadowhaunt)
« on: September 04, 2013, 09:37:54 PM »
Name: Vildayvin Devaron
Age: Unknown
Classification: Dullahan

Appearance:  Standing around 6' 8" Vildayvin has an imposing visage...made even more imposing by the suit of massive heavy plate armor black as the eyes in his decapitated head, the shoulders bearing the images of faces, their mouths open in silent screams. A black tabard bearing a white cross covers his chest armor, the fabric worn and faded looking like something that would be found on a long dead and decaying corpse.  A long black cloak hangs from his shoulders, the fabric sharing a similar appearance to his tabard.
                Hanging from his belt (on the left side) is a scabbard crafted of black leather and steel that holds the cursed riders weapon of choice, an ebony longsword bearing another screaming face on the pommel with two blood red rubies set into the eye sockets.  Upon closer inspection one would see that the edges of the blade has been crafted to a razor sharp edge, allowing the blade to cleave through flesh and  bone with ease.  On his right side he carries the infamous and feared whip that all Dullahan riders bear, looking almost as if he had literally ripped a spine out of a poor hapless human and hung it at his side.  On his left arm (or occasionally on his back) a large black shield rests, a white cross emblazzoned on the face of the shield.  While the craftsmanship of the metal appears to be that of a master and in excellent condition, the white cross looks very faded and worn, almost as if only the symbol itself has aged while the rest of the shield ignores any such effects.  While most Dullahan are seen with their decapitated heads fastened at the waist Vildayvin's head seems to have been even more enchanted then most in that it floats/flies about semi-freely, almost as if an invisible chain prevents it from moving too far from its body.  The eyes are solid black and seem to constantly be looking around, the mouth twisted up into an almost sadistic grin when its not speaking.  The skin a pale greenish/bluish comparable to mold and completely devoid of any hair, the bone structure being very angular and sallow.  As if everything else wasnt imposing and frightening enough, Vildayvin seems to almost...radiate cold from within his hollow shell of armor.  Plants wither and die as he passes, water turns to ice and his actual touch almost painfully cold and sometimes one could swear that they even see his chilly "breath" when he speaks.

Frostmane:  A Dullahan isnt much of anything without their trusty spectral steed.  Frostmane is a massive warhorse with a coat and mane as black as night.  Its eyes seem to glow a pale blue and its breath carries the feel of a frigid arctic wind.  One would be advised not to stray too close to Frostmane without its masters permission for it (like its master) is gifted with incredible strength and can easily cave in a normal mans body with ease.  Being a spectral steed Frostmane is never far from its master when needed.

Personality:  Though he is a Dullahan and a monster by any definition, Vildayvin is a monster of honor.  Being a creature of few words he values honor and integrity above all else (save for of course his endless mission to collect the souls of the dead for their final judgement).  One would almost think he would belong in the Imperial City if it were not for the fact he is pretty much a physical manifestation of Death itself.  He does not frequently display any real emotions for in the end none of it truely matters.  All will eventually perish and all will be judged and either be consumed or pass on to the afterlife.


Unholy Strength - On top of being a Dulluhan, Vildayvin was gifted with even greater strength then normal.  His blows cut through normal armors almost as if they were nothing, and strikes that would bring a normal being to their knees bounce harmlessly off his shield arm.  Few can hope to withstand multiple blows from Vildayvin and survive.

Soul Siphon  - During combat Vildayvin's head is able to drain a target of their life force, literally sucking life from them and healing his own wounds.  While performing this his head is focused on the siphoning and in unable to do anything else such as casting other spells or providing guidance to his armor (aka warning about an ambush etc...normal movement the armor can manage fine).

Frostbite Blast  At times Vildayvin is able to collect the icy chill contained within his form and expel it from his mouth, freezing targets in front of him, slowing them down and (if weaker creatures/no immunity to cold) potentially freezing them in their tracks.  After performing this ability it takes a while for the cold to gather enough in his armor to cast it again.

Frost Immunity - Due to the icey power contained with his armor, Vildayvin is almost all but impervious to frost/ice attacks except from incredibly powerful casters, and sometimes he is able to actually absorb the frost effect to refill/strengthen his own glacial abilities (also not useable against spells that pierce his frost immunity).

Frostbite Fortification - Depending on the situation, the Dullahan can focus the frost within him and expel it outwards to create a bubble of ice around himself.  The bubble slows strikes aimed at him and also absorbs some of the force, reducing the damage the Dullahan may take from an attack.  The bubble is able to also repel lesser spells but will collapse once its power wanes.

Death Knell - As a reaper of death, it is the job of a Dullahan to gather and judge the souls of the dead or those destined to die.  When this occurs, Vildayvin's edge floats down and almost seems to connect to the armor and inhales the soul (if the being is already dead) or calls out the name of the doomed, causing them to immediately perish.  Once the soul is completely inhaled the heads black eyes beging to glow brightly.  If the soul is found wanting then the armor glows a black glow as it consumes the soul, gaining in power.  If the soul is found to be passing in judgement the head expels the soul back out, sending it on to the afterlife. [Just wanted to put some more flavor text behind the Death knell racial ability]


Blade of Woe - A ebony longsword, edges forged razor sharp causing it to cleave through metal, flesh, or bone with ease.  Etched into the handle is a face, its mouth open in a silent scream and two rubies in place of its eyes.

Shield of Suffering - A large shield, midnight black bearing a faded and worn white cross

Vile Whip - A horrifying whip consisting of a human corpses spine.

Long ago Vildayvin was a honorable knight, who fought against evil and protected the innocent.  One day the love of his life was struck down by an extremely virulent toxic coated blade during a surprise attack on his home.  After dispatching the attackers Vildavyin realized that she was doomed to die.  He prayed to whoever would listen that he would give anything to spare his wife.  Before him appeared a cloaked figure in black.  The figure informed the knight that he could save his beloved and in return he would owe the figure a favor that would be called upon when needed.  Knowing he had little time to ponder, Vildayvin accepted the deal.  The figure waved its hand over his wife and cured her of her wounds and poisoning.  All was good for a few weeks until the knight received a message informing him that the same group of bandits responsible for his wifes previous injuries were camped nearby and planning another attack and that the writer requested he dispatch them at once.  The letter was signed simply "A business acquaintance" and "P.S. a favor....for a favor".  He rode out to the camp and found the bandits right where the letter said they would be.  He set upon them, slaying all of them with ease.  Suddenly what could only be the bandit leader stepped out of a tent and began to fight the valiant knight.  Never before had Vil faced anyone with the skill and sheer power of this bandit.  Before he knew what was happening the bandit defeated him, leaving him severely wounded and bleeding on the ground.  The general story has the bandit slaying the knight but only Vildayvin knows the true story.  Instead of slaying him, the bandit lowered his weapon and smiled down at the broken warrior.

Vildayvin: "Who are you...what do you want?!?"

Bandit: "I am...a business assosciate of a friend of yours shall we say?"

Suddenly before his eyes the bandits form changed into the black robed man from before, but the hood is pulled back enough this time to reveal the face.  A skull glares down at the warrior, a permanent grin on its pale face.

Vildayvin: "What is going on?  I dont understand!"

Death:  "It is quite simple really.  I saved your wife in return for a favor and you will not repay that favor."

Death reaches his hand out to the side, revealing a bony arm and hand as a scythe appears.

Vildayvin: " cant be...."

Death: "Oh...but it is.  You will make an excellent soldier I must say...not many survive as long as you have against me."

With that he grasped the scythe and with a single swing seperated Vildayvin's head from his body.  With a wave of his hand the scythe vanished and a suit of armor appeared.  Death floated over to the remains of the knight and picked up the head.  A sickly green glow flowed from his skeletal hand into the head, causing the eyes to turn solid black and the skin to take on a greenish/blue tint.  As the glow faded Death floated back over to the suit of armor and placed the head on it.  The same green glow suddenly appeared around the head and engulfed the entire armor.  Suddenly the corpses eyes moved again as Vildayvin's soul transferred into the armor.  The head then separated from the body and looked at Death.  Its mouth opened to speak to its new master, the once strong and ringing voice taking on a more haunting, almost raspy sound now.

Vildayvin: "What have you done to me?"

Death: "You are now one of my Dullahan.  Ride forth in my name and do what must be done."

The severed head nodded its understanding as it raises one of its gauntleted hands.  Out poured an icy mist that began to form into an icy ball as a name burst forth almost unbidden from his lips.

"To me Frostmane!"

The ball suddenly exploded in a shower of ice and before the Dullahan stood his steed.  Mounting up the severed head looked around and saw he was alone.  He glanced down at his fallen body.  For a brief second he wondered how his widow would take the news of his death but then an overwhelming urge struck him as the need to gather the souls of the dead hit him.  Pulling on the reigns of Frostmane both horse and rider took off.

A few years later the same rider showed up at a small house a few miles away from the same location.  A single name escaped from his lips and a single soul was absorbed and then expelled, directed into the afterlife.  With the last tie to his mortal life now gone the rider took off back to the Blacklands.

Eventually the Dullahan encountered a Tamer while travelling through the edges of the Blacklands.  The tamer was in the middle of fighting a barrow wight (it was apparent that the Tamer was quickly losing judging from the corpse of a werewolf nearby that had a collar around its neck).  Judging that it was not the Tamers time to die, and also realizing that honor dictated he attempt to save the valiant soldier, the curse horseman drew his sword and charged at the barrow wight.  Together the two destroyed the evil creature.  The tamer was naturally apprehensive of the Dulluhan's sudden and unexpected offer of service, but took Vildayvin with him and started the process of turning him into a valuable ally of humanity.
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Re: Vildayvin Devaron
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