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Author Topic: Bjorn Halfskir (The Calling)  (Read 1432 times)

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Bjorn Halfskir (The Calling)
« on: October 21, 2013, 01:34:55 PM »
Character Creation:

Elemental: Fire
Animal: Wolf


Bjorn stands a full head taller than the average man, and his muscle-bound appearance makes him stand out yet further. He wears no clothing on his chest, yet he shivers not in the cold, wearing only leather breeches, boots, and a Wolf pelt on his shoulders and head. His body is covered in scars, from the marks of blades and arrows across his chest, to the old wounds of an axe in his shoulder. His face has the mark of a knife that traced its path from his left cheek, up across his nose and to the forehead above his right eye.

His long blonde hair falls in an unkempt tangle from his head, curtaining around his face with their locks. His beard is thin, only a rough stubble on his chin, but his jaw is strong and set. His eyes are a deep blue and gleam from under the wolf's head atop his own.


Bjorn's personality is little like his host of scars would make it seem. Outside of combat he is calm, almost pensive. His sentences are short but thought out, and his eyes always seem to be roaming to the horizon, as if always lost in thought or inner turmoil. He is unresponsive to insults or threats, often simply shouldering past anyone who has yet to take up arms against him who bars his way. It is only in true combat that he changes. In battle he is a beast, striking the ferocity of an angry wolf, and his eyes gleam with a rage and hatred that seem almost alien to the calm figure he had been moments ago. It is this strange and uncontrollable rage that earned him the title of "Berserker".



Human Soul:

Hand to hand Brawling (Years of being disarmed, losing or breaking a weapon on the battlefield teach one to think on their feet)

Dual wielding Sword and Axe (Bjorn's weapons of choice)

Improvised Great Weapon fighting (Not simply talking great-swords or mauls here. In a moment when he is disarmed and needs a weapon, or his normal weapons just won't do, Bjorn lifts objects that are too heavy for normal men, such as small stone pillars or chain-flails with heads the size of a man's torso, and swings them with wild abandon)

Bjorn carries his signature Longsword and Axe on his back, a waterskin on his hip, And a pair of clawed Gauntlets adorn his hands to make his fist fighting more effective. He hunts his own food using his abilities as a wolf soul.

Elemental Soul:

Breath of fire - Bjorn inhales, and then exhales a gout of burning flame.

Burning rage - Bjorn enhances his natural physicality with the spirit of flame. His muscles burn with energy and his stamina swells as Rage overtakes him

Touch of Flame - Bjorn's hands heat up to burning levels, scalding anything he touches with his bare palm or heating his weapons to strike with searing power.

Animal Soul:

Gift of the Wolf - Bjorn is enhanced with the keen senses of the Wolf, increasing his eyesight, his sense of smell, and his hearing to predatory levels.

One of the Pack - Bjorn becomes attuned with his allies, growing more furious and attacking viciously in the defense of any friends who are in danger, and moving in unison with his packmates. This also allows him to make allies of forest creatures, especially wolves, more easily.

Midnight fangs - Bjorn's teeth sharpen and elongate into a row of vicious Wolf teeth, allowing him to deliver powerful bites and rip flesh from opponents.

Back Story

From the Icy northern regions of ■reksta­, Bjorn Halfskir, the Berserker, comes in a journey. Leaving his lands for the sake of his people's safety, Bjorn seeks a way to control the beast inside of him. Since he has been old enough to wield a sword, his temper has been a problem. He would flare at the slightest insult and bristled when one stood in his path. Those he took as friends he defended violently from even the slightest mistreatment, often alienating both himself and his friends from others, for fear of inciting his ire. It was this defensive rage that earned him the name Bjorn, or bear. But the truth of the matter was he held more in common with the wolf.

On the battlefield, he was a terror, striking down any who stood in his way, cleaving through the ranks of the foe like a monster. It was here that he discovered his additional souls, breathing flames upon enemy shield walls and ripping throats out in his berserker rage. This was an acceptable and even praised trait of the warrior until the day his rage betrayed him. In a fit of defensive fury, he slew his chieftain who had been berating one of his close friends. The realization of what he had done shocked him, and it made him realize that he was a threat to his own people. He left of his own accord, leaving behind his friends, his people, and everyone he had ever known.

The trip through the frozen wastes of the north gave him time to battle his rage. When he emerged into the more temperate mainlands of Treymara, he was the calm figure he is now. But even while he has conquered his natural rancor, the spirit of fire inside of him means that when blades are drawn, he is once again the machine of destruction he once was. And so he journeys, wandering the lands for any person or thing who could help him control the flames of his rage even in the midst of battle.
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Re: Bjorn Halfskir
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2013, 05:15:21 PM »
This character is Approved!