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Author Topic: Dete na Plemeto (The Calling)  (Read 1893 times)

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Dete na Plemeto (The Calling)
« on: October 27, 2013, 04:51:22 PM »
Name: Dete na Plemeto (Child of the tribe)

Age: 20

Height:  6’6”

Weight:  210 lbs.


   Dete was born in a small tribe in the mountain regions, far to the west. His father died during a hunt, while the child was still in his mother’s womb.  His mother, stricken with grief, used the last of her strength to give birth to the boy and shortly after passed away. The tribe took care of him ever since.  From which his name Dete na Plemeto. 

   Having no living parents, he spent all days roaming the village. He knew everyone and everyone knew him. There was no tent or a fire he was not welcomed to. Often helping every one with various task, got him into learning different crafts. Though not proficient in them, he was capable of handling basic tasks. Those crafts include; fishing, leatherworking, using medical herbs, woodcarving and even bow and spear making.

   Growing up he became tall and well build. The tribe’s hunters took interest in the boy, during his early teens and often took him out with them to show him the trade.  It quickly became apparent that Dete had a natural talent for it. After he started hunting however, things began to change. He took any opportunity to go outside, hunting, gathering herbs anything would do. Spending less and less time within the tribe and choosing solitude over the warm atmosphere around the tribe’s fires. At the age of 18 he became an independent hunter and it got even worst. He would leave the tribe for days, even weeks at a time. It was at that point that the chief summoned the young hunter for a serious conversation. Dete was given two options, he could get a wife and settle down or he could leave the tribe and return only when he is ready to be part of it. The condition for leaving was, to spend a year learning a common language and the ways of the outside world.

Dete did not think much about it and quickly chose to leave the tribe. After a year of tutelage by the chief himself, the young man left the village. Following rivers and roads he came along many towns and settlements, often spending less than a week in any of them before moving on. A year of wandering got him to Treymara.


His father was an outsider who was allowed into the village after saving a tribesman. Dete owes him his height and fair complexion. He has long black hair, which he keeps in a braid stretching down to the middle section of his back. Though not bulky his muscles are fairly strong and flexible. When not on the road, he dresses in common attire for the area he is in, if any is available. The rest of the time he uses a brown set of light leather armor, with strong straps which firmly attach it to his body.


Unlike his younger self, Dete is not very sociable. He will most likely attempt to limit any interaction to the bare necessities. With a very calm temper, he would avoid unneeded confrontation. Cold, solitary and expressionless, are the words that would best describe him. There are only a few things he truly enjoys. The thrill of the hunt, the taste of the meat one has caught and laying on a branch of a tree in the depth of night, basking in the noises of the evening forest.


Human: 1    Jaguar: 1           Earth: 1

Human soul:

Marksman and Spear mastery: Having hunted with a bow and spear through the biggest part of his life, Dete is and experienced user of both weapons.

Tracking: During the years spent as a hunter, Dete has tracked many prays. He is experienced in reading tracks and finding game.

Jaguar soul:

Apex predator: There is a reason why Dete enjoys hunting and is naturally talented in it. During a hunt he is most in tune with his animal soul. Adapting its traits, he becomes faster and stronger. In this state, it is very hard to intimidate or scare him. Hunting or danger can trigger it.

Sprint: Dete can make a short sprint at speeds exceeding those of which normal people are capable of. This however, takes a lot of energy. If he runs longer than 200 meters, he will be exhausted and need one or two minutes to get back into shape after the run.

Bite: The jaguar has an exceptionally strong bite and so does Dete.

Earth soul:

Growth: Some of his fellow tribesmen have noticed that plants, in their tents and in the vicinity, grew faster while Dete was staying with them. The chief was the one who taught him about his attunement to the earth element and how he can use it to grow plants.

Poisonous essence: Occasionally Dete used to get some foul taste in his mouth. He would usually spit it out and neglect it. Once however, when spiting to get rid of the taste, the saliva that came out had a dark green tint. After a little experimentation he realized that this is a poisonous mixture. After a few years of practice he is able to secrete the poison through the pores in his hands. He can still turn his spit into poison, but the taste afterwards can remain for hours. Depending on the dose of the poison the effects vary. He transforms his own bodily liquids into poison, this means he can’t use too much of it in short spans of time

Decay: Trough the use of growth, Dete realized he can reverse the process and decay the environment around himself. Depending on the plant, the effect is different.


Bow and quiver - The bow is handcrafted for him. It is slightly bigger than a normal one, to suit Dete’s size. The quiver is usually on his back, with no more than five arrows.
Spear – His spear is about a head taller than the man himself. With the long reach it provides, Dete can deliver devastating blows from a considerable distance.
Brown light leather armor – The armor consists of shoulder, elbow, leg and torso segments. Each segment is individually strapped to the body.
A small wicker covered water bottle.
A few leather sacs, in which he carries animal pelts and meat, if he has any to sell.
A normal and a skinning knife.
A bag of vine seeds
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Re: Dete na Plemeto
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2013, 09:13:03 AM »
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