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Author Topic: Jin (The Calling)  (Read 1753 times)

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Jin (The Calling)
« on: October 31, 2013, 02:40:06 AM »

Age: 16

Physical Appearance:

Jin's features have altered the course of his life from birth.  Many of his own countrymen thought him a foreigner until he shaved his head of his golden strands.  It was many more years before he learned to suppress the light that faintly glowed in his irises, like the mid-day water's reflection on the roof of a beach-side cave - golden in color as well.  Though it is well-trained and nimble, his body is small, standing at 5'2".  His skin tans well, and he clearly spends a great deal of his time in the sun.  When it comes to clothing, he cares little about what he wears as long as it allows him complete movement of his limbs, and though he does not tend to realize it... he enjoys warm colors; perhaps too much.


A pure and innocent soul, Jin actively seeks the betterment of the world around him.  To help those in need is an utter joy and opportunity to him, and a way to expand his life experiences.  He has little-to-no ties to material possessions, and enjoys travelling lightly - scavenging or performing to feed himself as he journeys.  He treasures all life, and has yet to find a reason he finds suitable for killing.  While it is difficult to rattle his emotions, he is young, and will often clam up and evade a situation if he feels he is emotionally compromised.

Soul Distribution:
Human - 1
Elemental, Light - 2
Animal, Honey Bee - 0

Weapon Skills: Bo

Fighting Styles: Bojutsu, Quanfa

Abilities (Light)

1.  Inner Light - Simply by being present, Jin's aura energizes life around him.  Plants become healthier and greener, and flowers - given time - turn at his passing in order to absorb this radiant warmth.  Any and all good-aligned creatures regenerate steadily, and should Jin focus his attention on the well-being another, whether they are good or evil, alignment becomes irrelevant.  Further mastery of the light increases the area of effect and healing properties.

2.  Illumination - By slamming a focus (weapon or hands will work) into the ground, Jin can illuminate a large area around him for an hour.  The light will provide benefits similar to Inner Light, which stacks (once for Inner Light, once for Illumination, no additional stacks).  Illumination lights even magical darkness.  Further mastery increases area of effect and healing properties.

3. Searing Light - When Jin places his hand on another, he may over-channel his energy into a person's being.  Through a somewhat disturbing display, the recipient glows from the inside of their bodies, and after a moment of pain, any critical wounds will be cauterized, and any bacterial or viral infections will be purged.  Jin is hesitant to ever use it, as the process is extremely painful.  While this can be used to high effect aggressively, Jin will likely never use it with the intent to kill another living being.  Further mastery decreases the amount of pain suffered, and can purge magical effects and curses on the target as well.

4.  Life Force - With his natural attunement to life, Jin can increase the life-force of plants as long as he is near their roots.  He can obscure an opponent's sight with a thick canvas of leaves, hinder their movement with entangling roots, or clear an otherwise impassable obstacle.  Further mastery allows quicker results on a larger scale.

5.  Blinding Visage - Jin's body begins to emit a light that is gentle to allies, and blinding to attackers.  With his swift fighting styles and erratic movements, this makes Jin an incredibly difficult target to hit in melee combat.  If needed, he can use this ability in conjunction with Searing Light on himself.  Further mastery increases his bodily energy and allows him to move faster and hit harder.

6.  Visions - One of Jin's most colorful abilities, this technique utilizes the area of his Illumination skill to confuse his foes.  Enemies within Illumination will perceive the landscape around them - as well as any of Jin's allies - through delayed spectrums of color.  For weaker foes, they may see two or three entirely separate bodies, while those gifted with the Calling might simply have a more difficult time pinpointing an exact location of a weapon they wield.  The ability remains active as long as enemies remain within Illumination, or until Jin is mortally wounded or otherwise unable to focus.  Illusions cause no direct harm.  Further mastery increases illusory effects.


"Master!  Master!" the shrieks of a crying child drew the attention of one of the head monks at Rongyu Monastery.  "It huuuuurts!"

The monk dropped what he was doing, pottery crashing to the ground as he ran to meet the child.  "Jin!  What is it?  Where does it hurt?" he hurriedly inspected the child, unable to immediately detect any sort of wound.

The initiate pointed directly to his master's face with the tip of his finger, trying to stifle his sobbing.  In return, his master's shoulders dropped as a relieved breath left his nostrils, and a wide smile wrinkled his aging eyes.

"Now now, it's only a little bee sting.  You'll be-"

"Why, Master Lao?!" the little boy erupted.  "Why did it do that?!" the eight year old sniffled, trying to cope with the apparent aggression of the bee.

"Ah, that is a fine question to ask, Jin.  Why indeed?" he asked, raising a suspicious brow at the child.

Jin gave a puzzled look.  "Huh?"

Master Lao gave a humble laugh.  "Go on Jin, think.  Why did the bee sting you?" the elderly monk cupped Jin's hand between his own endearingly.

The boy yanked his hand out of his master's, and folded his arms stubbornly as he stared angrily at the ground.  "Because it's mean."

With a sigh, Master Lao made himself comfortable, and sat before the child.  He was exaggeratedly ponderous as he continued to question Jin.  "Hmm, yes... that is strange indeed.  Honey bees such as this do not choose to sting lightly.  Most interesting..."

Jin was becoming visibly nervous, his gaze still fixed on the ground as he kicked the dirt.

"Jin, when a honey bee attacks someone, it only does so when it truly believes it is defending its hive and its fellows; it believes what it does is for the greater good.  It is never a selfish action." the elderly monk plucked the stinger from Jin's fingertip, and presented it to the boy.  "This stinger is a very important part of that bee.  Its stinger is connected directly to its innards, and often times, the stinger is caught in the flesh of what it attacks.  I'm sorry to tell you this, little one, the bee that stung you has passed on."

Jin raised his head in horror, and searched his master's eyes, hoping he was not serious.  To kill a living creature, no matter how small, was a great tragedy.

"Do you see now?  A simple honey bee would not even attack you to defend its own life. To do so would be to end its life either way.  Only if it believes you to be a true danger to the hive will it lay down its life, and do what it must to keep its home safe." Master Lao stood, and raised his arms outward.  As if nature itself answered his gesture, flower petals fluttered past him in a caressing gust of wind.  "Look around you, and see the beauty that surrounds us.  As men, we work hard, day and night to maintain a simple garden, and harder still for a crop.  Yet, something as small as a bee maintains the flow of life throughout the world, and blankets entire landscapes in the colors of spring and summer.  The bee is a noble creature which gives life, and sacrifices its own to protect not itself, but its kin." the old monk withdrew his arms, and crossed them as he peered down at his pupil.

"Now, Jin... are you certain the bee was only being 'mean?'"

Jin confessed as he picked at the fabric on his clothes.  "I... I was practicing quanfa... I think... I think I may have struck some flowers... it might've been... I didn't mean to-"

His master's warm smile stretched from ear to ear, nearly tearing up with pride.  "I know you meant no harm, Jin.  Just as the gentle honey bee... your presence is a wonderful one; you are a shining light upon the world from which life springs forth.  And I know that when the time comes, you will stay your hand until you truly believe the lives of others are in peril."

Many seasons passed, and Jin continued to bloom magnificently.  Despite the efforts of the monks in the monastery to conceal his presence, Jin's attunement with the life force of the world began to draw the attention of the locals, and soon, the country.

The government praised the boy's abilities.  They spoke of him as a re-incarnation of past leaders of the monk orders, and steadily, the boy was becoming a subject of worship, despite the protests of the varying monastic orders. Before long, he was often referred to as the "Child of Spring."  By then, the government had insisted guards upon the monasteries, and little Jin was constantly being drawn into meetings about political matters which he knew nothing of.

Master Lao was quick to see the actions of the government as a means to control and utilize Jin's popularity for political power.  The other elders had their complaints, yet through a great deal of subversion and the warm words of officials, had been pacified.  Master Lao was forced to act alone.

Jin had hardly any time on his own to travel his path to enlightenment with the distractions forced upon him.  While his natural light was still ever-growing, his other abilities remained stagnant.  So, when Master Lao sneaked into his quarters one night, it was not as difficult as the elder had thought it may be to convince him to leave the monastery.  Together, they moved swiftly, and were able to easily pass the guards.  Tears escaped their eyes as Master Lao held the boy in his arms one last time, as a father would his own son.

"May you behold this world, Jin... every corner of it.  For if this world beholds your light, even wars may end."

Jin smiled, the moonlight reflecting off the tears upon his cheeks.  "Every corner."

With that, the young monk disappeared into the darkness.

Afterward, Master Lao was apprehended by the authorities and questioned, accused of kidnapping the Child of Spring.  Before they took him away from the monastery, the law enforcement officials demanded to know Jin's location.  As he looked to the flowering fields before him, the old monk's eyes wrinkled with a sense of joy as the flowers bloomed in the wrong direction:  the direction where Jin left that fateful night.

With a wide grin, he proudly answered them, and took glee in the confused expressions that followed.

"Only the flowers can tell."

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Re: Jin
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