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Author Topic: Idle/Inactive Battle Guidelines  (Read 1870 times)

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Idle/Inactive Battle Guidelines
« on: December 25, 2014, 11:12:57 AM »
In this thread, you will find the official guidelines that govern the actions taken by the Ordos Administratum if a Board Battle goes idle due to Battle Master inactivity. These rules govern both the Epic Battle and all other Board Battles. These will be enforced on all Battle Masters on a case by case basis, regardless of the Battle Master's rank or standing within the Ordos Administratum. All Battle Masters hereby agree to these guidelines as set forth below. The Administrator reserves the right to edit these guidelines as deemed necessary at any time.


The boards have suffered in the past due to inactivity. The following guidelines should help remedy this issue. These guidelines only apply if the battle in question is idle due to lack of activity by the Battle Master. Battle Masters are expected to handle contacting their players on their own if they have gone idle, though a Battle Master can always enlist the help of an Inquisitor or the Administrator with this. But when the Battle Master has gone missing, the Ordos Administratum will step in.

Battle Masters are obviously allowed to have personal lives. These rules only apply when a Battle Master has gone idle with no notice. If a Battle Master states ahead of time that they will be unable to post, then the rules will only apply if the time away exceeds the expectations set by the Battle Master. EXCEPTION: Battle Masters running the Epic Battle and intending to be away for more than a week must make special arrangements with the Ordos Administratum to prevent a stall in the action.

Board Battles that have been deemed idle or inactive by the Ordos Administratum will fall under a three step program to remedy the situation. These steps are described below.

A member of the Ordos Administratum will attempt to reach out to the Battle Master via PM if the battle has been idle for more than a week. If the Battle Master in question is not an Inquisitor, they will be contacted by the Inquisitor assigned to their battle. If the Battle Master is also an Inquisitor, they will be contacted by the Administrator directly. If the Battle Master is also the Administrator, the Ordos Administratum will send out a strike team and have him apprehended and brought to justice contact him via PM or email. Players are not to reach out to the Battle Master regarding delays on their own. The issue will be handled by the Ordos Administratum. Players are also not to spam OOC threads with requests to get the battle moving. The Ordos will update the respective OOC threads to keep players up to date on the process. If any players feel that enough time has passed to warrant a Step being taken but no updates have been made by the Ordos, then the players are encouraged to contact an Inquisitor directly to find out what's happening.

After two weeks with no updates or replies to attempts to make contact, the issue will be escalated to the Administrator. The Administrator will attempt to make contact using all available forms of communication (email, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc.). An official announcement will be made on the Administorum Facebook page and Twitter feed requesting that the Battle Master make contact with the Ordos Administratum. The Administrator will continue to make attempts to contact the Battle Master in question. If the Battle Master is the Administrator, the Ordos will be authorized to use all forms of communication to track him down, including phone and in person contact.

If three weeks have passed and all attempts to communicate with the Battle Master have failed, or the Battle Master still has not updated his story, then Step 3 will be initiated. The actions taken at this point depends on whether the battle in question is the Epic Battle or a custom battle.

If the battle in question is a custom battle, the battle will be retired. All threads will be closed. The Battle Master will lose his Battle Master rank. All threads and characters will be moved to their respective place in the archives. The Battle Master will be put on a one month probation period, during which they will not be considered for any hosting requests. The Battle Master can re-apply to restart their retired battle once the period is up. Repeat offenders will no longer be allowed to host battles here.

If the battle in question is the Epic Battle, the Battle Master will be relieved of their duties as described above. However, since the Epic Battle cannot simply be ended, a poll will be started to determine the fate of the story arc itself. Because a story arc cannot be completed without god modding all characters involved, and some of these characters have been around for years, we will not god-mod them through a story arc without permission. The players will be given the option of either completing the story arc with an interim Battle Master or ending the battle immediately.

If the first option is chosen, the exiting Battle Master will be expected to choose an interim host. If they refuse (or are not available to make the choice) then a host will be chosen by the Ordos Administratum. The interim Battle Master will be expected to work with the exiting Battle Master as much as possible to ensure that the arc is ended properly, but if the exiting Battle Master is unable to or refuses to cooperate with this, then the interim Battle Master will end the arc as they see fit, with direct guidance from the Ordos.

If the second option is chosen, the exiting Battle Master will be expected to write a brief summary tying up any lose ends with their storyline so that the next Battle Master can start with a clean slate. If the Battle Master can't (or won't) provide this summary, a member of the Ordos will be selected to write it for them.

Regardless of which option is chosen, a second poll will be opened to select a new Battle Master that will either take over from the interim host when the arc is completed, or will start fresh after the summary is posted. Offenders will not be considered to run the Epic Battle again until at least one full story arc has passed. Repeat offenders will no longer be eligible to run the Epic Battle.

These step 3 actions will be taken regardless of whether the Battle Master is a regular user, an Inquisitor, or the Administrator. The actions taken here will have no direct effect on an Inquisitor's standing within the Ordos.

The Battle Master may, at any point in this process, grant another user permission to continue running their battle. They will become the Interim Battle Master until the original Battle Master returns, at which point they will be expected to turn things back over. The interim battle Master will be expected to touch base with the actual Battle Master to ensure they are handling things properly. At no point will a member of the Ordos Administratum or anyone else take control of a Battle without express permission of the Battle Master, with the exception of the Epic Battle when Step 3 is enacted. (See above.)

If the Ordos Administratum contacts a Battle Master about their inactive battle and they reply, they will be expected to then make every effort to post and get their battle running again ASAP. These issues will be handled on a case by case basis, and the Ordos will make reasonable exceptions for issues beyond the Battle Master's control, provided that they are explained properly and that a time frame is given for the Battle Master's return. If a Battle Master replies but then fails to update, or gives a time frame and then exceeds that time frame, the process will continue from the last completed step, up to and including Step 3.

Certain steps may be skipped in the case of repeat issues. If a Battle Master is gone long enough to warrant Step 1, comes back for a week, and then is gone for a week again, the Ordos Administratum reserves the right to move directly to Step 2 for the second offense. Repeated long absences without adequate explanation will lead directly to Step 3 being enforced.

Thank you for taking the time to read these guidelines. These rules are in place to keep the boards interesting and prevent long pauses that cost us players. Please contact any Inquisitor or the Administrator if you have any questions.
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Re: Idle/Inactive Battle Guidelines
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2018, 11:11:16 PM »
As of today, *Hanako has been retired and these rules have been suspended indefinitely until they can be properly re-written. This will likely take place once the current Epic Battle comes to a close.