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Author Topic: The Eye of Terror: End of Terror (Part I)  (Read 43654 times)

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Re: The Eye of Terror: End of Terror (Part I)
« Reply #180 on: April 30, 2019, 08:03:24 PM »
The light radiates from Jharm and consumes everything around it. Bone and teeth are burned away, and the cracks in the walls begin to widen. Nurgle forces in more smog but the light clears it faster than it can form. With a sudden rumble, the walls collapse and are consumed, leaving Jharm free of Nurgle’s influence.

Tzeentch seems to anticipate Kitharsis’s actions, as it fires a volley of magic from behind Kitharis meant to knock him off balance and stop him from deflecting the spell. Fortunately, Soul Reaver’s arrival was not anticipated, and his defenses easily handle the attacks, leaving Kitharsis free to focus on the shields. The twin lances of disruption are reflected straight back at the cone. The sounds of conflicting majiks swells into a roar, and the cone is  consumed. The few remaining staff wielding appendages attempt to swing into the area the cone occupied but are destroyed by Kitharsis’s secondary volley. The remaining spells die off and Soul Reaver and Kitharsis find themselves uncontested.

The view that the three Companions are presented with explains the god’s silence. Only Danyael’s shifting prison of bodies is still intact. Every ounce of the Avatar’s remaining attention is focused on trying to free itself from the grasp of Gulgrim and move away from the WAAAGH!!! Fire that is slowly but surely consuming it. With three of the four gods now fully focused on Gulgrim, the ork finds his arms being pushed backwards. His body is blasted by bolter fire, bolts of lightning, and poison spikes that seem to fire from the Avatar at completely random locations and intervals. He can also feel a great energy building within the Avatar. Something that is clearly meant for him.

Inside the shell of clones and echoes, Slaanesh laughs a melodious laugh, reminiscent of church bells on a  wedding day, as they shake Danyael’s hand.


Slaanesh’s words are cut short as a number of his clones are obliterated by warp energy, creating a gap where only Danyael’s echoes remain. A figure slips in between them, wreathed in warp fire. A voice intimately familiar to Danyael rings out.

“Danyael? What are you doing?”

This is definitely Mary, but a number of things are certainly off. Her polished plate armor is gone, replaced by traveling clothes and a hooded cloak of colors identical to those of Daynael’s own Everworld cloak. The two handed sword she wields is comprised of a deep obsidian material with bright purple veins of energy coursing through it. And her voice sounds older. Even older than that of the Future Mary that recently left Danyael’s side. The extra time seems to have done her well, as she looks better than ever, and extremely well rested. Danyael can also sense that her power has greatly increased. One would expect her to possibly be angry with the scenario laid out before her, but her only expression is an amused smirk.

“This offer of power would be insulting to the man I know. Are you really going to let this pathetic cast-off of a god, who by the way, is desperate for your help because his friends are outside currently losing badly, try to sway you with promises of things you already have?”

Slaanesh snarls. Their facial expression changes their complexion from one of abject beauty to one of almost terrifying perfection.


Some of the clones disengage from Danyael’s echoes and hurl themselves at Mary, crying and shrieking as they attempt to tear her apart. Mary moves swiftly, cutting the first few down with her sword and consuming the remaining attackers with warp fire. Mary grins.

“Come on, Danyael Ilixandros. Let’s kill a god. For old time’s sake.”

Neither Peterson or Cameron have immediately moved to engage each other. Cameron is taking stock of his energy levels and injuries to see how aggressive he can afford to be. Peterson, meanwhile, no longer has the ability to see Cameron’s moves before he makes them, and is thus holding back to avoid being surprised. Mary is not looking at either of them, and instead has turned her attention back to the warp rift behind them.

“Oh, I’m sorry, dear. Is this not interesting enough for you?”

Mary’s mind was elsewhere, back in the Warp. She can feel something is wrong. Something with Danyael. She briefly considers leaving Cameron and diving back in to try and find them, but she knows that she is currently where she needs to be. She makes a mental note to herself to look into this later before Peterson’s snide comment brings her back to attention.

“Oh, fuck off. You haven’t even attacked yet. You’re just standing there, looking stupid.”

Peterson makes a big show of looking mock offended.

“Well now! You’re talking a mighty big game for someone who I’ve already beaten within an inch of her life today. Anything else to add before I finish the job?”

Mary grins.

“Yeah. Pay attention.”

Peterson has just enough time to look confused before Cameron’s armored boot strikes him directly in the face. He howls in pain as he falls. His few remaining chains dig into the earth and yank him upright and backwards, barely avoiding a downward slash from Valermos. He lands a few feet away.

“Oh, so very fucking CLEVER. Come on, Cameron. Stop fucking around and fight me face to face!”

Peterson takes a step back before lunging at Cameron, who also lunges forward in response. Now the fight truly begins.

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Re: The Eye of Terror: End of Terror (Part I)
« Reply #181 on: May 13, 2019, 06:11:41 PM »
The Seraphim floats down to the ground, light still radiating from within him.  His gaze settles on the struggle between Gulgrim and the Avatar.

"Well...three against one.  That certainly doesn't seem to be very fair now does it?  I believe it is time to rectify this.  It seems clear that your...Gork and Mork are quite formidable, you need not face this alone any longer my friend.  The Light, as always, stands with you."

Jharm raises a hand upwards.  From above them a multitude of lights seem to flicker into existence.  The small lights quickly begin to get bigger and bigger as the orbs scream downwards, all focusing in on the Avatar from every direction.
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