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Author Topic: Epic Battle Character Creation Outline  (Read 2569 times)

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Epic Battle Character Creation Outline
« on: March 10, 2010, 10:39:16 PM »
Here it is! The long sought after Epic Character Creation Outline! Use this to discover what information should be listed where on your character post. Feel free to copy and paste this outline and use it wholesale. Just make sure you delete the text in brackets. That could end up being embarrassing.


Race: [Whatever race your character is, be it human, demon, alien, something we've never heard of, ect. You can also include whether your character is male, female, or other here.]
Origin: [The world your character came from, and the Plane of existence that this world exists in.]


[This is where you will type your character's appearance. Detail here is good. The more detailed you make this section, the easier it will be for us to visualize what your character looks like. You may include descriptions of weapon and equipment here but don't go in depth describing what the weapons and equipment do. There's another section for that further down.]


[This is where you will post info about your character's personality. Are they a loner or do they work better as a team? Are they confident or do they lack social graces? Any phobias or fears? Happy go lucky or constantly angry? Answer as many questions as you can about your character's personality in this section.]


[This is a very important section. It is here that you will list the abilities that your character has. Remember that the abilities listed here will be the abilities that your character can use in the battle, so do not skimp on these. Don't go overboard either, however. Remember to keep the Character Generation rules in mind when filling this section out, and try not to overpower your character too badly. List each of your abilities separately so that they can be told apart easily by the Battle Master.]


[You should list your character's equipment here. This does not have to be equipment that your character has on him at all times, but can also include special equipment that your character has access to. However, if your character is not carrying a certain piece of equipment on his or her person, please be sure to describe where it is located and how they would access it, if applicable.]


[This is the single most important section of your character post. While everything else above this serves as mechanics, it is the background that breathes the spark of life into your character. This is also where your character can stand out as an original creation instead of just some bad-ass from a movie or game that you decided to play. Make this as detailed as possible. Really try to sell the Battle Master on your character. Well thought out characters are much more fun to play then quickly thrown together ones. If you can't fill this section, it may be possible that you need to go back to the drawing board on that particular character and work on some other ideas. Try to make sure you've fleshed out your character before submitting it for approval, as that will save you time and frustration.

[Any additional info that does not fit any of these sections can go in the bottom of your character sheet. If you're a returning battler from the old Administorum, posting some of your history with the other Epic Companions can help pad out your character further.]

See the Epic Battle Master with any questions regarding this.
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