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Board Battles / Re: The Eye of Terror: End of Terror (Part I)
« Last post by Jharm on December 09, 2018, 10:37:50 PM »
The Seraphim growls with anger as Abaddon manages to once avoid any real damage from the Companions attacks as she retreats into the obsidian shell.

"Enough.  I am tired of you running and hiding and fleeing from the punishment that is due for you Abaddon!"

Jharm swings his hammers at the tentacles, his weapons smashing into the appendages to keep them at bay as the glow from within him brightens further until suddenly he just stops.

"Enough is enough be it."

His hands open up, his weapons crashing to the floor as he suddenly charges towards the shell and launches himself at it.

"Burn!  Burn in the righteous flames of the Light!!"

As his figure reaches the shell he opens his arms wide and the glow from within him suddenly seems to pull back inside before the entire area is bathed in brilliant white light.  It is almost the same as when Abaddon created their detonation earlier, but instead of fire and destruction this explosion seems to be different.  Waves of concentrated Light radiate out from where the Seraphim was.  The glow is so large and brilliant it can be seen from all around, as Seraphs down amidst the city pause and gaze up at it, Nethanya and Drayvon specifically.

D: "By the Light....he's done it.  Wrath of the Light.  I hope either it was enough...or that his friends will be able to finish it..."

As the blinding light subsides, the figure of the Seraphim can be seen laying near the edge of the platform, once more in his normal form, his large hammer resting next to him...and while it seems as if he still draws breathe, there is little other movement from the angelic warrior.
Board Battle OOC Threads / Re: The Eye of Terror: OOC Thread XII
« Last post by Shadow Chorus on December 07, 2018, 10:38:02 PM »
Posts from me will be pretty irregular throughout the christmas season because post office work offers no free time. Sorry if I don't manage to get a post out for a while.
Board Battle OOC Threads / Re: The Eye of Terror: OOC Thread XII
« Last post by Cameron on December 07, 2018, 12:26:50 AM »
Well, 23 minutes past the deadline, but I beat Jharm so it still counts.  ::)

I'll be posting something for Cameron, Mary, and Peterson later on. More than likely this weekend. But for now, this should be enough for everyone to respond to. The "hastily borrowed from the Fei Serumen playbook" attack Abbadon unleashed is targeting everyone on the field, so be sure to react accordingly. Let me know if I missed anything.
Board Battles / Re: The Eye of Terror: End of Terror (Part I)
« Last post by Cameron on December 07, 2018, 12:23:10 AM »
Abbadon is trying to concentrate on her counter spell, but there is just so much NOISE. The cacophony of voices coming from both Jharm and Danyael is almost overwhelming to the senses. Thus, she only has the spell partially complete before Soul Reaver's attack comes.

Seeing no other solution, she unleashes the spell she was preparing before it is ready. This is not enough to dispel or even disrupt the shield around her, but it does protect her from the majority of the shockwave spell, leaving her enough time to sidestep Soul Reaver's next attack.

Or so she thinks, cause just as she goes to move, she finds herself barred by tentacles that burn into her flesh and hold her fast. Roaring in pain, and with only moments before Soul Reaver strikes, she sacrifices two of her arms in defense, allowing the chaos born great swords to dissipate back into nothing as a result.

The two arms grasp the tentacles targeting her, causing them to begin to disintegrate. But as they do, she swings them to the left with all of her strength, ripping Kitharsis off his feet and colliding him with Soul Reaver just as his frontal assault was to land. Abbadon's extra arms burn to ash at this point but she has enough time to leap backwards and give herself some distance.

"TIme. I just need time. And space."

Without warning, an obsidian shell begins to encase Abbadon. Within moments, she can no longer be seen. It is clear that she is going to use this to try and repair some of the damage that has been done to her. But before anyone has a chance to try and prevent this, they are waylaid by an unexpected attack.

Tenebrous tentacles burst forth from the ground underneath each of the companions. For Kitharsis, these move to intercept each of his own tendrils, seeming to seep energy out of them as they make contact. For everyone else, the tendrils look to grab each warrior and tear them asunder. Anyone the tentacles get near can feel their energy being drained away as a malaise overtakes them. Throughout it all, a horrible chorus of screams echoes from inside the obsidian shell, drowning out both Jharm's and Danyael's voices. These are the screams of the millions of souls Abbadon has absorbed. A chorus that will only aid in her concentration and drown out all other voices.
Board Battle OOC Threads / Re: The Eye of Terror: OOC Thread XII
« Last post by Cameron on December 05, 2018, 09:44:14 PM »
My apologies again. Work and personal issues are conspiring to keep me away from writing a post this week.

I will have a post up no later than tomorrow night. I am authorizing Jharm to post on my behalf if I do not have something posted by 12:00 AM EDT on 12/7.
Board Battles / Re: The Eye of Terror: End of Terror (Part I)
« Last post by Kitharsis on December 04, 2018, 09:48:32 AM »
The rune shimmering between the tiny skeleton mage's hands is erased with a "Pop!" as Abbadon merely shrugs off the effects of the slow spell.  Luckily, Mary was able to score a few hits in before the spell was nullified.

The tattoos on Kitharsis's arms are glowing fiercely by now, ready to strike out.  The tiny mage clambers up onto his shoulders as the stony warrior prepares his onslaught. 

A serious buildup of energy alerts him to Soul Reaver beginning his own attack.  The immortal warrior streaks forward with a head on charge.  Wouldn't it be convenient if Abbadon couldn't dodge out of the way...

Kitharsis swings both of his arms like a breast stroke, the tattoos scrawling down them flare even brighter as tendrils of crimson energy burst out of them.  The tendrils scream toward Abbadon.  They attempt to wrap around her limbs and her torso, grabbing purchase on whatever they can.  This isn't just a dumb rope either,  Kitharsis is controlling each tendril.  If they miss their mark they will attempt to grab at Abbadon again and again until they are either destroyed or Kitharsis is unable to maintain the effort.

Should his attack succeed and grab Abbadon's body, he will do his damnedest to keep her in one place so that Soul Reaver's attack succeeds. 

In the meantime, the tiny mage weaves threads of magic into another spell.
Board Battle OOC Threads / Re: The Eye of Terror: OOC Thread XII
« Last post by Kitharsis on December 04, 2018, 09:19:38 AM »
Sorry!  I'm getting over a nasty, knock down illness from last week.

I'll get something up today.

edit:  Oof, oof, I should proofread a little better before hitting maek poast.
Board Battle OOC Threads / Re: The Eye of Terror: OOC Thread XII
« Last post by Cameron on December 04, 2018, 07:50:12 AM »
Sorry for not getting a post up this weekend as planned. I'll have something up by the end of today.
Board Battle OOC Threads / Re: The Eye of Terror: OOC Thread XII
« Last post by Danyael on November 30, 2018, 10:34:34 PM »
Apologies for the delay. Danyael's still not attacking, but he is taking action. He's taken the echoes of the field, but is now (as described in the post) making more use of the spheres, quadrupling their number from 4 to 16. Through the Yamato and the 16 spheres, a strong frequency is emitting from them, with Danyael now (through use of his perceptions of energies) taking on an eerily unpredictable form. He's not attacking, however, but those who are particularly sensitive to warp energy (Mary and Abbadon) could sense the coming disturbance - if you so choose to write it in your next post. The voices coming from his new (and very temporary) form are also so focused that the physical waves of sound are subtly pushing against Abbadon (or Abbadon's barrier). But this isn't, and shouldn't be, considered as an attack.
Board Battles / Re: The Eye of Terror: End of Terror (Part I)
« Last post by Danyael on November 30, 2018, 10:27:43 PM »
The echoes prepared to flank-dash Cameron, suddenly halting stock still, about facing toward Danyael instead. The Nephilim Lord let Mary attack, choosing to keep his distance. Cowardice didn’t fuel his decision, but rather tactfulness. He spun the Yamato through his fingers as the wheeling blade was then thrust into the ground at his feet.

The Yamato plunged deep, but not deep enough to conceal the blade – the weapon quivering with the after effect force of the thrust. Upon impact, the orbiting spheres stopped frozen in the air. Peculiarly, the sword’s blade rung with an identical frequency comparable with the spheres. In the same instant, the whispy formed echoes snapped back into Danyael as he, without missing a beat, took five steps forward, arms and hands only slightly outstretched. And then his form began to change as he – having been directly in front of the Yamato – also began to ring with the same frequency as the sword and spheres. And yet still, the spheres made no such motion toward Abbadon. And then they began to quiver, then quivered faster and faster still. All within the same instant, they began to shake themselves into duplicates of themselves. 4 spheres became 8 and the frequency doubled with intensity. Then 8 became 16 and the frequency quadrupled.
His warp-aligned sight perceived the energies around him as a clashing maelstrom of furies, ramming and bashing and crashing against each other. Another fragment of focus mirrored his appearance with the very energies he saw that the others couldn’t descry. To the corporeal senses, he was flashing between multiple forms of himself, of ice and water, air and mist, light and darkness, form and formlessness. The frequency kept at a constant, as did his form continue its unending flux.

His voice spoke in a language alien to all but himself, guttural and feral. And then another voice identical to his. And another and another, numbering in the same amount as the 16 miniature spheres, devolving into a barking chorus of phantom voices. Their boom and bass came in patterns and waves, so intense in fact that they practically pushed at Abbadon herself. But this was no attack. He made no motion to attack, still. In the formlessness, the Nephilim continued the second stage of his tactic, which still kept him at a good enough distance to observe, survey and put together his next strategy while his comrades kept up the assault. He had the highest faith in them, just like he had the highest faith that, when it was his turn, they’d let him have his turn.
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