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Author Topic: Terje Leidolf WIP  (Read 1831 times)

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Terje Leidolf WIP
« on: November 30, 2011, 02:23:54 PM »
Terje Leidolf

Race:  Nord
Classification:  Huscarl

A remarkably well-built man nearing 30 years of age, Terje is a red-haired statue of a Nord.  He maintains himself well, his otherwise wild hair and beard braided in several areas with small metallic trinkets dangling from the tips.  His body is an efficient machine, standing at 6’4” with musculature that is both flexible and powerful.  His armor changes constantly – a gallery of his many victories -- changing with the foes he has slain, taking their armor, pelts, or even bones as his prize.

Despite the stories told of his brutality in combat, Terje is a dormant beast until angered.  There are few who have ever truly earned his ire, and even less who he has sought vengeance upon.  When he fights, it is a means to better his self so that he may safeguard others that cannot do so for their selves.

He is a strategist and leader that takes time to know those who he leads so he may better know their strengths, and knows well the importance of morale.  He is a gifted storyteller, and a lavish drinker, making his victory celebrations a sight to behold, albeit rarely remembered the next day.


Shield Prowess - While Leidolf is by no means weak with his blade, it is typically used as a distraction; it is the weight of his shield that will come crashing down on the skulls of his foes.

Aura of Valor - Simply being in the presence of Huscarl Leidolf fills even the most disheartened men with thoughts of victory.  As Terje charges into battle, the weariness of his comrades fades away, their fears forgotten, and their agonizing wounds become mere “flesh wounds” in their eyes.

Front Line Combatives – His form and technique in combat are flawless, allowing him to redirect and withstand blows that would ordinarily destroy a man.



-Captured by greater clan

-Forced to fight and kill his fellow men in the “Blood Pit”

-Attempts to stop killing others, but the opposing Jarl has the provided weaponry secretly poisoned to ensure the pit fighters’ deaths.

-After having killed his former second-in-command and comrade with the poisoned weapons, Terje refuses to even land a glancing blow on his foes with an edged weapon… in yet another act of defiance, he turns to his shield in combat.

-The Jarl, angered by Terje’s growing popularity, sends his soldiers to gather dangerous beasts from the land in order to destroy Terje once and for all without harming the Jarl’s name, and increase the popularity of The Blood Pit.
-A werewolf is painstakingly captured by the Jarl’s men, and forced to fight in the pit against Terje on a full moon.
-Terje manages to defeat the werewolf by a slim margin due to its previous wounds from the Jarl’s soldiers, and does so without direct use of the tainted weaponry.  His popularity skyrockets, and the Jarl grows increasingly furious.  More soldiers are sent to find even greater beasts…
-Terje and his men devise a plan to free the werewolf that is now chained and closely guarded for future events, knowing they will need his brute strength to reach the armory.

-The night of the next full moon, when the werewolf is at his peak of power, Terje and his men execute their plan, but are soon discovered by the guards.  The guards however, fed up with the Jarl’s fixation on the pit fights, and the deaths of soldiers at the hands of monsters he desired to be captured, join their cause on one condition:  they return one day to kill the Jarl.

-Amid the chaos, the werewolf freed and the armory looted, the Jarl awakes to the sight of his precious Blood Pit in flames, and his forces divided.
-Ending: Terje makes his way to the castle, and confronts the Jarl, taking his head only after claiming the crown.

Here's a rough rough rough draft for my character for Shadowhaunt.  Before I fill in the rest of the blanks and refine the history, I want to make sure he'll fit well into the game starting out to make things nice and smooth.  Any and all feedback is appreciated, let me know what sucks and what doesn't, and any major plot holes you can immediately see.

My big question is:  should I try to close things off on it though?  Like killing off the Jarl during the escape, separating Terje from his men so he doesn't start off with a following, etc.?  I figure I don't want anything conflicting with the story already put in place for the game, so yeah. :P

As for equipment, I'm thinking of a skull made from some sort of monster for his shield (perhaps the beast the Jarl sends to kill them at the end, should I choose that ending), but not sure what would be available just yet.

And no, he will not resemble Russell Crowe. XD
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Re: Terje Leidolf WIP
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2011, 07:45:50 PM »
If he's a huscarl, you'll want to go into how he came to be head of, or formed a new, clan. Most people don't just gain the respect of a Huscarl or the equipment of one just by being famous in a pit fight. Now, Killing this bastard Jarl and taking his claim as head of whatever clan it is, that'll work.

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Re: Terje Leidolf WIP
« Reply #2 on: December 01, 2011, 01:00:42 AM »
I was thinking of having him already having been so, but I like that idea muuuuch better.  That also ties up loose ends while making him a much more viable character to be taking on mythical beasts.  It will be done! :)