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Author Topic: Ash Ricster (Shadowstorm)  (Read 1736 times)

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Ash Ricster (Shadowstorm)
« on: December 10, 2011, 07:27:30 AM »
Name:  Ash Ricster

Nickname:  Ifrit

Height: 6.4


      As a child Ash was one of the few kids that suffered from pyromania, he would often set books on fire in the back garden and watch them burn. He went through a lot of doctors to gain a certain level of control over his impulse control disorder to deliberately start fires. 
When Ash was in middle school after returning from class he saw a man near his home that was starting a fire. When the fire started the man saw Ash, smiled and quickly ran away. Ash, however, was captivated by the flames and filled with euphoria kept on watching without moving from the spot. The flames quickly rose and engulfed his whole house. In this fire his little sister died and unfortunately he was blamed for starting it. Even though he pleaded innocence his parents didn’t believe him and he was send off to a juvenile detention center. There was another peculiarity about Ash, he possessed a rare ability, namely kinetic vision. If he concentrates he can look at fast moving objects as if they are standing still. With this inborn ability Ash made short work of any who would test his patience in the JDC. From then on things simply went worse.

     At the age of 15 he already had 10 criminal offences including assault, burglary and animal cruelty. Eventually, after he came of age, he spent some time in prison where he got acquainted with some serious criminals. He became part of small band of criminals. After a few heists whit the band and setting all their targets on fire he was nicknamed Ifrit. One of their big heists was hitting an augmentation clinic right after they got their supplies, during the heist however, Ash got shot and eventually lost his left arm, but thanks to the heist they actually had some military grade augmented arms in stock now and he got both his arms replaced with the help of an underground surgeon.

     The gang would usually work alone but sometimes they would use outside help when necessary . They were supposed to rob a brothel, whose owner made the wrong people angry. They broke in, from the back while one of their crew was causing a scene in the reception area. They got to the safe and their hacker started working on it, unfortunately he failed and triggered an alarm so they had to scatter. Ash ran up the nearby stairs away from reception, where the guards will be coming from, and into the first room that he saw. Inside the room though he saw a face he never thought would see again. It was the arsonist who started the fire that killed his sister.

“Hey what the fuck do you think you’re  doing???” said the man who’s anger was understandable seeing how he was naked and had mounted one of the whores.

“Oh, sorry I’ll be really quick.” Said Ash and whit his long legs, was within an arm’s reach of the man in two steps, took out his knife grabbed him by the throat and slit his gut open. The whore screamed and ran in horror. Ash on the other hand covered the man with the sheets, took out a lighter and set him ablaze.  The guards came shortly after and captured him.
     During the haste most of his gang was caught. Currently ash is awaiting trial in jail. His hands power supply has been taken and in turn replaced with a normal one that limits his hands to only normal functions.

     Ash has only his arms augmented. This can be consider too little but his augmentation is not some cheap run off the mill set of arms, his is a military grade augmentation that cannot be acquired by just anybody. Apart from allowing him to lift heavy objects effortlessly and dish out powerful hits, Ash’s arms have a claw function which turns his fingers into spikes, that can support his weight, which he can use to climb any surface he can stab them into. His left arm can emit an short ranged EMP pulse from the palm which can damage an enemy’s augmentation, while his right hand can act as a taser and incapacitate a target. After he uses an arm it needs to refill its energy so he can’t use either one more than three times in a row. Both his arms have dermal plating that allows for him to block strong impacts, bullets and even fire to a certain degree.

     During his time with the gang Ash learned jujutsu which coupled with his kinetic vision made him into a fearsome hand to hand opponent, even before he got his arms.  He also took part into infiltrations and learned how to hack to an average degree. Even though he dislikes fire arms, Ash learned how to use a pistol just in case.


The pyromaniac’s best friend, a lighter.

A combat knife he carries with him everywhere.

     As e person who has spent most of his childhood in medical facilities and the rest in correctional facilities, Ash is impulsive and brash. He likes playing with fire and always keeps a lighter on himself. Despite the way he looks he is not rude unless provoked to be.  He hates being excluded from a conversation and has the habit of speaking his mind.


     He has a skinny physique and because of that he prefers to wear sleeveless leather jacket with a hood to make himself look more buffed than he is. His arms are both mechanical augmentations that are black. On his lower body he wears camouflage pants. The lower half of his face is covered by a mask. The mask is dark grey and follows the shape of his jaw. There are no decorations on the mask. He has short brown hair and dark brown eyes. On the back of his waist he carries a combat knife that is covered by his jacket.
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Re: Ash Ricster (Shadowstorm)
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2011, 06:55:12 PM »
This character is APPROVED

Hey boss, got a hit on another potential.  Info should be coming your way now.

The man begins gazing over the info and the 3D model.

"A criminal?"

Yep.  I know, not exactly a prime candidate but could have potential.

"Well, lets get in conact with the jail.  Make sure the meeting is secure,  no camera's or anything."

Consider it done.

"Well Mr. Ricster,  I sure hope you prove worth all this hassle."
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