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Author Topic: Desmond (Shadowhaunt)  (Read 1448 times)

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Desmond (Shadowhaunt)
« on: September 01, 2013, 02:36:07 PM »

Race: Vampire


Desmond shrouds himself in a black cloak emblazoned with dark silver edges, wearing extremely lightweight black leather armor. Around his waist is a crimson belt, ornamented with sculptures of skulls and spiders. His skin is pale, with a slight reddish tint. A very soft green glow emanates from his eyes.

Desmonds Journal Entry

“I know not what strange urges possess me. My kin would have me ravage the living, bleeding them of their life and drinking their souls. But I cannot........I will not. The Dark Gift bestowed upon me is a living hell, I find myself constantly at war with my inner instincts. I must believe that there is more to my life than this exile from the world above, living with vermin and rats. Is it humanity I possess? This cannot be, I have found no written accounts of a Vampire retaining a part of his past humanity. What I do know, is that my answers will not be found in books and darkness. Perhaps the monks of Nocturna have the answers I seek……..but what hope have I of appealing to their ensight?”
~Desmond the Lone


Solace of Night – Desmond can command the creatures of the night, calling swarms of rats, bats, and wolves to aide him. All creatures called forth are endowed with ‘blood sickening’, each of their attacks infect their victims blood.

Transform – Desmond can transform himself into a dark dire bear with bright red eyes. While in beast form, strength and resiliency are greatly increased.

Vampiric Shadow – A Vampire is one with the shadows he lives in. During battles Desmond has the ability to manipulate the shadows of his surrounding area, using them to engulf and disorient foes. He can also seemingly melt himself or allies into shadows, transporting them to a different location on the battlefield.

Blood Pact – Desmond rips the life blood from his foe, granting health and increased strength to nearby allies.

Dark Gift – Desmond rubs his blood on an ally’s weapon, imbuing the wielders weapon with a dark aura. Once the weapons draws blood from an enemy, the wielders speed and agility are greatly increased.

Blood Frenzy – Desmond can enter Blood Frenzy, similar to a berserkers Rage. This occurs when Desmond tastes the enemies’ blood on the battlefield. Once Blood Frenzy is activated, Desmond enters a mode where he is not entirely in control of his actions. Allies may often need to step in to quell the Vampire after the battle is over.

Mist Form - Desmond can transform into a mist, able to travel through small spaces over decently long distances. It is also a handy trick for getting out of sticky situations


Apparel – Black cloak with silver embroidery. Ancient crimson belt decorated with spiders and skulls.

Weapons – Two short swords inscribed with dark magic with gold trimming running down the side of each blade

Armor – Lightweight leather armor forged in the black city and soaked in Dullahan blood.

“Light glitters off several candle sticks that slowly burn and wither away deep beneath the streets of the Black City. A small circular room contains a library of books on dark magic and vampiric history. The scent of dry blood invades the room’s already brooding feel. In the center of the room a man sits, draped in a black cloak and hood. His hands are clasped beneath his chin as if he were deep at thought, warring with inner demons. This was Desmonds life, a constant battle to identify with his humanity.”

Desmond is unlike his Vampire kin who prey on the streets above. Ever sense his turning he has felt a constant urge to inherently distinguish what is right and wrong. Much of his vampire life has been spent in solace, studying old books on Vampire Alchemy and Sorcery. A large portion of his collection contains the history of Vampiric Lineages, in hopes of finding clues as to what he truly is.

Early in his Vampire life Desmond feasted on human blood, as taught by his mentor. Though he did not understand it at the time, this would plant seeds of guilt and regret that would last for the rest of his dark life. The life of his kin eventually became so sickening to him that he fled, deep below the streets of the black city where he now lives. He feeds on rats and other creatures that share his habitat with him.
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Re: Desmond
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Approved for use in the Shadowhaunt Battle, and will enter the story at an appropriate time.