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Author Topic: Daccio Bajihri (The Calling)  (Read 1305 times)

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Daccio Bajihri (The Calling)
« on: October 19, 2013, 08:01:31 PM »
Character Creation:

Metal (Earth (particulalry metal))
Mink (Animal)

Standing 5'9", Daccio is slightly above average height. She is long legged and wiry, and looks like a stiff breeze might blow her over. She has long, silken black hair, with the last few inches of hair strikingly changed to white (the hair texture and white comes from her animal soul). She wears sleeveless shirts, revealing artful swirling tatto patterns that go from wrist to under her shirt. She wears light trousers and boots, and rounds this out by wearing a cloak most of the time, typically in dark greys to black.

Daccio is a fairly reserved person, until you get to know her, then she won't shut up. She likes to talk with those she trusts and considers friends and is often times very curious about anything and everything. As is the mink, Daccio is pimarily active at the hours surrounding dusk and dawn, as well as being well suited to night time adventures. She oftentimes is tired and somewhat sluggish during the day, finding ways to take naps whenever possible. (A mink trait, mostly nocturnal) She is 20 years old.

Human 1
Hand to hand (Muay Thai)
Brutal Hand to hand counter attacking (Think Krav maga)
Knives (Throwing/Hand to hand)
Daccio carries no less than 6 knives spirited about her person, as well as a small pack that she carries small rations in and a waterskin, but really has not much more than this.

Element 1
Push/Pull on metal - Ability to throw metal 'magically' or pull on it. Weight will affect results
Earthen Stamina - Ability for a time, to increase physical strength, stamina and resistence
Metal sight: Daccio can sense metal near her, including that of the presence of metal in peoples blood. Gives her limited sense to be able to pick out things near her.

Mink 1
Attraction - Mink fur is luxurious, and others often find Daccio irrististable. She becomes better at convincing others her way is the right way
Sense of smell - Daccio's sense of smell is greatly increased when using this power.
Swimming adept - Minks are adept at swimming and so is daccio when using this. She can swim faster and farther and hold her breath longer.

Back Story

Daccio, daughter to a gruff fisherman, hails from the small fishing along the wide river Einonin. Such fishing villages are rather common here; it is a usual way for a family to make a living. The work is hard, and the hours long, but it is a living.

Daccio helped her father on his boat, considering he had no sons and three daughters. The other two, Daccio’s sisters, had little interest in anything of the sort and learned housekeeping trades. Daccio wanted no part in this. While this drew the sisters apart some, Daccio still felt very close to them, even protective. She was the eldest, and working on her father’s boat had built muscle, to which she used to defend her sisters from those who would bully or harm them.

As Daccio grew, so too did her sense of curiosity, even beyond that of a normal human. She often got into trouble snooping into places where she should not have. It was only coming into her mid teens that she realized she was different than everyone else. Whilst other people though her lazy, as her sleeping habits had her up in the middle of the night, most active during the dusk and dawn hours, she felt it natural. As she aged, her hair became silken, despite being constantly exposed to rough weather while fishing. Around the age of 16, the last few inches of her hair that fell to her lower back faded to pure white. It was a striking effect.

Many people wondered if she were sick or possessed or some other superstitious nonsense. Her father though, when this happened, seemed not to panic like the rest, but resigned to some sort of fact. Daccio would never know, but her father had arranged her to meet a man who he knew to have similar…characteristics as his eldest.

On one of her nighttime explores around the town, she found that she was being shadowed by a man. She got the feeling, however, that he wanted to be seen, otherwise she would not have. As he came into the light cast out of the window of a house, her breath caught in her throat. Every inch of his bare arms and face were covered in swirling tattoos that reminded her of the ocean waves. His eyes were striking and his demeanor hard, but it softened ever so slightly at seeing her tense.

He introduced himself as Juno, and that he was a protector of the realm and those like Daccio.  Her heart pounded in her chest as he explained what those with the calling faced, what they were about. Daccio had never heard of such a thing, but she felt herself believing the man. She knew she had been different.

   For the next 3 years, they met almost every night, and he began to teach her to defend herself and others. Brutal hand to hand techniques often left her bruised and bloodied and terrified her mother upon finding her child’s bloodstained clothing, but Daccio kept with it. She learned how to fight from the shadows, how to fight when surprised, how to fight when just waking up. She drilled in every sort of scenario you could imagine. She learned to use her fists, her feet, her elbows and knees, her head and knives as well. She learned more about her animal soul, how she could persuade people to do what she wished even if they were set against her.

   She knew that she could not stay here, in her town. Seeming to sense Daccio’s thoughts, on the night of her 19th birthday he gave her tattoos. From the tops of her hands, up to her shoulders and onto her chest and back she was tattooed with swirling patterns. He did not do anything to her face, though, telling her that her beauty should not be marred. It was then that she realized she had come to love the man who had showed her how to survive in this world. Sadly, she would never see him again.

 She waited for him to return for weeks but the sting of abandonment grew. She grew more reserved and sad, before one day she finally talked to her father in private and told him that she was setting out, to find a place in this world. He nodded to her as if he understood, and told her it might be best to leave while the others of the family slept, that they would not understand. As she gripped her father in a hug before leaving, he whispered that he understood and hoped she found the answers that she was searching for. Daccio got a feeling that her father understood what she was going through a little more personally than most people, but she turned and walked out of the house, leaving the town going north.

 Daccio had it rough for a year while she tried to find her way in this world, but the training she had received from her mentor had toughened her to the elements. She found that she could push further and harder than most of the other travelers she met, getting her out of many situations.
Finally, after months of travel and hunting, she finds herself in the Treymara region, approaching a town at long last. She hoped that she could finally get a bath there, and a place to stay, and she was very hungry.
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Re: Daccio Bajihri
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