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Author Topic: Aeliana de Fonte Ebraldi (Legion Immortalis)  (Read 1943 times)

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Aeliana de Fonte Ebraldi (Legion Immortalis)
« on: November 24, 2013, 12:20:06 PM »
Aeliana de Fonte Ebraldi

Age: 30
Eyes: Emerald

Description: Aeliana is by no means tall, but her bearing often makes her seem to tower over those in the room. Her deep red hair Falls nearly to her waist and is often held back by a metal clip in the shape of a raven. She wears long silk dresses that almost reach the floor of a variety of colors and styles, unless the situation calls for something else and her favored seem to be that of deep green matching her eyes. She wears soft, knee length boots and on her right hand seems to be an odd bracer made out of silver like metal, small chains running to 4 rings on her fingers.

Personality: Aeliana is cool headed and logical even under mass amounts of stress, retaining her cognitive abilities for reasoning where others might freeze or be unable to think clearly. She is a brilliant tactician, having a solid grasp on battlefield and political tactics that has earned her a reputation as a leader among others and garnered her much influence. She has a piercing glare that can set people stammering at her displeasure or make them shake in their boots should she wish and people usually listen when she speaks.


Intelligence (Knowledge) – Aeliana has spent many years studying all topics and has often sought out rare and little known information. As such, she has access to a broad store of information

Intelligence (Spellcasting – Aeliana is a spellcaster near unparalleled. She has developed many of her own spells and is constantly looking to make more. She is often very secretive about her spells and will not often share them with others.

Spell 1 – Blossoms of Fire [AoE] –Aeliana can, at range create a flare of fire that is likely to incinerate that which it touches. When the spell bursts, it almost looks like a flower blooming for just a split second

Spell 2 – Earth Singing [AoE] – By pulling on pure earth, she has control of the earth’s movements to a degree, things like Causing or preventing earthquakes and Avalanches. Spell 3

Spell 3 – Lightning [Single target] – Aeliana can create a bolt of lightning from her fingertips. The power of the spell increases in a storm, and can even become AoE, though it is harder to control.

Spell 5- Healing [Single Target] –This is one of Aeliana’s stronger powers, she can heal just about any ailment but death. There might be scarring if a wound is left for too long (hours) but the wound will heal. This can cure anything from headaches to mortal wounds, though the stronger the wound the more
energy it takes from the one being healed. Aeliana is working on a stronger form of this spell that can do what it does without leaving the wounded exhausted.

Spell 4 – Cloud Dancing [AoE] – This is the ability to affect the weather in any direction she wishes. She can make it rain, stop raining, lower or raise the
 temperature, cause storms and the like.

Spell 5 – Shield [Self or AoE] – This is used to create a shield around herself, or at greater expense of energy, one around a group of people.

Spell 6 – Sever[Single Target] – Aeliana can cut another person off from access to their magical abilities. This must be maintained, though Aeliana is looking for a way to make a self sustaining version of the spell.

Spell 7 – Stun [Single Target] –Aeliana hits another with a concussive burst of energy, stunning and paralyzing them for some time.

Spell 8 – Warding [AoE] –Aeliana can set wards around an area. Anyone entering or exiting will be known to her, and she can detect the presence of other magic users in the area. She is looking into more uses for warding.

Spell 9  - Reading Residue – Aeliana can read the residual energies left over from spells, allowing her to study them, and possibly develop them into spells herself. The residual energy left by a spell can last for some time depending on its power. This is power Aeliana has developed herself and is very unlikely to share it

Spell 10 – Bond Another – [Single target, semi permanent] – This spell allows Aeliana to bond another willing person to herself. Both Aeliana and the bonded receive benefits. The bonded, in her presence, gains a bonus to his or her primary attribute of his/ or her choosing, making this a very valuable thing. Both can sense each other’s presence, no matter the distance (though the farther away it is more a vague sense of direction than a specific one) and they can sense each other’s emotions.  This is something that is not done lightly. If death of either party should occur, grief will wrack the remaining person until such a time as they can bring themselves to get over it.

Spell 11 - Seeking – Aeliana can cast this spell on any object and she can track it, similarly to the bond another spell, save it is on an item. It lasts forever (unless she removes the spell) on metal objects, and on other objects a few weeks.

Spell 12 – Temper – This allows Aeliana to reduce or strengthen metal of all sorts, possibly improving weapons or armor or allowing her to destroy a chain.

Spell 13 – Skimming – Aeliana opens a small tear in reality , allowing her to step through and appear somewhere else. At the present time, she can only move about 10 feet, but she is working on improving this so she may eventually travel long distances.

Spell 14 – Riven Earth [AoE] – Aeliana casts out a spell of earth and fire, and in a straight line out from her, the earth is torn and scorched as it explodes in a burning mess of fire and molten rock. What is left is nothing but charred earth in a line after the spell subsides.

Spell 15 – Shield Mind (Self) – This is almost like wards or a shield cast on oneself. It protects the users mind from mind altering affects, bad dreams, unnatural influence and the like.

Spell 16 – Compulsion – This is a spell that Aeliana has gone to great depths to hide its knowledge and is very hard to detect .She can use this to force a suggestion into another’s mind, with an overpowering sense of needing to do as suggested. She doesn’t like to use this if she can help it, but sometimes she needs an answer.

Aeliana is working on many spells all the time.

Charisma – Leadership – Through her keen understanding of battlefield and political tactics, Aeliana often finds herself inspiring and leading others.

Charisma – Influence – Even before she died, Aeliana had risen to the top among mortal spell casters, others often coming to her for advice. After her death and rebirth, she retained her influence as one of the most amazing spell crafters around.

Artifact: A set of four rings connected to a bracer made of a silver like metal that allows her to, once per battle, channel a spell through the ring glove, increasing its effects drastically (at least doubling)
Death wound: Welts/weals around her wrists, as if she had been held in bonds that were too tight and bled quite a bit.

 Aeliana was always the brilliant one, who could easily dominate any scholarly discussion. She had been raised on books and knowledge where others had been raised on swords and armor. In fact, knowledge WAS her sword and armor. Aeliana felt it natural to move into spellcasting as she grew and quickly became a prodigy of the arts. Many people respected and some feared her abilities as they grew, but she always seemed to keep the wisdom to use them properly.
   As she moved into her late 20’s, she soon became the leader of a group of mortal arcansits who raised her to the position she was in before her death. She was their leader, they looked to her for advice and support and guidance as they learned. Aeliana kept many things to herself, she did not want to share her arcane knowledge with everyone, but she would help initiates learn for themselves and grasp concepts so they could develop their own spells.
   Aeliana developed many of her own spells and continues to do so. She had bonded a young man late in her 20’s as her guardian, as she has completely thrown off any sort of physical means of protecting herself, relying on her magic. As she hit her 30’s, she started leaving the group on long trips out into the world, in search of more and more magical power and knowledge. She eventually found a ring glove, which until recently she did not know what it did, but has since found out it holds powers beyond that of mortals. She started researching artifice upon this discovery and wants to someday may her own artifacts.
   Her own ambitions were cut short however, and this is where a new chapter in her life begins…

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Re: Aeliana de Fonte Ebraldi
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2013, 01:14:16 PM »
This character has been APPROVED for use in the Legion Immortalis BB.