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Author Topic: Mizuki Yukimura (Shadowhaunt)  (Read 1754 times)

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Mizuki Yukimura (Shadowhaunt)
« on: December 08, 2013, 10:01:40 AM »
Mizuki Yukimura

Race: Female Akavashi
Age: 26
Classification: Winged Dragon

Appearance: Short black hair frames a soft face, slightly tilted piercing green eyes look out upon the world. Of average height for a woman, and of thin, muscular build. She wears greens, browns and grays, often topped off with shining silver scale mail. The mail ends in a skirt of metal down to about her knees and armored articulated plate boots rise to meet them. Armor back gloves finish off her protection as she chooses typically to forgo the helmet for better visibility/mobility. She carries with her a fine spear that looks to be of master quality made of Nordic enchanted crucible steel. A wax seal on her armor holds a strip of Akavashi script, a message of her nobility and her status as a member of the royal family.

An all around rebel and disliker of responsibility, Mizuki likes to drink and gamble with great abandon. She has her obligations to the Winged Dragons, which she seems okay with because they take her out of the Empire and allows her the freedom she desires, but any sort of staying in the empire capitol chafes at her desire to get away. She is talkative and friendly for the most part, with a little sarcastic thrown in for fun. Despite all of this, she truly desires to help people.


Standard Winged Dragon:

Spear/Sword Mastery – Mizuki has spent many days training in how to use the spear and sword. She has achieved the level of master spear/swordsman and is a shining example of how to fight to the rest of the dragons.

Toughness – It is hard to keep a dragon down, being able to shrug off hefty blows that would incapacitate others.

Speed – Being trained in how to move in medium weight armor from the start of her training, Mizuki has gained the muscle and knowledge to be able to move in her scale mail with great speed.

Battle tactics – Mizuki is a brilliant battle tactician, knowing the ins and outs of battle as well as most people know the back of their hand.

Unique abilities:
Jump –
One of the things that Winged dragons do that sets them apart is their leaping style of combat, often bringing down their spear upon their enemies from above. Mizuki has mastered this ability and pushed it further. With a powerful push off, she can soar into the air and bring down her spear in a piercing strike, blazing through the thickest of armors.

Battlecry – The arrival of a Winged Dragon on the field can mean the difference between life and death. Mizuki shouts her battlecry with such force that it rattles the enemies bones and shakes their courage while it strengthens her ally’s resolve and can break fear like effects.

Fire Dragon – Dragons often let loose gouts of flame in front of themselves that disintegrated their enemy. Mizuki lets loose a frontal cone attack with that connects with such force as to throw her enemies back and tears flesh and armor alike.

Wind dragon – Dragons often know what is going on around them at all times and can respond in kind. Mizuki lets loose a whirlwind of strikes in every direction, capable of slaying and throwing back foes in every direction no matter how outnumbered

Earth Dragon – Dragons can shrug off the toughest of attacks, and Mizuki has been conditioned to do the same. She focuses inward of she knows a strike will hit and her body seems to resist the blow. It may connect, it may throw her back but it helps prevent serious injury.

Water dragon – Water erodes stone over time, and so does Mikzuki make her enemy weaker with quick small strikes rather than large one. She strikes at points around the body that will not kill outright but will slow the enemy down, make their reactions slower, causes them to be unable to move, etc.

Force Dragon – Mizuki launches a strike from distance, and the amount of force that she uses causes a shockwave of energy to speed along the ground or air, striking her enemy with force enough to throw them back and slice into flesh and armor.


Antique’acies –
A mighty spear made from Crucible steel, the haft covered in Nordic runes. The spear head appears to be that of a dragon head throwing forth its flame. The Nordic runes make this weapon much more sturdy and lightning and flame crackle around the head upon activation, allowing it to inflict elemental damage as well.

Crucible steel Katana – She does not use her katana as much as her spear, it being a backup weapon, but it is finely made as well, Nordic runes glittering along the sides of the blade. The blade almost appears fluid, like water, and it seems to ice over at times as well, giving the edge one of the keenest there could be.

Crucible steel scale armor – This is a scale mail suit made of crucible steel, the overlapping plates tinged red with enamel during the forging process. It ends in a skirt of scale that goes to mizuki’s knees, where it is met by crucible steel articulated leggings and she wears armor backed gloves.

Pack that consists of basic supplies: Flint and tinder, small pot for cooking/eating and utensils. Basic rations and some change of clothing (She wears light clothing and has a heavy cloak for cold). Bone carved pipe with tobacco, 2 flasks of alcohol. Set of dice for gambling.  Things for catching game (snare twine, etc). In this pack she keeps the seal of the royal family; a golden Medallion depicting a dragon wrapped around a spear.

Mizuki was slated for greatness from birth, being a member of the family of the Emperor. Her mother was the Niece of the Emporer, making him Mizuki’s great uncle. Everyone was proud when Mikzuki joined the winged dragons at an early age, though she was often rebellious and willful.
She grew up with a spear and sword where other children would grow up with dolls and other toys. She was often an example to the other dragons, and they seemed to take her under their wing. No matter where she went, she had a protective figure close by in the form of another dragon who would not let harm get a look at her and even secretly indulged her drinking and gambling as she got older.
She started going out into the world on dragon business at a young age and often came back bruised and bloodied but victorious. People cried her virtues as she traveled and she thought she was having a good life, until a marriage was arranged for her.
She supposed he was a nice enough man, but when she married, she wanted to be for love. Her mother and father did not relent, nor did the emperor and at the age of 17 she was married to a man she hardly knew. At this age it is hard for anyone to know who they are and Mizuki thought that she had lost a lot in love. She became more rebellious (she remained faithful) but drank more and the like. She took many missions that took her abroad, only staying home for a few months at a time, and her husband seemed to understand and let her have her freedom to explore the world. He would always be kind and sweet upon her return, treating her as a husband should. He had bit her farewell on a long ranging mission that she was to undertake.
That is where she is now, venturing deep into the heart of enemy territory.

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Re: Mizuki Yukimura
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2013, 11:42:33 AM »
(I gave you two)

Approved for use in Shadowhaunt.

Mizuki was approached in the war camp by another of the dragons, who saw her sitting by the fire, her spear resting on her shoulder.

"My lady, news from the front. Your talents are requested by the Lord Tamer, Sir Walter of Gandrick. Our general has requested that you be moved to the Black City with all haste. A phalanx of our Brothers is to escort you. We move with haste at your word."

And so the Royal warrior was on the move, soon to join the greater battle.

(I will enter you into the battle as soon as possible)