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Board Battle OOC Threads / Re: The Eye of Terror: OOC Thread XII
« Last post by Cameron on March 24, 2019, 07:36:46 PM »
Sorry, I've been slow to post.
I recently sent a PM to Danyael with an idea I had and hope to get a reply, but it wasn't long ago so my fault if I haven't given him enough time to reply.  If I'm holding everyone up I can try to get a post up.
I'm going to hold off on posting until you do.
Board Battles / Re: The Eye of Terror: End of Terror (Part I)
« Last post by Shadow Chorus on March 24, 2019, 04:38:59 PM »
Gulgrim steps back and brings his arms up, a second pair of spectral arms emerging beneath his physical and WAAAGH!!! flame arms, defending against the onslaught of the Avatar of chaos's combined efforts, but it is clear that with the majority of the avatar's attention on him and with no room to maneuver, Gulgrim at the moment is on the defensive. Not an Ork's strongest position, either, as burns and lacerations occasionally scar the titanic ork's frame from glances with the avatar's weaponry.

Not content to stay on the defensive however, Gulgrim's four arms lash out as two more appear, the six arms of Gulgrim, Gork, and Mork all reaching to halt the arms of the Chaos avatar and prevent more attacks from coming as Gulgrim's cavernous jaw opens wide and a cascading bellow of WAAAGH!!!fire spews forth like a volcano in the direction of the avatar's body.

Meanwhile, the Ork hordes outside begin to notice the collapse of the Warp environs around them as several Weirdboys all cry out their surprise and exultation at once, bellowing about the imminent end of this warp rift.

"You heard da Weirdboyz, lads! We'z runnin' out a fightin' room soon! Everyone back ta tha tellyporta 'less ya want dis ta be yer last scrap!" Gazgob shouted, waving orks back to the tellyporta platform as he turned and started to shuffle away from the decaying warp terrain.

"Uh, boss?" One of the lesser Meks under Gazgob's command asked as he took up step beside the Big Mek. "Wot about da big boss Gulgrim?"

"Feh. Gulgrim's got 'is own tellyporta on 'im, an' 'e's too tuff ta get krumped by anyfin' as simple as a collapsin' warp rift." Gazgob said, his lumbering strides not ceasing as he proceeded to fiddle with information on the data readout on his left arm. Not satisfied with what he saw, he gave the device a sharp smack, after which it issued a green glow and a pleasing chirp, and the Big Mek Grinned and looked ahead as the Tellyporta platform sprang to life.

"We'll keep da Krooza close as we can jus' ta make it easier for 'im, but we'z leavin' dis place. Nuffin' left ta smash, so it's time ta get ready fer da next fight."

All across the battlefield, Orks began to depart on tellyporta platforms back to Gulgrim's fleet waiting outside the eye of terror, the sound of rapid teleport seeming like an Orky storm across the warped expanses. The orks soon vanished from the battlefield, leaving behind the rubble of the Roks they had flung onto the battlefield, and the detritus of war they left in their wake.
Board Battle OOC Threads / Re: The Eye of Terror: OOC Thread XII
« Last post by Soul Reaver on March 24, 2019, 05:55:44 AM »
Sorry, I've been slow to post.
I recently sent a PM to Danyael with an idea I had and hope to get a reply, but it wasn't long ago so my fault if I haven't given him enough time to reply.  If I'm holding everyone up I can try to get a post up.
Board Battles / Re: The Eye of Terror: End of Terror (Part I)
« Last post by Danyael on March 22, 2019, 03:30:45 PM »
Lustful laughter rings out from the trembling mass of bodies made up of the intertwined clones and echoes. The one closest to Danyael begins to writhe and twist, reshaping itself from it’s faceless form to an unmistakable one. A perfect face, framed by long luxurious hair and an intoxicating smile. The most beautiful being most mortals will ever lay eyes on. The figure speaks, and the voice that rings out is even more intoxicating than it was previously. Just the sight of this figure and the sound of its voice threatens to overwhelm Danyael’s senses.


The figure extends a gloved hand in Danyael’s direction.

The face, the voice, the feel, the offer was intoxicating in their entirety. The nephilim lord smirked again, thoughts lingering on the voice even the avatar couldn't hear. 'Grandmaster of Chaos' the title echoed over and over in his thoughts so much that he no longer fought the prospects of the scenario; in due part because he couldn't deny that it was indeed a temptation. 'Lord Over All' the voice echoed again, the whisper just as intense now. 'All for the taking. All for you.' it hissed in an alluring croon rivaling that of the avatar. The echoes shifted their attentions to Danyael and the beautiful figure now, their grip still simultaneously locked with the others, though their hold no longer held any animosity toward the faceless figures. Just the opposite, in fact.

Images flashed through his mind, or rather minds, of a future not yet unfolded. A future where this and every other realm would be brought under the banner of the imperium, where the Grandmaster of Light and Dark reigned supreme, seated atop his throne forged of dead stars where new creation began ad infinitum. The vision showed Danyael seated proudly, his focus locked on all in existence as all in existence served his will as if it were their own. They would all be one, journeying toward a future unheard of until the moment he took his mantle as master over all.

Bringing himself back to the present moment, Danyael's eyes looked deep into the faultless figure before him. At the same time, the echoes shifted to the appearance of total darkness, now emanating black flames of lightless midnight, save for the dual slits of sunfire that were their eyes. The nephilim lord's hand, now wreathed completely in an obsidian so deep it practically repelled light around it, clasped firm around the figure's gloved hand. And with the combined booming bass of the voices of both he and his echoes, he gave his response:

"Show me. Show me what it's like to be a part of true greatness."

Board Battle OOC Threads / Re: The Eye of Terror: OOC Thread XII
« Last post by Cameron on March 20, 2019, 09:54:48 PM »
Only one reply so far. I'm going to wait until this Sunday and then move on.
Battle Related Topics / Re: As the Cycle nears its end
« Last post by Jharm on March 16, 2019, 11:41:32 PM »
As the woman watches over the workers going about their somber business her body suddenly tenses up before she slowly looks behind her.

" can't be...."

In the distance is a veritable wall of snow, slowly moving towards her direction.  Without further hesitation she places a finger against her ear, activating a headset.

"Incoming frost surge!  Get inside and get those heaters burning NOW!"

Down at the work sight the people can be seen stopping whatever they are doing and scrambling into one of the buildings.  Inside they dash through hallways into the room furthest from the incoming storm.  A few lug along large metal boxes which they hurriedly place around the room and hit a few buttons.  Vents spring open as elements whithin flash and begin to glow bright orange.  Seconds later waves of heat surge from the boxes, almost turning the room into something akin to a sauna.  Frost clinging to the walls liquifies and turns to steam even as the people huddle amongst the heaters and hold on to each other.  A few soft sobs can be heard amongst the group as they seemingly seem to await what is to come.

Meanwhile, the woman outside began sprinting towards the site the moment after she sent the message.  Reaching the area in front of the building with the covered corpses lined up she throws her arms out wide.  A translucent bubble manifests around the area, covering the building the people are currently hiding in.  Turning she faces the incoming storm as she seems to brace herself.  The wall of snow and ice finally reaches the area, slamming into the bubble and causing the woman to visibly stumble back as the bubble briefly shimmers as the storm continues onward, enveloping the entire for what is protected by the bubble.  The vehicles that were too far from the building are instantly covered in a layer of ice and even within the bubble the temperature noticeably drops.  The woman grunts as she seems to struggle to hold  back the storm.'

" must"

Within the building the workers continue to huddle and hold on to each other.  The heaters thrum deeply as they pump waves of heat into the area.  Then, the engines within the boxes rev loudly as the sensors within detect the temperature dropping, the devices working even harder to try and maintain appropriate heat levels.  Even as the machines rev and groan with effort, the walls of the room seem to almost crystallize as the storm seems to seep further into the room.  As seconds tick by the crystallization seems to ever so slowly creep closer to the workers.  Some of them notice this and the group shifts as they work to try to huddle even closer to the center of the area between the heaters. 

The woman outside continues her struggle to seemingly hold back the frost surge.  Her arms quiver and shake as she fights against unseen forces.  THe bubble shimmers and pulses as the surge slams against it.  A moment later an audible cracking sound is heard as a visible jagged line appears on the bubble.

"  Please no...."

The woman gazes up at the crack even as she falls to one knee, still pushing against the outside forces.

Inside the room the crystallization continues it slow "march" closer to the huddled workers.  Soon, the frost is meer inches from the heaters.   Smoke begins to seep from within the heaters as the devices are pushed beyond their mechanical limits as they try to hold back the cold.

Another crack manifests on the bubble, and then another.  Each time the womans eyes gaze at the most recent visible sign of weakness.

"P..please no.  N...not this way.  Not now..."


"Sir,  at this point no more shuttles can safely leave the area without freezing from the storm.  As of now....we are trapped."

A stout man, clad in regalia befitting royalty nods and turns towards the speaker.

"Very well Major.  Thank you for the information.  Please, see to your concerns at this point."

The Major salutes but remains where he is.

"Thank you my King, but my...concerns have already safely evacuated off the planet.  I therefore choose to remain here."

The King pauses at the words and then nods.

"So be it...and thank you."

He then turns to another figure nearby.

"My must leave now.  The surge will reach here soon and will be too late."

The figure turns to the King. [It is "the woman"]

"No.  I can't leave you."

The King moves towards her briskly, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"You must.  We both know what is going to happen here soon.  Our people shall survive, but they will need leaders to help them.  Many have either already fallen to the frost...or have chosen to remain here to give their evac places to others.  While many have chosen to sacrifice themselves for the people...others have chosen the opposite.  You must be there to protect our people from those who would use all of this to gain power for their own ends."

The woman places a hand on top of the one resting on her shoulder.

"Then you should go.  You are already their King."

The King gazes down at the floor as he pulls his hand back.

"No.  I am growing old.  Even if all of this had not rule is waning.  You have many years still ahead of you.  Besides, we both know that something has happened to you recently.  That stone you found has changed you....empowered you in ways we can not even fully understand yet. time is at an end and you MUST carry on."

"I dont wan't to leave you Father....I....."

He places a single finger against her lips, silencing her words.

"I know.  I don't want to see you leave.  There is no choice though now.  The transporter can only send one person.  Use it...please.  There is no more time."

She gazes up at the King, tears welling in her eyes before suddenly dashing forward and wrapping her arms around him in a tight hug, sobbing into his chest.  He softly places a hand on her back and pats softly.

"You must be strong my beautiful Snowflake.  Our people will need you."

After a brief moment she finally releases her grip and steps back.  The King smiles down at her and brushes a tear off her cheek with his thumb.

"I know you will take good care of them.  All that I ask is...that should you some day find those responsible for this...that you grant justice for our people."

She smiles up at the King as she places her hand over his as it brushes along her cheek.

"I promise you Father.  I will find them...and justice will be granted for our people."

"Thank you my daughter.  I am so proud of you...and I love you.  Never forget that.  Now please...go.  There is no more time."

With one last glance she turns and dashes away.  As soon as she is out of the area the King turns and walks over to a large throne and sits down in it, the Major moving to stand next to him as they face towards the doorway of the chamber.  A moment later the King finally speaks

"Farewell my friend.  We shall meet again, beyond the rim."

The Major nods.

"Of course my King.  It has been an honor to serve you."

Even as they speak the area before them suddenly begins to crystallize, the effect rushing towards them.  Just as the Major finishes speaking the crystallization reaches them.  In a flash both of them freeze over.

The woman is almost down on her knees as the bubble cracks and shimmers under the strain against it. 

You have failed us!  We shall never see justice now!  You have let us all down!

"I....I'm sorry.  I....I tried...."

Then, with a final whimper of effort....the bubble fails.  The frost surges through the area.  After a while the storm passes on.  Within the building the room where the workers huddled is completely frosted over.  Their bodies are huddled in the center, the heaters now looking more like ice cubes.  Out in front of the building a single frosted-over figure kneels, her gaze looking up towards the sky in a mixture of sadness and fear.


The woman sits straight up.  Her eyes are wide, filled with panic and terror as her entire body shakes and shivers.  She looks around the room, realizing after a few moments where she is and that it was all just a dream.  She works to steady her erratic breathing, gripping the edges of her bed tightly.

"Gorram it all."

With an exasperated sigh she swings her legs over the edge of the bed and stands up.  Reaching out she lifts a robe from a nearby hook.  She slips it around her, the fabric shimmering and flowing around her curves even as she moves towards the ladder leading out of her room.  Climbing up she reaches what looks to be the hallway of a ship.  Turning to her right she heads towards and up some stairs and into what seems to be the bridge of a space ship.  Numerous monitors and assorted equipment line the walls, with two stations in the center of the room looking to be where the pilots would sit, one of the seats is currently occupied.  She continues to move forward until she is standing next to the pilot station and gazes out the large viewport.  Without averting her gaze she finally speaks.

"Please, leave me."

The figure nods and exits the room.  She moves over and sits down in the seat.  She raises a hand and with a simple gesture a bottle suddenly appears in her grasp.  It is a large glass bottle containing a semi-translucent blue liquid with a label on the front bearing a large snowflake and the word "Frostbolt" on the front.  With a gesture of her other hand she manifests a shot glass.  Filling it with the blue liquid she sets the bottle down on the console as she takes a deep breath.  Her gaze remains focused outside the viewport as she continues holding the filled shotglass.  Off to her side a ghostly figure winks into existance. 

"It was that bad?"

"They always are.  Though yes...this time was a particularly bad one.  It was a nightmare...within a nightmare.  My final moments with my father, and then a frost surge killing me and others."

She downs the shot and refills the glass.

"I miss him so much."

"From what you have told me, you had no real choice to do anything else."

The woman downs the second shot and places the empty glass next to the  bottle.

"That might be true...but it doesn't do much to ease the pain.  No...only justice for him and the rest of my people might ever truly end it.  Justice WILL be theirs some day.  I promised him that...and I intend to keep that promise."

Board Battle OOC Threads / Re: The Eye of Terror: OOC Thread XII
« Last post by Jharm on March 13, 2019, 09:14:40 PM »
Sorry, post wound up being a bit on the long side but as it was both regarding Jharm (of course) and removing the Seraphs from the Eye I feel its acceptable.  Pretty much Jharm has withdrawn deep inside himself and "changed forms" once again.  While the Avatar was your basic "form transformation", this time Jharm has more...revealed his true appearance, the physical "appearance" of the Light that forms and resides within his body.  Appearance-wise something like  He isn't attacking the shell or anything "directly" (in all reality other then continuing the mantra he doesn't seem to really be doing anything) but the fact he IS pretty much Light itself is kind of hazardous to evil by his simple existance in this form.  While not exactly a "power surge" or anything like that, the others would be able to likely sense that something has...."changed" with Jharm.  Not so much a power level increase but more of a....purity of power you might say.
Board Battles / Re: The Eye of Terror: End of Terror (Part I)
« Last post by Jharm on March 13, 2019, 08:57:39 PM »

The Seraphims weapons slow down as the smog begins to seep past his defenses, his shield diminishing in its radius until it is a scant few inches from his armored form. 

"Never.  I shall NEVER give up, nor surrender!"

With a final swing of his hammer downwards he releases his grip on the weapon as it slams into the bottom of the "prison".  His gaze stares straight ahead, his arms down at his side.

"I am NOT your "child" nor are you my "father" foul monster.  I came from the Light...I shall return to the Light...I AM the Light.  I came from the Light...I shall return to the Light....I am the Light."

The Seraphim continues to repeat the mantra as it seems like his presence withdraws deep within his form and his body and armor begin to shimmer softly.  After a few moments the mantra suddenly changes as its volume seems to increase noticeably and at the same time his body begins to shimmer and glow brighter and brighter.

"I came from the Light...I shall return to the Light...I AM the Light.  We come from the Light...We shall return to the Light..We ARE the Light.  We come from the Light...We shall return to the Light...We ARE the Light."

Jharms arms raise up, his palms facing upwards as his body glows brighter and brighter.  This glow seems almost..."different" though.  While normally he glows when using his powers, the glow would seem to radiate from within him.  This time though it seems to be coming from his body itself, as if his very form is in fact BECOMING Light itself.  His words increase further in volume, sounding now not as if a single being is speaking but as if multiple beings are speaking at the same time through him, each word reverberating with power as if to drown out Nurgle and his twisted voice.  The Seraphims radiance continues to increase, pushing back against the sickly smog and eventually even shining out through the cracks visible through the walls surrounding him.


As the mantra continues, even as the Seraphim continues to chant it, his own voice can be heard as he "speaks" to Nurgle.

"Feel the radiance of the Light "Father" Nurgle.  You're foulness shall be burned away by it.  Embrace the radiance.  Let it envelop you and cleanse away the filth.  Your suffering and eternal battle with the others could finally be at an end."


Nethanya and Drayven walk side by side as the Seraph forces work to withdraw back to the portal in the courtyard, and their return to their home plane of existence.  The blind general gazes over at the female Seraph as he speaks

[D] "There is no doubt about it, you can feel it the same as I can.  This place is tearing itself apart.  We must withdraw our forces at once."

Nethanya nods firmly.

[N] "Yes,  we have already lost many in this campaign.  I must admit I am concerned if our defenses shall be sufficient enough now, should the Darkness make its return any time soon."

[D] "A valid concern, though our troop strength is only one aspect of concern in that regards.  Even if we were at full strength, there are other...issues that still are unanswered that could still spell doom for us.  We had hoped that the Seraphims travels with these Companions would help lead to answers but thus far there has been no success.   Once he returns from this battle I believe we must decide if we should focus on other methods and avenues for answers."

Nethanya gazes off to the side briefly.

[N] "What if he doesn't return?"

The two commanders stop walking.  Drayven places a gauntleted hand gently on Nethanyas shoulder, his "gaze" meeting hers.

"Then he shall become one with the Light, as do we all.  Then, in time, a new Seraphim shall arise.  Let us not dwell on that though until it is necessary.  We must needs see to our people first and foremost."

The two continue along, reaching the courtyard finally.  The two move about, issuing orders to Seraph officers as the angellic forces begin to withdraw through the large portal.  At one point a Seraph runs over to them and points to the other side of the courtyard.

"General....High's one of those Companions!"

The two gaze over in the direction to see Cameron and Mary....and Peterson.

[N] "Yes, I believe that is Lord Aileron, the one who is in charge of these other warriors, Space Marines.  That female I believe is also one of the Companions.  That other creature though..."

[D] "A monster.  I can almost sense that he has certainly encountered the Seraphim before and..."

It is at this point that Cameron draws his weapons.

[Seraph officer] "Shall I send some troops to assist Lord Aileron?"

Drayven is silent for a moment before shaking his head.

[D] "No.  Not only is that creature so powerful that our troops would be little more then chaff in the wind...but I feel almost that this is not something we are meant to be involved with.  We must focus on getting everyone out of here.  Protect the portal should whatever is about to happen draw near it but not get involved."

He looks over to Nethanya.

[D] "I shall remain on this side until everyone is out, you should go through and help see to our wounded."

Nethanya nods and moves off, crossing through the portal a few moments later.  Drayven turns back to the officer and is about to speak when suddenly he stops and seems to tense up slightly.  The General speaks into the minds of the Seraphs still in the Eye.

Continue through the portal.  Once safely through, then join.

Drayven gazes forward, his hands down at his side as he begins to speak.  At first his voice is strong and clear but then suddenly goes silent, even as his mouth continues mouthing the mantra.  On the other side of the portal, Nethanya and all other Seraphs seem to be doing the same thing, every mouth moving in the same motion and forming the same words: "We come from the Light...We shall return to the Light...We ARE the Light."
Announcements / 3/12/2019: Administrator Hiatus
« Last post by Cameron on March 12, 2019, 05:27:13 PM »
I am taking a hiatus from the boards, starting today. I will still be updating the Eye of Terror thread but I will not be reading any other posts or checking my PMs. Please see an Inquisitor if you have any immediate concerns.

Yours in service,
Cameron Aileron
Board Battle OOC Threads / Re: The Eye of Terror: OOC Thread XII
« Last post by Cameron on March 06, 2019, 10:30:54 PM »
The threat of Taskmaster Jharm has forced my hand and so I have posted. Enjoy. This is frontloaded with a lot of exposition. Anyone who had allies hanging about back in the Eye (Daccio, Jharm, Gulgrim) may want to post something about them reacting to the Eye collapsing. Soul Reaver, thank Gulgrim for your moment of freedom. :D
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